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Anybody know a cheap painter to sand/prime/paint a fibreg...
Door hinges
Keys locked in car
Sunroof adjustment?
Can't open fuel cap
Soarer head lights
Recover steering wheel
Door hinge
Boot Struts now where there were none before.
Rubber trim care
Drivers door not unlocking
S3 Boot lid on S2
Change your car's colour for just $300 !
Car Bra - Who's got one and where did you get it?
Archive through November 28, 2007
Door hinges
Little panels on the outside of the doors
Bross Panels Campbellfield Vic
1992 GGT-L front lip
Installing rear wiper
Getting Altezza smoked rear lights to fit?
Updated paint/panel shop recommendation in Melbourne?
High level brake lights
High Beams
Door Lock
Chrome trimming on windows
Archive through April 18, 2011
Roll cage for crashed Soarer
Archive through October 16, 2014
Some bogan tried to destroy my Soarer :/
Wheels: Ideas & advice
Headlight/ turning light/ fog light differences - '91 and...
JZZ31 doors on a JZZ30
Anyone know what wing this is?
Heated Mirrors
BN Sports vs Origin
Pulling apart 97 foglights
Repco Hydra blades
Front bumper clips/plugs
Clear headlight lenses - Glass - Expressions of interest
Archive through January 14, 2013
Archive through February 25, 2013
Archive through June 28, 2013
Good Spray Painter in Perth
Oh dear my floorpan needs welding...
Front Bar Repairs
BEWARE orders from.bodykitskingdom CHEAP QUALITY Front Ve...
Door Hinge Bushes
Rear Park Assist Sensor
DIY respray advice?
Were to buy vertex bodykit in australia
Headlight question
Carmate Body kits, any good?
'97 Side Skirt Part # Confirmation
The Headlight Hospital? How to reach them?
BOMEX side skirts in Adelaide or Australia?
Fuel flap dimensions
Soft floor
Locks that won't take the key.
Can You Identify This Bodykit?
Door hinges
Wanting to trade rare mischief side skirts for ac or simu...
LFA style badge
Paint question
Getting Keys Cut But Cannot Find Match
Window door trim question
So the unlucky happened. I got some questions haha
Soarer Grill
Warning to all Sunroof soarer owners.
Perth paint
Front door, unplugging wiring terminals in footwell - help!
Front lip removal?
96+ oval fog lamps
Paint and post 97 parts?
How much is it to replace my windscreen?
Archive through April 24, 2008
Rear Wiper
Archive through May 19, 2006
Redded out Tail Lights Alternative
Swapping rear spoilers
ADJUSTING: Projector LED Halo Headlights
New wheels---old school
Bonnet removal
Does anyone know how to replace the glass in sunroof?
Front bumper respray
Hard to shut driver's door
Modified LH Door Lock Actuator
Archive through September 01, 2009
The exterior project
Aftermarket Front Lip, Who else supplies them in Aus ??
Fuel Filler Door, am i missing a piece?
How to remove these?
This is what happens when a cement truck hits your Soarer...
Archive through July 26, 2012
BN Sports Bodykit - Where to buy?
Black Projector headlights
Archive through May 14, 2012
Quarter panel
Need help on hoe to remove front turning lights
Swapping side mirrors
Removal of side mirrors
Rear spoiler
Looking for a rear skirt
Black headlights and Projectors - any good?
Replacing left front quarter panel.
Headlight re-seal - where to go?
Has anybody rolled pumped there front gaurds??????
Chance to buy ugly mags that fill the guards... Should I?
Archive through May 18, 2012
$599 full re-spray? have a look at this
Veilside body kit
Exterior window weather seals
Removing back seat and side panels
Boot hinge removal
Best panel beater in Sydney?
My new rims
Archive through March 10, 2011
Supra Style Tail Lights - Error Code Fix
Fitting high beams??
Daryl DeMarte Door hinges and LHD actuator!
Vertex front bar and Reinforcement Bar
1997 jzz31 Key question
NO, My door!!
18" wheel width and offset options?
Archive through February 15, 2012
Tyre with advice needed
Ebay boot lid struts - Anyone tried them?
My Sexy New Paint Job :-)...
Panel beater - perth
Got the bumper got the lip now what?
97 skirts on a 92 jzz30
Soarer drivers door won't open fully? *Photos included*...
Remove drivers door mechanism
What is the inner footwell cover?
Water... under the carpet
Good Panel Beater in Melbourne
1991 Soarer touch up paint emerald green.
Project Soarer Respray!!
Archive through September 05, 2011
Archive through December 25, 2011
Lexus Badge.
Archive through January 19, 2012
Archive through January 20, 2012
Bomex vs. vertex
Front bumper base always getting scratched on drive way, ...
Daryl Demarte Door Hinges
Crazy 2buku jdm spoiler.
Bonnet Underside parts help!
Good smash repairs / spray painters in Sydney?
Black Projector Headlights On White Soarer!!!
Archive through February 16, 2009
Archive through March 16, 2011
External Door Handle - Sydney based Help !!
Clear headlight lens
Archive through June 17, 2010
How do i get rid of the error message for my new taillights
How do i take my tail lights out
Front bumper lip
Watermarked windows
Front bar reinforcement
Fiberglass repairs in Melbourne?
Desided to to a make over
Driver door hitting Quarter Panel when I open it
Arising One Bodykit availability??
D.I.Y Merc style LED mirror indicator
Archive through October 26, 2010
Bodykit 91model
Door Lock Compatibility
Re-aligning panels - big gaps
Soarer Rear Panel Dent, Rear Bumper DEnt
Resparying a soarer.
