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BFI pis
Archive through August 10, 2005
This place is cancer. Delete me. Idgaf.
1991 V8 Soarer stalling - Any help appreciated
UZZ31 V8 idle speed when engine is cold. What's the norma...
Power Steering Fluid "Disappearing"
Archive through September 08, 2005
Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
Fuel Flap Won't Open
Manual Conversion
Fumoto Sump Valve
1jzgte throttle body
Re capping ECU in Perth
Fuel Leak
My V8 cranks over but wont fire up
TT vs V8 oil filter
1992 V8 stalls when shifted into reverse or drive
Knocking sound from rear
UZZ32 won't pressurise and is making a bad noise
What's this stuff
V8 woes
Thermostat Housing Gaskit
Small issues that are annoying me
Please Help! TT Problem. ECU, O2 Sensor, Alternator or Sp...
Bubble, bubble toil & trouble
Uzz31 nitrogen accumulator - part number please?
Whiteline W92930 Engine mount
Turbo timer installation? ?
Carbon Fouled Plugs??
Car not starting
Torsen LSD Locking Up
Vic Roadworthy cert...
Innovative fix for broken window regulator
Nitrogen accumulator
Where to buy new hoses
Cam sensor wires
How to successfully remove pop off valve?
V8 Fuel Pumps - Recommendations?
Soarer Maintenance Questions
Bearing types and the differences
Splashback When Filling Up With Petrol
Rounded nut on fuel filter
Removing oil filter- the dummies guide
Archive through March 03, 2013
Error code on dash
Electrical smell now car not running right
V8 questions
Seatbelt Locks On A Slope
ANOTHER Alternator related Thread
Good Mechanic needed South Perth - any ideas?
1JZGTE- Non-impact engine
Turbos to fit my tt
Smashed passenger window, what are options?
Single piece tailshaft....
Remote Locking Drivers Side NOT Working
Brisbane mechanic
Best place to get Reco'd Power Steering Pumps..?
Washin Pod Filter
Best way to test 1jz ignition coil?
Oil leak
Please help with BFI air-scoop, can't remove + photo
Removing boot lid gas struts
Front shock gator split
Gearbox fluid change. Where's the 'top cooler line'?...
Ford BA Falcon 17" Alloy Wheels offset and fitting questi...
Changing spark plugs. Do I get the coil packs changed too?
So many mechanical problems. Where do I start?
Archive through June 02, 2012
Power Steering Fluid for TT
400cc Injector ultrasonic cleaning - Where to go?
V8 and TT speed sensors
TO4Z turbo results
Fuel gauge not working
Wideband o2 sensor advice
Penrite pink coolant
How much to change mufflers
Swollen Intake Hosing
Remote Control Variable Mufflers (pic)
Fuel Smell in Cabin - Tried resealing fuel filler neck, n...
Archive through January 19, 2012
What rpm should I be going into 4th gear?
What are the gaskets in the cooling system made of?
Issues and Diagnosis
Power steering pump playing up
I think my aftermarket bov is stuffed help????
1UZ coils
FUEL level misreading - confused seeking advice
Archive through September 23, 2011
Cheap reversing camera
Window Regulator price..
V8 Soarer driving slowly
HELP. my tt wont fire
Timing belt tensioner problem
Power Steering Rebuild Kits
Stainless Exhaust repair in WA
JZS161 injectors
Uses for auto radiator after manual conversion(input pl...
Fixed problem, but still not boosting.
Head gasket gone - selling price?
Knock Sensor Location
Emanage ultimate ignition timing??
Brand new V8 over flow tanks
Replace Ignition Coils??
Where to buy koyo radiator for soarer in brisbane?
TT Soarer wont start
Welch plugs need help
Spot the Diff!
(SA) Blown Radiator :-( ...
Archive through December 07, 2010
Aftermarket overflow bottles
Anyone is brisbane want to give me a hand to do my 100K s...
Can I run oil lines from -10 to -6 oil cooler?
1992 UZZ31 engine keeps running once key taken out.. help!
Soarer TT PS pump removal
Have replaced my 2JZ-GE Cam Belt...
Engine fan
Red or green coolant?
Heater hose at rear of motor
V8 Idle & drive issue.
Exhaust Noise in Cabin
What is this? and where do I put it back?
1UZ-FE - 50,000klm belt tensioning? (Picture included)...
