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Yup, you guessed it.... UZZ32 struts.
Uzz32 hydraulic suspension
Suspension bushes
New TEMS struts for a TT
Help wanted on suspension problem
Replacing all diff bushes - trying to find part numbers
Left steering rack boot shattered
JZZ30 TT Diff Spider/Sun Gears, Please Help
Tie rod ends
Soarer V8 now on lowered springs
Suspension compressor troubles
Weird Airbag Issue
How to replace rear air suspension height sensors?
18x10.5 fitment
Steering rack re-build Perth
Air bag suspension problem
Airbag suspension
Help with speedo calulation
Rear Lower Control Arm Replacement
SUS Diagnostic codes?
Flush wheel fitment
245 40 18 clearance ok?
Wheel fitment
Rebuilding suspension advice
V8 Suspension Air Line Diagram
Lower on the Passenger side
Lower control arm balljoint query
Grinding noise from steering rack
Rear click noise when engage auto into drive
UZZ32 strut parts
Wheel alignment adjustment
Homemade UZZ31 aftermarket height controller
Archive through April 04, 2015
Air suspension 91 to 92
UZZ31 pulling left/right
Just went to coils
Looking for some new 17' rubber?
Gixxer Setup vs Tein SuperStreet Monoflex, disregarding c...
Front lower control arm ball joints
Sway bar bushes
Clunk in the front end
Wheels that won't scrub and would sit a passenger
For those who know
Control arm bushes are dead
Soarer suspension bushes. Who does them??
Steering not centred after turning?
Rear Subframe Bush Removal
Stock Soarer TEMS Suspension testing data
Another Air Suspension Issue!
Help Please, RE: Engineering certificate
Pedders Report
Air Suspension
Recommended for Modified 1J's -- Gixxer Drew Set up
Front UCA
Drivers side front - too high - UZZ31.
Down on the left
Refurbish/repaint factory alloys?
UZZ 32 suspension control pump accumulator
Shake in steering wheel
Archive through February 19, 2015
AE66X R-Spec Controller Issue
Suspension sqeek
Bag issues
Need help - changing rear shocks Jzz30
Still have a "clunk"
Front left lower ball joint
Trouble with wheel alignment and tyre wear
Archive through July 13, 2014
Largest size rims to fit airbags
Front Susp lowering slowly
Suspension question - LHD vs RHD, Soarer vs Supra?
A02b Diff Ratio
Diff ratio
Location of suspension computer in 91 v8 soarer
New coilovers, strut brace wont go back on :-(...
Change TEMS to springs - checking understanding
V8 space saver rim size please?
Superpro Suspension bushes for sale here, please look
Archive through May 23, 2011
Calling suspension/steering gurus
How do I diagnose leaking air suspension?
JZZ30 R&L rear original shock swap
Can anyone lend me 15mm/20mm spacers in Melb to test fit?
Soarer airbag suspension filter
Got lock?
Right and left coilovers
Air bag suspension diagram
Early Model Steering Rack & Sway Bar Bush sizes?
Can you install Eibach Universal Springs on factory struts?
Soarer Diff Q's?
Tt lsd
Way to lift air suspension without compressor pumping?
Air Bag Suspension Overhaul
UZZ31 'Floating' Suspension
UZZ31 Height Control Compressor
Hks Hiper D
Uzz31 I'm looking for wiring diagram for air suspension
Best coil overs to replace factory airbags
Tips on Quiet Tyres and Sound Deadening?
Getting a really frustrating noise from the read of my TT
Torsen diff vs open diff
Hopefully a really easy to answer question....
TEMS questions!!!
Creaking noise when cold? Air Bag Sus...
Is there a difference between 98 and 92 soarer diff and c...
Height Controllers
Air strutts
Wheeltrack with after market rims...
Uzz31 airbags out, coilovers in... to DIY or not.
Lowered springs
Castor Adjustment
Height adjustment, is it relative?
LSD diff centre
JZS161 Torsen fit in 1j Soarer?
Center caps for league rims?
Dreaded gutter rash
Replacing air bag
Tie Rod Part Number
Uzz32 suspension help
Airbags (UZZ31), problems when selling.
Shock body dimensions
Any other places to get crown and pinion
ASE66X instruction manual issue ?
Wheel alignment on a V8
Removing the fault message from the dash when you have ta...
Make airbag suspension lower/raise quicker?
Crown wheel and pinion swaps.I want 4-3 to !
92 GT 4.0 Suspension replacement
Anyone heard/know anything about these?
Front Caster Bushes Part #'s?
Wheel alignment for 18's
Rear shock removal, i'm bending everything in my garage :-(...
Converson for my uzz31
Lowered stock airbags
Control arm bushes?
Torsen Diff?
Suspension lowering itself overnight
New wheels - Wolfrace Shark Silver - R18 9.5J ET35
Which Strut Brace to fit & clear the 1UZ?
Axle Tramp...
My steering's suddenly gone LIGHT!
Replacing air bag Suspension
El xr6 rims
Returning to AirSuspension - Need info/advice on area aro...
UZZ32 suspension
Suspension Air Pump Bush's
Tems issues pls help
TT diff replacement
UZZ32 4 wheel steering problem
I think my diff is gone or on it's way out, suggestions?
Front sway bar
Help please! DEFECTED!
Need one 16 inch 6 spoke soarer wheel
Axel Tramp (is this my problem)
Ball Joints - What are people doing to repair/replace ?
Danger of driving on buckled rims
CV Shafts leaking near bolts??
Stiffest sway bars??
Suspension problem when getting to a certain speed
Will thes rims fit
Front Wheel moving while Braking
Rim clearance
Bc coil overs. Rs or vs?
Where to get parts for UZZW31 coilover changeover
Archive through August 01, 2011
Whats going on with my power steering?
Clunk in rear suspension
Steering rack play
KAAZ LSD any good?
Correct harness for Soarer with ASG63x height controller
Jzz30 Tems?
Removing ALL airbag components
Need assistance installing coilovers
What diff is in the jzz31?
Help with wheel sizes
Archive through September 08, 2012
UZZ31 air suspension problem... too
Archive through March 13, 2012
Sway bar question
Coilover installation
New 19" mags and looking at "low" king srpings, couple qu...
Aristo drive shafts in soraer
Just wheels or stuffed bushes?
About to commence big suspension upgrade
Archive through August 17, 2012
Swapping to coil overs
Rear Squeaky Gringing noise ???
Archive through January 13, 2012
Need help urgently
Recent trend for smaller tyres/rims?
Rear Wheel Bearing Inner & Outer Race...
