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Get a generator from Vic to Adelaide
Supra info
Tattoo help
Soarer value vs Supra value
New supra
Great fix for dim hard to read dash.
Whereabouts of Peter Taplin
Changing Brake Fluid...
Digital cameras
Forums seem pretty dead
Errol, your email is bouncing
New car...
Vote for me PLEASE
Understanding instalation instructions ?! or WTF
Anybody worked on other Lexus's?
GPS recommendations
Last Ford Falcon - worth considering?
Jumper cable mistake...
Merry 2016 to all
Toyota Caldina GT-T
Happy Xmas!
Trying to find my old Soarer
You Tube Vids!
Archive through November 14, 2006
Archive through February 26, 2007
Good by for now!!
Aldi - Coffee Pods
All you need is a push bike to drag a Ferrari
Att Anyone in Adelaide
Engine and workshop needed in Brisbane, tight time schedu...
Toyota FT-1 Concept...Successor to Supra?
2JZ 1000HP Camaro
Camel toe
Archive through October 16, 2007
Archive through October 17, 2007
Archive through October 18, 2007
Archive through October 19, 2007
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Archive through May 10, 2008
Archive through May 20, 2008
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Archive through October 25, 2008
Archive through January 17, 2009
Archive through January 28, 2009
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Archive through March 09, 2009
Archive through April 17, 2009
Archive through July 24, 2009
Archive through August 16, 2009
Archive through November 17, 2009
Archive through May 25, 2010
Archive through August 12, 2010
Archive through June 01, 2012
Where is my ECU???
Toyota 86 Coming soon!
Archive through July 26, 2012
Archive through September 01, 2012
Archive through April 17, 2014
8 Sec Ford Capri 1UZ :-)...
Archive through August 22, 2011
Lexus RC-F
Toyota shutting up in Australia 2017
New to Canberra - show me around
LPG Price Today 92c/L!!!
Need guidance on building a steel tyre rack for trailer
Stolen s14 Birkdale QLD
Drifting in my capella
Rev Head
Ford to shut production in Australia in 2016
Anyone in BNE got a TT with no turbos or parting soon?
Owner of silver Toyota Soarer (WA) 1DHH069
Computer gurus help
Nortons foung in Belgium
I want one!!
Topgear - Worst car in the world ever, all things conside...
Google Nexus 4 shipping to NZ?
GT-R's used at Bathurst
V8 supercars boring (not any more)
Simply Funny
Must be a new Joke thread
Archive through November 12, 2005
Archive through January 20, 2006
Archive through February 02, 2006
Archive through March 12, 2006
Archive through April 07, 2006
Archive through October 13, 2006
Archive through January 18, 2007
Archive through January 25, 2007
Archive through March 15, 2007
Archive through March 31, 2007
Archive through April 17, 2007
Archive through May 04, 2007
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Archive through September 13, 2007
Archive through February 16, 2008
Archive through March 19, 2008
Archive through April 17, 2008
Archive through May 30, 2008
Archive through June 17, 2008
Archive through October 28, 2008
Archive through January 06, 2009
Archive through February 15, 2010
Archive through May 19, 2011
Anyone know what has happened to vertex-aus??
Toyota Marine - because there are too many people with mo...
Nissan drivers...
Archive through August 30, 2012
Driving sun glasses
Soarer Possibally Going Into Storage
Where to hire in Sydney. 1/2 inch torque wrench
Amazing launch of cadillac in china
Mitsubishi 3000GT. Opinions??
The US knows what we want........
SYD: Carpet and Floor boards
Your non Soarer projects
Wharfedale speaker repair
1jz into uzz31 help please
? for Victoria guy's
Mr Muller's "Happy Campers" Forum Grammar Lessons...
Archive through November 07, 2011
Anyone Know How I Would Fix This Wood Trim? :-(...
4X4 Tracks
Engineering Certificate for modified Vehicles in SA
Identity crisis
SC Trader Beware
Archive through November 23, 2011
Love Your Soarer Too Much?
Forza Motorsport 4
Fuel Prices getting out of hand
Toyota Soarer All Smoke Altezza Rear Tail Lights
Mighty Car mods FB photo comp
Gasless Mig Welders
Removing Door Pillar Cover
2012 Bathurst 12Hour
Robbie Nishida SC300 Build
An important message for those who own a modified car
1gzfett liberty
For all those single people out there!
Hi Guys....I m in Australia
Gregg Holden Featured in HPI
New use for a 1jz.
Anyone any ideas? Fraudulent seller....
Blitz to hit Melbourne careful guys
Interesting Website
2013 GTR. WOW
Archive through January 06, 2012
Moving to Adelaide.......
2003 VY Commodore/1997 Audi A6
Cheap PC Games
Happend this morning in Japan
Need Help..! with my sister's 2008 Toyota Yaris (gear lev...
Anyone here a member of SA Supra?
Criteria for terrorists
Stereosonic Tickets Melbourne Wanted
Garmin Nuvi 2460LT GPS
Thinking of a 2006 Liberty
Freight forwarder from UK to Australia
Look What I Can't Wait For In Forza 4! :-)...
Funniest youtube video
Climate change aka global warming aka climate variability
Anyone have a remote control soarer?
This guy is a freakin' champion
Nice find. 1994 32, with only 12,500 kms from NEW.
Soarer spotted on Swift and Shift S1 Ep3
Strut Brace On UZZ31 V8?
Feeling better now
How Much Do You Think This Rust Repair Might Be? :-(...
Dame!! watch this if you want but it is a little bit graphic
Bmw purple glowing exhaust and more asian ripoffs
Sc400 spotted - how i met your mother
Skyline Tool
Soarer Movie Look-Out
Knocked off my bike
Daily Car
SYD: Accident, where to get quotes?
Australian Top Gear
1jz into a 70 cressida wagon
How to stop minor car park dings
Jar of Hoons - Video I Made
Interstate courier service
My EP release 8th sep
FT86 is coming into production soon?? Or is it just a mar...
Archive through July 28, 2011
Mark Zimmer's Funeral - All Welcome to attend
Cams?? Licence please help
One of the many uses of a convertible
Who wants to go into the tunnels
Where do i stand?
HPF turbo M3 dads first reactions 650rwhp LOL!!
R32 Skyline, worth having???
Courier issues. HALP
Poor guy :-(...
Mod my ride
Seat belts
Our future with tablet pcs
Big Speeding fine....
Archive through June 16, 2011
Looking for A good Web Developer to Create our New Site A...
Osama bin Laden is dead (NSFW) Disturbing Pix
Help her choose a car
EVERTYTHING & NOTHING - Literally - Just Brilliant!!
Do you think this is a genuine enquiry? sounds sketchy
For a laugh - Flirt during interview
Body parts
F1 at Mt Panorama - Close up Pictures
Repost this link everywhere!
Best thread reply ever
Hate people who hit and run!!
I want these
Top Gear
Kick boxing sponsors
Freeman guilt
Epic drifting fail
So I'm in Sydney in February and want to buy a new phone ...
Found this and i throught is was pretty funny lol
Turbo encabulator
Lamborghini wasted
LE-1 Ground Fighter '2000hp Supercharged 1UZ-FE' READ...
F1 cars in Ballarat, Vic - Youtube video!
Bought myself a Mechanic Shop in Brisbane
Archive through March 15, 2011
Who would know how to make this?
Archive through March 01, 2011
Should I or shouldn't I?
Archive through February 23, 2011
Nengun or RHD Japan? Who to trust?
My mates soarer before and after then BANG!!! :-(...
Bathurst 12 Hour
Fastest 1JZ in the West?
Follow up article on the AUTO BAHN SOARER
Member - Joshua Baldwin
Project Skywagon (supercharged RB30)
Hypnotherapy anyone?
Animal cruelty
Australian Defence Force
Queensland Flooding
AE86 with a 2jz motor
White soarer in-between Traralgon and Morwell
Budget drift car
Police trouble! need help.
AWD Toyota Soarer
Scott Gates - polished engine bay parts guy
On a lighter note
Melbourne Drivers why you need good brakes
Gran Turismo 5
Archive through October 09, 2010
Archive through October 26, 2010
Archive through November 27, 2010
Archive through December 09, 2010
Gaming stuffs
Bent Rim Rally
Anyone know anything about FL Studio 9? Need help.
Soarer involved in fatal crash Melb.
What next G phone for dickheads??
New TV
Archive through November 17, 2010
Springnats 2010
Car recommendations
Soarer central buyers, beware
Archive through October 08, 2010
Soarer in drive by
New 2010 Ford FPV GT
Archive through November 15, 2010
Using thermal grease on XBOX 360
Cheap Shipping Comany?
Movember help
Old forum software.
Cruise for SE Qld
SC Replacement 2015?
Written Off Registry
Haha what a joke!
Paranormal Activity 2
Packing and sending Big items
Alternator died in my 07 Camry.