Archive through April 18, 2011
How to stop Red paint oxidizing/fading?
Fitting Bodykit - any tips
Looking for backyard car painter(Adelaide)
Chrome Window Trims - Successfully fitted.
New bumper lip
Archive through November 10, 2009
Archive through April 09, 2010
Thankyou tyres.... Need to redo front end
Another Satisfied Customer
Glass Polish
EOI for glass headlight lens covers. i am super serious
Archive through June 08, 2011
Removing front passenger side guard?
Help with headlight
Some recent photos of my auto couture soarer
Under the dash panels
Rear windscreen rubber... is it supposed to have a gap??
Where to get overfenders asap!!
97 Spoiler mounts the same?
USA Hi beams
97 Soarer Back Bar
Has anyone got these fitted on their soarer?
Dodgy Door - Passengers Side
Fibre glass repairer in brisbane
[SA] good crash repairer/Painter
Removing door handle
Genuine origin front fenders and old school work rims fit...
Has anyone had a DMD Body Kit?????
Something different
Windscreen cost
Anyone dealt with these guys before
'97 Side Skirts - who has bought some recently ?
Wald body kit
Tail lights
Removing the boot
Chrome window surrounds on TT soarer - possible without s...
Any recommendations for a good panel beater / painter in ...
Door hinges
Archive through January 25, 2011
Reconditioning door hinges
97 Tailights
Front crash bar.
Experienced Tint Applier WANTED
Adrenalinautostyling has anyone used them for kits before?
Some minor enhancements
Repainting the bonnet or other ?
New Front Bar design....
Archive through November 21, 2008
Archive through January 15, 2011
Nissan r35 bonnet scoop
How to remove Weather Shields?
Which toyota dealership to buy 97 grille and badge withou...
Front vented fenders
Archive through October 07, 2010
Archive through November 04, 2010
Window rain deflectors
Wiper arms - which is which!
Clear Side inidcators Replica of the genuine orange ones
Archive through November 15, 2010
How to remove the rear bar?
What wheels are these?
Archive through December 08, 2010
Help with full respray
New headlight rubber seals?
Need some inpt RE: lambo doors
Rear Window Leaking
Mine jzz30
Latest photos of my pearl white soarer
Archive through November 04, 2010
New respray, wheels and kit
Paint Codes for Soarers
Chrome window surround
Paint for the Windscreen wipers?
Mmmmm Too Many colours to choose.
Rolling chassis
Headlight Assembly Goo
New JZZ31 project owner - Hobart
Archive through September 11, 2010
Modfied '95 Tails (Pictures inside).
Needing to identify some Side Skirts....
Have a gander at this 'Supra'
EOI to design an entire new headlight assembly? what are ...
Got my car painted black (pics)
Windscreen smashed, obriens cant find right one??
Tail light removal guide?
Guard Rolling
Rear Guard Antenna...
Removal of high beam lights, have a look
Archive through June 27, 2009
What should i do ?
Clear Indicators Installation
Was time for a colour change what do as think?
Fitting Weather Shield Clips
Need VERTEX RIDGE kit bigs!!! PLEASE!!!!
Front bumper sanded down
How much should I expect to pay for 97' taillights, front...
Good Paint and panel shop in adelaide???
SC300/Soarer Door Compatibility
Panel and paint shops perth NOR
New windscreen some visual distortion
'97 Grille retrofitted to Pre-'97 Front Bar.
Ebay Clear Lens Retrofit.
Nearly finished WOOOHOOO!!!!
Cheap repairs in Canberra
Fitting mesh into front Bar
repairing a burnt out car
Side mirror glass replacement
Removing Exterior Window Surrounds.. ?
Front bar
Rear Tail Light
So I scraped my car :-(...
HELP- I cannot remove the driver side door handle
Rear spoiler?
Archive through June 28, 2010
Any spray painters here? Need tips on blending
Panel beaters cant get into my boot!
A little something got dropped of today :-)...
Archive through May 03, 2010
Dent repair adelaide
Pics needed of factory exhaust mounts
Passenger mirror replacement
Rims not fiting atm lol (pictures)
My car is ruined...
Archive through March 08, 2010
Door B pillar color please?
Help - Wiper Arms
Full matte black vinyl wrap
Sanded & Polished Door Handles..
Rear left quarter panel
Maguire Scratch X and related products.
Side repeater/indicator
Wide front gards in aus???
Best way to remove glass?? Is it worth it?
Smoked side indicators
Window Tint and Just Car
Archive through March 24, 2010
Archive through April 20, 2009
Heaps of questions, help please :-)...
What rear bumper is this?
Chrome Window Trim - Metal all the way through?
Rear Wiper Arm Removal?
Wind deflectors
Soarer damaged by Company car... My conundrum
Pictures of soarer bonnet pins
Good smash repairers in Perth?
Getting car respry cheaper then anywhere around
Tinted tail lights
Badging a soarer
Soarer Inner Guards(Front)
What the hell is this for?
Aftermarket clear tailights
Archive through May 11, 2008
Cleaning Products
Boot lid SC300/Soarer
Any personal experience with Vertex set?
Roof Spoiler.
Deep scratch on left quarter panel
Help with sunroof part number
JZZ30 sunroof not tracking properly
Help needed finding wheels
Archive through February 08, 2010
Help with downforce
Recognise these bumpers??
Which headlight bulbs to buy?
Decal FX
Should i get chrome window surrounds?
Archive through February 07, 2010
Installed a body kit on my son's JZZ31
Anyone used turps to seperate the headlights?
