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General Mechanical
Car wont start/crank
TT 92 soarer spluttering
TT strip down
Overheating Issue
Thermo fan clutch issues
Throttle position sensor, what's it used for?
Initial idle speed on start up
First JZZ30 Service
My TT's engine keeps cutting out
Sudden oil leak after road trip
Alternator advice, cost ?
Crank bolt thread size
Soarer won't start after storage
A soarer is in the wreck yard... Vic.
Coolant hose
2jz auxiliary tensioner
Cam gear noise
1jzgte oil pressure at warm idle...
Soarer 1jz dies on warm startup
Soarer leaking gas out of over flow.
Need driveshaft center hanger bearing part number!!
Weird Surging Issue
Hesitation issue
Check engine light comes on after walbro pump install
EFI 52 problem
Weird Oil Leak
TT oil filter removal
Archive through June 07, 2007
1JZGTE IAT relocation
Calling gurus intermittent smoke BIG read
SC300 SC400 Factory Manual Download - 4000+ Pages FREE
Turbo water gasket part number help
Blue smoke
Help please, What is causing these oil leaks?
Removing Harmonic Balancer
Water pump differences
Annoying problem
I need some help
Identify Injectors
Thermostat - what is the factory opening temperature?
Stock Production Cars 1/4 Mile Spreadsheet
Coil Packs + Cracks + Araldite
Archive through September 17, 2014
Dash coolant Temp Sensor - Need help.
2JZ oilpump in 1JZ
Engine Reco
Ultimate Sleeper Guide
Archive through April 02, 2014
Mystery Turbo Timer
Speedo won't go over 60km
Costa's 1.5JZ Adventures on a Budget + Mythbusters on the...
Archive through November 04, 2010
Archive through February 01, 2014
Archive through February 16, 2014
Yellow Jacket Coils.
Archive through February 13, 2014
1jz exhaust perth!
Valve Blounce ??
Performance Issues.......
Radiator top pipe interchangable with JZA80 Supras?
Unknown sound
New Radiator (which one)
Bad Misfire issue
Soarer suspension issue
1JZGTE Drift set up
Help water on top of my spark plugs
Error code 22...poor idle.
Tapping noise from top, rear of engine - Valvetrain?
TT Mechanic - Perth Northern Suburbs
Valve-train noise??
Won't Start Anymore!!
1992 1jz gte hesitation issue NEED HELP
Urgent help needed, another smoking soarer thread
Vvti 1jz start up issues
Car accelerating on its own
1 jz mechanic on the central coast
Diagnostic and sensor confustion
Acceleration Surging/Misfiring Problem, also low idle
Archive through January 26, 2012
TT running rough
Strange problem with my TT
Water hose width size?
Mystery hanging object :-)...
TT overheating
No Start
Installing dump pipe help
Inlet Manifold Removal
Nasty shutter and "Burping" PLEASE HELP
Leaderboard for Fastest Soarers In Australia?
O rings behind oil filter/cooler question
Fast clicking noise when slowing down please help
Good mechanic in newcastle
Turbo Manifold Bolts
Has any one here done a std diagnostic on a 1jzgte using ...
When doing a diagnostic. port,TE1 and E1.with a tt model ...
Soarer overheating, need help narrowing down what could b...
Fuel pump ECU the same on both TT and V8 models?
Need to drain radiator
Odd Problem
Stuck In PARK
The Soarer I'm looking into buying misfires, is this a bi...
Looking for a 1jz guru to help gold coast can pay
Any help please
Removing Wheel Hub, PLEASE HELP
Car stalls when engine is warm.
Temperature Gauge stays under midway for the most part (1...
Need car help
Coolant bypass trick?
Greddy Profec B Spec 2
1jz or 2jz Torque converter difference?
Replacement O-Ring for power steering suction port
Archive through February 06, 2013
In limp mode. Errors 14, 21, 25, 42, 52
Keep getting Knock Sensor error 52 message
Getting a VASS certificate for single turbo and modificat...
1JZ/2JZ clutch fan interchangeable
Knock Sensor location
Sump removal - Need GURUS!
Time for a clutch.... :-( ...
Archive through December 17, 2012
1jz vvt-i swap to 2jz vvt-i
Car completely cuts out resets radio, turbo timer even d...
Strange noise under acceleration.
Soarer TT earth points
Battery, oil and overheat symbols flashing crazily on dash
HELP code 12, 13 - car stranded
Soarer sometimes hard to start when warm.
O2 Sensor
Temps in my TT
Archive through December 05, 2012
big boost leak out of dipstick tube
Weird problem
Will not start up
Clutch Fan information.
Intake manifold plumbing help
Manual Tailshaft Question
My soarer has issues i need help with!
1jz rebuild
Master Cylinder Manual Conversion
R154 slave cylinder Pushrod length?
Reverse polarity disaster helpppp
Engine problem???
Expert Advice Please
BLOWN 120 AMP White Fuse
Blown rear light warning on dash?
JZZ30 Soarer, 60,000ks... Sitting for 4 years.
Blown radiatior! will auto radiator fit in manual engine ...
Off with its head??
Boost problem
Fault speedo?
Convert to manual or build auto box??
Just installed dumps, now wideband is showing closed loop...
Leaking Valve - Unplugged valve - HELP
Someone explain how turbo sup' mods work?
Intermittent Low Idle Problem
Blueish smoke on warm up
Archive through August 09, 2012
2jzgte > soarer V 11ty million
Squeaking noise/bearing
1JZ seals
Oil leak near the back of engine..
ECU caps VVTi
Running 2jz ECU on Soarer with soarer transmission
1JZGTE Engine Vent hose (turbo side)
VIDEO: Is my Turbo Blown?
Oil filter relocation kits
Do I need to have a steering wheel with an airbag?
1jz breaking down under full load over 14 psi.. plz help.
Archive through June 17, 2012
More questions!
Can it affect the car
Steering problem
JZ Oil Leaks :-(...
Ct12a oil seals
Oil filter part numbers
Archive through April 15, 2012
Is this true
How much HP can the auto take?
2JZ ECU to run a 2jz Engine and 1JZ Transmission
Some issues, not sure where to start...?
Timing belt too tight?
Few knocks on startup
Archive through April 13, 2012
Low compression in one cylinder..
Car isn't running :-(...
No Acceleration
Is it actually possible to fully fill the fuel tank?
What is this?
Archive through January 03, 2011
Bleed valve/boost controller
Strange noise from the exhaust
Weird startup issue
Oil pressure gauge install
Has anyone used these valve stem seals?
1jz Overheating Problem
Car runs rich, can smell fuel in the exhaust
Water pump needs replacing..Davies Craig Electric maybe??
1jz vvti to 2jz swap
Water pump pulley
Can anyone point me
Cambelt vibrates (uk)
A/f mixture levels
Blowing blue smoke - is my engine on it's last legs???
Serpentile belt tensioner!
1jz vvt-i pistons
Blown Turbo - wont turn over?
Car won't boost past 10psi - Boost Leak
Good tyres that are value for money
Archive through February 03, 2012
Can we run our cars on AVGAS 110 octane?
O2 Sensors for TT Soarer - Fuel consumption
Oil Pressure warning after recent major service
Annoying Stall problem (1jz TT - AUTO)
Not firing on cylinder one
Porcelian dropped into chamber. Im screwed right??
Archive through August 10, 2011
Lovely surprise. Check this out!
Engine overheating
Doorstops! What the hell is this!
HELP Timing too high!
Archive through June 03, 2011
Oem toyota parts
Overhaul kit..
Where to plumb in water temp sensor?
Engine bay neatening
Blowing some smoke on cold start HELP
Help please with water pump
I need some work done but where?
Need advice to beat a 12.7
Archive through October 14, 2011
Archive through October 29, 2011
Archive through November 01, 2011
Archive through November 13, 2011
Archive through December 02, 2011
How much HP can the 1jz take on stock internals?
Car hesitant and stuttering
Can someone tell me why i keep destroying radiator caps?
RWC in Victoria
Shocks blown or control arm bushings....maybe both?
200km Service questions
Replacing both Upper and Lower oil pans - Anyone done it ...
91 TT radiator
Un turbo 1jzTT
1jz > 2nd valves
Blown 1jz, need help
Boost Gauge acting Dodgy
1Jz head on 2jzge block problems
Error code in Japanese
Starting issue
Strange sound please HELP!!!
Engine Torque Damper
Which fuel pump to use. 270kw
A340le 1jz cressida box in a 1jz soarer
TT making a stutter noise
Car stalls on cold nights
How do i use the safc2 to run higher boost
VVTI JZZ30 ECU pinout diagram
Engine whine on startup...
Sudden Acceleration with leight throttle application?
Name that part (broken) - coming off the throttle body...
TT advice - high idle on cold startup ??
Throttle dash pot question.
Jzz30 auto interchangeable gearbox??
Help me find the Passenger Side Rear K-Frame Bush
Misfiring on Idle.
Towing another car
Starter Motor has gone
Which ATF to use
Harness connection to coilpack issue - Photo provided
Tight Buckets/Followers After Valve Stem Seal Replacement
Bad idle vibration after full service
Installing Mechanical Boost Gauge
Archive through July 04, 2006
Anyone have a radiator pressure tester in melbourne
Radiator's interchangable?
Gearbox queries
Snapping cv diff shafts
Jerky Cruising under no-load
Blue smoke on start up
Just some things i've been doing this past week.. Lots of...
Line pressure cable adjustment, how much slack on full th...
Mechanic around Sydney area
Weird ride quality issue, soarer experts please advise!
Pulling Cam position sensors out. 1jz
Timing advanced or retarded?
Rev limiter stalling when fast acceleration
1jz hesitation/misfire
Reputable Tuner in Brisbane???
Archive through March 13, 2011
1JZ Head
Oil pressure gauge something wrong
Urgent Help Needed
Stock radiator or after market ???
