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A/C Light blinking & No cold air
Archive through November 15, 2008
EMV strange problem?
Testing Climate Control
A/c 4 year issue
Condenser Part Number
EMV to Non EMV Climate Conversion - Complete Walkthrough
Archive through May 17, 2009
Archive through December 03, 2010
Archive through April 03, 2011
AC removal tutorial
Remove EMV Control
EMV to TT Climate Control - Fan Flat out and and No lighting
Trouble sourcing parts?????
Link between engine cooling fan and air con??
Frosted pipe. Is this normal?
Just bought 1JZGTE, aircon is not working
AC Compressor Replacement
No a/c settings on my scrren
Are SC400 and UZZ32 A/C Compressor the same
Can a jzz 94 climate control unit be used in a 91 uzz31 e...
A/C codes 11 and 23??
Air con isn't turning on.
Question re cabin sensor
Rebuild on AC compressor looks easy.
Hychill Regas in Perth?
PICS of my evaporator and tx valve work..
AC Blowing hot air.
Smoky A/C
HyChill regassers Adelaide
Separating blower fan from blower motor
Heater has blown, leaked out inside the car
Archive through May 13, 2014
Heater Tap
Vent controls on air not working
Aircon controls non functional
A/Con LPG gas
Error codes, 21,23,41
AC pressure release vavle?
I also need help identifying this part!!!
AC losing gas but with bonus possible extra problem.
AC Leak?
UZZ31 Air Con. - just stopped blowing cold
AC condenser cooling fan wiring?
I need some a/c control panel help!!!
Climate control issue.. Please Help!
Compressor cycling in and out, loads motor up
Location of the The ambient temp sensor (please)...
Heating/Cooling system conundrum
No heat just ice cold air... baahhh
Location of the Aircon Compressor Relay?
Compressor always running?
POP Performance
AC revs
Climate Control LCD
Noise in Air con compressor
AC Compressor issue
AC whine
Who needs their A/C Done in Perth? I can help.
Anybody purchased this Compressor?
Compressor Model Number
Recommend a good Air Con Service Melbourne?
Differences in non emv climate control units
Need Help Diagnosing my AC Problem
Air condition button
Air con compressor and system on an active 32 the same as...
Any recommendations for an ac mechanic in the Newcastle area
Air Con Specialist
V8 lexus
Sport air filter and hot engine air
Emv/non emv climate question
Climate control part number
Air con screen bleeding
Heater/ac fan will only run at max
Climate control no logner works after manual covnersion
TX VALVE STUFFED, whats the part number for new one??
So is the TT (JZZ30) the exact same compressor as the 2jz...
Belt size to bypass v8 air con compressor??
Replacing A/C Compressor?
A/C Light Flashing
A/C Fan wiring
Aircon only blowing cold air through one vent
Replacement Air-con compressor question
UZZ31 Compressor
In need of a compessor for a soarer 1991 can any one help
Are all 4.0L V8 aircond compressors the same?
Heater intermittently not working
Frozen pipe?
Heater valve bypass question
Where is the VSV valve on a RHD soarer?
Need climate control for emv to non...
Climate control not working only the button lights
New LCD screen booboo
Cheap AC compressor option
Archive through March 03, 2011
Air Purifier System
Not all aircon vents working
AirCon Temp Valve Not Opening
Help required
Climate control works but temp nob not working??
94 V8 UZZ31 Fan Speed Blower Resister Location
Ac starting ,but then blinking green light and nothin hap...
Jzz30 climate control wiring diagram
Climate control issue
A/C Service
Compressor Not Cutting In
Air con unit not working.
A/C fix - Circuit Diagram
A/c problem
Only evap to go
A/C Compressor lock warning,How to fix it?
Inside of car misting up
AC Blower fan not working
No power to ac unit
A/C Compressor will not stop running
Need help- Suction Throttle Valve
Archive through September 30, 2010
Electrical guru's - Non-EMV CC unit question!
