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Hakan Pasha

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Sunday, June 03, 2018 - 02:02 pm, by:  Hakan Pasha (Hakanpasha)


Hi All,

Its been a while since I’ve moved on from my Soarer and have been ‘asked’ by the boss to move on the leftover parts as well. For sale are all the parts in this picture.

The following is a more detailed description of each part, along with the price. The listed prices do not include shipping/delivery. Shipping/delivery or Pick up can be arranged. I am open to negotiating within reason for serious buyers and am open to 'try before you buy' on certain items for peace of mind.

1. Custom Airbox – Designed to fit enclose a pod filter in the stock airbox location. Bolts up nicely and neatly too. $180

2. Centre Console Pocket – To fill the gap left over from stereo replacement to a single DIN unit. $30

3. Apexi Power Intake + piping – Includes Apexi Power Intake pod filter, Apexi pipe, silicon joiner pipe & custom aluminium pipe extension. $250

4. Stock 1JZ-GTE ECU – Came off a ’94 Soarer. Was in working order when removed and has not been used since. No leaking caps – all nice and clean. $80

5. Blitz Access ECU – Quite a rare item these days. For manual transmission only (mine was an auto) $400

6. Mines ECU – Another rare item. Genuine (has production plate). $400

7. Gizzmo MS-IBC – Has some double-sided tape stuck on the topside but does not affect its functionality/performance. $150

8. MAC Boost Solenoid – Came with the Gizzmo EBC. I can sell this on its own for $50 or as a package with the EBC for $180

9. Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears – Great condition. Never got a chance to install it. $200

10. BC Racing Coilovers – These have travelled approx. 25,000 km. Previously had Bilstein coilovers with pillowball mounts. These are rubber top mounts – much nicer, quieter ride, but quite stiff as well (F = 16 kg, R = 10 kg). No leaks and in excellent condition. $850

11. Lew’s 1st Gen. Dump Pipes – The ones with the separated wastegate piping. In excellent condition apart from needing a fresh coat of paint. $850

12. Factory Floor Mats – In decent condition for its age. No tears, some discoloration but overall does the job. Complete set, 2 x front & 3 x rear. $50

13. KKR PI-1 Intercooler + piping – Intercooler is in excellent condition – no oily residue inside. Comes with piping, mounting brackets and clamps. $280

14. Rear Strut Brace – Unknown brand but did the job really well. Rare item as far as I’m aware. Fits over the rear fuel tank. $250

15. SAAS Boost Gauge – Can be purchased from SCA and Autobarn, but why pay full price when you can get a working unit here for less than half price? $30

16. Soarer Badges – Removed from a ’94 Soarer. Excellent condition. Gold colour. ‘Griffin’ badge $60 ‘Toyota’ badge $30 ‘Soarer’ badge $60

17. Stock Coil Packs – Removed from a 1JZ-GTE. Good working condition – no cracks. Complete set $80

18. Superspark Coil Packs – Purchased as part of a group buy. Hardly used. Excellent condition. Retail now for about $500. Yours for $300

19. Torsen Type II Differential – In excellent condition. Super rare. Only selling internals, no casing. Yes, I know the difference between a Type I and a Type II. $1000

Not pictured are the following items also available:

20. Emanage Ultimate Rev. E + T-13 Harness (JZZ30) – Comes with the plug n play harness or the 'hard way' harness for those who like making things difficult for themselves. $700

21. DTM Rush Wheels 18’ Staggered – Gold in colour. These looked great on the Soarer and was always complimented on them. Unsure of the exact specs. Recall having to roll the rear guards as it was rubbing. $600

If someone who's a member of an Australian Toyota Soarer Facebook page or similar can link to this advertisement I'd appreciate it.

Feel free to ask any queries you may have about any item or do a Google search to access further information and thanks for looking!

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