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Hardwiring Ipod to stereo in SC400?
Archive through July 24, 2020
Car won't stay on
At a loss with electric windows and mirrors. Help!
Coolant level sensor
What is this found floating under the carpet?
Tune up. Kit
1991 UZZ31 Alternator Replacement
1994 Soarer digital dash repairer wanted please.
Soarer headlamp and hazard problem
Removing rear speakers
Issue with headlights
Push button start install, but car wont start
Diodes for aftermarket keyless entry
No tail lights
Fuel Pump Wiring (Photos)
Wolf ecu v550
OBD scan tool
UZZ32 Alternator Repair
JZZ30 Electrical issues. Alternator? Earth/Grounds?
Is there a main fuse?
No tail lights
UZZ31 V8 dash into a Jeep
Advice needed on 2 topics
Headlamps / headlights not working
Soarer Gauges
Ecu capacitor repair
Emv not working
Fuel pump 1991
Remove EMV TV, put screen in, how to control climate/air?
Rear Air Suspension dropping, but no leaks
Indicator Globes
Getting Cruise Control to work on a manual converted Soarer
Check Engine Light on When Stationary - Brisbane
Turbo timer
Cruise control from 31 into 1JZ??
Manual conversion on 1JZ
V8 ECU recap
UZZ31 ABS/TRC Convert to Traditional booster
TRC error codes 43 & 51
EMV confusion
UZZ31 EMV to '92 TT
Intermittent non function of fuel pump
Central locking problem
Fixing the alternator on a 32
Wiring for power seats
Seat position memory
Yet another EMV thread with problems
Turning off traction control
Screen message on 31 touch screen
Outside Temp Display in the Dash
Harry Lemmens ECU upgrade problem
Auto lights UZZ32
Connectting TV
Charge warning. Sorry to flog the dead horse but i need h...
Dash temp readout
Can anyone identify this?
Soarer Lagging and Stuttering
1994 UZZ31 - Rear wiper Install - Rear wiper switch.
Fuel pump problem turning into fuel ECU problem?
What pin is the back light 12v to climate control
Possible dead check engine light?
Key stuck in driver door lock - help please
Catalytic convertor warning
Fault Codes
EMV replacement
Archive through November 06, 2007
Rear SIDE window demister?
Odometer LCD bleeding
How to take out the air bag light?
Fuel pump wire up
Auto elect repairers either in Brisbane or Sydney
All seatbelts stopped locking at same time
EMV screen for air con/audio disappeared.
Archive through March 10, 2015
Electronic Repairs & stuff!
Door chime removal late model
Need To Find 15uf35v Cap for ECU Rebuild
JZZ30 ECU Recap
Different ECUs on the V8s, Help.
Remote central locking Factory ?
Soarer manual and single turbo conversion - car won't sta...
Turn signal activates hazards
Throttle position sensor installation 1991 v8 limited
Reverse polarity
Rear Demister wiring
Hi all newbie with a stereo problem
Custom Soarer Dash
Engine ECU
Loom under passenger side rear seat
Supra style taillights
Parking lights fuse
Seat back on power seats not working?
Where is the V8 cooling fan sensor
Which Fuse
Door Panel / Key Chime / Interior Light
Auto electrician suggestions Melbourne
Airbag Light On
1jz vvti first major issue, will crank but won't start.. ...
Live point for daytime lights?
Removing EMV - what are these parts?
JZZ30 runs well than dies driving and idle.
Fuel pump ecu----bench test?
Spark plug leads
1992 Soarer Door Wiring help
Diagnose - Alternator, Battery or Loose Wire?
Emv replacement
No sound coming out of my right hand rear speaker but the...
Ignition will not turn over - got me and 2 mechanics bamb...
Dash lights stay on with key removed
Engine Electrical System Fault
I think its my radio - flat battery, no trigger wire
Rear dash brakelights
Power mirror problems
ECU reinstall procedure confirmation
Emanage blue flashes red
Injector Power wires.. JZ
Aircon / heater fan not working
Reverse Signal Wiring
ECT Power/Normal?
Broken Odometer LCD
Fuel pump shorting back to the main ECU?
PowerFC troubleshooting/codes?
Electrical issue Help Needed
EFI Error wont reset
Petrol gauge help please
Archive through September 04, 2005
Lexus sc400 turn lights
1UZ Limp Mode and A340 Wiring
Speedo in my 31 has become erratic
Redundant electrical/other bits for weight saving?
Help needed. not cranking. new starter ect
Reusing factory amp's with Nexus tablet install...
ECU V8- Help needed Sydney, Illawarra, Canberra or Hunter...
Air Bag Light keeps on coming on
Anyone have the cluster plug pinout ?
Rev counter signal cabel
HKS FCD problem
Tuners QLD
Pov pack manual dash, how to get fuel to read?
No ignition in park or nuetral
Wiper return position problem
1jz vvti with immobiliser won't start!
Hazard Lights not turning off 1991 tt
Need 94 TT limited + 97 VVTi pov cluster wiring diagrams
Key stuck in ignition, won't release!!!!!!!
HELP Please Battery Drained if i don't drive for two days...
UZZ31 Ultransonic Mirror wiring diagrams?
Dome light on, but doors are closed.
Electric seats not working, blown fuse?
Dash colour change?
Full wiring diagram of 94 TT and 97 VVTi wanted
91 JZZ30 ECU recap in Brisbane.
Full ECU circuit (schmatic) diagram for 1uz-fe
V8 Alternator - Won't crank over
EMV switching between night and day mode when I break
Trouble getting key out of ignition
Mounting a small fan on the FP ECU
Electricals after installing aftermarket ecu
Who does blinky dash repair and blue LEDs in dash in Perth?
Interference coming through radio tuner
Ok, i'm on my hands and knees begging for help!
Window motor connection
EMV Screen Sensors
Throttle Control ECU Location?
Popformance LXCC (Digital Climate Control)
Help Needed with electrical issue
Fitting of a higher volume fuel pump to a JZZ30
Aftermarket replacement for OEM Reverse Camera?
Exhaust System Overheat Warning Indicator Is On
Just lost speedo and fuel top half of dash
Which wire powers the ECU?
Electric seat to memory electric seats
Stalling Problem "Electrical"????
Battery Voltage Drop When hard braking
Archive through May 11, 2014
Archive through May 14, 2014
Lithium Polymer batteries
EFI code 13 ?
"blinky dash", or is it?
Lights flashing as soon as doors are open V8 1991
Buzzing From This In Engine Bay With Engine Off
Question re the fuel Ecu.
Weird issue EMV
No spark or switching at the coils and has erratic inject...
TV and Radio receivers
No start issue!
Installation on Monster Tach??
Apexi rsm series 2
Srs airbag light constantly flashing
Calling Adman / Adam Smith / 1997+ soarer Cruise Control ...
Hi/Lo headlights not working, fogs/parkers fine
Over temp warning on pov pack dash?
Replacing Factory Wireless door controller - UL Unlock wire
No Spark, No fuel after changing spark plugs & oil.
Very strange alternator/ regulator / battery fault, TT
Dashboard Display blank in lower section
Engine electrical system problem
Automatic window close with Central Locking
Integration relay problems
Do we have a list of Electrical Code Numbers and faults f...
EFI 52
Starting issues
Help... my soarer wont start... :-(...
Codes 14 & 15, need help fixing.
Emv, not all functions displayed
PWR/MAN Buttons
Drivers Door Lock Gone Mad
Replacing stock CD player in TT
Seatbelt sensor wiring
Electronic high-stall torque converter/launch control wit...
Alternator effecting brake accumulator?
Factory ECU absolute limit?
Stand alone EMS Engine Loom?
Brittish - UK TT Soarer Dash in MPH ? Anyone got one of t...
Emanage help needed urgently!
Drivers side switch for windows How do I get inside to cl...
Alternator not charging message until car starts.
E-manage ultimate problems
Door Open switch
Help with info regarding door locking system.
Fitting electric steering column to a jzz31
Fitting electric seats
High beam problem on my 32
Help! Stuck 1200ks away from home by the road-immobilizer?
Rear Parking Sensor Sound
Radio Tuner Recap?
Intermittent blank dash
Knock Sensor Error Codes
"Door" dash message with 2 other things all at once
Digital Cluster - Show m/h instead of Km'h on JZZ30 TT im...
V8 engine problem
EMV in the Lexus SC400 V8 Limited
Anyone installed a Steelmate 386m? (Keyless entry)
Orange (engine) symbol keeps coming on. Help!
Auto headlight problem
Warning light "alternator not charging"
Knock sensor drama... Please help
Need to test a working ECU for 5 minutes - Can anyone hel...
How to test a TPS?
Ambient Temp not reading after non EMV conversion
V8 died while driving... battery?
Soarer won't start, just makes a clicking sound
Help to identify the right hand O2 sensor wire.
Blitz ECU
Knock sensor connector plug part # required
Error 52 Front Knock Sensor - Replaced sensor but still g...
What does the EMV touch screen control?
HELP Possible Electric Issues ?
What's this orange dash warning light mean?
ECU and auto controller
EMV and Trip Computer
Problem with rear park lights.
Confusing fuel sender wiring.
Auto headlight switch fuse?
Fuel guage,lower dash and climate control issues
JZZ30 and JZZ31 Cluster difference?
Strange Fault Code
Switched 12V Source?
UZZ31 not charging battery. Advice on next step?
Problems getting my car to start again
Stock immobiliser?
Good soarer auto electrition in Newcastle
1uz MAF voltage range
Dash Removal '91 SC400
Where's my lamp failure module?!
If i cannot close my windows after ignition is turned off
A quickie regarding 'fog lights'
Wiring into starter Solenoid
Steering retractor sensor?
Shake and Bake Mirrors - THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER
Memory seat positioning and steering electrics (up/down a...
Archive through May 01, 2013
'Auto Start' causes starter motor to keep running on .......
2 x Central Door Lock Wires Where Do I Find Them?
Need Help To Identify These Wires Function Please
Yet another EMV issue thread :-)...
New problem car not starting
Checked out Ecu now head unit dead
New soarer and few electrical faults
ECT/Power, Ac, Cig @ Gear # Lights
English Diagram for Emanage ignition Harness
Which is the best bang for buck EBC
Power windows and sunroof not working and displays ABS li...
Check Charging Warning
Wiring diagram
Drivers side central locking plug wiring
Need Help With Central Locking Circuit
Engine Electrical System Warning
Recent electrical buzz and now dead battery
Will UZZ31 dash work in UZZ32?
Car Alarm Problems, Cannot Now Start The car, please help
Key Turn Sequence To Disable Immobiliser
Alternator plug
What is this?
Alternator charge fault
1994 jzz31 headunit change
R154 Conversion Wiring
ECU - 1991 UZZ31 - Help
12 Stacker CD Player
Code 14?
Low brake fluid warning on dash
Seat won't go back
Anyone recognise still remote?
UZZ32 Alternator
Soarer clock????
EFI -- problems
Samsung Galaxy To EMV
FM Expander small plug to large, where to buy?
Fixed 3 problems at once!!
How does the boot switch work?
How does your drivers door open work?
Replacing ignition and door locks
Good ebay store
Odometer Reprogramming
Archive through March 28, 2013
Rectifier assy for V8 alternator
Spark Plugs
What's this cable for?
Where are the Diagnostic codes for the EMV V8
Cheap ebay gauges
Leave Battery for 2 weeks?
TT Climate led replacement
Ultrasonic Mirror Issue
Blitz ECU
Weird door problems... Need urgent help...
Boot not opening
Central Locking Playing Up
Factory Touch screen
My dead sc400
NT guys, Ill be needing a tune on a 1.5jz w/powerr fc, wh...
Uzz31 pinout for 40p 40p 40p ecu
Mirror control plug
Car troubles
Remote locking? Alarm? Immobiliser?
Very strange fault???
Fast Flash fix for 94 cluster retrofit
Archive through December 07, 2008
Have these door wires broken or been cut?
Is my battery cactus?
PS Solenoid Wire..where does it go?
Climate control positive colour wires and tacho wires
Weird Light/Drain Issue
MAF for JZZ31
Can Only Close Windows When Revs Are Up
V6 vs V8 dash - Tacho not working, alternator not chargin...
