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New to CS style.
Newbie near Brisbane
Hello from Brisbane
UZZ32 - New Zealand
Hi from sunny(lol) Glasgow
Howdy from the Beautiful Tropical Island of Phuket in Tha...
New SC400 Owner in Brisbane
New UZZ31 owner in the USA
Back in a Soarer
Central Ohio (USA) GZ20
New owner in Melbourne
Hi! My car isn't starting
Hi Everyone.. Soaring in the States...well almost
Hello from Central West NSW
Hi From Adelaide
Hi hi i am new soaorer owner, nice to meet everyone.
My Soarer Story. Welcoming Soarer #3 in New Zealand
New Soarer Owner / Small Trans Mod
Hello from Perth
Soarer in the Snowies
Hi from Birmingham, UK
G'day from Adelaide
Hello again
JZZ30 GTT-L in Melbourne.
Archive through September 13, 2015
Hello from Perth 👍🏻
New here from the states.
Guys need some direction please!!!
Faulty TPS?
First time Soarer owner!! Hello from the USA(and sorry ab...
1UZ Delica... Engine won't start?
Wheel fitment
New member
I am back! and Wanting to get back into a Soarer - Help m...
Hi soarer central new v8 owner
Just bought an unregistered SC400 in need of care and aff...
91 Soarer
Hello from... up... over? newbie from the uk
New guy from Melbourne!
New Soarer Owner from Malaysia 1991 TT
10 sec 1jz soarer
Hi from Adelaide
1993 1JZ GT-TL new member
1993 soarer
Hi from Auckland
New owner in NSW
Hi all! From Melbourne
Hi there
New owner in Melbourne
Been a while...
Good afternoon gentlemen
Hi from Wallan
Hey from Perth
New owner
Archive through August 30, 2014
Hi all
Hello From Sydney
G'Day from Sydney
Old member... Great to be back!
New Perth Member
Hello Everyone
I'm back
Gday from goulburn nsw
Hey there guys! Just joined.
Hi from coumtry WA.
Proud owner of a T56
G'day from ireland
One story ends and another begins.. picked up 2nd soarer
The weekends just got a whole lot more fun :-)...
G'DAY Cobbers
Saying my hello's :-)...
Archive through August 07, 2009
Archive through August 16, 2009
Archive through October 12, 2009
Archive through November 20, 2009
Archive through August 19, 2010
Archive through July 18, 2011
Archive through March 26, 2012
Archive through June 30, 2012
What's up, from Canada!
G'day from WA
Old man now owns Soarer !
Hey guys..
Good evening to all soarer lovers :-)...
Hi My Names Brett From Emu Plains Australia
Group Buy Question?
Hello everyone at Soarer Central
First time Soarer owner WA
MEL Soarer Newbie!!
Hello soarer central!
New Soarer Owner in Adelaide
My Welcome to owning a soarer :-(...
Returning 4.5 years of being Soarer-less!
Let me introduce myself...
Hi all (from WA).
G'day for the UK
Hi everyone on Soarer Central
Me & my soarer
Hi all
G'day from Townsville
OBD Link query
New Soarer owner
Hi from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Archive through January 29, 2014
Archive through January 29, 2014
Mugen OBX
Hi all from Tas!
Performance help please
G'day all
Hey all… My second soarer… I think this is where buil...
Archive through February 02, 2014
Harrow From Darwin!... again
G'Day All
Hi, 10 year history of Uzz30, and Hesitation issues
My New Beast.
Soarer owner in Taree
Hello. New Soarer owner in Japan
Howdy from SE Melbourne
New member from melbourne.
Post your favorite photo of your Soarer?
Archive through August 26, 2013
1994 JZZ31 - JZAS31? Sorry for the 5 year Belated Hello...
New addition to the soarer family in SA
How to mod a Soarer without spending much cash
Hello im dan and i am here because im a hoon
Gday from Ballarat Victoria
New boy from Radelaide SA. Gday
Soarer number 6!
Hi from Chris Canberra
Mid life crisis car, interesting electrical issue, help a...
Gday from Goldcoast!
Back in a SOARER! ADL
Hi from Glenn M
Hello from CQ
New stereo install
Hi from qld
Melbourne boy discovers Soarer.
Hi from Mackay
Hi from Canada!
Hello from New Zealand
Old fart from melbourne with a new toy
Soarer in Italy
Hello from echuca, vic
New to the site
From rotary turbo to V6 twins
Hi from SA, new soarer owner.
Hello from sydney australia
New soarer owner.... country NSW
Second Soarer and loving it. New to Forum
My twins say hi from Canberra
91 UZZ31 Soarer from sydney Form>Function
Archive through November 19, 2012
Hey everyone i just wanted to say hi from southern QLD
Hii everyone...Im back again
Dark blue Soarer in SE Melb
Hi new to Canberra
Hi from Armidale (NSW)
My Soarer now accross country living in perth
Gday from bendigo vic
Gday,from central coast uzz30
G'day central coast newy 1uzf
G'day from Adelaide
New(ish) uzz31 owner
Hey Everone
Hello from the PRC
New Soarer owner from QLD
New from NSW with a passion with all things 1jz.
Factory Blue Pearl VVTI Soarer
New member
Hi all, me again. Big update
What a ripper !!!!!
Wife says i can buy a Soarer
Another new '91 owner
Supra and soarer owner
Hi from accross the ditch in NZ
Archive through January 31, 2009
JZZ30 from sydney :-)...
New uzz32 owner in Perth
Hi Guys
New from Perth :-)...
New owner of a 91' Soarer TT
G'Day from Perth
Geday, from SC400 in Adelaide
Hello Again!
