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Max Incline
Years Later, Any Developments On a Fix for TRC Error 43,51?
My old wheels
Soarer remote control
2020, Happy new year to all the Soarers
Rotor cover seal dropped in 4.0L
I miss my soarers
Soarer car insurance
500WHP 200MPH sc400
Where to from a V8 soarer???
Cheap new LCA;s
Factory Manual Owners Register
Fuel Cap
Sydney soarers??? " mechanic"
Perth soarers???
What is the most active Soarer forum?
I did not know this!!!!!
Nitrogen accumulator regassing - or purchasing a new one
Unknown error
Looking for a Mobile Welder in Melbourne
Just rebuilt my AC compressor
Paging Mr Peter Taplin...
RED BULL drifting with a SOARER!!!
Toyota Transmission fluid T-IV price increase :-(...
What did you do to your Soarer today?
Archive through November 16, 2015
Archive through December 02, 2015
Archive through January 17, 2016
FM Radio - Constant Interference
Mechanic in Brisbane
UZZ 32 Sold in japan recently
Post up your collection, Soarer related collectables.
Facebook - Toyota Soarer Owners Australia
6000 Posts!
Dreaming of a v12 concept
Dash Airbag Light Stays on!! Error code 31.
Soarer's in Video Clips
Climate control module V8 v TT are they the same?
Fuel economy
Archive through April 08, 2011
How to remove stuck 12cd cartridge
E85 tuned
A very good reason to be upset on a Friday
1/4 mile time analysis
Archive through February 03, 2015
Airbags uzz31
Price Opinion PLZZZ
Back lighting on EMV solution?
Car won't rev over 3k - "limp" mode?
3 inch dual exhaust by Costa from driftshop mentone
Toyota premium horn
New Stock Turbo Soarer Record 11.625
Online Parts-sites
Soarer and p plates these days...
Lexus Released in JAPAN
Upper Middle Bogan
UZZ32 No.32 - Reactivated
MCM Japan Car Yard.
Be great to get this translated and captioned
It's good bye
Is there much of a demand for manual VVTIs?
JZZ30 VVTi question
Lost key:-(...
TT Manual
Decade of soaring comes to an end
JZZ31 prices
Bells and whistles
L pack options
Thinking outside the square
Some basic things I have learnt about soarers
Archive through March 06, 2014
EOI - Custom Titanium Soarer Keys
Why I prefer the 1uz
1950 Ford Custom built on Soarer/Celsior platform
New Radiator Prices Brisbane
Unmolested TT Soarer - Perth
Soarer/SC400 repair manual. Download it here!
Rare Crash Test Footage
Soarer T-Shirt Design
What tyres grip best. 20 inch fat ones of coarse
Buying parts from Amayama
So long and thanks for everything
The $58,000 Soarer
License Plates
Changing a TX valve in V8
Trying to track down previous owners of this SOARER
Comedians in cars getting coffee..
Workshop that will fit t56 into v8 soarer for me. Vic or ...
Drain fuel tank after sitting for 12+ months?
Emanage Tuner in Brisbane. 1UZFE
Blue slip - experiences?
New personal best.
Anyone have late model (94+) UZZ32
E15 fuel
Archive through April 11, 2014
Odometer readings and RWC - Victoria
Extractors installation
Anyone seen the Soarer in the new anti drink driving camp...
Toyodiy, no more diagrams
Anti Logic
Dash temperature gauge maximum ?
Just an update on my active.
Archive through September 17, 2005
Archive through October 30, 2005
Archive through January 02, 2006
Archive through June 01, 2006
Archive through May 28, 2012
1Jz vvti mods
Toyota Celica Convertible- what's your thoughts?
Capacitor replacment in Melbourne
ELM 327 OBD 2 scanner
Water pump question 1jzgte
Importing Soarer from Japan
Next to no V8 Soarers for sale in Japan
Upgrading suspension
600hp Turbo 6MT 1UZ Soarer for Sale
Looking for a good towbar
Window locator
An interesting read
Soarer electric windows
Definitive weight reduction/How much does that weigh thread.
Archive through October 07, 2013
1.5 din replace with 52mm gauges. But what gauges? 1uz
Best contact for Neil Griffiths
Inside Headlight HID Thingy Question :S
My Latest Soarer
Any UZZ32 Active owner operators in Adelaide?
Whats up with soarercentral?
1UZ Exhaust system
Rear Wheel Bearings.
TT 50 RA Runs a new PB after all these years !
TT Soarer's value appreciating?
How much would a late model ivory interior be worth?
Looking for Peter
Choosing proper external fuel gauge
Another "What is this question"...
Uzz32 limited v8 acting up
Is something wrong?
Vvt-i throttle control ecu - on Import Monster.
Difference between 91 soarer and 93 soarer
Could someone near Wangara WA 6065 do me a massive solid!!
How much would you spend on your Soarer??
Archive through February 02, 2013
Buying a VVT-i turbo - what to look out for?
Turbo on V8 Soarer
Tuning E-manage Melbourne
Alternator fuse
Soarer Insurance
Soarer Vs Skyline
Archive through April 19, 2006
Archive through December 19, 2012
Brand new Soarer/SC400 sold in Australia?
2000 3.0GT Remote locking and unlocking
UZZ32 general suspension question
Stock exhausts backwards compatible?
Really bad fuel economy
Best wreckers in Brissy Area ?
Fabricator wanted, Melbourne
Diff question
Help Support your local Soarer drifter ! And his team !
Just got back from canada and alaska + vegas
A V12? Never knew!
The OFFICIAL 'Show Off Your Ride' Thread
Archive through September 23, 2007
Archive through October 25, 2007
Archive through November 09, 2007
Archive through January 31, 2008
Supra or Soarer or both?
The million-dollar Toyota
1993 UZZ32 for sale on ebay...(66,000kms)
Low Life Hit and Run!!!! Grrr
Traction control?
Reg V8 Headers
What similarly priced car would you consider other than a...
Archive through May 02, 2013
Soarer vandalised
Sending CT12A turbos interstate, which courier service?
Why doesnt some one manufacture an overflow "bottle" repl...
No a Bad Youtube vid
A couple of "What is this?" questions...
Where to take water and oil lines from?
Soarer Birthday Cake!!
Wedding cars
Beware an ebay buyer.
VVT soarer fuel tank?
Car Detailing at an Affordable Price!
Is this the factory fuel cap?
1Din audio conversion
91 EMV mods
Advice on next upgrade. Wheels/Suspension/Brakes/Power
1JZ Night Light ???
Black Interior on Yahoo Japan
Soarer is best car in world.
Sad day at our household.
Soarer bottom/fog light?
Farewell to the Soarer Scene
Who was at powerplay brisbane 2013?
617,000km LS400 in NZ
UZZ32 at Pickles Auction Tullamarine 15/1/13
Help after soarer was stolen
Stock UZZ30, suprising dyno result
Soarer 2013
Blacktown, Sydney - Help needed from a local
Cost of Brand New tail light!
EPA Emissions test VICTORIA - What's involved???
Removing throttle body help needed sa
Soarer used in macca's ad....
I am strangely inlove with this car.
Need help with my ecu wiring
Installing Digital Radio Antenna
WA Soarer Registration
Denso air filters ~$40
Need help filling out registration form
"TRD" Soarer on Ebay
Modified V8 Soarer 1/4m Terminal Speed?
Ebay prices.
How fast have you been in your soarer
Archive through April 26, 2012
1UZ powered VW Baja
Looking for advice
SC430 and your opinion.
RWC in Vic for a single turbo converted soarer
Hurricane extractors
One of those days
Genuine toyota sunroof wind deflector?
What is my soarer worth (late model)
Soarer/SCXXX features in latest movie!
Considering offering accumulator regass service
Archive through August 24, 2012
Soarer v8 and turbo workshop manual download link
Desperately Need Help!!!!! (Electronics/ ICE)
*GOOD* Dyno in QLD?
Any soarer owners from Toowoomba here??
Good experience in Melbourne
Best Video ever !!
NT soarer club.
Can anyone be of assistance on the weekend, I need to mak...
1uz block hugger headers
Steering making noises
97 - 99 VVTI market value
Bought new T-13 PnP
Best Soarer Video!!
Soarer on Old Top Gear
Just wondering...
Aftermarket head unit with Soarer stock sub?
Swap Soarer for S chassis?
Kurts intakes must be the biz
Suspension parts and bushes for our cars
Just got rear ended
Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC in a movie
Looking at a sc300 NA, need help few things
Great sound system for emv soarers
Heater only works on MAX ON
Freshen up the Soarer (Parts List)
1UZ vs 1JZ, which is more user friendly?
Archive through July 17, 2012
Padens work shop
1JZ-vvt-i dump pipe/downpipe
Bit of help in regards to purchasing my first soarer
1jz road trip to fiji speedway
Car prices in 1998, 14 years ago
Good buy hand brake boot
New rim damaged by tyre place
Insurance Companies
Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit
1jz into uzz31 help please
Intake "POD Filter" comparison
Trouble replacing window regulator (Can't get 4 slotted d...
Would this catback fit a soarer
Anyone know where it is /how to remove "air outlet servo...
How do you do AC diags on emv car?
Car falls off hoist, workshop holds car until paid
Front bumper fiberglass Vs OEM
Maserati look alike
WTF Soarer for sale on EBAY check this out!!!
Do you grease sway bar bushes??
Quick question about wheel nuts
PN for rear sway bar bush 91 Uzz31
Pic Needed, Stock TT Engine Bay
Bridgestone Potenza S001 vs Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin...
Powder Coating Wheels
1uz-fe afterlife
Steering wanders????
Retirement vehicle
Archive through May 15, 2012
Soarer fail
The way it was !!
Value of a 91 V8 without working engine
Quick question..
Cars on the road + Dyno run
Chronicle Movie - Soarer
Someone broke into my shop stole soarer parts!!!!!!
Fastest stock twin turbo soarer
After a bit of gloss
Timing Belt Question
Magnetic Drain Plugs (oil/transmission etc.)
Rip clean soarer
Nice little Soarer video.
Funny thread
After conversion help with tems and things?
Replacement window washers
Rear wheel bearings
Bloke selling soarer on ebay...dodgy :-)...
Supercharged 2JZ JZZ31 Project - Eaton M90
Whats the hotness in replacement windscreens
Forum registration
2jz GTE into a Soarer in Vic
Manual Seats vs Electric
Nice Gold Soarer in Hobart
Anyone have some wheels?
JZZ30 Towbar interchangeable with JZZ31?
ABS and TRAC ecu TRAC ecu are they 2 units?
Time Attack Supra - and the new GTX35R dyno!
AFM-less tune on the 1UZ
Anyone know a business in Brisbane with mandrel bend mach...
My Supercharged Soarer in Performance Imports no 144
Aristo airbag steering wheel fit Soarer???
Impressions after changing sway bar bushes
Twin Turbo - ABS/TRC Error
Stock manual gtt 1/4 time
Great car movie on right now Foxtel Aust.
Fake b&n sports kit on ebay!
How reliable are soarers these days?
Fun and games with parcel shelf
Best way to sell soarer?
Is person trying to scam me?
V8 Soarer Headers
Leaking fuel
Some fuel stats from last 6+ years
Suprising Find
Door modifications
Sexual Soarers going up for auction in Japan!
JTG Lpg liquid injection
HHO, Oxyhydrogen, Brown Gas, Run your Car on Water...
JustCars Comp
Soarer boot struts, ebay junk
Is it possible to identify build date from an engine number?
Wet Nitrous Kits On Standard Engine??
Front airbag intermittently sags
Really Weird Soarer issues, Please Help! UZZ30
Looking for thread
Alternative fog lights
Would you buy a GT-T after owning a GT-TL??
Solenoids for V8 auto $142
Anyone own/know a panel beaters in melb?
TRC 51 error HELP pls????
Cannot select any audio function?
Anyone know this gt wing?
Can't remove key from the ignition when battery is connec...
Saw this for sale on EBay
Seating Capacity
101 things you might not know about your Soarer..
