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ICE Gold
Getting sub working
LCD Screens etc
Running Amp Wires (step by step with pictures)
Audio wiring diagram for a '93 Toyota soarer
Changing size of front speakers in doors
Archive through February 15, 2006
Professional Car Audio Installers
How to delete TV preseted chanels?
In Car Hard Drive
Archive through October 29, 2005
Sunvisor LCD's
ICE Chat
Aftermarket Single Din Headunit Install 91 Limited GT (EM...
Finding the EMV aux inputs
EMV Replacement - Audio pinout
Fm radio 18 MHZ converter
After Market DVD
Thing i don't know why they are
Do super cheap auto harness really work?
Original ystem - removal
How to use existing amp/sub amp with after market head unit
Your top 10 best soarer songs
EMV Stereo still not working properly and lots of issues
EMV Stereo - Upgrading Sound Quality?
Aux signal from source besides tv input
Head unit in GT Limited
Head unit install stuff/notes/tips/advice for me :-)...
98 EMV Wiring diagram needed
New head unit with factory reversing camera
EMV overlays
Sub only working - static from front speakers
Radio Aerial - small lead connectors
What's needed to add stock subwoofer to JZZ30?
Emv no sound, hissing speakers amp okay
Replacing factory amp with aftermarket
A bit of help on what's what
Speaker whine....
Quiet Speakers with Whine
'96 Factory CD Player Interchangeable w/ Early Models?
EMV TV or AV in - 1997 UZZ31
Airbag compressor drier
Radio tuner
Interior work done to my soarer
Size of window tweeters in soarer
Using the soarer aerial - New head Unit
Anyone know anything about these double din units?
Carpc with touch screen
Archive through June 05, 2012
Archive through June 07, 2012
Stereo in.Working.Now no sound!
Amp wire lengths.
In-car Xbox Running XBMC
EMV aftermarket head unit fit
In car android headunit!
Archive through August 26, 2012
Decent sound set up for a Soarer ??
Audio wiring
Some help, please.
Emv from 96 to 91
My plans for the Soarer install.
Subwoofer not really working
Speaker magnets touching metal
Philips CID2680
Help me identify the pins on the plug
Archive through May 30, 2012
Pioneer Demo Soarer for Western Victoria
My iPhone integration attempt
Double Din H/U
For anyone missing the CD cartridge out of their factory ...
Setting up new sound system
Thinking about a car pc, any advice?
New CarPC build
Archive through May 08, 2011
Observations on new door speakers
Recovered speaker grilles
Stereo question
Stereo has gone very quiet! WHY?
Loud banging in speakers
I've got no Sound!
Amplifier question
Wiring up stock 8" to aftermarket headunit
Replacing Stacker input with iPod Jack
New stereo install
Archive through December 26, 2011
97 UZZ31 EMV guru help needed PLEASE
Speaker size? Simple hey!
Archive through October 11, 2007
Stacker not working in V8
Brash imports DVD stacker install
Digital TV +Radio
Archive through May 07, 2009
Advice on Multimedia Head Units
EMV + iPhone
Archive through October 13, 2011
DSP/ Radio Receiver Unit Part Number
Possible Dead AMP?
Headunit Adaptor Help
Hijacking CD changer as aux in?
Need help installing new HU
Remove Tape Deck But Still Use EMV
Stock antenna + amplifier?
My Soarer Finally Has Sound! - Photos of Epic Journey
Speaker whine ?
Alpine Ai-Net
Pioneer products cheap - Brand New with Factory Warranty
ICE Help
Time for a new head unit.
HELP! AMP pinout 86280-24200
What is the biggest front speakers i can go in a soarer
What are these worth?
Weak signal(for the electronic nerds)
What's the best option for me.
Installing amp under parcel shelf
Pioneer Free Air Sub..
Where to install capacitor?
UZZ30 Headunit replacement
Where to connect to speakers?
Help needed with focal setup
Pioneer Shallow 8 inch sub
Connect your ipod easy
Cant find the "Remove stock CD Player" thread.
Anyone shopped here?
EMV Upgrade ?
FM Radio cutting out
Emv cd problems
Installed 10" Type S into my parcel :-)...
I have a very noob question :\
12 Cd Changer
Quick question around testing the CD changer with one CD ...
How would I create a Stereo Line In and a Line out - V8 L...