High idle with Aircon
TPS Calibration
Does anyone run an apexi avcr ?
Highway / City Driving Oil Temperature
Help me figure out what this problem is before i burn my ...
Archive through May 04, 2011
TT will not rev past 2250rpm
Archive through May 24, 2011
Strange Issue with engine light
Making a weird noise, Misfiring, RPM all over the place
HELP!!!! car stalling low idle
Compression Test Results. How low, is too low?
Lack of power up top
TT not starting intrmitantly
Whining hissing sound..
Help! Check Engine Light
Overheating (AGAIN!)
WTF. Oil is coming out of my exhaust? Please help
Whining screaming noise when accelerate :-( what now ???...
Quick help needed !!
New fan belt
Overheated on the track
Hasn't been used for months and have major misfire
Another TT possibly down....
Slight misfire
Fuel pump location
Is a diff a wise move ?
Adjusting the rocker arms
Need help.. replacing exhaust manifold gasket.. checking ...
Archive through April 10, 2011
High Idle
Need some help
Radiator overpressurising and blowing out
More lag with Adjustable Cam Gear?
Turbo Hose Replacement
100 octane fuel
Archive through April 11, 2011
More Low down punch
Cost of a new Map Sensor ?
Knocking noise
2JZ Aristo TT Gearbox (Auto) How to fit it into a Soarer?...
Name these parts.. And are they removable?
Oil Filter etc
Lower timing belt cover
Bosch 910 fuel pump - anyone using one ?
Squeeking from rear wheels when moving
No accelaration past 30kmph...
My steering gets heavy when the car is warm. Please assist!
1jz ECU "ELS" Wire, Power/Ground? Can somebody quickly te...
Acceleration surging and smoke at high revs
Toyota Supra JZA80 Brake Cylinder Stopper, WILL IT FIT A ...
Poor acceleration and spluttering
Idle Control Valve
Missing under boost
My brain hurts :-( please help!...
Engine misses when turn turning hard left under power.
1JZ ECU Harness question
Harmonic Balancer just Broke
Speedo recalabration
Aftermarket plenumn help
Sump gasket
Urgent help needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archive through January 29, 2011
Will these 2JZ pulleys fit 1JZ ?
HUGE power loss when thrashing?
Archive through January 24, 2011
Tial BOV, Spring rate ??
Bull at a gate help
Archive through January 16, 2011
No Boost at manifold....
Speedo issues...
Idle problem
Siezed Turbos???
Getting hotter while driving through the hillls
Steering rack replacement
Need help with few random lines/wires/plugs on 1jz-gte
Ignition lights up but engine wont turn over
Humming/Horn Noise during cranking
Spark plugs
Engine drama
A few vids of my soarer, 2step and flutter :-)...
Can't get car to start.
Who can do manual conversion
Front Crank Seal Removal ??
Doesn't feel like it has the power it should.
Archive through December 23, 2010
Best way to get more traction
Archive through December 20, 2010
Why is my BOV so damn loud?
A particular Vacuum Hose...
Help with some part numbers
Need help my soarer has been dying in power.
Lack of power
Clunk noise from front of car-Engine mounts?
Accelerator pedal being sucked away from my foot
Substitute radiator hose ?
Surging power
1jz soarer misfires high revs
Soarer help
Weird problem when cold
Weird cutting out of power when gear changes :S
Ringing sound when acclerating
Diagnostic Code 42 on Volvo 244 with 1JZ-GTE conversion
Recommend me a clutch. Chasing up to 350rwkw
Fuel cut on deceleration
Archive through November 17, 2010
Direct fit BOV for all those who where interested
What turbo chargers are these?
Radiator hose temperatures
1JZ/2JZ bare block weight?
Thermostat gasket orientation?
How to prep the block for a new headgasket?
Alternator not charging
Black Smoke
Rear main seal question
ARP head stud torquing?
Oil leak on the inlet side of engine.
Are these Problems related?
Strange sounding problem,
Water outlet difference?
Starter motor done its self in!!!!!
Have to nail the pedal to get o2 sensor to work?
Almost to the point of giving up!!!
Quick warning light question
Buzz noise coming from pollution box
1JZ serpentine belt size?
Misfire driving me mad.
1jz missing something severe!!!!
No start
TT missing on idle, when running feels like its being hel...
PLZ HELP. white smoke not all the time?
1JZ-GTE with R154 to 2JZ-GTE and V160, who has done it?
Pulling out the motor..what to do
Archive through October 06, 2010
Problems with gearbox kicking back.
New water pump time
First dyno run, went good :-)...
Poor fuel consumption - will these universal o2 sensors fit?
Heinous fuel consumption
Stuff that needs doing when replacing head?
Need some input. Oil and over heating problem.
Installing a New Radiator
1JZ VVTi help
V-Belt, two different ones for sale??
Strange TT issue
Power steering and type of oil question
Any way to fix a scored cam cap?
Definitive 1JZ TPS calibration?
So it begins AGAIN
Boost problem after replacing 02 Sensor.
Fixed the starter motor, now the car won't start???
Archive through April 08, 2010
Archive through June 07, 2010
Archive through June 09, 2010
Who wants to deliver the bad news?
Archive through September 06, 2010
Exhaust Manifold Stud Torque...
Water Pump Installation Help
Coolant idle control bypass and throttle bypass
O2 Sensor
Weird starter motor problems
3 wire oxygen sensor
Leaking power steering hoses
TT oil re-location/cooler kit, removal!!! Help!
Power issues. Help Please
Need a new Radiator -- plz help!
Help with Greddy knock sensor adapter..
Leak in radiator
Car stalls when reaching 20psi+
Map Sensor Replacement
Bubble Noise From Fuel Tank
Clutch problems
1JZTT(non vvti) Wont rev over 2000 Rpm
TRD mechanical lsd who owns one?
1jz valve stem seals, where to buy
TT Weird problem
Archive through August 05, 2010
Need Help
1JZGTE blows blue smoke at idle
Soarer Problems misfire during mid RPM really need help
Holy Smokes! Think I just blew my headgasket!
HELP NEEDED - Intake Manifold Removal
Sump Clean
Issues after installing 800cc injectors sparks and all!
What's this part called?
I need an aluminum radiator asap. Info please
Low power and High fuel consumption
Dash temp sensor not working since guage installed.
1JZ missfiring when cold
PLease help, car wont start???
2jz starter
Ignition timing
Front oil seal?
Changing the shockies over
ATF3 for TT Auto Transmission - Pls Help
Need help ASAP
Hks oil cooler
Manual conversion ecu choice..
Back from the dead
Car idol at 1800rpm even when warm
Where to buy GMB 2jz-gte Pump or similar?
Highest RWKW using standard auto trans in a TT??
Archive through June 02, 2010
Stalling.. chocking.. japenese wrighting on screen please...
Bad hesitation when not at operating temperature
Archive through March 16, 2010
Engine Cleaner
Part number for coil pack plug
Stalling after driving
Toyota JZX90 Chaser 1JZGTE 5 Speed Manual Half Cut
Another catch can question
2JZ swap into Soarer. How hard can it seriously be?
Air Leak? running like a rotory
Stupid me!
Guide to installing HKS Fuel Cut Defender Wanted
Motor dies when shifting hard
What do i have to bridge to get the fault codes up? pleas...
Clutch problems..i think
Places to buy 1j seals/gaskets
Loud squeeling
The big deal about the 1.5 JZ
Archive through April 23, 2010
Engine conversion limited V8 to TT
NXTPLS died on me tonight
Best option to replace TT head gasket?
Archive through March 16, 2010
Oil cooler fitment
Oil pressure warning
Going for Service
135k service
Head gasket for 1JZ - 86.5mm Bore
What needs to be done for a reliable 300rwkw aut o trans?
Automatic Transmission Electrics
Loud Tapping Noise?
Archive through November 18, 2006
Error codes I can't find anywhere
A/C fan, does it really need to be there?
Whining noise timming belt/cams
Will a Supra MKIV radiator cap fit a Soarer Radiator cap?
Soarer Aluminium Radiator need help ASAP
Whining Noise - Power Steering?
Timing Belt Replacement
Head gasket
Head gaskets and seals
JZZ30 Engine Removal (Auto)
Engine noise on cold start up
Boost Controllers – Where to get hose etc
Harness removal
Engine Oil Level
Archive through February 22, 2008
Hydrolocked motor yesterday in Melbourne storm.
Ridiculous price for power steering hose, any options oth...
Bit Confused.. what do you think?
Aluminium radiator
Archive through February 22, 2010
Awful Compression Test
Importing JDM motors
To wreck it or fix it?
Some sort of sensor help
Brake booster outlet for 2j manifold???
Floded Engine
Archive through February 09, 2010
Radiator contaminated with trans oil.
Trouble with TT diagnostics
Intake lines
Oil leak help
Inlet manifold still giving me greif :-(...
Fuel pump ECU
How to remove the intake manifold.
Acceleration issue
Cold start problem, help please
Archive through January 14, 2010
HELP Car Splattering
How easy to R&R 1JZ engine and tranny?
What is this?
Part numbers for 2jz
1JZ servicing
Diagnostics mode question
Standard 2j fuel
2jz measurements
Ejecting crank pully cost?
Swapping a 1JZ-GTE to 2JZ-GTE
Water hose kits?
ACL Race bearings in 1JZ?
Weird noise after dropping the coolant
Jzz30 in limp mode deiving me crazy
Converting to Electric fans: Can I use the stock water pump?
Cooling flush question
Converting 1jz rear sump to front sump Help
Inlet manifold pics please...bit lost.
Cooling system check - Melbourne's South East
Help need ideas 1jzgte in limp mode
Archive through January 07, 2010
New soarer T04 Conversion, some questions re this
Need INFO ASAP :-)...
Been busy this past week :-)...