Archive through May 26, 2007
Archive through April 17, 2008
What have you found left behind in your Soarer?
Estimate My 1/4 ET
Blow Off Valves legal?
Who owns a JZZ31 Soarer?
Archive through July 07, 2006
Low mileage UZZ32 surfaces in the UK
Air cleaner size
Spotted a TT in a TV show
V8 ignition coils are also used in
1UZ powered car nominated for Street Machine of the Year
HID Kits - Ebay
Goodbys/farewells/what else this topic will atract i won...
Car audio & alarm installer around melbourne
Soarer Radiator BTU / HR
Need engine advice.
Anyone converted video to .scv to play in car mp4 players?
Celsior Pictures from the weekend
FT-86 anyone?
Does anyone understand how the TRC master cylinder works?
A/C clutch does not pull in. help?
Removed rear Mufflers UZZ30
1UZ's lack of power at higher RPM
Archive through September 28, 2011
Newbie with some questions about a JJZ GE soarer im looki...
Location of auto trans ecu
Uzz-32 been wrecked in aus, (nsw)
Weird 1 off issue with my V8
Do you have TRC? help pls
Soarers in film clips,
1JZ VVT-i vs 2 JZ VVT-i, which would be a better choice?
Cheap reversing camera
Good audio system <$10
Good place to buy some wheels?
Fluctuating RPM between speeds.
Anyone has a good condition working ECU that i could borrow?
Hey fellow members. postage
Royal Purple has anyone tried?
Archive through November 07, 2010
Fuel pump ECU died again!
1uz + EMU
Low idle
One of Soarers many uses
Paint bubbling on drivers door below mirror
Trying to contact Benjamin Burgess
Exhaust WTF
Solenoid change.
Power steering fluid in brake master cylinder
Hey guys - what's this???
TRAC relays.
Speedo problems
Few Questions; v8 vs tt brakes etc
Artistic Intelligence- the meaning?
Trc master cylinder is TT and V8 the same?
Scan Gauge
Manual gear surround
1JZ-GTE vs 1JZ-GTE VVTi - Thoughts and comments
Dash warning light of a car
Blackened inner headlight
Courtesy when selling your items and RULES
Soarer Purchase Today
Manual conversion
General info on turbos, fuel mixtures etc
Rush Imports is Morphing
EPA Exhaust noise test....
Who was the lucky soarer owner
Took Soarer to RAC Track day today
SA 1/4 mile drag strip???
Learn how a torsen works.
Buying A Soarer? GT-T? SC400? I can't decide! I love them...
Archive through July 18, 2011
Rear cluncking noise
Soarer's at willowbank
Sad farewell
General BMW chat
Looking for timing belt in melbourne
What is a "tune up" on a standard V8
Mikes BM pics
Help Need Northern Melbourne
Learning the hard way...
Manual conversion
Steering Noise
Flash us your ...... Lights
S.A. Plastic welding?
Manual / auto drive shaft. is there a difference in size ...
Purple Dash Lenses?
Unlucky Soarer driver....
STOLEN: 19" Amistad Grace Black for Toyota Soarer
Insurance (fully comp) for TT for 40yo
1/4 mile times for HKS T3G powered Soarers
Rear ended on Freeway
Car starts and dies off within seconds.
Weird Tyre Differences
My cars going again
HID 6000 bulb replacement.
Look what i found
Thanks for this great site
Best colour for a Soarer is white!
New way of breaking into cars?
Need someone who understands VIN number!
Random Boredom! Just clayed my windows
Wreckers - website - aus wide
Soarer photos
Hey, does anyone want to import some custom Tail lights??
Very new to soarers, and was wondering what these are...
Cruise For Kids
Analogue Instrument Cluster
Noise from the rear end.
Aston Martin DBS style tail light
New key
Soarer Birthday Cake
My car is a writeoff
Online performance auto
Post one of your favorite Soarer photos!
Archive through March 26, 2010
Archive through April 12, 2010
Archive through January 22, 2011
Archive through February 17, 2011
Archive through May 14, 2011
Bang For Your Buck Soarer Mods!!
234.7 Rwk What a good day
2.5L/100km on Fuel ! What a MOD !
Archive through November 27, 2009
My mistake
Has anyone used or seen these turbo kits around?
Only just got my soarer in the driveway...
If it only saves you once a year....
UZ and 1J drift soarers from Japan - fresh from March iss...
Quick question about leaving rear mufflers off?
Ecu question
Shakotan punk styled Z30?
Usa turbo?
Funny chip wired into the ecu loom
Recommended car transportation companys
What you think about my satin black soarer? Neg & pos Ans...
Possible rival to the supra stick with more features!!
After accident car won't start
My car and a ute
My soarer
Engine cut when air con is turned on.
Martket value of full manual soarer r154 coversion? i hav...
Tire Pressure
Getting stuff from victoria to brisbane
2jz N/A to 2jz VVTI
Questions for a Newcomer
W58 2jz coversion vs t3gs
Soarer after a bit of spit and polish
Melbourne Soarer Broken Down
Aristo 2jzgte half cut into Soarer 2jz Issues?
APEXI POWER FC Compatible with non-vvti 1jz-gte?
Set top box into soarer?
AWD jzz30 ;)
Specs for soarer TV
Wtf! check out this soarer for sale
97 v8 in Perth
LFA crashed
Properly Built UZZ30 Soarer Drift car - BEST SOUNDING V8!
Archive through March 20, 2011
What to do, What to do
Goodbye and thanks
WA video from past weekend :-)...
Online parts stores in the US?
"Jerk" forward when gear is switched to Drive/low gear...
Money to spend
Archive through March 09, 2011
QLD Soarer expert?
Wilwood brakes
Mini meet at Dan's
What to do with my soarer? Please help me!
Best place to get a half cut from
Who is a good courier to use?
E toll
3sgte parts
Big decision pending - Advice Please :-(...
New SC430 reveiled
2jz TT Soarer
What rear bumber is this?
Fuel Filter Change & Relocate / Mods
Engine polishing
Flood in Melbourne.!!
Removing sensor from V8 overflow bottle?
Cats done, now what to do with my EMV and CD stacker????
Half or Full cage.
Issues with Planet Soarer Web Site
PART OUT v SELL - Ha$$le??
My Soarer make over
Help with what I think is leaking fuel cap
V8 to reach 200rwkw
Archive through November 03, 2010
Dilemma - what to do with a misbehaving modified old soarer?
Coffs Harbour mechanic?
Some jdm wheels... what you think?
Jzz31 wheel alignment spec
Going full electric
Name one thing that makes a difference for the soarer.
Archive through December 29, 2010
1JZ VVTI engine torque damper
Modding Vs Buying?
Shift Kit Installer
Replacing cats on a uzz31 v8 and emv replacement
Keys and remote for my 31
Shipping from USA ?
Handbrake gaiter
040 044
Merry Christmas
Worthwhile (cheap) mods
The ACT rox
Cost for manual conversion to V8 UZZ30 1991
WARNING - To all trying to sell their cars on Carsales!
A Sad Day For My Soarer
Problem please help vvti 1jz don't know where to put
Need to find out the following
Crash on Burwood Hwy today
Looking for a specialist or enthusiest to go over my car ...
Some pics of my TT and a little smoke+ flying rubber:-)...
Brand new 1JZ VVTi on ebay (here we go again lol)
How do you pull down the roof lining??
A few pics of a UZZ32
Archive through November 17, 2010
Upgrading V8 power vs 1/2JZ
Archive through November 12, 2010
TIS has anyone used it
RMA Motorsport Division ???
Soarer RC Drift Car
TRC sensing signal?
Late model bodykits 97-99 with the older 10 spoke wheels
Lews van on the dyno
Under a 09/96 UZZ31
Great Vid for those who havent seen it our american count...
What should be done if i'm not going to be around for 3 m...
Tips/Tricks for Undoing Gas Strut
Bewbie with Sydney area questions
What are my 4 turbo vvti soarers worth?
Something different!
How many soarers have been imported? - Opinions please
Car Registering in WA
Master key
Not Soarer chat
New Car May Be On The Way
More power and responsiveness on a cold day.
Thanks SC ;)
EPC disks are damaged
What would you swap your Soarer for?
Archive through October 31, 2010
Useful site
1 Year Anniversary... Info & pics !
Just got rear ended...
About to buy a TT 5-speed... Good deal?
Anyone live near Wantirna, Victoria, Australia? Need your...
Aluminum radiators
3" straight through, no cat?
Cross model rear mirror?
Chrome Window Trim...
180 speed limit
Some weird problem i realised.
Hard to start in morning and wont idle until warmed up
Soarer bride seat rails??
White pearl soarer at malvern station at around 8.30pm to...
End of the budget - End of an era. Thanks for all the fish.
New CT12A For Sale
Lexus SC400 1992 dealer introduction OLD MUST WATCH VIDEO
Seatbelt Retracted and Won't Budge!
Safety using 4-5 point harrness on the road?
Soarer bible?
L@@k then JIZZZZZZZ then change your underwear...
Air Horns - are they legal
Random seat belt question
My babylove got egged!
=( help?
Been here a while but heres my soarer anyway
Manual conversion help needed
Genuine Key Information
Got fined for i at fault?
Pro pics of my soarer
Quick question
I wish i had this car
Surge/power loss
Soarer Crash in Adelaide
Heated Seats Question...
Steering Issues
What Colour Soarer Would You Buy Or What Colour Would you...
Archive through September 25, 2006
Archive through September 26, 2006
Archive through August 03, 2010
Why do people find the flip down cup holder so fascinating?
Caltex Vortex Premium
Check this out
Anyone knows where can i get aftermarket o2 sensors?
Should i take it?
Mechanic in Brisbane Northside
Which hid socket to get?
R154 Gearbox bushings
Problem with steering
Stock TT to the dyno
Toyota Genuine Parts direct from Japan - Amayama Trading
New97 VVTi Soarer: compare and contrast
Archive through July 25, 2005
[EOI] Removable Roof Racks
My soarer at powercruise 19
How do I find more info on my 97 UZZ31
Panel Beater in Brisbane near western suburbs
Fuel efficiency of sc400 v8.
Just a warning for soarer owners
Help with Interior dimensions
Cash For Clunkers: What goes on.
Need help and opinions :-)...
How do I adjust headlights down?
Absolutely Insane Soarer!!!!
Thoughts on custom plates? INFKTD
Archive through May 14, 2010
Archive through June 04, 2010
1 Year of Soarer Ownership
Headlights Help Please
Any tips for changing diff on TT
Ok kids - Anyone from Cronulla area here? Haro is conside...
My half cut. a few "what are these" questions
QLD Cruise ... its coming boys and girls. Sign up!
Everyone need to see this!!
Soarer in latest Zoo Magazine!
Door switch to lighter ones?
How do you reset day/date on emv
ZETUM ZU37 sports tires
This soarer or that soarer..?
Advice on getting a car from interstate
Plastic windows compared to glass windows.
DEFECTED -- now what?
Exhaust question
Another one bites the dust. (rode rd and Gympie rd inters...
Anyone interested in swapping soarers?
Repairing scuff mark on rim
Air Intake.... What to do
Auto window closing without key in ignition
Handbrake loose
Mobile Motorbike Dyno
Dyno run to day
Fuel efficiency.
Where to buy - water pump and seals?
Some pr!ck damaged my car
A warm sunny morning in the Adelaide Hills
Aftermarket headlight globe for jz30
Car is in garage,
Got hosed by a Skyline today for the first time today....
Archive through June 24, 2010
Dumb? front LCA ball joint question
Do factory manual TTs come with cruise control?
3 liter straight six engine,
Classing a Soarer as a Special interest vehicle?
Dynolicious... iPhone dyno?
Soarer on Ebay starting bid 1 million
Does anyone have boot measurements?
WHAT A BARGAIN!!! trade in your enzo/599gto/lfa today for...
Centre dash put out diagram
Help Please!!!
Most reliable model?
YouTube Vid
Hands up if you have a V8 MANUAL?
How many wheels will fit in a Soarer boot?
Dodgy roadworthy?