Checking in
1992 SC300 owner// Tackling a large project- Help would b...
Hi from christchurch nz
Hello from the south east
Hey guys total noooob here
My New V8 Manual Soarer - Melb
1995 Lexus SC300 from Los Angeles
Hi from England
Joined the soarer club
My soarer
Hello from Melbourne
Hi all new soarer owner from newcastle
Hey guys hows it
Aye from North Queensland
Hello from Sydney
Saying good day - From Newcastle
G'day from Darwin, Oz - TT
New soarer owner in Melbourne
Hey all from newcastle
Herro again
New Owner from Perth
92 jzz30 adelaide
Hi from The Border (Albury/Wodonga).
HI from Lyall
Stangas in Western Australia
G'day from corey
Hello from central qld
Hey all, my 1991 JZZ30
My 1991 JZZ30 Soarer GTT
Hi Everyone!
G'day All
Hi everyone
New to the world of soarers
Hi, from Hunter Valley NSW.
Hello, jzz31 owner NZ
James jzz30 daily
New jzz30 drift project
My Shocking Soarer
Hi From Tassie!
New Member from Nsw
Hello from Melbourne
My UZZ31 In Mackay
Dat Soarer; my Hellaflush + Boosted project
Long time lurker
Howdy - newbie
New UZZ32 Owner in Vic
Hello from central coast
Harrow...from the Central Coast NSW
Hello from the middle of bum F#*$ Nowhere!! outback NSW ....
Didnt even know what a soarer is a few weeks ago
G'day Chaps! - New V8 Soarer Owner
Hello, from Russia
Archive through February 23, 2010
Archive through December 13, 2011
Bucharest - 1JZ-GTE auto Soarer '91
Just saying Hello
Hello from the UK!
First Soarer TT Barge :-)...
VIC New 1991 Soarer V8 owner and proud of it!
Love this car
UZZ31 owner in Rocky
New Member in Canberra - Looking to Restore my 91 TT to i...
Hi all, New guy here from sydney
Dropping in for my hellos :-)...
Suspension jacked up at back and boucy
92 UZZ31 Soarer
New JZZ31 in Sydney!
Hello from Brisbane
92' Import TT Soarer... Whats better... The driver is a c...
Gday from Thailand
ALI From Vic Melbourne
Hello from Canberra!
Looking for Reconditioned Steering Pump or Seal Kit..
Another newb needs some help
Steering wheel re-leather
Hi from the uk
Great movie on right now
New soarer owner gold coast
Hi from sydney
Hi Everybody New Soarer Owner
Good Day all from Sydney
Old new soarer owner to site from Newcastle
Earl's UZZ31 Toyota Soarer
Gday from WA
Hi from Northern suburbs of melbourne
New Soarer owner (NZ)
Any Saskie Homeboys?!
Hi guys! I'm new and I need help !
[SA] New z30 owner(s) in Adelaide.
Hello from WA
Blown 671 sc400 soarer
Archive through July 25, 2011
Hey guys, jzz30 drifter!
Just bought a TT 5 days ago
I'M BACK!!! TT Soarer from Sydney
Another Kiwi
Hi from Perth WA
Saying hello from Bunbury WA
Hello to all
New Soarer UZZ32
I'm back!!!
Gday every one
Hello everyone
Hi, Just introducing myself
Hey Everyone
Hi from the Goldie
Hello I need your help....Stereo Facia Kit!!
Hi Guys Aristo Owner
My first Soarer
I'm in love with my Soarer
Hey guys
New soarer owner - abit delayed
Townsville, QLD Soarer
Hey guys, Kempo here!
Archive through August 06, 2009
Archive through March 31, 2011
New soarer owner :-)...
Hey everyone
Hello all just bought a Soarer 1998 model
Hi all, new UZZ30 owner from Sydney
New soarer owner :-)...
Private messages
Hello again from manawatu nz
New soarer owner in gold coast aus
My black 94 soarer
Hey guys n girls
New to soarer central!
Archive through January 07, 2011
Hello everyone, new Soarer owner from Brisbane.
Overdue hello from Canberra
Gday guys
Back for more
G'day from W.A
New soarer owner
Air suspention problem
Hey guys :-)...
Hey, what's happening everyone?
New member, Hi Guys! And Girls!
Initial_dan's GZ20 Soarer
New Soarer Owner and New Member
New Soarer Owner
Yeah baby I'm back
New Soarer Owner in Adelaide
Hello from Ireland :-)...
Yay photos, looking better
Gidday guys.
Hi all from sydney aus
New from Sydney
I was a new owner of a uzz32
Hello everybody! Just bought my first soarer!!!
Any plans for an SA cruise???
New soarer owner
Long Time Reader Just signed up
G'day.... again
450ARN how it sits atm :-) update i guess...
Hello once again soarer owners
Finally on the forum!
YAY I got another one
New Soarer Owner in Canberra
Hey from NZ
Found a link that well come in handy
G'day, new Soarer owners, 92 UZZ31 v8
Gday from WA
It's Been Years.. But I'm Back!!!
Finally some car pics...
Hello From British Columbia
Gday from Florida USA
Queenslander with a 94 JZZ31
Just some updates
Replacement Soarer owner in Perth
Hello Everyone my name is Ehsan.. Nissan Skyline R34 4doo...
New Soarer owner in Adelaide
New owner in Sydney with 40 posts!
10 years with Soarer club!!!
Howdy to all ya'll from the south.
Happy 19th
Hey all
Hello Everyone !!
New soarer owner
New future Soarer owner in the making.
Hai everybody!
Greetings from Newcastle and our manual JZZ30
Toyota Celsior
New member from Newcastle
Greetings from a new soarer owner
Hello from Portland, OR USA
Sexylexus' protégé saying G'day
Christian's V8 Soarer Thread
Archive through April 29, 2010
Archive through May 23, 2010
Archive through August 16, 2010
Archive through September 23, 2010
Archive through December 03, 2010
My new UZZ30 - Adelaide
Soon to be new Soarer owner!
