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Water Leak
Steering wheel replacement
Steering wheel removal
Leather seat recolour?
Floor mat retaining clips
Gs300 or is250 seats...will they fit in a soarer?
How to remove passenger side grab handle
Steering wheel retrim
Interior Update - Cream on Black + Carbon Features
98-99 JZS161 Aristo steering wheel, direct bolt on?
Plastic welder or repairer.
Replacement Door Card Pockets?
Replacement Key
Sunroof Replacement
Looking for Lexus SC400 Wheel Centre
Interior Update. Spruce and Black
Replacement Driver Seat Belt for TT
Soarer Custom Interior Retrim Service. Shifters, Handbrak...
Custom interior
Guide on how to change boot struts
Finally rockin' a new old black interior
Factory Black Carpet
Leather seat covers
Replacement Seatbelts, Where to Buy?
Silver Door Scuff panels
Shifter Retrim black genuine quality leather
Boot Release
Replacing Whole Dash - Brisbane?
Glovebox no longer stays shut after swapping woodgrain to...
Carpet opinions
Seat Question
Unusual switch - what it does?
Part number for factory soarer mats?
Has anybody here brought these covers?
Front seats wobble
Steering wheel removal help
First Attempt at Carbon Fibre Vinyl
Archive through January 21, 2012
Carbon fibre to replace wood grain
Good re trimmers in melbourne
Complete respray of the interior. AWESOME READ.
Window Regulator going too far on its rail?
Restoration questions
Australia (Melbourne) - LED scuff plates
Interior Refinish Recommendations
Just a tease of my new interor...
Wood trim type
Removing electric seats to save weight.
Scroll dash lighting of gear select
Tems switches with manual conversion
Passenger Seat PRoblem
Drivers door not opening from the inside
Repairing Enlarged Holes In Door Panel DIY Tips Please
Duplicate Immobiliser fob
Locking and immobiliser and all
What the??
How to remove electric controls from side of drivers seat
Aftermarket Climate Control
Trim codes, what colours??
Door won't open
Thin plastic film between door and trim...
Seat belts
Using a sports steering wheel with cruise stalk
My Rollcage.
'98 MR2 Steering Wheel - Single stage or Dual stage deplo...
Repairing or Replacing Front Seat Belts
Where to mount a boost gauge,
V8 window trim fit on tt?
Gauge pod.
Interior Cleaning (Leather Seats / Vinyl)
Red and black interior
Aftermarket steering wheel horn wiring issue
What is the price of interior door handles?
Removing rear Seat Belt
Centre console plastic filler, What to use?!
Electric steering column not functioning
Passenger seat
Boss kit
Painting my interior black
Archive through March 23, 2012
Archive through March 28, 2012
Archive through April 08, 2012
Archive through April 10, 2012
Archive through April 14, 2012
Archive through April 19, 2012
Archive through May 10, 2012
Archive through June 17, 2012
Archive through July 30, 2012
Manual Gear Stick Cover
Chasing Cream/Brown interior with black interior in place...
Found a place that will do new carpets
Archive through September 27, 2006
Archive through October 05, 2006
Archive through October 16, 2006
Archive through December 08, 2006
LED Conversions
Converting to a GT Limited rear view mirror
'93 V8 Vs '91 TT interior
Wanting ideas for a new steering wheel
Woodgrain Trim Kit
Re-Leather Steering wheel
Motor Trimmer - Sydney Area
Hay dudes check out my latest interior mod
Replacement Seat Belts
Question about seat differences?
Newbie at this - paint interior or just swap interiors
Removing Sunroof Trim
EMV Buttons in UZZ31
Here's a link to buy an OEM flippy cup holder
How to safely remove airbag steering wheel?
Airbag vs non airbag wheel
Heated Seats Not Working
Aftermarket bucket seats-----
Floor Mats any colour !
My passenger seat is locked in one position.
What is this switch?