Front Lip Height/Depth
Brand new vertex $899?
Quick question about removing wing mirror.
Soarer damaged...
Archive through October 16, 2007
Archive through November 05, 2007
Archive through February 21, 2008
Archive through March 08, 2008
Archive through March 13, 2008
Archive through May 13, 2008
Archive through July 25, 2008
Archive through April 17, 2009
Archive through November 18, 2009
How to remove cowl louver (outside front aircon vent cove...
Cost of spraying body kit?
Smoked fog lights
Need a picture of altezza style lights on white soarer
Interesting Body Kit from Japan..
After market head lights
Archive through May 03, 2009
Soda Blasting Idea
Clear Headlights from eBay
Archive through January 03, 2010
Some new flush fitting wheels
Archive through December 29, 2009
UV Protectant for factory headlights
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
New drivers side hinge fitted
Christmas present
Panel Beater Brisbane
Arrrrrr... Bang!
Head Light restoration. before and after
Leaking speaker pod dust cover
Number plate lights
Paint shops in brisbane?
Polishing Intake Pipes
What colour to paint the Beast??
Archive through November 17, 2009
Z40 Gryphon / Griffin badge on a Z30
Just got keyed :-( all the way around....
Archive through October 26, 2009
Archive through November 14, 2009
Updated PICS !!
How to remove rubber lip under the front Bumper
** Side mirrors with Merc indicators $900 OMG**...
Removing Door Window
Effectively attaching a Rear add-on Skirt.
What I have been upto this week (week 2)
Carbon Ganador mirrors
DYI Fitment and Painting of a bodykit soarer project
Archive through September 09, 2009
Permanent removal of lower turning light units.
Silver Soarers & tail lights..
Anyone installed a factory sunroof before?
Is Carbon Fibre Repairable? My Seibon bonnet needs help.
Damge finally repaired
Archive through October 16, 2009
Pulling apart tail lights
The body kit in the Just car ad? - Just got an import?
Archive through September 30, 2009
Archive through October 05, 2009
New and improved (before and after)
Archive through October 02, 2009
Archive through October 04, 2009
Archive through October 06, 2009
Pearl white bonnet needed
New front lip
Anyone know how this has been done?
< need an opinion for a bodykit >
Big ding
Has anyone ever seen a soarer with roof racks?
Bodykits vertex
Name the body kit
Carbon fibre bonnet issues
New BN Sports Type 1 kit fitted today
Body kit shops (Perth)??
Of body kits and speed humps... Before I buy and install ...
My Shine Auto Project AutoCouture Replica Lexus SC300
Soarer body kits
Rear bumper wanted
97 front bumper and side skirt
Location of LEXUS badging on boot (adhesive?)
Archive through August 29, 2009
Archive through August 30, 2009
Under engine trays
Clear front bumper indicators ?? where to buy!!
Archive through August 10, 2009
Boot won't open from switch in front... looking for easy ...
Ebay Kits
Clear Headlights easy and quick fix
Body Kits. Where do i go to find them?
Headlight questions
Galvanised Panels
Vertex sideskirts dont fit at all!
Full respray cost and recommendations in sydney or within...
Fog lights
Help: How to Confirm Authenticity of Genuine Vertex Kit
WA: Interest for Vertex Ridge Kit? ; Instyle Custom Pane...
Auto Coture Body Kits
Archive through June 23, 2009
Archive through June 28, 2009
Archive through July 02, 2009
Archive through July 11, 2009
Good headlight restore
Archive through June 15, 2009
Engine bay colour?
Anyone bought a Mybodykits kit from Ebay????
Plastic Old Man Window Guard Thingies.... Drivers Side
Lexus GS300 Mirrors - Where to buy replacement
What kit is this ?
Aftermarket headlights
Front lip just under the bumper
Soarer Car bra. How much is it roughly worth?
Need Help Making a Decision That Could Make or Break The Car
Condensation in taillights
97 door moulds part number
Where can I find a grey windshield??
Loose Boot lid
Examples of
Panel beaters Sydney, Northern beaches
Treat Your Headlights
Archive through May 23, 2006
Different tail Tail Lights
Archive through May 22, 2009
Rear wiper size
Archive through June 05, 2009
Help Please....Removing windshield surround
Advice on fading paint
Ebay "Smoke" Tail Lights
Archive through June 05, 2009
Rear bumper chipped, any tips?
Smoke Red Tail lights
Is Imperial jade metalic paint available in an Aerosol can
Bomex or Vertex?
Archive through April 01, 2009
VERTEX complete set for $500
Removing weathershield leftover gunk on sills
Fitting long/standard size number plates without bending
Can't decide on Body Kit !!!
Archive through May 15, 2009
Skirts and rear lip finally done.
Archive through May 29, 2009
Black plate on the rear of the door needs to be removed.n...
1991 soarer with new paint and 20's.... :-)...
Removing the paint on the door pillars
Archive through September 07, 2007
Tail Light Compatibility
97 Tail light conversion Problem
Anybody has an air compressor to spray paint my car?
My "SEXY" new center cap for my wheels.
Need A muffer
Fitting a '97 front bar on my '95 soarer
Archive through July 15, 2008
How to remove the turn assist lights?
97 Front bumper! conversion
Plate position
Help with fitting a body kit
Ebay bodykits
Couple Hours of polishing
A quick tutorial on how to remove doors and front guards?
19" mags
Archive through January 15, 2009
Help Removing External Window Surround!!!