Hello from new Soarer owner!
G'day Its Tony from WA - REAR WHEEL RIMS?
Oh SO Clean! saying goodbye to one of the best
IM NEWWWWW :-) and canadaian haha...
Hey all!
Adelaide JZZ31
1997 1JZ-GTE Black on Black VVT-i Manual Single Turbo Perth
My Vertex Ridge SC300
New soarer owner in sydney, first post
Archive through March 10, 2011
Gday All from Russia, Moscow
Soarer Owner for 5years, but new member
G'day all
Hi everyone new owner/member from Sunshine Coast Qld
Satin black soarer
New soarer TT owner adelaide
Finally - Preliminary pics of my soarer
Archive through November 08, 2007
Hi from my UZZ31 and me, in melbourne!
Hello from Albury
New to the forum
An old fart returns
Hi from canberra!
Hi SoarerCentral, from Singleton NSW
New member, UZZ31 Ltd. Camden NSW
Carlos - back after years away
Trev`s project soarer
G'Day from the Central Coast
Hello from Newcastle
Soarer in gippsland
Hey New Owner from Sydney.
Happy New Year
G'Day All
Another Melbourne Soarer owner
Friendly Visit
Archive through December 31, 2010
New guy here.
Hello from Adelaide
Just a quick hello
Hello From Melbourne!
Hey guys v8 soarer vic
My TT beast
Archive through December 14, 2010
Proper Pictures of my car
Found a Blocking kit
Saying hello.
Back on the Road Soon!
First time soarer owner in SA
G'day from Northern NSW
Hey guys,New owner from sydney
New reader, First poster - Hi from Tasmania!
Archive through July 26, 2010
Archive through October 18, 2010
Saying HI again.. been here for awhile.. just an update!
G'Day from Toronto - Here's my '94 TT
G,Day,1997 Soarer From Brisbane
Hello from Sydney
Saying a formal Hello :-)...
Archive through March 11, 2010
New to oz, new to soarers, all help appreciated!!
New member, new soarer, many questions
Saturday Watch out
Took some more photos of my car tonight...
Hiya from Adelaide
Land Speed Soarer
Archive through January 04, 2010
Archive through March 04, 2010
Archive through May 19, 2010
Gday! from Melbourne, Blue jzz30
Let me introduce my Soarer.
Archive through September 17, 2010
Archive through September 20, 2010
G'Day! and a question!
Gday from wyndham vale!
Hello and welcome my jzz30 soarer!
Saying Goodbye
New, from Darwin
We talked at the lights in Fitzroy St ST Kilda
New guy (sort of)
Ok Another Epic Journey to pick up my latest Acquisition
Hello from Canada
Hey guys..ive been here for a while but never introduced ...
Hey all any soarers in sydney
Picture have been uploaded
PERTH Hey all...
G'day from Sydney!
Introducing MZ20 Aerocabin!
My $3000 JZZ30 Soarer
New member/owner
New WA owner
Hi all!
New member from NSW-first turbo so got a TT soarer 297hp-...
450ARN updated with pics
New Queensland Member 450ARN
Mirror ECU
Gday From Canberra
Hi All. Newbe here and in need of help.
Greetings and salutations all
G'day Everybody I'mmm Baaaccckkkk
Hi from SA
Hello all
My soarer, g day from the Gold coast
Hi guys
Shadows V8 Soarer (New Zealand)
Hi, new sc400 owner
Benj's UZZ31 V8 (Perth)
Hey Guys <3
Hey guys celsior and soarer owner
Adelaide soon to be owner of a Soarer.
Hey, from Finland.
Any girls in here?!!!! Hi from SA :-)...
Archive through January 15, 2009
Archive through February 03, 2009
Soarer Count 2010
Archive through July 16, 2010
1995 6 Cylinder Gal
Hi All !!!
Sad V8 :-(...
V8 Girl
New Soarer Owner In Adelaide AUS
Long time listener first time caller with a Celsior & Soa...
Finally got my supra
Somthing you might like
New Soarer
Archive through June 08, 2010
VVTI single turbo Lpack Perth saying Hi
Archive through July 06, 2010
Hi all
About to defect from the dark side...
Archive through November 14, 2009
Some "proper" pictures of my car, now in WA.
Archive through March 24, 2010
Hey all
Archive through April 07, 2010
Hello from Florida
Another Perth Soarer uzz31
Hi guys :-)...
Hello From NSW Blue Mountains
My Soarer in Perth
Hi all, Adelaide Aristo owner, and now the girlfriend has...
Remote central locking
Hi everyone!
Hi all from ipswich
And so it begins........ Again!
Archive through November 23, 2009
Archive through February 10, 2010
Newbie from the Island
What's with all these fraud Car Sales!!!! Have a look.
New Soarer Owner! Hi All!
Hi all.
Hi from Melbourne
Little help...
Hockysa's RSP-A70
Howdy from Texas again.
New here
Archive through September 10, 2009
Archive through September 11, 2009
Archive through April 09, 2010
Hey i through i'll do a little thing call'd speak your la...
Chrome window trim?
WOOT WOOT another Soarer TT owner In MELBOURNE!!!
Crispin's TT
MELTON Soarers?
Archive through February 26, 2010
Archive through March 03, 2010
Archive through April 02, 2010
My new soarer
I'm Back...Let me re-introduce myself
My jzz30 in SA
Somthing helpfull
Hello From Canada
Hey advice needed
Bad weather Taking its toll
Archive through March 09, 2010
Goodbye, and thank you
My Soarer just arrived
Hello from Central QLD!
People in VIC
Archive through March 04, 2010
I'm exited, first soarer coming very soon.