Swap auto for manual interior
Aftermarket Steering Wheels
Another re-trim
Archive through July 09, 2009
Archive through July 14, 2009
Possible material for parcel shelf or door card
Door card recover
JZA80 shifter unit installation
Reupholstering shifter & handbrake
Archive through October 28, 2009
Would like a second key
Aftermarket seat mounts
Best person to install/fix window regulator (Melb)
LCD Mirror install
Horn honking uncontrollably when cold
Drivers window winds down but not up
Custom door trims?
Cleaning floor mats
Fixed window frame and re-wraped & carbon fibre door trim...
Sparco Quick realease hub & momo steering wheels advice
Seat belt light is always on
Interior Lighting LED Info Thread
Archive through February 09, 2010
Archive through February 12, 2010
R8 Style Gated Shifter For My Soarer
Replacing window mechanism
Climate control lcd -
Power Seat Problem
Removal: Stick on Wood Trim.
Seat belt not retracting fully
Remove seat only not the box underneath?
Replacing ENTIRE dash.... Not the cluster
Carpet Swap
Archive through December 24, 2009
Aristo seats in a Soarer
How does the glove compartment latch work
Glove compartment latch
Retrimmed doors :-) Carbon Fibre SPRAY TIPS WOODGRAIN? ...
What is this?
Relocate TRC button
95-00 SC400 Seat covers in 91?
IS300 2003 Air Bag Steering wheel direct bolt on?
TRD Shifter weird fitment
How to Remove Center Console?
Have removed front chrome window surrounds cant get rear ...
What dash cluster is this guys? i have it but need the fu...
Red Dash Light Conversion - Again!
Archive through January 17, 2008
After market seats
Windows, sunroof, no longer operating
My interior progress
Archive through July 09, 2009
The problem with compliance/non compliance seat belts :-)...
Relocating Cig Lighter
How to get rid of adhesive from dash?
How to paint center console
Archive through March 19, 2010
Archive through April 13, 2011
Celsior Seatbelt concerns
Steering Wheel and Airbag
Archive through May 06, 2006
Whats that piece called?
Soaking Wet Carpet Passenger Rear
Carbon Center Console & original Soarer Key
Seat belt repair
Electric goodies into TT manual
Pillar gauge pod
A/c Vent Removal
Archive through February 02, 2011
Momo Steering Wheel- Horn button
Do electric seats runa relay
Dash colour change kit
Electric Window not working
Leather care products... Whats good and whats not?
How to remove these pannels
How to remove the seats when you got no Power
Boot and fuel flap don't open/release
How to take your door trim off?
How to get into boot?
98-00 lexus SC steering wheels
Archive through December 21, 2009
How do I take out the sunblind..?
Problem installing levoc shifter
My window is screaming like a callgirl who didnt get paid!
Supra seats are to low
Dash Mat
Archive through July 25, 2005
LCD Replacement Screen
Door lock issue
Window Fell Down
Carbon fibre interior :-)...
Archive through July 12, 2010
Supra (JZA80) Steering Wheel - Fitted.
NEW GEAR KNOB pics also anyone know what product to use t...
Rear seat sub box
Seat brackets/rails
Electric Supra Seat
New seats, cushions? Soreness
Trade wood grain for non wood grain trim?
Retrimmed Door Trims
Archive through November 04, 2009
New Carpet
Door Trim Repair and Retrim
Broken drivers grab handle
Auto gear shift solution needed!
Levoc Shifter missing part
Suggestions to getting out a loose socket set from under-...
Trim question
A Stereo-Related Question for Damian Ware..
Pictures of YOUR Supra Steering Wheel.
Door won't open from the outside :-(...
LED interior lights
Archive through December 16, 2008
Archive through June 12, 2009
HKB steering boss fitted PN OT-155
Interesting site
Re-Trim Progress
Rattles and creeks
Carpet cleaning
Interior curtains
Centre console
Other Steering wheels
Trim on Drivers Side
Cant get lid off center console-HELP
How To Fit Parcel Shelf Rear Break Light To SUB And Rear ...