So much work in 4 hours
Cleaning the head lights
Tow Bar
Any tips on painting please
Any one used these guys before
Paint touch up - Melbourne.. need help
Pics of different tail lights on a white soarer.
Bonnet Struts - Is there a cheaper option?
Need a new rear bar. What to get?
Got some WORK Rezax Roar 18's refurbished
Will this Lexus Badge fit on soarer boot?
Archive through October 19, 2005
Archive through October 20, 2005
Vertex front bar
Wierd windscreen crack
Nedd advice on globes
Rear Panel Dent Repair
Drivers side window -- Scum kids broke it, how hard to ge...
Advice/Help needed on front bumper (Sydney)
Rear fender quarter panel repair
Door Wont Open
Spoiler Brake Light
Changing '91 turning lights for '95 foglights
Door handle problem
Toyota to Lexus Badge
Archive through January 19, 2009
Soarer rear window seal
Flat Black
Archive through September 19, 2008
Body Kit Shop in Sydney?
Origin body kit
Phillpis diamond vision or blue vision ?
Genuine Vertex Body Kit Wanted
Cf bonnet
Archive through January 13, 2009
Vented carbon hood
Can anyone tell me what is this body kit?
Valet parking
Please help!
Front bumper
Details on this wide body kit!
Bumper lip
Archive through June 02, 2008
Vertex vs. Origin
Archive through November 06, 2006
Archive through December 14, 2006
Archive through March 09, 2007
Archive through May 09, 2007
My New Taillights
Archive through December 07, 2008
Cleaned my headlights... WITH SAND PAPER
Fitting factory sunroof to car with no roof
Best technique for painting engine bay plastics?
Help me choose my kit. which one out of these 2...
Archive through December 19, 2008
Finally the headlights i want have been made :-)...
Archive through December 15, 2008
Replaced bodykit and back to standard
Qld Paint shop
Dirty Headlights
18"x8" with 35mm offset will fit a Soarer?
My new paint work
Door catching on 1/4 panel
Headlight and `97 front B/Bar upgrade
Need advice : painting my wheels
Rear badging
Expensive HID lights, or what?
Clear Headlight Lens replacement (bake-off!) Link/name?...
Painting bodykit and costs
Air Bag Kits for Soarer
Paint Shop Pro
My new 18inch rims
So i'm considering painting my soarer my self
Car Wash, Dog Scratches Poss Chemicals on Paint
Rear windscreen
Good bye "VERTEX D1 Soarer"
Body kit for a green soarer
Baby HULK :-)...
Speedo with 19" mags
Anyone seen these before?
Would these tailights fit my 91 Soarer
Rather different front bumper....
Archive through November 05, 2008
Removed Spoiler Pics, Looking for stock
Remove your Dents
Would these rims fit my car?
My new 19's!
Carbon fibre bonnet
Had a slight bump yesterday
My Soarer - Before,During and after
What type of side skirts are these????
Tree Sap Removal?
Mobile tinter in Sydney
Suicide doors with shaved handles ...
Pics of our new paint work
Archive through October 17, 2008
Soarer Godfather Bodykit?
Pics of Fibreglass Bonnets (Or CF)
Archive through October 23, 2008
My Awesome new Brake Lights
Electric window closes 5-8mm short
Fender Removal?
How to remove drivers barrel (quick way) pics inside
Window Tint!!!
Perth performance shop needed
Wanted front bar(pearl white) exchange for rear lights...
Where to buy dry ice?
Sticky Fuel Flap.
Spoiler template??
Fit 97+ grill to pre 97 bumper?
Archive through August 28, 2008
Boot Strut re gas in Melbourne
Headlight removal (high beams)
How do I remove this bumper/guard type thing on my soarer?
Stone Chips
What colour to Go? NEW Paint Job on Order!!!
Archive through March 24, 2008
Body Kit Recomendations
2nd hand `97 front bumper install.
EBay fog lights?
Archive through December 18, 2007
Archive through January 07, 2008
Update - 97 front bar and respray Q
Changing the Gear Shift knob? and where to buy a nicer one?
Archive through May 25, 2007
Body Kit Shop Melbourne recommendations?
Glass Water Stains..
Got baked on bird poo? Quick tip!
What a gorgeous body
Drivers side mirror
Black headlights...on black soarer
Anyone know anything about these ?
Exterior mirror problem
New wheels and exhaust.
Archive through July 24, 2008
Fiberglass Repairer Perth
Need schematic for tail light module, or, a 97+ tail ligh...
How to open tail lights?
What is this bumper...I like
NOOO Accident last night =[
Known Origin Body Kit Fitting issues?
Small rust fix ups?
Perth full body kit
BLITZ ADR approved carbon fibre bonnets????
Finally found them!!! 97+ sideskirts.
Recommendation - Rembrandts Auto Polish
New headlight design
Archive through July 21, 2007
Archive through July 27, 2007
Archive through August 01, 2007
Archive through August 07, 2007
Archive through August 30, 2007
Archive through June 26, 2008
Great tutorial on removing orange peel (long)
Small Rims?
Aftermarket LED tail lights
Rear tail lights blacken
Where do buy paint pen for?
Lighting it up the right way... HID Retrofit :-)...
Archive through March 21, 2008
Showing off my clean headlights
New front bar!!!!!
Do frontbar lips fit the 97+ front bumpers?
New design high beams
Archive through June 09, 2008
Archive through June 13, 2008
Is these paint code right?
Pics of window tinting?
Archive through September 29, 2006
New Bonnet Scoop
Archive through May 30, 2008
Painting the engine bay plastics.
Is there a body kit for mz20!?!?!?