After Opinions on R154 Box
Spotted REEPA
Power steering intermittently goes heavy ( V8)
Will usa lower control arms fit uzz31 with airbag suspension
How much is my soarer worth?
Shift Kit
Whats the Diff??
New good looking wipers!
Can you use than Air Conditioning pump as an air compressor?
Few pics of the Soarer
Looking At buying a V8
Rejuvenating Rubber Seals?
Journal or ball bearing
Whats my wide body worth?
Archive through June 01, 2010
Small Video demonstrating Harry Lemmens V8 ECU
Need opinions on audio setup
Turbo timer?
Better then a soarer? LOL
Hankook Carbon wrx vid from WTAC
Can someone over east post me some vinyl dye?
Shipping - sending a half cut
Selling the soarer
Front grille group buy
New wheels!
Pod Filter Cover
Selling Price?
Realistic Price
Name of screws on the boot
Bad News
Wanting a Pic, a joke about ca18/1jz/rb25/26/2jz and Man ...
Archive through May 06, 2010
Any one here have a American SC400 ECU?
Anyone tried CD CRAFT ?
Anyone from the Sunny Coast or near Marcoola?
Africans In Soarers, Anyone else noticed this trend?
Archive through April 22, 2010
Mechanics in Gold Coast
Drifting in Japan.
Something different!
New Soarer owner, lots of questions!
Build Code Details
Which tyres for my 19's?
General Toyota import mechanic in Sydney
Blitz ECU fix
WARNING SCAMMERS using carsales
Questions regarding steering wheel hub on SRS equipped so...
Check out this bad taste project soarer
TV Ads
Battle Version Soarer in May Import Tuner Mag
Rego in South Australia
LS pics taken today
Melbourne soarer specialist mechanic
19 inch chromed rims maintanence.
Coolant Spillage?
My experience buying a soarer
Archive through February 16, 2010
Another One Bites the Dust
Reversing lights! Just Stopped working?
Glovebox Cooler
2.5TT Insurance
AWD soarer
The guess the rwkw game
Cleaning window sprayers?
Where to buy cheap but good parts?
Ebay purchase advice
Just done my tune!
Tuning Show, Budapest (Hungary) 2009 sponsored by Monster...
Can you make the Power Steering stiffer?
Cleaning smeared windows
Alarm not working?
Advice Please
Robert Day??
So hard to decide
Information on remote engine starters...
Hi all
Melbourne hail storm
Best way to attach badges ?
Is it ok if a UZZ31 was driven with the air suspension tu...
Blitz ECU repair
Radiator pipe
UZZ31 Stock weight
Soarer TV
Is this theoretically possible?
OH why no Sunroof... WHY !?
Lowering fuel consumption (aka repair your ecu!)
Archive through March 01, 2010
Thomastown Wedding!!
Tsukuba Super Lap 2009 coverage at
Why is it so?
Carby cleaner and oxygen sensor?
Your wheels !
Just a few questions
New accessory for the house
4" exhaust tip muffler
How would a 2JZ-GTE work in a UZZ31?
Cornering lights
UZZ31 Best Towing Car I've Owned
Defected, defected, defected and DEFECTED AGAIN
Archive through March 24, 2009
Archive through March 27, 2009
Dashboard: ODO off?
Toyota wheel nuts
Random Question
Anyone know what brand wheels these are?
Motor Oil
Reducing the size of the rear spare tire/battery well, Ca...
2jz alternator!
What tool to use?
Electric rear windows? and Rear fold down arm rest?
Diff centre replacement
Is the NA Supra A304E auto a match for the TT Soarer?
Respray white with blue pearl??
2JZ-GE engine, where from?
Quick colour opinions
Toyota Chaser/Mark II... I WANT ONE!
Intercooler Part Number: NEED HELP IDENTIFYING IT
Who would like this sexy thing?
Not mine, but looks good :-)...
Check this 1UZ out.
Highest Miles on a Soarer/SC
Does this sticker look ok?
Does This sound like a normal power figure?
More effin problems
Anyone want Uenos d1 soarer?
Inside the ignitor
New radiator and flushed auto transmision
Cruze ?!?! ?!
If i was to get another soarer this would be it
Where to put e-manage ??
How long is too long?
Missing ????
Where do you service your Soarer in Melbourne?
Hks fcon pro
Problem with Castle Hill Toyota website?
Battle scars
Lets find the most power made from a 1jz
Superspark coils for 1jz and 2jz
Archive through October 30, 2009
Archive through December 01, 2009
Boost Gauge
Any recomendations for a 2200km round trip?
Need some assistance on purchasing a Soarer.
Archive through December 24, 2009
Yes its another analogue dash thread
What a difference 40mm makes
Drivers side shake and bake mirror
Hay all just staring a new thread
Correct me if im wrong :-)...
Dishonest Members
Archive through August 12, 2009
URGENT what is the PN for a V8 radiator pls
Why would I consider that?
Toyota Parts prices #565
How to transport a Soarer boot lid
Lexus/toyota airbags
Aftermarket Taillights mod.
1UZ Twin ROTOREX Supercharged MX5 @ Sydney 500
Wrecking a Soarer, is it worth it??
My car smells like petrol!
Best price on tyres on Sunshine Coast
How loyal to the Soarer are you?
Archive through October 18, 2009
Archive through October 20, 2009
Archive through October 22, 2009
Wishing to get some advice for buying
Three spokes on a soarer, what do you think?
Archive through November 21, 2009
What does a greddy 3 bar map sensor do???
Anyone purchased toyota coil packs from the US lately???
S E Queensland Dyno day
Getting a Soarer - Couple of things though...
Remote turbo setups on a v8 soarer
How reliable ANDREW VLAMOS
Custom made rims
You Tube Soarer Photo Compilation
Finally made up my mind
Very nice
Can anyone calculate how far out my speedo is?
My Car Obviously Isnt Running Right
Archive through November 13, 2009
Is there any online shops where i can buy aftermarket par...
Now how do you do this?
Guys Who Bullshit About Power Gains From Mods!
Archive through October 29, 2009
What I have been upto this week3 (bushes)
What I have been upto this week3 (LSD)
Need to know urgently
Supra bilsteins into a UZZ31 ???
Getting a CD stacker fixed
Interstate car carriers
What to keep ?
SoarerCentral Calendar honies
Saying goodbye to the oran park skidpan
Trust pulley kit
Overseas stores
Soarercentral stickers look awesome!
Longer wheel studs - where to buy?
Help with auctions
Who can buy from yahoo japan?
Soarer's can power skid
Archive through October 25, 2009
Last Ever State Championships at Oran Park This Weekend -...
Chrome dipping
Engine swap to 2UR-GSE
Archive through October 26, 2009
Can I fit a **** engine into my Soarer?
Yahoo Japan Bodykits
Sparco wheel fit on momo or autotechnica boss?
Part Numbers
Want some help
XR6T enigine swap
Archive through October 19, 2009
Mercedes with TT engine
Gold TT spotted today (Melb)
P plate laws
Anyone else made their own extractors??.....
Gauge installation
Chasing 200RWKW UZZ31
ATTN: Victorians.
Archive through September 17, 2009
Hot 4's photoshoot??
Timing belt and water pump replacement
Just Got My New Exhaust!
Ebay V8 Turbo Supra
Can we say eeew
Wtf.. i have no honest idea how this would work...
Lock nut removal
Blow Off Valve
Five seater Soarer
Has anyone ever tried.........
Soarer burnout
V8 weight reduction
...::: need opinions on bodykit :::...
Curiousity, can anyone tell me what this is..
Part number
Is this likely to be repairable?
Soarer at powercruise
Bosch Aerotwin wipers - modern-style wipers for the Soare...
Archive through September 22, 2009
Fuel economy?
Archive through September 22, 2009
So Finally Cleaned My AirCon Filters
Spark plug leads
What to look for? Complying and buying
How long do you
Archive through March 05, 2008
New V8 cat-back exhaust system :-)...
Archive through October 28, 2008
Help - pre amp
Passenger window F***KED
Gullotto Drag Soarer
Leather seat cover warning
9.36 sec sc300!
Stock chassis rigidity
The Pits!
Wood effect steering wheel
Anyone used hychill minus 30 in A/C
Lone soarer?
Soarer Crashed Into Tram In Adelaide CBD (with PHOTOS)...
V8 Soarer vs VS supercharged v6
To the fellas I met at Luxury and Performance yesterday
Soarer Vs. WRX STi 04
Engine Oil.....
Archive through June 20, 2009
Tectaloy coolant
AC Blower fan not working
Would you bid for these tools?
UZZ32 for sale on Trademe CHEAP!!
Purchased boot struts
Is It Possible?
Worst Luck
Wow, looks like a need a LSD
Archive through August 13, 2009
Stuff in fuel
Radiator hoses
Heater tap part number
Anyone used Kumho 712 tires?
Snapped off a bolt. How to remove?
How safe is a soarer?
Archive through August 18, 2009
Advice on cleaning the carpets
Soarer in Mackay
Servicing the Soarer where would be ideal?
V8 put to good use
Dark Window Tinting in VIC?
Your thoughts? next project...
Fuel Consumption! Is It Really That bad?
To those who know
Dvd player for car
265kw @ 9psi....stock turbos
Anyone installed a bolt in fire extinguisher?
Fix for steering wheel tilt not working????
Dyno power runs vary on operator?
Soarer T-shirt design
Cleaning your dash (instrument cluster)
A fairly Odd Question
Driver training
Flat battery - clutch start.
Shipping 2 front seats interstate - help please
Where to but these
New blue dash
Mid 12's woo
Launch controller
Removing front bar (WITH VERTEX FRONT KIT)
Griffin pics?
V8 lovers. I found this for you!
Soarer concept
Long journey
Hmm, Shall I get an MZ21 7MGTE or an MR2 3SGTE?
BRANZ & VLAMOS bushes, any comments?
Hi beam removal
Blue tint for climate control
Mega lag !
Use by date
The Dreaded Pits
Miss informed fools!
Chick drifting soarer in option vid
Hks ssqv flange
Black on Black
Has anyone used or seen these headlights before?
A couple of questions
Space in boot?
TT error code and brake light under hard accelaration
Lexus GS400
Help with info on escrow
Glass High Beams?
Sat June 13 WSID Day of the Soarer!!!
So what the story?
Looking for RETURN of V8 ECU
Should i paint this?
Found new place to buy parts
Tyres filled with nitrogen?
Archive through February 18, 2008
Leather seat covers install??????
Tell your insurance company
Emissions question
Advice on selling a Soarer
Selling a soarer and buying another
Where is the factory oil pressure light?
Holy crap Robin!!!!
What to do next
Soarer??? Why not!
Archive through October 16, 2006
Engine Swap into a Landcruiser FJ40
Window seals
Look what happened!!!
So my car died.
Dual Canons
My air con STINKSSS
A fix for minor cracks in door trim
To supra or not to supra?
Emanage ultimate price ??
Just found a little more grunt, but.....
Anyone photoshopped a Soarer?
My new soarer progress
What's the new Soarer?
Archive through May 31, 2009
Thieving C*nts
Cheap R154 i saw for sale...
Has anyone brought these online?
Bit of degreaser and some paint :-)...
Squeaky Dash....
Wow i feel really sick!
My Soarer Had a Love Child [pictures]
LPC affecting launch?
Wheel alignment.
Water in boot
Soarer Convertible for sale.
Best Soarer Mechanic open on weekends Sydney
Clear glass lenses for standard head lights?
Manual TRD Gear knobs CHEAP!
Archive through May 28, 2009
My Car Was Victim of a Brutal Attack!
Tassie soarer owners??
Good Soarer mechanic in Tassie
Broken crank
Hks ssqv bov
Blitz Nur spec mufflers on a V8..
What would you do with $7 grand?
Bloody steering wheel lock
I am puzzled!
Exhaust noise laws?
Headlight installation rant
Lime green soarer in ballan
Looking to buy a soarer!
Help and opnions wanted
Nengun website
Where to buy an Apexi RSM at a good price?