91-93 UZZ31 EMV To Non Emv conversion
A340E Transmission Solenoid
Aerial Amplifier Wire
Auto Open Boot
Need helping finding proper capacitors/transistors for bl...
HID Help
Dead Radio
Alternator not charging battery error
Starter motor on my 32
Pointless mod, but anyway
Cruise de-limiter
ECU Error code help
Main engine ECU Compatibility
No power getting to car
SC400 Starter Motor
Intermittently jerking car while cruise control is on
Earth under console - EMV Model
Temperature Control Switch
Converting Halo projector lights from LHD to RHD.
Fog/ turning lights???
Climate Control LCD Black out- Need help
Canbus LEDs
Alternator not charging when warm
EMV Connector diagrams
Central locking not working?
Resistor mod for altezza tail lights
Archive through June 06, 2012
Help: cant find bosch dizzy caps n rotor buttons
Door chime removal guide
UZZ32 alternator
Is this possible at all?
Jzz30 error codes slip cont 21 abs 21 and ect 89
Power window adjustments
Right hand speakers not working in my 31 limited
Power drain issue???
Broken/missing wire
Passenger window and central locking
Oxygen sensors
Need help with alternator.
Altezza tail lights flashing and blowing bulbs
Speedo Cluster
Car Electrical complete cut out while driving
GReddy Boost Gauge help
Turning signals wont work at all after interior swap :-( HE...
Cat converter warning light
IPhone successfully integrated into stock head unit!
Dash problem! and maybe some other problems that are link...
Archive through September 16, 2012
What options do I have with my headlights?
No power to emv
JZZ30 Starter relay! Weird issues
Dash lcd repair?
UZZ31 EFI 52 Error
Alternator for UZZ32
JZZ30 - cruise control won't hold speed
Question about coolant Temp sensor whereabouts and Karmen...
No more cd button
Help Fault on dash!
What do these connect to ?
Auto Electrician in Melbourne familiar with 91 V8 Soarer?
POWER switch not working
Hey guys which year tail lights? and how to install in my...
Clearing faults in the system check on the dash
E-manage ultimate installed now auto seems to shift to ea...
Central Locking
EMV Question, yet another
Some help with a SC300 dash + climate control
Brake system failure
Archive through June 02, 2006
Testing fuel pump ECU
Efi 42 (speed sensor) code after rsm install
Alternator question
CD player
Your thoughts ?
Dissconecting speed sensors from transmission for drags?
Removing 180kph Speed Cut...
Engine Electrical Error. Cant find a fix
JZZ30 alternator help needed
Archive through June 18, 2012
Key stuck in ignition
Help with instrument cluster please
Engine Electrical System Error 31
Emanage Ultimate - AEM WIdeband Min-Max parameters
Coil pack problem.
Soarer/Celsior friendly auto electrician in Perth
2 ignition wire functions- alarm install related
Major issues - Electrics
Altezza rear light - bulbs??
Passenger Window
Power window doesn't work, already tried replacing regula...
Can some one tell me what this error is?
Reverse Camera in late model UZZ31
ECU Repair / Capacitor Replacement Service for TT/V8
Archive through June 27, 2012
ECU Caps through hole repair
She no start!!!
HID's Help
Archive through June 06, 2012
Standard Japan Stereo Vs Drive-ins
Windscreen wipers wont turn off
Help, my engine won't fire at all.
HB3 headlight globe or Xenon H.I.D conversion?
Archive through June 17, 2012
Blinky dash
My V8 shut off while driving!!!
Dash errors
Airbag Light
EMV repair WA
Emv issues
Archive through April 26, 2012
OBD plug location
Electric shock
Cigarette Lighter USB 3 slot
Rverse Camera problem
JZZ30 Auto, won't start, possible main ecu or fuel pump e...
Turn key:doesn't start or make any noise. NOTHING!!!
Indicators going fast but no blown bulbs ! Weird ...
Dash clock running fast!
Plugs beside Car Jack in Limited.
E-Manage Harness - Blue or Ultimate
V8 Manual Conversion Plugs.
What is my dash doing ???
All your Electrical needs
Water Temp Sensor Signal
Car shuts down after going on boost
Strange Dash problem
Loose connection in engine bay
Routing the T13 Adapter Harness from ECU
Jzz31 ECU and Wiring Loom
How to fix the roof interior light
JZZ30 loom connectors and wiring guide.
Emanage Ultimate problem - Laptop won't detect Plz help
Headlight model year change?
Power steering problem?
Diagnostic test
White Dash - Possible?
Fog lights not working
HID Bulbs for 1992 Soarer
HID's Help
LED High beam globes
Random wire on diagnostic port in engine bay?
Horn not working
Instrument panel not working: tested against working one....
ECU problem ?
Door controller electrical cable layout
Brake system warning beep removal
Archive through March 13, 2012
Wires in the boot taped up? Plugs not connected?
Steering wheel retract
Removing volume control knob.
Hks evc-s drama
Antenna plug, big one and small one !!??
Car Security - Adelaide
What is this fault code?
Where to get Coils Dizzy caps and Rotors.
Brake Switch
Doing my head in
Lights and dash not working
How to fix your boot switch lock
Does anyone know how to disable all warning messages on t...
Please help - blown fuse, falls apart!
Central Locking
Dash all light up!
Parking / Reversing Sensor
LOW BEAM LIGHTS - HB3 9005 is not right.. or is it?
New Soarer - Electrical Issues
ATTN all clever people-a cruise control/larger throttle b...
fuel pump fuse keeps blowing
Steering column adjust
Passenger Window Switch
Electric Seats not working nor central locking, boot and ...
EFI 52 Code
Starting Car
Electric seats, fuel/boot release and central locking not...
Pinout for 89661-24430 (1996 uzz31)
93 TT Won't start after being in the sun
Car alarm keeps going off after a tyre blow out for 91' S...
SAFC basic tune
Diagnostic Check Help
Coil packs help
Alternator not charging
HELP - removed ECU, changed caps.. now won't start..
Odd issue with EMV Trip computer
Auto Electrician in Brisbane for TT
Car doesn't know it is in reverse... why?
LCD aircon screen and dash screen have gone blank togethe...
Headlight switch Q
Whats this thing do ?
Boot wont open from inside the car
TT ECU - Does anyone have one I can borrow to check if my...
What will happen if I toss the ABS computer
What's this part
Soarer stalling & misfiring - Won't start!
Fault in the wiring to the CD stacker?
HID Conversion help
Power window won't go down straight!
Funny aircon issues
USDM SC400 Remote on Toyota Soarer - Compatibility
Odd Electrical Issue
Please help with fuse box!
Pole switch
Signal stalks don't work, anyone in melb can take a look ...
EMV pinout? what is the lights wire pin to EMV
A Couple of Electrical Issues
ECU Fault Codes
Pivot speed meter/speed cut defender Need Help
Anyone wanna earn some money wiring up my 1UZ
How to fix ECT error in dash and cruise control
1j TT alternator not charging on my vl. is there an upgrade
Battery Connected/Jumpstarted Backwards - Need Help
Will these fit in a uzz31
Alternater not charging/catalytic converter lights
Help No Accessories!
BIG PROBLEM :-( all hands on deck guys!...
Car not chargeing
1997 JZZ31 VVTI info needed on ECU
ECU troubles?
No power to lights, dash, starter, everything.
'97 VVTi ECU
Auto electrician Brisbane/Gold coast
Ecu failure
Ok well after hours of searching looks like my emv mod is...
Whats the asian letters on my dash?
EMV removal
Car not starting after turned off
Emanage ultimate install help
EFI running after switching car off.
Something seriously wrong with my car
Crackling Speakers
LED/SMD Replacement Bulbs - Taillights
How to replace the spoiler light
LED flasher relay
What are these wires ???
CD Stacker
Electric seat ECU
Ccfl for dash
Windows and sunroof not working
Fog light bulb for a 95+
EMV Backlight Tubes
Wiper arm paint
Can some one please help as to why accessories won't turn...
Fm band expander
Please help accessories keep turning on
Halo HID's
Mystery cable
EMV screen turning off and on
Stereo problem
Single wire to rear of EMV. where should it go?????
Interior lights not working
Whoops!Think I've broken my ECU.
EMV Display Issues
Supra seat electrics
Remote Central locking - Need a new remote!
ULTRA Multi Mode Meter Plus Wiring
Retrofitting a reversing camera into EMV soarer
Need some help with a power problem...fuses and what not.
EFI Fault Code please help
Brake warning light
Urgent - Alternator Compatibility
Help! JZZ30 wont start!
Viper Car Alarm 2 point Immobiliser?
Help Damion Ware
Central locking
Need helpsoarer starts then dies
Fuse box..... Where is it?
Archive through July 23, 2011
Bleeded Dash - Need Urgent Fix
Electrics cutting out
Headlights dimming
Speed signal wire on the ecu
50v 15uf capacitor
Spark problem
Blinkers Not Working
Profec b spec II - A test to see if it's working?
Wiring Costa's After Market Headlights
Engine Oil Level Warning
Wiring diag for efi relay.
Brown (neutral/earth) Wire dislodged. Static/background n...
Ever seen wiring like this before
Cheetah Alarm problem? or battery?
HID Headlight Kit
Archive through December 08, 2009
Stalling TT after Manual conversion
Earthing problem maybe? I hate earthing problems.
ECU location
2 pin plug on LHS of steering wheel
EMV repair in Melbourne?
HELP!!! All interior LED bulbs not working
Mirror dismister
1jz No Fuel No Fire
Electricity jumping from coil and spark leads
Analogue dash?
Archive through May 02, 2010
Horn and Cruise control connector colours
Turn key, click, loss of all power
OBD problem
Car just stalled help
Transmission switch for separate boost group on EBC?
"EFI --" ???
How to wire extra steering wheel inputs/outputs
Parkers on Tail lights not working
Wiring in 97 Fog Lights (Yes I know it's been revisited, ...
Need some serious help with my SC300
What is in the picture?
Coil Pack Connector Part Number
Boot release not working
Auto window windup
Radio forgets station presets
Uzz31 want start sometimes
Where to buy oxygen sensors?
Rear Wiper Assistance
DIY EMV Confusion...Which Fuse?!?!
URGENT Alternator help - V8
Main engine ECU , is it the same PN for TRC/non TRC V8s?
Lower door interior light
Ecu question. V8 soarer to sc400 ecu
Emanage Add ons
Door remote reciever wiring pin outs required
Drivers Window Not Working
Right turn indicator issue
Speed input wire color for dash
Jzz31 ecu on ebay.thoughts on if it could be ok.....????
Wiring question
ECT Error and OD light on manual conversion
HELP!!!! Emv problem!
I have no power windows
Weird problem
Piggyback ECU Choices
Thermo fan question
Shift Selector LED Tutorial By Me!!
Archive through March 11, 2008
Brake Light Switch (At pedal) ... WTF is it?
Car Diagnostic Software OBD 1 OBD2
Archive through October 18, 2009
Archive through January 17, 2010
Archive through March 08, 2010
Archive through March 16, 2010
Archive through July 11, 2010
Archive through March 18, 2011
Dash displaying random numbers
V8 AT transmission with Haltech ps500
Lead to one IGNITER dead - how to fix?
Climate Controll LCD
Drivers Door Lock Actuator
Standard Airbag Suspension?
FCD problem on 92 tt
Soarer running like crap
Will reseting the ecu reset my emanage?
Cruise control/Mem seats DON'T work after manual conversi...
Turbo timer (are they universal?) to fit into empty slot ...
After market alarm issues
A quick note for those with v8 alternator issues
What kind of lightbulb?
Seat belt light always on
Dash warning - DOOR (open?)
Alt not charging battery warning with a twist
1jz ecu mod question
Removing wiring loom
Good Battery info needed
HID bulb fitting questions
Performance chips for the V8
Who fixes EMV's?
Fuse Problems
Manual ECU looks different to my Auto ECU
Original Sub amp - HELP
Does anyone still repair EMVs?
Parker lights??
