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Michael Keen
91 & 93 TT Manuals

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Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 04:08 pm, by:  Michael Keen (Jzz30man)

Okay, I have had 4 BHG's on 7M engine and a little experience here.
If it was a 7M the first thing I would say is its likely to be a BHG. I would not say that first about a 1JZ.
It is almost certainly low water in the radiator and block, and air heating up and expanding. When you park with the front up hill the air in the block tends to want to head up to the front and bubble out the overflow bottle along with some very hot water.
At a minimum you are likely to have a water leak somewhere. Maybe in a small hose and it could be hard to find. You need to look around for steam after driving.
Top up water and coolant. Park car facing up hill so as much air as possible escapes. With front up hill slowly add water & coolant. Check daily with car parked up hill - wait about 15 mins after driving to check for steam and leaks, then check levels again.
It could be a BHG also, but not my first choice with a 1JZ. If you can't find a water leak and it keeps happening, it could be a BHG.

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