Hello and this is my car
Archive through March 01, 2010
Cruise Control for a 1997 V8 Limited
Hello all! New Soarer owner!
Hello everyone
Hello from Portugal - TT Soarer
Hello all. Im from England and this is my soarer 2.5 tt m...
My very own first Soarer!
Pics finally
Saying hello...
Hi everybody
Rejoining the Soarer ranks
New Soarer Owner Long time admirer very pleased
Hi Soarer fans!
What do you think about this video?
Hey All
Changing to Woodgrain?
First time poster long time reader
Time to say G'day again... maybe
Almost finished
Archive through February 17, 2010
Need a little help??
Hi all
(Bris) Re-Introducing Myself
Archive through November 05, 2009
Just wanted to say Hey
UPDATE: some work on the car!!!! S.A.!!!!!!!
Hey everyone just saying Hi again!
Hello, Soarer Owner from WA
1994 SC300 Owner from Brisbane
Hello Everyone - Celsior
V8 UZZ31 - Never got around to introducing myself.
Archive through September 03, 2009
Need a little help
Oriphinz IS300
Hi guys
Finally getting to say hello
Sup sup from tassie !!!
Hi from bundaberg
WA New soarer G'Day!
Hello from Newcastle
New UZZ31 owner in Sydney
96' VVT-i 1JZ Soarer Owner From NSW :-)...
Hi all from WA
Sydney Soarer UZZ31 :-)...
New pic of my motor
Helloooo from WA!
Yes finally another soarer!
I think a re-g'day is in order!
New guy, nice to meet everyone
G'day from a new soarer owner!
Hi everyone my new soarer
Hi from brissy
G'day from a new guy
Window regulator?????????
New picture of the Soarer!!!
Old plodder
Finally some photos
Hello Everyone from AUSTRALIA
Archive through October 12, 2009
Not so new from WA
Hey everyone greetings from ireland
Hey hey every one, new soarer owner from Adelaide
Yet another G'day !
Aloha everybody
Halo Headlights
Hi all ... Geo. Hubbard here , have a 1994 V8 G.T.Limited...
Kenji says "hello"
I'm back and this soarer's better than the last!
[WA] Soon to be TT owner, need some help !!
Hello, please welcome me :-)...
Havent been on much.. pics from over this summer :-)...
New UZZ31 owner in Auckland NZ
New Soarer TT owner =D
Say Hi to an almost Soarer owner.
Hello from Tassie - My 1J 5sp Single Turbo Project
First soarer and loving it
Another new owner
New soarer owner in WA
Another joins the fold.
Hello -
Lovin' my White SC400 but a few questions if i may?
A second chance
Introducing my Volvo 244 with 1JZ!
Keep it in the family
New soarer freak...
Hello from sunny mackay
Hi Rushed here
New photos of my Soarer V8 :-)...
SC300, West Ryde area
Another newbie
Hello Everyone!!
Advertising on here?
Hey everyone
Hi from Mackay
Gday all ....pommie here with first soarer
Hi there
Newbie From South Australia
First Soarer : )
Hi there new here
New member to Soarer Central
New to Soarer's..
Recent USS31 owner
Hi everyone - newbie here with a 91 UZZ30 V8
New Proud & Stoked Soarer Owner in Bris
New Member in Waikato NZ
New UZZ31 Owner
Im saying good bye
Hi From Perth
Amazing Soarer!! Hi Members hope to talk to all of you
Another soarer newby
Hey Guys.. and Gals
5OBAIT from NZ
Archive through February 09, 2009
Im Back!....This time, slower then ever, and sleeping wit...
My registration email has changed
Hi,new Soarer (MZ12) owner from Jersey,UK.
Hi from Ceduna S.A. First Car = Soarer LOVES IT
Hello everyone
Archive through February 27, 2009
New to the soarer world
Hello Folks
The beast sleeps.....for now at least....
I got her, Finally!!!
Hey guys tell me what you think
Check out my soarer (working thread)
Just to say Hi
G'day from the Central Coast! Looking for first Soarer..
Archive through September 24, 2007
Archive through November 11, 2007
Hi All
Contact Details for Marc Vipond?
Hey everyone
Hi from adelaide
Hey there
New to Soarers
Soarer Newbie
Hey hey
New updates that Mike will love!
Archive through April 22, 2009
New NZ Member
Great site, thanks for the info
New UZZ32 owner in vic
My black soarer i got
Hey from gold coast
Ma new soarer, Loving it!!!
My First Soarer
Lloyd from tassy with celsiors haha
New Brizzie Member
Proud new owner of an mz21 from Albany, W.A
New NZ member
New owner
Hi from Canberra
New member from Auckland NZ
Hi from Quebec City
Me and my soarer
New V8 limited owner in Perth
Hey everyone. Heres my car!
Hey guys
Mind if I join in?
Greetings! first time JZZ30 owner here!
Hey Guys. from perth
Newest member
1st timer! V8
New to Perth
evolution to a soarer
New Topic created
Hey from SA
New Soarer from Toowoomba
Back from an all-too-long hiatus
Hey from tassie
New member in Brisbane
Hi to all
Hello from nz
New member
New NZ Member!!!!
Some new pics for you all.
Archive through February 04, 2009
New Comer From Perth
Archive through February 03, 2009
New SC member from melbourne with a unique Soarer :-)...
Archive through January 28, 2009
Archive through January 30, 2009
Archive through February 03, 2009
Howdy From The Gold Coast
Sold my soarer =[
New Owner in Perth
New Member from Melbourne
HI everyone im carlo. Just joined up
Just signed up
Soarer Rules =)
Finally Joining...
Hi from Sydney
New Soarer owner
My Slow_Sc3 Hello
Greetings from brisbane
Hi all from tas
We both were born in the same year :-)...