Emanage Blue and Ultimate downloads
Dash wont turn off
Battery cables
Couple of Questions
Warning messages
Oxy sensors on V8
Ecu fuse heating up
S.O.S. Suprastick installation problems
SAFC 2 rpm signal
Data Systems R-Spec ASG63X Height Controller Instructions?
Archive through August 13, 2005
Archive through February 15, 2006
Interior lighting
Jzz30 digi dash wiring diag to power it up by external 12...
My 31 V8 is missing
Alarm system help
I have done the Dumbest thing.. I am open to Ridicule
Identifying a plug at rear of engine ( vvti single turbo...
Help (km sensor)
Hid problem
How to Convert USDM "needle" gages to JDM digital gages...
Charging pronmblems
Map sensor for 1UZ?
Erratic Speedo
Jzz31 ecu pinouts 2jzge
V8 ecu caps
Indicator Problems
Back from holiday to find the car is dead
UZZ30 Random revs under any acceleration
Fuel pump ecu trigger ?
HKS FCD wiring diagram
Passenger Window not working..
Door symbol and hazards wont turn off
Serpentine belt is cutting into the electrical wire -
Door elec/ window reg dilemma
Digital to analogue??
Help unknown error code
Electrical problems affecting turbos?
Bottom bar on the dash gone dead - Nothing shows there
Strange charging problems.
Power Drain (new battery)???????
Alternator wiring ?
Installing Limited Seats into a GT - wiring isues - help ...
Door simble light
HID lights and auto lights setting
Front Washer Motor
Query on electric UZZ31 steering column
Tuning safc2
CAr won't turn over, makes that noise when your battery i...
CD stacker. Help needed.
Ignition key issues
Need electrical help- no electricity in car
How do I get this fuse out ???
IPod connection for Soarer
Aftermarket Headlight LED Wiring help
Throttle position sensor problems
I have a flaw in the digital dash unit
Diagnostic Check
Door will not open from outside
Windscreen wiper timing
Start button in Soarers?
Archive through July 28, 2009
Archive through January 19, 2010
Archive through May 16, 2010
Archive through May 19, 2010
New Taillights problem-Please help!
No power, dead battery
1991 Soarer V8 Spark Plug Leads
Anti theft system - How does it work?
Deactivating the 108 klms limit on the Soarer
EMV experts please.... EMV Computer gone south - can I fi...
Battery Light not on the Dash
Help, the theft control activated itself and locked my ke...
Reverse beeper & Door Chime removal - Wollongong
Fuel Pump ECU: no"+B" signal
Help! Rear tail lamp not working
Ignition electrical problem
Left power side mirror folds but does not adjust
Finding the door negative wire
Just fixed weak FM and no AM reception
JZZ30 earthing points?
Breaking down, dash lights, shifter stuck
TT - Diagnostics EFI 21
Check electrical system
97+ Foggies Connectors
What the heck is this??
Crackling speakers
Slowly figuring this thing out
Aristo Swap Tacho Problem
I got no idea
Apexi rsm 2 issues
No parking lights power
A/c temp sensor
Install a E-Fan for Radiator
CD stacker alternatives
Is this dash from a V8?
Catalytic Converter Warning Light
ABS dash error causing power drop
TRC message?
Need help working out what this datasystems controller is...
Antenna amp, where does +12v come from
White single wire connector under RHS rear seat WTF!
ARGH! ECT error 42 with a twist..
Digital Temperature sensor
HID Installation Help
97' EMV / Voice GPS / Radio etc...
No power to stereo
Key Code and remote central locking?
Quick O2 Sensor Housing question...
Electrical fault
Fuel pump ECU
V8 Soarer Airbag Warning Light
A Few Electrical Issues
Interference question...
CD stacker issues.
Dash error
AC on = car off
Electric window motor rebuild?
Would i get a dash error if i did this mod to my tailight...
Replacement Altezza Tail Lights Wiring Loom
Front bumper and turn lights not working
Custom tail light LED Project.
Archive through July 23, 2010
Apexi turbo timer help!
12 volt switched source
Emergency lights (warning lights) + Engine off + 5 mins =...
Tail Light LED Bulb Replacements
Weird Indicator Problem
I really need some help with two connectors!
HELP! I can't get in my TT !
Drivers side window...
2jz starter motor difference please help asap!!
Difference in 1jz looms?
Cant get the key all the way into the ignition barrel
LEDs in TT A/C unit
Remote boot release not working
DVD Wiring
Wiring Check Engine Light
What is this and why does my aircon not work without it?
ECU for 97 2.5 LT VVTi
Dodgy Reversing Camera
ANOTHER fuel gauge problem
Orange warning light on dash?
Where to buy capacitors/ transistors?
Stereo speaker problem
LS400 cluster to a Soarer?
Leads recommendation
EMV repair and does anyone know what this is?
Help install Greddy speed cut
Rev hunting- replaced ISCV and throttle body- Help
Rubber elec covers/socks for door harness
What are these wires for???
Fake AFM Signal
Cd changer reset button??
Cd changer question
Rear Window Wiring
Help with indicators and a/c
Right Indicator problum - PLS HELP
EMV & Blinky Dash help for the ungifted
JZZ30 Body Plugs
Rear window demister fuse
Steering column auto buttom
Blinker gone wild or perhaps I activated self-destruct......
EMV blank screen
Factory Tape Player Problems...
HELP - Car electrics have died !
Emv woes :-( please help...
How to plug non electric seats (with elect lumbar support...
Random Engine stalling while idle or crusing
RPM meter not moving. Digital dash
I've blown two fuel pump ecu's in two months.
Archive through July 27, 2010
DIY stock ECU flash- new memcal
V8 - No power to primary coil pack
EMV Replacement
Archive through October 03, 2007
Archive through July 28, 2010
Climate control and Odo/Trip/Time/Gear displays dying at ...
Auto tilt away in a turbo?
Air Suspension
Right Indicator Probluem
Wiring for a rear spoiler stop light
Engine Electrical System Warning when given gas
Anyone know what this means?
Jaycar part number
A341E / 30-41LE Wiring diagram
Ect pwr not working, od flashing
ECT and SLIP CONT errors '96 JZZ30
Window problem...
SC 400 won't start when warm
Fuel gauge
Courtesy light
Need diagram for folding mirrors
How to check codes on 1jz converted car? (JZZ30 Donor eng...
How to restart engine immobiliser after disconnecting bat...
HELP! car wont start after updating emanage main unit!!
HKS FCD Wiring.
Electric Dash Dead After Replacing Turbo's
So I purchased a pair of 97 style I’m conf...
Dash color change theory....
Archive through June 11, 2010
Different instrument clusters?
Unknown problem during acceleration
Alternator not charging Battery
Archive through June 07, 2010
Instrument Cluster
New fuel ecu probs
HELP =( Constant "Brake Fluid Level" is always flashing!...
How do i take out the coverings for the dome light and th...
Need to know how to take out plastic bits that cover-up r...
Cigarette Lighter Relocate
Does anyone recognize this instrument symbol??
Air Strut Electric Controler Part Broken?
What are the wires in the wheel arch?
Clock and trip meters reset after blinky dash repair
Help me! Help me! Help me! :-( --- problem with tire well w...
So I did the Blinky Dash Repair..... But....
97 taillights (part number)
DIY Car Alarm?
Whats the funny writing mean when the cars floored??
Jz330 to jza70 alternator plug
Indicator staying on
Cheap HID installation, any opinion ?
Archive through May 08, 2010
Hope someone can help
Hydraulic Fan Diagnostics Speed Jumper
Diagnostics question..
How much current does a uzz31 draw?
HELP!!!! ECU Part Number
Weird power window problems.
Telephone Transciever????
Odd issue
Where is located the hieght control sensor?
Mines ECU
Blinky Dash
Trying to find info about airbag suspension
EMV Repair
Stereo experts, EMV setup!
The spoiler brake lights
ECU for UZZ31
Interior lights wont work, same with parker lights and pa...
Rev limiter
Door Electrics Won't Operate> Please help.
Battery mega drain
Dash Dim Query
Engine just stopped. Need help urgently please
Fuel Pump ECU?? or something else?
Tps Voltage.
Interior light problem
UZZ31 ECU-IG Fuse keeps blowing
Engine conversion limited V8 to TT - wiring loom
96 dash into 92
Ignition wire under bonnet?
JZX90 Pinout and Wiring Diagram
Help with installing Cheap Jaycar remote unlocking kit
Boot Negative Wire and Boot Release Wire/Voltage
Car stalling when randomly
Installing hks sld
A really small problem but annoying - Indicator not turn...
HID Lights Laws in Melbourne
Dome / footwell lights gone. integration relay?
How to replace fog-light globe for 94' uzz31?
How to wire an Apexi RSM II into a 91 V8
Tail lights staying on?
Ignition will not fully turn off and key won't come out, ...
Alarm install need help asap
What is this??
12V Cig Lighter + Climate Control not working.
Airbag suspension - not working after putting car on stands
Diagnostic HELP
Simple Fog lights questions
EMV/Radio help
I need help with e-manage blue
Check Charging System & Catalytic converter Overheat Warn...
Height control sensors
Archive through June 11, 2009
Steering wheel doesn't go up or down
Alternator Bearing Numbers
TV Screen+Dash Screen all gone...
Indicator dash light not flashing
Blitz Ecu Help
Sunroof and inside lights are not working
Soarer unknown problem
93 SC400 TV Screen
Sound System
Beep Beep
Another power mode question
Soarer Warning Light!
Car Won't Turn Off!!!
Late V8 Engine ecu - possible substitution
So what can you do with the EMV?
Car lights slightly blinking
**What causes this!? (VIDEO)**
97+ foggies bulbs covers..what??
Who can fix my blinky dash in Melbourne?
ABS Brake Fuse
Help with interior light change gone wrong
Soarer Diagnostic
Headlight Bulb Part #
Wiring Injectors to eManage on 1JZ
Mirror and Seat Memory Not Working
V8 miss -is a future ECU problem looming ?
Interior light,door light on dash and indicators are not ...
Coil packs
Getting australian tv signals
How to wire a 'kill switch' to stop engine for race car?...
Dash problem: left indicator not working, A/C & PWR ECT b...
Replacing tail light globes
Left indicator in headlight not working
Anyone upgraded from eManage Blue to Ultimate?
EManage Rotory Switch Setting for 1JZ-GTE
LS400 wiring diagram 1998
Stuck air suspension
Help - fuel gauge wiring issues after conversion
Power to mirror but not working!!!
Stock headlights badge USA?
Altezza tail lights make my indicators stop flashing when...
Foglight bulbs
Bumper indicators into parkers?!
Central locking playing up
Soarer wont start very werid HELP?
Help no indicators
How To - Install Greddy Profec II boost controller
Help Installing: autogauge, Oil Pressure Gauge
Tt alternator
ABS Warning on Dash and TV :-(...
1JZGTE VVTI car won't go past 3k rpms!
V8 Starter motor Question
V8 starter motor fuse question
Cruise control limited to 108? can i change that??
EMV screen going wavy...
Antilag- Anyone have it on their 1JZ?
Bridging fp to B+ Fuel pump
EMV weird buttons? and conversion.
White dash conversion?
Stop brake fuse
"Charge" Indicator on Startup
Reverse Sensors
No Ignition - No Power
Bluetooth car kit
Setting the airbag spiral cable
Help! annoying problems
Quick Question for V8 Alternator
Engine electrical error code after new engine
EMV resetting itself when boot opened
Need a new Alternator?
Alternator not charging battery, but NO warning messages
Blinky Dash Capacitor.. Polarity Sensitive?
Headlights turning off when you open the door ?
Changed coil, need firther help
Not sure if this is a problem or not..
What does this button and switch do?
Archive through November 26, 2009
Dash, boost controller and power steering cut out
High beam pickle
Just bought one of these
Connection between Cat Light and Alternator not charging ...
Power problems to Fuel Pump
I have a Jap code come up on dash, but nothings wrong? help
Glorious Thermo/balancer/clutch fan/shroud problem...
Help! Extremely rich and EFI 14 after, using Ethanol mixe...
Left bank misfire (not plugs or leads)
Window closing module... DIY jobs?
Few problems, need some help
Buttons on EMV. Blue lights
Retro fitting memory seats
Problem with electric dash (V8)
Electrics keep resetting? Why does it do this? Help me pl...