Door Handle Mechanism
Is my soarer the Dirtiest?
Where's my griffin badge!!!!! (with Pic's)
Is this person on crack ?
Apexi AFC NEO, Uni Chip, & the Xede chip
Antennas on a soarer..your thoughts?
Goodbye SOARER CENTRAL :-(...
50RRA Slaughtered
What's K Rudd buying you?
Archive through March 18, 2009
Archive through April 06, 2009
Blank keyless entry remote ??
Will I or won't I?
Hey all new to soarers
Need help with headers in VIC!!!!!
Squeaky wipers
I was surprised to learn...
Proof that soarer attracts pussy!
Ferrari wheels
Any Lawyers out there?
Is a non turbo soarer worth modifying?
Jack and Jack Stand locations on the soarer.
LPG conversion in melbourne
What should I do next?
My soarer so far
Starfire Tyres
Need help removing headlight
Towbars and Weather Shields
R154 in a v8?
Best place to buy an Apexi Power Intake?
Anyone tubbed or gone american style on soarer???
Serpentine belt failure
UZZ32 on Ebay FSG colour.
Hit a roo! Bugger!
Just playing around at work - Soarer
A few EASY questions...
Well Done Lew
Tyre loading and insurance
Car shudders on takeoff??????
1jz head
The magic of a pressure cleaner, CRC and some TLC :-)...
Price of parts for sale
Cleaned headlights and put in new lamps
Interesting comparisons
$35 k soarer...
Wrecking a TT Soarer worth it?
Pesky firewall problems...
Transporting cars between states
What is this????
LOL who wants to explain this?
Shameless plug SE Qld cruise 2
Where's the best place
Fully Sik Cruise Map Generator
What's the difference?
Nexen tyres
Marketing Lexus when it launched
Show us your stealth mods!!!
Archive through February 28, 2009
I hate you: PART 2
Found something interesting!
I hate you
Fully sik teins on ebay
Different rear tyres. Yes or No ?
Muffler removal
Talking of tyres
95 model tail light....
Wiper spray
Couple of general question
What's up guys? Long time, and a few questions...
Air intake ....turn it upside down !!!
BFI Choices & Tests
Archive through August 22, 2008
Can you get this part separate?
Horn Relay
New Cafe Phillip Island
Y Keyless enty key?
Im going down in history!!!
Suprastick v4 status on an auto soarer with manual computer
Who wants one?. LMAO!
What are the biggest
Whereabouts of an ex colleague of Nam
What Do You Guys Think...
Induction propeller??...any ideas?
Upgrading time is now! WTF happen to Soarer prices
Archive through January 28, 2009
Something to drool at......
With Supercharger Woes Come New Possibilities
Shamsless plug! SE-QLD Cruise
Brett Stevens arrested in drug bust
Dyno results
V8 Soarer Cat Back Exhaust
I can't give my money away in Perth...
Installed my FMIC today.......
Some people
Retail therapy
Wheel Chroming
Here's my 1jzgte swap thread link
What Are V8 Soarers Really Worth???
Archive through January 29, 2009
Bad wheel offset?
Some idiot tried to shorten my Soarer. Good workshops Syd...
What would you do?
Dip stick
Dam good start to the new year!
Dash mat
Cleaning stock intercooler
Nice vid of a UZZ31...
Halarious video about the new IS-F
Stalling soarer
Stacker cartridge value?
Ok Lets Talk Insurance..HELP!
Cheap soarer sc400
Problems after cam belt change
Help needed
Front lip
SC's gone wild
Trust/GReddy filing for bankrupcy
Compliance Plate - No of seats
Archive through June 11, 2007
Archive through January 12, 2009
Castle hill sale of quick shift
Soarer With Air Bag Suspention Handling
What model Soarer Has All the options?
I Have An Important Question..
Jeremy Clarkson shoots an LS400
No reserve active (UZZ32) on ebay
What Is This Thing?? Pic Included
Soarer Key cut? info
Are these soarer specs true??
Soarer Seats - It has been a while
Unichip ecus
Orientation of Pollen Filters
SC300 2J Turbo - If only its in Aus.....
Need a solution
What do people think of trhis
Check this out
Have gold emblems? Want chrome? DIY
Is it possible to import LHD SC400 2000model.
Coloured vaccum line? Where to get it
Talking of fuel.........
What do i need to reg imports in NSW
Burnt Soarer wreck for $700 on ebay - WTF ????
How To: Remove the Driver Side Grab Handle
Find of the internet century
Wtf but wtf seriously look at this Soarer.
What a drag
Speed limit on lower shifts
Custom Plate Ideas - V8 Soarer
Archive through December 11, 2008
Biggie Smalls
Some interesting observations on soarer cooling systems
Archive through October 29, 2006
Sc400 shifter on soarer
Help around the Frankston area!!!
SE QLD Cruise THIS WEEKEND ! Sat 13th DEC. Wivenhoe Dam
Is it ok to wash a TRD panel filter?
Predicament, need help.
Should I buy this soarer
Lexus vs Toyota Battle
Archive through December 04, 2008
Pics with new wheels
Anyone from perth cruising tonight
Active Suspension - is it really ?
Some pics of my soarer.
New tyre time! Opinions please.
Rear Washer
Few Random Pics
Re-incarnating a Soarer/SC400
Help me!!!!
Why I regret buying a soarer 3 years ago!
The soarer Chassis...
I have a question
Aftermarket tail lights
Any one seen "eagel eye" ??
A stupid question
Is this a suspension issue?
Vinnigar pty ltd Importers????
Legality - Pod filter in enclosed airbox...
New sound system, plus I can't park for cr@p
ACT SC400 crash- 1 dead, 4 injured
How to find the build date...
FSG Soarer with black rims.
Removing the speed cut, any new developments?
ECU Reset theory. opinions?
New mods and new tune, what time will I run down the 1/4?
Installing cams and cam gears prices $$
Best way to clean floor mats? noob q's
Has anyone seen these before?
Diehard soarer
Is she a write off or not (perth)
About to buy my first Soarer (In Canada)
New Bar
Headlight setting
Option differences: RHD Soarer vs LHD SC400?
Windscreen washer bottle pump grommet
Wheel stud size
Opinions on octane booster?
P-Plate restrictions in Perth?
What should my next mod be?
Requesting Pics
New TT Exhaust
WTF??? (with pics)
CAN'T OPEN BOOT !!! please help
Motorkhana vids, more exciting this time
Couple of questions...
Removing the front bar - found a 'surprise'
Just thought I'd post a couple of pics
Look at what i found!
Parts list/finder
UZZ32 on carsales
Stroker kit
Attention Queenslanders
My carsales ad...
Do you know this car???
Boot warning light
Boot compartments
My first track day! Winton!
Buying a soarer ...
Sun Visor Japanese
TT brakes
What is this?
You and your Soarer
Gippsland park hill climb
Autosalon Pictures 2008
Being Defected in another state.. Is it Possible??
Market Value Of Soarer
1uz wolf 3d - what tuner do i use?
Specification comparisons - Similar cars to the Soarer
A Video Tribute to the Soarer.
BFI help in Melbourne
Archive through September 12, 2008
Who can paint my tyres?
Soarer/LS430 combo
Some spare time fun...
OBD and ScanGuage issues (again!)
Can i have an opinion plz???
Engine combining both 2- and 4-stroke functions
100,000km service
Fuel Capacity Q
Drag Day (V8 Soarer)
Amazing Soarer Video
QUEENSLAND Soarer cruise coming up !
Some new tail lights for soarer
Ok PERTH people, I need your help
Can anyone please identify this hose?
Central locking while driving.
1JZ - Custom coilpack cover plate. Removes ugly factory p...
Anyone have dealings with Y***a M******y?...
Need Some Help For Basic Stuff
Is this common??
DIN Temperature Display
T88 V8 soarer VIDs and updates
BFI - Sydney Siders take note
DVD/Tv tuner install
Rumbling fuel tank
So i got pulled over last night
Airconditioner regas
Spoiler Part Number
Soarer clothing/club wear!
Eyebrow Height
Firewall holes
High kms
Archive through August 24, 2008
Great site for parts !!!!!!
Bought another Soarer
Fujitsubo exhaust-whats it worth?
Look what i found..
A Couple of Questions
Anyone know anyone who can inspect a soarer pre-purchase WA
Should I buy a soarer? Give me some adive please
Help with car inspection.
United 100 vs Shell 100
Nitrogen in tyres
Archive through August 28, 2008
Hehe hoho haha I never knew my Soarer had THIS !
Do i have a rare colour?
Exhaust Q.
Air Purifier Info
Got my EXHAUST done!
Anyone know this soarer???
Vic Cruise 19-4-08. Story and pics!
How to Neaten up Seatbelts
Airbox Q:
Wakefield Park - RANT
Picasso Soarer
Archive through August 01, 2008
If you have some spare time....
Could someone please.......
Just bought a 96 UZZ31
Put money down on a soarer, best money I ever spent
Things to do on your day off
Brotherly love
Wreckers in dandenong?
Removing Suspension
Need some advice
My other 'what you reckon?'
What does everyone reckon?
What could this noise be?
What"s wrong with my car?
ARD Comliance plate
Established Members
TT Soarer Newbie Questions
New Lexus Coupe
Need colour code and photo
What's gone wrong with your Soarer since you bought it?
Archive through August 24, 2006
Archive through August 26, 2006
Yellow Sticker
Archive through July 20, 2008
Lost my license
Archive through July 25, 2008
Can i borrow standard air box for EPA Test (Vic)
Help, what the hell is going on..
Painfully cheap Jzz30
15 inch rims
Gas Motorsport Celica - 6.68@212mph
Quick soarer vid!!!
Pics of my hot, sexy and naked baby
Things you find
What happened to all the decent Toyotas?
Archive through July 25, 2008
Weird Issue With The Soarer
PlasticX and dash cluster
ALSC forum
Weird day...
At last, a Queensland cruise!
Idle issue
Compulsive's a SIN!!!
Sweet Lord, we have a Soarer
Quick HELP ! Window motor...
Does anyone know where Micheal Keen is??
Need an answer!!!!!
Trac Control Wont Turn Off
Which import do you like the most?
Insurance NSW
How Much For My Car You Rekon????
Vic plates on ebay.
Ok, who owns this soarer!?!?
Pulse plugs
Attention Vinh Bui
Noob q's (what colour is the seat belt?)
Anyone ever seen a soarer like this?
1JZ TT Air flow
1UZ-FE powered Cadillac Limo
Seat belt questions!!! (with photos)
Upgraded turbo.. now I have a real problem on my hands O.o
High beam Light Removal
The big Sell!
11.99 - Nearly there
Water in rear light
Aftermarket Sensor install locations
Turning lights (i.e. fog lights to some) on lower front b...
Electrical Fix's
Dont take your soarer to MV Auto's!!
Baby seat anchor point
Has anyone ever had a problem with
Soarer help!
SC400 TT, Twin Intercooled, NOS etc etc
EOI needed here people...
Way some people should never buy soarer's
Reverse lights not reliable: Transmission switch body rem...
What colour is these door trim? (noob q's)
Will these rims fit my soarer?
ABS, you gotta love it
I went big single...
Locked steering.
Front strut braces
$1 for a Toyota Soarer Sc400 Limited UZZ32 active
A New Daily Driver. :-)...
Does anyone here own this soarer?
DANG Seatbelts!
How much for standard seats?
Baby seat
Supercharged Turbo Soarer Burnout
Electric Car - I want one.
Would a ScanGauge II fit a soarer?
What can i do? someone smashed my car but now he is hidding
I think my car is haunted.
Auto gearbox fit in boot?
EBay A##Hole - Few Soarer owners burnt.
Archive through April 14, 2008
Whats the difference between lexus sc300 and toyota soarer
The Right Choice
1UZ powered Bullet
It's been awhile, so I'll post a few pics
Fuel Pump Limitations
Toyota Soarer JDM Brochure
Help! Std reverse camera
The end of an era ...
Alloy welder in Perth?
Soarer rego inspection ACT
Broken soarer, EVERYTHING must go!
