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"Bang" when depressing clutch (R154)
Heavy vibration in Drive
Speedo Sensor Info wanted
UZZ31 Transmission troubles
Manual shift a650
UZZ31 V8 A341E Transmission Stalling.
R154 transmission or v160
1.5 shift kit in a 1JZ opinions please
Transmission won't kick down, but will when turning?
1UZ Soarer R154 conversion
Error ECT 62
T56 for 1uz manual conversion
Archive through August 19, 2013
1jzgte VVTi auto upgrade help
Clutch master cylinder comparability
Shuddering when accelerating
Fuchs type 4 Trans oil
T56 Manual conversion
Auto Trans Removal & Coolant Lines Replacement
1UZ versus 1JZ Auto Transmission Interchangeablity
R154 Transmission Mount
Speed Sensor Help
W58 in sc400 problems
Overdrive not working.
Speed sensor for V8 1991 UZZ31 Toyota Soarer
A340E into a UZZ30
Drive shaft coupling
Clutch Pedal - advice needed
I got a T56. What now?
Swap A341e to A340e gearbox
Manual gear stick console
R154 conversion parts cost
5 speed auto for 1UZ?
Gearbox stuck in park, won't shift at all!!
Good auto transmission specialist in eastern suburbs vict...
No reverse, just barely moves forward.. Oh dear..
Clutch Pedal
Takes off in 2nd gear when in drive
Jolt when putting into "D"
Help Needed Broken Thrust washer and main Bearing in R154
UZZ31 V8 A341E Transmition Solenoids
BHarsh Change between O/D and third
91 V8 W58 Manual Conversion questions
Just fitted shiftkit now no gear engaugment
Will a JZA70 autobox fit Behind a JZZ30 1JZ? Or vise versa
No gear change in drive (91 TTL)
1j Autobox Differences? jzz, jza, jzx
Clarification on Line Pressure Cable adjustment
Trans solenoids
R154/1UZ Conversion
Ecu to run T56
Transmission cooler with thermofan?
How much oil does the 154 take?
Can u do anything to make the 154 a little smoother?
EBay clutch kit
R154 Gurus: Going from Twin back to Single and need advice!
Manual conversion questions!!!
1JZ/R154 clutch recommendation
NA 6 tranny vs Turbo 6 tranny..
R154 Mount
1uz t56 manual conversion parts
Bellhousing Bolt
Clutch Issue Need Help Please
Clutch pedal box, and R154 Questions
Replacing gearbox
MV Autos built transmission questions
Archive through February 25, 2013
Ebay short shift kit
Remote r154 bush?
Horrible noise coming from my auto
Manual conversion
O/D OFF Flashing and Doesn't take off in Drive
Transmission slipping when hot
AT Fluid type
2JZ Torque Converter into 1UZ A341e
2nd to 3rd very laggy only when it's under full throttle
3rd gear to 4th with Stage 1.5 MV Automatics shift kit is...
On Sale soon -- Genuine Toyota T-IV Transmission Fluid.
TYPE T-IV Auto Trans Fluid On Sale Now
Looks like ive fried my auto
Archive through September 27, 2012
Code 63 and car is in limp mode help
Some w58 converted1uz questions :-)...
How to adjust kickdown on 31
Toyota RA63 gearbox from Lexus IS220 (2008 model)
Slow engagement of drive and change to reverse when cold
Early R154 Short shift install
Clutch issues :-(...
Improving stock gearbox,
Vibration up through the trans
Whurr noise on de acceleration
*** GURU HELP*** sard ecu gear change issue on jzz30...
Transmission Service
Leaking transmission....?
W58 gbox
Gearbox swap over help
Manual Shifter Surround
Issues/Trans swap
Where do i start with a manual conversion?
Mx83 ? ?
