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Bullet supercharger 1uz
HTV2300 Supercharged Soarer
Supercharger - Fitting
Single or Twin Turbo?
Archive through December 06, 2010
Archive through October 14, 2011
Archive through March 02, 2013
Archive through February 08, 2014
Archive through June 23, 2014
What's the m90 kit worth?
M90 Supercharged Soarer reviews thread.
V8 Fire
EMV issues.
My new installation of an M90
Turbo coolant feed
All done for now. Yeeehaaa
M90 suporting mods, what do I need to run one?
Supercharger Belt and Pulley Problem
M90 with e85
Girl with a super charger please help!
Water injection
M90 needs more power
Stroked 5.2L, Whipple Twin Screw, W2A intercooled, dual i...
Blower = reduced brakes
Saying Hi and Showing my UZZ31 Turbo Project
Archive through August 04, 2013
Archive through August 25, 2013
Another supercharger thread
Vortech V3 Si
ECU - HTV1900 Package
Archive through December 22, 2011
Archive through September 02, 2013
Time for an update
Who purchased my blower?
1uz + Walbro 255 LPH
Slow Progress
Archive through June 11, 2013
Pics of intercooler setups - show yours...
Right type of m90?
Pulley sizes.
My M90 Setup.
New toy for my soarer...
Newb to supercharging
Whats needed for 1uz to rev to 9000rpm?
Dont custom fab manifolds!!
Apexi RSM II
HTV1900 initial tune
Blown 1UZZ31 questions.
I'm thinking about charging my v8
Water to air intercoolers
Max boost
Uzz31 twin turbo
Time to update on BLOWN UZZ32
Throttle Body Opinions
Drane's Drone
HTV1900 into my UZZ32
Archive through March 28, 2009
Archive through June 25, 2009
Archive through October 01, 2009
Advice with Adaptronic e420c
1UZFE SC14 Project
10 Second 1UZ
Emv tv
Buick supercharger intake plenum
Dyno Results & Foresale
SC12 blower
Etuner S1 Turbo Kit - Preliminary Results
Archive through October 19, 2009
Archive through October 25, 2009
Archive through January 29, 2010
Leaning out
HTV1900 Supercharged Hilux Project
Archive through January 18, 2011
New Power Figure.
Coyote v8
Archive through November 09, 2010
Archive through November 17, 2010
Boosting stock 1uz, Max boost and tuning question
HTV1900 on 1UZ - 370RWKW
Aftermarket coil
Expressions of interest
Price of supercharger?
Archive through June 29, 2010
Sc 14 on 1uz ??? can it has it been done ?
Baby HULK with COP
Archive through April 27, 2010
Water/Methanol Injection kits.... Questions.
Alumium radiator
Whipple SC on worked SC400
New best 1/4 mile - SC400!
Reg Supercharging?
Archive through February 04, 2010
My Vortech supercharged SC400. Pics, dyno numbers, vids, ...
Archive through April 08, 2008
Archive through September 08, 2008
Archive through October 30, 2008
Archive through December 15, 2008
Archive through March 20, 2009
Archive through September 12, 2009
Whipple UZZ32
Possible fuel pump problem
Cam belts
Archive through July 17, 2008
Single Garret GT35/40 on V8
Want a supercharged engine ? here is one..
What injectors are people using with their superchargers
IM240 Emissions test - WA
Archive through December 12, 2008
Archive through February 12, 2009
Archive through February 13, 2009
Second hand imported engine.......doesn't even look run i...
Engine bay Dress up
New quarter mile time
Full throttle glitch
Raptorsc Banzai Max Intercooled VS Bullet HTV 1900 for So...
Who now sells mikes ITB's
I want a supercharge
Cams and springs went in
Going 1uzfe turbo, lots of questions!
80,000 km service
V8 head gaskets and bolts
Time to put another motor in.
What blower to use on a UZZ31
Finding the Right Supercharger
97 SC400 Supercharged 6 speed going 4.7 Whipple now
Insurance in WA
Max speed reached on supercharged v8 1/4mile run?
Mounting an M90, the non-conventional way...
Out of Bonnet experience?
Supercharger Bearings
Wheel HP vs engine HP with supercharger
Swapping fuel pump for bosch 040
Where to buy methanol
A couple of supercharger mock ups...
Quarter mile time
Tt v8 in vn F/S
Intake heat reduction
Forgies + Balance
Strut Brace
Work in progress...
Archive through May 20, 2008
Archive through June 16, 2008
Archive through July 06, 2008
The long and winding road to FI :-)...
Archive through March 06, 2008
Archive through April 07, 2008
Archive through April 21, 2008
Archive through May 05, 2008
Archive through May 28, 2008
Archive through September 23, 2008
SC14 Superchargers wanted
More power out of Adams T88 Soarer!
Recommended boost and afr gauges/setups
I know this is for Supercharged V8's, but...
ECU issues?
1UZFE ROSS Forged connecting rods US$850.00 delivered.
Anyone ever cracked 1uz head?
Archive through June 15, 2008
Manual Conversion For Supercharged V8
Supercharging your V8
Electric Supercharging
Head gaskets and studs??
New dyno sheet
Archive through May 16, 2008
Wow, who is this???
Exhaust question
Peter's Twin Turbo (TD04) 1UZFE + Emanage Blue tuned...
Whipple S/C in a Soarer
Archive through November 16, 2007
Archive through April 20, 2008
Any help
E manage
Is it worth Supercharging
Powercruise Dyno Results
I just had to share this..
Rising rate fuel reg install
No boost #2
Not enough boost
Archive through February 26, 2008
Dyno run results
New engine- Different dip stick/sump set up
Fitting my charger
M112 Supercharger
Peter Taplins UZZ32 - Ultimate Installed and Tuned
Archive through February 01, 2008
Supercharged SC400 in cairns???
Supercharged: Airbags or no Airbags
Smoking oil breather
Archive through November 05, 2007
Recent quarter mile time
'Upside-down' Ford Thunderbird intercooled supercharger...
Engine pinging at extreme rate. Sensor -30 degrees
Wont rev past 2600 after hitting speed cut @ 170-180
Can't fit startermotor with air/water intercooler
250+ kw V8 Soarer
M90 Supercharger for sale.
Archive through February 13, 2007
Bullet lexus V8 MX5
1UZFE ARP head studs/nuts/washers - Group buy.
Need more! Gimme Gimme
Dandenong Exhaust....opinion??
Vortech V1 T Trim
Best rwkw for you v8 supercharged guys
V1 Superchaeger Brackets For Sale
Whipple Supercharger
Archive through July 28, 2007
Piggy backs
Blown 1/4 mile times
Supercharger dyno results
Run this through your noggin...
Feeling low :-(...
Archive through April 11, 2007
Pressure relief valve question
M90 overhaul kit needed
What is needed?
Crank pulley size
Stroked 1UZFE
New ECU for more PSI
Oxygen Sensors & Hi flow Cats
Which Blower?
Parts 'list'
Air filter
Upgrading Ignition System
Who has got what?
Quote for supercharging
My Supercharger intercooled setup
Archive through August 01, 2006
Anyone running M800 on there 1uz Soarer?
Raptor SC on Soarer
Archive through May 05, 2006
Vortec + V8 = fun
Archive through May 02, 2006
Another Raptor Supercharger unleashed!
Archive through June 06, 2006
DIY Supercharging...?
Archive through May 30, 2006
Archive through June 02, 2006
More boost Captain!
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