SOARER parts , bargain on ebay.(lots of AIRBAG struts)...
How to work out date of manufacture?
Mystery button?
[SA] Soarer Service
What is faster a motor bike or a car??
Archive through May 11, 2006
Archive through May 12, 2006
Archive through May 14, 2006
Archive through May 17, 2006
Cleaning headlights
Archive through May 02, 2008
TRD decals/badges/logos on a Soarer. Rice or Nice?
New Taillights For 91 soarer
Hello from the Soarer Club of Russia - Write to us ....
Will greddy intercooler kit fit in a stock soarer bar?
Are there any good Toyota soarer wrecker in Adelaide?
Where should I put this new badge?
Soarer COP
Damsel still in distress
Need a new gearstick for manual TT!
Nice Soarer Video
Most fun you can have in a soarer for $50. Vids!
Win $15,000 in mods
To continue soaring
I'm broke, so I did this...
My New 1996 model UZZ32 Active Soarer
Archive through August 21, 2005
Archive through October 14, 2005
Damsel really in distress now!!
Cheap, dodgy, effective v.havntwedonethisbefore
Where do buy a good GEAR GAITER SHIFT BOOT for manual soa...
Accelerator stuck down
How much...
100,000 km birthday
Where to buy soarer cup holder?
A/D Light ?
I really feel for you Aussie guys...
Another 32 Bites the Dust
Archive through February 14, 2008
Cheap motor on ebay..
Ballarat Soarer Service Agent ??
Ebay smart ass owned
Check out my video
People will try anything......hahahahahaha
Do i need a fan shroud? for my TT
JZZ31 Fuel Pump
Weird sound from car/passenger door not unlocking/damsel ...
The time is NEARLY here!
Couple pics of my car
1UZ and 2ZJ pr0n..
Windscreen wanted
Single VS Twin
Cheap, dodgy yet effective camera mount
Passengar Support Handle
Soarer Key Blanks
Hot Gossip :-)...
SC's Gone Wild
What to look for
Getting back into the scene
Engine compression?
Rival Performance ??
Uni chip application with forced Induction....
HELP! pretty please..
SOARER/LEXUS 1992 dealer introduction video
My new VVT-i KILLED by a moron.
Factory Supercharged V8 Soarer??
Vids of my v8 turbo soarer at WSID
WSID T88gk-1 vs 1uzfe-0
Soarer in hong kong
1st time to a drag strip..
Archive through March 28, 2008
Business Cards
TT Fuel Tank
Ignition Barrel removal..
Car Alarm Supply and Fitting
Rare 3 litre Twin Turbo T-bar
Soarer Central VIC Dyno Day #4
Got spare US$85k? D1 USA Vertex Soarer for sale
Replacement rims for a soarer.
Key and Ignition Help..
Damaged frame rail :S
Exhaust System '95 SC300
New Carpets
Late models soarers differences (1996-2000)?
2JZ-GTE engineering???
ASI65x instructions! Needed .....Please
JZZ31 V8 Conversion.
"neverending touring with SOARER"
GS300 Common Parts
All Toyota Parts Dealers
Soarer VS R8 Clubby
Good parts website
Gas Mileage
Any late model VVT-I Soarers in Adelaide?
Paint job: Lambo orange or 350Z orange?
1JZ747 = 9.36 ET AT 156 MPH
Yokomo R/C Soarer
R/C Drift Soarer
Resprayer needed
What is your favorite Auto related Magazine?
So who's Who?
Supra GTE power vs NA soarer. (haha)
Tell us your mechanic stuff ups.
Storring my Sc400 for six months
Custom fabrication - Newcastle area
Toyota Soarer - Mercedes CLK - WHAT THE F#$K!?
Went to Black Spur for a cruise
Apexi Intake BFI
Boredom invoked mods
Courier for wheels
MServicing Price qestion?
ATTN: Joshua Rao.
How do you find out in your got an lsd?
Help need on parts
Going for a loooong drive
Ouch! Check this out!
Archive through February 21, 2008
Wheel Alignments settings??
Another UZZ32 bits the dust
Dorifto Special
Aftermarket cruise control? q's?
Nice silver Griffin badge and silver 'L'
Look at this Wrecked SC
Thinking of buying...
Hypertune V8 T88gk soarer dyno vid!
Rush headers fitted
SC prices skyrocket
You have to see this
TT-style wheel nuts
Gear stuck and the red button does not work??
Check this out
Need some pictures of the underside of a soarer engine bay
Running water sound!
Cadillac Seville STS?
Coolants: LLC Red vs SLLC Pink - what are the differences?
The Hulk
Forced lube oil pump
Car stalling....
1000hp 1UZ in a.... Commodore!
How powerful is yours?
Ooooooooooooh, shiny :-)...
Exhaust volume
Russian 2JZ+AWD SC300
Some pics of my beast
Soarer or Weather???
Soarers have a mind of their own - sorry, this ended up s...
Speed kills
Looking for the 2 VIN #'s
Soarer being considered a 'high powered' vehicle in VIC....
Check This Out :-)...
Toyota Recalls
Really need some help finding this dam noise!!!s a noise...
Compliance - Now uses OEM seatbelts?
Need a mechanic in Geelong
Advice wanted!
First time driving with an LSD
What is this 2
What is this?
Archive through January 14, 2008
100W bulbs for headlight??
Type of petrol
Can anyone from Gold Coast help..plzzz!
Your opinions on rims for my car
SC300 Turbo Dyno Video...
HAHA i made the CH9 News ! oh and merry xmas
Looking for Help! Stereo installer for soarer.In Melb-Wil...
Any info on this Soarer ?
SC400/Soarer with 4.7L Truck Engine
2JZGE exhaust - How to make it sound like a classic Jagua...
Interesting read on soarer specs
Playing Burnt Cds
Cleaned Soarer pictures
Soarer Belt Buckle
Not a gull wing. Check this.
Archive through January 03, 2008
Hypertune f@%ked up my Soarer!!!
Archive through December 10, 2007
Whats this 'OFF' switch under my JZZ31 Passenger seat.......
HNY >2008<
Bad Fuel Smell
A bit of advice on buying a Soarer
Proof Thats Daniels car launches hard!
Your advise on my car situation.
Archive through December 19, 2007
Car just got done by the hail storm :-(...
Archive through December 12, 2007
Soarer Death
Soarer is dead
Quick SC300, 9 sec
Archive through October 11, 2005
Archive through October 12, 2005
Archive through October 14, 2005
Rubber Seal Glue?
Buying struts in Japan
Wedding Clip
Entertaining downhill video....
I need some advice from the Soarer Community!
Melbourne to Queensland
Going to the wreckers tomorrow 16th dec
Want to buy Lucas TRW brake pads
Ripped Off!!!
Soarer as tow vehicle
Steering wheel play
Written off the blue beast.
FYI 1J/2JZGTE Engine Fan Fluid Replacement
Soarer update with pics
Archive through August 22, 2007
Main washer bottle
Anyone good photoshopping graphics on to cars?
Cheap Uzz32 in NZ....pretty rough though.
Supercharging in WA - Forget least for now...
Should I go for this 1991 Limited soarer?!
Archive through March 16, 2006
Archive through April 05, 2006
Aftermarket seat questions
So, V8 Limited's came with cloth seats???
Help needed; Axel Mass on TT?
Heart broken (smash)
GTT and GTTL differences
Is this an H Pipe or an X pipe in the exhaust?
Oh so lonely
Finally, something is going my way!
Trade your ugly side markers for sleek Lexus ones!
1gz Engine Conversion Anyone??
Toy model - soarer
Archive through November 14, 2007
Door Open Warning
LSD Help Please
Pics of the black beast
Archive through April 07, 2007
Boot Stops???
Something strange going on with my soarer ... dodgy
For you griffin fans
My Qtr Mile and Trans issues
ATTN anyone who has got Ben to fo any jobs for them (bfi ...
I got owned by a Merc AMG CLK 55!!
1 Sad Soarer!
Archive through November 01, 2007
Jim's Rigoli Built VL TUrbo "Boostn"
Anyone Here own this car ?
Soarer vs. Chunk of metal
Preaching to the Converted.
SC430 wheels
Mechanics in Sydney North or North West?
Spotted UGLY
Archive through September 20, 2007
How many actives are left
Soarer and Celsior Ute Digital Image.
CD changer repair, where?
Some advice for potential Soarer owners
Stickers of the club to purchase?
Anyone know the address to write Toyota in Japan?
New soarer owner-Wanting to know where you buy new headli...
Is this a 1998 model Soarer?
New Soarer Owner, any tire recommendations?
What happens when you cross a Soarer and Supra...?
Archive through October 13, 2007
Some Aristo's and a Soarer for sale in Japan.
See if you can get this one.
Soarer broken into
EOI: Painting Calipers
Stripped weight?
V8 -> TT convert?
Archive through October 07, 2007
Good god!!! (watch the tach too)
One less soarer
Archive through October 10, 2007
Check this out!! lol thay could have used the sc400
Need vicroads high powered vehicles listing pdf
My Dyno Result
Lexus / Toyota navigation DVDs in EMV ?
Trusted Suspension shops in Sydney?
Tint places in Adelaide
That stupid boot lock button!
Does anyone from Brisbane know Trent Toovey?
Hot rod 1uz
Any one know whos good at fitting exausts in adelaide
Put deposit on Soarer a few questions!!
Aftermarket twin manifolds on EBAY for T25s
Need help with service
EOI: HID Groupbuy. KIPOINT 4300K-12000K, 1 Year Warranty?
Crusing with mates!
My weekend projects
Is ATS still Operating???
My mechanic (in NSW) is the best
Thinking about turboing my 8!
Starting the car after 9months
New Soarer - Lots of Pics
Confirming Milage on an imported Soarer
Photos of my Soarer...
Spare steering wheel in Adelaide anyone?
Anyone done 2J into V8 Soarer Conversion
Soarer fever
Ex Japan V8 oil filters from Jeff Harper. Any spare ones?
261RWKW at 7 psi
Archive through September 07, 2007
2007 Van Diemens Motor Show -Tasmania
Is this true??
Wiper Arm removal, need advice.
Criticizing Soarers
What is this?
Jinxed Soarer
Oooh i like this ebay Soarer !
Need quick answer would these fit a soarer
Should I buy this car?
[YES MAM] stolen in WA
POWER button: what does it really do?
Anyone had issues with their RSM?
Brisbane Road Tunes - Comming Soon
Fatal Tragedy
What is Import grading?
Steering wheel deployed airbag already
New pics of your cars!
Archive through August 23, 2007
Hey guys i gotta 300zx but also a soft spot for soarer
Would these fit my soarer?
Altezza Tail Lights
100,00kms Service on TT
Finding parts in the EPC
Repairing Rims
V8 Soarer with NOS
Archive through March 17, 2007
Help! Soarer feels weird..
Soarer Console question
First Dyno Run - Basically Stock TT
Who has aftermarket wheels on their UZZ31?
Stock wheels
Some pistures of my Black V8
Quick Question
Pics of some new goodies
My arse end feels like its about to throw! Please help
What is the go with Soarer prices??
Soarer's like a kid in a candy shop, cannot make up its m...
Exhaust - Twin or Single
Quarter mile time
New pics of the Soarer
Good Mechanics in Bondi Area
Dyno results
To anyone that jumped on the climate lcd group buy bandwagon
FREE - Toyota Electrinics Parts CD's/Catalogue
Archive through May 01, 2007
Zoom Magazine
Quater mile calculator
Well this road has ended and another one begins
Road Worthy Certificate (VIC)
Jack & Jackstand placement? ASAP!!!
DOT 4 Brake Fluid?
HELP!! Car making scary sqeaking/rubbing noise.
Pics of dirty fuel sender
The impact of wheel diameter on acceleration
What to look for when buying a Soarer?
Soarer performance question
Car parts
Advise on cat back exhaust
New Plates
Check out my babies
Being of curious nature just thought id throw this questi...
A couple of questions
[VIC] need to borrow a trailer, or someone to help me tow...