Soarer steering rack ques
Camber Kits / Offset Bushes
Archive through March 26, 2012
Noob question bout a snapped wheel stud
Tyre load rating
Sway bar q's
Got a quote from Pedders $976 for 4 new shocks/struts and...
Archive through May 16, 2012
Spring rates for UZZ31 Coilover conversion to preserve ri...
Putting on 19inch Rims and need help and advice!
Steering: Left hand link pin?
A02B out of a 6-Speed NA JZA80?
V8 diff In to twin turbo
Anyone heard of this noise?
Front & Lower ball joints need replacing???
VERY stiff coilover damage?
Camber adjusting upper control arm
Soarer EVO or variable assist steering
Weird Air suspension problem on 31.
Suspension problem
Clarification of 31 Height Sensor Adjustment
Archive through May 26, 2012
Rear Springs
Supra Bilstein part no.s
Sway bar links bending?
Swap diff centers with a chaser/markII/cresta?
UZZ32 wheel alignment
Squeaky sound from right rear when going over uneven ground.
UZZ31 AirBag Suspension
Are all a02b torsen diff the same
Looks Like Front Suspension gone ?
Tyres getting chopped up... Allignment?
Stripped diff fill plug Where to buy.
Coilover questions
JZA80 Bilsteins in UZZ31?
Prothane bushes
Alignment in Sydney after changing bushes
Tyre size you would run
UZZ31 air suspension height..
Supra Torsen LSD installed
Soarer/Supra rear subframe bush interchangeability?
Wheel Alignment..
How I plan to get better steering lock!
Offset Question
Looking for spider gears
Adjustable height TTs - I know there's at least a couple ...
UZZ31 Suspension Issues/Dodgy wire :S
Knocking noise
uuz32 active control suspention not working
Archive through December 26, 2011
Archive through March 07, 2012
Lower control arm questions
Te37 +20 or +40?
Archive through May 24, 2010
Light weight Jap Rims
Passenger Front Airbag Suspension UZZ31
Lowering JZZ30 need a bit of advice
Sway Bar Links
New Understeer
The Air-bag sag
Unknown sound, possible diff?? QLD
TEMS wiring ?
Tyre size/stretching/speedo debarcle
Air suspension to work without motor running?
Suspension going down at rear
Suspension bushes
Wheels are ok?
New guys first question
UZZ32 Suspension Rebuild
Archive through August 18, 2011
UZ31 airbag suspension suddenly stopped working
Lifting A soarer (yes Lifting)
Is anyone running DGR Damper race coilovers?
Want to replace suspension
Where to find Front LH/RH lower control arm bushes for a ...
Wheel cracked, what to do?
Aristo vs Soarer Differential Ratio..
Clunk in rear suspension
UZZ32 Suspension control valve modified accumulators
HSD coilover issues..
Archive through February 12, 2010
Torson diff and ratios
At last R spec AS165X translated
What is the diff ratio on 3 ltr soarer auto
Perplexing knocking noise from front right
Rear Sub Frame Bush Kit
Front airbag suspension problems - please help?
Help Power Steering bushes
Call out to anyone else with ASI65X hieght controller !!!
Adjustable air suspension
Steering circle just aint right
Suspension Replacement question (from air bags)
Weld to lock diff
Archive through January 13, 2009
Air Suspension Issue (Yes.. I know.. Another one!!)
Celsior Suspension Bushes Help
Torsen LSD - How much oil
Tein SS Ride height - Not low enough
My Soarer wont turn properly
Front Airbag issue
Rubber bushes alternative
How to fix this? Rear Subframe Issue
Supra bilstens ride height on soarer
Alright Sitrep
Need an Opinion on Strut Replacement.
Jzz30 control arm bushes
W58 conversion, now diff ratio is way out...
Replacing front lower control arms
Poly Bush in rear toe control rod = mechanical failure wa...
Change back to airbag suspension
Kaaz 2-way on its way out..
NEX Coilovers - anybody using them?
TRD LSD instructions
Hub Diameter
Soarer with Aristo suspension?
Airbag Maintenance
Big bilstein problem
Supra-soarer diff gear set
Yet another "will they fit" thread, sorry guys
Archive through May 02, 2011
Bridgestone potenza re711,good,bad?
K-frame camber bolt?
Creaking stearing/
Power steering gone heavy
Supra/soarer suspension
Height conttrol sensor
Anyone knows what this bolts to?
5-Spoke Wheels... post them up!
Archive through January 01, 2008
Archive through March 07, 2008
Archive through May 20, 2008
Archive through October 10, 2008
Archive through February 10, 2009
Archive through June 18, 2009
Lowering my soarer
I'm Custom Designing Aluminium Bushes for Soarer To Stop ...
Archive through September 25, 2010
HELP for Newbie!
Melb - Wheel Alignment & Suspension Mechanic Reccommendat...
Clunk when driving forwards after going backwards-confusi...
Negative camber
Air Suspension playing up ?
Help! - tie rod ends
Soarer drive shafts
Gutter Rash Repair
Ebay strut brace
Adjustable lower arms, front and rear? who the h*ll sells...
Which oil for TRD LSD?
Rear Subframe Bushes part numbers
Tein super streets VS HSD HR
New springs for UZZ30, advice on how low?
BIGGEST Wheels on a Stock Soarer
Archive through March 08, 2011
Archive through March 15, 2011
Archive through March 24, 2011
Where to buy Suspension components for Celsior
Time for an LSD
Vibration after diff replacement.
Noise when traveling!
Time for new tyres- what would you recommend?
Archive through March 04, 2011
A "donk" like sound when turning
Can anyone tell me what wheels these are ?
Front Lower Control Arm Bushes
Stock TT sway bar sizes
Wheel alignment Sydney
Ask a silly question, get a great answer...... Hopefully
Widths of tires
1/2 price coilovers?
Broken Bolt at the top of a rear strut
ASI65X not working??
Air suspension
How Much Do You Think THESE Wheels are worth
Archive through March 08, 2011
Where to source KAAZ LSD oil?
Please recommend a suspension workshop in Adelaide
Yet another suspension noise
Rubber top mount for Tein Coilovers
What else.........
TEIN coilovers and camber/toe issues
Soarer Newbi.. Needing some help please....
New wheels for my soarer!
These arrived today.
Re grease front lower control arm ball joints??
Inside of Tires going bald in just 2 months!
OMG $8125 suspension repair bill please help
Archive through February 10, 2011
Archive through February 21, 2011
Advice in tyre width needed
Thinking about a change of wheels - opinions needed please!
Lost lock nut key
Suspension bush part numbers
Are power steering racks model-specific?
Rear Right Wheel "Turning"?
Air suspension issue
Got a little rattle in my rear TEMS strut. Serious?