Ski Racks
Pics of aftermarket head lights?
Archive through May 23, 2008
Having my fibreglass front bar cut up
Cutting rear skirt (fibreglass) to fit exhaust
I just had to laugh!!!
What front Bar is this?
Bonnet Scoops...
Archive through April 22, 2008
Does crazing happened to all tail lights?
Front bar Repair!
Looking for a good panel beater in Canberra
Detail by Final Inspection
Archive through May 04, 2008
Colour code
LED Lexus and Toyota Logos now available....
Spoiler Removal
How are stock side skirts normally mounted
Headlight Rubber
How much does a body kit cost to be Installed? (for green...
Repair shop in Adelaide
Panel gaps
Need 91 soarer headlight part number please
Help! I need a Wheel arch Guard
TT full size spare
Saggy or Hard to close Doors?
Frame rail damaged :S
I havent seen this bodykit before... what do you think?
Some b******d just damaged my car
Install a Sunroof
Widebody Soarer V8
Bomex with 97+ grille?
Ebay Soarer Body Kit
Archive through January 30, 2008
Front bar damage: can this be fixed???
Archive through March 05, 2008
Halo lights
Panl/Spray shops in Sydney???
Wide bdoy soarer at South Korea
Bent bump strip
New wheels
Price for Vertex kit
What badge fits a 1997+ front bar?
Killed my gold soarer RIP
Archive through February 12, 2008
Soarer with spoilers, anyone got pics?
Archive through January 12, 2008
Fuel Spill
My roommate's truck
Intercooler vent
Chrome window surrounds?
Clear Indicators - who sell them?
Archive through January 25, 2008
Jacking Point (not) damage. Ouch!
Custom headlight
Look at this mess
Meguiar's 3-step prep/polish/wax
Blackboard paint on front fender
Locate a body kit.
Headlight piece wanted....please
Test Fitted My Widebody Today...
Headlight seals
Drivers side door handle
Bodywork needed - Opinions and recommendations
Harlequin paint?
Black inner lights [high beams]
A mission for the photoshop guru's
Archive through January 21, 2006
Archive through May 23, 2006
Archive through September 13, 2006
New duluck boot spoiler for the car!
97 front fogs
The New Vented Bonnet
Fibre glass bonnet
Leaks & Spoilers
Melbourne painter
Removing paint speckles
Painted wiper blades.
Factory Paint: 2pac or Acrylic?
Soarer Mechanic in Perth
New headlights/taillights
Clear Coat Protection
Archive through December 14, 2007
Need inspiration with my dark green sc400
ACT / Canberra people - need some tips
Awesome kit
Reccomended detailer in Sydney?
Does anyone know what this front bar is?
Attaching Body Kit ???
Apologize...from VERTEX AUS.
Archive through November 02, 2007
Archive through November 14, 2007
Archive through September 22, 2007
Archive through October 21, 2007
Confirm this colour
Hood struts
Brittle Windshield???
Adrenaline Imports Body Kit
Is this a lip or an entire front bar
Hinge Noise
SC400 Lights
Archive through September 21, 2007
97 front plus fmic
Need help with driver side mirror part number
Hail Damage
Side indicator mirrors
Wide body fenders
97 tail light module
Fuel Filler Door Broken
Wheel repairs
Cracked front bar
Strut regassing
New paint ideas
Modified 91 taillights
Proper way to get painted
WTF were these guys thinkg???
Some new head lights
Pics of 97+ Tail Lights
Archive through September 30, 2007
Tail lights
Who's who in the Tail Light Zoo
Strongarm boot struts?
'Yaris' Bodykit for saorer??
Sunroof seal
External Drivers Side Door Handle
Is my car Royal Jade Pearl Clearcoat? 6M2 paint code
My soarer...which I've never got around to showing :-) haha...
New rear widebody quarter panels...
To HID or not to HID
Archive through September 19, 2007
Someone opened their door into my car :-(...
Boot Strut Re-Gas
Origin Australia
Fender flares?
Archive through September 14, 2007
Soarer getting repainted
Archive through August 05, 2007
Archive through August 19, 2007
Archive through September 06, 2007
97 Front End
Paintshop in WA
Vertex front lip
Finally!! Pics Of My Soarer!
What are these in the front grill? (PICS)
Front & Rear Bar
Need search help
New Front Bar Concept
Bling in a weekend!
Rear Lower Lip
Wiper blade confusion
Side Mirrors Indicators
Archive through August 20, 2007
I want a new body kit!
Archive through August 08, 2007
What colour to choose??
Archive through August 20, 2007
Archive through August 26, 2007
Black altezza tail lights
Chrome window trim for a TT
Very different type of kit!
How to remove windscreen wipers
Altezza style tail lights
Archive through August 05, 2007
Looking for a good YELLOW (not Soarer)
New Projector Head Lights-Will they fit?
Drift Mount Bracket!
Flare Guards in SA?
American w/ badging question....
Easy way to black out headlights
Looking for spray painter in Wa
Weight Ratio Myth Busted!!!
Front bar respray - advise needed
My baby is getting there
Body kit ???
What a difference
Drivers Side Headlight Removal....
Good exhaust place near Brunswick VIC
Back bumber
Toyota pinstripes
Veilside bar repair
How to "relax" the bonnet struts...
ALSC club stickers
Archive through December 16, 2005
Archive through January 20, 2006
Archive through January 27, 2006
Archive through January 30, 2006
Archive through February 16, 2006
Archive through March 26, 2006
Archive through August 29, 2006
Carbon Fiber Weight Changes
Archive through July 22, 2007
Lexus Badge-how to get rid of the hole!