Seat knobs
Do i need a boss kit?
Steering wheel?
Altezza Steering Wheel
Archive through June 06, 2010
RE-TRIM!!!! Help Need!!!
Sunvisor Vanity Mirror Light Globes.. ?
Stock Head-Unit CD Player.
LS400 seat retrim
Airbag steering wheel frame same as Non-airbag wheel?
Possible Solution to Fix Door Trim Cracks
To bin my brand new seat belt or not?
Toyota Celica Seats in a soarer?
How to remove the dash woodgrain panel?
RHS boot trim question?
Passengers side door handle flimsy.
I'm about to do an ENTIRE interior swap..
DIY dash + interior restoration
Changing to a different steering wheel
Carpet damp on drivers side
Drivers side window fell down.
Seat Belt Holder..
Dash Swap
Factory centre console woodgrain part number?
English EMV Stickers light
Rotate front seats?
UZZ31 seats in a JZZ30: How To...
Roof Lining
How to remove stripped hex bolts
Vol & temp bulbs?
Installing ELECTRIC seats in a NON-ELECTRIC CAR
Broken passenger seat?
Wiring for TT seats
Toyota/Lexus Steering Wheels
Passenger lock actuator - wont unlock... but locks fine!
LCD Mirror loom install - need to get under trim?
Flip out cup holder
Hello, from Russia
Handbrake removal
Rear Belts
How to remove window surrounds?
Easy way to swap out Driver side seat belt stalk?
Interior ... give me your opinions!!
Boot floor..
Woodgrain kit on ebay???
Handbreak refurbishing
Airbag steering wheel on a nonairbag-steering wheel soarer
Woodgrain trim given a spit n polish
Archive through April 21, 2006
Seat Belts: Any other models fit? + WTB:
House paint steering wheel
Interior Conversion & Changing Steering Wheel Questions.....
What is this and how to fix?
A pillar gauges
Need a picture of stock tan/poo brown interior
Steering wheel retrim + wood grain?
Interior dash lights? Has anyone done it?
VHT, again.
How do you prevent this?
Unmatched trim color?
Camry Steering Wheel
Does a steering wheel need to be adr approved?
Postage of seat belts
Steering wheel suggestions??
How to remove rear parcel shelf
Windows tinted
Uh oh! Whilst Redoing Interior
New floor carpet
Get pillar mount
The piece above the centre console...
Complete Door Disassembly (actual door not trim)
Handbrake and auto shifter replacement
Fold out cupholder - how to install!
Leather cleaner and conditioner???
Paint the woodgrain. help .
Mounting a gauge pod to the A-Pillar
Archive through May 02, 2007
Cant work out seat part number
Door still usable with upper and lower interior trim remo...
Removing Centre Console Arm Rest
G'Day (& Electric Windows): Am I ever gonna use this wind...
Cleaning the mats
Unknown Missing Button
Hey guys whats this?
Woodgrain Panel is stuck
SC430 Scuff Plates
Seat Lever won't lock in
Septone vinyl spray on carpet
Architecture in my ride
Wraping Interior with black/ white vinyl pics etc
How much are brand spanking new door trims?
Supra Seats in soarer
OMG - chesterfield in a soarer
12v LED downlights in interior
Where can i buy a carbon fiber interior kit from?
Anyone know the part number of these screws?
Bucket seats?
Door Trim Ideas
Spray Interior
Archive through June 24, 2009
Help with trim code FC60
How do i...
Archive through June 18, 2009
Dirty Old Buttons!
Yet another woodgrain thread
Aftermarket Steering Wheel
Lexus blank key?
Archive through October 28, 2008
Full Custom Interior
Archive through June 09, 2009
New leather seats
Finished Microsuede Re-trim..
Archive through March 29, 2008
The door handle's connected to the... rod thing... the ro...