Another "SOAREN" bites the dust
Another LOL car sale add
It seems to me....
Bloody red light camera
Need help to choose cheap, reliable daily car :-)...
Few random pics
Archive through December 16, 2006
My recent trip to Bunnings
What would you swap the Soarer for?
Archive through January 05, 2008
Archive through January 15, 2008
Archive through December 15, 2009
Need a new computer
Import regs
Some car vids for you :-)...
Just imagined something awesome!
So close!
V8 Holden tuning- Adelaide??
All You N/As Out There!
1uz OBX ITB Individual Throttle bodies
[MELB] EOI in joining a gym? Sth Melb area
Bathurst 1000 - 2010
Check out this Vette!!
Some other Forums are useless
Must play iphone/itouch game!
Type this into utube
Alteration shop warning
Aural sex
Importing Cars
Manual V8 for $20k BUT negotiable VIC
Hit and Run
Facepalm #2
The replacement
Attempt break in!
Possible flux capacitor replacement
IE9 Beta Released ...
Have a laugh :-)
Monster truck soarer
Must see video!!
F1 2010 PS3, xbox, PC
Sim racing cafe in sydney?
Need to contact (FUSOI NSW plates)
Imported a car from another country?... i can fix it
Open paint. Close your eyes, draw a cat and upload it ont...
Burnin' rubber: Why are Ferrari 458s catching fire?
Who will you be Voting for?
Archive through July 24, 2010
Archive through August 13, 2010
Pearl white Soarer - WHAT WHEELS!
What the hell does bm mean?
Something out of the box
Starcraft 2 Players?
Cefiro for sale on Car Point! check the Ad
Must watch UK Film: Harry Brown
Check out this insane build on Supra Forums (Read only if...
Archive through August 23, 2010
Pothole anyone?
Replica firearms / movie props for purchase??
Studying The Upanishads...
Melb: Skid panning in a safe environent?
Who can I give books to?
Hyundai picked up their game
Archive through August 14, 2010
New Fail Car Sale Post
Libs to kill Net Filter!
Archive through August 12, 2010
Crazy kids
Toyota agrees to pay $16.4 mln fine
Archive through May 12, 2010
Archive through June 15, 2010
This should have been factory standard
Anyone noticed the site becoming quiet?
Archive through July 24, 2010
In case some people are unaware of this man and his sterl...
Soarer driver in a bad way...
Enjoy this fellow members
Cash for Clunkers
$1 day at every 7 Eleven starting midnight 29th July
Vote 1 for Mike B.
Do we have any "F!ck off we're full" road warriors?...
Archive through July 25, 2010
Metal! \m/
Link to interesting short doco
Good Socket set?
Archive through April 19, 2010
So, Australia has a water shortage...
The world is my oyster....
The hill are alive with the sounds of bull***t
Would this dream work for a V8
Anyone able to contact dave cazes?
Sensational ebay ad
The people I find most interesting....
I am Tired of being skinny
Archive through June 28, 2009
Archive through August 11, 2009
Archive through March 02, 2010
Lexus branching out to the ladies =P
Alf stewart gets electrocuted
Reputable Dobermann Breeder
Archive through February 21, 2010
Eye Candy?
Can you complete this famous Aussie saying
Laugh of the week
My family
My new car... it's not a Starlet!
Different point of view
What can I do in this situation?
Toothbrush causes hair loss
Can someone help me with a photoshop? =D
Man on Wire - A must watch Documentary
Motorbike License
Soarer at the world cup lol!
Sad times
HaHa this is funny
Post a pic of other cars you've owned
Archive through November 03, 2009
Archive through March 15, 2010
Archive through June 01, 2010
Archive through June 05, 2010
Genuine reason for sale
Archive through June 09, 2010
Wild 'N Out
Have we done the right thing?
What do you know about Mercedes CLK430?
What the hell is wrong with Honda drivers?
Archive through May 30, 2010
The glass is...
A good laugh
Lexus LF-A Video
Archive through May 16, 2010
Archive through May 19, 2010
Archive through May 22, 2010
Archive through May 25, 2010
Archive through June 03, 2010
Odd Question...
Custom Exhaust?
Only in America kids would do this
Birdsall Leather
Soarer in supercheap ad?
Another funny ebay ad !
Is lady ga ga really a dude?
Badddd Soarer!
Rotten egg gas smell
Shocking crash at qld raceway!!
Redbull f1 practice crash!!!!!!!!!
Dog man goes wild - ACA
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series
Job needed - Gold Coast, QLD
My new car!
Commodore Sump Plug
Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama
Job needed - melb
Freight company recommendations for large object
Quick Survey - University Thesis
Where to buy honda headlights?
Archive through January 23, 2010
McLaren MP4-12C
Now this will make you laught! binnocular soccer
Members Accidents
Archive through November 09, 2009
Body Peircing?
Archive through March 09, 2010
Archive through March 11, 2010
Thornlies tree man.
INSURANCE what do you pay?
991 Turbo (GT2) Vs R500 Ali Saeed
In QLD is it illegal to...
OH dear god.... that interior burns my eyes !!
Quality Ebay add !
Join my 1UZ-FE Facebook fan page.
Why should I?
Enkei / Japanese wheel retailer in Sydney?
Easternats riots...
How the hell do you get the rear number plate off!
TRON Legacy
Suspension problem
Hilarious!!! (contents contains lots of swearing!!)
My curiousity is reaching out.. for ppl pics :-)...
Archive through May 07, 2006
Archive through May 08, 2006
Archive through May 10, 2006
Archive through May 21, 2006
Archive through May 26, 2006
Archive through May 29, 2006
Archive through May 29, 2006
Archive through May 30, 2006
Archive through May 30, 2006
Archive through May 30, 2006
Archive through May 31, 2006
Archive through June 01, 2006
Archive through June 02, 2006
Archive through June 08, 2006
Archive through June 13, 2006
Archive through July 01, 2006
Archive through July 05, 2006
Archive through July 09, 2006
Archive through July 15, 2006
Archive through July 18, 2006
Archive through March 06, 2008
Archive through March 08, 2008
Archive through April 05, 2008
Archive through April 09, 2008
Archive through April 11, 2008
Archive through April 24, 2008
Archive through July 04, 2008
Archive through November 09, 2009
Archive through December 03, 2009
Archive through December 14, 2009
Archive through March 10, 2010
Archive through March 12, 2010
Not sure as I want to be one of these
Just got car alarm is it good or not?
Sa supra boys need your help
Gas 2j Blows Up :-(...
My personal observation, just for a laugh
Archive through February 20, 2010
Archive through February 22, 2010
Archive through March 06, 2010
I quit my job
Shipwrecks found in Baltic sea!
Leibher loader
Lets talk about Global Warming.
Archive through February 12, 2010
Archive through February 25, 2010
Archive through March 03, 2010
Experience with Car transport agents
Lambos crash test?? ....umm may be not!
Archive through February 22, 2010
Warning, not about cars. about dead dogs
1650bhp rx7
Google Maps
Whats the better thing to do (wrx or sti)
Archive through November 07, 2009
Check out this goose
Prodigy and cars
Mmmmmm sexy
Comedy photoshops
Dishonest buyers - again
Mindblowing talk on the future of games
I am going to buy a civic
The only way an MX5 can be 'passable'
Archive through February 11, 2010
Wheels on commodore??
TT Owners, try to contain yourselves ...
Mite be good information
Shame on the Netherlands.
Archive through February 08, 2010
Archive through February 11, 2010
Aussie dyno different??
Brisbane storms 16/02/10
Let us unite in a fun game!
Great Headers!!
151 kilometers in 51 mins
Building your own electric car
Having trouble selling your car?
Microsoft's View of the Future
Look what came in today...and dont dribble..
Archive through November 30, 2009
Archive through January 15, 2010
Topgear - Best 4X4
"Climb Dance" 1988 WRC Video
Godspeed Christian Car Club - Brisbane (Take two)
Archive through January 21, 2010
Archive through January 22, 2010
Archive through February 02, 2010
For the DIYer
Hypothetical Question
Archive through February 05, 2007
Archive through February 07, 2007
Archive through February 08, 2007
Archive through February 09, 2007
Archive through February 09, 2007
Archive through February 10, 2007
Archive through February 11, 2007
Godspeed Christian Car Club - Brisbane
Archive through January 19, 2010
Archive through January 20, 2010
Archive through January 20, 2010
Archive through January 21, 2010
Archive through January 23, 2010
Archive through January 25, 2010
Archive through January 27, 2010
I'll be back!
To everyone who has Aircon at home.
CA18DeT project.
Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG Wagon Write Off
Winter 2009 in Scotland
Towing dolly and the law?
And so it continues ...
Archive through November 05, 2009
Price of shipping calipers?