MP3 Stacker without changing EMV & radio
Show your behind!!!
So i bought a cheap chinese head unit..
Archive through June 21, 2010
Dynamat - Removal of factory sound deadener.
Cd cleaner kit?
7" LCD TV Car GPS Navigation DVD Player
Possible to replace tape deck in the EMV set-up?
What capacitor?
TV Reception - Melbourne
Bad video through TV channel
Install with pics. - done by FHRX Studios
Archive through July 11, 2010
Factory CD player keeps spitting the cds back out
New alternator and secondary battery?
How To Install Midrange Speakers Into A Soarer Door.
Help me complete my Soundsystem
ICE Install just completed
Factory Rear speakers and Sub not working
New Amplifier HELP in a Soarer
Custom rear parcel shelf for sale
Custom door speaker enclusures
Putting an 8 inch sub in my TT
DVD Navigation updates
Factory amp with Kenwood Head unit
Anyone using iPhone + EMV ?
Hrmm.. interesting...
6.5" front splits onto 4" stock enclosures
Tuning my TV...
Watching a DVD while driving?
Cd error 3 help!
HELP NEEDED PLEASE- EMV stereo problems
Wierd earthing problem with DVD
Installing new sound system
Archive through February 17, 2010
RCA cables - which one is left / right for stereo sound
Modded parcel shelf
A few questions
Seeking Brisbane Audio visual tech
Emv problems
Custom dash
Archive through January 25, 2009
Standard speaker wires, colours?
Fitting crossovers in doors
Increased weight question
Need help installing head unit
Few Q's about car audio
Radio/aerial problem
86280-24130 component under shelf in trunk.
Installing a head unit: Help
Dead CD or just a fuse?
Great car audio installers in Melbourne
Adapter plate for Front Speakers
Headrest Screens
Filling the .5DIN hole left over, ideas?
Soarer emv doing my head in!! flash on flash off??? why??...
What wire is what?
2nd Hand CD Magazine - 12CD
Help me tune my sound system please :-)...
TV Tuner into Single DIN DVD Player into EMV?
Thoughts on this headunit?
Just a feq questions
EMV - CMP function
CD Changer issues... HELP
Fusion Reactor speakers
EMV specialist in Melbourne
Cant find hole for sub power wire under hood
Cant reset multichanger!
Building up a car computer - need some help/confirmation
Archive through October 02, 2009
Aftermarket amplifier location
Archive through September 20, 2009
Installation problem for my dvd player
Is it possible to retain original set up but get good sound?
Archive through August 13, 2009
Install advice 6.5" front splits
Stereo Wiring Diagram (best example I could find!!!)
Alpine Type E Free Air Subwoofers
If i put in a new fold out Dvd will it look like this or?
EMV 12 disc changer issues
Pics / Specs of ICE
Archive through February 09, 2009
SC400 Radio and DSP Test
Another sub question
Do i need to rewire speakers just to put new head deck in??
LS430 in dash CD changer
In dash double din car pc 7 inch touchscreen front build ...
Help when it comes to an Fm expander
Installation of standard head unit
TV Unit Disconnected
Engine noise
Aftermarket CD player
Stock cassette has power but no sound
Dynamat: Who's done it?
Can anyone Tell me what this is attached to EMV
Please need help with new dvd unit
CD Changer?
Satnav went pop :-(...
Can I fit these 6.5" splits into front?
Maybe getting new head deck/ is he being honest......
Upgrade sound system... headunit first?
Archive through November 01, 2005
New HeadUnit Installed but very unhappy Please Help!!!
Replaced tape deck!
Antenna / Reception solutions??
How to connect fronts to head deck?
V8 Limited removal of factory EMV - installation of after...
Jaycar sub
Double Din
Help with new headunit install
FM Expander Question
Splits up front !
Spare tyre compartment
Factory Sub - after market head unit
In dash dvd screen
Factory Amplified Speaker connections
What is this connected to my EMV please
"Stock" stereo help, only sub working!
Can i fit 5.25" speakers ?
Ipod hardwiring?
Changing interior lights
Wiring diagrams / colour codes
Replacing CD stacker with aftermarket CD player: Help Nee...
My complete car audio install
Rattling and vibrating
Check out this site before choosing a sub...
Custom door panel
CD's continue to get stuck.....HELP!