Removing Heater Core
Whats in the part number? Heater tap assembly
Heater cold while not moving
Magnetic clutch relay not getting ground
Climate Control Backlight & Button Light Globe Supplier
My soarer's aircon doesn't emit cold air, just hot air...
A/C inop
Heater is not working!
AC throwing out some spongy stuff
Heater hose connection
Smell of petrol in car even with windows wind down.
A/C blows out White Dust stuff
Inside of car always hot
Air conditioner removal completely
UZZ31 AC button on EMV starts flashing
Aircon not getting cold
Climate control unit lights up, auto temp lights up. but ...
Air compressor stuffed?
Blower not working
V8 & 1j AC air compressor The same?
Air con thermal switch
Air-con compressors
A/C Code 23 and 41
Climate control fan speed
How Hard/Time Consuming Is It To Take Off The Compressor
Cold air not cold
Aircon smells like pee (for first 10 seconds)
Condenser and Drier Replacement
Are the climate controls units the same on Soarers if its...
How to fix vsv valve
Problem In 2010
Need help identifying this part!!!
Aircon not cold
Fan speed either really low 1-2-3 .. or full on 4..
Trying to diagnose A/C problem
Reccomended amounts of oil
Heater question
Wooing Noise during Drive
No Heat?!
Pulsating aircon
Do regulators leak?
Celsior Evaporator Replacement, where to buy ?
AirCon Regas in Brisbane
Aircon condenser replacemnet
Compressor interchangeable 1jz - 2jz?
Air con drain
Fan runs flat out regardless of setting
Compressor continually engages then disengages
By passing heater matrix
Hychill minus 30 anyone used it?
Climate control stuck on hot
Climate control modification : cold cathode backlight
How long to change TX valve? $$$$$$?
Can the car drive with CC unit out?
Evaporative Dryer Part #
Heater/AC issue: Vents blowing dust -> where is it coming...
Does my AC need to work??
My heater is only working when at high RPM
Leaking from Evaporator
Air Conditioning Lighting??
Heater air only warm
Air Con Light but no cigar
Climate Control Not Working
Climate control unit not working fuse locations?
91 UZZ31 limited heater core info
Is it bad that my v8 runs cold?
Climate control stopped working.. :-(
Climate Control Swap TT <-> NA
Heater tap leaking
New UZZ31 owner, these buttons dont work.
$4000 quote
Weight reduction, air con removal, issues?
Do A/C compresses swap between different models?
VSV Valve change
AC problems... & yes probably been done before
Archive through April 06, 2009
EMV heater control, how to turn on?
Air Condition Fan Not Running
Climate control backlighting
Blower fan broken
Soarer Air-Con Specialist in Adelaide.
Is my a/c display leaking? :-(...
Aircon regased... 2 days later ... no more aircon
Aircon re-gas in Perth
Replacing fan
I well broked mine! (Thread in story mode)
Sourcing new AC condenser for 91 V8
Soarer Air conditioning experts in Sydney
Blinky a/c button light.
Really annoying problem with interior
Romoval of the compressor?
Help!! aircon ON and OFF..Error code 21???
Worn out Compressor?
Aircon probelm. HELP,,,
Air con not working
Celsior Heater Problem HOT
EMV A/C Diagnostic test screen in Japanese who can read I...
Air Con stuck on Full...
After 6 Months of A/C R & D it was a dirty connection.
PN for AC compressor in 91 V8
Climate Control occationally switches to 25.0 degrees
Weight of gas in system
Part numbers for A/C hose and valve
Resistor codes for aircon?
Aircond use without EMV
Smelly Air Conditioner
Heater Core
Heater Tap
Soarer friendly A/C repairs
Heater goes cold when car stops
Fan only works with A/C
Fan speed - Airflow stays same on all settings
VSV Valve
Soarer Air Condition Specialist in Adelaide
Soarer Air Con Cooling Coil
Location of interior/exterior temp sensor for AC
AC pressure regulator
No air through center vents
Soarer Air Condition Specialist in Melbourne
Heater Core Leaking, some quick help?
Yet another a/c question...