Possible to fit cruise to a TT that didn't come with it s...
Car problem is giving me problems. Help me diagnose.
Cooling issues! What should I look at?
Archive through November 27, 2009
Archive through December 15, 2009
Electrical diagram for the TT engine?
Stock radiator vs. aftermarket radiator
Weak midrange
Thread pitch - Timing belt tensioner pulley??
Strange Noise?
Small Problem
So I need to fit a fuel tap/drain valve...
Flywheel question
Dead 1jz need advice
Changing cam cover gaskets
Another 100K service question
My base timming 30deg btdc,should b 10?
Difficult to start the engine sometimes
Limp mode
Car won't start when warm
Pulley kit problems
Tips on launch technique
Archive through May 02, 2007
Archive through May 17, 2007
My soarer wont idle when its cold
Diff ratio on a manual TT
Problems, 3 possble causes?
Base timing is out?
How much power can the auto box handle??
TT timing belt
Warning Error after heavy foot
Oil filter question
Dash warning light says CHARGE
What oil to run in 1jzgte soarer
Archive through August 31, 2009
Archive through October 16, 2009
1jzgte torque main cap specs
150K service
Rawring fan like a truck
Just got new manual soarer
Manual conversion speedo sender a cheaper way
Throttle cable
Yes, Another won't idle thread but different..
Knock sensor probs
Trans cooler question.
A-Pillar pod for the soarer.
Another post for Tref regarding stuck windows
Whats going on? BHG?
Worn plastic cogs
Timing Belt
1jz gte rebuild
PCV operation under boost? possible boost leak?
Replacing PCV valve with 2jz valve
Radiator repair in Maroubra
Modifications..what to do, what to do....
External wastegate installation help?
Oil Test
Stutter on cold start
Tricks to removing PCV grommet?
Smoke from mates soarer
Took some photos tonight :-)...
With Oil Change Comes Loss of Power :S and Exhaust question.
How long before
Car backfiring under load in upper revs
REAR LIGHT error message
Overheating Problem..
Detonation :-(...
Ventilation hose between the cam covers
Stock BOV connection help
Holy smoke. Is it valve stems, turbos or what?
Loss of power when warmed up
Miss Fire at full throttle
Aux fan kicking in
Rear Diff mount bushes part number?
Need a Perth, WA Mechanic Urgent!!!
"Normal" oil pressure?
Apexi AVCR boost controller?
Archive through July 06, 2009
Looking for ballpark figures
Hi Guys can I use E10 safely
What is this?
02 Sensor Replacement
Broken fan shrouds
Idling Problem
Sluggish / no boost HELP
V mount
Need Help Diagnosing A Mechanical Problem
Car won't rev past 2000rpm
Water pump gasket partnr.?? 1JZ-GTE
Who has a Supra fuel pump?
Lock problem
ECU question
Exhaust cam gear
Idle speed low
Slow oil leak
O2 sensor
Car is Misfiring/Popping when hitting boost
What to do now ?
Need a part number
O2 sensor replacement
Bov placement
Where to now?
Soarer JZZ30 1JZGTE Part No.'s
Engine mounts
2jz cam gears on a 1jz
Archive through June 25, 2009
Manifold pressure vs boost via EBC pressure
Blowing dipstick :-(...
Archive through June 19, 2009
Would this work
Overheating after shut down.
Archive through February 16, 2009
Enigne 'stuttering' or losing power in heavy rain
Best PLace to get a service in Brisbane?
Fan problems
1JZ Crank pulley. My bolts may be stripped.
Power steering issue
Water gushing noises?
Replacing water pump
So i found this
Blue Smoke and Sputter
Rattling in engine bay
Building a 1jz
Soarer wont start
Got a rattle
Vibration through car at idle???
More Problems AGAIN!
Throttle Position Sensor adjustment????
Whining noise
Hks cam gears
Where to buy tein ha's
Are these guys trying to rip me off?
Timing Belt Changeover
1jzgte problems, not idling properly, stalling...
TT electric fans
Replacing valve stem seals
JZZ30 Powersteering Pump
Oil leak
New radiator on ebay
What to do before fitting a replacement 1J?
440cc vs. 550cc
1995 TT Soarer OEM radiater part number?
Basic Help
Hks pws fluid cooler
Bugger, leaking radiator
JZZ30 and JZX90...same factory ECU?
Ok Another issue, with boost :-(...
Will this be a straight fit?
Need help soarer tt 91
Yay - Another Joyous Fluid Leak Onto My Driveway.....
Wont rev past 2500
I'm back with another problem. :-(...
New to 1j's
Where to buy a cam kit?
Stalling car
Need blinky dash fix - will pay cash
How to perform a diagnostic check on tt soarer
Serpentine belt help??
TCS Voltage??
Ecu pin out, for 3 row pins on 1j ecu
Radiator problems
Stainless Steel Radiator..
Have My Turbos Gone BOOM BOOM =(
I need tyres that Grip....
Archive through March 05, 2009
Fitted oil filter relocation kit, but now no oil pressure?
04111-46033 or 04111-46032 ? .. gasket kit question
Fan Clutch
Underdrive Pulleys
Archive through November 08, 2006
I need a valve cover gasket set for the 1JZ.. shipped to ...
Boost controller
Power upgrades
Archive through February 27, 2009
Power steering fluid, nooooooooooooooooooo !
Big power problem
Archive through February 12, 2009
1jz pcv gasket part number needed
Wheel alignment
I think my 1j has been opened?
Did a bit of polishing
Car wont start
Idle and acceleration problems after changing Harmonic ba...
Quick Help On Blocking Off Stock BOV
What You Guys Think?
My 1JZ runs like a muscle car... ?
GT17 turbo...... any good???????
Turbo timer?
1JZ AUTO max power
Coil Packs
MORE Problems....Error message...
Trust radiator
Pipe size
New Soarer Big Problems.i think
Archive through January 23, 2009
Car shuting down on start up.
OH LAWD.....Another Waterpump Issue
O2 sensor reactions,
Scary Moment!!
V-spec or r-spec ?
1JZGTE spark plugs 91-96 BKR6EIX will fit?
Help With Radiator Hose
Annoying problem
Quick question
Archive through January 23, 2009
BOV Questions
Experiencing abit of lag
Boost gauge problem
No power below 3K RPM
What next?
Replacing Cam Cover Seal
Where to get radiator in Melbourne
1GGTE Help!!!!! Plus Hi
Engine noise TT
Replacement water pump
Odd Coolant Leak
Comp test
HELP!!!!! Error Code ECT 62 and EFI 14
Bov or Pod making noise?
Bottom end knock
Stock BOV sound
Stalling, black smoke, backfiring
What do I need for a good tune-up 1JZ-GTE
Butterfingers, need some help
Orange Warning light??
Diagnostic port??
Low Idle problem - found solution!
Fuel Pump stuffed??? EMU
Paddle clutch?
Dyno Results
Standard clutch replacement question
Extreemly rough on cold start,
A few problems
Sandwich plate...what thread size?
A little help Diagnosing my smokey Soarer
WA Soarer Mechanics
Axle tramp something shocking!
HELP!! Pipe Connection?
Blow off valve adapter plate???
HELP! suspected speed sensor failure
TT water line help needed
Intermitent reading temp gauge?
Sounds bad
Changing a knock sensor
Big power cooling issues?
Archive through November 03, 2008
Leaking radiator, opinions/options
Engine bearing
Oil burning????
5 spd manuel TT cars help needed
NOS Advice
Torque for flywheel and pressure plates
A few more quick questions for the Soarer Gurus
Shift kit in..Now i cant stop Grinning.
Dif oil
Misfiring when cold
Soarer not starting right
Engine oil question again
92 Twin turbo soarer Manual Fuel economy??
On-road car reset.
Low idle all of a sudden????
2j with 1j tranny
Car Sluggish Too start
Intercooler after swap
Oil Cap - Quick question...
Harmonic Balancer
Various vacuum line problems (with pics)
Water temp guage problem?
Interference valve engine?
TT wont rev past 2500...then wants to die...EFI 41? TPS?
Archive through January 10, 2006
Archive through January 17, 2006
Archive through January 29, 2006
Fitting Cruise Control?
Water temp, oil pressure and trans temp sensor points?? w...
Low cost last minute horse power.. Need input.
Oil Pressure Warning
Starter Motor
Questions for the Soarer Gurus of SC
Need some help
Water pump leak
I know you're all jelous, so I'll take your abuse.
Car starts idles for 2 seconds then stalls
Oil leak from head gasket?
Cam seals
Schreeching noise on start up
Fuel Cut?
IAT Sensor Signal?
TT More torque in the lower rev range?
Leaking something from engine !
Cruise control
Compression Tests + Methods
Twin turbo condition question
Making it run (clutch, tranny idle etc)...
Standard 1994 TT what are part numbers for
Opinions needed, Just a BHG or not?
Overheating issues
Belt size after removing AC compressor?
Radiator Fan Blade
Window Prob
Leaking power steering fluid!
What is this in diagnostic port?
Help - TT rear brake disc removal
Breaking down at 4200rpm
TT pwr steer bearing
Low boost and high boost
5000rpm vibration.... and other problems now
Low power. puzzled.
Smoke on startup once in ever 100 starts
Need Help with NSW Blue slip in Tweed Heads
Oil Temperature too high!
Starting issues when hot
Slight Pinging/Mis firing
Thred pitch of oil filter
Quick question
Help with a quote
Big issue with my car during the drags
Archive through May 17, 2008
Torque settings for engine mounts?
Dyno results
Need help
Power Stearing Seals
Wheel Bearing Question
Underdrive pulley - harmonic balancer
New dyno results, also some things you dont know yet...
Car Overheating STILL!
How to tell what type of turbo you have?
Custom piping
ECU coolant temp sensor location
100,000km Service, What Parts Are Needed ?