Religion & Women
Archive through September 03, 2009
Archive through September 10, 2009
Archive through January 21, 2010
How high can I get my car on ramps..
Holden HQ forum?
Best of 2009.....
Hows this for some serious hoonage!!!!
Archive through November 10, 2009
Archive through November 13, 2009
Archive through November 21, 2009
Archive through November 24, 2009
Archive through November 25, 2009
Archive through November 27, 2009
Archive through December 04, 2009
LFA on Top Gear
Archive through January 11, 2010
Lexus LFA released
Archive through October 26, 2009
Toyota V12 donk on ebay!
Kranky Digital - Underground Electronica
Active on Ebay starting at 6k
Anyone help me with my R31?
Help - Opinions & Thoughts Needed
Bag monsters
Time for a bigger car... I think
Archive through November 29, 2009
The most beautiful can on the road!!
I've got a secret
Just a short yarn about sex
Archive through October 28, 2009
Archive through October 28, 2009
Archive through November 03, 2009
Archive through November 05, 2009
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!
Speed camera van caught by speed camera speeding 17 times!!!
Schumacher returns to F1
Ryanair Drift!!
BMW crash at the ring
How safe is cabramatta?
Twin Turbo 1UZFE in ski boat
Overlaying racechrono AVI onto incar video?
Join Haro on his journey through MOVEMBER 2009!
Motorsport in Sydney + Sydney 500
Picture this...
Archive through November 19, 2009
Archive through November 24, 2009
Eye Candy Submissions
Archive through April 27, 2009
Archive through May 15, 2009
Have you seen the news? - post up amazing news stories yo...
V8 Race With John Bowe
Bignum (numstig) and his supra at the ring!!
Eye Candy commentary
When good deeds turn bad.
Highest KMS Soarer?
'96 Hilux Diesel Dyno Run
Measuring up
Archive through November 06, 2009
Archive through November 10, 2009
Do you think this is worth investing in?
OK I don't measure up
I need a job! - BA, Analyst, Process Mapper, Project M/C/...
P & o cruises
Speeding 2
Great new Toyota Border Security commercial
Sometimes I feel shame
Mike, Matt and Ben
Aussie Top Gear again
Soarer in an unlikely place..a movie :s
Declining Prestige: Aston Martin.
My awesomeness
Some people dont deserve to breathe.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts :-)????????...
Archive through October 07, 2009
Toyota LandBarge
Chrysler Turbo Encabulator Presentation Video
Stolen FSAE car
Modification Blunders
My Bathurst 1000 footage
Haha have a look at the pipes on this soarer
Top Gear 2010!
Good deeds.
Project Daihatsu
Opinions please - Volkswagen Touareg
Desperately need help with an ignition problem in girlfri...
Sc400 in 2pac youtube vid
Interesting link
Archive through September 16, 2009
Advice needed - what to paint the inside of a ute tray with?
Took my soarer too the snow. * Some photos *
Challenging a traffic expiation notice
My Mobile is not working
Toyota corrola seca
Things you keep in your boot .. gateway to the past?
Oil Leak fix
Where is the wheel brace??
The "other" Soarer forum
I'm a wanker
Dare i mention the cricket
It p*****s me off
F*ing parking in NSW
Investment tip for hard economic times
Rc Soarer
Archive through December 23, 2008
When will people learn
I've had sex with a teenager and I'm 62.
Moto - very good riding
V8 or TT Soarer Vs Gen 3 SS Holden or Ford XR8
Archive through July 28, 2009
Tattoo Any One want one!!!!
"Slap Chop"
About dentistry
Systems Appreciation Day 2009
Anyone been to the ring?
Anyone in the windscreen replacement business? QLD
New convertible Lexus ~ IS250C
Soarer for GTR2 released
Tokyo rugby trip. NZ V Oz
Some drift built Soarer thread
Car advertising
Love the beast film review
Awesome 2jz swap!
I'm pretty sure that if your from WA
I used to wonder about all the WA cruises.....
Removing really tight wheel nuts
Qld removelist
A scenario........Mike B.
License and demerit points
Archive through July 06, 2009
Bad taste MJ jokes please !
Drive it like its hot
Bit of a fire this morning...
Just a little announcement...
Any Morris Mini fanatics out there?
Almost there...
Michael Jackson, Dead at 50.
The Stig Revealed. It's Official.
So, 3 litre plus, rear wheel drive.....
What a wonderful world (Mike B.)
Farewell my beloved soarer.
What to do in Singapore and Malaysia
Project car suggestions.
Archive through June 02, 2009
Anyone living near Yatala?
I'm Drunk
Occasional Picture Thread
Got new rims
Now thats bling!
Advertisement Fail
Funny signs
Archive through February 01, 2007
Gangster Dog
What makes baby Jesus cry????
Think of all the possibilities....hmmmmm!!!
Pictures and more pictures (Jap cars)
Online Dating - Rejected
Cat being run over by car.
Dirty minds
Eye Chart
Random Funnies
Archive through September 15, 2006
Creative Bikes.
Archive through May 17, 2008
Engineering Question of the Day
Why car dealers don't like test drives.
What the????....continued! we have enough room in our club???
What the?
Small muffler
Need more err horsepower?
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Archive through October 25, 2005
Car advert wars!
My Saturday....
Archive through January 28, 2008
Resized pics from before
Archive through October 23, 2007
Archive through November 30, 2007
Archive through January 17, 2008
Candy Man
Toronto Tower
Archive through October 09, 2007
New Eco-Friendly V8
Snow at Mt Dandenong
Rush Hour
For those of you that like video games ...
Test Answers (or how not to)
Australian Esky
Car Pics
Why you need a wife.
Height Controller Fun
The awful truth!
A Chance to test your eyes
Bling bling
Me the Saint
How does 8 litres grab you?
Guess what this is...
The naming of ships
My current Italian girlfrend - warning pictures may offen...
England head to Adelaide for the second test
Santa Balls
Archive through January 02, 2007
Thorpe does WHAT?
Beware of trucks doing wheelies...
Random Pics
Police humour ...
Car Advertising Wars
Latest scientific study into sex
It was a big weekend!
Woo! It's FRIDAY!
The Birds & the Bees
Disney's Desperate Houswives
:-) Too Cute :-)...
Ricky Gervais Office Tips
Creative women
Took some pics
Nice work
Awesome Limo!
Proof the Women are EVIL is Here! oh so true
Dr. Evil wannabe
Nice Hat !!!
The last Photo I ever Took Competition
Old but I still love the art of it all
BirdFlu Hits France
Hurricane wilma.
Twistys ahead
The price of fuel...
Archive through October 13, 2005
Is this what you call "bum fluff" ?
Would you call this a "gimmie"?
CAMS License and Regulations.
I'm sick of it
Archive through June 01, 2009
I ought to be congratulated. A Mike B. posting
Archive through May 28, 2009
Top Gear Australia
Archive through October 03, 2008
Archive through November 04, 2008
Archive through December 24, 2008
Should this be allowed? Mike B.
Don't lend to family
This Matthew Johns thing...
Archive through May 16, 2009
Archive through May 19, 2009
Good on ya China ! what a surprise
Archive through May 06, 2009
Archive through May 08, 2009
Archive through May 13, 2009
Aristo/gs v8
So im on 21 Stellas
These guys need a soarer
Is this a joke or a mistake or both
Found a crack. BTW this is a Mike B. posting
What should I do here?
Another Mike B. posting
Please remove old threads
Anyone fix iPhones?
Just a general btch
Anika, for your eyes only
Blood Sweat and Gears
9 second snoarer
Something funny......."Custom" paint job
Not sure who would want these?????
Archive through May 01, 2009
Anyone in VIC near frankston tonight?
Newcastle Photoshoots
Oh no, not another stupid post
Google mars
I'm gonna be a Dad!!!!
What, in your opinion is a.....
Girls that rock your world
I want to know......
Interesting how.....
I think all violent people.....
Would Soarer Central exist....
Geez, I reckon if things don't change.....
Auto vs Manual - Which puts more shock into the diff
I've got just one word for all you religious people out t...
Archive through April 12, 2009
Now look at what you made me do!
Car Detailing
My car is too fast
Formula 1 2009
My New Hatt!!
Compliancing for motorbikes
Bogan lowering
Thought I'd jump in the car and........
Driving tomorrow from QLD to Sydney - Help
Post/Courier Service
No Guarantees
I'm slightly inclined to go along with this one.
No unwanted pregnancies here.
Any Interest
Engineers Cert.
Sharks and Crocs
R32 GTR Rims on a Toyota Cressida
Alpha male
My Birthday Today!
Galants vr4 and these LEGnums ?? whats the go
Left My Soarer To Die, Parts For Sale
Volvo drivers [insert your preferred car]
How to hang a dog. Tutorial
How far are you prepared to go?
Archive through March 08, 2009
Funny bro.
First week.