LCD problem and left speakers are very quiet
The right battery makes a big difference!
Blinky dash repair cost?
Master Keys Lost?
Archive through September 18, 2008
Easiest way to bench test EMV?
Windscreen wiper problem
Where to find globes?
No spark :-(...
Archive through December 02, 2009
Is the type of spark plugs for my 1992 V8 soarer platinu...
Electric Supra Seats
Engine immoboliser remote control playing up
Zeitronix ECA - Ethanol Content Analyzer
Knock sensor on v8
Aftermarket ecu
Drivers side window problem
No Left Arrow Indicator on Digital Dash
Outside Air Temperature Sensor?
Air con controller fuse
Reverse Sensors
Dash Fluro Tube
Electric Seats
Where do these connect?
4 Random Dramas
Digital dash
Aftermarket computer
Dash Cluster Complicated problem
Electric window won't go up
HELP - Needed installing Electronic oil pressure- wire help
Fitting / Swapping Factory Cruise Control into a poverty ...
New Headlights
Archive through October 29, 2009
Am I missing something?
125v or 250v fuse in EMV.
Fuse diagram and boot and fuel release help
Fuel pump ecu
What are the ecus in the boot and parcelshelf of my uzz30?
Exhaust gas temp sensors
Car is stalling
Air bag light not going away
Current Drain On Radio 1 Fuse
Taking out dash
HID Retrofitting..
Charging malfunction bong on an active
Sonic mirror help
Rear window demister/defogger - need some help.
Cant find the problem... Its not a fuse...
Speaker stopped working
After Following The Incorrect Alarm Wiring - Help Please
Bloody soarer electrics stalling now dead tt any ideas ap...
Random power surges WTF?
Jaycar FCD
TEMS switch
Screeching/squeaking Power Window
CD Stacker Issues
Fuel gauge mucking up
Stereo not working... Which fuse and where?
EMV Question
Audio won't turn on
Rspec Help
Installing SAFC-II ..... myself ......
Powering car electrical components on the workbench?
'How do I put power straight into power window motor?' f...
TT and v8 dash cluster
Alternator problems
Remote mirrors ? advice needed
Ecu pin outs for 2jz-ge out of soarer
Passenger window
HKS FCD installation help
ECU Repair
How to get rid of airbag warning light after removing das...
Automatic Windows Not Working!!!
Emv screen flickers when dvd player is on
Speed control ecu
Standard headunit button backlighting?
Hooking up iphone to emv system
Wanted: immediate help
LED's for Instrument Cluster, Fuel, Scroll, ODO/TRIP Rese...
MAF sensor (hotwire not kaman vortex)
Rsm problem
EMV Touch screen no responding .. easy fix?
Someone cut my wire.
Is there a brake ECU?
Headunit connection help, and buggered something lol
Microtech LT-12s wiring diagram for '92 JZZ30 Soarer
Blue LED it legal or illegal? Will the cops ...
New dash, old soarer issues.
Need Help Cant get my key out of my ignition
Location of Body Ground/ Ground wires?
Rough idle. Stalls.
Height controller has no power
Dome lights no longer working and odo reading is always r...
ASI65X instructions
ASI65X problems in 1990 Toyota Celsior
Speed cut information needed. modifying but not removing ...
Archive through August 17, 2009
Indicator light flashing too fast.
Air bag light on
The Interior (door open) globes are?
Electronic/ECU Gurus i need your help...
Automatic door locks -anyone know how to disconnect ?
Electrical error message
Wiring in turbo timer
Alternator rewiring (94+ to a pre 94 TT)
Electric mirror
Passenger seat electrics
Alternator compatible between TT/V8 to NA?
The Part-Dead Dash
Archive through June 16, 2007
The first fully integrated iPod interface with the Soarer...
Archive through December 29, 2006
Archive through February 15, 2008
Occasionally doesn't turn over
Replacement brant remote ???
Replace Alternator
Reverse ultra sonic sensors.
URGENT help with Blinky dash. My dash circuits look nothi...
No sound when dvd player is on and other electrical problem.
Need help chosing a battery for the track car
System Check
Just a heads up - EMV repair manual wrong for some cars
Suprastick instalation not working
ABS pinouts
Another EFI ng problem
EMV internal and fuse is a...
Factory Central locking / immobiliser not working.. Pleas...
Random Rado Dramas
Drivers seat wont recline
Where To Fix My Blinky Dash In Perth Please
Please Help Code 13
V8 Question for heated seats
Upper and side part dash died.
Hooking up tv antenna to in dash dvd
Hand brake warning light!
How TO - Retrofit Cruise Control
TT Soarer wont start! Please Help!!!!
92 v8 ecu pinout
Climate Control Buttons Not Lighting Up???
Rear light warning light
Retro Fit External Temp to New cluster
How To: Modified turning lights to run as fog lights???
Globes for climate unit
Battery being drained by passenger seat?
Narva bulbs don't fit :-(...
Anyone have a clear picture of engine earthing points?
Electric window goes up but not down!
Touch Screen Help
EMV - CD button non functional
LCD screen replacement
Windscreen Washer wont work
Heateer fan not working on middle speeds ...
Remote Central Locking and Imobiliser installation
Spoiler - LED's - Do they ever Fail
9005 vs 9005J
HID Headlights
Archive through June 09, 2009
P,r,n,d,1,l lights not working please help??
No tach Signal
Central locking keeps unlocking itself?
'controlling' boost
1999 Landcruiser VX 100 Series NTSC to PAL Converter?
UZZ30 V8 spoadic system shutdown
EMV dead backlights working
Emv..just need confirmation
Turn Assist Lights stopped working and I cant find intern...
Funny climate control problem
New battery installed, now car won't start
CCFL tube for Blue dash.
Soft touch (eletrical) indicator stalk to replace mechani...
Interchangeable alternators?
V8 soarer cutting out
Optima batteries
CD stacker dramas
Help, anyone who has a wiring diagram...........
Where is the cig light fuse?
Dimmer wire
Lots of wiring problems
91 UZZ31. Do these buttons rely on the EMV.
Accessories dont turn off with key
Speedo not working every now and again
Unknown electrical problem
Frozen Indicating Lights
Blinky dash
Fuel Pump ECU
Scroll button
Engine electrical system and Idle.
Soarer EMV interface for multimedia player/gps/pc etc
Archive through February 12, 2006
Ignition Pinouts
Blinky Dash and Cat Light?
How to remove the fuse box?
Key hole wiring help
New head unit install troubles. Help please!!!
Toyota Soarer 1UZ-FE SAFC 2 Install and Settings
Battery draining overnight - help with next step
Radiator Bottom Tank Sensor
AMP fuses location/ problem
Cruise Control Delimiting on a 1997 UZZ31
I cant find a controller for an apexi power fc
My Fuel Story
Problem starting
Greddy electronics
Help? Please Car wont start...
Warning/caution with Super Charge Batteries
Charging malfunction
Weird noise when indictating (video)
EBay +15bhp
Electrical problems and suggestions on good auto electrician
How to check if a speed sensor is working?
Spark plug problem! PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Need help steer-ing wheel won't move up and down.
EMV to TT climate control - how to keep Volume button ill...
Fuel gauge problems after flat battery
Passenger side footwell light!!!
Tail lights + parkers not working
Speedo,blank, reverse lights and reverse beep not working...
Rear Spoiler Lights out
Greedy speed limiter cut controller [type a]
Will TT climate control work for a 94 v8
Engine electrical system warning light is on
Correct voltage for Capacitors (blinky dash) ???
Pallative care for dying fuel pump
My EMV appears to have frozen
EMV help!
SRS stering wheel
Wires found in boot
Reverse Noises Missing
Jap warning message, not in Warning message listings!!
How are stock speakers wired up
ABS warning + Alternator warning
Asg-617 height controller instructions
Fuse Box Pictures
Fuel pump runing constantly
Archive through February 20, 2009
Very newb headlight question
Problems buying New globes!
Brake light question, Parcel shelf/spoiler
12v for 240v inverter backseat/boot area
Courtesy light not working...
Starter Motor - Qwery..
IN-CABIN lights arnt working?????
Taillights & parkers are out.
Door lock module
ECT problem - Hope I am in the right place
Problem with stalling once in drive or reverse
What next?
Electronic Boost Gauge Help
LED Swapover!!!!
Modified EMV Loom
How to remove drivers side handle + lock?
No Cruise control after Adaptronic ECU install
Alternator not Charging warning light
Blinkers stopped
Please Help RE: Engine won't start/ no power to ecu
Archive through January 16, 2009
Uzz30 soarer stalling problem (yes ive searched)
Turbo Timer Install help
Alternator Issues
97 tail lights in a 91.
Drivers side window only works when door is closed
TRC Button wiring
Ticking from near the passenger side after the car is tur...
EMV Repair
Need Help Removing!!
Archive through February 10, 2009
Archive through February 13, 2009
Archive through February 17, 2009
Brake Light Keeps Blowing
Alarm Stopped Working
Power Side Mirrors / Power Windows & the Accessories Rela...
My dash is missing this section, is it cause of the blin...
High CCA battery
Cruise problem
Computer unit
Main ECU in V8 and V8 with TRC are they the same?
Auto retract steering wheel
UZZ31 Air Bag / TEMS Suspension not sensing / working
Key won't go into ignition fully
Need Translated Wiring schematics for Soarer!!!
Car doesnt want to start up
What kind of spark plug wires are ideal for the 1JZ?
Need some help...... PLEASE
ABS flashing on dash & Hand break light is on constantly...
Speedo jumps
Aftermarket headlights
Engine management
Flashing headlights
Need wiring diag for windows in V8
Emanage Blue Base Maps
Sld question
Plug location? from behind left headlight
Central Locking Wiring
TV stopped working.....any ideas
100W Bulbs - use a relay ?
Boot Light
Klingon Issues
New Headlights
In Dash TV, Get better Signal?
"Airbag" Warning on dash
ABS and TRC off light showing up at same time???
Afr gauge doesnt work correctly
1997 uzz31 radio receiver
Handbrake light & warning on all the time however handbra...
Translated wiring diagram
Found a black box in boot with 2 cd's in it?
To connect iPod (Player) for normal magnitole in Soarer 1...
New tails - fast flashing fix question
New headlight design
ECU reset problems - Aircon and time bar not working
TPS Replacement
V8 missfiring
Speedo and odo
Mvix install
Car won't start, any ideas?
This might sound stupid but....
Bar Graph Display
Wiring up driving lights
Voltage stablizer
EMV Was Working Fine - Now Not?
AC compressor soarer Vs Celsia what is difference
HID Headlights Faulty??????
EMV Video Display without OEM Headunit
Need Help Diagnosing My EMV
Coil pack connectors part number
High output alternator
Central PLS!
Fuel Pump Controller
Keys is this right?.
Wet battery
The wire to dynamo from the ECU
Computer Shift Lock Control
Switching from EMV to aftermarket head unit
Wire colour chart?
Help :-( Flat battery - need a new one?...
No power at Fuse 4 [ST]
Water temp sender - alternative
Boost guage wiring
Cat converter warning light on
How do I get power from the cigarette lighter?
Unstable Fuel Mixture at Start
Driving Lights
What is This??
E-manage ultimate model number query
Flickering Tacho
Fast flashing indicator.
Wiring Passenger Electric Seats
CANT FIND-Removal of High Beam Lights-Please help
Engine electrical system WARNING Messege
Help needed with window
Car won't start
New alternator
EMV is yellow!!! HELP!!!!!
Factory EMV Stereo - Quiet Left Channels
EMV Failure
AC unit polatity question ?
Cruise Control - can i fit factory Cruise stalk to a Afte...
Coil packs. anyone know of these??
What is the best way to run wires through or under the car?
AST59X Data system height controll
Who can help me with my blinky dash?
*** NEW OWNER *** Electrical Problems? ...
Passenger Window dissapeared into Door
Power problem
Chimes stay on
Missing fuses
Need advice
Fuel gauge on my dash flashes, and shows low fuel warning...
Hmm what is this, looks interesting!