Uzz31 auto prob
Trans mount replaced on v8
Shift points
V8 auto gearbox cable
Diff and drive shafts on my 32
R154 speed sensor
URGENT HELP PLEASE! - Shift Kit install
Trans issue
Supra autobox
V8 manual conversion help
Speedo sender problems part number required
Clunk and thud on and off accelerator
Jzz30 starting in 2nd gear????
W58 or R154
Running 2jzgte on the Soarer Auto Transmission?
Good with Transmissions in Perth?
Suprastick installation
Light weight 1UZ Automatic flywheel?
Please help, auto acting very strange (solenoid?)
R154 Tailshaft Question
Replacing auto gbox
Q and A
Bit puzzled
W58 Gearbox Shopping List or R154 GearBox Shopping List
No acceleration in reverse, When in drive starts in 3rd.
A340E gearbox power flush Victoria
Lucky me... I think
R154 Issues
Auto selector hard to move
R154 on A340E ECU
Will this work
Light weightshift during acceleration
Where to buy gearbox solenoids?
W58 into Manual TT soarer
Manual Shifter Panel with Gaiter
What gearbox comes stock with 91 TT soarer?
Bellhousing to shifter position
1uz gearbox bolts
1st to 2nd Hard Shift.
Manual conversion electrics
Looking for replacement for my r154 (beams 6speed from a...
Will Solenoids 3 and 4 for A340E fit A341E automatic gear...
SC400 V8 Solenoid part number
Gear changes (electrical/solonoids?????)
Where to buy shift solenoid for V8?
Is a uzz31 gearbox an A340E
Jzz30 interchangeable gearbox??
Manual conversion
Transmission oil cooler lines
So i went to change my automatic transmission at Toyota's...
Gear change from Park to Drive/Reverse, "squeaky sound"...
Archive through July 29, 2011
Auto trans smoke?
ECT explanation
Hi stall help
Anyone knows of any wreckers located in melbourne?
Sard Analyse ECUin now getting ECT and O/D flashing.
Will a JZZ30 auto transmission fit a uzz31?
Explaining lock up torque converters...
Help Tim from Roadsurge make a shift box for the Soarer
B&M Shifter questions
Archive through April 30, 2011
Suprastick - Transmission Details - 3 Solenoids?
ATF price?
Speedo sender on the auto?
Man conversion other bits and brake help
Clutch master cylinder & hard line
Shift Kit Install
R154 gearbox parts
Hi pitch noise when cold
Transmission just died, what are my options?
Clutch pedal questions
Auto in the Adelaide Hills.
Are the front and rear driveshaft couplings interchangable?
A340E interchangeable with A341E
Manual conversion people about to start or have done, nee...
Monitoring AT Fluid Temperature with stock sensor?
Stock uzz30 transmission issue
Help Needed R154 clutch
R154 gearbox rebuilder in brisbane
Soarer tt gear changes
V8 Shift kit problems
My JZZ30 Soarer Auto to Manual R154 Swap
MV Autos Shift Kit
No third gear with auto
MV shift kit/torque converter on stock twins
2JZ Soarer Auto - Does not go into Reverse Sometimes!!!
R154 Manual Conversion - Wiring
Supra (7m-gte) 1991 year transmission on soarer (1jz-gte)...
Shift kit question
Archive through April 25, 2011
W58 Remote shift???
A340E and A341E
Anyone with a Blitz/Mine's/Tom's ECU.... Quick Question...
JZX 90 1JZGTE twin turbo trans slipping!!
Cause of V8 Auto gearstick shaking under brakIng?
Gearbox rebuild
Trans is rooted in my 1991 1jz soarer,can i use a differe...
Switching to standard: What should I look out for?
Redline lightweight shockproof oil
Manual Conversion
Archive through December 09, 2010
Power loss through transmission
Gear box issues
Shift kit PWR button
Red button and moving gear lever
Gearbox id question
Manual Conversion
Help; V8 Manual conversion shifter problem
T350 Conversion
A340 3 wire speed sensor
Gearbox Problem :-(...
Transmission place nsw?
Manual ecu ...