UZ32 V8 Tensioner Pulley
Idle speed on TT converted to single T
E85 Starting to look like a good option in Victoria
For easier oil changes, check this out!
The Great Aussie Soarer Mechanic Guide
Archive through January 27, 2006
Archive through April 24, 2006
Heater doesn't work, fixing the VSV.
Starter motor out: recommend auto elec in Melbourne?
New alternator?
How does one make a Soarer handle sporty?
Archive through June 25, 2010
Archive through June 28, 2010
Greddy Emanage Ultimate hesitation - 5e-fe
Replacement heater core?
JZZ3X, UZZ3X radiators... Different?
New rocker cover gaskets
Another website with OEM parts
My dyno results
Can you flip the standard manifolds 180 on a 1uz
HELP: Drops electrical power every 5 seconds or so..URGENT
Perth Soarer Mechanical Specialist
V8 missing after degreasing engine bay
Archive through August 07, 2006
I want this engine
Sway bar?
Any idea on how to remove this O2 sensor???
Starter Motor????
Soarer specialist mechanic in melb?
Engine Cutting Out
Cat converter?
Fuel smell ---- please help
Radiator leak
Oil Consumption
One tough crankshaft bolt...
Archive through June 26, 2009
1uz removal
Soarer airbag question
Wheel studs
Air flow meter
Soarer stalling
Ceramic coating
Ford Telstar 80's model - broke down. General questions.....
Fluids flush
Rear Upper control arms (bushings) Installation
General Cat Q: Melbourne: Need a pit to get at cats ...
BFI Problems - unable to drive car properly
1uzfe conversion. Help
Diff oil and tranny oil flush
Water pump blown?
Just want to know the cc inside a stock head chamber cheers
Safe jack point to raise front of car?
Rounded Spark Plug
V8 upper radiator hose
Power Steering - Can't Believe It..........
Archive through September 30, 2009
Finished my BFI
Stainless Steel Twin Exhausts
EFI 52???
2.4L VVTI replace our current 3.0 or 4.0 engines!!!
Oils aint oils
Battery clamp size?
Archive through September 25, 2009
Fuel savers (Air vortex) snake oil?
Engine Missing/Misfiring - V8 Soarer
Need help for oxygen sensor
Fuel tank replacement.
Melbourne wreckers that may have Soarers?
Fuel system q's
Doing my own service. Check list help
Power steering woes
Digital Tune up?
Cats may be stuffed
Spark plug lead question
Axle tramping, need some advice
About to change leads - any advice?
Good method of cleaning an engine (outside)?
Please confirm hoses for power steering
Soarer Specialist in QLD
Ps pump tt and v8 are they the same
Sloppy Steering
Catch Can Install
Interior still leaking
Hot engine cut-out?
Archive through January 03, 2006
Blown rear seal
Fuel filler broken
Archive through December 04, 2006
Archive through December 04, 2006
Need Help
Ebay water pumps, Any problems?
Different Power steering pump... What do I do?
Oil line leaks- is there a thread tape I can use?
Please help -stalling auto everytime car turns on or idols
Power Steering Pump Help Needed please
Engine Wont Start First Time
knockings in the motor.
What does this button do?
Part Numbers Etc - 3.0 2jz non turbo
Engine Mounts
Whats the trick ???
My 3.0 2jz soarer problems
Please Help !
Shielding the side of the BFI from the engine
Air filter cleaning
Need an Alternator?
Centrifugal supercharger on a JZZ31???
Archive through February 08, 2009
I need some advice on oil cooler kits.
Quick BFI question
CAT light ON
Unichip :-( What's my options??...
Problem with power steering
Sealant Recommendations
Cheap Soarer v8?
Power steering hose???
Miss in V8
Noisey tappets V8
1jzgte into ef falcon
Remove harmonic balancer the easy way
Is This stock
Gasket or sealer
Radiator Specialist
Emb Help
Is there a RPM limiter on the V8.
Top Tank Radiator Crack Pictures
Just picked up a Soarer but it idles at 1,200-1,400
CRC your lock barrels.
Going to try the old tt p/s flush
Airbag present?
Anyone know the size of stock fuel hose?
Various issues with my soarer
Could this be why my heater isnt working?
JZZ330 Block Heater?
V8 Engine missing occasionally when hot
Getting beyond a joke...... :-(...