Air Con Parts - Where to source them thread
Aircon button flashing
Reticulated Air
Heater only works on "max heat"
Not Runnig the AC
Bypassing Heater
Gas Leak ?
Heater leak problem
Air Con Wiring Diagram?
Running water sound when driving
Archive through January 21, 2006
A/C compressor bearings
AC light blinks after ~10mins, AC still cold
Error code 14 & 21
A/C Magnetic Clutch
Air con working, but not working..
Heater Not Working
Super Chill Aircon Gas
Archive through January 16, 2008
UCF11 Celsior. AC not engaging the hydraulic fan.
Weird hose leak (to auxiliary motor?!?)
Idle speed with A/C on - is it easy to adjust?
Heater tap
VSV Seems okay, but only warm heat
Air con computer?
AC Backlight
Air con place on gold coast
Smoke from exhaust when AC on
Where is the tx valve?
Archive through December 05, 2007
A/c pulley probs?
Heater Core Bypass
Can you still regas the old Soarer systems with old gas?
Archive through February 08, 2007
Installing the Condenser
Aircon Cutting off and on randomly
Air Conditioner Filters
A/C lcd display scrooted
Location of tx valve
Passenger's A/C feet vents
Air flow stay in FULL (Solution)
2nd hand heater tap?
Heater Control Thing (On Firewall)
Strange Air con problem
External temperature sensor
Air Con problems after replacing LCD head unit
Aircon not as cold after fmic install
Aircon compressor?
R12 in a can
Is my compressor cactus?
Weird air con
A/c lcd lighting issue
EMV/Non EMV Are they different Air con Computers?
Rough price on how much to fit TX valve
Info on 92 TX valve please
Evaporator temp sensor
Help me turn it on, I'm cold!!!!
Can you run aircon while the windoes are open
Radiators- Cost to replace/repair? in QLD
Heater (what The)
1UZ A/C Compressor
My car gets all warm inside even when temp is on "MAX COL...
Archive through November 04, 2005
Archive through November 28, 2006
HR12 Charge weight for the soarer
Aux fan
A/c Compressor Part Number
Air con compressor for a 2jz
How to remove glovebox?
Help Aircon Not giving me climate haha only ice air.
A/C Compressor - where in Brisbane?
Celsior aircon not working
Climate Control
21 - Solar Sensor Circuit
Aic Con in Adelaide
Air con unit?
Aircon problem
Cost of Retrofit and a Reconditioned compressor
No Heater!!
Aircon compressor run time
AC Getting fixed
What is this?
A/c takes a while to cool
TT soarer compressor
Evaporator temp sensor
Fan Not Running?
Degrees C display
Tx valve on 92 V8 soarer, anybody know where situated?
Regassed many times, no leaks found, but no cool air once...
Just My Luck........Heater Core.....
A/c repairer in sydney
No Heater
Common leak points for gas?
Blacked out Climate Control Panel
Archive through June 30, 2006
Air con button blinks sometimes and disengages compressor
Side vents
VSV Valve
Weird Problem
No backlight for the LCD display
Running AC while empty
Foam spitting out
Climate/AC globes??
A/C Compressor
Heater Core - How much?
Turn A/C off and I can hear a cap-gun sound
Outside air temp sensor not working
Error 41
No Heat In Car: Solenoid Replaced - Is it my control unit?
Air-con Questions
Musky smell in A/C
Archive through February 07, 2006
No COLD air when Aircon is turned on
Air Con Place in Adelaide?
First post and air con wiring problem
How AC works
Whistling vent
A/C crapin up
Air Con problems
A/C Pressure Switch
Air Con Compressor Bearing
Filter part number?
How does the Auto Air Button Work
Not cool
Air-con compressors?
Engine Idle Speed with air con on??
Celsior A/Con filters
AC regassed but still not working
Air Conditioning issues - Air con only comes on at max co...
Solar Sensor's Purpose?
Air Conditioning Hose
Air Con
Whats this?
A/C power usage
IS HR12 available yet?
COLD..!!! Heater doesnt work...
Air Conditioning Gas
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