Boredom + 11.5" Rays + stretched drift spec rubber =...
Dumb f@!ken Cops!
Who to go to for soarer inspection?
So Im looking for a JZZ31
Farewell to my Soarer... she will be missed :-(...
Yell Out For Darwinites
Everything you ever wanted to know about Drag Racing, bu...
Bad experience re: Tim Hepworth
A REAL SKYLINE - this guy had brains!!
The tint professor??
Could this be new Soarer? Lexus LF-A
Matt black FMIC pics
Just a Q about my windows
Central coast Floods!
Need some help pricing my Soarer UZZ32
FMIC $345 Bargain or what? You decide!
Archive through December 19, 2006
Archive through December 25, 2006
Damn Badge Theives!
Taking Matters to Court - Restrictions
Archive through June 11, 2007
My frirst dyno run with all my new mods
Finally - My new cat-back exhaust :-)...
Archive through January 31, 2007
Attn - Mark Paddick
Awesome deal
How much could I get for my soarer?
11 second run
Archive through March 31, 2007
Archive through May 14, 2007
Tyre Pressures
Archive through November 15, 2005
Archive through February 04, 2006
Archive through February 15, 2007
Archive through February 20, 2007
Please help me ... my car dies off!!
1992 soarer as opposed to a 1991 SC400 ?
A little too much for a Chaser wouldn't you say
Archive through April 07, 2007
For those that have Imported their own cars
Need help from the Professionals,Car Enthusiests and ever...
So i just got pulled over...
Kamikaze motors
Lexus SC400 1992 dealer introduction video
Second Opinion
V8 soarer production history
I want to see something CRAZY!! Unique Soarers!
Part Auction Gold Mine
For the man who needs it all....
Interesting looking older soarer!
Cressida into the nines
The New Baby
Power / Overdrive
NOVATED Lease HELP. Can anyone wrap their head around this
Archive through May 03, 2007
Archive through May 04, 2007
LATEST DYNO SHEET 526.9 rwkWs at 25psi
Sunshine Coast mechanic
Parts Availability in Canada
What I've been to....
Where to buy
Might be forced to sell the Soarer
My polishing efforts!
Honest opinion... (set of Advan 17's)
Message for SONOFA
Some Error codes I need help with...
Brisbane Soarer Imports
On : Rare UZZ32 Active - but is the price...
Archive through May 05, 2007
ALSC forums.
Archive through May 08, 2007
Small world
V8 oil
Archive through April 16, 2007
Rocker Cover gaskets and Trans Fluid
1JZ and 2JZ rocker cover gasket compatability?
Cairns and surrounding area Memebers
Interesting change to Just Cars insurance policy
Archive through May 01, 2007
How to clean engine bay area?
I need your help
1200Hp for $19k hmmm
Service in Nambour
Where's the best place to buy parts from. v8 soarer
Some pics and my new rims
Pimp pimp hooray!!! haha
Wife appreciation.... :-)...
EEK Cheap wheels
2jz crankshaft on a 1jz
Anyone at Sydney Autosalon
One year on...
Soarer wallpaper: NEW!
Is it possible
Soarer prices
Late Notices Wedding Car Needed
Production Table
Desperate help required
Coreflute BFI
Check this out - NSW
Im back and with new plates !
Dash - Change colour?
Is this an active??
Retrofitting Ultrasonic Mirrors
Gas conversion
Say Goodbye to my ride
Done again
Beat a WRX tonight
Archive through March 17, 2007
Archive through March 20, 2007
Archive through April 12, 2007
Archive through April 13, 2007
Help with info on Gauges...
What a sad moment...
Power braking
Have you heard about them??
A little help needed
Cheap soarer on E-bay any idea Who's
Let's Break The Record!!! - May 12th Great Ocean Rd Cruis...
Dump pipe on ebay.
Car on Carsales
Where's this water coming from?
Your opinion / Advice
Archive through April 10, 2007
Nitrogen Recharge of UZZ32 Active Suspension Shocks!
How much do you guys think this is worth????????
Went out for milk this morning and came back with this...
Archive through April 11, 2007
Archive through March 28, 2007
Looking for V8 Limited in Melb
Clear Indicator on Rear Lights
Hi all happy easter
First run at the drags
Help Please! Re Parts CD Input
Hydraulic Tensioner or Tensioner Pulley?
Washer nozzle not working and pink corrosion looking stuf
What is this?
SOARER vs smoked NSX
Woohoo got my baby back!!
Any Recommended Clutch Specialists in Sydney?
Driving Without Airbag
My Soarer is Munted!!!!!!!!!!
Archive through April 02, 2007
Vids from mini jamboree
Cressida now national record holder and runs 146.4 mph hacked
Need advice - can i keep it as it is?
Melbourne, new member, need help.
800kms out of a tank?Possible?
V8 Soarer on LPG?
Ok, last chance to let me know if you want a carbon fibre...
Archive through January 23, 2007
Never Seen a Soarer like this before
Archive through March 26, 2007
Lexus blank key with remote!
Cant figure what price to sell tt soarer can anyone help?
Got defected!
Archive through March 24, 2007
Another Soarer in ASM
Archive through March 26, 2007
Final touch for the engine bay :-)...
So, I painted my car...
VE - 82 - NV
Funny number plate
:-) Yo Momma :-)...
Archive through March 12, 2007
Archive through March 13, 2007
Fantasy Cars - An A-Z of the World’s Best Contemporary ...
Older soarers
Steering Wheel Vibrates @ 90-100km/hr, but fine over that.
Sparking Resemblance
Car Transport
Trying to contact Mark Paddick
General Info on Mark Paddick
Dyno & 1/4 Mile Results Need More
One Year On...
See you all later and good bye to my soarer
It is a joyous day in the life of modified toyota owners!
Archive through March 12, 2007
Archive through March 15, 2007
Archive through March 16, 2007
Peter Pilkington has retired
I just got a Lexus soarer se400 but how do i work th cd p...
I want to import a set of wheels
Need To Get My Bonnet Open.
Not getting enough pussy??
Archive through March 02, 2007
Archive through March 05, 2007
Brake this Dimensions
Piers Convertable definitely FOR SALE! ...
Such a big range in price?
Mobil ATF 3309 transmission fluid
Picture Request (TT factory rims)
Our Old Soarer
Servicing a Soarer in Hobart
Window regulator
Is it worth it to get the soarer?
Broken Soarer
Part Number Please - V8 - 1991 - Engine ECU = ???
OMG LSD!)(#@*$#@
Perth Importer DCI
Archive through March 01, 2007
Photoshoot US spec SC300.
Stolen Rims
Canberra Hail Storms
Im Back
Groaning steering.
Dyno Graphs interesting Fuel Ratio
Hey All!
Emanage wiring
Toyota Soarer or Toyota Supra (Yes another one of these t...
Toyota in Daytona
Soarer series 3 - changed my mind on the V8...?
Archive through February 20, 2007
Do NOT buy this FMIC kit!
Archive through February 10, 2007
I Love this Pic of my car
Archive through December 20, 2006
Archive through January 29, 2007
Please explain
1UZ-FE powered Lotus
Archive through February 19, 2007
In car computer
Archive through October 20, 2006
Archive through October 28, 2006
Archive through November 05, 2006
Are we REALLY like this????????
Sell my SC300 1JZ for X100 Chaser?
Update on my new (to me) 91' UZZ31
Tein Coilovers + 20s
Squeeky Door
Newest Addition+
Auctions of seized goods in Brisbane
Shameful mistake
Archive through February 06, 2007
Space saver
Eye candy wtf is going on here then?
Your msn addy
Archive through October 06, 2005
Archive through July 15, 2006
Archive through July 17, 2006
Top Speed?
Archive through February 02, 2007
Is this Soarer a 1997 or not?
SOARERS-Why do we do what we do?
Archive through February 09, 2007
Video of 10.1 et pass
UZZ32 on auction in Japan - closes in 24 hrs
Sydney airport to Hawkesbury River a Soarer ?
Soarer EPC
Broken air vent question
What to look out for during test drive?
What do you recon?
Electromagnetic Suspension by Bose
New Wheels
Question about getting licence back
Size of tyre on 7.5" rim
Chirping noises
Archive through February 03, 2007
TT mechanical postings
Logevity of Soarers
Cant source these fasteners- 12pt, 8mm, grade 8 or 10.9
New soarer
Another Break in :-(...
Archive through January 30, 2007
I need a nissan part for my friend, help
Fuel Economy
Archive through January 24, 2007
Archive through January 30, 2007
SMT6 Wiring and Global settings update
"A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum" ...
What car for my girlfriend?
Archive through January 23, 2007
Archive through January 30, 2007
Travels in America
Archive through January 20, 2007
Look what I found in my seat rail....
Archive through January 26, 2007
Toyota in a honda
Extra grin
Interesting Japanese Sites
Everyone has probably seen it, but I will post it anyway.
A bit of Nostalgia
This picture looks familar
Inside of car filled with water
Fifth Gear tonight
Advice on Business Computer Network
Cool Soarer
Interior, Electrical, Mechanical, could house this post, ...
Russian on line EPC
V8 SC400 0-100 times
Archive through January 24, 2007
Tiff Needel drifting a Soarer
What The .... ?????
Waterless Car Wash
Archive through January 19, 2007
For insurance purposes Soarer or Lexus???
Archive through January 17, 2007
Query with Door Locks...
If Soarers were CATS!.................! ...
Archive through January 15, 2007
Archive through January 16, 2007
Project "It's NOT a Soarer" is Alive!
Sunshine Coast Soarers?
Japanes Auction sites
Lew the champion!
It's Stupid Question Time!!!
Sooooo I went Soarer-shopping today....
Proud owner of.... A 1/24 Scale Soarer!
The Soarer owners guide to workshop tools ...
New rims coming along nicely!
And I thought I'd seen the best Soarer ever made...
Archive through January 17, 2007
Car transport
Need Music to Match Car
Archive through January 08, 2007
Transport irms
Soarer models
2.5K to spend, what would you do?
Archive through January 11, 2007
Service progress & thoughts...
Toyota Spare Parts Division, West Tce, Adelaide
NSW People i need your help!
Best car park ever!!
Crashed Soarer... ;(
My Dash 1/4 Mile Video...
The Soarers New Home
Archive through January 07, 2007
Anyone want a Supercharged UZZ32 ???
Wheels to suit soarer?
Soarer city???
Greenline ...?
Soarer around the track?
Archive through September 28, 2006
Finally updated pics of Tealy Dan ...
Archive through January 06, 2007
V8 aristo
Apexi RSM
Annoying Cousin
The new Jaguar XK
Rear Glass Part Numbers
Speed Camera Fines
Archive through December 28, 2006
Archive through December 31, 2006
Door weight
Another WTF car from jspec imports
Archive through December 31, 2006
Fuel Consumption - From Bandiana to Palmerston
Are there any Soarers in NSW?
Autosalon Street Car of the Year
Archive through December 21, 2006
Archive through December 30, 2006
Griffon Badge
Exhaust tip----lexus logo
Ways to say "I LOVE YOU"
Lexus SC300 - 1st Attempt @ Night Photography
BOV Help
What is my SC300 missing?
Archive through December 06, 2006
Can i afford it?
Archive through December 23, 2006
Soarer Sold (the 1995 one)
Soarer EMV
One Teaser shot
What is this plug? (In Boot of GT Airbag V8)
Active owners in Victoria, your help is needed!!
Anyone after an "alternator"?
Want To Buy a GPS for my GT-L EMV Soarer - But Which One?
Buying a digital camera, recommendations?
Archive through December 15, 2006
Its on the way!
Coolest soarer ever?
Archive through December 14, 2006
Soarer 1/43 Diecast Model
Pedders Awesome Work - Details Inside
Cool pics
Importing soarer not for road use
Vertex kit owners
Archive through January 27, 2006
You Just Cant Overlook A 1JZ
Neil's Headers & New Exhaust
Wheel alignment specs!?!
1jz transplants
Archive through December 01, 2006
Future for my soarer
The soarer has to go
Value for money
How much did you pay for your Compliance?