Archive through January 02, 2009
Terminal Car Junkie Chooses Soarer
Archive through December 02, 2007
Archive through January 12, 2008
New Soarer owner in SA
Hi from the UK
Proud GZ10 and JZZ30 Owner from Malaysia
Archive through October 22, 2008
New Owner of an Old Giant..
Kiwi in WA
Archive through November 14, 2008
Finally found a worthy project car
Merry Christmas
Gday from Melbourne
Hi from Englands South Coast
G'day From Melbourne
New Soarer fan !!
Hi! Just got a UZZ31!
Hi from Adelaide guys
Hi From Perth
Hello from the uk
Hey All, Another from Perth- Just got a 1987 Soarer 1G-GT...
New owner of a ZZ31 - - - [BUT] . . . .
Hi From a UZZ32 owner, any more out there !
Hello from Detroit Mi USA
New owner from NSW
Another 'Flying Couch' Owner In Adelaide
Finally got one.
Greetings from Texas
DLS-equipped Soarer from Finland
Hello from the Gold Coast
Chaser owner (melbourne) am i in the right place?
Hay hay a new owner in wollongong
Hello Everyone
New V8 on the scene in Perth
God day from finland
Archive through March 19, 2008
From Sunny Saskatchewan
Perth newbie with a sight unseen
Archive through October 19, 2008
New Soarer Owner in Adelaide
Archive through October 08, 2008
G'day from Nelson NZ.
New Soarer Owner! (im in Ontario)
Thought I'd Say Hi From NZ
Not so new soarer owner in SA
Hi, from Melbourne Australia
It's been a while but finally i have 1
G'day from Geelong
Archive through March 24, 2008
Hey Hey from WA
Afternoon all ! From a not so sunny England
Hey everyone, from Perth
Another soarer in Brisbane
Proud one from europe.....
Archive through March 13, 2008
Greetings From Sweden
Archive through May 16, 2008
Hi from the other side of the world !!! ( Germany)
Archive through August 14, 2008
Hey from aus
Hi...another Adelaide soarer owner (with pics)
New TT owner from Adelaide.
Am I insane
Archive through September 12, 2008
Hello everyone
Soarer freak in Perth!
Better late than never...
New SC400 owner in ACT
I'm new here too! Love the old school soarers (Ipswich)...
New Soarer in Brisneyland
Hello everyone, new soarer TT owner in Gold Coast!
Dam doors keep locking.....
New Member
New kid on the block!!!
HELP !!!
Hey guys, another soarer on the streets of melbourne!
Checking in from Mississippi
Been a while, back in Aus again..
Hey all
Hi I'm Harry
New UZZ32 owner by coincidence
G'day. My name is Hyram.
New soarer owner in vic
Hello everyone, another soarer owner in vic
Hi, from New Zealand, getting a soarer and need advice.
New soarer owner
G'day from southeast Melbourne
Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1991 Soarer TT
Another Soarer in Victoria, BC
Greetings from Canadian West Coast!
Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster and... Help!
Hey there....
Help need
Well not new, but New to WA lol
Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta Canada!
Hey New V8 from Adelaide
Hi from SA!
My new Soarer!!
Hey from Tassie
Another River City Noob
Little kiwi found a soarer
Hi from Adelaide
Hi from the rum town.
Hi im vronika i need help
Aaah Haa - New Pomme V8 Owner
Archive through January 31, 2006
Brisbane TT Soarer
My new soarer
UZZ32 Hit by Tray Top Ute
An oldie but a newie
Just Another TT in WA
1997 UZZ31
My Drift Car
G'day from north queensland
New Soarer Owner, Lots of Work Ahead!
Newbie intro
New Melbourne guy
Hi, Soarer Owner from New Zealand.
Archive through July 29, 2008
Howsit from New Zealand
Hey all, my Soarer, finally with pics
Yet another from Perth! - 91 TT Manual
Hi there
Perth owner 8-\
Another owner in Perth!
Another in Perth.
G'day Townsville
Oh oh what have i done to myself.
Hello from Canada
Factory 5sp TT Soarer from Adelaide
G'day from Daniel
New Soarer Owner
Re-trim interior and Leather seats
JZZ3O VIC plates for sale
Hi, all the way from the BVI
New Pics
New soarer owner (about to be anyway)
Part of the club =] Brisbane With pics =]
My new soarer
Love my Soarer!
Fresh Import New Active Owner
Hi from the UK
My Name is Hermie, and I've been Boosted
Just Bought my First Soarer/ SC400
Hello From Ashmore Gold Coast
The Hunt Is On...
Gday everyone! Another TT Soarer in Perth here!
My update, its been a while, new cooler and radiator set up
Lexus or Toyota?
Archive through June 07, 2008
Hello from new zealand
Hi from Newcastle :-) 1991 V8 Soarer...
Height Adjustment Switch Not Operating
Hi - sheriff -
My Soarers 2nd coming...
I've decided on a Soarer!
Just bought a soarer!
Newb here.
Hello all.
Drift/cruise day
New Canberra soarer owner (owner is new anyway)
New Soarer Owner in Perth
Soarer in Blacktown Sydney
Hello everybody
Dream Realised...
Sunshine coast Soaring
G'Day! 1995 Soarer V8 1UZ-FE - UZZ32? - SEQLD Australia
Archive through April 15, 2008
Hey just got my first soarer
`Hi All from snow swept UK
Improved North Queensland Soarer
Hi, from Victoria
3rd owner in Oz
Another new Canberra member
New member in Sydney
I'm still alive lol
550ARA. New member Brisbane
New active owner in Canberra
New Aristo owner
Has anyone seen this Soarer in Perth Western Australia ?
Gday, Newish Member (Lurker :-)...
Just Purchased
Hey everyone!
Ban in a new soarer!!
No soarer.... yet
New soarer owner
Jamaican Soarer!