Is Soarer Central in need of a Facelift?
Archive through February 26, 2009
Archive through March 03, 2009
All men are liars
Leaving the Soarer Community
Must see in Tokyo
Ebay ad - piss funny
Assistance with a pickup in Sydney
Road signs
Went to a car show today
Where did your user name come from?
Pictures: BMW Art Cars by Andy Warhol & Others On Tour in...
Youtube hits - help a brother out
Not so happy posting
Acura NSX Day @ Cars & Coffee Meet, USA
Top Gear Live
Happy posting time
Archive through February 14, 2009
Australian Fires.
IPhone help - Applications
Funny things you have seen on the street
What have you seen under 'wanted' or for sale?
Archive through January 27, 2009
Toyota Museum in the USA. SC300 Prototype & Ohter Rare Ca...
Thankyou K RUDD!!
Archive through February 04, 2009
Archive through February 06, 2009
Urban Hacking
Met a board member
Mad Pic with my car
Archive through January 30, 2009
Hyundai Genesis Coupe (56K Warning)
Archive through February 02, 2009
Ive made it!
350Z gives aural pleasure
BDO 09
Wheels Mag Issue 1! - Best Find Ever
Cars We Have Owned Since We'z Started Driving..........
Archive through January 10, 2009
Porsche 928's and the 968
Your thoughts on this car.
Archive through January 07, 2009
Stig outs himself..... maybe
Enoch Powell.
My other toy, GTS Monaro
Prison Break
Arcade machine
ClubLexus Friday Night Meet @ Platinum VIP
Imagine paying 20k for this...
Keep your Soarer AWAY from this guy!!
How do you become a person that can issue an engineer's c...
Peeling cars (stripping them of their panels and unnecess...
The funniest thing i've seen in ..... ever?
Most embarrassing moment.
6 Jan 09 - Toyota to suspend production for 11 days in Japan
AM DB7 V12 Engine sound.
Anyone been watching Top Gear Series 12?
Thinking about getting this BOV
National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.
What is Santa bringing you?
Merry Christmas
How stretchy are you? crazy.....
Drive it Like its Hot
Pick a babe
Time for another one of my rants!
Information Wanted
Mac help - crashed external USB HD
Download my remix cd for free..
Left 4 Dead
Whats awesome?
Archive through December 10, 2008
Car Painting
Who races or bashes RCs?
Qauntum of solace
Pics of my GF modelling with my car!
Archive through November 21, 2008
Yay !!!!!
Anyone with any legal knowledge??
Making Soarer Road Worthy Help
In my dreams it goes like this.....
Guitar Festival in Adelaide
Mandatory Internet Filtering in Australia
Archive through October 30, 2008
Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing.
Ken Block Gymkhana Practice
Exhaust For WRX (perth)
Look it's a TOOTA SOARER!
Small legal matter
Talking of GS300
Anyone want a track car or should I strip it?
Engine compartment picture request
Archive through November 09, 2007
Category 1 DVD
5th gear toyota soarer drift!!!
Why does youtube think I'm Japanese ?
Anyone Like MY Music?
Bloody 'ell 'enry! New music!
Need a recomendation for a work car.
If i had a million dollars (What would you do)
My 1000 post :-)...
Dear god! Lets hope this doesnt happen in Australia...
Chucking a Sickie - What's your best excuse or tactic?
Anyone like my music?!
Anyone here
Some lowlife tried to steal my car!..........and failed :-)...
$1000 CASH REWARD, No Questions asked.
Your top 5 songs (or 5 songs that have influenced your li...
Got speakers? Yes? Then load up this video and crank them...
Top 5 movies.
Best place to grab imported oils, plugs etc - performance...
Market research
NSW Greenslip
3 word story
Archive through September 05, 2008
Archive through September 06, 2008
Archive through September 07, 2008
Archive through September 08, 2008
Archive through September 10, 2008
Archive through September 12, 2008
Archive through September 16, 2008
Archive through September 18, 2008
Archive through September 21, 2008
Archive through September 25, 2008
Archive through September 26, 2008
Archive through October 04, 2008
Buying A Smashed Vehicle
BDO 09
The SC Mustang (and associated old-school muscle) appreci...
Archive through September 27, 2007
Archive through October 07, 2007
Archive through October 11, 2007
Archive through July 20, 2008
Thats it! Im buying my dream car. But which one? Help me!...
New fast and furious movie...
Advice Please - Looking at 2001 Pajero Exceed
Serious road rage attack
Paul Merton visits Chinese Chataeu
Subaru Complance
Hyundai Getz
New cars 2u?
Its a matter of faith
Trust/GReddy file for bankruptcy
Smoked.... and you think your soarers fast :-)...
Bargain! Free built in rain sensor
Music as a weapon
Thinking of getting an s15 next year
I need YOUR help!!!
The mentality of some people.
Importing a GTO through J-spec and compliancing by Golee....
Don`s new Mercedes Kompressor is ready
DB9 spotted in Newcastle
Code to embed 3rd party hosted images in a post
Moving to Gladstone, QLD
For those that say they cant dance
Coolest soarer
Urgent help with 2004 corolla wiring
BMW 6.0L engine at 6000rpm
New Suspension!
Google Maps
Victorian roadworthy
Moving to the Gold Coast
Top Gear Australia race a haul truck
Dyno/ RSM style Applications for Iphone
LPG advice
Archive through August 05, 2008
Anyone from Here??
While we (US) may not have dingoes....
Billy cart events?
You may now prostrate yourselves
Thoughts on the Nissan Skyline 350GT (2005 model)
Pyromaniacs only
Mac Help. OSX 10.5 > 10.4.11
CEDIA 2008
Pic of the air filters - now can i get my money back MICK??
BEWARE of Mick Mielczarek !
Gas Turbine Toyota!!!
Happy Happy Birthday Jeff Smith
Big! Happy B-Day to Bagg's(Don Bagnall).......hahahahaha...
Just Jap Ripped off Badly
"...a whole galaxy of multi- colored uppers, downers, scr...
Top Gear - Season 11
Jay Lenno's Soarer
Blue steering wheels go faster
Can I import Mini bus to Melbourne?
Soarer for GTR2 thread2!
HUGE smash in Melbourne last night
If you're bored, or have a slightly warped sense of humou...
Any muso's here ???
Inspirational posters
Archive through May 16, 2008
Breaking a bad habit.
Did anyone see the Joe Satriani concert?
Car warranties
Scared of rising petrol prices?
Haro's Iraq Deployment, my story and pics.....
Archive through June 10, 2008
Advice Please - Looking to buy 4WD Dual Cab Ute
Scott Kalitta Dies in Fiery NHRA race ......... RIP
Queensland cruise
Ebay Bargains
Cleared CD help
ADFA cadet killed in ACT crash
Soarer Drifting in Codemasters GRID
Someone may interest this UZZ32 for only $5700
USB external Hard Drive problem, MAC Powerbook
91 Holden Nova issues!
Mobile Phone Spam
Penis Head?
Which one do i wanna buy.
How Quick Are You?
Devilish Supra
The best day of my life
Really really off topic
STOLEN - HT Monaro from Tewantin (Qld) Area
Mario Kart Wii Friend Code
I think i'm a Goo Roo? Thank you to Soarer Central
Why i hate will smith!
Awesome Paris Hilton video!!!
Check out this vid, pretty funny!
Port and polish the retard way...
2008 Nissan GTR runs 11.1 @ 124mph
Random question time
A tale of caution.
Does anyone know anything about CV joints in a Subaru?
Please vote for me - Canon photo comp
Toy or person???
Getting stuff off ebay
Someone likes this guy.... ouch!
What would you buy? yz250( 2 stroke) or wr250f
Estate agent recommendation (Brisbane)
Help with my suzuki?
For computer people
Need Custom Parts?
Sports car garage in Brussels / Belgium
Police Pursuit
Check this pic out ahha
Anybody live near Bairnsdale?
Archive through March 13, 2008
Archive through March 17, 2008
Archive through April 11, 2008
EBay going third line....
Great web marketing!
Online RPG - Knight Fight
Ryu Gig
Stolen Skyline = Epic thread! The internet does work
08 Mitsubishi Lancer-opinions needed
Anyone with an EPC? Need to know what car this part numbe...
Men and their toys.
HKS or HKS STYLE? Cheap chinese copies....
Worlds first drift king.
My Paint Soarers!
Knee reconstruction.
Expensive, powerfull car + 18yr old = not good
Archive through March 22, 2008
Petrol Rort - BP Criminals!
Archive through March 21, 2008
SOARER OR XR8???????
Question For The Pc Gurus!
Electric shock, any sparkies out there or TV guys.
Plumbing question.
Ideal coupe for those under 25
2008 Motor Show Melbounre Pics
Toyota Supra
Remember That RogerCordia Bloke...