Does a supra radiator fir in zz30?
1JZ crank puuley tension nm
HELP!! Car dying
E-manage map sensor installation
Strange Stalling
Help please! Oil not draining
Replaced timing belt and now this!??
7MGTE spark plugs in 1JZ
Cheap oil relocation kit?
Lost boost and a rattle on turbo side of engine.
Did an oil change and now knocking noise in engine
Power problems-solved!
Help please urgent
HKS FCD JZX100 install
Dash Message
Archive through May 16, 2008
Fan/radiator Shroud? Quick Question
Modified soarer TT engine oil leaking?
Anyone got a capillary oil pressure guage?
Engine revs to 2000rpm then drops to 500rpm
Dirty oil black and white smoke
My dyno dynamics dyno run.opinions
Has Timing Belt Slipped ?
Looking for a mechanic around parramatta
The best engine oil to use? Yes, I know this gets brought...
Archive through April 12, 2008
Need Help dont know whats going on!!
How do you remove a Boost Gauge?
Mysterious hose??
Almost Getting Hot
A Question out of curiosity
Shift Performance Oil Cooler & Relocater Kit.
Archive through March 02, 2006
Main seal
Silly idle problem help
Archive through April 30, 2008
Whats the normal temperature for a 1JZ?
Spring Tune Up
New turbos on my car, now overheating.
Power problems
Idle problem
Can someone point me to the waterpump/timing belt replace...
Speed Sensor/gear changing
Greddy Profec E-01 (anyone using it?)
What is the normal Engine compression for 1JZ?
Calling All Electrical Gurus - Urgent Help Needed
Difference between aristo gearbox vs soarer vs supra mkiv
Serpentine belt replacement
Knocking on Start Up
Archive through March 05, 2008
Archive through April 09, 2008
Looking for some advice on planned gt35r setup
Weird idle problem on my TT
Creaking noise when braking slowly
ID for a part
Help about power steering?
Change from viscous - hydro fan and standalone gearbox co...
Where is the ABS unit?
Vibration when standing still
Need some help with this ****ing crank pully
Water pump leak
How to remove diff?
Predator Intercooler and Radiator package going cheap
Archive through March 23, 2008
Idleing to fast
How do I take off the starter motor?
Anyone live near Laurieton / West Haven NSW?
Turbo manifold removal
Archive through March 25, 2008
TT Radiator Top Tank
Tensioner Pulley Part Number
Aftermarket radiators
I just ordered new "Number Plates"
Leaky diff
2jz/1jz conversion
Weird O2 Sensor 'observation'
How much to replace power steering and alternator?
Fuel Cap area hiss
Changing Sprk Plugs - oil flippin' everywhere!!
Rough idle and juddering/stuttering at low RPM
TT Auto - Dinted Pipes
Oil Return Lines
Rear grinding noise
Weird problem.
Can a Greddy 2JZ plenum fit the 1JZ?
Archive through March 17, 2008
URGENT PROBLEM: Power Steering/ Overheating
MAF Sensor
Suspected blown head gasket - help needed.
Archive through March 12, 2008
The WEIRDEST thing happend to my soarer, so far just once...
Tensioner changed, now belt slap
Power Steering Pump Leaking!
How much boost can 2JZ "GE" pistons with stand?
O2 sensor parts number?
Very High Idle on 1JZGTE, Please Help!
How many Km's should a serviced 1JZ last?
COOLANT TEMP SENSOR specs/fuel pump reg specs
Fuel consumption just got worse :-(...
Electric boost controller???
Is making a 1.5JZ-GTE worth the effort???
Just bought Soarer TT - problems (jerking under full thro...
What to do next???
Transmission ECU
Spark plugs
What plugs for the 1j
Where to get tensioner and idler pulley
What Mod to do next 2.5TT
Why does it only read .45bar
How many rpm does 1jzgte spin in 3rd (auto) at 100kmH...
Archive through January 23, 2008
Archive through January 31, 2008
22mm engine crank nut won't budge
100,000 km tune up!
Help needed - car breaking down?????
Electrical and mechanical Fault
Going single, need advice on turbo/ecu/misc
Exhaust V Band flanges. Where do you get yours?
Dose pipe - possible on the 1jz??
Archive through January 21, 2007
Permanant removal of PCV
Fluidampr Crank pulley
Water pump numbers
A/D warning?
Recomended mechanic in melb marlew exhaust....HANG ON...the car is limping :-(...
Is the 1j a interference or clearence..
Will a 2JZ water pump fit a 1JZ?
Rev limiter any help?
Issues with Oil
Intercooler and Exhaust going in!
Feeling the heat: adding a second cooling circuit
Archive through January 29, 2008
Is this a good price for 100K service??
Supra JZA80 Radiator into JZZ30 worth it?
Sandwich plate: where to get?
Wobbly Pulley
Smoke on start up!
Something wrong with my SOARER TT
Sluggish 1JZ...
2jz-gte Engine In, Car needs servicing
Fuel Pump Bypass
Wiper size
Ah wierd ticking noise from head area?
WA soarer mechanics....Help!
Soarer specific HKS SSQV fitted!
LSD Diff Question
Leaking oil
What voltage do i clamp it down to.
Idle Control Valve.. help pls
How the hell you take off the turbo manifolds!!!
Backfiring when changing gears???
2jzgte Conversion Questions
Help please new to the tt soarer
Speed sensor No.2 ( error code 61) ??
Part Number for JZZ30 Radiator
Soarer front clip
A few problems?
What modification next? TT SOARER
Weird Buzzing Noise
Soarer - engine wiring diagrams, Electronic Parts Catalog..
I think I have overheating problems
TT Merchanic in Melbourne
Charcoal canister hosing, a few questions.
Fitting gauges in strip above glovebox...
Weird Problem at Start up HELP PLEASE
Water Temperature
Accessing the 2 bolts on the rear of the water pump...
URGENT ADVICE NEEDED....boost cutting out!!
Places of where gauges are installed.
Fitting a radiator
Battery charge warning
Vac Line Placement
Supra Saga continues!
Archive through November 13, 2007
Power surging problem - Possibly Fuel pump of ecu??
Car does not respond in first gear
Greddy Timing Belt
Dis-Harmonic Balancer
Hwo do you know if ya got bigger injectors?
Custom BOV adapter kit prototype
Piggy back chips on ebay
1JZ vs RB25 an Unbiassed opinion
Things to change when swapping engine
Performance of 1.5JZ VS 1JZ VS 2JZ
Radiator hoses
Leaking rocker cover's
V8 Rear Rotors, Same as TT?
Idle up
Engine turning its self of off when driving
1JZ boiled over
Engine system Error code????
HELP Major Pinging Problem!
Running too rich?
Front Lower Bushes and Spark Plugs for JZZ30 TT
Whats wrong with my soarer
5w50 oil change
Anyone in Melb can do an engine swap for me...Willing to ...
Weired thud feel when idling
Engine blowing blue smoke! Need advise!
TT manual diff, hard to change?
Rebuild has encountered a massive problem :-(...
O/D light flashing?
Changing coolant. Where do I refill it?
Fan broken
Could my BOV be leaking?
When should my BOV blow off?
Few things needing attention
Timing Belt installation
Timing Belt For 1jz-gte
TT Future Mods
Archive through September 03, 2007
Archive through September 27, 2007
Engine mounts for soarer/aristo/supra
Worried about my Soarer :S
TT Service parts. Anyone got part numbers?
Dash warning
Code 47
Need a reliable place to service my car (perth)
Vic- BOV + installation, can anyone help?
Radiator crack
After a part number. (PCV related)
Apexi or greddy
Preparing the Soarer for an Outdoor winter Storage. i need advice (get things right)..before the b...
Not changing up gears when cold
Who can tune a e manage in sydney
Oil leak from PCV? (PICS)
2jz fit in a 1jz's place?
94 tail lights problem
Mounting aftermarket BOV in stock BOV position
Archive through January 27, 2007
Is it worth fixing blown head gasket no reverse....
Big Oil Leak - As seen at Dyno Day #3
Coolant issue, need advice.
Quiet Performance Exhaust 101- how to?
Radiator replacement
System check - i think mine is dodgy - help?
Alternator or battery?
Air filter question
So I broke my fan
Clutch Question
HKS BOV installation
Car died - Did Karma bite me in the bum?
Good place to get my canon's in stalled in syd
Good exhaust place in Adelaide
Archive through August 23, 2007
Crossmember and Engine Mounts of 1JZ
Engine Warning Light / Exhaust kit
Insane Soarer
Quick Exhaust Question
Running a TT without turbos
Power steering pump making alot of noise
Boost question?
Right way to install bov
Timing belt question
Seems to be running rich at start up/idle. Where do I st...
Dash display
My first time at the drags, opinions, critisism and advice?
1JZ-GTE oil capacity?
Archive through March 15, 2006
Coil pack plugs
Bad coil packs
Vehicle inspection
Single Turbo upgrade - Mystery pipe
Wrecking a Soarer
Spitting up Mechanical TT section
100k service question
Turbo mechanic in Brisbane?
Help! 1jz starter motor bad... what parts fit soarer tt?...
Engine sucked compressor wheel
Archive through June 13, 2007
1JZGTE, good ECU teck in Melbourne or Adelaide?
Upgrading infomation on a TT
Archive through June 08, 2007
Rattling noise from rear of engine..
Archive through June 08, 2007
NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Common problems?
Exedy Sports Tuff or original Toyota clutch ?
Oil level sensor replacement
Noise under load
Removing Sump
Crazy cut in motor help needed
Power Steering Pump - O-Ring Part Number
Done a ecu reset and lost about 4 psi someone please help
Bov Sounds
Auto trouble. or should i go manual?
EPA test
Power Drop in 4th? sorry guys im new to these cars
Canadian Oil Filter #
Don't really know how to describe this
Anyone know good and cheap mechancial repair in sydney?