If i was to.....
SILVER SOARER in SYDNEY ????? .............
Possibly the most "unique" bodykit out there
Archive through November 15, 2006
2 piece, 3 piece and split rims-fastener torque settings ...
TOYOTA = Never Say Die!
What price would you pay for a rare factory manual TT?
Archive through November 29, 2006
Archive through December 03, 2006
Tow Weight Soarer
What should i be making?
Heat proof paint?
1UZFE Soarer Bullet supercharger kit for sale
Vh45DE vs 1UZ-FE
First 1/4 Mile Run in the Soarer...
Borat Soarer sighting
Mercedes Soarer ?? :S
Annoying Passenger Traits
Archive through November 30, 2006
Archive through December 01, 2006
Ignition DVD - Hot Spot WA
Soarer Parts Cd's
The "other" Soarer...
Archive through November 23, 2006
Archive through November 30, 2006
Worlds fastest and quickest street tired 1jzgte goes faster
Archive through November 21, 2006
Archive through November 28, 2006
The devaluation of Soarers continues...
Archive through November 14, 2006
Archive through November 27, 2006
Sydney to Surfers
CarPC done!
BIP Toyota parts in Victoria
Soarer drag car debuts today
Archive through March 04, 2006
Ect pwr switch excitement
Archive through November 11, 2006
Rolling road test.
6 cyl Soarer vrs 4 cyl Celica
Lighten up
Photoshoot: US Spec Lexus SC300
Archive through November 20, 2006
Archive through November 10, 2006
Video clips
Alternate Blow off sounds
Archive through November 18, 2006
Power Steering Reservoir
Spotted TTS0RA
Conclusive proof that the Soarer is female
Archive through November 14, 2006
Bought myself a Chaser
Painting touch up
Updated Pictures of my Single Upgrade
Newcastle No Longer For Me. Off to Darwin
WA People - Need to borrow a pair of rear TEMS struts
Check this out!!
1998 Soarer 3 Litre Turbo Factory?
Supra Mk3 Torsen LSD - open case edition
Need tyres in Melb
Going away for a while.. any tips for keeping the car in ...
Hot soarer, damn japs
Archive through November 07, 2006
How do other cars handle compared to a UZZ32 Active soarer?
Archive through November 09, 2006
Tell Him He's Dreamin'
Archive through October 31, 2006
Nationalities of SC members (Not counting the Aussies!) <...
Archive through November 06, 2006
Archive through November 08, 2006
Apex Exhaust Valve Controller
Archive through November 09, 2006
Studio Photo's of my Soarer
Archive through October 05, 2006
Engine number on a TT
Gas Motorsport Camry
Archive through May 05, 2006
Archive through May 08, 2006
Archive through November 03, 2006
Archive through November 07, 2006
Head Gasket Kit for MZ21
Getting the best fuel economy out of my TT
Archive through November 06, 2006
Nice sound!
Spotted soarer,nice.
In the market for a soarer
Help finding shift paddles for a boss kit
V8 fuel guzzlers
Group Buy on engine/gearbox mounts
Archive through August 30, 2006
Archive through September 27, 2006
Ranking SC400 92-95
SSS Automotive Sydney - TT MANUAL + very helpful
Road Noise - how much do you get?
Supercharged V8 vs mildly worked TT - First impressions....
Added a supercharged v8 Limited to the garage.... :o)
Archive through October 20, 2006
Cars fixed now!!! whoo hoo!!!!
Shell "V Power" fuel
Very Very New to soarers
Can you spot the problem??? >(
HID Hi-Lo problem
Fitting Spoiler Kits ALLWAYS this bad??
Building My Project Car From Ground Up (another one ;)).....
Archive through September 20, 2006
Minature Supercharged V8
It begins tonight!
Something stuck on bonnet
OBD live monitoring
Buying an 1998 LS400 unseen
Wheel Repairs - Brisbane
Mum's New Wheels and a wash!
Wheel and Turbo Setup question
Was in Perth last week
Archive through October 24, 2006
Religious experience in a Soarer?
When things just dont go your way....(rant)
Dealer Video on the Soarer
Need Help on picking up some rims from Fyshwick ACT
That warm, fuzzy feeling...
G-Tech times, how accurate???
My New UZZ30 1991 Soarer
Thought Id post a few piccies of the car.
Help me mod my car for trackday!
Soarer manual, fuel diagram
Who Wants One?
1998 LS400 Inspection
Bunch of Soarer-ish links
Places in Brisbane that have done ........
Custom Plate Ideas!!! Bring em on! :D
Archive through July 21, 2006
Archive through August 04, 2006
HID light kits What brand?? Where from??
This is sooo super charged
Chasing part numbers (97 fog lights)
New Autosalon Mag
Archive through August 19, 2006
Red/black LTD Soarer
Original Soarer Concept Pictures.
Anyone Read Japanese?
Washed with filtered water.......
What to watch out for.
Archive through October 03, 2006
Amazing Active experience and a BIG thank you to Rob Hayden
Is 245/40/18 to wide on the front?
Soarer dealer intro video
Sard Attack Meter Installing - Mmmm Cant read need help
A Soarer is comparable to....(power)
Archive through October 02, 2006
Archive through October 05, 2006
Cant Decide?
Archive through October 03, 2006
Compliancing questions
Whats your opinion on which Aristo to buy!
Archive through September 30, 2006
Not another one... or two!
Archive through October 02, 2006
BMW M6 7 speed VS Soarer 5 speed manual----eastern freewa...
Archive through September 17, 2006
Archive through September 18, 2006
Archive through September 25, 2006
Got hit 30 minutes after buying my soarer!!
Ghost Riding the Whip yall!
Probally the dumbest question EVER to be asked on these b...
New Plates
Archive through September 28, 2006
Time for a second love
Got into a motorcycle accident
Thanks guys!
Hands up those who doesn't like their car to be badged (o...
Wreckers/ "Parts Recyclers"
Reputable dealers in Vic?
JSA Imports - Preston VIC
You guys dont know Jack Schit
Winter driving
The new Lexus. I want one!
WHat happened to Peninsula Customs?
Dealing with insurance company after and accident
Archive through September 22, 2006
Driving convictions
Modified Soarer performance statistics?
Help identifying Soarer part
Archive through September 20, 2006
Archive through September 15, 2006
Archive through September 17, 2006
Archive through September 21, 2006
Those magical fuel experience
Toyota-1 , Jag-0
Archive through September 18, 2006
My Soarer Sounds Funny
Finally! Roadworthied and ready for Vic roads!
Want one
Danny's wedding! plus soarers!
Thinking of buying a Soarer
P plate restrictions in VIC
Archive through September 15, 2006
Anyone got a working emv screen for a 92 GT-L?
What a long day
Intercooler water sprayers.
I love ebay. New project tail lights
Service recommendations - Western Sub's - SYD
If you need me
Big Problem Need Help & Advice urgent
I Give Up...
Archive through September 09, 2006
Vids from T&T
Took the JZZ30 to the Track finally :D Got a vid inside
1,006rwhp SC300/Soarer
Archive through August 01, 2006
Whats wrong with my car, weird dyno graph
RIP Peter Brock
Archive through September 08, 2006
Just finished my best
Archive through September 07, 2006
Where to get a tow bar?>
Opportunity to make some serious coin!!!!!!
Performance figures VVTi
Archive through September 06, 2006
Front gold lexus badge. NEED ONE.
Check out this mad mad clip
Juzza's V8 to TT Transition - The Story
Track Day Coming, need settings, product codes, etc.
Wheres Marlew ??
How do i know which suspension strut is which.
10.45 et 134.7 mph, cressida goes quicker
My New 18" Wheels
JZZ31 rwkw
Finally Fixed!
:-) Happy 5th Birthday Planet Soarer :-)...
Its finally here !
Dud sales.. :S
Archive through August 30, 2006
2jz conversion
Tuning Emanage in Brisbane
Archive through February 14, 2006
Tuning the IFT Darwin....
Council tries to take a Scotsmans soarer - lol
Auto Repair Reference Center
Adelaide cruise pics (27/8/06)
With the $2000 rebate, is anyone going to convert to LPG?
Archive through August 15, 2006
V8 vs TT insurance
Which Car is the best overall car? Pros & Cons
My new 20 inch rims!!! :D Any DIY guard rolling tricks?
My new JZZ31
After playing with my new toy today
Archive through August 22, 2006
Distracting water covered logo
Archive through July 25, 2005
ECU Died... I need one!
HPI Magazine Readers? -Aristo Project info wanted
Freight Quote Shock
Thought I'd pop on and see what was new??
Cheap Bastards..
1991 Valet Key?
In the immortal words of Homer...
Who can make stickers?
TwinTurbo 20psi Standard ECU Cant it handle it?????
Who can get me Japanese warning labels for a Soarer?
Finally car is running
Soarer clips
Archive through August 11, 2006
D1-GP australian round 2007!
Need some advice
I am only posting this to get 501 posts and get my DieHar...
Almost gone
A Call for all Canadian Members, where are you?!
After Market Cruise Controls
Any soarer owners around hervey bay, bundaberg etc???
Hood Locks??????????
EOI Boot and Bonnet struts
Anyone recognise this bit?
Update on my car's progress
Nearly done.
Low performance imports
Is boring out a 1UZFE possible?
Tyres with White Writing...???
Archive through August 04, 2006
6 Speed Twin Turbo (2xGT2835) 1UZFE in JZA80 Supra + Idli...
Guess what I pick up next saturday?!?
Soarer goodness
TT in Vic on p's any trouble?
Archive through July 31, 2006
Aristos, the silly Greek Chef
Archive through August 02, 2006
Soarer/Chaser 1jz vvt-i difference?
Got 2 questions for you guys....regarding Soarers
Holden EFIJY
$40 Lexus key cut?
Does the TT have a speed limiter
H.P.I. Mag.= 329kw @ wheels Soarer.
New Digital SLR - Took Some Pics
What's the groove in the glovebox door for?
LUCKY Victorians :-)...
Advice needed: Replacing the V8 differential
Clear Side Markers Group Buy
WA - Recommendations for Service
550hp Drift Soarer On Fifth Gear
Archive through July 14, 2006
Is that true?
Purchasing a soarer
Slight Frey in Timing Belt!!!
FINALLY another Soarer!!!!!!
Newcastle Autosalon Soarers\imports wanted
My Journey to the South of WA & the Soarer experience
Archive through July 13, 2006
Vote 1!
Supra Woes and why didnt he just get a soarer....
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JZ Family photo...
20's on my car
Can anyone translate Japanese?
Thinking of selling my soarer
Talk about OVER SELLING a 32 FFS! ...
JZX100 vs JZZ30
High beams price?
The car is officialy 'broken in'
Pricks on Ebay
The Best News of My Life!
Help needed, anyone from Melbourne
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Tire Calculator and Tire Question
Im back !!!!!!!!!!
If you can't get enough of griffin badge photos...
I don't deserve my Soarer :|
Interstate Transfer Of Rego
Just had a Pedders inspections .. I've got a few question...
Who here has blown up a 1jz ?.
8 second soarer
What does this button do??
Need info on rebuilding UZZ32 P'steer pump
Snap dragon
97 single turbo vvti VS T.T.
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Archive through June 21, 2006
Another "cleaned car took pics" thread
Cleaning TT Engine Bay
Volume of Window Washer Reservior?
Insurance Woes? Gone here !!!
Polished the big girl up, and took some pictures
Any one here from the US ??
Before and After Shots!
Help Needed, Suspension change
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My beasts
Super Charged V8 soarer In HPI
Who Killed this Thread ??
Finally got my TT on the dyno
VDO Exhaust Temperature Gauge
[Melb] Help with a possible purchase of a soarer
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Where to get this exhaust?
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4 stroke 2 stroke engine..
Soarer T.T./vvti vs Supra T.T.
Minor accident, help needed
My baby
Manual JZZ31?
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Nice Soarer with supra Engine (VIDEO)
About to buy a Soarer?????