Archive through June 02, 2007
This makes me cry
Ever start a day off in a really bad way?
When your luck is out
Compliance for cars on the goldcoast
Mac experts, how to rip a dvd ?
Archive through January 05, 2008
Archive through February 07, 2008
Import peorfamnce parts.
Now this is street Racing!!
Boyd Coddington - Past away at 63
WATCH THIS - I liked it!
KOSOVO Independence???
Archive through February 22, 2008
Archive through February 23, 2008
Custom Metal Parts?
Some soarer pics in South korea
Helmet Collection Is Growing :-)...
Got something for you people to check out...
Animal lovers look away now...
How do I...
When to propose.....
Archive through February 22, 2008
Soarer Drifting
Where's it gone?
Congratulations Daniel Clarke
Arachnid drug treatment documentary
Stolen - Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector - Wellard Area (W...
Mackay floods
Helmet Cetification
Anyone from Toowoomba know or seen this car around?
Car Auctions
IF only
How do you take the window winder off a non electric wind...
So i walked into my exhaust shop the other day......
Greg Holden president of the austin healy club?
Attn-Sydneysiders..........Rocket Car Day!
Slap Corey
Archive through January 19, 2008
21st Bday suggestions
Heath Ledger found dead...
Fuel Consumption calculator
Standard labour charge ?
Archive through January 19, 2008
Australia Day is approaching...
So.... Who Died last night???
Lexus Concept cars
Archive through January 08, 2008
Whats involved getting the car back on the road?
Ultima GTR
Need advice on new website...
Places to go out at surfers paradise
A cautionary tale. Learn from my mistakes, for God's sake...
Archive through December 19, 2007
Import Purchase Tips.Version One Auto Import(Sydney-Botan...
Happy New Year
HAPPY Birthday Aaron Klaver
Cool find on Utube! Muppet Matrix!
FWD Scion tC + Snow Tires + Stupidity = Absolutely Hilari...
Have a very merry SADISTIC xmas!
Let's not start that again.
Moving to W.A need car taken over...
Japanese Version of Fast + Furious
Thief steals car with four-year-old boy inside
Ebay sale - worth a look.
P Platers
Archive through October 31, 2007
Some cops need to wake up!!!!
Pepper spray
Archive through December 12, 2007
Just havin some fun with soarer pics
Stolen - Volvo 144 with 1JZGTE, R154, HKS 2835, Haltech E...
Any one had experience with early 90's 3 series BMW's...
Soarer respect
1997 JZX 100 Chaser TRD
Further to 'I think I've found my next car'
I think I've found my next car
Fall Photoshoot in canada
Archive through November 24, 2007
Soarer a Wrecked Soarer S.A
I am the stig
Your favourite racing games?
Archive through October 17, 2007
One Fast Tractor
Corvette Turbo
Bloody Mclaren
1988 SUPRA 7M-GTE TO 1JZ -no abs????
Zoom magazine: Now completely F*cked
Archive through November 15, 2007
Let me live in PERIL! ...
DIY Port and Polish job
I can't seem to keep clear of the law
Where in QLD should I go??
RFactor update!
Customer calls Vicroads
Superbike Building Lesson 101
Mitsubishi Verada
Car trailer in Sydney wanted
Other vehicles
Archive through September 11, 2007
Archive through October 24, 2007
Archive through October 28, 2007
McLaren spy saga is dead?
F1 Hero dedication video
Archive through November 10, 2006
Guitar Amplifiers
Little buggers trashed my sister's car.
Math Help
What am I doing wrong?
Car red flagged by the police
Lexus IS250
Leading by Example
Ultimate Aero TT - Worlds fastest production car
4WD test drives
Archive through September 21, 2007
What type of fish?
RIP Colin McRae
Miss Philippines Australia
Archive through September 16, 2007
Hurricane Katrina...2 Year Anniversary
How cools this....!
Cars being shot at in kings park!?
Revolutionary Turbo Mod
Eye candy for the ladies...
Archive through September 04, 2007
Archive through September 11, 2007
What music are you people into?
Archive through September 03, 2007
Bloody Hell
Does anyone know anything about late 90's Magna's
Archive through February 12, 2007
You tube check this out WTF
Gt4 celica
What is this ??
Archive through August 31, 2007
Media playing solutions...
Archive through August 27, 2007
Height Controller interferring with Height (TEMS)
Square watermelons?!!
Ebay Sniper :-)...
Home Invasion - foiled.
Archive through August 20, 2007
Archive through August 23, 2007
Archive through August 27, 2007
What every Soarer V8 owner needs....................
Arghhhhh Rodeo Diesel - fuel woes - Please Help
Moon Eclipse
Lexus SC redesign for 2009?
Mark Paddick R.I.P
Archive through July 25, 2007
Archive through July 27, 2007
New LandCruiser 200 series
Fill me in on what I've missed
Soarer death:-(...
Archive through May 20, 2007
Archive through July 24, 2007
Soarers should come stock with these....
Spidey-Car (nothing to do with the movie)
I just hit a duck at 80kmh...
Archive through August 21, 2007
Mitsubishi GTO mechanic Bris?
Dear lord why???
Eye Candy (II)
Archive through August 10, 2007
Seen a grown man cry today!!
Archive through August 21, 2007
First driving impressions of the next car I might buy...
Funny Advertisement
Ben Socratus - Not well.......
I have messed up BIG TIME!!! - Urgent Help needed
What to do when you have some time, LEDs and 8000 connect...
Vehicle transport Sydney to Perth
350Z Drifting in China!
Top Gear Special
Soarer V8 into VX Calis
Video cameras
Fellow Bikers
Thinking about buying a wii
Archive through May 28, 2007
Archive through June 08, 2007
Anyone own a JZS160 (GS300) 1998??
Anyone use Japanese Yahoo auctions ?
Is it wrong to do what I am thinking
Soarer for Rfactor?
Taming the Beast
Central locking toolbox
Incorrect details on police infringement??
Archive through April 30, 2007
Soarers Soarers Soarers!!
Feathering the Clutch???
WTF, notice anything different...
What's wrong with this pic???
Car Transport
You Tube, Must See Drifting!
Soarer RC
Are Supra's as reliable as Soarer's
Melbourne Warning!
Horrible Crash with Porsche and Ferrari
Toyota red coolant in BMW?
Spelling Nazi
Microsoft Surface
Anything is Repairable
Anyone heading to bathurst this year
Game - SC Eye Candy slideshow
Any dart's player's here?
About Dubai
Calling all computer geeks
Archive through May 06, 2007
Archive through May 09, 2007
Very Tempted to Buy
ALSC - Soarercentral rift.
One for Don Bagnall....and all other interet cat lovers :-)...
Good Service without getting a "bonus scratch" !!
1GZ-FE V12 conversion
Archive through August 16, 2006
Can anyone beat this?
Just bought a set of wheels from EBay seller in USA.
Black V8 goes to Margaret River
Curious... Sending Stuff
Balck V8 vs Lancelin [Pics]
Archive through March 29, 2007
Mothers Day - support Breast Cancer Foundation
Feeding the snake...
Power up your Echo
Tattoos - Ouch!
Hahahahahahahahaha - Quack!
Question for Daniel Trivuncevic
Archive through April 17, 2007
Archive through April 17, 2007
MINE's BNR34 - Wicked!!!
Google humour
Landcruiser info
Best resignation letter ever!
Bought a new car
Pictures of Geek Culture
NITRO rc car
Friday 13th
Best Comeback Line Ever
Archive through April 13, 2007
My band's new songs...
Now that's low
Bathurst International Motor Festival
What I Do When I'm Bored
Happy Easter
Anyone got 10k spare
Archive through April 04, 2007
Archive through April 06, 2007
My MySpace change up
To all you Hoff wannabes!
How you know you're from Adelaide..........
Archive through March 25, 2007
Archive through March 28, 2007
April fools
Esablished members?
Archive through March 30, 2007
Nice Supercharged Aurion
This guy can't be serious...
The hottest porn you'll ever see, and hear!
Bugatti Veron.............................INSANE!..........
Archive through December 14, 2005
Aussie python
Stupid Kiwis
Aristo bargain of the year
Borat!! New sexy Drownwatch series!
Foshizzle mnizzle
The Pixel God
Stolen RX4
Public toilet graffiti :-)...
Dolphin Slaying in Japan.
Archive through March 18, 2007
Archive through March 20, 2007
Eye candy :o)
Archive through March 12, 2007
Archive through March 17, 2007
New Baby Boy!! To take over my Soarer one day!
Earth Hour
Archive through March 09, 2007
Archive through March 09, 2007
Archive through March 12, 2007
Archive through March 15, 2007
Free "Puppy" to Good Home (W.A.) ...............
Archive through March 11, 2007
Naa this will buff right out !
Help the police...
Real Engineering
Archive through March 01, 2007
Point-to-point speed cameras
95mm Turbo!