Useful site for comparing wheel dimensions on soarers
Airbag Suspension
Suspension install in Sydney???
Airbag purge air
Aftermarket Springs on OEM shocks
What wheels are these?
Archive through December 13, 2010
Do mk4 supra and jzz30 soarer use the same shocks?
What else to do ?
Best Site for finding Wheels (add to favorites)
Steering Issue
Where to find Soarer wheel alignment specialist
Spigot rings in Perth?
18's / Wheel allignment.
I just Spat a diff or similar
Front Struts
Rebuilding drive shafts, what's involved and how much?
Faulty TEMS Switch & Air Bags ?
What tyres go where?
Need a bit of help on offsets
Rim size suggestions
Popping and clicking under brakes
Rattling sound when hot
Need HELP, What Diff is this??
V8 Airbag compressor?
Some advice please!!!
Shock recommendations for Tein lowered springs (and supra...
Rear Control Arms
Archive through October 21, 2010
Car shakes when turning Full Lock?
Oem Supra Suspension
Different tread patterns and Torsen?
Spacers for LCA bush?
ASI65X Install Issues
Project D D1R wheels
How to axcess Suspension ecu to install height controller.
Stud Pattern Problem
Acute big bang when braking suddenly and turning slightly
Steering rack bush
Soarer rear strut bar
Removing airbag fuse
Changing from a02a to a LSD (a02b)
Wheel Alignment recommendation WA
Thick tyres
Replacing Springs at home
How much power can the diff take?
Unknown part number for PS hose
What should i do?
Spigot rings for Rays F-Zero Challenge 17"
Airbag System Question
Best places to buy wheels online
Deep dish 18's
Any ideas for rims?
Ball joints and bushes $1500 X 2!!! Pleaed help.
Post pics of your lowered TT
Archive through March 07, 2010
TEMS stuck?
Noise while steering
What diff is this?
Rims Gallery
Archive through October 22, 2008
Archive through November 15, 2008
Archive through February 13, 2009
Archive through July 17, 2009
Archive through October 08, 2009
Silver's Neomax - Anyone heard of them?
Rims and Tyres
Parts crossover Front upper arms?
Archive through July 09, 2010
Airbag Help!
Any one used BC racing BR series coilovers
Will thesse fit ? 18x8.5 offset 38, 18x9.5 offset 44
Soarer steering rack bushings (47mm or 50mm)
Post pictures of youre lowered 97+
Wheels explained.
Lsd help needed
Archive through July 15, 2010
DIY guard rolling, who has done it?
Different driveshaft for A02B?
Front end bush noise
HELP- Air bag suspension compressor, how do I know its dead?
Here is the easy way to remove ball joints
Where to get new supra/soarer lower control arms from?
What spring rates are you guys running?
V8 tems suspension firmness
TEMS coliovers into non-TEMS car
Diagnosis of steering crunching issue.
Need Urgent Help Diagnosing Air Suspension
Need help with part number someone with EPC please?
VFT bushes
Kei Office coilovers need help
Soarer Lug Nut size
Steering rack
Are the half shafts the same?
Driver side front air shock leak
Pedders extreme adjustable coilovers
Tire rub in drive side wheel well.....
Wheel track regulations act
Air Suspension Low on the Front passenger side :-(...
Need front camber kit asap!
BA XR6 Wheels fit over Supra 4 pots?
Replacing Front Wheel Bearings & Coilovers
Strut Bar...
Need advice on lowering
How Low Can You Go.....or Front Bumpstop Length
1990 Celsior suspension maintenance
Bushes confusion
KSport coilovers
Coilover Suspension Rates
Possible power steering issue
15" Steel Soarer Wheels
Rear suspension and diff bushes
Ride Confort of Lowered Springs
Sway bar measurements
Unknown noise is back...
Diff ratio question
Could my suspension compressor have died?
Tyre size placard
Archive through July 27, 2005
Steering rack replacement.
What the hell is my mechanic doing that could take so long
Help regarding stud size
New rims compatible?
HELP... Airbag suspension not working
Archive through April 02, 2010
Supra arms into jzz30
Archive through June 12, 2009
Melb: Need help to get a spring back in....
Diagnostic plug in the boot?
Interesting - have a look at this lovely soarer
TEMS Suspension Warning?
Clunk in the suspension
Wheel Nuts
Raise suspension advice
Brand new rays volk te37's for $1000
A-SUS again
Need help before monday
Lower control arm issues with change over from airbags to...
HSD TT Coilover Suspension
Archive through March 14, 2010
Sway bar
Archive through March 05, 2010
Location of active suspension ecu
Sideshaft play in diff?
TEMS & Coilovers
Ideal drag wheel's tyre's?
Quality tyres in Sydney
Steering Wheel Off Center to Stay Straight (After Acciden...
I want to remove my coils
New wheel offsets.
Suspension Gear - What's it Worth?
Front LCA Bushes measurement
UZZ32 Suspension and 4WS problems
Lowered Pedders Springs
Celsior LSD into v8 soarer ?
Diff cover removal
Replica wheels, how to tell ?
Wheel alignment printout
What strut tops are interchangeable onto V8s- TT Jzz30 Jz...
Longer Wheel Studs, where to buy?
How much adjustment in stock suspension uzz30?
Trouble getting bottom strut bolt off :-( Any thoughts?...
Standard Supra JZA80 coilovers on Soarer V8?
Air sus finally on its last legs, any thoughts?
Soarer airbags on Celsior?
Problem with main spring height adjusting nut jammed on T...
Lower Control Arm front bushes issues...
Rear strut brace
Another question regarding Wheels and offset
Airstrut related part identification help....
V8 with TEMS - diagnostics have been run, here are my fin...
Is this a Torsen diff?
Archive through February 13, 2010
Soarer Non-Power Steering?
Loud Banging noises!!!
Honda Accord Euro 17 inch wheels - they should fit right?
Searching for Wheel Options
Taller Diff Gears
Enkei NT03's
SSR Vienna Dish
Opinions on Falken "FK 452" tyres
3.9 ratio LSD in a TT
Air Suspenion Diagnostics
Archive through January 05, 2010
Clunking while turning
Soarer shocks
Cheapish Ebay Coilovers
TT steering bushes
Air struts again...will i stay or will i go...
Every Rose Has its Thorn
Replacing ball joint boots/ check ball joints
Need help and advice
Steering Rack
Rebuilding TEMS airbags??
Improve handling on air suspension?
Replaced air bag suspension... But now have error msg's
Will these rims fit?
Archive through October 23, 2009
Steering rack
Steering rack excessive play!!!
Rear Air Suspension-bouncing to one side
Potential new wheels... opinions please!
Drag-oriented suspension
Lowering springs with standard shocks, mobile pogo stick?