Conversion problem
Extreme Clutch? What do people think?
V8 Auto Trans. service
Gear Shifting dramas
Rear end high pitch noise.
Clunking into Drive and jumpy when stopped
Auto Trans. Specialist Sydney?
Suprastick V4.... again
MV Automatics Contact details
TT code 63 + od off light flashing upon warmed car
Aristo drive shaft (3 bolt type)
Gated Shifters?
Archive through August 07, 2010
Brisbane Workshop Recommendations
Auto got a lazer or ray gun in it!!
V8 Manaul questions
Help!! R154 speedo sensor
Can i drop an A340 from an Aristo into my soarer? If so, ...
Clutch to handle 500rwhp?
TT Trans Oil
Transmission line diameter
Clutch Gone
V8 going Manual
Archive through August 20, 2010
Shift Kit Valve Body Brisbane
Possible to drive without shifter?
V8 manaul parts prices inquiry
Is a power flush really necessary?
Archive through August 02, 2010
Gearstick->Transmission->Dash, One is broken, which one?...
Only have first and reverse gear
Speedo and cruise control gone
O/D Direct clutch speed sensor??
Manual automatic shift control
ECT error after head unit install
Penrite "SIN" Auto fluid
Shift kit arrived, so I have some questions
LSD diff
Trans Cooler Install
W58 manual prices V8
Transmission issues when cold
Gearbox shudder when stopping.
Stall converter
Archive through April 09, 2010
Reverse.. what Reverse
Pushing a box
Scraping sound when in gear , low speed.
Manual V8? W58
R154 to 1UZ Auto bell housing adapter CAD
Tail shaft for TT - same for Manual and auto?
Gear box cuts out when it reverse
Gearbox wont leave Park
R154a gearbox whine
Auto box light whine
HELP! my gearbox won't select gears
Weak accleration with Overdrive on.
Which location to put gearbox selector gearbox when in park?
Auto fluid leaking from bellhousing??
I need some help, I need a Torsen LSD
Reverse Disengages Intermittently
INSIDE shift kit valve body instructions
A340e Removal
Max power with Stock Auto Trans
Speedo drive gear
Another place which does shift kits
Rough change into second
Installation of 2jzgte autobox into TT soarer
Shift kit
V8 Transmission Slipping.
Tranny Cooler
Will a late model gated shifter fit a 91 tt ?
V8 30-41LE Transmission Swap
No: 1 Speed Sensor Required
2J box into 1J
Which hose for inlet and outlet?
1jz manual transmission
1jz manual tranny turbo vs no turbo
Need help, cam's shift box
Advice needed- clutch slips on first two laps.
R154 popping out of gear
IPT A340 rebuilt kit
Archive through September 14, 2009
R154 flywheel weight?
1JZ Flywheel question
Clutch for Holden stroker (550HP) with R154
Cant push back in N o R
Torque converter seal
Urgent help please-Erratic shifting
How much ATF does the JZZ30 A340E require?
Kickdown - Line Pressure Cable.
My $700+ Leak...
Transmission Leak
After shiftkit problems
Reasonable price to fit a stall convertor to the soarer?
Speed and load specific vibration
Speed sensor issues
Auto box upgrade
Auto to man conversion
T56 vs W58 with PPG dog gear set
Transmission filter for soarers
Wrong dipstick?
Manual change ( on the steering wheel ) for auto tt
Archive through October 16, 2009
Help please colour of reverse light wires???
Suprastick or Shift Kit
Re installing tail shaft due to vibration/shudder
Need a new clutch... ha ha
AMSOIL is a fantastic oil, but keep the ATF Out of your J...
My car has killed gear box number 3
Archive through October 07, 2009
Shift Kits In Melbourne
1 and 2j toque converter
Diff to my soarer JZZ30
Shift Soleniod Prices
Can you change the adjusted on the clutch in a r154?
Remove extension housing
Gearbox sensors causing high idle?
