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Please post anything of use.
US SC300-SC400 FAQ, Images, Parts.
US Lexus SC400 TV ads
Wheel and Tyre Fitment Issues
Interesting Test on Air Filters
Axle Ratio/Tire Size Calculator - Version 1.2
ASE 664 Installation Manual
ASE 66X User Manual
V8 100k Service Parts List
TT 100k Service Parts List
We are now the SC600!
Torsen Differential Explained
ADR (Australian Design Rules) Regarding Aftermarket Steer...
Working- 1jz mod path for mods section
WARNING Ebay - Shonky Catch Can
The Wheel and Tyre Bible !!!
Nice Soarer write up ...
Daily Telegraph...Auto section possible Soarer Review?
Anticipated Pricing for Toyota Aristo models.
Black lexus emblems
Lexus Wheel centres for TT wheels ...
Exhaust places in Melbourne
Different Spark Plugs for the V8
Autospeed article on JZ engines
Book "Japanese Supercars" has chapter on SC300/400
Photo tour of Volkswagen's "Transparent Factory"- (VW Pha...
ITALY............THE speed capitol of the world!
SL/CI-4 multifleet oils in petrol engines
Owner reviews of Soarers - if you like reading other peop...
Lexus LS460L Gets Eight Speeds
Lexus SC400/300 Owner's Manual
Crazy japanese shirts <PICS>
Race use only
Very sad news. One of the worlds finest Soarers suffered ...
New Toyota Hits Australia!
ECU Wiring diagram for the JZZ30 soarer TT
The Ultimate Lazy Ass Automotive Accessory!
Chris's latest progress with the SC300 (From Chicago,USA)...
This is sad for car lovers ...
The Sunroof Rattle
(X) INTERCOOLER THEORY 101 - Whats the deal with coolers?...
Supra versus MiNes R34!!!!!!! ...
Best City's in the world to live ...
I need some help!
Cleaning and Detailing
Door Trim Repair
OS Giken LSD's ...
Dyno's - Just how accurate are dyno results??
Bad luck day!
Resetting ECU
Number of Soarer's made
Bar to psi Conversion Table
Read your spark plugs
How many 91 LTD v8 soarers where made?
Interesting !!! - Electroplating Kits & Custom Paint Prod...
Interesting!!! - Better Than Car Jacks
Short vid
Japanese Soarer Commercial From 1992
Lexus SC400 video onYouTube
HKS, Apexi, Blitz, Greddy, Turbosmart - Manuals and Insta...
Brake Fluid - Comparing DOT 3, 4, 5 and 5.1
Complete A340E Shift Kit Guide
Ball Joint Repairs
SC300-SC400 owners must see.
Spigot Rings and Spacers
UCF11 Celsior vs JZS147 Aristo comparison article
SC300-SC400 owners must see.
How to Resize Photos
Tips on Buying a Turbo Car - Applies to Soarers
Dash repair for Dummies
Interesting link that explains birth of lexus
Toyota Technical Articles
Toyota Pricing and Valuation Guide (Current for Australia...
Tiff from Fifth Gear drifts a soarer (very badly)
EPA vehicle/exhaust noise testers in Victoria
EPA Victoria fines
Road&Track SC400 road test
Aussie Motoring 3L Soarer Review (12/02/2007)
RADURRA wheels
Playing copied Cd's in CD Player Unit
Cams for 2JZ, 1UZ-FE (all kinds)
Mine's web site
Targa Tasmania
Legalities of Aftermarket Blow Off Valves (BOV)
For those that bought EBAY dump pipes,Please Note!
How to Copy and Convert YouTube Movies – Free
Insurance Help
Japanese to English
Warning! DO NOT BUY THE EBAY CT12A Turbos.
How to dismantle ct12a turbo's.
* Novated Leases explained *
Legalities, Engineering and Defects
Looking for a Toyota badge diagram!
The "Hoon" Petition
CT12A Detailed Specifications
Late 94 & 95 ECU wiring diagram for Adaptronic
Japanese Auction Site.
Toyota Technical Articles
191 kws stock or is it 140-160 kws
Bob Jane Virtual Rim Selector
Someone having a bit of fun in a Soarer
1UZ Dune buggy ??
Changing the diff centre.
Polishing your cars!
Early Soarer story from 1990
Online Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog and Tech Write ups
Emanage Ultimate + Plus 1JZ IAT & Coolant Temp Sensors...
Good bye "VERTEX D1 Soarer"
1UZFE in 76 merc 280se
Tyre/Rim size calculator
GReddy Turbo Timer
Just got my hands on SC400/SC300 factory catalogue... her...
Soarer Production Video
SEMA 2009 Car pics (Drool!)
Headlight refurbishment (Sunshine Coast)
Leather repairs, window tinting etc (Sunshine Coast)
Revenue Camera Site please join
Soarer being tested when NEW....also compared with Mazda ...
96/97 EMV translated courtesy of Katsuji J.P.
Lexus SC400 1992 dealer introduction video
Fitting cheap Chinese double din radio/tv to a 1991 non e...
Toyota Soarer Workshop Manual link (1UZ-FE - V8) & (2JZ...
The FULL Soarer video (long, but interesting)
new turbo on what to do
Lexus Owners manual
Giving too much info online
Report this car White Toyota Soarer sedan - registration ...
Compliance for a 97 V8 GT L
Soarer topgear review
1994 LS400 UK dealership video
Writeup on he development of the soarer
Good reference info
F1 turbo
Gull Wing / 2.5 GT-TL Package
All things Soarer
Discovery Channel - Wheeler Dealers S04E06 - Lexus LS400
2 great Soarer history articles
Soarer DNA?
Supra has hit the streets
Soarer meet 2015 thanks to Katsuji Ueda
Club registration
SC 300 meter/dash transplant
Super supra .
TAKATA Air bag recall
Perth Soarers 4th Nov
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