Car being painted - water marking after being in rain ove...
Acid rain marks on windows?
PPG Paint Thinner Question
Help finding AUTO COUTRE bodykit?
Paint Code 6M3 TEAL: What is what?
Cheap Spoiler
Bonnet Scoop in progress!
Archive through May 05, 2007
Archive through May 21, 2007
3K3 paint code and 97 side skirts.
Stock front bar + lip, with skirts & rear addon
Archive through June 12, 2007
Plastic strip right above windshield?
Side Mirrors / Chrome Door Handles / Auto Couture
Respray - Sydney
Spoiler Brake Light...
Mag opinion
Side Skirts
Damaged my kit and need new like yesterday
Original Body work on 93' soarer?help??
Front bar respray and boot lid
How much does a new rear window cost??
Slimline weathershields
Archive through May 11, 2007
Toyota badge size
Help!! my door wont open!!
Archive through December 20, 2006
Cracked lens
Where to buy 97 front?
Making Molds
Archive through January 17, 2007
Full respray cost in Brisbane?
Archive through August 15, 2006
Paint flaking on bodywork - fix?
Headlight Breather Tubes Available Separately?
Need some help identifying rims.
Crystal clear headlights
Got me some new stuff!!
Rolled guards (Paintless & cheap)
Archive through November 07, 2006
Refurbished(?) Griffin
Finally got the thing fixed - so thought it was worth a c...
Front lights
Replace sunroof seal?
My Griffin Badge "Alternative" !!!
Factory front lip attachment
Question regarding stock Soarer front lip
Rear wings? any descent aftermarket ones out there?
1995 GT-L Tail Lights
Modified headlight
Archive through November 17, 2006
Archive through January 31, 2007
Archive through February 02, 2007
Carbon fiber doors - yahoo japan
Archive through January 04, 2007
ALSC Stickers... again!
Archive through October 21, 2006
New Wheels
Ondering out there how many people would be interested cu...
Passenger side mirror
Clear sidemarker
Damage to door interior!
Bootlid wont stay up
New Rims
Replacing badges
What kit is this?!?!
What is this front bar!???
A few new kits popping up
What colour is this car?
Soarer wide bodykit
(pics) Auto Couture kit
Archive through March 09, 2007
Opinions needed
This is what happens when you park in car parks.
Archive through February 01, 2007
Maserati Metalic Burgandy paint
Urgent help, regarding bodywork
Headlight (Highbeam) Markings...SC400 and Soarer
Before & After - headlight cleanup using Meguiar's PlastX...
Check this out guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to remove chrome trim?
Scratches caused by wiping dust off with a cloth
B&N rear lip and sides
Just an idea I had - Need Opinions
Chrome Bit in 96+ front Bar
Pics of my headlights before & after cleaning
New kind of Angel eyes - looks wicked!
Drivers door handle
Vertex kit (minus skirts) + black Koya 19" Race Teks...
Anyone know where I can get a cheap same colour respreay ...
How to remove Front bumper
Like my D1 inspired Soarer?
Archive through June 14, 2006
Archive through June 16, 2006
Archive through June 28, 2006
Archive through January 03, 2007
Advice on bodykit
Doing your own respray
Archive through January 18, 2007
Help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rear lip and side skirts with original bar
Bonnet Not Closing
Price on some parts!
You wouldn't believe it...
"Blinged up bay"
Making my Headlights Blue?
Looking for that Soarer
Boot & Nose Emblems
Carbon Fiber .. ugh.
Chips from badging
Recommended body shop in Sydney - south or southwest area
Cut and polish melbourne
Chrome Window Surround
Roof Shade
Bodykit goes on today!
Fresh paint for my soarer
Sagging door hinge problem - Temporary fix
Rear window sun visor
Good Body Shop in Melbourne
Spray paint
Advice on side skirts
Is this Lexus Badge Genuine?
How to minimise stone chips on your front bar
Mt TT's value?
Help With Bodykit
Door and Guard touching
How do you take off these
My new front bar
Spray Painter In Melbourne
Crap Paint
Angry eyelids....! New custom design....
Archive through November 28, 2006
Does anybody know what this bodykit is
Body kit suppliers in Victoria
Updated front bar (97 and up)
Archive through March 15, 2006
Removing side-skirts
Widebody Soarer Pics
Archive through October 11, 2006
Recommended Garage / Workshop?
Lambo door kit
Where can I get this kit in Australia?
Dent in front bar - how to repair?
Lambo Doors - Expression of Interest
Peculiar doors problems
Front driver seat problem
Painted engine bay plastics!
Archive through November 15, 2006
Another sunroof problem
Modified Headlights
Panel resprays
Respray Options
Big Oops
D.I.Y Convertable Soarer?
Archive through October 24, 2006
Weight Reduction
Door hinge
Bonnet Not linning up!
Electric drill to make a hole of the bonnet,need help
Archive through November 03, 2006
'L' Badge
How do you detail the engine bay???
Before and after taillights tint and debadging
Door hinge preventative maintenance - just do it !
Thanks to all who went before me
Archive through October 15, 2006
Vertex Body Kits
Archive through October 17, 2006
Soarer Altezza Style Rear Clears - AVAILABLE NOW !
Archive through July 03, 2006
Bonnet moulding
After marker side mirror
Which front bar is mine?
Another sunroof thread.
Angel eyes
Archive through June 04, 2006
Archive through June 12, 2006
Mirrors with indicators
97 Fog Lights installed!!
Front lip for 95 sc400
Front lip respray
Removing Emblems
Can Someone Please Tell Me The Difference Between 1991 an...