Full install opinions
Can an iPod be a direct replacement the stacker?
DVD Player - Feedback and Low Volume
Sub not working
Getting through the firewall
My New Audio Install
Fitting 6x9 in parcel shelf
Door Speakers
Tweeter mounting
1.5 DIN pocket fitting
To repair EMV system or go aftermarket?
MDF Parcel Tray
Archive through August 07, 2008
Replacement sub
GPS + Movies
New dvd player selection for emv
New boot plan
Replacement rear speakers
Power supply for Antenna Amp
Front speakers
Factory amp questions (help from the guru's needed)...
hey ..whats this ?
Custom stereo innstall opinions needed.....
Am Radio?
Overhauling sound system, need advice.
My poor pov pack CD player
Brand new Pioneer car audio @ almost half price
EMV Replacement and Aftermarket Custom Boot Install!!!
Wiring harness issue - Perhaps?
Video on the go Safety switch?
Stock Stereo
Custom Rear Parcel Tray!
So far it was only the fuse
4" TO 6½" Speaker Adapter
In car DVD power?
Aftermarket headunit into EMV 31
Tv Tuner location in post 8/1997
Installing a in-car hard drive
Pics of my New Custom Parcel Shelf Install
Help! my stacker won;t play cd's!
8" or 10" sub in Parcel Tray for TT?
Archive through August 18, 2008
Having hissing or static sounds
Need a New Head unit
So I went shopping for an iPod...
Looking for a place to install head unit in VIC
Thanks to Damian Ware
USA and AUS got a different Voltage?
Double Din DVD Headunit Install
Cracking sounds from the rear speakers
Double din head unit install
CD Stacker Alignment guide personal experiences?
Stock subwoofer issues
Bad reception
Bypassing factory headunit
DIN Pockets
In Car PC - Stereo sound quality....
Orion Amp + Pioneer 6 Stacker dvd
Help Hooking up a Pioneer AVH-P5000 DVD
NO gps NO tv!!!
Help with speaker wiring
Is it possible
Wiring Gurus!!! I Need Your Help with Stock System
Stock 7 Speaker sound system specs
Recommend me a Decent Head Unit....
Very quiet CD player
Head Unit Problem
Swapping Between Presets
Stock sub amp
Lifestyle audio told me to take my Jaycar and shove it!
Removable Fusion sub and amp
Ebay DVD Double Din Good or Bad?
Front speaker replacement
Which FM Aerial Plug
GPS unit on ebay,
EMV to non EMV wirring loom
Standard EMV stereo question
What you think of this?
Head Unit Instal Problem
Ipod mod & tv function
EMV PS2 Help
TV experts
Rear speaker removal
Any recommand audio installer in melb or vic?
Help headunit installation
Screens in the sun visors?
Experiences after new head install
New head unit
Very cool - FM Transmitter
Need touch screen help please
Rear speakers not working with new head unit
JVC KD-AVX 33 video display to EMV
Brake error light is on
Your thoughts on my sound system upgrade...
New HU & Amp with factory sub: is this right...?
Fit my mtx rfl subwoofer??? any pics of big sub installs?
Radio Unit or...?
Help installing Jaycar door crossovers
Kenwood 13 pins round plug or square plug?
Aftermarket head unit ONTOP of EMV?????
In car 7" DVD install- subwoofer Q
ICE planning
DVD glovebox installation
Celsior - After market headdeck installation
Patching into TV harness
Aftermarket Dvd/Lcd headunit, factory Speakers
Help please: Is this the stock crossover in this pic?
Please help no radio in New Unit
Problems installing 7inch Eonon DVD unit.Help!!!
Installing game console--> power
Can please someone show me the Jaycar tweeters that matc...
2.5mm input jack?
Looking to install one of these, really really soon!
Show us your box!!
Cd/sat nav/ tv replacement
Toyota Harrier / Lexus RX300 EMV / TV / Radio / GPS / Rev...
My New ICE
Double-din DVD units
Installing Boston Sub + Amp
Basic Stereo Upgrade Questions
Focal Utopia 165W Speakers
Factory Changer not working at all.
New CarPC perhaps?
New Headunit - Do i need fm expanders?
Installing a subwoofer and amp.
Front speaker wires.
Woofer installation without knowledge
Want to keep EMV + apply a 7" DVD/LCD monitor
Sat/nav location
Lacking guts
Creative ideas for EMV + LCD screen/s....?