MOMO boss kits
Score - new timber trim
Selt beat problems. help needed ASAP
Anyone got brushed aluminum?
Woodgrain refinishing.
Broken and Cracked Drivers Door panel
Window guide roller replacement
Installing a Supra Steering Wheel
Aftermarket handbrake
Fixing woodgrain?????????
Air Conditioning Filters
Momo pedals
Fluorescent tube
Annoying squeak!
What would you do
Help !
Refurbishing Door Trims
Archive through February 17, 2009
Removing Interior light case
Seat Belt Repair Question
Plastic Welder wanted
New shift knob
EMV lights
Woodgrain section under instrument cluster
Custom Centre Console Surround
Archive through March 17, 2009
Airbag steering wheel question
Drivers Side Rear Quarter Window Part Number
Removing centre woodgrain on dash
Archive through April 19, 2008
Woodgrain centre console
Removing Climate Control Pictorial
Black box under driver's seat
Archive through April 23, 2008
The Beginning of my re-trim
My new gauges
Has anyone retrimmed their own seats?
"The last Poo brown window trim"
I need some new pedals..
Price of new or mint condition factory black dash
Spare wire in steering wheel
Removing uzz31 steering wheel
Archive through October 09, 2008
Handbrake and Auto Transmission Handle Repaint... Failed ...
Better use for the old cd stacker..
Standard sunvisors to limited visors with light
Seat Measurements - By Gum it's been a while
How To: Remove the Driver Side Grab Handle?
What to use to clean door and boot seals?
Would you be happy?
Archive through December 18, 2008
My Custom Gauge Pod
Haro's Ivory and Black interior transformation. Plenty of...
Archive through August 27, 2008
Interior re trim
Cheap Carpet Mats
Dye for cloth seats?
How do i take that stupid nut on the boot struts
Seat Belt: Damaged Klippan Retractor
Steering column stuck in "Big Yellow School Bus" mode...
Cleaned Interior
Interior colour codes
Collapsed Seats
Removing Front Jesus Handles...
Dash Kits
Archive through September 08, 2008
Spruce Interior - Revamp
Archive through May 30, 2008
Archive through June 08, 2008
Suggestions on how to remove carpet stains
Bought new ronin style bucket seats - how to install?
Perth Soarer owners, I want you!
Removing dash wood trim
YET ANOTHER black conversion
Sunroof trim
Rear vision
Custom woodgrain
Broken Electric Seat
Black pieces
Seat belts.
Carpet Dye - Where to buy?
Will wrx buckets fit jzz30??
Do I need to buy the entire window regulator?
Broken door handle
How do i get the woodgrain off the doors???
Carbon, Brushed or Wood interior trim
Woodgrain panels
RHD pillar pod (I am located in Canada)
Sunroof Issues
Ignition Barrel Light Removal?
Sunroof Alignment????
Huh? Don't recall these as a factory option!
Dont Laugh
Drivers side seat belt recoiler needed please
Water leaking into boot. Spare wheel well.
Please help!
Door trim repairs
Installing electric seats in a TT soarer?
Window guide roller
Easy to Apply Kevlar look
Archive through March 10, 2008
Driver's footwell globe
Archive through August 16, 2008
Leather Seat Covers
Question: Is our interior leather
Electric/leather seats in a GTT soarer.. Query....
Window reg??????
Windows Fogging up, water leak?
To anyone who has painted interior
Interior Colour Codes
In the process of painting interior - problem/question
Few interior mods completed.
How much is a set of Original Floor mats worth
Drivers window regulator
Are there any aftermarket auto shift knobs at are shorter?
How do you remove the seat belt buckle?
Seat belt
Lights in the switches and buttons
Mio's Knight Rider GPS speaks with the voice of KITT
Manual car part numbers
VHT Vinyl Dye 20% Off @ REPCO
Black on Black interior
Driver side door trim in Grey wanted!