My little aesthetic mods..
More Bling
97 Fog Light Installation (Help Needed)
Dress Up Your TT Wheels
What kind of Adhesive?
Anyone in Brisbane Clean out and Re-Seal headlights ??
Archive through September 13, 2006
Make it go away!
What front bar is this ?
So my headlight cleaned itself
What She's Been Going Through!
Archive through September 18, 2006
Doors need to be readjusted how to? hitting front panel
Car Detail
Replacing drivers side mirror
Sqeaky doors
'L' badge
Wheels dont fit
Help my petrol cap wont open!!!
Factory Body kit options??
Does anyone no were i can find pictures on how to take th...
Alteza lights on white soarer at night (bad pics)
Archive through September 07, 2006
Completely De-Badged Soarer Pic Request
Archive through July 14, 2006
Archive through September 10, 2006
Chasing this front bar
Keeping the cat off my bonnet.
Archive through August 14, 2006
Archive through August 30, 2006
How do you Remove the Doors off the hinges, phyisically ...
Cheap Aftermarket Bonnets (Carbon or Fibreglass)
Archive through August 31, 2006
Side skirts
Alteza tail lights on white soarer
Archive through August 30, 2006
Coloured Wiper Blades
Spoilers with reverse cameras..... ?????
Spraypainters in Sydney?
Body kits
Taillight Removal.
Before and after
Clay Bar
De-badging : Plastic welding stud holes from Griffin badge.
Number plate question
Carbon fibre boot lids???
Caliper painting
There's White and then there's WHITE
Archive through July 28, 2006
Polish (not the language)
Vertex bodykit
Archive through July 13, 2006
Speed Dreamz / GForce Bodykits
Wheel weights.
What do badges mean to you - Lexus, Toyota or No Badges ?
Bad pic, but can anyone figuere out the kit?
Orange pearl over existing paintjob?
Fitting 97 front bar
Archive through March 16, 2006
Repairing stock lip.
Paintless Dent Repair
How much did your bodykit cost?
Supra return 2007
Archive through July 05, 2006
Body kit update
Archive through July 03, 2006
97 Front Bar Lip - Where to buy one
Paint chips
Radiator Grill?
Does anyone know what kind of kit this is
LED high beams
Scissor doors
Archive through June 10, 2006
I really want a carbon fibre bonnet
Archive through June 16, 2006
Paintless dent pulling...
Tint? what should i do?
How to remove the front bumper bar(bomex kit)
Black colour code ~ for reparing stone chips
Sissor doors
Archive through September 12, 2005
What is this Front Bar???
Trade Lexus badges for Soarer
Cat's .... dont throw rags at them!!!
Rim Chart?
Sunroof wind deflector
EOI: Carbon Fibre bonnets vented or OEM
Archive through May 06, 2006
EOI - Soarer Rear Tailights
Archive through December 18, 2005
Bomex Kit
Archive through May 20, 2006
Like my angel eyes
Soarer Cop Car
Discount penal shop in south east of VIC
Some Barstard decided to write on my door! HELP!
Now THIS is a nice kit......
Archive through May 12, 2006
Perth paint/panel repair services
Cleaned the headlights...
Melbourne Window Tinting
Anything close to this bodykit that anyone knows of?
Iron pole jumped out and bite my car :-( ...
Front bar
Archive through April 26, 2006
Anyone like my new modification??
Archive through December 29, 2005
Archive through January 20, 2006
Wanted: GRILLE from ES300 or GS 300
Badges Badges Badges
Bodykit Bonding
Removing driver side headlight??
Attempted to polish my mags when...
94 to 97 tail light conversion Question
V8 emblem
Gold Badges!!!
Archive through January 20, 2006
Rear Bar removal
Vertex kit anyone interested?
Interest In BodyKits
Archive through November 15, 2005
Who can clean and reaseal headlights in VIC
Fitting '97 Fogs?
Exhaust Tips
Respray the roof
Fibreglass Door Skins
Fuel leaking from the fuel cap
Cutting up front bar
Spray paint
My Front Bar :-(...
White Paint
Removing Badges
Body kit needed
Archive through April 06, 2006
Big Brake Wheels? Possibly.
Rear lip ... where do you get it from?
Wheels Imaging
Car ALSO nice and clean !
Shiny car bandwagon!!!
Spaypainter in Brisbane
I Got Bored
Clear Sidemarkers
Archive through March 25, 2006
Whats the verdict?
Wheels should i??
Sticker Question
Archive through March 13, 2006
Brake calliper decals
What are these wheels please?
Driver's Door Problems
Just got my soarer back from the panel beater :-)...
Chrome Fender Flares
Front Bar Question - Fix.
CLR: Safe on paint, or not???
Boot lid adjustment
Please help: Removal of Front Skirt
Invisible Car Bra
B style front bar
Wise Lip
Amazing discovery
4WD - 1 Soarer - 0
Lexus badge andd sc300 badge
Door trims and all th rest
Car vinyl
Off set 35
Archive through December 28, 2005
Archive through January 04, 2006
Need better looking rear lights!
Painted the inside of the doors bootlid and bonnet PART D...
Archive through January 11, 2006
Clean out Fuel Filler drain
Debadging costs
Archive through February 19, 2006
Where to get work done???
Rear Bar reccomendations
Water leak into Boot
Yahoo Japan Lip
Removing badges.
Archive through September 02, 2005
Lexus badge for boot
Cleaned up alright....