How to remove rocker cover
What is this line? need help ASAP - losing coolant
Transmission noise in reverse
Needed ASAP TT water pump Brisbane.
VVTi head...
Misfire when changing gears
Scratching noise When Starting on cold start
TT = gray smoke a every stop, a solution?
Why does my 1J keep blowing welsh plugs ?
TT to V8 Diff
Interesting conversion
Fan belt code
Just flushed coolant - Is everything ok?
Engine Temps
Starter Motor
Over Heating Problems
Chirping sound when stopped; goes away in Neutral
Ali Rad
Oil pump 1jz/2jz
Is there some problem with my cooling
Cheap engine and sounds pritty good.
Car won't start
Installing gauges
Idle problem
Toyota Interchangability between models?
Hand brake lights
Pcv grommet
Blinky Dash or not????
Gray smoke
Archive through April 17, 2007
BOV Position
Warm up and cool down
Type of oil
A Misfire Question
Low idle
Archive through February 28, 2007
Back firing issue
Cool Time Lapse Video - SC300 to 1JZ Conversion
Speedo problems
Idling issues....
Getting good stall speeds at the drags.
Archive through April 10, 2007
Mechanical Whirr after startup
Archive through March 27, 2007
Money to spend on what???
What elec items can cause a stumble/hesitation
What are these round things in the picture?
1/4 mile
Supra dyno day 1st April Logan.
Aristo TT 6 Speed?
Aluminium Top Tank
Stock times
My dyno debut
Soarer reving at idle
Back fire i think
Iceboxes (Pics Included)
Just done few mod for my car.need some advice
Need Major Help
Archive through March 26, 2007
1jzgte idles at 2000rpm
Think my valve steam seals are gone
On going problem just want it fixed
Is this worth it?
Installing crank shaft pulley kit.
Car dies when I don't need it. Thinking of selling it
Starting and moving after 6 months sitting
Tensioner pulley bearing
"Very BAD miss fire / hesitation / splattering / etc!"...
How To Open Bonnet?
Put my foot down and i go no where
Archive through March 10, 2007
Clicking Noise From RH Front wheel
Broken Power Steering Pump JZZ30
Water pump
Help please! Loss of accelerator.
Car dying on startup
Power steering hoses (not the high pressure ones!)
Engine options
LPG 1jz gte-2jz gte etc CAN BE DONE
Ebay Items + Traction
Blowing smoke
Hi...and there goes my head gasket!
Power Steering Pump
1.5 jz ute on lpg running hard
If I had a million dollars...
Archive through February 21, 2007
Problems starting
Undoing the crank pulley bolt
1JZGTE stutter problem. Any thoughts?
Need help!!
Squeaky idle
DING!! on startup; any conclusions?
Compressor Surge / BOV venting enough - question
Weird issue starting car (possibly immobiliser)
Idle speed motor?? extremely low idle.. 350rpm!!
Stuck in cold start
MX83-1J cruise issues
Any Ideas Of what power this would make and a few other d...
Archive through June 15, 2006
Water Pump
Contant and Loud Tapping noise
Popping and back firing
Would this fit the Soarer?
Some sort of stalling issue!
Engine number
Can you run this ECU on a soarer??
Removing engine
Reverting back to original BOV
Idle is too low, anybody know how to reset idle and TPS.
Engine mounts
Archive through December 31, 2005
1JZ TT - Engine starts, idle few mins, develops miss, the...
Rattle at 2000rpm in any gear
Error 42 Speed Sensor #1... Help Needed Please...
Arghhhhh .still popping and farting WTF?
Oil pressure warning ?
Must I flush power steering or can I just top it up?
What is this?
What is this sensor in my stock cat for?
Leaking water pump
Tein Flex Coilovers
Wheel Bearings
Recommend me a cat :-)...
Archive through January 09, 2007
Archive through January 10, 2007
Testing a starter motor?
Another Idle Issue
Thermostat/rad prob
Compliance for a TT
Are there any billet dual Walbro 255L/hr pump hangers for...
Loss of power
New soarer questions
Differences between early JZZ30 and late VVTI JZZ30?
Paging Lew Radbourne
Freight from japan
Need advise
Standard Bov Vacuum Line
Buying soara
Archive through January 03, 2007
Another power guessing game
Over heating
Archive through October 12, 2006
Anyone had the stock blow off valve fail?
Push throttle but nothing happens?
Octane Boosters
Power steering Rack/Pump has died
Clarification needed
Archive through April 06, 2006
Electronic Vrs Mechanincal
What brand and model battery for TT?
TT Power Steering Rack Leak
Multiple Problems - Please help!
Underdrive pulley kit
Overheating, coolant leak and a strange sound
Stock tt 1/4 mile time
Archive through December 14, 2006
Would I get any ramifications if I did this?
Quick catch can question
What preparation should i take?
In the Dark
Car won't start, making electrical whine ?
Newbie question
Radiator Volume
HELP! Anyone know what this pipe is for?
What do you make of this lads?
This may seem like a silly question, but...
Replaced Mounts!
Fact or myth? oil filters? oil?
1/4 mile MPH
Archive through December 06, 2006
Cheaper air filter or generic brand air filter
Drivers Side Wheel Arch Loom.......CUT & FRAYED !!!
Car Temperature???
Manual Gearbox Conversion
Some small heating issues - aftermarket serpentine pulleys?
Electrical warning/missing
Blow by leakage
I need this part ASAP (i think...)
Archive through November 30, 2006
Blow Off Valve
Aluminum radiator
Vacuum lines
JZX81 cooler piping
Japanese power limits
What ECU can i use on an auto???
DIY speed limiter
Archive through November 21, 2006
Where/who is the best to change oil in Brisbane, QLD?
STARBO turbo timer
Loss of power steering!
Hey lew
Wont start
Oil filter relocation kits
Need a diagram
Car is popping!!!
Scroll Button on dash
Car is misfiring
Archive through November 15, 2006
Petrol consumption
Idler pulley number
Engine temperature
Dump pipe gasgets and oil return rubber
Oh god how???
Intake Air Temp?
Cruise Control
Idle to fast
Mains bolt
TT Missing at higher revs when warm HELP?
Hey lew
Those pipes on the inlet manifold
Finally took a picture of my engine bay for who wanted to...
Super sequential
Where is the most Fvcked up place that a boost leak can a...
Help please - Engine revving out really badly.
180km/h Limit
My run at Calder Park last night
Archive through October 11, 2006
Archive through October 20, 2006
Radiator replace/upgrade?
Radiator pipe question
Engine oil question
Archive through October 19, 2006
Car Just Overheated, and Oil or some dirty liquid sprayed...
I need to know where Local, I can get a waterpump for my ...
Engine fan for tt
Coolant leak found. Can someone tell me what this is that...
Rpm cut off at 4000
Trasmission backlash (manual TT)?
Coincidence? or Improper Wiring on Boost Gauge
This picture is where my boost gauge pressure line ties t...
Burnt out LED in VAC/Boost Gauge. Can i take it apart?
Water pump
Dash Warning Messages.
Rattling noise from Timming Belt Cover?
TT conversion to LPG
Archive through September 04, 2006
Steering rack question
Blow off valve Q
Archive through October 01, 2006
Speedo gone spako
Need Help (Don't Know what went wrong)!!!!
Archive through October 02, 2006
Finally getting Somewhere!!!
Is this normal?
How to tell if an engine is okay for upgrades...
Custom piping?
Idle Problems
1JZGTE Ford Xe ute
Temperature ?????
Anyone can cut aluminium piping in MEL(southern sub)
Engine Just Died, But now its fine?
New Soarer Owner Looking For Advice!
Archive through September 14, 2006
Weird induction type noise?
My car sounds like a rexi
How big is yours?
Lew come in PLS!!!!
Oil catch can
Am i missing some power ??
Archive through September 15, 2006
Who can fit a Steering Column in Brisbane?
Off topic, lux conversions
Help: Need Blinking Dash Fix Links
My soarer is down please help
Cracked boost pipe
Oil light problem really annoying
Quick question
Twin turbo auto stalling
Dipstick Length on 1jz
Smoke when cold?
Car wont start
Oil Catch Can
2jz to a340 gearbox
Sheared bolts
7M starter instead of 1jz starter?? anyone done it?
Water pump
TT O2 Sensor
Archive through August 02, 2005
Archive through August 29, 2005
Archive through August 02, 2006
Replacing Main Bearing
Manifold on ebay
Engine electrical system error
Whistling noise
Did the ECU reset today and found problems!
ECU... Which One
R154 Clutch Issues...
ECU For Automatic gearbox?
Sard r2d2 bov and turbosmart bov
Labour charges?
Hoses to blowoff valve
Loosing power at 3k revs?
Burning major oil out the tailpipes...
Burning Oil? What is acceptable
Car is surging, sometimes stalls at idle
BOV help
Paint or polish turbo piping
Green bits
Should an SAFC show full throttle?
Group buy, how much do you love me?!?
Dual stage boost controller or electronic controller.
Clunking! =( help@)(#
Got numbers?
Instructions or Installation help please
Starter Motor needs to be replaced dont know were to get ...
Starter motor not clicking over...
Water loss.
Wheel bearings?
HELP new car, first day, big noise!!!!!
Weird wideband readings?
Do Supra 2 Pot Rears fit on Soarer JZZ30 rear end?
Catalytic light DOES come on when alternator dies in a TT
Serious smoke!
Archive through June 22, 2006
Auto Tranny
Datalogging some stuff and noticing a hesitation at 4000-...
Need quick help! Low idle!
Coolant query?
$$300 to change the cam belt!!!
Heat Wrapped IC Piping
Psi convert to bar
Need help fpr low idle when the car at cold start
Tuning down
TT Timing belt
How to install a oil catch can?
My Car Wont Start.....