Drivers side aircon vent and surround
NEED HELP: How to remove seats.
Lexus airbag in soarer
Not a good look
Dash Board!!!
Sunroof Not Working
Interior paint help
Archive through May 27, 2008
1992 Soarer with EMV Dash Trim Kit
Wanting to Paint Interior Black
Archive through May 19, 2008
Archive through May 24, 2008
Leather Seat???
Manual to electric supra seats
Real leather seat covers on Ebay
Help, How to remove parcel shelf
Where can i buy the colour spruce from (for interior)...
Aftermarket steering wheel
What is this?
Upgrade - electric seats
GROUP BUY - Ebay "Leather" seat covers
Archive through July 19, 2007
Archive through July 29, 2007
Archive through August 22, 2007
Archive through September 12, 2007
Archive through September 24, 2007
Archive through October 01, 2007
Archive through October 09, 2007
Archive through October 14, 2007
Archive through October 23, 2007
Archive through November 01, 2007
Archive through November 28, 2007
Archive through December 09, 2007
Archive through December 20, 2007
Archive through January 08, 2008
Archive through January 20, 2008
Supra steering wheel
Installing moulded carpet and dying carpet on doors
Dash and door trim weight?
Air con tunnel vents under seats
WOW these are rip off ! I think my VHT spray would be fin...
1.5 din pocket
Archive through August 15, 2005
Door trim help.
Leather Seat Covers VS Stock Leather
1/2 DIN holder for dash. Anyone interested?
Selector plastic removal
Wierd window problem
HELP - How to remove air vent strip
Tidy Bin Part Number
Door trims - Brisbane Soarer wreckers
'TEMS Sport' dash light
What colour to re-trim with a green soarer
Replacing driver's window
Interior Feedback?
Water on coming through on door carpet
What month is my vehicle? interior question!
Interior Door Trim (both Sides). Wanted
Soarer seatbelts in supra???
Passenger door unlock with inside handle?
Car Detailing in SA
Question about the emergency flare
Big Thumbs UP for VHT Vinyl+Carpet Dye: Pics of Dyed Carp...
Springy Door when closing?!
Up/down play in steering column
Water leak under doors...
Steering wheel bolt issue
Driver seat JAMMED...
Drivers side seatbelt - superceded? Spruce colour no long...
Custom Gauge Panel
Steering wheel covers
Window tint in Sydney
Need Help (window regulator???)
Need new handbrake handle...
Stripping and roll cage
How to remove the whole top dash for fibreglass
Requesting some advice/help!
Can anyone up load your interior pic and share your exper...
Archive through October 25, 2006
Archive through October 27, 2006
Archive through December 05, 2006
Archive through December 16, 2006
Archive through January 03, 2007
Archive through January 07, 2007
Archive through April 10, 2007
Archive through November 27, 2007
Sealing up the soarer
Interior trim
Black Interior - Woodgrain or Carbon Fibre?
Archive through August 25, 2007
Archive through September 26, 2007
Archive through September 28, 2007
Archive through October 24, 2007
Where to put my amp...
HELP: New Interior Colour?
Whats with my seatbelts?
Help with dropping rear window cover.
Stained and re cleared wood trim!
New black interior
Archive through August 11, 2007
Archive through November 23, 2007
Jesus Handle
$3 worth of vinyl and some love
Anyone with Titanium Burl wood trim?
Pics of interior colour change...
Another leather seat cover manufacturer
Preliminary pics of my retrim
Attaching LCD mirror to windscreen
JZA 80 auto shifter???
P my new head lightsNew head lights have arrived
Archive through August 27, 2007
Archive through August 31, 2007
Changing interior colour...What to do about labels...
Steering wheel mount Lexus badge
Where can i find the same quality carpets as was released...
Changing steering wheel
Gear Stick Repairs
4 Point Harness to Meet AS 2596 and AS35 ( Australian Sta...
Wood grain re: CD Player
How to...?