Quiktrax Alarm Systems
Need Help Locating Ignition Wire
Cruise control still limited to 108kph
Tacho not working - I need a guru's help
Help With Power Windows. (Has videos)
NZ EMV Fixing/translation Advice...
APEXI POWER FC Help needed
Perth electrician
Sunroof Help
Dash clock
Quick question...
Where's my speedo?
SC300 and SC400
Engine Electrical System Error code (help)
Wiring Jaycar Fuelcut Defender
Archive through February 04, 2008
Plug found in centre console under cup holder
Hazards lights don't turn off
Earthing Issue, engine cutting out
Australian Standard Immobiliser
No Alternator warning light?
What are the my headlight bulbs 9006 or both 9005?
12v negative grounding ????
Auto to Manual wiring
LEDs + HIDs = AWESOME(Ds)...
Archive through June 21, 2008
Archive through September 28, 2008
Digital tacho not reading right?
I want to Install Apexi AVC-R myself, but how?
HKS Twin Power Installation manual
Flat battery after about 6 days,
Push button start
Airbag sensor module question???
2 Loose Wires and Plug Under Drivers Seat
Taillight globes
Broken lead
Installing a tacho on the TT
Does EMV from uzz31 fits uzz32?
EMV Help
Newly reconditioned headlights
Dash Warning light
Whats this? Can anyone help pls
Slow windows
Fooling the ECU Temp input
Archive through September 15, 2005
Archive through September 16, 2005
Archive through September 28, 2005
Archive through October 17, 2005
Archive through November 20, 2005
Archive through February 20, 2006
Blitz FATT DC 4 Turbo timer
Correct headlight aiming procedure ?
EMV system sort of works, any ideas?
V8 needs new battery! Any recommendations?
Detailed instructions on how to watch dvd on emv when car...
EMV model low audio volume all speakers
Clock has dissappeared
Archive through September 06, 2008
Installation of a Turbo Timer
Rear lights
God damn memory seats! help me!
Reverse camera not working...please help!
Automatic Sunroof
TRC Issues
Any Ideas Headlight Bulbs
Climate LCD screen info
Right Headlight Electrical Issues
Boot and fuel flap won't open
Air Bag Reset
1JZ-GTE VVT-i Oxygen Sensor Pin on ECU
Alternator Spares
Help Please JZX110
My diagnostic check results, help please..
Drivers side Headlight.
Keyless entry programing
Electric drivers seat, please help!
Gauges install
Charging issues
How to put guages on the woodgrain part on passenger side?
Putting a 94 engine in a 91 soarer.
Wirring help for the brake light in the rear spoiler
Is it possible to wire up the late model Mines ecu to the...
Autoelec melbourne
Weird ABS message
Where's the ground point for cluster? mines blinking/diss...
Corner lamp globes ?
Stock radio problems
Just a quickie
Understanding my EMV
Front Parking lights not working...
Location audio power amp
Rear lights warning need help asap
Electric Drivers Seat Wont Work
Cigarette lighter problem
Alternative to LED A/C panel lighting
Archive through August 21, 2008
Car Cigarette lighter (12v car adapter) not working? Any ...
Major alarm issues...(lengthy)
Power issues
Electrical issues
Blinky Dash maybe, but could be something else?
Multiple electronics problems!!
Windows not winding down - Is it possible to relube the r...
Trouble getting fuel pump to behave...
Where should I get power from?
Fuel Gauge Problem
Side mirror heater/shaker
Whats this,, Pic inside..
1jz injector resistance
FCD - Where do the wires go?
Indicator sometimes will not cancel
Weird Fuel Gauge
Brand new alternator not charging...
0kph reading on speedo?
Can i borrow some ones heater control unit? [SA]
ECU Caps Change - HELP
What does "door" fusible link control under dash?
Speedo wires
Auto steering wheel problems
EMV and Dash Cluster Who Can FIX
Hyperblink problem
TT Coil Packs
Electrical woes wiring up supra seats
Starter Motor
Exede V8 ecu
Automatic-up Driver's Window - Can I disable it?
Replacing central locking remote.
I'm new here, need advice on dash warning messages!!!
Dash Night lights not going?
Archive through February 18, 2008
Battery Maintainer.....?
Changing fog light bulbs!!! what a pain!
Need indicator wiring diagram for a tt asap
Ground the eBrake or make a toggle switch? DVD problem
Climate Control LCD , issue (WITH PHOTOS)
Several faults...
Newbie Dash questions - Dash not bright
Power Up Dash
Tail lights not working
Door controls don't work when door is open
ECT waring on the dash
O/D missing
Circuit diagram for starting system 1JZ
Can 97+ rear lights fit 91's?
Archive through June 13, 2006
Electric ormanual gauge
I have a few Electrical gremlins (warnings and starting p...
93-95 tail light mod didnt work in my soarer (photos in t...
Pulse Plugs
Location of Earths - V8 LTD
Indicator cutting EMV power
Seat belt warning light.
Stuffed up my dash while during the blinky dash repair.
Flasher Pinouts
Stereo and HID questions
Changing out front head lights?
The blinky dash, it haunts me!
New high beam glodes?
Heater not working
No air con, after cd player install
Alternator not charging battery warning
Archive through June 10, 2008
Engine cuts out over 2200 rpm
Greddy Profec E01 Boost Controller
ABS module
Tilt steering wheel - noisy motor. Overhaul?
Drivers Side Controls
ECT Sensor
2 questions - aftermarket head unit and emv related
Shift Switch - where is it?
Rear drivers side light is out. Both indicator and brake.
What are these for?
How did the person do this
1992 SC400 Headlights
Urgent Help Required - Wiring Diagram
Hi all, Help needed
Emv computer,,, where is it
Blown fuse
Playing with my dashboard, need help before I ruin my dash!
Archive through June 05, 2008
Mass Air Flow Sensor......Removed....?
Soarer wont start
Celsior ECU pinouts ????
Help! dash wont light up!!
Fuel gauge blinking empty
Archive through May 27, 2008
Indicators Flashing faster than normal
Touch screen turns off and on quickly
Wiring Electrical Gauges
Two different mirror control boxes?
Celsior Speedo
O2/lamba sensor test
New coil packs (LS2's)
Clock buttons not working
Cruise Control Flash
Remove cruise limit on 97 Jzz30
Soarer wont start
Problem with transmission selector lights
E-Manage Ultimate stock base map
Spoiler Brake Light
Need help and part numbers
Suspension notice lights on instrument panel not coming on
Tap into interior light power.
What bulbs to use for a 96+ fog lights?
Headlight advice
Fuse box map
Weird Problem?
Installing a Turbo Timer
Changed P/S pump and now the car is completely dead
Parkers always on - Have to unplug battery to turn off.
Not getting electrics :-( please help....
Which 1jzgte ecu do I have?
Really dim headlights
Got me puzzeled!
Lighter Fuse
Calling All Electrical Gurus - Urgent Help Needed
Auto wiring
V8 Soarer Problems
Battery in boot pics......
Archive through March 10, 2008
Aftermarket rear light problem
Passanger window no up/down
1JZ wiring looms and ECUs
What is this under my seat? (pics)
Toyota Soarer : Toyota Sat Nav
Autoelec southeast melb
Where is the Fuel Pump relay?
EMV Backlight
That cool little red jap button
Japanese warning lights on dash
Part numbers needed?
Bumper lights
Radio code
Passenger Power Window not working..
Capacitors: inoperative dash repairs
Changing Front Indicator Bulbs
Wierd rear light problem
Drivers side window controls
97 plus fogs wired up
Is the uzz31 door module same as jzz30??
Mz21 dash wiring help. please!
Uzz31 Engine diagnostics in English PLLEEEASE!!
Fuel Sensor Cleaning Tutorial
Switches on back of ASI65XM2 height controller
Ignition barrel surround light wont turn off
Touch Screen Repairs
Computer Power Up
Easy question for the experts.
LED Resistor Selector
Car randomly stalls
Confused with rear light conversion for 97
Auto ECU in a Manual
Need help Cant remember a name
Jaycar Electronic Boost Controller
Centre Console Light Globes
Uzz31 91 V8 alternator part numbers?
Fuel Pump ECU Woes
Power FC
Abs wheel speed sensor wire
V8 fuel efficeny and consumption screen
Dashboard Help!! (No speed)
V8 will not idle
Dash repair: attempting to undo bolts, won't #$%&@! move...
Side mirrors
Complete electrical failure whilst driving!
Help with Speed Sensor?
Reversing Camera
Headlights: 9005 or 9006
Air Fuel Ratio Install Help
Archive through April 13, 2006
Speed trigger for central locking
Please help ! Window control
Apexi rsm installation
Dome light on door mode & retracting steering not working...
Spoiler Light ON....all the time....
HID problems
Factory ECU timing retard for NOS
Help no ignition!!
Standalone ECU on an auto
SAFC II and FCD conflicts? 1JZ
Diagnostics connector
Apexi rsm
Air Flow sensor help
DVD to EM, screen in flickering
Clock resetting
Turbo timer
Wanted : Lamp Failure Box
TV stopped working
97 model tail lights wiring harness
Cigarette Lighter not Working
E-manage Ultimate install Q
Trickle charge the battery?
Electronic Dash not working, help please!
Is this crap? I'm looking for ideas...
Real Fuel Gauge Woes
Weird dash issue
JZZ31 mirror controls into UZZ31 problem
Seat heaters not working-fuse ok
Need help quickly.
Engine electrical system Warning, CAR WONT STAY ON,
Help my car won't start
Removed A/M height controller-now have TEMS dash warning
Engine light on. HELP
Need help
GPS + seats
HELP blinker problem
EMV Drive and View modification
Audio Video help needed ASAP
A/D light
Help neede with headunit swap
Interior light help
Help no indicators!!!!
CD Stacker and EMV Question
Brant alarm
Ignition troubles- key wont turn out of lock
Tail light issues?
Keyless Entry Problems
Melbourne auto elecs
Blown Fuse
Airbag light-stays on.
Yellow warning light on dash....
Sunroof woes :-(
Seat Belt Warning Light - Won't Turn off
Starter motor smoking help
Fuel Pump Failing: HELP
Tempramental windows
Analog Speedo Dial
DVD player installation.power supply?
Indicators Not working at all
Interior Light Globe
Reversing Camera
Speed sensor
Power Windows
No Dash When Acc Or On is Selected ?
Fault codes??
Good Hids
RPM Gauge
Alarm not working properly
Replacement Starter Motor
Window problems?
Sunroof Warning Alarm/Beep when left open
Power FC's??? do all the model ones suit any 1jz.
Electric Power Mirrors
Archive through October 14, 2007
Fixed! - Factory Remote Central Locking
Turn lights on and electronics in car turn off?!?!
Driver side window droped down and wont go back up
Orange light on dash?
Help, my car just like haven't have dinner!!!!!
Emv intermittently blanks only when lights are on
Warning Messages on Blinking Dash
Tacho and shift light
Wiring diagram (in English) for Jz30
System Checks
MPH Speedo correction question
Starter Motor Issues
Retro-fitting Cruise Control
Archive through October 10, 2007
Starter Motor Install on a V8
Help please: Is this the stock crossover in this pic?
ECU for Celsior/LS400 same as Soarer / SC400?
Touch screen not showing up x2
Dead battery-Problems with two lights.
EMV - no temp display, no radio/CD
Should I have PRND21 lit up?
Alarm problem
R154 Speed Sensor Wiring
Help installing Jaycar door crossovers
Switch off aircon-car dies!
Another touch screen query
Reversing light wire in tail light loom? which one?
Central locking help
Adaptronic install with pics...
Weird door/alarm problem ...
Who in Sydney would install gauges?
NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE with Powercrank Batteries
UZZ32 Alternator - Assistance required
Connectors for 9005J to 9005 globes
Indicator Wiring.
94 Lights on my 91 Soarer
Tail Lights Warning Message
Brake Light Warning Message
97+ Lights
Tail light problems
Weird SAFC Neo tuning problem
UZZ3x Dash pinout
Trust wiring Harness
Air Con LCD LED's
What/where is the TCCS ECU in a V8
Web location for wiring diags
Unusual... Little help please!!
Fog light fix guide
Electrical Mayhem
English EMV
DVD head unit under EMV, possible or not?