LSD for 1998 LS400
How hot does a torsen diff get?
Diy diff fitting??
Suspension woes (Rear Upper Control arm)
Can u tow / push a car with no diff in it?
LSD Diff replacement for a 91 auto
Diff gone?
Tyre wear
Scraping or clunking on my TT when turning right
Tems suspension
Swaps for rims maybe? 18x7.5 BSA AU-229
What's the problem?
Switching between suspensions
Tire gurus help required.
Airbag problem almost fixed
Limited suspension swap
Aristo springs for Soarer?
UZZ32 struts
Stock TT/NA spring rates?
UZZ31 Airbags
Drivers Air Strut - replaced 2 months ago and now dead
Celsior Air Suspension Issue
Looking for a picture of a soarer with standard jza80 wheels
Archive through August 17, 2008
Which offset combination would be best?
Ball Joint Seperator
Drivers side lower control arm
Soarer Locked Diff / Spool
New lower control arm and ball joint!!! help !!!!
Which Wheels
Active suspension test not working
Front passangerside wheel bearing gone
Active suspension height question
JZA80 strut mount into UZZ31
Lowering in VIctoria
Trd sway bars
Question about coilovers?
V8 drivers with coilovers - in here please!
Coilovers for i need pillow mounts?
Pillow Mounts..?
What are your opinions?
Lower control arm V8 / TT
UZZ31 TERM airbag. Need help URGENT
Wheels size dilemma
Aftermarket urethane or polyurethane engine and trans mounts
Soarer or Supra parts - help please
Rear upper conrol arm..
Shredded Ball Joint :-(...
New crown wheel for my diff
Strut Brace
Best suspension set up for under $3000??
Archive through July 28, 2009
What offset and tyre size?
Archive through September 04, 2009
King Springs
Now What ??
Lowered Springs
Need HELP from all the TYRE Specialist PLEASE
Archive through July 31, 2009
Is this an ok size wheel?????
Part number needed, Right Front strut air line (driver si...
Replacing lh air strut question
Why you shouldn’t lower the rear of your car (PART 2)...
Just wondering..
Identifying diff
JZA70 MZ20 Coilovers
New tyres stuffed
Which tein's ??
New Airbag Suspension Fitment Price
SC400/UZZ Springs compatible with SC300/JZZ?
What offset do I need???
Strut rubber boot??
Jzz30 springs same as jzz31??
Digital Height Controller Help
Active suspension troubles
Has anyone had experience with lowered coil springs??????
Diff issues
Refinish Chrome Wheels
Field Height Controller English Manual?
32 Suspension problem
Taking apart rims for cleaning
DIY LSD Install?
Steering column
Rear Wheel Bearings
Wheel allign UZZ31 Normal, or high setting??
Lower control arms
17" tyre size question
Why you shouldnt lower your car too much- For better hand...
Archive through April 01, 2009
Archive through April 09, 2009
Archive through July 06, 2009
UZZ32 suspension problem
Prices on factory rims resprayed black
Engineering 9" wide rims
Peoples opinions on tyres?
Archive through April 04, 2009
Is this cheap
Crossmember ??
UZZ31 / UZZ32 front height adjuster rod
Can the suspension drop quicker?
So what's with the 20" plus wheels?
Sway Bar Linkage
Suspension for uzz31's
Rear Suspension Member Cushion...
Front left airbag leaking when car is turned off
Ball Joints
How to get my suspension light to turn off?
Air Compressor bushes and filter
Suspension questions, Upper balljoints and bushings
Changing the front suspension
Rear suspension trailing arms bushes
Toyota Bushes
Anyone using Maxxis MAV1?
Spring seats
Equivalent Celsior 1990 UCF11 Air Susp Strut part number ...
Do I have a tt lsd?
AdCamber Adjusting Pins
Issues with ride qualtiy
Removing Rear Suspension Member...
Vlamos Steering Rack Bushes
Advice on replacement of airbags
Cut springs
Airbag specialist in Brisbane???
Suspension Error - Springs in 31
Balljoints and Vlamos Bushes...
Nolathane bushes... ??
How do i ??
Uz31 airbag deflated
Supsension & Handling Improvement
Opinions on wheel offsets
Archive through May 19, 2009
Replacing bushes in front control arm
LR Tyre destroyed - camber and alignment issue
Tute on how to change steering rack bushes.
Stock Shocks Part Number
Arnotts air bags.
Tt mini spool
UZZ31 rear end bouncing around :-(...
Active suspension. UZZ32
Jack Stand Location with photos...
Active suspension dance
Rubbing me raw
New Adjustable Rear Toe arms & traction Rods, Very strong...
Specs for soarer wheels
Mx83 torsen in a jzz30
Toyota Supra JZA80 torsen B-series LSD
Rooted tyre - opinions
Help needed!
What other diffs will fit a JZZ30..?
Decision on Bushes
Front Wheel Bearing Part No
Sounds driving me crazy..possible wheel bearing??
Uneven wheel gap-Airbags
Comparing 17's to 19's, opinions needed
Archive through April 03, 2009
Power steering problem
Air suspension wiring... Need help!
UZZ32 suspension doesn`t work
Tems struts replacing air shocks
Help requested setting up coilover ride height etc
Clunking noise, could be the diff
Archive through March 14, 2009
Bilstein shocks installed; 'TEMS Suspension' warning on....
Suspension Question... or "Help Save My Spine!"
Archive through March 20, 2009
Suggestions for LSD installation
Replacing Tailshaft Donut
Replacing shocks
Identfying shocks
Help needed with Lowering and Shockers
New BBS 17s + questions
Steering Rack Bush Replacement
Slightly bent rear cross-member
Changing wheel bearings.
Is there meant to be a gap between the tie rod ball joint?
UZZ32 rear RHS sagging
My Drop
JZX90 Diff into JZZ30-31 ??
Steering Problems :-(...
UZZ31 Air Bag / TEMS Suspension seems to have stopped sen...
Propped up air bag suspension. Opinions please?
Tein coilovers
Fitting 275/40/17 drag radials on my Soarer
UZZ32 sus error 51
Mini spool
SC300 Front Strut bar fit JZZ30 ?
Airbag suspension aftermarkert upgrade kits?
JZZ30 TT Diff ratio's Manual or Auto ..
Replacing TEMS (non air) front struts ?
Will these wheels be alright for the Soarer? .... Hmmmmmmmm
Dont Know Whats Wrong
UZZ31 Steering Rack part number?
Rear Struts
Rear Shocks and Springs
Removing lower strut bolt, bastard won't move
Diff Specialists
Tein HA dampener settings
Stuffed coilovers?
Adjustable Air suspension!