Spigot Bush or Spigot Bearing
A340 Shift Controller issues
Standard price for installing a supplied a340e
Shifter not shifting
Auto to manual
Car hunts in drive gears at idle
V8 Trans filter part number?
What would I need to run a manual ecu in an auto?
Should I or shouldn't I
Ticking time bomb converter
10 second 0-100 at best
How do i know if i have a highstall or not?
Harsh changes, line pressure cable?
Torque converter
'93 TT Auto Trans Issue (Not finding second in Drive)...
Auto starter motor for manual gearbox???
A340 pulse rate
1st to 2nd slipping badly, trouble diagnosing
Help with drive not engaging?
Shift kit install, unknown parts placement
Is tt auto yoke same as r154?
Suprastick converter lock up
Remote shift on w58 useable on r154??
Staying in gears too long
Info about shift kits
Archive through April 22, 2008
Archive through May 22, 2009
V8 UZZ31 Transmission not engaging
1991 Soarer TT flexplate info
Error message when left in park
Original manual gearstick hole position
TT auto selector unable to select first.
V8 Auto Trans, Slipped into Neutral?!?
MV box has a mind of its own
Are n/a A340 and tt A340 the same?
Transmission fluid
3 spd to 4 spd in v8
V8 Gearbox Skipping 2nd Gear
Why is this done to my tail sharft
W58 into 94 TT
WTF is this???
JZZ30 1JZ - Auto to 6sp conversion
Hot slipping gearbox :-(...
Dangers of R154 conversion?
The R154A's Reputation?
R154 Gearbox help needed !
Clutch needed for r154
R 154 Gearbox & Clutch - TT
R154 Selector Problems
Manual conversion
R154 clutch fork??
MANUAL Transmissio question - TT Soarer
Transmission flush oil type
JZZ30 - R154 tailshaft length??
1UZ Flywheel and clutch :-)...
Ect and speedo issues..... dam worn cogs
Clunk and jump P > D
Tranny cooler
Archive through February 19, 2006
Archive through March 31, 2009
Can't get it into Reverse sometimes...?
R154 + jzz30, need jza80 remote shifter?
Possible to put R154 internals into W58?
Solenoid 2 problem?
R154 Oil Leak
V8 auto changing hard
V8 Auto question...
Clutch release bearing
ECT Warning goes out when OD is disengaged ??
Is my auto dying? Or something else?
Changing oil in Automatic gearbox !
Manual Coversion - will I lose my cruise control
MV Automatics Stage 2 race box?
T-IV fluid into a TT
Quickshift Toyota Supra JZA80 Fit a Soarer 1JZGTE?
Whiche clutch do I get? - 1uz
Transmission cooler install
Auto Transmission service ?
Can't shift into Neutral with ignition off
Any Suprastick experts?
V8 Auto gearbox modifications available
Help for Transmission and Shifter Problem
New clutch smelling weird
Gearbox Removal V8
No more FARTING between gears
Cameron Laufer - Shift kit ------Help Needed
92 soarer r154 with linkage or without?
Spigot bearing question: 2JZ manual engine to A340
Need Clutch Suggestions
Looking for a DIY on running a Switch for Locking up the ...
Flywheel bolt tensions and clutch query
Clutch slipping
Supra 6 speed oil change
Where can i get a shift kit in melbourne?
Shifting into neutral at traffic lights?
Normal trans temps
Auto Issue
Laggy transmission
Archive through December 02, 2005
Fluid question.
Clutch adjustment
Best Frankston Transmission place?
Persisting problems after installation of new number 1 so...
Gearbox slipping
Manual pedal q's
Coasting in neutral
Archive through November 01, 2008
R154 remote shifter
Need REDLINE MTL for R154
Archive through November 10, 2005
Manual Short shift kit?
Manual conversion
Best oil for R154
2 Types of Valve Bodies for shift kit?
Overdrive V8
Diagnosing a transmission while it's off the car
Auto TT Speed Sensor Part number:
Silly question about TT auto
MV 2800 RPM Converter. Who has one?