Replacing a faulty headunit?
Anyone with a Kicker Zx Amp?
Standard CD player amp?
Sound system Q?
What is Error 13 on the Stereo all about
Free Matsushit Amp :-)...
EMV LCD with Windows XP
Missing facia Piece
Radio unit EMV equiped wanted
EMV + Aftermarket CD Stacker with FM Modulator - Can this...
Sub Amp input wire colours?
Where to get the half din pocket
Trouble with installation....HELP
4 Quick questions
Amp Powers up but no sound....
Building In-Car PC's
Archive through February 23, 2007
Archive through March 14, 2007
Archive through March 24, 2007
Free air custom box
Looking to install whole system
Utilising the stock volume knob
EMV say "no connection" on TV
Amps not powering up anymore
Reecommend me a system for under $1600
Dvd player
FYI in-car computers
Wiring up speakers after a DSP was installed
TDK XA80 - Burned discs that DON'T skip!
4" speaker enclosure
Attention ICE experts - LED Question.
GPS System Question
What amp to get
Electrical or good stereo people in Melb
In-Dash Half DIN Equalizer
No Back Seat!!
Help With EMV/Video Switching
Stock Stereo question...
This is strange...
Best Bass
Archive through December 15, 2006
EMV Upgrades
What do I need to install ICE myself?
Archive through January 15, 2007
DVD stacker question?!?!?!? Confused???
Subwoofer not getting any louder
My Soarer's Media Player..
Mark Paddick whereabouts
New DVD Setup and Look what I found
Stacker cable (Blaupunkt)
EMV + Mac Mini
Sound system with factory headunit?
Alternator and Stereo
Archive through January 05, 2007
PIN Layout and plug type for Soarer HU
Recommended writable CD types in standard head unit?
Wire Colours For TV Input
DVD install help needed
Stock Toyota DVD/TV/Nav?MD unit help
Ok stereo nearly done and some of the first pics
ICE Black-out
Jaycar or Clarion Sub?
Opinions on Exide Orbitals
RMS + Component Speakers
Stereo/climate control wiring loom
How do you connect....
Sub install?
Question for Tvix Guys
New system getting done today
Does this sound right or am forgetting something?
Stock 7 Speaker System - Reliability Question...
Jay Car Audio
My new parcel shelf install
10" MDF spacer - Where to buy?
Aerpro Wiring Harness
Factory amps - wiring
4" speakers
Replacing factory AMPs and/or Speakers
Wiring standard amp to aftermarket headunit
Wiring in crossover and new tweeter.
Aftermarket stereo install questions
Differences b/n US and Aus Radio
Crazy Bass
TT CD Stacker mounting bracket
Speaker upgrade
Sat Nav on the Soarer
Info and pix on removing door trim
Advice needed
My Boot Install
Aftermarket sub - depth?
One more quick question re amp please
OK ; need help again...
Volume and tone problems
Installation in perth? V8 stereo and advice pease
CD Stacker Problem.....Help
Help with choosing a small amp for 8inch subwoofer...
EMV English Translation
Factory speaker amp plugs???? HELP
12 Stacker
Reverse Camera Installation - Few Questions
Planning ICE for my soarer when I get it.....
Biamping or parallel?
Stock speakers!!!
New system
HELP!! Which wires are the AUDIO Grounds on the TV Module?
Satnav from Landcruiser prado
Tvix - M3000U Good/Bad ?
Just picked up some ICE
Finally Got My New System In....
Burned CDs????
Custom boxes/systems
Front speaker wire locations
Help with Brash Imports H/U
Advice/help please on innovatek dvd A.S.A.P.
Audio harness
At last MP3's, and more!
Archive through August 16, 2006
Do you need a installer for your Audio
Audio wave
IPOD and MP3
Parcel Shelf Sub Mounting Depth
Mark Paddick, youv'e done it again
Need Rockford installer in Adelaide to check my system
Where has my boot gone :-(....
Where is the factory amps
Cadence Speakers
CD display fault.
Amp advice needed...
Question about the Navman
Recommend Sydney Stereo Installers...
Whats the Story..?? Ideas..??
Changing from EMV to Standard
Double Din DVD player - Seeking your opinion
HmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmming noise!!!!