Need help with TEMS replacement!
Ford Rims???
Replacing bushes
Help identify this torsen
Replacing diff centre
Advice re: rebuilding ball joints
Coilover options?
Good rims for big brake upgrade
Archive through December 07, 2008
Archive through December 14, 2008
Uzz31 Tems suspension compressor
Refurbishing/repainting wheels
Replacing rear wheel bearings
Need help with this.
Converting UZZ31 to springs - What extra parts do I need?
LCA ball joints
Active suspension test mode?
SC400 and soarer use same tie rods?
How do you take out the front shocks and springs? HELP>.....
KYB Bump stops
Track day TEMS mod
URGENT HELP NEEDED Airbag suspension collapsed
New wheels !
Height controller help?
Replacing TEMS struts with non TEMS ones.
TT Tein Issue...Is there somthing im missing?
Replacing rear air struts
Teins v Standard shocks
Bushings, control arms, tie rods etc interchangability?
Confusing LSD Choices
What is this? I need a new one!
Has Anyone Fitted Mevotech Control Arms
Power steering? leaking fluid
WARNING red message "AIR BAG"
How to use TEMS air suspension?
Will these tyre fit
*** NEW OWNER *** STIFF Stock Suspension with Active susp...
Thinkin' 'bout lowerin'
Archive through October 27, 2008
Front Lower Control Arm Bushes
Diff oil for torsen
Warning Message - Active Suspension
Need help IDing this Vertex's Wheels!
Different wheel Dia.
Does this car have air suspension?
Whining Diff...
HELP! - Front bushes in Adelaide
Archive through June 16, 2006
In need of some new wheels!
UZZ31 - Entire air suspension completely dead and unrespo...
TRD LSD and lovin it
TEMS suspension adjustablity?
Tyre Info
Mz20 front balljoint
Tems without wiring
New rims/tires
Bilstein Hypercoils
Supra JZA80 shocks and springs
HKS TEMS controller
Noisy air suspension
Coilovers or Spring Shock Combo.
Need help with my arms
Torsen LSD + auto ??
Suspension Air Pump
Noisy suspension
Stock Wheel Question
Will this Rim/Tyre combo fit?
Resetting springs
What is recommended tyre pressure?
Let down
Splitting lca control arm ball joints
Air Suspension
Model differences????
Wheels Not Balanced
Suspension problem.
TEIN or King/KYB
Power Steering Hose Replacement (V8) help?
HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Coilovers- Air Force Suspension
V8 Air Strut(s) Question...
Suspension contoller wanted
Who supplies last series springs?
Steering rack end boots
Anything to be wary of?
Problem with my airbag suspension
Coilovers. With or without camber tops?
Wheel Repairs Needed in Sydney
Standard Shock Replacement options
Filling up with air
Help with 4WS Error Code
Do I have TEMS?!?!?
K-SPORT Coilovers..any good?
Heated Springs ?
DIFF/ CV Joint Question
Diff Advice needed
King Springs on TEMs?
Suspention air bag deflated! HELP!
Diff Ratios??
What type of LSD do i have? for factory manual TT.?
Diff Conversion
Refurbised Active Suspension squeeking...
Big Problem With Pedders
How to use? 04455-24051 Power steering overhaul kit
Absorber controller- is this for TEMS?
Need instructions for height controller
Power Steering connections
Noise is gone
Having problems finding an lsd
New Front Airbags not performing
Who Needs Air-Bag Suspension??..Lower Than Low [Don't Let...
Lowwrering Ltd V8 with R-SPEC Controller
TYRES.... What Brand ? How much ? How good?
New Bushes Fittings Quote Advice Needed
Archive through July 27, 2008
Height switch broken
Gemini springs???
Good suspension place in melbourne
Diff oil :-)...
UZZ 32 Active Suspension Pressure Settings.
TEMS for SC400
Dolce DC12 Wheels - Does anyone have them?
Air suspension
Cortrol arm and rack bushes
Jzz and uzz lower control arm difference?
Compressing springs
Reconditioning coilovers
Does anyone know anything about the grommit bush?
Any good Suspension places in Sydney?
Anyone with this tire combination
Air Bag Dying? Help needed...
Post pictures of your Soarers with mesh wheels!!!
Archive through December 29, 2007
Front brace
Please tell me what these are
Wheel nuts
Front and rear Bushes and steering arm
Are my Struts Rewted
How do i check front ball joints?
4 Wheel Steering Fault
Front hubs
Compare wheels (rims)
Archive through November 09, 2006
Advice on Wheel Nuts left untightened
What aftermarket aircompressor is suitable with factory s...
17 inch wheels +50 offset
Wheel allignment
Same size tyres on different size (width) rims.
Torsen Diff????
Tutorial for rear Bush replacement
Squeaking rear suspension. Bushes?
Airbags are stuffed, wondering what suspension replacemen...
Shortening a straight rear axle
Bilstein height adjustable struts?
16" Toyota Wheels
Om...wheel problem again, 245/35ZR19 offset 52
Advice or help needed on expensive mechanics bill
My Cars doing something CRAZY!!!!!![Airbag suspension pro...
TEMS Struts
Archive through August 09, 2005
Street tyre recommendations
Archive through April 15, 2008
+35 offset wheels
Archive through April 05, 2008
Cannot remove front coilovers (JZZ30)
CQ Wheel Alignment?
Looking to get new wheelI
Adjustable suspension
Question for the suspension gurus
Coilovers for JZZ31?
Can front TEMS shocks be repaired? Is it worth the trouble?
Sloppy Seconds: uzz31
Thunk in da Trunk
Another diff question!
Air suspension error 51
Another happy customer
JZZ30 GTTL active suspension coming out.. so wtf?
Air Suspension Mods
Which coilover suspension can fit to Uzz31(air bag struts...
Air suspension
Wheel Fitment
Allright, Suspension, front wheel bearing and bush/balljo...
Replacing bushes in perth
Question about lowering and bushes
G4 shock absorbers ??????
Brake Warning ( code 43) affected by cold?
Opinions on reco'd steering rack
Stock wheels for a day!
Supra suspension for V8
1991 v8 soarer diff ratio
ASI65x troubles
Tyres for Soarer
Archive through February 07, 2008
Wheel Fit Confirmation
Suspension problems please help
Will these rims fit?
Rear Struts Leaking... $600 to fix? SC300
Volk GTC
Archive through December 19, 2007
What is causing this problem???
Refurbished UZZ32 Struts?
AirBag Suspension Wont Go Back Up
Toyota Bilsteins
Kumho Slicks
Hopefully the Last Question about TEMS on a TT
Help airbag compressor failed
HELP! Can't remove airbags!