Archive through March 07, 2007
That will buff right out.
Plasma Advice
Archive through February 01, 2007
Archive through February 03, 2007
Archive through March 07, 2007
Just incase Don hasn't posted it already, check this out!...
Metal staircase finishing
Help please, looking to make extra cash!
Willowbank Death
Robin Reliant Space Shuttle....
A womans place
Whats with Gold Coast People
Anyone in sydney know this vehicle ?
The Toyota UZ-series Engine Guide
2ND Degree burn! ouch!
Stupid ebay
Outlook 2003 Printing issue
You can find anything on the net these days!
If your Lonely Tonight......
Open to all opinions be 100% honest
Archive through February 13, 2007
The best car you've beaten?
Archive through December 14, 2006
Archive through December 29, 2006
Archive through January 18, 2007
Typical Ferrari driver?
Chasers War On Everything - Americans
Obligatory things to do in Japan
Posting video's - a warning.
TT drivers
Archive through February 15, 2007
Archive through February 17, 2007
V8 drivers
Archive through February 17, 2007
Aeroplane car with a 2,000hp 1uzfe in it!
Turning a NSX into a Ferrari
Fabulous NRMA Offer
Wouldn't it suck to be him???
Going to NT - what to do
Archive through November 14, 2006
Archive through January 17, 2007
Some government agencies suck
Holden coming to America
Archive through February 08, 2007
Vertex soarer drifing vid
Kiwi Plumber drives to jobs in style ...
LCD tv please advice!
Dirty Car Artist - Cool pics..
Great Ocean Road - Travel Tips?
How much do you weigh?
Archive through January 14, 2007
Archive through January 15, 2007
Archive through January 19, 2007
Looking for shared Accomodation??
96 civic
Archive through January 17, 2007
Snow in February!! Well at least in Canada
Time off - where should I go?
Archive through February 07, 2007
24 Season 6
Should they do this in Australia
Cheap 'Pod' Style Filters
Some psycho is killing cats in Palmerston NT
Archive through February 02, 2007
"White Beast" Supra
How to speak Nuw Zulander :-)...
SMS Speak
Personalised Plates
"Muffin Top" ...
Who wants $50?
Archive through January 28, 2007
Archive through January 30, 2007
Read about the 2JZ from autospeed
Subaru Tribeca?!
I always knew it was true.
New 2008 lexus IS-F
Not happy with your life??? Buy someone elses...
Calling all Soarers in Gungahlin area or ACT
Surgery sux
Soarer insurance
Pics of the Hamster's off...
A new take on the "who's on first?" sketch
How much to buy a soarer on 1995-1999
For your viewing pleasure! ...
Black Sheep - Movie
Invaluable Tool/Gadget for doing up a car?
PDA advice
Out of control
Archive through January 13, 2007
Archive through January 21, 2007
Video to make you cringe...
Ain't dat de truth Maaaaaan! ...
Hi guys.. miss me?
How to dump the TART! with style!!! ...
Toyota FT-HS concept
Horsecapdes (no, dont even start.....) :-)...
Archive through January 08, 2007
Police AND the media get it right in NZ - Miracle!
What's the rush
Any hunters out there?
My version of the ultimate pumpshed candidate has just be...
Need help with this code
Coming over East.
Fact or fallacy? Male opinions needed
Archive through November 28, 2006
Archive through November 29, 2006
Archive through January 09, 2007
Who can NOT be tempted??
Archive through January 04, 2007
Archive through January 05, 2007
Merry Xmas to the orthodox community!
Now that's what I call a gas conversion........!!
Good pitch to get business !
My TT is still faster, but this is nice
Archive through January 04, 2007
Happy New Year Everyone!
How to be a RICER
Hi guys, i'm posting with my Wii!
2007 Lexus IS 350
Shark Attacks.
Archive through December 25, 2006
V12 Toyota Century FS in QLD
My Car with Fresh Paint.
On behalf of the KIWI members of the ALSC!
Miami Hot Import Nights, and Some random fun pictures!
Transformers movie
Cool German cop car!
Seasons Greetings to All
Hot Rod
Work Wanted...
Suzuki SXbox
Sandal Surfing...........the latest Camel Jocky craze
Focus On Drugs...
New Lexus trick
Lucky day - smacked between the eyes with a wench!
Toy Run 2006
Casino Royale - James Bond.
My band's new CD...
Archive through December 11, 2006
Fires in Victoria
Anyone know this song?
Stupid people!
The Ashes - 2006
Lexus ISF
Hillariously Stupid
R.I.P. Davor Petrovic
Kiwis to be Aussies???
Any VBA Experts out there?
WOOHOO 21 Today
Archive through November 30, 2006
Glass House :-(...
...and Rock 'n' Roll
Cool way to lose $500K in two years time!
Getting Auctioned off on Sunday
Why does Microsoft and Palm both suck and blow?
TT Aristo- LSD Standard?
Do you like Brussel Sprouts? ...
Who's Who - Members' Photos I've gathered off Soarer Cent...
Archive through November 23, 2006
Soarer gets smacked again !! ah FFS
Archive through November 27, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hmm, now i need to do a photoshoot against the skyline of...
Way to go
World's longest email address.
F1 engine plays "God Save The Queen"
Global Warming...............Fact or Fear?
Xmas has come early
Mr MoVember ???
Bad Luck Comes in Threes
Amazing Dice Stacking Video
Nissan 350 Skyline
Another Kiwi Trade Me humorous auction ...
My Wedding!
Mel people ATTENSION
Team Lexus (Sailing)
Eat 52 pieces of sushi
Danish Speed Control Tactics
Looking for cheapest Respray (perth)
I woke up screaming at 2am after seeing this...
My Soarer nearly got squished!
To much money ?
Archive through October 22, 2006
Unbelievable forced induction
Why we need speed cameras.
Anyone know anything about this brand?
Speed Humps
Archive through November 01, 2006
Importing duties and taxes
One In A Million .....................
Home Anodizing
Firefox 2
Archive through October 30, 2006
Where does ALSC start and SC end?
Twin Turbo Ford GT.
THIS is Acceleration folk's!!
Crazy Japs - 170 on a Mountain Bike FFS
Way to identify the genuine performance parts
I'm 26!!
I got caught cheating on my GF. PLEASE HELP
Archive through October 23, 2006
Europe or USA; Which is easier to import from?
Unbelievable ...why???
I know this is kinda selfish...
Archive through August 15, 2006
Archive through August 23, 2006
Archive through August 28, 2006
Archive through September 01, 2006
Top gear presenter Richard Hammond in jet car crash
FS Custom Paint SC430
Violate rights,need help
Drift area in chadstone
Archive through October 13, 2006
Import rules for motorbikes
Toyota Shaggin Wagon..
Happy Birthday George Kyling
Howdy from the USA
Archive through April 17, 2006
Archive through June 01, 2006
Archive through July 12, 2006
Archive through July 31, 2006
Archive through September 01, 2006
Really stupid.. but funny
Where to live
VMWare, HyperOS etc
Mitsubishi FTO
Archive through October 05, 2006
Market Research Survey
FORD's win Bathurst, FORD's Win Bathurst, FORD's Win Bath...
Happy Birthday Neil...
Archive through October 05, 2006
J-spec imports - Opinions? What are they like?
Aristo Common Problems
Any comments on MR2 SW20?
Good onya West Coast Eagles, YOU BEAUTY!!!!
Live for speed!
Road trip
Footpath Artwork
Purely Tongue in Cheek
Wedding Cars
Toyota F1 Exhaust
An Inconvenient Truth
Archive through September 20, 2006
Talk Like a Pirate Day
For all the SA guys... What To Do In Adelaide?
Web page design
Maoris doing 'Haka' at Ground Zero!
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead
Archive through September 05, 2006
Six-Stroke Engine
Need a picture
Brockie dead!!
STS - 115
When did the 1JZ-GTE stop being turbo?
Death of my hero
Just got my new bike. SWEEET
Panel beating costs
Just a few reasons why some of you Aussies should come an...
Archive through September 07, 2006
When I'm not driving my soarer...
Archive through July 30, 2006
How to clean the toilet the fun way!!!!! A must try, if y...
*Contacting Josh Rowland*
Custom Motorcycles
Japan video on YouTube
Rock Star-Super Nova ...
Just letting all know
Back to school...
Who is on ICQ?
Quick Dump Pipe Question
Freaky game
Anyone watch Series 3 of Stargate Atlantis??
Archive through August 24, 2006
Honda Rafaga Dyno!
$107.20 to fill up today
Archive through June 20, 2006
No sleep tonight, Australia Vs Italy
Archive through June 27, 2006
Is anyone as individual as me own a Land cruiser and drag...
Archive through August 18, 2006
Watch out westies! I'm coming to Perth!