Archive through September 21, 2008
TRD 1.3 bar radiator cap
Engine Bay Plastic covers
Spark plugs
Coil Ignition Lead - heat protection?
Hand brake tensioning
Ignition Barrel
A 2 stage clunk...
High KM TT's
DO NOT USE WA Mobile Radiator Repairs - He's a scam artis...
Air Intake System
Power steering unit making a winding noise
Slow start
4.7 LITRE D.O.H.C V8 PETROL Pacemaker Headers PH 12680
What is this?
Please help! SLIP CONT OFF & O/D flashing while dash read...
Broken Power steering pump = burst hose?
Error message
Do i need a New Head Gasket?
1994 Limited 4.0L V8: Idling Problems After ECU Reset - h...
*** HELP Power Steering Problem ***...
Car wont go over 180km/h
Heavy steering at idle
Parking antenna
Sunroof Maintenance
What does a transmission flush cost?
Power steering pump bearing part number
Fuel filter leaking, Need help
BFI Chamber 1 Panel Sizes
Fuel pump pick-up/filter bag shenanigans...
1JZ and 2JZ
Cost of timing belt replacement
Petrol additives
V8 Braided Radiator Hoses
Exterior door handle fix?
AE112 Corolla No oil In Oil Filter After 5000km
Locked keys in boot!!!
1jz Fan Clutch
Serpentine belt squealing
Radiator question
Tool recommendation: Actron digital timing light
Restored performance, ecomically
Help with power steering hose
Fuel Tank Clean
Fuel pump ecu
Fix For Slow Touch Screen
Engine wiring diagrams, Electronic Parts Catalog, Engine ...
Converting v8 soarer to twin turbo
Melbourne Mechanic
Power steering fluid problem or something more sinister?
Steering arm
Steering problem
This message apearing on my dash?
Buying Rotors - Now Impossible!
A newbie question..well couple of them
[VIC] Heater Core replacement.. Where to get it done?
Whining Noise from power steering pump after reconditioning
Time for a new engine?
Best sparkplugs to run, gap and temperature.
Archive through August 10, 2005
Archive through January 02, 2007
Fan Belt
Is this car worth buying?
Cleaning the air intake
[91 TT] Get my exhaust tomorrow :-)...
Purolator oil filters
Clutch Replacement Done
Victoria - Where to get exhaust / ideal combination
Strange idling problem after cruising
Just canged plugs n leads
Timing Belt - Any advice???
Honda Jazz not pulling up a steep driveway
Power steering fluid dissapearing. What does it mean?
Engine coughing/dying at 4500 or .7+ bar boost
Archive through June 11, 2007
Power mod chip do they work
Shell 100% racing fuel
Archive through May 31, 2007
Carbon BFI Lids
Need pic ASAP - Stock BOV
Car wont idle...
Help Removing Door Handle/Lock
Hasnt been driven for 3 months. what do i need to do? hel...
Accident in sydney nees help
Quick Test to see if Exhaust is leaking
2 intercoolers or 1? V8 twin turbo
LSD - did Soarers generally come without?
Archive through April 13, 2007
TT tappets?
Best Type of Spark Plug Leads To Use?
Exhaust clarification
HKS Coilovers - can they be fixed?
Strange Error Message
Power Steering pump "o" ring
What to do about the pod
2JZGE exhaust
Fuel Pump ECU - TT same as V8? Or even Aristo/Supra?
Sump plug
O2 sensors
V8 Air intake Modification
Warning to all Canadian Soarer Owners About The Windshield
Archive through March 10, 2007
LSD on Ebay
Coolant hoses replacement
Squealing Noise
Need Help
Trailer Hitch for Soarer:
Please Help: Soarer 3ltr non turbo
Engine Oil Filter
Power Steering... Again
Cruise Control Dropping Out
Misfire at 20 psi - experienced help please
Exaust for my TT.
Engine conversion - 1JZ turbo to 2JZ N/A or V8
Archive through January 23, 2007
Quick question
Brake Pedal Pulsation
Brake Flexible Hose
Heat coating parts
Spark Plugs Removal Soarer 3.0L (Not TT)
Soarer Driver's Door Windowscum on the eath has
Problems with revs, pauses around a certain point...?
Bits loose in the cat ?
Power Steering main bearing.