Wrecked soarer with leather interior? i want the complete...
Electric seat conversion questions
Getting rid of yucky green
Steering wheel help: airbag wheel in non airbag car?
How to take off glove box, the whole trim bit?
Hooking up electric seats in a non soarer
Drivers side Window falling down
New door sills have arrived
Leather recondition-Sydney?
Very different speedo
Pedal covers
That door/window issue?
Interior Light Question??
How to install a Boost/vacum gauge????
What I did on the weekend.....fixed door pockets
LS 400 floor mats?
Group Buy Door Pockets
Interior retrim- red leather?
Origional SOUND specs !!!
Who has a EMV with wood grain- I need pictures :-)...
Aftermarket steering wheel and hand brake lever cover
Changing the Dash
Coverting to electric seats.
Judging interest-carbon fibre door inserts
Archive through October 25, 2006
Archive through May 05, 2007
. Broken Door inside
Pedal box for soarer
Custom trimmers in or around brisbane???
Who now owns the recaro interior soarer?
Vic Interior retrimmer?
Archive through April 05, 2007
Dash Mat
2nd hand leather interior
Luminecent door sills
Dismanteling bottom part of seat
Victoria - Interior(carpet) producers/installers.
Center console plastic - Spray painting
What is this?
Trim level
Where to buy? Weatherstrip Adhesive (prefer 3M)
This may be a silly question
Interior colour change
What did that flare/light/hazard thing look like under t...
Finding a decent steering wheel !!!
Airbag Steering Wheel
Things on dash
EBAY leather seat covers
Buying New Door Trim!
Mounting Apexi (S-AFC, RSM, AVC-R) in passenger side wood...
Late Model door trim on early model soarer
Seat not reclining
Seat reclining problem
Where can I buy English EMV Stickers
Broken glass in dash
15yr old Vinyl, Great results
Archive through October 05, 2006
Interior Retrim
Door wont open
Interesting gauge modification/interior retrim
My New Seats
Archive through March 02, 2007
Sunroof modification for tall people?
Airbag steering wheel
Ceramic window tint??
Archive through March 02, 2007
Need new dash
A-pillar pods for tweeters
Broken door handle
Ignition barrell
What should I use to clean the roof lining?
Passenger elec Window???
Seat won't move forward or back!!!!!
What's is this thing?
Roof lining sagged in extreme heat
Need help installing
Bose + DVD + blue LED = ....
Racing seat or sport seat
Archive through September 02, 2006
Archive through January 13, 2007
Archive through January 24, 2007
Retro fitting electronic steering tilt
VHT vinyl paint?
Dash Removal
Door Trim clean.
Help installing a rev tacho
Window seals
Tricked up wood grain
A/C vents - Preventing cracks?
Carbon fibre interior finished
Memory seats (what is needed
Wood grain trim on ebay
Post Pics of your 4.0GT LTD
Steering Wheel Cover
Window catch problem....
Removing cabin lights
Silver carbon dash?
Archive through December 23, 2006
Instructions on how to remove the cigarette panel
Door Trim Help.
Plastic Weld Pics?
Cigarette Lighter Not working.
Archive through October 25, 2006
Qs regarding seats
Do the gear letters/numbers on auto shifter light up?
What is this for???
Air Purifier
Craigs Interior
Think this should go here. Massaging Leather Seats
Picked me up some new seats
Building Rear Parcel Shelf
The ultimate 1/2 din pocket
My Re-sprayed Black Centre Console!
Alarm installer= dodgy
Black switches,
New Display Backlights
Archive through October 31, 2006
Handbrake cover advice
Dash Kit on eBay - AU$ 129
Dash vent removal tutorial
Seat Belts
Mat move
Victorian import wreckers
Steering Wheel Replacement
Levoc English Instructions
Weight of V8 GT electric seats
Gauges..where are yours?