ECT and O/D not working... aaarrrggghhhhh!!
What does the 1jz/2jz bellhousing on the engine side look...
Are the JZ engines bellhousing the same? (1jz-gte and 2jz...
Missing sensor from auto
Transmission out?
Clutch Upgrade soon
Do I have a problem
Remote shift R154 bushes
How much power are you making in your A/T 2.5TT?
Would this be a solenoid problem?
Performance automatic clutches
V8 auto
V8 shift kit pictures and info
Is early model V8 gear box same as late model V8 gear box?
Rear main oil seal gone
Auto trans service
Swapping a Supra V160 Getrag transmission with Soarer R154
How can you find out if you have LSD or not on your SC400??
Power steering pump
Sequence of parts install for the automatic trans at flex...
Spline count of input shaft on jzz30 auto
Malfunction with O/D??
Changing auto to manual gearbox
Gear box slip
Shudder/vibration only at 5000rpm
Errr, anyone have an idea?!?
Can anyone help??
Yep blown diff real good
Transmission filter
Busted me jzz30 diff after a new one are the v8 and 1jz d...
94 model V8 different valve body? What the....
Suprastick on a V8?
Sticky gears
Shift kit in victoria?
Auto Trans Problem
Changing Auto Gearbox
Auto shifting at to early!
Shifting issues from 2nd gear to 3rd and od so on.......
Gearbox fixing/replacing in Perth WA
Strange probelm with manual?
Transmission clunk
Flushing transmission fluid
Which manual gearbox do I have ?
1jz manual clutch suggestions
Manual Conversion '95 SC300
Diff oil?
Solenoid problem or Connection
Can anyone help me with what type of clutch/flywheel comb...
Trans question.
Auto wiring
Gearbox Oil Additive? R154
Archive through June 26, 2006
Suprastick into V8 soarer... help!
Broken Diff !!!!!
Transmission capaticy for tt auto dry fill
Auto not pulling?
Archive through August 02, 2007
Rubber plate
B&M pro ratchet shifter to the tt gbox as mine is having ...
*****MV has a special Tranny for me*****...
'91 Soarer Auto
SC400 Gear ratios questions SOMEONE HELP, PLEASE
Throwing ect error cause limp home mode?
Engaging in Drive
My transmission (again)
Supra manual in v8 soarer
Parts for manual conversion
Revving without touching the accelerator.
Auto Question?? help?
Auto staying in first way too long
Need a Tranny!?!?!
Diff issues
Transmission Oil gets dirty too quickly
Humming while in Drive and stopped?
Auto box question ?
Heating up
After market shifter
Transmission issues- Feels like driving at higher gear
Auto box that I WTS...
Shift kit installed
Supra TT auto in a Soarer??
Really good info on shift improvements for the A340E
Mv automatic
Archive through November 13, 2007
Automatic - Shifting Gears manually
Archive through October 16, 2007
Auto tranny guru's.... a questions or 2
Auto tranny options
Overdrive on V8 - late cutting in
V8 auto wont move at all
Which way does the fluid Flow???
What modifications do i need to auto to run 280 rwkw
V8 gearbox extension housing leak
Tranmission not kicking back as hard
Brass button clutch
Supra Tranny tiny issue PLEASE HELP / Tech2Motorsports shifter: A review
Manual conversion, pedal q's
Where to fill the auto trans
R154 in MKIV Supra, need mount advice
Trans pan leaking !
Blown gearbox
More grinding than soaring
Harsh Jolt when Engaging Drive in V8 auto
Auto trouble changing gears when going flat out
Transmission cooler???
Shift problems!!!!!!!!
ECT Warning
Gear lever wont shift from P
Gear stick stuck on P
TT Stall converter in V8?
Where is the tranny ecu?
MV Shift Controller- need some help
Auto changing to 2nd gear too late
Jerky, jerky, slip, jerky..but mosty ok
Do i have a part missing?