Drift Ban
Walk around aristo
Any one else as individual as me? i.e Kiteboarder that ow...
Just some pics...
Baby Reepa has arrived.
Archive through August 04, 2006
RALPH photo shoot - Good friend, please vote Camilla! :D
Archive through August 11, 2006
Used cameras in Japan
Road Ranger Gearbox - HELP !!!
America the new Saudi?..intresting read
Relationship vs job
Archive through August 07, 2006
Archive through August 08, 2006
Took my time
Thinking about moving to Australia
Archive through August 07, 2006
Cruises for charity
UFO spotted......uh oh.
Bad assed wheels - electronic!
Win a new Toyota!!!
I need to smile .. anyone got any new good jokes?
Found on e-bay
Happy Birthday Jeff Smith
Dont know if you have seen this
A tool for saving those great online vids
I want a bird like this!Kt
Archive through July 20, 2006
PLEASE dont let my kids do this!!
Any other non-drinkers among us?
Archive through July 22, 2006
Lounge drifting
For anyone in QLD, or may know of this
Top Gear Koenigsegg
FIFA World Cup 2006
Archive through June 19, 2006
Archive through June 23, 2006
Archive through July 14, 2006
It is a very sad day for me today - it is yet to settle in
Room for rent in Brisbane?
Undercover cops and funni storey
Archive through August 09, 2005
Archive through August 17, 2005
Archive through September 15, 2005
Archive through September 15, 2005
Archive through September 16, 2005
Archive through September 18, 2005
G'day from the Sunshine Coast
This is so sweet
Kazaa? Limewire? BitTorrent?
Seriously phychotic comic
Archive through July 01, 2006
Mummy I just wanna be a try hard
September 11th
Best xylophone ever
What's a good & easy screen capture program?
The devil i am 666 posts woohoo
Emergency transport
Who said you can't drift a Nitro Funny Car?
THIS is how you build an Aristo
Archive through July 09, 2006
Need your help fellas...
Blue Ball Machine
Attention Electronics gurus..!! some questions
State Of Origin!!!
End of the world
BAHAHAHAHAHA Bizarre Japanese game show
And I wonder why guys don't take me seriously...
Archive through June 13, 2006
Archive through June 14, 2006
Archive through June 15, 2006
Archive through June 22, 2006
Trying to open some videos..
Black Aristo
Hi, i have a large turbo.
Financial advice...
Funny Videos
Men and their pick-up lines
Archive through June 20, 2006
Archive through June 21, 2006
Archive through June 21, 2006
Archive through June 21, 2006
Archive through June 21, 2006
Archive through June 22, 2006
Archive through June 24, 2006
Super 8 Projector
Chaser Drifting...
Happy Birthday REEPA
Which country do you think?
Gobal Warming
Drive it like its hot remix
Geez that's annoying
Lexus ES300 1997
Number Plates & There Meaning
Archive through June 10, 2006
1000 posts. Im now a GOO ROO. Beware
Archive through June 07, 2006
Archive through June 09, 2006
For Those who love their bubble wrap.
Numbers ...
Toyota Mark X SV Supercharged!
Archive through May 10, 2006
Archive through May 10, 2006
Archive through May 12, 2006
Archive through May 24, 2006
Agent in Japan
Hi Guys
I'm still here.
Forgive me Soarer, for I have sinned...
Archive through June 02, 2006
Did I mention what a great car this is?
OHS video gold
Does any one know of or has......
Safeway Scam
What i found in my car.
Tyre size calculator
MUST SEE!!!!!!!!
Smashed Supra Pix
Archive through May 19, 2006
A must have for all the ones who are fooly sik maayte!
Need help with what to do in South Australia
More Efficient Engine
Great Tits.
Thinking of going to London?
Lexus GS450H
1997 e36 bmw 318i angel lights
Starting Engine in a crashed Levin
Subject: Where is the plane??????
Archive through May 19, 2006
What the hell is I can D?
The ULTIMATE Bling Bling Machine
"Dorifto - Japanese budget style"
Little S!@#s
Archive through May 11, 2006
Archive through May 14, 2006
Archive through May 18, 2006
What do in Melbourne
Sex in a soarer
Archive through May 05, 2006
Archive through May 05, 2006
Archive through May 05, 2006
Archive through May 07, 2006
Archive through May 13, 2006
Archive through May 18, 2006
For you people that love your rice spoilers and big exhaust
Why do we have Indicators ??
Archive through May 15, 2006
Modzilla Firefox bookmarks gone!!??
VIC resident buying a car in NSW
Ricer Poem
For those about to rock...
I'm giving up the booze! ...
Archive through April 29, 2006
Archive through May 01, 2006
Hmmm thinking an Aristo
Archive through May 07, 2006
Archive through May 08, 2006
Knight Rider the film
Optimus Prime & the Transformers ..the movie
International Payments
Eye Candy (American Vs. Australian)
Archive through May 11, 2006
Windows 2000 PRO networking with XP PRO issues?
The worlds best job!!!
Type II Diabetes and what helped me. Warning - Longest p...
Discuss Diabetes Issues
How about this?
Poor duck
Archive through May 03, 2006
Archive through May 04, 2006
This Thursday - trivia.
BP Ultimate 102
Archive through April 28, 2006
Archive through May 02, 2006
Under insured?
Santa came early for someone :-)...
The Fast and The Curious
Flying cars.
The Strolling Bones.
Dvd burning
1jz in cressida
Great police response!
Yep, it's that time of the year again!!!
Help from southern states
Can Aus PS2 play UK games???
Look what happened to Nikki Webster !
If anyone can direct me - I don't intend to stir.
"the rules" by him
WTF carpet ?
I've been away, I'm kinda back (MilesB)
NOPI Nats comes the goods
Archive through April 11, 2006
Rishi rich project in melbourne
Soarer replacement?
Anyone read Ukrainian?
Lexus TV ads?
Mobile service providers on the Telstra network
Happy Easter
Subaru Liberty rs (turbo)
Ford Territory
Trying to work out this riddle
Archive through April 06, 2006
Interesting time event
My mate Chuck!
Opreating System Not Found - ARRRHHHH!!!
Plates worthy of mention
Archive through March 30, 2006
The Fast & Furious : Tokyo Drift
Archive through April 04, 2006
Thank God for 2 seconds
Content Restriction Annulment Protection
Planet Soarer at the Clipsal 500
Nissan Cefiro
I hope this works
Cruise Control Warning
Cruise control with a 5 speed???
What Not to do with a Ferrari
Where the F#"%G hell are you
Commonwealth Games
Anti-hoon legislation - knowledge is power.
Buying a laptop - tips?
Archive through March 10, 2006
BATracer - SC Challenge!
Happy Birthday Lew!
Matrix Ping Pong
Happy Birthday Timme!!!
Need IT Solutions?
Overseas call centres...................
Archive through March 13, 2006
Aurion V6
Road rage with a twist
You know what's weird?
Archive through March 10, 2006
How cheap is this?
Wish I was as lucky with tattslotto numbers........
How good does this Soarer look
Archive through March 07, 2006
Price of Diesel in Australia versus NZ.
Drug Smugglers are Ingenious
A place for me to stay???
Advice to young soarer owners
Archive through February 27, 2006
Archive through February 27, 2006
Archive through March 01, 2006
Motor Bikes, who has, and what?
Archive through March 01, 2006
Movie downloads v's Movie rentals
Archive through March 01, 2006
C'mon the Woods
Need help with my PC please!!!
Ghost Rider
Mildura mourns...
Oil Change
Help me, I don't know what to do!
Archive through February 21, 2006
Advanced driving course insurance
Thought for the day ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS
Spec list of my new car
Melb to Adelaide with a towbar?
Living in Canberra?
Roy 'Chubby" Brown
Funny Valentines Poems
Canberra - 95 Blue Mustang
Poor kid
For us Men
Archive through February 13, 2006
Chaser / Mark II / Cresta differences?
Commodore VT SS series 2 (gen3)
Archive through January 19, 2006
HELP Bitsamissing Galant, Cooling fark up
S Miss V8 Supercar
Ford GT Stollen
Too Much time.
Reversing Sensors without holes
Archive through October 24, 2005
Archive through October 26, 2005
It might be sacrelige but...
Toyota indestructibility
Spotted in ...................
Dont you love when girls exercise!
Archive through January 31, 2006
Happy Chinese/Vietnamese New Year.
Octopus Vs. Shark...
Monkeying around
CAR mag. from U.K. Evo X, new GTR..MMM
Supercharged !UZ
Ozzy Hero
Im off whale huniting (well searching)
Ralli art eye candy
DODO rip off???
Tractor Pulls (not like that, you dirty minded mongrels)...
Talking Boony
I'm being a petty female.. need opinions
Archive through January 11, 2006
Archive through January 20, 2006
Bowl of Chili
Does this sound like a reasonable price?