New pics of my baby
SASHA my 87 Soarer
Black on black Soarer
Well, new soarer, new introduction
Another Green One
My Soarer will roam the streets of Sydney again soon ... ...
Giday from the Sunny Sunshine Coast
Hello from new zealand
My First SC400 Soarer
Another Canadian Soarer
Hello From Canada
New soarer, new driver
Howdily doodley from Perth
G'day from Adelaide
Hi from the UK
G'day from Brisbane
New soarer owner Sydney
Hello from Russia!!!!
Clone #1759
Archive through January 23, 2008
Toyota v8 in 2wd hilux
Archive through February 07, 2008
TT from melbourne
G'day from sunny Rocky
Good morning from the UK
New Celsior Owner
Shout from Wellington
Hooray from WA ...
New SA Owner.
New soarer to the group
Hi every one , i just got a uzz32
Hi everyone ! TT from Sydney
Hi guys from a Sti owner
New member!
Howdy From Melbourne :-)...
Archive through November 25, 2007
From the heavens....
Hello everybody!
Mid Life Crisis
Loving my new soarer!
Top o' d mornin to ya
Soarer from the West Coast (perth)
New member
New member and my soarer
So I just bought a 1992 V8 Soarer....
New member
Archive through October 15, 2007
Newbie but an oldie :p
New to Soarers and this Forum
Hey everyone
Newbie to Soarer and this site! WA
New Soarer Owner
Melbourne soarer
Hey there!!
VVTI, manual, LSD, you need nothing else in a Soarer
G'day from Sydney...
Another Soarer Sydney
Hi guys me again but with pics
Archive through September 13, 2007
Brisbane 1jzgte
1991 V8 in Seaford Vic
Signin on for WA.
Second soarer... 1j + r154 gz20
Hey from Sydney
Got a new soarer
Pics, Pics, and more Pics
Archive through September 18, 2007
Hello all! New soarer nut here!
Calgary Owner
New Soarer Owner
TT Owner from Finland
Hello From Japan
Another SA soarer to the ranks
New better pics
Hi~from Adelaide
Hello All
Re Vamped
New soarer owned, Newcaslte
Hey from Qld
My Soarer, let me show you it
New Toy
Wollongong owners
Joined the team; 98vvti auto
New Member vvti
Pictures finally!
N/A 3L owner
Hello From Vic (The Dandenongs)
Hi all.
New soarer TT owner.
Hi from Adelaide
Hey guys been lurking since i bought my soarer so heres a...
My Dream Come True!!! 1992 model TT Soarer
Hello from Vic
Hi From the Gold coast
Hello to all from Canada!
Hi All, Finally Some Pic's Of My Soarer Twin Turbo
My new ride
I may as well introduce myself and my tt
Whats this button do?
New Member from US. Have a few pictures
What happened to me???
G'day from WA
Hi all
Finally got the Soarer!!!
Greetings and Salutations
Finally Got It!
Pictures of my soarer finally!
GTi-R to Soarer
Archive through October 12, 2007
Hi all from Moscow!!
Hey all~ Thinking about buying. *help*
Hey all, from perth just bought my TT yesterday.
New hello from qld
G Day All,ive taken the plunge!
Newbie from VIC
Soarer in the Pacific Islands
Finally.... completed
Been lurking for a while, finally got some pictures :-)...
Hi from a whinging pomme!
Hows it goin from WA
Help whats the standard rim size for limted v8 soarer
Soarer convertion auto to manual
Wildin' in Da Islands
Hi from Wollongong
Hello from Bundy in Qld
Hi from the gold coast with pics this time!
Yay for my post
Newbie - G'day from Sunny Scotland
G'day from the Gold Coast
Just got some pics of my new wheels !!!!
Helllo, in ACT
Perth TT
New Owner in the UK - 3.0L NA
Changed up the rims. PICS.
Soarers on Mt Panorama
Newbie from southeast Brisbane
Hey Folks, new member from Melb
My introduction
Hello all from Rainbow
Newbie to Soarers
Starting to take shape
Another new one
Hi new soarer owner from vic
Hi all!! from QLD
New SC Forum Software
Another West Aussie Newbie
Hellow fellow soarers.
Hello from Alberta, with pictures this time.
Perth WA
Jak's Cressida
TJ's Soarer - Launceston TAS
Howdy from Edmonton, Alberta
Hello Everyone from Vic
Greetings from Hobart!
Hello from Canberra!
I found my love in Qld,we are now happy together in WA.
New user, still looking for a soarer
Gday from Gold Coast QLD
Hey everybody from melbourne
Another one from Perth WA
Hello fellow soarer owners!!
Hey guys
Jimmy's car's 56K warning
Hi from Brisbane
Whats on the up?
Hey From Luke In WA
New member
New Perth Member - GZ20 GT Limited, But not for Long!
Intro again...with pics this time!
Hi From Perth Western Australia
Hello :-)...
SC400 from Alberta, Canada
Lurker saying hi !
V8 manual soarer
Hello From Washington DC...
Saying hello
New kidon the block!!
Here we go again.
Hello from Alberta Canada
Hey all
Somewhat like deja vu???????
Checking in again
Sayin G'day
Hello From South Australia!!!
How many 8-96 on V8 Limited Owners?
Archive through March 02, 2007
Archive through April 05, 2007
Griffen badge and 2 Soarer name plates
Some pics of my 93 sc300
Proud new '93 V8 LTD owner - Melbourne
Hey everyone, V8 owner in Adelaide - Adam
Hello All
From Las Vegas
New I am!!
All Heart but no brains
Archive through April 12, 2007
My V8 Aristo
Hello all! i'm a new kid :-)...
Hello everyone out there!!!
Any SC cruiser clubs close to, or in, Louisiana?
Me and my tt manual soarer :-)...