Archive through September 05, 2007
Blue dash change
Wiring diagram for electric seats
Ignition wiring cct help please
Fuel Pump ECU problem
Soarer FM radio conversion
Main ECU swap
Tail light error on the dash?
Soarer Auto Electrician In Brisbane Area
What is this unit?
Rsm 2 into v8
Diagnositc engine problem
Wont start zero voltage at B+ diagnostics port
AC display has gone black
ECU reset-fact or myth?
Military time?
Brake Fluid Level Warning?? Please Help.
TV Tuner leads
97 Altezza lights in a 91.
Hooking up electric trailer brakes for towing.
A fuse maybe? I hope?
New ECU or piggyback ECU
Will a TT climate control in dash unit (non TV) fit in a...
Fuel Gauge problem
Apexi RSM with G-Sensor Installation
Power Folding mirrors swap ...
Fan issue
When the driver side power window not working......
Is this an Airbag sensor?
What is this switch, on lower dash on drivers right hand?...
Taking turbo timer out when hooked to alarm
New Tail lights, indicators flashing quickly
Headlight and Window problems.
I'm looking to upgrade my ecu on my v8 soarer wats the be...
Could over charging wear out batteries
About Xenon lights??
My electrics are playing funny games
Dash Lights
Complete vehicle wiring diagrams for UZZ30
Front parkers dont work.
Window wont go down but moter works
Archive through November 09, 2005
CD Stacker not working.Dash change to TV possible?
Interesting LED for A/C LCD backlight
Electric Seat Maintenance
TRC deletion
Headlight confusion
Uncovered connector
Heater broken???
Lots of things not working!
ECT PWR switch not working!
EMV repairs & Ignition switch problems?
Glove box electrics ?????
HID kits on eBay
What is this wire?
Pole Light Repair
EMV Screen Repair
WOOOHHHHHOOOO 1st Unlimited 1997 V8 Cruise Control
Archive through May 02, 2007
Blinking dash TT soarer
Alternator! Know any repairests???
Traction control and Snow mode
Vaiant on blinking dash 2/Problem with "AC LED CONVERSION...
Variant on the blinking dash problem...
Winton track day...And then nothing- i.e A/C control pane...
Wiring help..
Emanage Parameter settings
HID Help
Autowatch alarm extra remote
Fuel pump ECU. What dose it look like
TRC Light coming on
Dash Warings
Electrical Gurus - Can you solve this? (Kanchana where ar...
Emanage ultimate?
Help Needed - Wiring Problem With Reversing Camera
Speedo died AGAIN
Fuel tank & mirrors.
'TRC OFF' dash light
Frustrating Low Beam/High beam Issue
Getting a car phone installed - advice?
Throttle Position Sensor
Strange Electrical Prob
Engine Electrical System Warning Light Staying On HELP!!!
V8 running on 4 cyl, think it's the coil?
Help with modifying '92 tail lights
Changing the fluro on the dash
Anyone from Melbourne/metro area
How to put LED lights in my ac display screen
Fuel pump or euc
The Blinky Dash is a HUGE problem with Soarers
Toyota Premium Horn Kit
Coming to a Halt on Startup
Archive through August 02, 2005
Tail lights not working, indicator flashing faster
94-96 Tail Light Module
Dash lights, O/D off, A/D ,ECT power ....stopped working
EMV conversion problems
Can Someone Tell me What I'm doing wrong?
TRC51 error message
Mz21 custom cluster help...
Garage door remote?
Help! weird tech!
EMV Screen Disappears & Re-appears when Lights & Indicato...
Instructions for removing cd stacker
Heater noise - After bypassing VSV
Interior light problem
Speakers not working?
Cruise Control De-Limit Mod on UZ331: Experience / Feedback
Fading dash light
Speed Cut Information requested
Dash Error - from malaysia!!!
TT coolant temp sensor - where is it? Need help
Where is the fuse box??
How can i test my dash when it is out of my soarer??
When turn car on only green arrows are displayed, but car...
Apexi RSM II
Wiring diagrams
3rd LED Brake light strip not working!?!
Urgent Help - Car wont start
Blinky Dash Parts...
V8 pinging
Exhaust Gas temperature sensor HELP
Heating: Bypassing VSV *thumbs up* question.
Voltage Fluctuations
Can i silence my emv/cd player?
Someone to remove my emv screen- Brisbane area
Voltages for door LEDS
Turns signal HELP
Need your Emv repaired?
Soarer stops, undesirably
Archive through April 21, 2007
Emanage blue fuel cut problem
Aftermarket coilpacks
HID's are amazing
Archive through April 04, 2007
Need help with headlights
Car battery charger
Just a few questions
Starter motor on its way out?
MicroTech 10
Side mirrors
Cool lights! but now my steering wheel dont work
Emanage blue comm cable
Who can fix blinky dash these days ?
Head Unit Swap Over
Car alarm monitoring systems
How to change rear light globe?
Head lamps? How much and where?
J301 Jumper in speed control unit
Electrical Issue
Strange Error Message
Hands free through speakers
Alarms and central locking help
Jzz30 speedo problem
Alarm install wire id help
How come?
Earth Points diagram
Inlet temperature sensor
Brake Fluid Level Indicator
Random light faliure
Interior light problem
Dash warning light not on list for Soarer SC400
Need help on a topic
Nissan pulsar N16 2004 Warning light/error code clearance
My 98 sc400 starting on its own after swap
Reall bad blinky dash how do i fix it?
V8 ECU Capacitor Replacement
Best way to get at ECU?
Need help fixing seat
Internal Fuse panel: GT-L
Integrated phone system
Different stereos in sc400s?
Electrical issues
EMV Buttons gone orange???!!!
Power window operation
Electronic dash, selected gear and information bar lighti...
ECU Question
Weird wire under wheel arch (91 model TT)
HID High Beams
Archive through March 15, 2007
Is this a PAL converter?
DVD under my passenger seat.
High-Tension Cords and Spark Plugs: Soarer 3.0L
Wiring thermo fans to run directly off alternator
Good Auto Electrician on the Central Coast
Rear licence plate bulbs
Need V8 alternator
SAF-C Query
Auto Electrition Wanted
Jaycar products
Emanage Ultimate Data logging
Engine electrical system CAR WONT STAY ON!!!
Sub keeps turning off
Getting Flat Battery every 3 days
Locking issues
Anyone had experience with Screen/DVD/SatNav units?
Archive through February 14, 2007
STouch Screen TV
Radio preset now in japanese
Jaycar Window Closer
Heater not working
Retro-fitting a parking sensor and EMV on non-EMV UZZ31
Ahhhhhhhh Dash Globes
Wiring Diagram (Factory Computer)
2 Rear Oxygen Sensors for the Lexus SC400 ECU
Need electrical diagram!! PLEASE!!
Speed Limiter and Dash Questions
Petrol guage stuck? please read
Coils or Ignitors problem
Need help
Blown fuse?
Soarer factory battery mounting
Cd stacker problem
EMV Diagnostics
Low impedance USDM 2JZ injectors / resistors.
1UZ AFM with K&N Filter
Passenger window stuck in the down position
The seats and central locking dont work
RSM Series 1 HELP
Installing a car alarm/immobilizer yourself
Archive through July 03, 2006
Dash problems
Something to look out for with the Emanage Ulitmate
Fuel Eroor Message on Dash
Parker globes?
Ac Unit Help.
EMV repairer
Help needed with's not blinky dash!
Help! - Burning Electrical Smell
Turbo Timer/Computer
To Fix EMV Screen
Car alarm installers - vic
Dash lights not Dimming or Illuminating :-(...
Help needed
ECU options
Engine Electrical System Error ####
E-Manage Ultimate & GM 3 BAR MAP SENSOR
Engine Electrical System
91 TT wont start - please help !! :-(...
Guages - placement.. Need opinions!!!
Outside Temperature Sensor
Bouncing soarer
Fitted Teins coilovers - now ABS error??
Signal problem
Aftermarket ECU
LED brake light
Audio mutes when in-car phone is disconnected
Battery Size
Fan keeps stopping
The horn
Archive through January 11, 2007
Wiring help for Standard Flip out screen
RPM to dash
Folding Mirrors
Handbrake override on flipdown sceen EMV
Archive through January 04, 2007
Paging Mark Paddick
Archive through August 07, 2006
Archive through November 28, 2006
Archive through January 03, 2007
Dash swap fuel gauge probs
Flashing O/D OFF
Advice on HID
Cleaning stacker laser
Do i have the WORST shorting out problem ever ?
EMV - When very hot, the Touch Screen Plays Up
EMV TV conversion and possibly repair in Melbourne (Sirca...
ECT Button and Gear indicators
Angel Eyes
Emanage - 800cc injectors
Air Fuel Controller advice required
All Melted!
Is this standard?
Strange electrical dramas!
Losing Electrical and Engine Power
Where do i plug in my 12v Ciigarette lighter.
ECT lights on near shifter
Turning lamps
Difference between these two wiring looms?
Using Volume control dial for sub control
Wheres the VSS
Repair for V8 Coolant Level Sensor
Blinky dash part numbers
Cruise - Surge on downhill ?
V8 ECU's
Non-Soarer ECU ???? (i think) Help Please
9005 bulb
Phone call
Spark plug replacement JZZ31 / 2JZ-GE / 3.0 litre
Sub help
Emanage Ultimate Wiring - Need Help
Need Help AGAIN!
Swap GTT dash (pov pack) for a GT-TL dash - is it possibl...
Radio & TV Conversions. Stacker repairs and related stuff...
Thank you Mr Paddick
Warning light comes on occasionally after hard acceleration
Soarer Sound
EMV Question
Cruise Control Jumper change
How to delay auto-headlight signal
Headlight Globes
Installing my Turbo timer
Door Courtesy Lights
Narva Arctic Blue Lights vs Stock Koito Lights.
Dash conversion... can it be done?
NEED HELP - Getting a strange error on my dash screen
Blue head lights
Help needed EMV Screen
Another soarer, another dash not working
Speedo Correction
Stock Single CD headunit laser tracking adjustment....
Speed Sensor symptoms
Help with Jaycar DFA
I hate you little clips
Dash warning complete list (and English too)
Pole switch
Cruise Control?
EMV - Wavey screen image
SUS Light
Microtech install
Good Auto Elec in Melbourne?
Daytime running lights? do they exist. HELP Please!
Emanage Ultimate-Largest Injectors?
Need blue dash tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archive through April 23, 2006
Romote Locking has no flashing lights
Power Mirrors Still Not Working!
Engine coolant cencor playing up
Foil brake light
Exchanging tail lights from 1999 SC400 to 92-94 ones
Archive through October 31, 2006
Key stuck
Diagnostic Connector
Archive through October 27, 2006
Need assistance
Bulb/LED voltages
Unichip installation costs?
Speed Dial
How to remove alternator?
Tems switch?
Sub Amp Wiring
Looking for a center airbag senser
Apexi RSM installed, now my transmission is acting wierd.
EMV touchscreen does not work!!!
Blue Dash in Sydney
Diagnosis required for intermittent problem
Cheaper window regulator
Wheel scrubbing wires
Blue dash - Lower
HELP PLEASE!!! Car not starting!!!
Nams electrical Services has anyone been there lately?
Electrical system prob
Speed wire-VVTI ECU
Centre console lights out
Did I wreck my EMV?
TV turns off the radio
EMV and Dash Specialist In Sydney??
Where to buy HID globes?
How do you find out if your car had an EMV at some stage
EMV screen will not switch modes
ECU wiring diagram for 97 VVTI
Fuel Gauge
Punk police yellow stickered me
Noisey Fuel pump
I'm given it all she's got Captain
Alarm Wiring for V8
Finally Got My Soarer!!
Trigger Wire
Stereo Problems
Location of fuel pump ecu
Fuel pump wireing?
Air suspension question
'Audio cassette' won't eject
Dash Dillema
Xenon Headlights opinion
Blue LED madness - it's a disease
Archive through February 03, 2006
HID Fuse blown, where is the bugger??
Check End?
Manual Conversion
Error Codes
Thoughts on SAFC NEO?
My electic Window motor went "bang"
No Constant Power
What does cmp mean? on the cd-player
Battery going flat
Kickpanel Fuse Locations
What part number is this transistor?