Darkening Rear View Mirror
First issue - power steering
Brake Upgrade on TT
Converted TT to Manual
Exhaust (temp?) sensor
V8 parts in TT
My Complete BFI
Power Steering Gone.
Exclusive to Soarer central
Archive through November 16, 2006
Another Half Yearly something else wrong
Power steering blockage
Sludge in cooling system advice needed
Under bonnet detailing
Constant fuel smell :-( help...
Techron 5000
.EPC help needed
Shell V-Racing....
Archive through October 12, 2006
Brand name Injectors - worth the extra cost ?
O2 Sensor... not oscillating
Mysterious intermittent slow starting
Jerk/Throttle holding back even when foot down flat???
Fuel cell
Mechanic for 100K service Brisbane - GoldCoast
Brisbane mechanic - Rebuild :-(...
Bad power steering noises
Fuel ECU jumper VS Fuel ECU bypass
Removing power steering power.
Buying soarer TT......
Ticking noise V8
Replacing power steering, rack and pinon, Supra TT upgrade?
Computer Engine Simulation - 1jz 2jz 1uz
Power steering issues. Any theories?
Is replacing an in-tank fuel pump a DIY job?
Piston and Conrod
Pod Filter... Fuel Economy Question
BFI 3 Question
Spark Plugs?
Fuel Pumps - V8, TT, Same?
Smoke from the exhaust....AAAAAAH
PS pump fix
Archive through March 27, 2006
Surging issues with V8
Archive through July 12, 2006
Removing stock chrome tip covers
BUBBLE bubble bubble.....
Power Steering Pump
Analogue Dash?
Archive through January 24, 2006
Archive through June 26, 2006
Ticking sound when cooling down
Driver side electric window, clicking.
Twin Square Tip Mufflers
To much fuel consumption
Archive through April 16, 2006
Archive through June 16, 2006
BFI question
Archive through June 15, 2006
Power steering pump leak?
Temp gauge position (it's not what you think...)
Water Pumps
Genuine Toyota Synthetic Oil
TRC throttle body
Front Wheel Bearing Part numbers:
New Exhaust System
Archive through January 19, 2006
MegaSoar starts and stalls!!!
Anyone had their top radiator tank replaced in Perth?
Archive through May 23, 2006
Yet another BFI Thread
Archive through May 16, 2006
Fuel Cap Door Release
Catalytic Converter Warning Light - different problem ?
LPG conversion?
Archive through September 01, 2005
Archive through September 01, 2005
Archive through September 02, 2005
Archive through May 09, 2006
A/F Ratio
Scary problem with TT. . .
Archive through February 06, 2006
Fuel pump and injectors
1500 RPM wobble / vibration
KAAZ diffs
Turbo Pod Filter, what should i do?
Water Pump on 1993 TT soarer
Archive through April 24, 2006
Sporadic Overheating - Weird engine temp
It´s alive...
Possible coil problem on v8!!! what can i do to fix it
V8 engine dipstick
BFI Question
Archive through April 20, 2006
Rear main seal-TT
1UZ-FE Lurching Under Hard Acceleration
Archive through April 08, 2006
Exhaust Mods on a vvt-i JZZ31?
Hose replacements
Urgent! where to top up trans
Newbie + BFI = :-(...
Brake System Warning
Losing power in second gear...
Adjustable Cam Gears
V8 Starter Motor
Fuel Consumption on a UZZ31
My Soarer died...
Just did an oil change now the car sounds funny :?
A different BFI..
Disconnecting a speed limiter
Supercharged V8 hits UK roads
Archive through October 02, 2005
Archive through December 04, 2005
Car stalling on startup
Power Steering Pump Reseal...
Low Idle (have searched & checked ICV)
2JZ-GE harmonic balancer removal
Car not roaring into life...
Caltex Vortex
Archive through March 04, 2006
VS commodore problems
Car Won't start unless I crank it once and wait.
Strange running problem
Crank shaft sensor
Soarer Fuel Consumption
Archive through February 27, 2006
Centre hemisphere of an Open wheel soarer (non-lsd centre...
Fuel consumption before and after, after market engine ma...
Good timing belt guy in SA??
Oil leak
Just got Soarer serviced. Came back with extra Problems???
1JZ Idle Issues (Still!)
Car Struggling at High Revs
How much is there to play with ?