Archive through July 12, 2006
DIY servicing
Steps to change new coolant?
Horse power
Missing and fouling
Archive through July 19, 2006
HELP ----- No Heat
Wierd engine noise? Plz help!
Greetings! - first service
Just having a thought... and have a question too.
A few issues
Auto Meter mechanical Boost gauge
Installing boost and oil press gauges.
Bolt Tensions
Heard a pop now not boosting, advice please
Odd highpitch whistlein 1JZ, possibly rear actuator
Misfiring.. .Any ideas
New noise: whine all the time
Since engine replacement i keep getting engine electrical...
Top Tank finally cracked
Cheap HKS SSQV copy
Wheels Stud Pattern and Offset
Manual tt?
2JZ Engine Swap in WA
Few more Newb Q's
Accuracy of Apexi RSM
Oil type and W rating?
Oil issues
Advice Required - Should I upgrade now or. (power wise)...
Ocasional white smoke?
Archive through March 10, 2006
Water in engine oil
Head gasket!!!
Soarer sucking too much petrol :-(...
Archive through June 20, 2006
No Boost What else should i look at??
Changing coolant
Archive through June 12, 2006
Performance shops in sydney
Advice - Should I get an SAFC or not?
Think my battery is Dead, but....
Stck BOV Setup
More BOV help
Problem when cold
Should I Or Shouldn't I?
RSM 1 vs RSM 2...same wiring plugs?
Wierd idle rumble when in D gear.
Starting Problem
BOV help
Difference between GTT and GTT-L
Archive through June 01, 2006
1JZ-GTE Oil Change Procedure
Archive through April 27, 2006
Aristo Wiring Diagrams For Soarer
1JZ Parts Cross Refference ...
Strange Vibrations.
Engine and associated components, need help
Should i be worried?
AVCR woes
Hard to start TT
Stock BOV help
Torsen LSD question...
Fixing the overflow pipe
$$$ thrust bearing
Car Accelerating then stoping
UNLEADED does it really make a difference????
Archive through May 23, 2006
Oils aint Oils.
How to turnover STI
Archive through May 19, 2006
OEM BOV removal plate diagram
1JZ TT Torana
Gasket Kits
Boost controller (I think) Help.
These any good?
Power on the tread!!
Brake Fluid warning!!!
Will these fit the 1jz engine
Coughing and spluttering again.
Is this where I ask about Power Steering??? I have some q...
Things that make you go "sh1t!"
Co2 chryogenic kits
Oil Leak from front of engine
Water spray
1jz engine compression????
2 Questions ; wheel alignment setup and water pump ?
Power Steering problems - Please help!
URGENT: Power Steering Pump Question
Crank Movement.
Bearing part numbers for Timing Belt change on TT
Oil and Oil Filter for a 1994 TT
Now what?
Archive through April 27, 2006
Easiest oil filter removal tool
Oil filter
Engine light
Compression noise from engine bay unsure what it is
Occasional Smoke
Location of TT soarer engine number
Parts help for manual stuff
Blow off valve
Archive through April 17, 2006
Archive through April 20, 2006
Manual Transmission R154 and stuff from a JZA70 supra
Smoke - burning oil?
TT Misfire
What to do next?
Archive through April 13, 2006
Coolant thing
Brake Pads
Cable access to passenge' side engine bay
Inlet manifold for Radiator fluid
Car stalling, running rich, farting, and bov opening and ...
Help coils??
Photo of a serpintine belt on a 1jz
Is my car slow?
Archive through March 13, 2006
1/4 mile/ 0-100
Archive through April 05, 2006
TT Smoke...Help?!
P/Steering Problem Urgent HELP Needed
Supra radiator in Soarer?
Retrofit traction control?
Weird noise?
TT Heater system
Dump pipes(again)
TT Servicing
Where do i get another one of these??
ECU reset?
Supra alternator in soarer?
Narrow band
Steel wheel CT12s on ebay
Data Systems ATS-234 Turbo Timer / Auto Starter
1JZ Non-Interferance?
Who can install gauges and RSM
What are these parts?
Power steering problem
JZZ30 Help required - Error codes 12 &14
BOV help
Start Motor on TT, removing bolts...
Oil smoke
Big problem
Archive through February 12, 2006
Compression & 1JZ.
Jzz30 crank angle sensor colours? *urgent*
Problem with car (pos SAFC stuff up)
Question about wiring in BCC.
BOV question
Blow Off Valve?
Archive through February 06, 2006
Archive through February 10, 2006
2JZ-GE Serpentine belt replacement
Part number for Rear Main Seal - 1J
BOV Sound Level
Throttle body problem
Think i may have (or come VERY close!) cooked it...
Again , help on TT O2 sensor ; could not find one...
HKS coilovers
What next?
Archive through December 29, 2005
Is it worth fixing ???:-(...
Intake pipes
Coil packs for 1JZ
Feul consumtion on 1jz
Archive through August 08, 2005
Archive through October 10, 2005
Cool down?
Archive through December 19, 2005
1JZ Oil Leaks.
Engine problem
Installing catch can.
1JZ sump onto 2JZ?
Water pump
Strange Cut...
Archive through November 13, 2005
Whats Next
Archive through November 14, 2005
Blocking Off Stock BOV
Soarer dying - no boost, no power
Small oil leaking from engine
Odd Noise when Engine Turns Over
Please help with TT O2 sensor...
Wiring boost gauge?
E-Manage VS SAF-C
Strange Water Leak - Water Pump bridging pipe on 1JZ
Blown head gasket - what else should i do while i'm at it...
Installing a manual boost controller??
It feels like boost cut.... AND diff question
Anyone ever replaced a steering pump?
2JZ VVTi Engine Fan
Boost cut with no boost controller?
Bleed Valves
Anyone had there1JZ lifters re-shimmed?
Got my avcr installed
Very disapointed when i got my car back today
Archive through September 20, 2005
Archive through September 20, 2005
Purchasing and Installing an Oil Catch Can
Downpipe advice please
A question of boost
Help needed.. cylinder firing order?
BOV Decision
Archive through September 09, 2005
Does this look normal??
I think I killed it my Soarer... :-(...
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Archive through August 23, 2005
Archive through August 30, 2005
Coil pack leads
Where the hell is the engine No on a 1jz??
Cutting out
Arrrr help valve stem ( or somthing)
Where to buy a water pump for 1JZ
Water Pump.
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Archive through August 26, 2005
Where is my boost after 170km/h?
1jz Custom Manifold... check this crap out!!
Archive through August 10, 2005
Can't create much boost/boost drop
A legit q for this page...
Complete transfer??
Blown rings?
Refitting TT engine & 'box
Turbo Talk
Factory manual overboosting
Ct12 rebuild help
Ct20s kit for 1j soarer.
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Starting my compound turbo setup!
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Archive through April 12, 2014
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Twin ct20's custom project
Air leak
Forward Facing Rear CT12A
Turbo wheel dimensions comparison.
Turbo max psi
Vvti turbo oil leak
Hey guys who do you think like of this?? Air intake??
VVti turbo on its way out??
1JZ Cast Iron Single Turbo Manifold
Air whoosh when turbo kicks in - limited boost. Help ple...
Lol could this be real?
Internal or external waste gate
Possible dump pipe Manufacturer
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Archive through May 19, 2011
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Need help installing blitz turbo timer
Single turbo question, ECU
My TT's engine is running very flat but no smoke. Could i...
Turbo setups for 1.5j...
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CT12B's on a 1JZ
More power
HyperGears billet SS2 Roller bearing VNT turbocharger
External Wastegate Fluctuating Open Early
Don't ask
Not sure on what size wastegate to use
Spool Issue
Turbo on its way out
Whats really wrong with the GTX3076R?
Fuel cut defender
Cracked CT12a Turbo Housing???
Aftermark Oil Feed / Return kits
Manual boost controller question
Some Single Turbo Help!
Only 5 psi stock tt
DD turbochargers
First upgrade? G-Force II
HELP coolant lines on turbo side
1.5j t3gs with gt2860rs cores results
Best single turbo for 300 - 350 rwkw
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Archive through February 05, 2013
Stock Ct12a's, 16psi, stock injectors/pump, FCD, SAFC 2, ...
Single turbo kit
Water lines feed and return
Going to up my boost soon
Precison 6262 Dyno results
CT12a 1JZGTE High flow. Bit fancier then just steel wheel.
Stock BOV
Notice turbo question
Rebuilt turbos?
Once Again! Turbo replacement
Still over boosting
BOV question/help
Baided turbo coolant lines?
ASK CIHAN : build tips
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GT3582r worth it on the 1jz?
Ct12a rebuild time need info
Boosting issues
Turbo help needed
Budget single turbo conversion
T3G rebuild options / questions
E85 / LPG 1jz TO4Z build
Greddy Profec B Spec 2 - Not Holding Boost at any level
Turbo smart fuel cut defender 2
Help turbo highflow options
In need of a hi-flow service in Geelong/Melbourne
Front mount intercooler
Turbo Rebuild Mechanic Melbourne Recommendations
Noisy turbo
Smoke at idle after boosting
Boost, How much can 1jz handle?
CT15b replacement
T3/T4 T04E TURBOCHARGER 480HP T3 TURBO only $204 Brand Ne...
Tuning Greddy Spec 2 Profec B for stock turbos
Blown turbo or something else
Whole bunch of questions.....
Possible to disable turbo
What should I do to get turbo sound louder/longer?
Stock Setup
Best Turbo upgrade for the 1jz-gte
Archive through June 06, 2012
Single hidden it possible?
Weird turbo sound...turbo flutter...
Oil return line
JZZ30 Intercooler kit?
Very weird turbo problems.
Turbos very noisy - car safe to drive on highway?
Twin turbo manifolds
Archive through August 17, 2010
Single water feed lines
Turbo sound, Need Help!
