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David Boyle
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Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 12:34 pm, by:  David Boyle (Amokzar)

Granted, as i had said in my post. the majority of hudud laws and punishment are in my opinion completely stupid. Yes i can see your argument being somewhat valid where the removal of limbs makes the perpetrator useless to society, the argument being that if said perpetrator keeps his limbs what use would he be to society with his limbs still intact? Other then the ability to steal again would they really contribute to society knowing that they have the ability to take what they need? Petty theft does not lead to loss of limb.
My case in point is to have a look at our jail systems, most people in jail are repeat offenders meaning although they could contribute to society they choose not to.

As for it falling on the poor, yes that is a concern but as i was relating it to Australia (as the crime committed was in Australia) and fingerprints were found. The person should be clearly identified thus eliminating the probabilities of pinning the crime to those who are less fortunate.

Yes it my be a bit over the top but having said which. theft is very rare in countries that do practice this.

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