Auto to manual conversion
Archive through August 11, 2005
Stock Gear Ratios for 2.5 GT TT w/ auto trans.
Shift kit / diff question
Shift Kit Issues...
A340lx + soarer?>
MV Automatics
ECT error with a manual conversion
R154 Speed Sensor
Drilling new press. plate bolt holes in flywheel??
Transmission rear seal
Manual conversion places in nz
Speedo drive
Where to set kickdown cable to {line pressure}
When gearchanges go wrong....
Archive through April 29, 2007
Help please guys
Downshift at 14 mph?
Sticking Clutch Pedal.
Auto problem
Reverse slipping !
Who sell's the shims for the tranny?
Bits needed for R154 conversion?
R154 pictures
Shift kit from JZZ30 on JZZ31?
Quick fix for auto to hold more power?
Temperamental Gearbox
Manual conversion
Takeoff Gear
Power fc with automatic transmission
B&M shifter question
T-IV or Dex3 for A340E?
Quick step-by-step guide to changing clutch in W58
R154 Gearbox Mount
JZZ31 Auto -> Manual
Auto Gear box Problem - Please help !!
Centre Bearing Worn..?
Delay in reverse gear before engaging...
Flow direction of transmission fluid through radiator?
Stall Speed - Too low?
Shift kit - prices and results
Archive through February 28, 2006
Archive through March 05, 2006
Torsen Diff Question..
V8 manual conversion options
Trans sensor question
Tailshafts/Gearbox question
Couple of Gearbox Q's. (A340E)
B04D - axle code- please hepl
Auto Trans fluid capacity?
Whats the max safe HP on the A340e?
Shiftkit killing my speed sensor?
Gearbox issues?
Transmission Compatibility
Shift Kit Installation Instructions
R154 Rebuild
Incorrect Clutch hoses for Auto > Manual Conversion??
Anyone have a gearbox solenoid?
TT auto fluid
Easy question, In a Hurry
Recondition auto cost
If only one of these will fit in a Soarer...:-)
R154 Manual conversion
Auto making weird noise
Supercharged V8 transmission upgrade...
TRD clutch question...
What is this noise?
Transmission Noise
UZZ30, A340 > W5X
Transmission fluid?
LPS - Pics please
Auto tranny flush
What exactly does the power switch do?
OD wants to work today and not tomorrow any ideas
Gearbox mounts, are mine broken?
Tranny service Brisbane?
Transmition Fluid For Factory 5 Sped
Transmission and OD
Can't get out of Park
Selecting Gear in Auto Gearbox.
Manual not shiffting properly
Automatic Transmission Temperature Gauge Installation
Need some help with gearbox
Need new gearbox
Accumulator spring colours
R154 Gearbox - Who Rebuilds Them In Brisbane ??
Part broken on new manual gearbox
Auto upgrade help needed.
Shift kit problems or auto shifting in general
Mixing transmission oil
Andy (Bedlam) Quickshift Autobox Modification
Needed one TT speedo Sensor.
PowerFC into manual converted JZZ30 - do I need to switch...
Max Hp a Supra TT 6 Spd Box take in a 1JZ Soarer
Blue coloured fluid leaking from W58 gearbox
How to tell if you have a shift and or bigger stall conve...
Archive through September 03, 2006
Supra gear box into 94 v8
Supra auto into Soarer?
Transmission oil leak
Car stalling when shifts into neutral and park
Do i need to upgrade?
Open diff > LSD centre
Stall converters for A340
Shift kit for a 1991 TT soarer
Short shifter kits for 93 manual TT(MEL)
Problems with 1.5way shift kit
Cruise Control working after manual installation.
Shiftkit in Melbourne
CD player jumping
Auto Gearbox Missing Gears?
ATF level high, fluid discoloured and vibration
Manual conversion results
Where i can find the short shifter for R154
Flywheel Bolt Tensions
How Do You Change Oil In Manual gearbox?