Dump pipe overboosting
Single turbo recommendations?
T-58 Questions
Good time to set turbo timer
Need some parts identified under the bonnet, also how to ...
Turbos need replacing - what are my options?
Can I run two devices off the same vacuum line?
HELP - Which turbo GTX 3076 or GTX 3540 - both with 0.63 ...
Boost Controller Problem - Solenoid or Main Unit
Archive through September 17, 2007
Stock Return Lines
High flowed steelies from 1JZ onto 2jz
Shell V-Power Fuel
Archive through September 19, 2011
Turbo/wastegate/boost controller setup correctly? Seems t...
Ceramic or Steel Wheel Turbo's?
Not making boost
Garrett GT3788R opinions??
Popping noise?
CT12A Compressor side lock nut
Replacing tt for single does this look safe?
Hi flow, steel wheel CT12a question
Boost Gauge Install - Please help
Archive through August 12, 2011
Weird Boost Issue
Steel wheel or single? opinions..?
Archive through August 02, 2011
Ebay intercooler
How to read a Compressor Map + Conversion Table
Stock turbos, harsh rattle under boost ??
Gizzmo help
Front or back oil feed for single turbo, does it matter?
CT12A Gaskets
Alright guys. Its $$$ Time
Another blown turbo post.
Stock Soarer defected for white smoke, thinking turbo seals.
Turbo Smart FCD
T04Z with 0.68AR response
1JZ GT35R single turbo kit for $2300 landed from USA
Cracked Back Housing (Single) - Take a look
Archive through March 28, 2011
Stock 2jz turbo's
1JZ aftermarket BOV and adapter kit ?? suggestions ??
BOV Adaptor
This is new type of CT12A setup
Black Smoke?
1JZ sounds like a tractor... exhaust leak ??
Which is the better option??
What RPM should my standard 1991 TT soarer hit full boost
What do I need for a single turbo
Archive through January 12, 2011
Help to id a turbo
Help!! turbo
GT35R & Internal wastegate
Which GT3076R?
Sard R2D2 problem
Leaking coolant line
Any one's interested to get their CT15B turbo high flowed...
Intercooler pipes
Turbo side part numbers
Are these the good dumps?
Would 17psi hurt
What is this pipe and where does it connect to?
GT 3076R ?
Archive through December 22, 2010
Archive through January 04, 2011
Lews dump piupe gaskets
Turbo spooling problem
Urgent Turbo Question!!!!
New CT12A's
Archive through October 27, 2010
Archive through November 04, 2010
Archive through December 11, 2010
Archive through December 18, 2010
My Single Turbo Soarer - Vids
Picture Request - Black Turbo Piping.
Turbo Vibration / Upgrade / Question
Twin tdo6
Archive through November 12, 2010
Archive through December 01, 2010
Thought I'd share this interesting page
сt12b On 1jz-gte TT
Found some brand new genuine CT12A's
New soarer owner, Modified with some problems help needed
Are my turbos buggered?
Turbo upgrade
Know of an adaptor to fit an aftermarket Bov to stock pos...
Forced upgrade time. help!
Needing advice on upgrading...
Archive through January 24, 2010
External wastegate selection help!
Cheapest bang for buck mod!
Ct12 with Garret Centre needing oil line info etc
How to go single
Turbo housing to exhaust manifold gasket
Smoke from exhaust. Was told turbo seals gone.
Vids of my supra (NAUUGGHHTTT)
Turbo specs - rough idea
Is running boost controller safe on stock turbo?
Archive through June 11, 2010
New Turbo
Single turbo advice
Boost Boost Boost
CT15b Upgrade
1JZ modification guide
Archive through July 17, 2010
Will i hit boost cut
Archive through June 12, 2010
CT15b highflow/rebuild
Haltech Platinum 1000 PnP 1JZ-VVTI
Toyota Soarer 1jzgte TT to singe using Std Turbo Manifold...
Problems with overboosting!
Help with oil line length for single conversion
Gatting turbos checked out
Need help removing lews dump pipes
Boost issues
Shuddering when backing off accel.
Started the removal..
Turning off when boosting
High flows & head work
Adj Cam gear settings
Getting a gt35
Which turbo is this?
Ms-Ibc barely increase boost
Alternative turbo upgrades
Boost Gauge
My turbos sound bad =[
Do I need an E-Boost??
Killed my Turbo
Over boosting
Help - With my BOOST leak
9psi feels same as 15.5
Single conversion
Hks t3g heat shield
Bang bang antilag question
Issue raising boost
Removed BOV gave me a huge increase in power!
OIl in turbo's
Spare Turbos, Compressor Wheel
What are these markings on my turbo?
Is going single, street legal...
Hybrid HKS T3G's
Going well and then it all went horribly wrong
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Archive through August 05, 2008
Changing Stock TT Turbos - VF8 Turbos
Incabin boost controller
Ct12a Replacement question
Lets Talk external wastegates
Surely this isnt normal?
Manual Boost Controller
Looking to go single turbo
Cleaning out actuators
Screamer block plate
EBay Boost Controller
Are my turbos leaking or just f<<ked
Standard Turbos
Vacuum Lines
Oil drain/feed lines?
Help with Blitz ID3 not holding constant boost
Turbo mount bolts hard to get to places
Can the stock ECU run a BOOST Controller?
Fuel Cut Debate - Simple Fix Wanted
Turbo removal
Will it fit?
How much boost with my T3/T4?
Raise that boost!
Regarding Trefs smoking turbos.......
Anyone got the AEM Wideband?
Strange Boosting Problem.
Disconnect turbos?
Single Turbo Manifold Adapters....
Loosing boost bad...
Archive through July 16, 2009
GT3582R .63 exhust housing
Archive through April 10, 2009
Archive through April 20, 2009
My New Single
Archive through September 05, 2009
Max boost...stock turbos
Archive through March 12, 2006
Archive through March 18, 2006
EBC Solenoid mounting
Fitting ct20's
Gt3582 + 6boost manifold 1jz
Archive through February 11, 2009
Removing the turbos from a 1J - any how-to's or special t...
Archive through April 18, 2007
Lower boost. And best place to get GT35R turbo?
2jz with gt3076r??
What's this on my turbos???
Steel wheel
Archive through June 11, 2009
What's a great twin setup
Upgraded Turbo Problem.
Gizzmo MS-IBC help. Duty settings.
Single Turbo Help
Archive through June 13, 2009
Le sigh... coolant in the pipes
HKS T3G SETUP COMPLETE.. + couple questions :-)...
Archive through April 06, 2007
Archive through July 11, 2009
SAFC II reduces boost cut? Is it true?
Archive through February 09, 2007
Found a way to get usdm supra turbos on a soarer....
Opinions on which turbo?
Archive through December 08, 2007
Turbonetics turbo kit
Soooo im going to put these on
Another 'Whats This' Pic.
Replacement for CT12A
How much to...
How to inspect CT12a turbos?
WTB Single turbo 1jz Manifold
Gizzmo IBC
GT35R rebuild?
Flooded Turbo
Ct15 turbo?
Archive through May 11, 2009
My fun morning
Turbo issues? Black smoke.
American Steel Wheel 1jz Turbos
Gizzmo ms ibc help!
Heat management- manifold very close to compressor outlet
Up the boost
Archive through April 20, 2009
Pinging Engine.
Floating V's Bearing?
Turbo Help: looks like Led balancing weights have been ex...
Archive through February 19, 2009
Turbos not spooling!
Archive through April 06, 2009
Chinese turbos??
Boost Pressure?
JAYCAR fuel cut defender... WA PEOPLE
Plumbing up external gate.
Whistling Noise, Not blown turbos??
Archive through February 10, 2009
Wastegate Actuators
CT12A from Japan
Turbo oil feed studs / nuts
Stock turbo manifold upgrade question
Budget turbo kit
I'm going SINGLE!!! Some advice needed please :-)...
Archive through September 29, 2006
I'm new to turbos, somewhere I can learn more?
How do you identify Chinese Copy CT12a's
CT12A Oil Leak. Need advice
1uzfe turbo setup, what do i need?/to know (lots of quest...
Turbo problems?...
Single turbo conversion Need info please!!!
Gizzmo MS-IBC
Replacing/ changing boost Gauge
Is my turbo gone!!!
Turbo - I think im losing boost???...
Help me in choosing the right boost controller. Please.
Is my turbo cactus?
Heads up on FCD/EBC/ECU options/benefits
Boost Controller Advice
Single Turbo coming, last minute advice?
Turbo Trouble
Individual intakes for each turbo?
Boost level
T4 turbo
Hypergear TR44HF tuning impressions
Archive through November 15, 2007
Archive through November 26, 2007
Archive through May 05, 2008
Archive through May 14, 2008
Archive through July 29, 2008
EBC Trouble
Turbo sizing advice on a 2JZ
Loud spooling noise
Name this dump pipe?
Installing a boost controller - Instructions for noobs
Gt30/40r with a hks t25 rear
What is Boost Cut?
Oil water lines
Stock ecu, no FCD able to run 20psi
CA12 turbo help????
Dump valve open at 2400 then the noise from the turbo......
Gready T67 Single turbo kit
Strange thing has got me puzzled
Gt30\40 1.06? v's .82
Ebay purchase advice please
Steel Wheel Turbos?
Turbos loud on cold start
Gizzmo MS - IBC
Refitting rebuilt turbos, need advice.
GFB Mach 1 Adaptor
Experience or advice on which electronic boost controller...
Turbo problems
Reccommended boost for my car
Are turbos meant to rattle? or is it something else? :-(...
Please help a fellow out (turbo talk)
Archive through September 15, 2008
Stock BOV question
Single Turbo = $$$, maybe not?
Single Turbo Kits? Or purchase items separate?
Archive through September 07, 2008
Fuel cut defender
Are HKS EVC boost controllers any good?