Wind deflectors = less wind/road noise?
Wheel replacement legalities...
Whats this front lip?
Grey, sticky headlight gunk...
Gabriel Boot Struts?
Archive through January 10, 2006
Bodykit availability?
New Wheels at last
Archive through January 30, 2006
19 or 20's On A Celsior
Where can I find the paint codes? I know they used to be ...
New wheels at last too
Affordable paintshops in Sydney?
Removing rear spoiler 91 car
RCA type connectors inside centre console
My new wheels and other mods
Factory front lip
Fix for paint, scraches/cracks
Windscreen repair kits
Paintshop suggestions in adelaide?
Archive through January 12, 2006
Colour Suggestions...
Blister Wide-Body Kits
Archive through January 05, 2006
Jetspeed in Brisbane? Anyone used them?
Importing panels
Quick Side Skirt qu
Painting Brake Callipers
Archive through December 24, 2005
Painted the inside of the doors bootlid and bonnet
Anyone for tint ??
New body kit
Rear spolier
Polishing Stainless Steel Pipework
How expensive do you think?
Archive through December 08, 2005
Wheel caps
Custom Lights 91 - 96
Archive through July 29, 2005
Aftermarket bonnet
Archive through December 15, 2005
Bonet , Left and Right Front Panels wanted
New Ass Paint - What to do with it?
Carbon Fibre bonnets now available!
Archive through July 26, 2005
Archive through July 27, 2005
Smash Repair in Glen Iris/Burwood area?
Removing Wind Deflectors
Ultimate Wedding Car
Miss my baby
Wheels 19" & 20"
Archive through December 02, 2005
All body kits
Headlight cleaning help.
Archive through October 13, 2005
Archive through October 16, 2005
VTX front bar
Another New wheels thread
More New Wheels
Archive through November 14, 2005
Opinion on these rims
Colour for my car pllase help
Archive through November 20, 2005
Cream coloured TT with white wheels
New wheels and paint! pics
Genuiene side skirts
Will these fit?
Archive through November 17, 2005
Removing Door Sills
New HID Kit Fitted and Loving It!
Archive through November 13, 2005
Best way to dry out Rear Tail Lights?
Sill fix
Simple fog light/head light question
Liquid Reflection...
Will these wheels fit?
Paint my wheels :-)...
Archive through October 27, 2005
Archive through November 07, 2005
Windows tinted on the Gold Coast
I has begun (kinda late in letting yous know) :-)...
Have a look at this
Archive through October 24, 2005
Griffen Badge
Side skirts
Legality of removing repeaters
HeadLight question
Body Kits (there aint many by the looks..)
Will 92 fog lights fit a 95 front bar ?
Soarer Specs
Archive through October 19, 2005
Is it possible to tint the sunroof glass??
I guess it had to happen eventually
Archive through October 27, 2005
Headlight sealing
Stock ride height
Drivers-side mirror needs fixing
Reverse camera relocation idea
Archive through October 12, 2005
Respray, change colour?
Wheel Offsets?????
Archive through October 13, 2005
Archive through October 20, 2005
Gold Soarer badge
These wouldnt fit....would they?
Number plates
Archive through October 17, 2005
Searching for this front bar
Chasing a Vertex front bar in Adelaide
Difference in facelift/non facelift bumpes?
Identify these wheels
Archive through August 03, 2005
Found this 97 bar, had to buy it..
Maybe a "worst looking car" competition?
Cost of spraying front bumper?
Gull Wing Doors
Spoiler photo
I finally polished it!
Locked out?
Touch Up Paint
Replacement windscreen
Pic Request: Caliper Decals
Lowering V8 (non air suspension)
My 18's
Archive through October 04, 2005
Soarer soft top
Will these fit my Soarer??
Damaged Rims Repair- Victoria
Lots of Body Kit Pics
New Bonnet Emblem
Archive through September 23, 2005
Rear Spoiler Removal
Door bent back - Has anyone else had this happen?
Headlights...Tailights...Need new, Where to buy and cost?
Archive through September 21, 2005
How low is your car with a bodykit?
Who to fit a front bar in Adelaide?
Great information on car detailing
Anyone got side skirts only?
Archive through August 19, 2005
Archive through August 21, 2005
Where do i get this body kit
What yous think of these 19's?
Archive through September 02, 2005
Archive through September 06, 2005
Windscreen wiper rubber
Archive through July 31, 2005
Does anyone have the Team Target / Phenix Autocenter Kit?
Will these wheels fit?
Boot respray price??
Rear skirts/bar
Front bar and pivoting thingo
Mag Help, offset? supra brakes?
Cut and polish
Car Covers
Up for new tyres
New rims
Rear Washer
Shaved handles panel and paint
Deep Dish Wheels
Archive through September 03, 2005
Archive through September 09, 2005
Archive through September 11, 2005
Can anyone name these sideskirts
Carbon fibre finish door pillars
New Paint Job
Engine undertrays for tightwads
How do u remove 94 fog lights?
My New Beast! Vertex and B & N Kit!
Archive through August 04, 2005
This Is UGLY!
Paint Jobs
Archive through August 17, 2005
94 front bar
Any one no what wing this is?
Archive through August 13, 2005
Getting new paint job, what to ask for?
Have front lip, need skirts and rear?
Archive through August 19, 2005
Recommended Sydney painters
Body Kits in WA
Lexus is200 offset
Colour ?
Archive through August 03, 2005
Archive through August 07, 2005
Cut and polish!! Where to go??
Repairing paint chips
Kits Kits Kits
New mags!
How much for 97 front bumpers????
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