Worthless to try? (offsets..again!)
Sloppy Soarer
Tyre size??
Time taken to change between Norm-High Switch on Air Susp...
Is it the bushes or the control arm please HELP!!
Tems problem
Whats the Diff?
New bushes or complete control arm?
HKS coil overs help
Alternator is blown, now the pump seems to not turn on.
Roll cages-through dash or around dash??
Need Help: Wheel offset?
Recondition Air Strut
New shocks
Bolt gauges
Tein SuperStreet coilovers - fitting to a UZZ31
Looking for rear coilovers new or 2nd hand preferably HKS
What Wheels?
Diff Oils
Koni Part Numbers?
Trying to Find Wheels
Tein Hook/C-Spanners
Archive through December 17, 2006
Archive through December 07, 2007
Diff Ratios
My new dished rims
Airbag suspension, can it be swapped?
I have a bit of a problem GENTS
UZZ30 struts and springs instead of airbags on UZZ31
Air Suspension Height Sensors
Urgent help with UZZ31 suspension (front high, rear flat)...
Rear Left Air bag
TEMS: worth it?
Hks coil overs
My Soarer is too low. Need Suggestions
Airbag suspension computer?
UZZ32 Suspension design.
Air Suspension - Pump not running
Which LSD?
What type of height controller is this and whats the err...
Rear right suspension making noise
Uzz31 with high tail and a flat nose.
Broken diff
New Poly Bushes
Part Numbers Please
Aristo air suspension
"Clunk" in front end.
Height Controller
Shocks - recon?
Broken Stud
Torsen? How to tell?
G4 Coilovers
Lowering springs
Suspension query...please help
Uzz32 suspension
Another LSD Thread
G4 Racing Coilovers questions...
Stock springs in sa
Whiteline swaybar rear diameter?
Noltec Bushes
Dumb bush Question: How many for each?
Chapter 1001 of air suspension problems
UZZ32 Accumulators for Damon Hanson
Installation of front lower arm bushes
Getting rid of v8 air suspension...
NOOOOO!!!! I have a cracked rim
Lsd diff for manual v8
UZZ32 Suspension problem - DESPERATE
Archive through April 16, 2007
Archive through April 28, 2007
Archive through June 09, 2007
Archive through August 13, 2007
Archive through October 04, 2007
Auto TEMS ??
New soarer
Horse drawn buggy with a 1JZ!
Audi rims suit a soarer
SC400 - 19" 5x114.3 +38 offset? Will it rub?
Tyre experts
JIC or BN sports coilovers
Height Controller (Air suss)
Archive through September 06, 2007
Low & uneven wheels
Archive through June 11, 2006
Diff Centre Installation
Car is bouncing
KYB Shocks in Brisbane?
Love it!
Archive through August 31, 2007
Lowering my air bag suspension (willing to pay)
Wheels for uzz30 v8 manual soarer
Diff Bearings.
Espelir Spring.
Why does my steering 'pulse/vibrate'
I need help.
King Springs & after market Shocks
Stock supra wheel nuts
Wheel alignment
What rims should I buy?
Archive through August 13, 2007
Upper Control Arms
Squeaks on turning and bumps-front of car
Suspension bushes
LS400 air struts same as SC400
Active suspension workshop manual
New(ish) rims
New Wheels
Tein SS. Rattling and thumping noises from the rears.
Aftermarket suspension controller troubles
HELP pls, anyone who knows anything about actives???!!!
Got me some new wheels, anything I can do about rubbing o...
UZZ32 strut accumulators
Wheel Revisions
My new wheels
LCA Bushes
Active SUS error 62 anyone?
Active Suspention error msg??now what do i do?
UZZ31 Airbag Lowering and Camber
When to change height
Weight Distribution TT
Supra suspension in a soarer
Soarers fitted with 16" TT alloys - Post pictures of your...
Archive through January 04, 2007
Lowering v8 limited
Supra lower control arms
What are these rims called????
$160 for Steering Rack Grommet and 2 x Sway Bar bushes
KYB Shocks Installer in Melbourne??
Control Arm Bushings
Skyline Wheels On JZZ31?
Tyre recommendations?
Noise at front left of car
Jumping Around
New Tyres Stuffed
Air Suspension Controller Help
Replacement Shocks
New wheels, bit of a dilema
Which aftermarket height controller...
Aftermarket diff centres???
Active on uzz31
Changing from air bags to springs on a soarer
V Balance suspension adjuster
V8 Limited lowered photos
Stock Rims Wanted
Air Bag Suspension Mechanic in Melbourne
New wheels finally!
Replacing airbag suspension on V8 limited with ???????
Will these fit?
T2 LSD in Adelaide
Front shocks leaking
Suspension warning
ASE664 height controller
Quick Simple Question
How good *really* are new air struts....
LSD diff
Rear inner drive shaft boot
Urgent help needed - front air sus gone
HELP! stripped diff plug, what to do?
Rear Subframe front mounting bushes.
Air Strut removal
Hoorah for Torsen!
Purchased New Vlamos bushes!!!!
Mickey Thompson ET street Slicks
DIFF Questions!
How can I tell if I have LSD [UZZ31 1995 GT-L 4.0L]
Interesting observation about UZ31
Part Numbers for Air suspension
Steering Rack Bolts
Does anyone know what height controller this is?
Air struts problem.
Need info on airbag setup
TEMS shocks are $900 each!!!
Name that wheel
Have just got may nice new lower contlower control arms
Swaybar Selection
Torson LSD
Archive through March 08, 2006
Is late model suspension any different?
Yet another wheel question
Stock Strut Height Question
Wheels for soarer
Silver Soarer Wheel Pic
Air bag suspension how much would it cost
Replacement suspension on a uzz30
IS200 wheels
Volk Rays CV Pro Centre Caps - where to buy?
Soarer suspension question ..
Height Controller probs in Canada
20 Inch Rims
Archive through February 14, 2007
Suspension buttons - what does each one do
RIMS, post them up!!
Archive through February 16, 2007
Steering Wheel Shudder
Is my suspension ok?
Archive through February 13, 2007
For anyone who has fitted Tein super streets to 31
Time for some 4wding...
Tierods and castor rods
Slicks or Semi Slicks
Wheel alignment specs query
Wheel Offset?
How far will these wheels stick out?
Help with air struts
Will Commodore wheels fit on a soarer
TRD or Torsen LSD
17" ROH Mantis Rims - Shadow Chrome Finish
Should I even bother?
UZZ32 shuddering...
Archive through January 31, 2007
Replacing OEM Airbag Struts With Aftermarket Airbags
Shock Question
Hey quick question with bearings
Lowering with spring locks
Stretched tyres - Street legal in Qld?