New TT - Brisbane
Hi From Toowoomba
New to Soarer - Help !!
Another new perth member
HI from a new Aristo Owner
New Soarer in Hobart
Hey guys i need some help...
My 2jz powered Soarer
Archive through March 22, 2007
New Soarer in ACT.
New soarer owner in canada! VIP style!
New member, interesteing story..
V8 Seeking Melbourne newbie.
New 94 Soarer owner in Brisbane
Canadian MZ21
New owner of obnoxious low and loud soarer!
Hello from the US
Soarer owner from the uk saying hi !
Hello From Sunny DUBAI
Hi All
"Hi" from a Korean owner in Sydney
Advice for First time owner 92 SC400 GT V8
Another Newby from Sydney
Hello - new soarer owner
Hi new soarer owner from the gold coast
Newie from Adelaide
Lexus SC400 Owner Saying Hello from Indiana USA
Introducing the 4th
New Soarer JZA 30 Owner
Brisbane TT
Another Kiwi
Introducing myself - Vic 91' TT owner!
Wannabe owner
Hi Everyone - New Soarer Member
Melbourne Newbie
Hello all
Twin turbo power
Hi all, another soarer fan just joined :-)...
HEY soarer fans
Hello from me
Hello everyone, New owner from Victoria
New member, 1986 soarer MZ-10, help needed!
Hi from the UK
Hi guys - new member from Sydney
Es new lexus soarer 93 GT V8
Cam belt and kit needed urgently
Hello from Colorado
New to the subject.
Just bought myself a Soarer
New Member - Melbourne
Hello from newcastle australia
Hello! New Soarer on Calgary streets!
Today I bought my Soarer
Hi BOYS AND GIRLS!, from bris
Uzz32 found
Archive through March 19, 2007
Archive through April 08, 2007
Hey from Blackall
Greetings from New York
Hey Peoples, Introducing New SC400
Just Another
WHOOhOO Finaly posting pics ( HI from the U.K )
Hi All from Forbes
G'day Soarer Lovers
Hello Everyone
New Soarer Owner needing help
New to soarer central... just turned 18 and have an 1989 ...
WA Newbie in the club
Suppose i should say hi
Hi, Im zork.!!!!!!!!!!
Another TT Noob
Great site guys and girls
Ct12a steelies
Hi All, Phillb JZZ30 VIP style soarer
Proud MZ10 Owner from Malaysia
My first Soarer. Whoa, I sound like a teenager again!
Newbie from my soarer....V8 limited
Saying Farewell
Considering buying a Soarer 30 series - leather, sunroof, v8
Saying Gday
My new TT Soarer
Remove cruise limiter ans speed limiter
Need some advice on the soarer tt
Jzz30 speedo help
Selling a Soarer V8
On its way!!
Hello all - JZX90 Cresta owner
New soarer Owner
Vip pics take two
Archive through January 09, 2007
Hi all
My first soarer,
Hey all
Hi from Redcliffe QLD
My New 98 Soarer Manual VVT-i
Engineering in s.a.
Hi all, m a newbie to this forum
Replacing UZZ31 Front Strut
Just bought a '92 Lexus SC400... pics.
My White Soarer
Newbie from brisbane
Just saying hi (and a couple of Qs) :-)...
New active owner saying hello
New V8 Soarer owner in NZ
Hi All
New Soarer owner
Black sc400
12.9 sec 1/4 mile .Attention Manny.
Looking to Buy a Soarer
Now I have my soarer
Another new Perth member
New member, new forum, new car, from sydney
New member
Hey All
New soarer owner to brissy
New Toy & Hi
Aristo owner signing in
Hey everyone - new baby Soarer
Mazda 929 coupe 1uz.
Cam Belt
New photos!
Another adelaide soarer
New Soarer
Hello All **Waves**
New Member from Newcastle NSW
New member
Malaysian Soarer Owner MZ10
Stock Soarer VS 3000 dollars. Help me spend my money guys!
Archive through January 06, 2007
Newbie future owner (hopefully!)
Another pointless saying Hi thread!
New member Perth :-)...
New owner of a beutiful soarer '93 v8 limited
Archive through January 03, 2007
Another new guy
Green or puple compliance plate ??????
Hey everyone
Saying hello
1UZ-FE into Ford cortina.
Thought I would say Hi!!!
Bye Bye Soarer, oh and Merry Christmas
Hey guys
Hi all
Hi from soarer owner in Ireland
Brake and ADS alarm
Intro From Tassie
Newbie member with a newbie question.
Hey from casula
Proud new owner in Brisbane!!
Hi to all
Nearly a new owner...
Vip pics
The eXo returns ....
Hey people another one from Armidale!
Hello from Brisbane
Help for potential buyer
Hello from a nz er living in japan!
Hey there from NSW
Another Kiwi new
It's Been a Sad four weeks in bunbury
New soarer owner on site
New owner
Hello~ this is korea's soarer..
I'm back
Not a soarer but 1JZ powered...
Archive through November 21, 2006
Ope Finally some pics
Saying Hi from San Diego!!
Hola from Brisvegas - Take II
Hola from Brisvegas
Archive through November 18, 2006
My New Blue Baby
New to Soarercentra!
New 91 UZZ31 owner needs help
New Member
Hi from Kalgoorlie WA
Newbie to soarer central
Oldie newbie ;-)
Hey from Brissie
Just saying Hi
New to sc
I'me new.
Just signed up
Hi all check my sticker
FRIDAY NITE RACING! soarer, supra, is200, celica gt4, lan...
Archive through November 08, 2006
Archive through October 31, 2006
Newbie in Far North QLD
How do i become a full member ?
Hi there! Russian ill-minded Soarer lover is here :-)...
New member
Hello to all
Hi - New and curious! :-)...
Newly singled soarer
New to the club
Just showing off really...