Electric passenger Seat Wont Recline???? ----- Help Pleas...
Mysterious Problem
Upgrading piggy back fuel controller
Who Does Blinky Dash Repairs in Brisbane ???
Central locking advice
SAFC or DFA or similar?
Reversing camera problem
HIDs..Where did you hide the ballast?
Car digital TV Tuner
Something wierd!!!!!
Connection a PS2 to the emf
94 model tail lights fix
EMV swap improved fuel economy (?!)
Tornado ECU chip?
GPS Antenna
Reverse lights not working????
HID installation problems - plz help!
Is this setup legal in NSW
Annoying Warning when stopped
Stock Seatbelt Retraction Problem
Heaps of questions about lights!
Gz20 cruise limit
Running wiring under car
Help need list of parts!!
Light bulbs
Correct pin for outside temperture
Connecting Vc and VTA1 for TPS open loop
Car Jerks and very rough.........
Profec B series 2 ebc
Rear light warning sign?
How to power up the emv on the bench?
CA1 plug pin#2, what it is?
Found 2 stray wires
Need help wiring lights ASAP
Fuel gauge woes
Who does interior LEDs and Blinky Dash Repairs in VIC
EMV Unit advice needed
Rear light conversions
GReedy turbo timer help
CD Player Troubles
Custom coil pack ideas?
DEFI Din-gauge?? Viable option for the soarer??
G Force Chime
Which ignition leads????
Indicators not working at all
Indicators staying on
Passenger Electric Seat In A TT
What does this this plug do???
Distributer to individual coil packs
Wiring diagram
Archive through August 01, 2006
Repairing stock ECUs
Archive through June 02, 2006
Emanage Ultimate setup knowledge needed
Alternator not charging battery warning and reasons for it!
Dizzy Caps ......Whats This?
How to check the speed sensor
Davies Craig Electric Water Pump
SAFC percentage change hi/lo throtle fuel settings for 1jz
S.A.F.C 2 Base settings
TV tuning - how much and who does it in melb?
HID wiring problem! Help please
ABS Track computer
TRC Warning Removal.
Diagnostic not working?
HELP ----- Car dosn't want to start
Turbo Timers - Opinions on which ones are good...
Emanage ultimate help wanted
Battery Help
How to Secure the Car Battery!! plz HELP!
Altering temp gauge readout
Jaycar DFA Config instructions
If Anyone's Intrested....Blue Condoms
Car is knocking.....
EMV Touch Screen Fault
Typical o2 sensor voltage.
Help Japanese Writing Comes up
Key problems
Help: Aircon and Cig lighter dead!!
Temperature sensor testing?
Body Control Module do soarers have one?
Does anyone know how to change the globes on buttons arou...
TV Stopped displaying picture
Problem with door open warning or alarm, well both really
What is an IGNITER?....
What is this tiny thing?
Passanger seat not moving forward
Mark audio problem
Passenger Seat wiring to car
Unichip? Not sure if this is the right place to ask but.....
After storage woes
Can someone tell me about these globes?
Stop to quickly and my TT chimes at me???
"Rear Lights" error coming up once i start to drive?
Turbo smart mech. boost controller?
Electric seat will not go down
Wiring for boost gauge?
Greddy boost cut controller
Function of DVS pressor sensor ?????????
Wierd RCA looking unit mounted next to FP ECU
How to change globes in V8 emv console
Erratic speedo reading
Digital dash
Help needed
Archive through June 17, 2006
New train of thought (might work)
Dash problem....
Luxeon K2
Eratic Cruise Control
Canberra impending visit
"Always On" Cruise Control
TV is green in morning.. :-(...
Can anyone please advise if reverse lights can be
DVS pressor sensor possible recalibration????//
Error code for TT - Need help!!
Oil sender wire pinout?
Changing leds in door control.
Radar Detector, Confirmation of my suspicions
Archive through June 20, 2006
Reverse Cameras for EMV Equipped Soarers
Slight fade in emv
Best piggyback vs injectors
Soarer Fuel cut
Old school tuning? feedback please.
Igniter to coil pack wires
Nooo!! Not the blinky dash!@$#
Dash lights.. its always on now..
Dash warning question
Reverse Camera
Tail Light Warning
Visiting Canberra Mark will you be around?
Boost Controler and RSM question?
Need Help with e-boost install
Oh NO! From blinki dash.. to NOTHING!
Electrical ? fuel dissappearing/ car choking after return...
Immobiliser installed now problems
Fuses and or ECU problem -help please
TV Conversions
DVS pressure sensor causing trc error 43 ( where to buy...
Glow Wires
Help needed with Blitz SBC i-D II (Sequential Boost Contr...
Fog/Driving light replacement - what type of bulb?
EMV screen playing up
Archive through April 03, 2006
Different CFFL tube colour
Archive through June 16, 2006
Light bulbs on eday
Help with light bulbs under aircon unit buttons...
Blinking Dash lights
V8 ECU - 178km/ph
ABS warning
92 Soarer TT ECT,Cruise ECU pinouts?
Plug lead theory
Urgent Help Please...No Brake Lights.
PIVOT Speed Cut Instalation HELP
Drivers Door Lock and Accessories socket
Major electrical prob
Dash wont turn off after a short
Upgrade Coil Packs
Multiple LCD screens
Electrical system cutting out
HANDBRAKE WARNING, hang on i disconnected the handbrake s...
ATTN: Mark Paddick
Starting Issue
97 Tail Light Wiring for a 91?
Am I missing a Fuse?
Where do I buy new coil packs??
Location of TRC ecu V8 limited
HID Question
Poor Radio reception on TT GPS style headunit! plz help!
Relocating Denso Temp Sensor?
Radar speed detector
Power Fc for Autos
Emanage Ultimate fun
Reversing camera
Archive through April 26, 2006
Archive through April 30, 2006
Improper alarm wiring question
Help TRC 43 error
5 volt power connection
Turning Light Conversion to Fog Lights (Revisiting)
Spot lights
Piggy Back Fuel Adjusters
TV module removal.
Does TT dash fit V8?
Where can i get help on the gold coast
Blits specS boost controller help
Any News on how Mark is
Archive through May 25, 2006
Things losing power..please help..
Can a US passenger (right) airbag be added to the JDM lef...
Teach me how to use my height controler !!???
CD changer Laser eye
Dashboard Fault
ECT fault / speedo failure
Air/Con gone?
EMV reinstalled.
Stupid Fuel Gauge
Archive through May 22, 2006
Autronic XM2 ECU
Persistent error 12/13
TRC and ABS error in V8 limited
12 stacker cd player
Boot release issue
Alternator warning and cat warning on TT
Apexi AVC-R Ecu Wiring Help!!!1
Headlights won't work
Apexi AFC Neo Colour
Through the firewall?
Eletrical Issue
Outside Temp Gauge
Archive through May 04, 2006
Rpm installation steps
Hks twin power installing
Keyless Entry Fob style and starter button - any ideas?
How do i fix the stated proplem the warning light has giv...
LED replacement for glove box bulb
5W Luxeon LED star modules in turning lights
Replacing Fuel Pump ECU - Please Help!
Thank you Mark P
TEMS suspension warning!!
Earthing points
Error Codes
Electrical People...Please Help!!
Hand brake wire
SMD caps for dash board
A site that might come in handy
Passanger Door Window Problem
Heated mirrors
OK, your electric type people, work this out....
TFT Broken :-(...
Electric tilt/reach not working
Receiver, door control
Memory seat
What on earth is this?
Help me bypass my ECT error code!
Climate control LCD is buggered
Help with radio wiring (mark paddick ???)
ECU pinouts
Archive through July 27, 2005
EMV Replacement? - Has Pandora's Box Opened?
Fitting Memory to Electric Seats
Scroll function
Rear Taillight removal - How!?
Attn Mark
Blue CCFL Dash
Parts for blinky dash
Power Mirror
Clever girl
EMV screen
HDD Media Player
Rear Light Error Message
Aftermarket suspension controller help
Spolier LED stop light
Dang Electronics!!
Auto antenna?????
My turn to have EMV Issues.
Toyota OBD
Immobilizer installation
Mark Paddick/emv on its way
Windows. Are they goooooone?
Unplugged... plugs.
HELP: ECT switch
Jaycar CCFL Tube Dim
"Engine electrical system " Help
Mark EMV delivery details
Engine dies after starting it while warm (starts fine whe...
ABS warning
Archive through March 06, 2006
Hi Gang My steering wheel wont park half of the time -
Where to get Fuel/scroll/odo/trip/reset light bulb?
EMV Temperature
Tail light
Some piggy back ecu questions...
EMV Audio problems?
Need to Know an Answer to a Dash question quickly please
Hotwire my soarer
Blinky Dash (contacts please)
Cruise control dramas!
Help !!! My Alarms Posessed
RSM owners?
Location of ABS ECU
What is my alarm?
Standard EMV screen specs.
Not charging
EMV screenMarMa
Did i blow a fuse?
Unichip Question
Audio Problem
Lumbar not working
Windows Not Working!!!
V8 air flow sensor mod
New Head Lights
Bulb for indicator on dash
Alternator not Charging the Battery Warning
Reverse Camera
Power for guages
Problem with electric rear view mirror
Door Open Chime Gone!!
Cold startup, Dash won't fully work
Interior light, headlights, and my immobiliser???
Given up on emanage.
Fixing Touch Screen
Thermo Fans
Reverse Sensors
Weird fuel reading
Celsior Headlight Globes??
Which one? RSM series 1, or Pivot Speed Cut Defender
LED Interior
Outside temperature display?
Memory seat buttons
EMV fault - switching on and off
HELP ABS AND TRAC error messages
Coils again
Need Help on head light type!!!!!!!
God DAMN accessory wire QUICK HELP PLEASE
Dimming of the EMV at night
Archive through February 22, 2006
Rear view mirrors not resetting correctly
Ignition switch removal
Radio Band Expanders
Window Regulator Repair
Making Old Battery New?
Archive through February 20, 2006
Archive through February 21, 2006
Archive through February 22, 2006
CD player not getting power. Need help.
Two horns (not cow related)
Head Light wiring loom plug melted
Unichip Dual Maps
ECU Pin-out Confusion!
Alternator died i think?
Buzzing Noise
Archive through January 29, 2006
White lights on eBay
TT MAP Sensor Analysis
Rear Light Globes replaced but still get Warning Message !!
DVD install - audio problems
What sort of bulbs?
Number Plate LIGHTS Removal
Speed Limit Defender Help
Avoiding dash messages after air suspension is removed
Connecting w58 speed sensor to TT auto loom
Error Code
Airbag Suspension Height controller
Car wont even try to start, dash lit up constantly
Throttle Position Sensor
Boost control solinoid
Windows Closer - Wiring issues
What is this
Air/Fuel meter help
EMV Fuel Consumption Data
Ignition wires
New Alarm
Rear lights question
Speed cut defender and Odo reading
Head light misty
HID systems
Power window problem
Turbo Timer
Fog lamps
Red Dash Error
Manual conversion - final few niggles
"safe" injector duty cycle??
Reversing Camera
Archive through January 18, 2006
Archive through January 25, 2006
Installing Boost Controller in Syd
Coil Packs???
Check for coil packs
Sooooo...tell me what ails you.....
Archive through November 20, 2005
Cruise Control problem
Unichip on v8
Help needed with wiring Auto Trans Mode switch
Any thoughts on these
Window closer - wiring
ATTN: NEIL / MARK P - wiring issue - car wont start follo...
Feul cut :-(...
MZ21 ECU wiring diagrams
Intermittent Warning Light Engine Electrical System
Engine Electrical Light
Archive through November 29, 2005
Steering wheel help !
EMS Piggy Back
12V power near gearstick?
Fuel Pump ECU
Engine Electrical System warning
Locking mechanism problem
Emv dvd installer in sydney???
Remapping TT Auto ECU
Connection box for the reverse camera???
New alarm
Manual conversion - will the auto ecu know its out of P??
Slow passenger window
Japanese dash error msg
Whats a good Mean sounding Horn
Does anyone have teh fusebox diagrams?