Archive through November 02, 2005
Archive through November 04, 2005
Archive through November 11, 2005
Archive through November 14, 2005
I.c.e system buttons stuck in
New Leather Interior
Archive through October 13, 2006
BD Trim Kits - Wood Grain.
Stock Seatbelt Retraction
Bonnet scoop
A-Pillar Gauge Holders for JZZ30
Drivers seatbelt problems.
Pulling apart the seat
Navigation or TV conversion
Archive through July 28, 2005
Stereo Gap.
Is there a market for original Soarer seatbelts?
Roll cage and Re triming
Cleaned the seats
Custom carpet covers
Lexus ES300 Steering Wheel Cover Fit the Soarers ?
32 and 31 drivers side window controller interchangable??
Leather seats on Ebay
Dust Pattern Behind Glovebox
Cleaning the seats in a velour (non-leather) interior...
Need Help
Help!!!! i cant pull out my seatbelt!!!
Super low seat rails
Is there a Dye for Cloth Seats?
Cleaned A/C Filters
Interior all over...
Seats bracket please.
Seat moves under heavy braking/acceleration
No more gap
Fitting Airbag Steering Wheel
Which is the seat heater button?
Seat fix
What are these?
Supplying Interior Bits
Archive through August 03, 2006
Woodgrain console and trims. What are they worth???
How do you remove the shift stick panel.
What colour is my green?
Dying Lambswool Seat Covers
F#cking RAT!!
Where to buy aftermarket Auto Shifter and Hand Brake?
Anyone got bride or recaro seat in their soarer?
Help putting interior back together
What are the wedge-shaped push clips called?
Rear Parcel Shelf Sub Cover - Fitment of OEM part
Toyota part number for the dash mounted cup holder?
Memory seats install
Custom Leather
Door trims and pockets
Planing a Black interior...any ideas????
Archive through April 10, 2006
Archive through April 23, 2006
Ozone cleaners
Is this steering wheel can fit in 93 TT soarer
Anyone retrimmed the seats?
Air con display,Bleeding to death!
Need a steering wheel with left and right buttons....
Re-Leathering the Interior Bits :-)...
Squeaking in roof
Dot Matrix and Window Tint
Spruce vs Ivory Interiors
Archive through June 03, 2006
Door trim removal problem
The difference a little timber makes. Now I just need som...
Archive through January 28, 2006
EOI: New Door trims/pockets...Interested?
Archive through December 31, 2005
What to do ??
Black Interior Soarer
How Do I Change The Colour?
Squeaky seats!
My new Dash Plug
White/pearl soarer with black interior
Need help to get back on the road....
Roll cage
Texture leather and plastic paint effect
Twin pillar pod gauge holder for soarer.....
Anyone? where i could find L sticker?
Blue Dash - No CCFL tube?
Lexus Steering Wheel
Boot/fuel flap release panel removal
I seek consol 'o knowledgable soarerites
Ebay shifter with overdrive
Smoke smell
'generic' filter for air purifier - help!
Horn Pad Questions
Centre Air Vent
Gear shifter, handbrake and steering wheel
Door Trim Repair
Broken door lever
From Spruce To Black....I Like it
Archive through January 18, 2006
Archive through January 31, 2006
Cut & Polish?
Steering Wheel Covers - these look OK. Anyone tried them?
Scuff Plates
Archive through April 17, 2006
Air Conditioner Control Panel Colour Change
Archive through February 09, 2006
Spare wheel retainer
Does Size Really Matter? In a Steering Wheel that is....
Replacing Airbag Steering Wheel???
TEMS switch broken
Cup holder? (not the dash one!)
Electric race seats?
Window mechanism rusted and cracked... need help
Anyone got photos of their mods to a tan interior?
Passenger window button problem...
Lubricating internal Parts
Changing head unit(what speaker wire is what???)
Lexus LX470 Steering Wheel?
Auto function does not work on drivers window
Door Trim arm rests replacement
Worn Leather seat repair?