Sad news soarer is...well ..gone :-(...
GUESS WHAT EVERYONE!!!!!*Brag Time* Look here for envy *...
Soarer value on the rise!
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Who Owned that Black SC400 Today
Ozone Cleaners
Dyno Chart for V8
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Lexi in the Movies ...
What kind of power readings ???
Photo request
Probably covered to death, but anyways...
What you name your car and why?
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Drift Soarers in the UK
Boot keeps falling down
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Front Bumper and Insurance
Brand of motor oil
Group buy - Tein super streets?
I can smell exhaust fumes in the car while driving, quite...
What do the following mean????
It has begun!
Soarer - PhotoShoot - Brisbane
Interesting Video of a Soarer Drifting
Window/door part number?
Engine number
300ZX Experience?
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Interesting Soarers on EBay at present (12/6/06)
Second hand tyres in sydney?
New car
TT Engines - Are they as reliable as V8?
I turned my rear dismister ON, and the rear window shatte...
New Brakes ,Need to Borrow a Celsior in Adelaide.
Engineering places in Melbourne.
You can talk? I can TORQUE!!!
A bit strange....
Rear view mirror and above??
Rig Photos and night shots!!
What will the japanese think of next?
For our tt's
Anyone heard of these tyres?
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Dodgy punk ass futhermuckers!!!
Need Advice for Crash
Soarer's in the U.S.
Aluminium Welder in Victoria
Supra seats.....oh what a feeling!
Dont forget SE-QLD boys and gals , CRUISE on Sunday!
Badges - griffin
I will have 2
Soarer Review
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Horrible american plates..
Archive through May 30, 2006
Who Likes Country Music?? ....... shameless plug for a mate
Who would rebuild a UZZ32 p'steer pump in WA?
Fuel says 15L then 210L ... wtf ?
The New Hybird GS 458 Aust in Coffs
Shell's new Fuel Economy Formula
UZZ31 with no import papers
Personalised plates
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Archive through December 01, 2005
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SC430 half cut on Ebay
Australias fastest street tired 1j lowers record
We drive cheap cars!
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Tiff Needell (Fifth Gear) to drift race a 590hp Soarer...
Can Anyone beat this???
Archive through May 24, 2006
Speed Dreamz up in flames
I have finally hit the 180 limiter
Archive through May 18, 2006
Archive through May 19, 2006
Stock wheels rolling circumference.
Has anybody gone through
My soarer in photo shoot
Archive through May 19, 2006
Archive through May 19, 2006
Got car back from panel beater, now s$*t not working!
Steering Column removal with Auto retract
Look what I found in my boot!! WTF!!
Archive through May 09, 2006
Blown brake line
Does anyone have a spare petrol tank seal?
Purple plates vs green compliance
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Victorian soarer people
TT exhaust
WA Helpers Needed!
Be careful about Nunawading Toyota.
Low Brake Booster Warning ~ annoying !
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94 JZZ31 + 1JZ or 2JZ transplant. Work involved?
Cool British Drift Soarer & other related stuff
Which tyres?
Supercharge your Soarer.
Cheapest Soarer in history?
Anyone want to trade?
Is this soarer a members?
Serious Weight Reduction
More envies
Diagnostic codes flashing
New 1/4m time for my 1JZGTE powered JZA80
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Archive through May 05, 2006
A question
Archive through May 11, 2006
Another soarer cheat unlocked?
Stroker Kits????
My dyno reading
Just a random post
Somewhat miffed
Cornering lights
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Archive through May 05, 2006
I seek consol once more!
Denso fuel pump type
Soarer Experienced Electrician?
Where the bloody hell are ya?
Article about the UZ series engine
Changing bulbs...HELP please
Eye Candy out of control??
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Archive through April 23, 2006
Ordering parts from Toyota Japan
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European style tail lights
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Interest for a Camshaft Group buy
Ooo....soarer v8 from prestige...
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Just turned down $11k for my TT... Good decision?
Auto Salon
Australian versus New Zealand Soarer prices ...
Woohoo.. FInally Got Her Back !
Little red button
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This one looks better
Back from Thailand...
Legality of modifications
Great Service from Key Seller
Battery for GT-TL (Twin-Turbo)
Would these black rims suit my Soarer?
Archive through April 24, 2006
Outer edges re-polish cost!!
Wheels makath the soarer (the toy shop) rip-offs!!
Injector cleaning
Best insurance providers?
Start up without remote.
Soarer on front page of The West Australian newspaper?
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Chassis Number Enquiry
Inspecting Soarer please help
Trade in value
Archive through April 25, 2006
Locations of sped and red light cameras in Vic
It's Finaly Back On The Road
Interstate Vehicle Purchases - Anyone done this before
Neil's Easter Weekend!!
Is the Soarer suitable for short tight tracks?
New Wheels
SPOTTED; someone with rocks in their head...
New soarer wallpaper!!
My car needs a Godfather/Godmother
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Archive through April 21, 2006
Is it just me???
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Weird Light
What rear add-on lips are available out there for the Soa...
Nice looking soarer in Port Melb last night?
Living In UK FOR 1 Year and Importing a car
Anti-soarer people..... :-(...
Archive through April 12, 2006
Petrol :-(...
Archive through April 12, 2006
Archive through April 13, 2006
Installing a sunroof
Why why why???
Polishing piping
Blower woes
6sec 350z
Numa Numa
What the! My car is for sale!?!?!?! Apparently...
I can't find these..
Bye Bye my baby...
Lexus V8 in new sports car.
The Latest In Bling
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Hight controler???
Mini Jamboree Movies
Central Locking
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Black soarer at the grand prix
My SC300 dropped on Tein SS coilovers and Work wheels
Removing Steering Wheel with an Airbag
Crusing with ecnonmy
Dash warning messages
How many Soarer owners are there in WA?
Archive through March 29, 2006
The good, the bad and the ugly
Does anyone know any good wreckers for Soarer parts in Pe...
Does anyone know of any good wrecker yards in Melbourne f...
Fuel smell in exhaust.
Forgive me if this has been posted already
Where are you all from
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The Great Soarer Heist
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Soarer Central Vynals or Decals
Injector plugs
Attention Reepa
UK supercharged qtr mile vid
Yikes! Nearly got done.
Air Struts Replaced
Expressions of interest are needed here!
NA 3L Soarers
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Rims repair in Sydney!!!
Any contacts for car freight?
Soarer towing a soarer
They don't fit?
Only had my TT for 1 week
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Archive through March 30, 2006
A long Goodbye
Is Soarer the new Supra??
Double Din Stereo Review
Archive through March 27, 2006
Can you import a soarer from new zealand?
Soarers in Meredith
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the biggest idiot of the...
Had an accident, need some help ...
Ain't "soarin" like I used to be......
Stupid Qn....
Sydney Autosalon
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Help in Search Function....
Power mode?
Dodgy Mechanic in SA!!! (would like your opinion)
Rims ! any one got some Roh Drift R on thier soarer ?
Ticking sound from the exhaust?
Soarer In the Heral Sun today!
Sepc level - HiFi
Melbourne diagnostic centres
Vertex D1 Mini
180k 1JZ Servvicee
Cheap soarer
Modified Vehicle Guidelines 2006 ( VIC)
License Plate Legalities
Not too sure whre to put this question, general or mechan...
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Archive through March 14, 2006
Real definition of a SLEEPER
Help Car Spitting & Spatting
Just a quick GT Limited question
Best attendance at an Oz Soarer meet ??
Is it a Holden?
Whats it worth?
My Soarer is tilting
Anyone from just south of sydney coming to Neils at Easter??
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Soarer pic....Anyone here?
Magazine feature scans
For all you v8 boyz.. shame its in a holden
Rims - postage
Quiz: What's wrong with this picture?
Pic of my ride...
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Archive through March 05, 2006
Why can't I find this anywhere?
Getting spiders out of mirrrors
Archive through November 25, 2005
Lexus LF-A Concept
Archive through March 02, 2006
Wiper blades - who's got a tape measure handy?
Knock knock knockin on heavens door
Any review or experience with Kamikaze Motors
Potential New Soarer Question
Should i swap my SOARER for this??????????
Archive through February 20, 2006
Shout out to the Adelaidians...
Differences between 91 model to 92 model?
Soarer for next car? What to look for? specs?
Best looking mods
Spotted in Cavan SA
Archive through February 23, 2006
Mate's car stolen
Some intercooler theory, any comments?
Soarer (s) needed for Autosalon Sydney
Archive through February 15, 2006
My dyno run
Archive through February 21, 2006
Need some advice here...
Hot turbo
Storing a Soarer
Is there a way of uploading 100+mb files ?
Commodore Station Wagons
Archive through February 15, 2006
Diagnostic results
Clear taillights
Archive through February 06, 2006
New Aurion Revealed.
Archive through February 16, 2006
Traction Control
Soarer Stereos
Protective Coating of Mag Wheels?
January: No Love for my Soarer
Archive through February 01, 2006
Archive through February 06, 2006
Archive through February 10, 2006
Airbag shocks for V8 owners on Ebay
AutoBarn Drop Kick
Vehicle transport from WA
Archive through February 15, 2006
RWC in Melbourne
Worthless Soarers
Archive through February 12, 2006
Supra interiour in soarer
Archive through February 07, 2006
Handbrake warning light comes on when I brake!
My 1JZGTE JZA80 Supra Qtr Mile time
Bullet/MX5 thing
Dont let me sell my baby
You never know where you'll end up
Front & Rear Undertray
New Motul Oil Suppliers in SA
BP Ultimate comp
Super Cool Personalised Soarer Sketches
Soarer Headquarters
My New Baby
So who drives the Falcon ute?
E bay item ... crap or worth while?
Turning Lights
Spotted in Vic - Near Highpoint
Great Drifting Video
Happy Australia Day
Got bored, did some skids...
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Clean 1UZ in 180sx!
Did the Japs lose their minds when they built these (funn...
Got to love ebay soarers
LOST MY KEYS! Help and advice needed
Added some Emanage vs SAFC comparison info
Drivers side seatbelt
Thank You
New type of soarer?
HELP NEEDED NOW - keys stuck
Pivot Speed Cut Defender?
Gold badged lexus at pine rivers bowls club QLD
Windoze for Cars? It's happening already
Archive through January 20, 2006
Would these mufflers fit my Soarer?
Extinguisher location for track days
Sports and luxury cars....
R1 Vs Porsche Vs Jet fighter
Archive through January 26, 2006
How stupid am I?
Ebay intake chips
2JZ Sileighty
Archive through January 24, 2006
Calling WA UZZ31/32 owners...
Transfer of Engineer Certs
Photo of Griffin badge?
Anyone near Newcastle with a V8 soarer?
Anyone seen 'Falling Down'?
Couple of pictures...
Engine Bay Cleaning...
V8 tapping Noise
O Fark why1UZ with SU carbs
Has anyone seen this website before?
Mazda Soarer or Toyota RX-7??
I don't get this...
Archive through January 19, 2006
Archive through January 20, 2006
QUICK!!!!!! Value of a 99 VVTI Single turbs
Is this possible or BOLLOCKS! ...
The Long Arm of the Law
Archive through January 10, 2006
Repairing Rims
Soarer in the herald sun newspaper
Archive through December 21, 2005
C6 Z06 vs. Gallardo
Are Unichip's legal?
What to look for
After a serious heart to heart with myself...
How cheap is this Soarer?
So who wants One???
Archive through January 08, 2006
Help What is this
Car on the rollers today
Just thought I'd say hello - Anyone from Sunshine Coast?
Wat boost controller do you uses
Archive through December 22, 2005
Some nice modified V8's
Archive through January 10, 2006
Archive through January 13, 2006
Selling soarer
Thanks Neil
What happened to.....???
Penrith Toyota *Thumbs Up*
While lining up in drive-thru...
Archive through January 11, 2006
Buying used
WA Cruise - Friday 13th January
Pics Of My Carmods
Soarer Jump Start - Help urgently needed
Archive through January 06, 2006
New pics
Archive through January 02, 2006
Archive through January 04, 2006