SOS! Car randomly turns off even when driving
Electric window woes
Working Electric Windows While The Key Is Out?
Wiring not powering up head unit??
ABS/TRC booster pump motor
Outside temp guage
Firewall power cable
HID flickering problem
Electrical woes
Question regarding the speedo and limitations to it
Archive through January 03, 2006
Archive through January 03, 2006
SAFC II Wiring
1UZFE-ECU auto to manual conversion
Installing an FM expander?
Head Unit Wiring
ABS and ECU connected?
Where is the fuel pump ecu?
Help me PLEASE !!! Engine swap 1UZ to a 1JZ
Remote entry keys on EBay
Tachymetric relay
Changing LED's in Gear Selector
Archive through January 02, 2006
Immobilizer wires
Running wires for sub and amp?
Will not turn over when hot
Few Dash functions out after Blinky Dash Fix
Removing Headunit Help
Measuring oxygen sensor outputs
Fuel Cut
Dash Board Lights
Car Alarm with plenty of wank factor!
Archive through August 28, 2005
Replacement Bulbs
Battery drain, done the door module mod but no difference...
Photos of cleaning the headlights
What is this screen for?
Electrical problems any ideas?
No Indicators
What the %$#@ is this dash warning? Anyone???
Tail Light Bulb holder thingymajig
Coil Packs and stuff
Mark Paddick are you about?
Thermo /electric fan
Soarer Speakers
Question about the speedo on a GT V8
Archive through October 10, 2005
Cheap Immobilizer
ECU question
UZZ30 w/ TRC & ABS question
Archive through December 13, 2005
Need HELP!!!! rear light problem
Engine Problems
Correct method for jump starting?
Drivers door lock
DVD installation
Installing External Tacho?
Stereo Fuse Blowing
Thermo fan wiring question
Trailer connector wiring help
Cabin lights do not come on, but can be manually turned on
Diagnostics don't work!
Changing V8 spark plug leads.
Archive through December 02, 2005
Faulty fuel level
Cracked Subwoofer Face
Erratic speedo
Warning Lights
Viper alarms
Power F/C Question
Archive through December 05, 2005
MegaSquirt ECU
Stacker not working
FM expanders
Archive through August 09, 2005
My indicators dont work but my hazzards do? help?
Starting problems
Boot light bulb!!
Need a replcement globe, need ian bongalis's number
Weird Door buttons problem
I want the lights to turn off... Im lazy lol
Stereo winning..................PLS Help
Coil packs, connectors and wiring
Window Regulator, or something else?
Alternator problem permutations
Archive through November 03, 2005
Head Light Globes
Ground lead wiring
Where to buy HID globes?
Overdrive wiring/circuit?
Starbo G12 turbo Timer and Alarm
Engine prb??
Alarm Installation
Archive through November 09, 2005
Vlads tuner tutorial?
Need help with blinky dash repair (adelaide)
A Question About My Unichip
Archive through November 17, 2005
Angel Eyes, where who what when how
Archive through November 17, 2005
Soarer Battery
SatNav Info
Archive through August 15, 2005
Alternator advice
CD Stacker Problem
Auto light switch problems with Viper 791xv
Turbo Timer Problem
GReddy boost gauge help
Rear light problem????
LEDs in door switches
Brake light bulbs
Coil pack Leads
Wiring leds
SOS for friend
Same Principle??
Headlamp Spliting & cleaning
Fuel Gauge Problem
Seat wiring
Trac Controll Fuse
TaillightsLate Model Taillights
Cruise control problem
Looking for a 12V battery wire around the back seat area ...
I cut a wire too short...
Remote Start for V8
Archive through October 05, 2005
Power consumption of fuel pump
Need help with fuse!!
Air Con Fan spinning all day long!!
ECU road speed sensor pins
Speedo wiring for delimiter
Fog lights ? 1994
Reversing camera: is this a cheaper option???
Archive through October 09, 2005
Coil packs
Changing Turning Lights into Driving Lights
Rear defroster doesnt work
Turn Light conversion (Reepa Need advice)
Archive through October 27, 2005
"Engine system fault"
Error Code 21...
Vlads TV Conversion/DVD install
Screen goes out with ign off?.........
Is this a fuse problem?
Interesting find...!!
Archive through October 26, 2005
LED Parking Light Globes
Error code 31
What the hell dose it do....
Stereo install - aerial?, 6.5" splits in doors?
Asg 63x height controller
Power cutout problem
Fuel Gauge Not Working
Engine Electrical System
I need help! wiring of stock head unit
Flat battery
Blown bulb error
Blitz fatt x turbo timer
Number plate lights
POWER FC INSTAL / SET UP instructions
Soarer Dash
Entire EMV console from V8 into a TT?
No radio display on EMV??Please help!!!
Spoiler Brake Light Not Working
UInstalling gauges and RSM
GReddy Boost cut controller - Part #?
Power Antenna Connector A (I do not have it...)
Tv power supply.
EFI error code 25
Dash loses power - Blinky Dash
Strange wire coming out of my diognostics box
TEMS ECU? For sale
Dead lights after shiftkit
Wiring Diagram for SAFC II.
Sub in back parcel shelf
Archive through August 04, 2005
Archive through August 07, 2005
Door controls-replacing bulbs
Parking Sensor
Car not starting error code 15
Correct headlight globe size?
Clock...time problems
Bluetooth Kits (not for a Soarer)
Airconditioning evaporator
Height Switch
Auto Door Opening problem
Turbo timer installation question
Car storage
Charging Problem - Check Fan Belt (Call Toyota)
Problem with tail Lights
Does Standard head unit fit inside Ash tray/fag lighter h...
Car wont start
Archive through September 28, 2005
Archive through September 29, 2005
Lexus Sc Stereo
Parker Lights Disappeared!
EMV problems...Anyone have a spare working EMV I can borr...
A/c panel lights
PC to Xbox connection
Heres an idea for a place to put digital boost meter
CD Stacker not working?? help?
Archive through September 05, 2005
Central locking keyring dead
How to adjust brightness/contrast on tv?
EMV high frequency noise
Shift light for manual TT
Immobilisers - Brisbane
Cruise ctrl not working
Changimg the light bulbs in the aircon unit (attention ro...
Fuel pump ECU pin outs
Red Message Appearing where clock is
Kind soul reqd to assist with cruise control
Archive through September 11, 2005
Headlight bulbs
EMV woes
Ultrasonic mirrors
Archive through September 19, 2005
Error Code Question.
Power Mirrors
Attn: Mark Paddick regarding TV Tuner
Turning lights
Remote locking
Celsior/LS400 Air con climate control buttons wont light up
Diagnosis - WA & WB connected?
ECT Warning?
EMV Probs
Is it safe to run motor while Cruise box is out?
Dash Warning Light Voltage
Dash failing to come on - is this a common problem?
Dashboard error messages
Coil pack clips
Fog Light Fuse
URGENT!!! Need wiring diagrams!
APEXI turbo timer
Aftermarket leads for a V8
My car is Drunk!!!
Help with these diagnostic Codes....
Power window drama
Query, Fuel pump?
Wiring exposed Front R/H Guard??
Wiring diagram to wire up tow bar
Interior fuse box problem
Battery slowly discharging, Is my alternator ok?
Coolant Warning keeps appearing even when coolant is full...
Windscreen washer tank/s
Emanage AFR logging
Leaking headlight and tail light
Driver's seat won't slide forward? Help!
Battery Recommendations.
Wiring help..
TPS voltage readings...people with SAFC can help me too.
Volume knob
Windows not working
F Con tuning
Rear lights warning by-pass
SAFC Alternative?
Which Igniter?
Blinkers not working? any advice
Stereo Advice
Archive through September 08, 2005
Folding Electric Mirrors
HIDS / Xenons
FM Expander
Fog do I turn them on...
Hooking up Jaycar DFA & Boost Controller??
Any1 know of someone who can fit alarm in melbourne cheap?
Tv tuner and handbrake overide unit for sale
Has anyone ever try to connect an extra earth wire to the...
Transponder Key Cutting
A black box and a white one.
Archive through September 07, 2005
Reverse beeper
Front parking lights
HELP Required Urgently
RARE HB4 9006 80W 6000K SUPER WHITE PAIR RRP $95.00
Reversing camera
Archive through September 04, 2005
EMV does not work at all
What wrong with my passenger-side window?
Neons vs led (under body)
Archive through September 03, 2005
E-manage help
Greddy BCC 93-97 Turbo Supra okay for 1jz?
Seat belt indicator on dash
Oops, I think I broke it!
Headlight problem
Head light adjustment
Door courtesy light bulb wattage
CD stacker !!
Fuel gauge
Shift light flickering
Trying to solve rear light fault, now can't get out of 'P...
Drivers window
Field Height Controller
EBAY kicks butt RE headlights PLEASE read!!!
Archive through August 15, 2005
Archive through August 31, 2005
WTF is this ?
What is this ISCV (a big black solenoid) on the back of m...
Parking thingy
1996 EMV handbrake fix.
TT ignition wiring
Hybrid 3 stage Elecronic Boost Conroller any feedback?
Alarm opinions
I get this message on my EMV, Can someone tell me what th...
V8 limited speakers in door. correct wiring??
Emanage Map needed / Sharing
No spark VVti engine, any ideas?
Archive through August 26, 2005
Why does error code 56 cause the revs to peak at 4000?
Switched accessories in the boot somewhere?
LED Interior/map Lights
HELP!!! Just bought a soarer and heater no working!
Buzzing noise
Mounting Roof Mounted Monitors
LED rear lights
Indicator ticker!
Climate control 26 degrees for passenger
Central locking
Cd player skipping
V8 Steering column in a TT
Emanage software needed
SARD Analyse
Do i need to remove standard sub when installing aftermar...
Aftermarket Head unit with factory speakers
Stereo Earth Point
Turbo timer with alarm having trouble installing!!!
Dash lights dim with the indicators
Components under stacker??
Help Needed
Dash light fix.
Archive through August 15, 2005
Instrument cluster ...question
Air Conditioning Display
Coil Replacement V8
Apexi S-AFCII Information, i want to get one but..
Archive through August 12, 2005
EMV Error Codes- CANNOT find
Earthing kits - any good?
Radio on aftermarket head unit.
Digital tv with carpc setup
LED tail/brake light problem.
Interior fuse box
Standard Soarer Stereo System
Archive through August 13, 2005
CD Craft Button
Eclipse Car Audio
Light under airbag light flashing
Replacing Headlight Globes?
Archive through July 29, 2005
Archive through July 30, 2005
Archive through August 02, 2005
Disconnecting GPS
Replacing factory Subs
Mounting my 10" sub
Headunit under EMV
Archive through August 12, 2005
Light conversion.. turning light to fog light?
Archive through August 10, 2005
Checking igniter and ECU...HELP!!
Fuel pump voltage measured at "FP"
Boost fluctuation
Jaycar DFA Help
Hybrid electronic boost control or jaycar independent boo...
Fader on standard amplifier V8 Limited
Power Windows stopped working
Archive through August 07, 2005
Traction Control With EMS Piggy Back?
Auto Loudness
Catalytic Converter light on dash
Moving tape player into ash-tray area...
Increase Speed Limiter "Ding Dong" ?
Alternator Not Charging Warning
Stock sub input from stock headunit?
Archive through August 01, 2005
Archive through August 04, 2005
Apexi RSM help ?
Auto mirrors in
DVD HElP!!!!!!
CD stacker in a TT without no stacker.
Whats J301 for
Power Window not working :-(...
Turbo-Timer/Auto Headlights
Electric Seats - can't recline
Steering Column and Seats
Engine management options for an auto?
Need Ecu Wiring help ?
Fog lights into brake lights
Fm expander for celsior
Problems converting my head unit to take my factory amp/c...
HELP...which boost controller is better.??
Fuel Economy - Oxygen Sensor
Passenger seat return to original position
FM radio expander for TT GTTL
Temp sensor
Sub amp wires
Fault code
Stock headunit
UZZ30 ABS/TRC ECU Location
Wats This???
Anybody know where I can get this fuse?
Archive through July 28, 2005
Odometer seems to be malfunctioning
Archive through July 27, 2005
Is this normal???
Archive through July 28, 2005
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