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Janitha Jayawardena
Soarer V8 LTD

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Thursday, September 29, 2005 - 06:54 pm, by:  Janitha Jayawardena (Jani)

" Richard Baird wrote once..

14:There are 3 grey plugs which where connected directly to the back of the EMV unit, The two plugs to the right, 1 large (26 pin) and one small (16 pin). The 3 mods are, a grounding of PARK BRAKE wire, The NSS wire needs IGN power and the SPEED SENSOR wire needs to be run through a switch (optional). The switch allows the safety system to operate if required. Cut the PARK BRAKE wire (BLACK pin 5 small plug) and run the plug side to ground. Pin 13 or 26 are grounds on the 26 pin plug (WHITE/BLACK TRACE) a small piece of wire is required.

15: Cut the NSS wire (BLACK/YELLOW TRACE) and run the plug side to IGN. pin 25 is ign on the larger plug (BLACK/RED TRACE). A small piece of wire is required.

16: Cut the SPD wire (PINK pin 13 small plug). Insulate them well. If you want the safety circuit to work I suggest a small length of twin cable and a toggle switch in the cup holder. Join the wires up and the safety circuit works.......GET IT???!! "

Ok guys Im not much of an electrician, infact ive never worked on electrical circuits at all Im in a completely different field working with people (med). And the local car audio shop where im getting my dvd system installed refuses to do this mod coz its illegal, what a bunch of panzys I couldnt even sign a disclaimer form saying its my responsibility if anything happens!

can anyone explain some of these terms that are above keepin in mind im a complete newbie when it comes to this sort of thing!

things i dont understand:
"run the plug side to ground"
"run the plug side to IGN"
"NSS wire needs IGN power"

things i do understand:

and can anyone provide me with detailed instructions on how to remove the emv unit?

thanks a lot guys, if ya ever in town for a heart transplant in about 8-10 years, u know who to call!

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