Another 'cheap' Hypergear conversion.....or is it?.......
Archive through January 28, 2008
Archive through February 03, 2008
Archive through February 16, 2008
Archive through March 08, 2008
Archive through March 26, 2008
Archive through April 15, 2008
Turbo / Manifold weight / dimensions for postage...
Stock turbo replacements
CT12a GT28 Roller bearing Turbos
Archive through August 14, 2008
Installing ssqv
External wastegate query
HDI Super Electronic Boost Controller
Small oil leak
Boost ajustment
Boost spikes
Newbie needs advice
T-Piece boost controller problems...
Stuffed Turbo?!!!
Hitting boost.
Turbo storage
Good deal or cheap and nasty?
Faulty PCV Valve = Turbo Failure?
Wonky power curve - running overly rich
Turbo Boost help!!
Oil pressure
Front vs Rear Turbo
My PFC finally tuned
Has anyone seen or used this turbo kit???
Electronic Boost Controller = No fuel cut defender?
Jaycar Independent Electronic Boost Controller Kit
No wheelspin
Archive through April 29, 2008
Boost increase...or not?
Boost issues!?
Stuck wastegates
Max psi
Raising boost levels
Birthday Upgrade
Archive through January 25, 2008
Archive through January 28, 2008
Archive through February 01, 2008
Archive through February 15, 2008
Archive through March 19, 2008
Archive through April 11, 2008
Variable vane turbos
Turbo replacemant
Archive through April 06, 2008
Turbo blades
Whats the difference (CT12A)
Turbos howling sucking
HKS To4z opinion
T04z Hot Side Question
Single turbo oil drain
HKS T3G Actuators
Sleeping beast
Does the 2JZ turbo set up bolt up to the 3-to-1 1JZ set up
91 TT - Turbos not boosting
What are these vacuum lines?
Turbos suddenly stopped boosting
Porting a stock BOV? Possible?
Dirty Pipes
Howlin' Wolf!
Ceramic or steel
Hose off bov?
New Turbos - big problem!
Archive through February 25, 2008
I can't raise my boost level
Opinions on turbo kit
What is the CT20 single turbo equivalent to?
GT3076R OR GT3082R
What turbo should I Go
Archive through February 05, 2008
Gt35r too big?
Help with stock BOV Piping?
Questions about hooking up a boost controller
Just a quick question~~
1jz single turbo kit
Boost problems, HELP!!!
Blitz boost controler
Boost tap
One way valve on BOV
Stock boost level
How hard is it to change an exhuast housing?
Booost problems with (DSBC)
Jaycar FCD (fuel cut defender) to use or not to use???...
Single turbo size
Steel wheel upgrade
Rear turbo is gone after changing rocker cover gasket
Single turbo overboost
What do you think of this kit?
1JZ GTE Compression test
Can I run 13s with more boost?
Archive through October 25, 2007
Hypergear TR44 HF installed (no leaks!)
Archive through October 08, 2007
Whats peoples opinion on kkr turbos,like 480
problem with greddy profec b spec 2
Nothing is easy for me
Archive through November 14, 2007
$3000 for a single turbo conversion
Archive through October 28, 2007
Archive through November 04, 2007
Archive through November 15, 2007
I need some serious help with my TT
Help needed, T3G's not boosting over 7psi
Garret TO4b
Running Rich at Start up / Under Boost bit of smoke
Bov adapter.....What type of weld to use???
Is this a manual boost controller?
Pics of my single turbo
I have gone to single turbo now
What the frick?!
Turbo Torque...hahaha
Anyone using a Greddy Profec B spec II?
Fuel cut cancel?
Plumbing into Vacume hoses, that have already been plumbe...
Bov Help
Picture needed from installed solenoid for a ebc (APEXI A...
What flange is
Blow Off Valve Plate
Garrett gt17's
Gizzmo Ms-Ibc
A single turbo for drift any ideas?
Recommended turbo workshops in SA?
HKS JZX100 turbo kit on a Soarer?
What are peoples opinion on a IHI apexi C7 turbo 650hp setup
New Steel Wheeled Turbos, boost issues
Info on TD06S 20G-12cm2
Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller Install
Another blow off valve question...
Advise on upgrade
Dont buy just jap manifold for 1j
Braided oil and water lines for TT turbos
Need help for boost controller asap
Melbourne Turbo shops
Turbos swap, stock to after market
Price on going single
Steelwheeled supra ct20a
Greddy profec b spec 2 are they hard to install and are t...
Help Needed! Please Read!, Turbo Whine..
Installing boost gauge on manual
Do i need new turbos? if not wats wrong?
Where to mount manual boost controller?
Factory turbos about to kick it - Highflow or not?
Maximum boost pressure on ceramics?
Boost Gauge
Turbo Timer-where to get one?
Ct12a options???
Turbo's getting stripped and rebuilt - opinions on kkk wh...
Boost cut...
HKS T3g do you have them?
Leaking Oil Drain
Are they gone????
Boost Gauge
Installing CT12As
I'm Going To Buy A New Turbo...But Which One?
Archive through July 29, 2007
Installing boost controler
Difference between GCG turbos and stockies
Difference between front and back turbo?
About the steel wheelies on ebay?????
Boost Controller, Which vacuum line?
Turbo manifold compatibility
Twin Scroll Setup's
400rwkw+ what else?
Archive through June 16, 2007
Archive through July 24, 2007
Single turbo & LPG, ECU question
How much quicker will my turbo spool...
Dumps with stock exhaust, FMIC, boost - any point?
Upgraded twins with Subaru VF10 turbos
Archive through June 07, 2007
Single turbo conversion or just replace turbos
Turbo noise issues
Helpm please my soarer wont boost over 10psi
How can i can set up the turbo boost on my soarer
Where to get turbos??
Archive through May 24, 2007
Not on boost
Turbonetics GT-K
Boost Controller, Intercooler, Detonation...
What do i need to go single....on a budget ??
FCD and Boost Cut
What kind of hosing for a boost gauge
Methods of prolonging your turbo life
How to tell if you have steel wheels
Turbo not bossting everything is fine but no boost
There's a lot of talk about this, and it now has my inter...
Turbo rebuild
Turbo whistle w/ upgraded exhaust
Archive through April 12, 2007
New toys for me!!!
Finding a t section for boost gauge/steering column q?
Overdrive Turbo?
Leaking oil from rear turbo oil line after refitting stee...
When to replace Turbos...
When turbos break it's a great excuse to UPGRADE!
HELP: Smoke from turbo!
GT3076R more responsive after tune and gearbox rebuild
JJR Turbo
Turbo response
Archive through March 08, 2007
Archive through March 19, 2007
Archive through February 15, 2007
Turbo Removal.
Acceptable Boost to be run on stock turbos.
HKS T3G dump pipe
Dual Stage Boost Controler
Boost loss, from 12.5 psi to 10 psi
Surging when boost comes on and no real power
Whistling turbos
Archive through October 21, 2005
Archive through January 31, 2007
Power fc boost control kit
Car misses and builds boost
Cheap turbos on Ebay
Whats this Single Turbo kit like?
Single turbo manifolds, what about this one?
GT3040; T04S Compressor vs GT40 Compressor
Install Help!: HKS EVC IV Electronic Boost Controller
Fitting supra turbos to a soarer?
I'll never mess with wussy twins again! :-)...
Turbos in your passenger seat anyone!
Turbotech manual turbo boost controller - Opinions?
XR6 Turbo spec GT35R
Archive through January 19, 2007
A few questions - boost + BoV.. need information
T3 or TD05
Dump pipes = boost rise + boost cut ?
Archive through January 12, 2007
HKS T04R response on a 1JZGTE
Turbocharger Question
Boost problem
Greddy Bolt On Turbo Upgrade Kit
Archive through December 27, 2006
Jaycar Boost controller
Turbo oil
Turbo's needing to be explained....
Quickest 60' on stock turbos and convertor
Archive through December 15, 2006
Few questions - turbo's / things to look for / upgrades
High Pitched Scream coming from turbos
Archive through December 19, 2006
Single Turbo
Turbo chatter
Picking up the turbos tuday
Using mechanical Boost controller as a Pneumatic FCD
Boost issue
Turbo upgrade option that is not what I was expecting
Other Direct Fit Twin Turbo applications perhaps??
Turbo gaskets?
Hybrid Turbos vs Reconditioned Steel Wheeled Turbos
Archive through September 29, 2006
Archive through September 29, 2006
Archive through October 10, 2006
CT12B's on a 1jz???
Stock 1jz pulls 144rwkw
Trust T67 25G- 8cm or 10cm?
Loss of boost and less power all of a sudden :|
Think my turbo seals are gone, now what?
CT12a turbo gasket part numbers
Turbo life
Twin TD05 Turbo MX73 Cressida project
Compressor maps
Boosting a mostly stock TT
Question regarding Turbos
Turbos on its way
Boost Controller
Archive through October 25, 2006
Steel wheel turbo Vs hks t3g twin bolt on turbo
Archive through October 19, 2006
Archive through October 22, 2006
Archive through October 23, 2006
Archive through October 25, 2006
Manifold help. experiance people need only to read.
Ebay boost controllers
Question about the HKS or TD04 turbos??
Its time for a single.....
Archive through September 15, 2006
Boost Controller Settings (eboost)
I need turbo'd back pressure help!
Using boost controller without SAFC
My AVC-R got problem
Archive through October 12, 2006
Hks t3g turbo's
Turbo Troubles?
Gone single near finnished what next?
CT12 weight?
Turbo swap.
Coolant temperature rises after single turbo put in
Cheapest turbo upgrade help???
What kind of lag is everyone getting
Archive through September 11, 2006
Archive through September 13, 2006
How long turbo seals last???
What turbos fit directly onto the stock cast manifolds?
Turbo died and gone to heaven?
Kinda nervous about turbo whine after reading the forums!!!!