Archive through January 25, 2007
I just picked up a height controller
Oooh noo !! broken something!
Please recommend someone..
Oh just what I need
König Wheels - Any good?
V8 and TT wheel hubs, the same or different?
UZZ30 with a lean
JZA80 struts into JZZ30 pov pack?
Archive through December 21, 2006
A air bag question
Suspension Upgrade...need opinions....
Legal Tyre & Rim Sizes - Victoria
Destroyed rear wheel hub, Scaring everywhere
King springs
Archive through December 21, 2006
Active suspension sagging on LHS
Springs question again
Air sus problem (With consolidated research!)
Archive through December 06, 2006
Rim width and tyre size
Got suspension check / report.. questions follow GURUS !!
New Airbag shock sagging
Legal Tyre Widths in WA
Archive through November 30, 2006
JZZ30 bushings/suspension
CLUNK! @ rear
Steering Knock
New bushes - Oh what a feeling!
New rims on my MOONBUGGY !
F/left air strut has bottomed out, compressor has stopped
Changing air bags for coil overs
TT struts into a V8 Limited
Lowered V8, tramlining
Tein CS where can I get them
After-market height controller for UZZ32?
Do these look too Damaged to Fix
Ticking noise coming from rear of the car
Ball Joints (rear suspension)
Thats freakin Sweet!!!
Factory hieght controller is this it or not got pics
UZZ31's and Towing
Stock TT Diff
Knock with rear suspension
Wheels for My Soarer
Best Tyres for Stock V8 15"
Help...... bolts loosening them selves off
What are my options - Advice needed
Archive through November 16, 2006
Strut braces- who's got them and do they make a differenc...
Steering Rack Leaking
How to Fit Coilovers to a JZZ30 ?
Front airbags???
Replacing a diff
Section on Parts DVD for Air Sus?
Replacing r/h rear airbag HELP!!!
One side rises slower than the other?
Unreasonable price for LSD fitment?
TEMS on TT question.....
How easy is it to change airbags?
As a result of speed humps
Rear end noise
Sway bar bush
Differential Recondition..!
Commodore wheels
New Shoes
Un-Even Whilst Parked
Frustrating vibration through the front of the car
Steering rack bushes - just some q's! plz!
20" Wheels & Offset also Whats your opinion on them ?...
Archive through October 18, 2006
Height control
A question about bushes...
EOI: Suspension swap , I have TEIN coilovers - want somet...
Finally got the rims and tires on my Soarer
One side is softer than the other?
Painting Repaired mags
Tires - What brand?
Air suspension problem
Getting springs for piezo suspension
Rear Control Arms
My new wheels
Archive through August 09, 2006
Fitting coilover kit cost, does this sound right?
New 18" AMG Chaos wheels and Pirelli Nero Rosso Tyres
What Offsets / Rim Width will fit under guards?
What tyres will fit on stock UZZ32 using 18x8, 18x9 +45 o...
BOSE suspension video- LS400 test cars
Rear Camber Adjustment, Where do I buy the things from to...
Rebuild Air Struts ???
"shocking" results: coilovers
Rear sitting higher
What size wheels are on this car
Rear airbags....
Coilover Replacement - Advice needed
Diff Cradle Bushes
Got my suspension report - any advice?
PaperClip in the Diagnostic pins for Track Day
Broke 2 diffs in 6 months. Time to upgrade?
Pics of woks required...
Just managed to get the new rims and tires on my Baby
Tyre recommendations for 200-250rwkw+ ?
Leakage in airbag suspension?????
Inside of airstruts
Diff heaven
Steering rack bushes
Wheel Nuts
Finally "Driving", not "Floating"
A70 Torsen Supra Diff.
Steering Rack - differences jzz3#/uzz31
LSD Please explain? 1.5 way, 2 way wtf?
Archive through March 24, 2006
Rebuilding LSDs
Airbag conversion
What's the knock?
G4 Racing Coilovers
Archive through August 11, 2006
Suspension installation
A couple of easy/possibly dumb questions....
Cheap V8 mod #4
RS-S suspension
Wheel alignment for height adjustable cars
What tyres for 18x10" and 9"
Those camber bushers?
Steering rack question
TT diff
Tyre pressure?
Hubring size
Tein and VFT are your friends
Green strip on rear shock absorber
Tyre sizes
Air Suspension - My up and Downs?
17" and 18"
Removing Wheel Arch Lining, rolling mudguards
Need a height controller for your UZZ31, new, WITH remote?
How to tell what diff
Picked up my new rims and tires, now i just need my car.
Will FTO Wheels fit a Soarer?
RX8 or 350Z Alloys - fit Soarer??
Why does it make "clunk" noises at high speed
Vertec VRS Manaray sport
How can i tell which series LSD i have?
Another TRD LSD Question
Are these all the bushes i need?
Hit Fox
Factory rubber bushes vs vft bushes
Does anyone recognise these wheels?
CV joints...what does it feel like when its snapped.???
How to Install A/M Height Controller (Datasystems models)...
Wheel Sizes for Supra Big Brakes
Whats involved in putting air bags in a non air bag soarer
TRD LSD question
New Shock Absorbers?
17" or 18" - Will 17" look to small?
LHS drive shaft has play
19x9-10 fitment uzz31?
Work wheels - how much???
Will these wheels fit?
Trouble getting tein
TEMS Suspension Off (Switch in boot)
UZZ32 Active Suspension on a JZZ30 ??
Help clunk!
4WS Error Codes.
LSD in Adelaide
Advice on Quote..
Wheels aint wheels.... Pics required!!!
UZZ31 Air Suspention Comprosser Question
Finally Got My New Rims
Archive through June 01, 2006
Removing LSD from Case...?
Re Bagged
New Car (almost)
Advise needed - Grinding noise when turning right
Help, need a new height controller
Tein coilovers for 31
True or false
Anyone running solid or urethane subframe /diff mount bus...
Wheel Alignment Settings
Supra TT tire/wheel fitment spreadsheet... useful for Soa...
Tems rebuild
Anyone running an aftermarket LSD??
Celsior Suspension Part #
HELP::: offset for rims i am possibly buying: is +38-40 i...
SOS! Wobbly shuddering car at low revs
Tire Height Table (useful if you want to change wheels/ti...
Changing Diff Center
Difference in height from "Normal" to "High" modes...
Airbag suspension (goes up and down when it feels like it...
Blown Diff
Upper strut mounts
Coilover comparisons
Got myself some D2 coilovers
Diff Rubbers?
UZZ32 Active Keeps Sagging.
UZZ32 Suspension Repair
Coilover kits Thoughts and Opinions
G4 Coilovers
Tyre wear
Are these coilovers adjustable?