Chef Apprenticeships
Test your reflexes
Speed Parking done right...
An evil terrorist plot in Jingle Bells
Quick question aobut C's shifter
Fuse perhaps? (no rush, it's only a Nissan)...
Merry Xmas to the Orthodox community!
11 second stand up scooter
Funny thing happened at work today....
Danny Dinh were are you
These are not Soarer pics
Reason for selling.
Out grown his bike
Archive through January 02, 2006
Monkey chatter
1UZ in a Mk111 Supra
Happy Easter to you all....
Forum needs some work!
Archive through December 10, 2005
Happy New Year
And some pretty Fireworks to go with the egg.
My new tattoo!!
Archive through December 20, 2005
Archive through December 21, 2005
Something for all you cat lovers.......
Vin Diesel Fact Generator...this is just for you Sam
Juzza Hits the Gold Coast
Melbourne: Eastern Freeway
Sydney WTF?
Archive through December 12, 2005
Archive through December 12, 2005
Archive through December 13, 2005
Archive through December 15, 2005
Archive through December 20, 2005
Merry Xmas and Happy NY
Girls Love Cars Too
Archive through December 17, 2005
Santa myth has been busted
Melbourne Soarer drivers watch out!
My Empire state Building Model...
Riceyest product ever
No Turbo, but a great skyline
Archive through December 06, 2005
Stupid Blinging/Ricing of Vehicles
Archive through November 29, 2005
Archive through November 29, 2005
The Top 5 Pick-Up Lines Thread
Archive through October 11, 2005
Archive through October 12, 2005
Archive through October 14, 2005
Archive through October 14, 2005
Archive through October 14, 2005
Biggest LOL EVER!!!
Better than an alarm system
Admin.. how does it work?
Happy Santa
Bad Boy Johnny
Tattoooooo Parlours
Bird Flu affects Airlines!
Cosworth breaks 20,000rpm barrier
A mate's Mitsubishi Galant
Law abiding Police!!
New Best Motoring International DVD.
Perry Morgan in the paper?
Happy 18th Birthday
All you P plate drivers look out (QLD P PLaters ownly i t...
Movie: "The Island"
Archive through September 22, 2005
Dumb Laws
3 phase to single phase 240v
Archive through November 26, 2005
Archive through November 28, 2005
Cool video from RAY's - How wheels are made.
Illegal Parking?
Is anyone a Plumber here?
Inspiring and motivational Quotes
Archive through November 18, 2005
Archive through November 30, 2005
A Lexus joke
Definition of 'Irony'
Ipod nano
Archive through November 25, 2005
A romour i heard and out of curiousity i would like to kn...
100 Octane is finally here
Archive through November 21, 2005
Archive through November 27, 2005
Cheap kiwi speeding fines
Nissan Q45 V8 Test Fit in a 240Z & Twin Turbo
QLD Dept of transport what dickheads
"Aristo" SEVS workshop
Archive through November 14, 2005
Archive through November 22, 2005
Trick or treat
Archive through November 22, 2005
N's e
Earth from space
"Pedestrian Rust" it the...
Basic (stupid?) computer question
MP3 players that fit into cigarette lighter?
Soarer adverts, can they be anymore wrong?!
Archive through November 16, 2005
Sweet V Dub
Thank you to Steve N.
Sending multiple email?
Anyone read Maddox?
Melbourne? What to do.....
Funny MKIV For Sale
The all new Airbus A380 to visit Brisbane, Sydney and Mel...
Manifold wanted for turbo
Good investment?
My Subaru got stolen!
Hill Climb Vid
Funniest eBay description ever... navigator
PS2 Chips
Sneaky bastards
What's with the disrespect?????!?
Archive through November 01, 2005
Archive through November 03, 2005
Archive through November 05, 2005
(VIC) anyone heard of Chapel Conversions?
Love it, love it, love it
I could've bought rims!
Import Restrictions
Pimp My Ride.
American Muscle!!!
Trannie swap...
SEXPO's 10th're invited!
I beat the RTA...I beat the RTA!!!!!
Broadband, good, bad and ugly
Archive through October 10, 2005
Advice please :-( v2...
Archive through October 27, 2005
Archive through October 28, 2005
Slightly cooked tranny
Caption Competition.
Archive through November 02, 2005
I was bored.... so I took some pics.....
Pure heart attack! 30,000 calorie sandwich
Dubai - Amazing - Fastest Growing City!
Its Movember!!!
Young Kid + Nissan + stupid =......
Firefox giving me the SH....S!!
The Future of Formula 1
Suggestion for the For Sale section
SYDNEY Accomodation WANTED
Motoring wish list
Archive through October 14, 2005
Archive through October 16, 2005
Canberra members...
What's YOUR excuse?
Advice please :-(...
Running sucks
Archive through October 21, 2005
My new comp setup
Archive through October 17, 2005
Archive through October 24, 2005
Need a paint job.
Save fuel!!!
What You guys Think?
How smart is your right foot?
Archive through October 21, 2005
Got Money?
Archive through October 20, 2005
Beer is good
Archive through October 20, 2005
Spotted in Canberra, Thursday 28/7
Help me Measure Something Please ..... Smokers Only Need ...
A question for those who know computers
Had'em and leave
Dear Alcohol
Those crazy Australians......
Cycling in Adelaide
Explorer Crash (msawt.dll)
Australian princess
Archive through October 06, 2005
Wife upgrade
Google Moon
A Man's Perspective
Proof that lizards have no taste
Check out this online Game
Legal Accident help needed
Archive through August 11, 2005
New Orleans
Archive through September 04, 2005
Archive through September 15, 2005
Completely off topic :-)...
Archive through October 11, 2005
Victorian Wood Expo
Too much fun?
The top 5 movies thread.
Archive through October 06, 2005
Archive through October 06, 2005
Archive through October 07, 2005
Archive through October 07, 2005
Archive through October 11, 2005
Archive through October 11, 2005
Close Calls
When it's not safe to leave your garage open.
Archive through August 21, 2005
Post spammer
Archive through September 27, 2005
Check This Out !!!!!!!!!!!!
About 4WD owners
Advice on VOIP ?
SC430 TT
1500 HP !! Supra for Sale
Sunday Orgasm
Archive through September 11, 2005
Archive through September 16, 2005
That freakin water applet
Archive through September 07, 2005
The secret is out..!!
I hate ebay!!
Archive through September 12, 2005
Archive through September 13, 2005
Archive through September 14, 2005
Archive through September 20, 2005
Could this work?
The other Toyota......:-)...
Which member did I meet on Saturday in Brissie?
How big do you like your 4WD's
American Presidents---Coincidences
DUDE!!!!..........WHERES MY CAR
Yay Im going to the Fuji SuperGT race this weekend!
Spotted - breakdown? + Firefox == dirty love child?
This is pretty special!
What do you all think...
Archive through August 23, 2005
Archive through September 16, 2005
Leb's and their cars *good read*
Eba problems
Phillip Island Sprint Racing - Sep 24 / 25
MSN 7.5 not working?????
Ebay unichip
FREE freight from South Africa to Melbourne
Car movie clips
Fishing in the Gulf
Making iRiver work in a limited?
IPod Battery
Has anyone else ever forget to turn their headlights on a...
Check this out---------
Insider Trading Laws
Archive through September 05, 2005
Soarer Pictures
Coffee Grinder
Archive through August 25, 2005
Searching difficulties
CCTV and the Law Advice
Street Racing USA.........Turbo Mustang! (Other good cli...
Camera lens
Geez!.........You guy's have got it GOOD!. Compared to "B...
Archive through August 20, 2005
Unique new low cost turbo kit
Appropriate advertising
How to inteligently insult some one....
Archive through August 27, 2005
Need Vietnamese Translation.
Shipping wheels...
LG 7130 ph help!
Archive through August 19, 2005
Archive through August 20, 2005
Archive through August 22, 2005
" Ummm, that's not what I meant by 'Blast off when ready ...
Archive through August 10, 2005
Holden Proving Ground
Skydiving - Still Alive
Thank you From the Johnsons
CAR Audio SALE this Thur 18th..CAE Blacktown..
Aeroplane videos interesting !!
Income opportunity for you, your family or your school or...
Credit card scam , its here now ,
Our Last Bicycle Cruise day
Dilema's, dilema's, which to choose?
Archive through August 04, 2005
Anyone seen latest Hot4s mag?
Drift Game
Battered Sav
T belt light
Be carefull !!
Why Oil is so Expensive
Archive through August 05, 2005
Anyone seen this advert before?
Who was in Korrumburra yesterday
We are now THE SC400!
Archive through August 03, 2005
At firkin last I have got my car back!
Interesting Complaint Letter.
NASA - Live Feed from Shuttle
Peter.................................Very well done my f...
Hello to all at Soarer Central!
Futuristic Lexus
Good luck from the mother land
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