Wagga Wagga Idle
Hey Guys
My toy
New Member from Adelaide
New pottential Soarer owner
Hey there guys, New SC owner
Hey guys newbie here
New guy
Buying a soarer, need a guru's help
Archive through October 24, 2006
Greetings from Holland
New bloke on the block
Hello hello
Just saying hey.
New North Queensland Soarer Owner
New member but not new owner
Hey all!!
Hi Guys
Lovin soarers
Hola from Darwin
Top of the mornin ta ya
The car
Hi Everyone!
The gold soarer finally got rims
Written off and Reborn!
Turning my back on Holden
Archive through October 02, 2006
Perth Soarer
Archive through September 01, 2006
Archive through September 26, 2006
Hi from newcastle :-)...
Finally i took some pictures
Kiwi V8 Soarer
Just want to say HI!
Hi all
Hello everyone!
Hello from tassie
Another Edmonton Alberta TT
Hi From Ireland
Hi everybody
The Autos
Hi everyone, from W.A.
Evolution? From Honda to Soarer.
Up Dated Photo
New Soarer Roaming the Streets of Edmonton
Archive through September 14, 2006
G'day guys
Hi from Austria
Gold Soarer (perth Guy)
Archive through September 07, 2006
Hey from Sunny Queensland
Hi my names julian
Hey ya all
G'day from a Celsior Chick :-)
Hi New member from Perth
Why so many groups ?
Think I'm getting the hang of this website now
Wiring diagram for 91 tt radio with CD changer
Another Canadian Member, Another TT Soarer ;)
Archive through August 31, 2006
Archive through September 01, 2006
Archive through March 09, 2006
Another Active joins the clan
Vic 91tt
UZZ31 in Canada
What to buy, what to buy
New soarer owner
Hi from NZ!
Another BOF in a V8
Pics,another tassie soarer
Hi guys
Hi from hellooooooooo :D
I'm a newbie
New Soarer Owner
Tassie TT
Hello from NZ :D my jzz30
Hello there
Another new owner
New Member
A big thanks
Testing 1, 2
Hello Everyone From California US
Like Father, Like Son..
Hi from Calgary Canada
High from Brisbane
Another n00b
New Owner of JZZ30 GT
Archive through July 11, 2006
Almost a new soarer owner
Newbie from Sydney
Archive through July 26, 2006
Another UZZ32
My baby!
Rescued: one UZZ31
Blown in Brisbane..
The newbie from NSW
Qik_barge from queensland.... Driver/Owner, Shannon
The New Guy
New car
Heater hose
Hi new V8 LTD member
How Did I live Without this Car?
Lurker comes out of hiding!
Hi guys im new here this is my baby
Hi everyone, l'm new
Old Soarer GT owner
Lov my `91 1jz-gte
Howdee from Auckland
Here is some more pics of my car for u guys that havnt se...
Hi all
Gday from W.A
Archive through June 29, 2006
Hello All
Im chris from sydney
Greetings from Canada Eh.
Hiya (Perth)
Hello Guys
Greetings from Hong Kong
Well Hello!
Newbie from brisbane
Hey Guys
Old But New
Introduction + Immobiliser Question
V8 newbie saying hello!
Hi -- SC400 from Toronto
My New Soarer!
Hi people!
Gday from Perth
04AWE's Life Story and Future Plans
Autosalon TT soarer, intro
Archive through June 05, 2006
G'day from sydney
Just saying hi
V8 owner from NZ
Hi all
It's not just a's an adventure
Hey all......
Archive through May 22, 2006
North coast soarer
1jz gz20 soarer
Gee'day Im just another newbie however, i am in need of a...
New Member
Hi everybody
Long time reader first time poster
My new widebody car!!!!!!!
Archive through March 06, 2006
It's Been awhile.
Hi all from Auckland NZ
Finally got myself a Soarer!
New member
New member, old owner
22 Yo Male seeks a fast, fun loving TT for good times - m...
I'm a new Soarer owner - joined ALSC today.........
Hi new member to Soarer Central
Hi all! finally got my Black TT and finally a member!
New Member
Finially got a soarer
Hi! New guy here...
Blinking TV screen
Hello from the Scrub
91 V8 Soarer computer?????
Officially Hello!
Hello from perth
Howdy Peoples
The PRESIDENT is here
Archive through April 12, 2006
Hey everyone, thoguht id say hi and all :p
New Memeber!
Im Crossing over
My new lady and I
Archive through April 05, 2006
Any Canetoads here??
Hi from perth wa, any other soarer owners from perth out ...
P-plater's delight...
Ay guys, newbie, from Melb this is my babi
Gday what piggy back
Love them soarers!
Twin turbo
Hey all
Here she is
Some pics of my Soarer
Been a member since November...
Some more photo
Officially Hello
Hey all !!
Guess I should say hello too!
Hi all, new UZZ31 owner!
UZZ31 from the UK
G'day everyone
Just a brief intro
Hi All, just new
Hi To all
Help need to inspect a car Mornington Peninsular Victoria
Hi, Looking for my first Soarer.
Archive through March 10, 2006
Howdy folks, about to buy my first soarer!
Archive through March 10, 2006
Hi, im new :D
My Teal green Snoarer ...
My Soarin Soarer
Trying to track down some people..
Rare Car
Hello again
G'day soarers
New member: changing spark plugs
Toowoomba Resident
G'day all
Just joined wanted to say hay too all
Howdy all
Hey all just joined
Hey people
New Member
Might as well :-)...
Yahh! I'm now a Soarer owner!
New Member
Just Joined
SLNKIA (soarer lover needs kick in ass)
My baby
New Adelaide Soarer
My money pit :-)...
Hello everyone
Need help buying a Soarer
New owner in town
Interest buyer of SC400... what to look out for?
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