TT stock ride height
Quiet diff
2nd set of 19's to blow-out....WTF???
Archive through April 27, 2006
Rough Ride
Clunking noise in front suspension
Fitting JZA70 coilovers on a JZZ30 soarer????
HELP--------- How to Lower/ RaiseTEIN H/A's with c spann...
Wheel bearings
Can't Find these rims in Sydney????
Renweing Rubbers
TEMS Warning!!
Front struts and lower control arms bushes $$$????
Hsd coilovers is uzz30
Tein S tech lowerring springs???
Silver with aftermarket wheels? post your pictures
Tempe tyres package deal (Starcorp impuls)
My new Rims
Quick Q... Higher Profile Tyres
Whats a decent 1/4 mile Tyre?
Hit a pot hole, think I've poppoed an airbag.. :-(...
Installers of VFT bushes - Brisbane Area
Do you have Solid Diff mount bushes?
New TT TEMS struts vs. Tein SuperStreets with electronic ...
ROH Drift R 17x8's
How to get to rear wheel bearing
Limited diff into Celsior?
Diff additive
Clunky Noise at Left Rear
Coilovers with edfc and a strut brace? Possible?
Tell me I'm not dreaming
Lower Control Arms
Will Celsior TEMS air struts fit in a UZZ31 ?
What rims fit tt soarer, does ford stud pattern fit?
TEMS switch for TT manual?
Howling noise coming from rear
AST58X setup help or manual..
Stock Height of GT-TL
That sinking feeling
Air suspension problem HELP
Question on air susp
My Low Ride
How Much $$ 4 TT a Diff
Talking of wheel alignment......
V8 Limited lowered
Lower diff ratio
A question of size...
King Springs & Struts
Tein HA coilover's. Rear spring seats seizure
Someone's toyed with my rubber
Tie Rod Boots, finally found some perished synthetic on a...
U31 Soarer V8 & Celsior Air Sus COmputers The Same?
Manual soarer LSD diff
JZ80 Diff
Magic pumpkin questions
LSD into auto tt soarer
Camber Kit?
Tt hieght controller?
Nexen Tyres - Any Good?
After lowering V8 Limited
Lowering limited
Me airbags' buggered
Archive through December 22, 2005
Tyre size for 17" rims
Repairing Airbags
Blown Diff?
Neil Griffiths HE IS DA MAN
Anyone rccomend a Suspension place in W Melbourne?
JZA70 Torsen Diff
Top Strut tower brace
20 Inch Rims
Struts swap
Saggy Airbag Ass
Wheel Bearings
Front control arms - ball joints
Camber readjustment after 18"s
Front H/A Coilovers
Lowering Soarer in Melbourne?
V8 airbags into tt soarer
Vibration over 90km/hr
Archive through February 01, 2006
Struts on V8 Limited
Height Controller
Wheel allignment
Archive through January 23, 2006
While i'm at it
What the?
White Active '32 at Pedders Modbury (S.A)
Slopey soarer
Replacing springs with RSR lowering springs
Adjusting height sensor rods back to factory standard???
URGENT! Rear suspension won't lower after UZZ32 active su...
Supra 16"
Torsen Diff whine
Air Suspension
Wheels Offsets
Aristo 3.0V Standard Strut Brace!
Just installed tein ha's
Chasqueeky koni adjustable
Toyota Suspension - Compliance Issue, any thoughts??
Diff problems
Shocking Tyre wear!
Nose/Vibration After Towing
Wheel Center Plates?
Bob Jane rocks....
Leaking rear TEMS strut (Help Please)
Factory Part Number for 93 TT springs
Wheel part wheely needed
Sourcing Parts
Good Places in Brisbane to get VFT Bushes Fitted
Diff installation
Good Quality Wheels... Add your thoughts and opinions.
What is TEMS?
Archive through October 27, 2005
LSD option. Worth it?
TT Suspension
LSD or not ?
Help melbourne ppl Soarer Diff
Suspension Problem...
TT springs
UZZ32 4 wheel steering problem.
V8 front wheel bearing removal
What shocks and springs or coil overs have you guys insta...
Adjusting TEIN HA's without the TOOL
More on suspension problems
Squeaky suspension
How do you reset TEMS suspension?
Question : LSD
Archive through November 16, 2005
Upgrade V8 diff to TT diff ??
Archive through November 18, 2005
Changing suspension, difficult?
Archive through November 11, 2005
Mates Airbag Suspension Issues
Lowering Legalaties
Wheel hub nut torque
Best place in Sydney to get coilovers set
Any thoughts on which is better of these (Diffs) ?
"Vibrating" noise from rear wheels when idling/reversing...
Why does my car handle so so poor?
Will '91 GT V8 springs fit on a '95 TT
Coilover leakage recondition
Are Torsen diff's repairable?
Adjusting springs, anyone know any places in sydney?
Lower diff ratio
Diff Bearings and seals
JZA80 Diff's
Camber kits?
Car Purchase / Suspension
Archive through October 08, 2005
More NEW UZZ32 Bushes
Fitting a torsen center
UZZ30 Jacking points
Re-gassing 32 struts.
How to tell G series supra diff from A series.
Supra lowered springs - into soarer?
What diff shall i get ...and where can i get it
Lowering for v8 Soarer
Whats the correct height for a 93 SC V8.
Torsen lsd - what oil?
Archive through September 15, 2005
Bleeding UZZ32 Hydraulics.
Lowering Soarer TT
Archive through September 29, 2005
UZZ32 Active Suspension Nitrogen Accumulator Rebuild
Shocks for the Celsior!
Question: Non tems springs in Tems suspension?
Strut bars
Archive through September 13, 2005
Archive through September 15, 2005
Don't ya hate that
Noisey wheel bearings
Non TEMS struts on a TT
Replace airbags with springs?
Archive through September 09, 2005
Uneven Airbag Suspension
Archive through September 09, 2005
Vlamos Bushes - Fitted
Upper front suspension arms
Squeak noise
Sway bar settings
Help please! Broken stud on rear wheel
Wheel balancing in Sydney
Uzz31 air suspension into jzz30
OHHH Christ Noooo, car has dropped on its belly
Archive through August 12, 2005
Airbags Failing on a 31- Common or unlucky???
Squeak when car is cold.
Another air suspension problem
Archive through August 06, 2005
Noisey rear wheel bearing???
Tyre pressure gauge
TEMS suspensions ... ?
Archive through August 03, 2005
Any Good Places to Check out My Air Suspension
Suspension warning light!
Question about Lowering AirSusp Soarers
Archive through July 31, 2005
Celsior/LS400 LFront Strut Sitting On its Arse
TEMS.. can it be installed?
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