Idle Worries and Quiz
Cost of Repair
Mechanical issue but not soarer not even toyota sorry in ...
O2 sensor fell off
Presure tap on top of radiator shrould ?????
Exhaust one side hot, one cold
1JZ woes... i need some help please people i am stumped...
Archive through January 01, 2006
Difficult Philips Head screws
Throttle Body
Squeaking noise coming from left front or rear wheel!
UZZ31 Engine Mounts
Power Steering Question
UZZ30/31/32 Engine Mounts
Twin Turbo 1UZ in a Supra
Exhaust in Melbourne?
Alternative to Factory Engine Mounts?
Oil leak from chassis
3L Non Turbo (JZZ31) 200km Service
PCV old and new
V8 Headers
Metalic particles in oil
TT cutting out?
Over heating ???
Archive through January 23, 2006
How often should throttle body be cleaned?
Removing O2 sensor
Good mechanic in vic???
Everything polish now (pics)
Archive through January 16, 2006
Exhaust system
V160 on a 1UZ.... done!
Engine Idle problem!
Foul smell in cabin
V8 fan question
Archive through January 26, 2006
Bored of this blower now.
BFI 3 Question
Archive through January 19, 2006
More exhaust stuff
Overflow hose
400RPM Idle
V8 Soarer exhaust questions
Archive through January 09, 2006
Archive through January 23, 2006
Help, power steering dramas
Loud Ticking Sound
Chuff and PSHHHH noises!
HELP!! Car stalling
Suspect Tuning
O2 sensor part number
Exhaust Purchase
Predator Intercooler/Radiator Kit
More starting woes
Bloody compliance people
Fuel control system
Timing Belt Strength
Archive through January 12, 2006
Time for me to show off my new V8 exhaust (UZZ10)
Supercharger manifold
Lexus SC300/1JZ swapped - boosting problem.
Spit & Polish
Archive through July 26, 2005
Drop In Boost???
V8 missing
Car ramps
Manual Conversion.
Archive through January 02, 2006
Header tank - a dodgy piece of design work.
HelP!!! My Power Steering broke!
Fuel Filter Dilemmas
Diff gasket
Washer motor
BFI 3 Question
Help, every soarer problem known to man
Help end a stupid discussion
Exhaust options
Very touchy throttle?
V8 driving like a tractor upto 3000RPM
UZZ31 driving like a dog
Archive through December 14, 2005
EPA and cops sent me a Christmas present
Archive through December 28, 2005
Electronic Supercharger?????????????
Idle Problem
Im stupid!!!!
Installing headers
Replacing water pump for a 1UZ-FE (v8)
V8 Radiator Fan Hydraulic Oil Pump
Aliminum Radiators
Fuel filler problem (a different kind of problem perhaps)...
Please Help - changing belts
Unichip intsalll
Injector ticking louder then normal
Disconnecting fuel pump ecu??
Car Surging
Removing sound deadening in bonnet. bad?
vibration under acceleration
Correct engine idle speed
Help! killed the spark plug cover screw tread.arGH
X-pipe vs 1 Big Cat Exhaust
"I'm gonna ask the Audience on this one" --- What is a "...
Coolant Problem
Passenger air bag
Catalytic Converter and Alternator not Charing battery si...
Archive through September 29, 2005
Archive through October 04, 2005
Archive through October 06, 2005
Archive through October 21, 2005
Help needed urgent
Oil filling question
Archive through November 13, 2005
V8 Upgrade path?
Archive through November 06, 2005
Archive through November 09, 2005
Archive through November 11, 2005
Strange whining noise
Why am I blowing Catalytic Converters all the time?
A 10 psi supercharger question
Driver's door handle problem
V8 mod list - expected percentage power increase
Archive through November 08, 2005
Radiator Top Tank Replacement
1/4 Mile Time Improvements from a Shift Kit
Post Pics of your engine detailing/engine bay...
Archive through November 06, 2005
Cleaning engine block??
Flames out of exhaust
Under accelerator pedal?
Fuel empty error/bong
Oil aint oils?
Archive through October 18, 2005
Archive through October 19, 2005
"Engine system fault"
Fuel Surge.
$$$Mechanics Suck Arse$$$
Archive through October 14, 2005
Help leaking fuel
Cold air intake. Which one, i found about 6?
Soarer Specialist in Melbourne???