New Gear Shifter
Door handle
Rear seat belt problems
When your electrical seat is jamed
My New Steering Wheel and Door Trim Mods
Archive through March 19, 2006
Make your gear surround pretty on the cheap
Passenger seat rattles
Where to find a 1.5 DIN console?
Interior Removal
Leather Lace-On steering wheel cover
Rear Sub Parcel Shelf
Door trims worth removing
What are your thoughts?
Replacing Steering column shell - that damn screw!
Window tint affect radio/TV aerials in glass?
Replacing rear view mirror
Cracked front seat base plastic bit..can it be replaced?
Gearstick & Steering Wheel Retrim?
Levoc Gear Shifter
Where to locate gauges?
Archive through August 10, 2005
Archive through August 14, 2005
Steering wheel replacment
Sun roof cover rattle
Back Parcel Shelf
Parcel Shelf - Retrimm
Shampoo that carpet!
Custom door trims need ideas
Roof lining
UZZ40 badges
EMV button stickers....where to buy?
How to remove Front Seats?
Car doesnt lock!!!
Where to buy new door trims...mine are fugly
Non-leather seat covers w/ Griffin logo?
HELP! Auto nob thingy
Help with dash kit :D
Boss kit??
Steering Wheels
Airbag dash light when removing steering wheel
Cheap Window Regulator Fix
Ball on dash
Handbrake Boot Cover
Soarer, Ahead of its time?
Power window problem...
Another steering Wheel retrim
Archive through December 03, 2005
Repairing Leather
Rear speakers
New aircon filters- differences
Removing front wood trim
Interesting interior on black Soarer
How do I....
Aftermarket Seats
Door trim material and make up.
Woodgrain steering wheel
Tint / elec windows
GRR theres a door trim crack!
Cracked A/C vent plastic
Faded lighting on 'Shift Position' for Digital dash
Archive through November 15, 2005
Leather seat finally
My new steering wheel installed (bit small)?
No more "baby poo" brown
Archive through November 07, 2005
Steering Wheel choice, which one??
Wood grain replace or repair?
Archive through October 29, 2005
Soarer back shelf
Carpet dying
Archive through October 23, 2005
Wood Grain Inserts
Archive through October 13, 2005
How to remove an airbag steering wheel?
New steering wheel
Archive through October 16, 2005
Streeing wheel cracks
Clicks and squeaks
Door Handles
Archive through October 20, 2005
Where to get new carpet
Removing A-Pillar
Clean behind Climate Control Display
Handbrake Boot Cover
Interior pics of manual conversion
Cup holder and Badges
Cracked Dash :-(...
Air con filters re-visited (again)
Help me mount my CarPC!
Archive through September 12, 2005
Help with cruise control on new steering wheel
Does anybody know what this is for ?
Spraying Interior Black
Archive through August 23, 2005
Where have you mounted your Air-Suspension controller?
Levoc Gear Shifter
Front speaker grill cloth replacement
I have leather now
Soarer Steering Wheel with Everything!
Boot dimensions?? anyone know
Leather seat inserts
After market steering wheels
Seat covers on ebay 499
Lights in dash
Archive through September 12, 2005
Roof Lining
Question about steering wheel boss kits
Reccomended tint shops in Sydney?
Door trim
Door trim
Leather refinishing
Excellent drying towel
OBX seats
Door locking issues...
Archive through August 30, 2005
Cleaning Windows
Archive through August 30, 2005
Instruction for installing Soarer cup holder
Cleaning Products
Levoc English Instructions
Raw carbon fibre
Dash Panel Reinforcement
Door neons
Levoc Handbrake cover advice
TRD steering wheel
Air Purifier Filter
Archive through August 03, 2005
Headrest does not stay up.
Door Trim Cracks
Removing Wood Trim
Archive through July 26, 2005
How to remove the rear window trim.
How to remove the glove compartment.
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