Aftermarket H/U with EMV
Pioneer Auxiliary Input Adapter (CD-RB10)
How to Instructions for Installing an Amplifier
Archive through July 14, 2006
About to get a new setup
Soling head unit
Door trim ideas....
Amp problems.
Erratic volume control
Ininity resolve 1240 subs...
Sub and amp installation q's
How to Install an AMP & What to do with the Bridgeable op...
What do people think of this DVD?
Dimmer vs lumination
The price is right...but smells fishie !??
Please help on what to buy to fill gap left by the old un...
Any Photos Of Deck With EMV?
Ok ok, this been asked lots am shure
My new headunit installed.
Is this SUB correct with my AMP ?
Has any one put an EMV in a tt?
Anyone knows anything about these units ?
CDC Protocol
Belcanto Stereo Installed
Archive through March 30, 2006
Archive through March 31, 2006
Cd stacker not power?
Your thoughts on this deck???
Crazy settup
Curiosity Question
Stacker in melbourme
Aerial cord
Rockford Fosgate
Burnt CD's in my 1991 GT Limited
Wire amp in boot tutorial?
Lexus Premium Sound
Another sub question (parcel shelf)
Archive through May 01, 2006
Tv in head rests
Boot install almost complete
CD Stacker skippage
About to get a new sound system
Glovebox PC in and Working :D
Rear speaker installation
GPS/Sat Nav (Again!)
In Dash LCD monitors
Archive through March 29, 2006
Sub 4 a newb
Factory amp - specifications
Advice please from people with motorozed LCD's
I'm thinking of getting this deck, what do you guys recko...
My In-Dash LCD Install
Head unit swap?
Easy sub question (hopefully)
Standalone GPS Device
Jaycar Response 6.5" Splits
FM Expanders (Again!!!)
Different Model Toyota Head Unit.
Fianlly here, bass with a spare tyre
What are these?
Amp Placement
Stereo and speaker fit Nunawading Melbourne
Anyone have issues with power drain
Please help JAYCAR amp not working
Pacel tray Sub Box?
Celsior Sub Woofer
New DVD Player
V9988 TV Keeps blowing fuses
PS1 car convertor
Use for Headunit without detach face??
Went to Strathfield car radio to day
Factory sub amplifier pinouts
Is it possible?
CD Stacker not working
Jaycar 10 sub
Sub-Box Design.. Co-Existing with Spare Tire?
Archive through January 08, 2006
Stock Front Speaker Wire
Best Way To Run Cables from boot to front.
Uneven left/right speaker balance
CD Stacker Laser Alignment Procedure
US lexus head units
Question... stock sub with aftermarket amp.
Is my HU fubar?
Smoke from my head unit??
Wiring 4ch head to 5 ch amp
Standard Sub size?
Cd stacker output
Help Needed! New Head Unit
Installing 2 Head units???
Potential upgrade for TT Povo Pack...
Head Units and stuff on eBay
What's this plug
DVD install
Panel behind rear seat
Installed 1.5din pocket
FM expander installer
Subwoofers Help
Archive through September 02, 2005
Archive through September 05, 2005
Archive through September 05, 2005
Archive through November 13, 2005
Finished install
Front Speaker Recommendations
Need someone to look at my system (no video out) SA area...
Sub cover and bracket
Cutting a circular hole
AUDIOWAVE - head units any good???
Sub bracket
Spkr Qn
Replaced front tweeters today...
Standard Subwoofer Problems - Can anyone Help?
Boot Custom Layout?
Head unit sound
Subwoofer Questions
Boot Installs
Archive through November 11, 2005
Amps heating up
Brackets for CD Changer
Pocket HD video player with GPS for the first time on the...
Stereo Problems
Whats a good value audio set up for soarers.
10" sub in parcel shelf
BelCanto equipment on Ebay
Installing iPod into centre console
New Crazy Install
Nooo lost the loom.
ICE in my car
Portable DVD player as CD player
Factory amps driving front components
DVD Stacker question
Yes or no?
Digital Set Top Box- DIGITAL TV- in Soarer ???!!!
Cd stacker
Sony WX770MDX
Keeping stock amps... your thoughts.
Parcel Tray for sub
Removing Speaker Covers
Audio Input levels
Sound deadening
OK Mark I've had enough of this stereo - what about a pac...
Archive through August 12, 2005
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