Unichip Info
Archive through October 23, 2005
Markwell toyota, mildura
Melbourne city lexus
Crash restoration -A few questions
V8 blowing smoke - what are options and prices?
Its been along time
V8 tappets
Strange noise?
Fuel saver
Best place to service in perth?
PCV valve prop, no start
BFI for 97 Soarer... Thoughts.
Left hand engine pipe.
Dyno tuning a NON forced induction car
Archive through October 13, 2005
180km/h throttle cut out
Archive through August 15, 2005
Ignition barrel KAPUT
How good are the Timing belts on the V8 ?
Rattling Clanking Noise ???
Battery Problems - Soarer TT
Archive through September 28, 2005
Jerky car and BP ultimate fuel
Archive through October 02, 2005
Spark Plugs
Light ticking sound under moderate load (V8)
Archive through September 26, 2005
TRD Filters
Interesting experience
Mobil 1 10w-30??
Rough at Cold Start
Good Mechanics and service centers on the Gold coast ?
Where's the fuel filter?
V8 Thermostat Prices - Melbourne
Archive through September 28, 2005
Freaky friday and my radiator
Archive through September 23, 2005
V8's Pre May 95 and after May 95 whats the difference????...
Few odd questions, my 1jz manual soarer..
V8 surging.
Needed urgently: actuator for Cs supercharger
Fuel Pump Disconnection
V8 Fuel Filter Replacement
Engine stalls while driving
Problem to note
Idle problem!
BFI Questions
Anyone know a good, trustworthy mechanic in adelaide?
Door locks
No power steering - HELP!
O/d switch and ect/pwr switch
Archive through September 06, 2005
GAS Conversion?
Interesting ROOTs supercharger setup - intercooled
Archive through September 06, 2005
New Exhaust System!! *with pics!*
Question regarding the timing belt tensioner
Can't get the key out of the ignition
Archive through September 05, 2005
Spark Plugs
URGENT help required - PLEASE READ & TRY TO HELP - engine...
Archive through September 05, 2005
Quick exhaust question (UZZ31)
Installation of timming belt in V8
The car still idles rich/stall at times when warmed...HELP
Soarer Mechanic in Brisbane
HELP!!! Exhaust caught fire!!! UZZ31
Power Steering "vibration" felt in steering wheel
Thoughts on Ethanol Fuel...
PLEASE HELP!!!- Exhaust Problems (i think)
Archive through August 16, 2005
Steering box fluid leak
Motor Parts
Wow - car goes hard when cold
No Keys help needed
New Soarer Owner is in desperate need of advice. Jerky Car
What's better? BFI or pod?
Archive through August 24, 2005
Some Weird Noises coming from car
Radiator leak
Getting my hands dirty
Archive through July 28, 2005
Warning Light on Instrument Cluster
Power Window Drive
Ignition timing and ECT computer
Archive through August 16, 2005
Archive through August 17, 2005
Archive through August 19, 2005
So what oil and filter should I use for service?
1UZFE sluggish,
Archive through August 08, 2005
Archive through August 08, 2005
Coolant Level Sensor Warning
URGENT: How to install door locking mechanism!!!!!!!!!!!...
Small Metal Plate Moving near serpintine belt???
Modified sump
Leaking, High Pressure, Power Steering Hose
Parts and part numbers for service?
High idle in the this a good or bad thing?
Oil disposal?
Archive through August 12, 2005
V8 Exhaust System recommendations
Snort Stage 4 Turbo Kit ????
Where do you guys take your soarer to Service in victoria?
1UZFE Cam Specs
Archive through August 08, 2005
19s on soarer
2JZ bottom end
Would this Work ???
Blocked Exhaust: Is there any sure signs that it is blocked?
Archive through August 02, 2005
Cruise control question
Dash warning indicator-"engine electrical system" on
EGR Delete kit
Milky oil under oil cap. Headgasket? or condensation?
Fuel consumption
My BFI attempt
Archive through July 25, 2005
Idle speed
Halfway through my oil change...
Removing Injectors
Archive through July 26, 2005
Cracked distributor rotors
Timing belt replacement
Archive through July 25, 2005
Prixmax coolant
Problems starting the car in the morning
1jzgte block
Injector O-Rings.
Engine Block Crack..... Opinions..?
Archive through July 28, 2005
Sydney Mechanics Details
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