How to install MV automatics shift kit
Reduce rpm if possible
What are these wires for?
TC Lockup Solenoid
No#1 solenoid
6speed 1jz gte
Transmission tunnel rattle.
Need some advice
V8 with GM TH400 Transmission
V8 Auto - Small clunk when down shifting?
ECT warning / speedo failure
Possible Gearbox Issues
Tip tronic convertion
Shift Kit with a Torsen LSD
Archive through May 04, 2006
Tailshaft rubber joint
Transmission slipping, i think?
Nothing different after changing gearbox oil
6 speed supra box
Second hand transmission help
A341E vs A340E
True Or False
No reverce light ,need help
Suprastick and a Manual ECU on an auto jzz30
Auto transmission pics
Maualising box
Clutch for R154
Gearbox is hot running
New Auto for 1UZ Soarer
Random Shuddering
Shift kit issues
Archive through November 29, 2005
Archive through January 11, 2006
Revlimiter issues :-(...
Transmission cooler installation
TIV pouring spout
Too much ATF?
Torque Converter
Dilema C4 or 5speed R154 gear box
Jerky Auto transmition.
T.C in W.A
Top gear acceleration
Gearbox woes-Solenoid?
Reversing Issues
Torque converter info.
Archive through March 28, 2006
First Prob with new car
Shift Kit
Anyone need a Stally done? Tranny Replaced?
Is it slipping? Help needed asap!
Transmission Fluid Level
Overdrive/ect query
B & M Shift kit?
Auto Solenoids
Tranny cooler / shift kit issues
Auto launching
Archive through March 01, 2006
Gear selector display on dash.
Auto Tranny Removal.
R154 issues
R154 repair $$
Accumulator spring
Manual coversion in sydney
Rear tailshaft coupling
Chasing shift kit.
Can any other shifters be hooked up to soarer gbox
2nd gear is goone
Slight slipping from first to second gear change...
My soarer gear stick on p please help
What to Replace when Auto is being put in
Synthetic oil for V8 auto gearbox
Gear box oil for manual tt
Penrite Auto Fluid??? Reviews?
Weight of gearbox
Trans Shudder
A341E line presure control solenoid
Mv autos number
Stange noises
Auto Slipping
Trans upgrade required? Options?
Archive through January 08, 2006
Overdrive/ ECT Power
Planning drag racing campaign...
UK auto mod
Gearbox identies
Fitting up r154 onto ex-auto 1jz??
Test post
Strengthen Torque Convertor - Big Turbo 1J Soarer ??? Rec...
Archive through December 07, 2005
TT Auto troubles after accident: Cant get Park
(Found!) Bolt in transmission pan!
Help Transmission and coolant leak
Gearbox woes -- Rebuild or Replace?
Archive through November 18, 2005
2JZ-GTE Clutch question
Throttle sensitive shift kits
Need Oil For My R154
Has anyone blown a W58 ?
Powertrain solutions TCU
No Kick Down?
Dexron 2 or Dexron 3?
Over Drive----- what speed do you guys use the over drive...
Archive through October 21, 2005
Have I killed My Gearbox?
TC or transmission problem ?
Boom sound when changing gears
Gearshift issues
No reverse did i just brake my tranny
What trans fluid?
Overdrive light flashing
Won't kick down
Archive through September 30, 2005
Archive through October 01, 2005
New Gearbox :D
How much Trans fluid is required for a full v8 flush?
Factory manual or converted?
A340e transmission
Gearbox oil filter
R154 Ratios?
Supra 6 speed short shifter ...on soarer R154
Trany Service At S&LC???
Am I being taken for a ride?
V8 gearbox
Gearbox Dead (or very close)
Bizarre gearbox issue
Auto gearbox, new gasket or "goo"?????
Shudder when auto changes down gear
Stally instalation
Clutch for 1JZ
V8 Shift kit from M.V.Automatics
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