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Soarer UZZ31 Airbag light with error code 41
Power steering reservoir flush and new seal
Reading error codes on hologram dash
Digital dash display on UZZ3*
Drip coming from behind dash
Uzz31 fast idle cycling between 1&2000 rpm
Mystery engine issue
Code 24
Members Cars Forum
1991 UZZ31 Alternator wiring loom question
Iphone forum app
Diagram with part numbers needed for front and back wheel...
Modyfied soarer
Gmail blocking
Power steering noise and other issues
I don't seem to be able to post new threads! is this norm...
Testing, testing,
Test video
THANK YOU Soarer Central
Out of date email addresses
Rush import headers i have a few questions
Start New Thread link position
Pic uploads for ebay ads. URL
Pete, help with your awesome forum please :-)...
What doesn't work...
Private messaging
Test Only - Hi Peter!
How do I stop email notifications for a certain thread?
Finding Peoples Topics?
Can be deleted test photo upload
Embedding an Image
Cant get login
Strange tricks of the window switch
Archive through February 01, 2009
Archive through September 06, 2010
Archive through September 07, 2010
Archive through September 12, 2010
This is a great forum!
Sharing the love
Admin possible for a new section
Private messages
Admins, can we please get a thread clean up?
This website, stuck in the past ?
Archive through February 21, 2010
Is a 1UZFE V8 Soarer P plate legal in Qld?
Cant get into for sale section?
Damian Ware...
Test *sorry pen*
Newb in need of some advice
Keyless (wireless) entry.
RSS? Is there one (for monitoring the forsale thread sect...
Can't create thread in cars for sale section
Do images have to be on your hard drive for them to be em...
Old user returning wanting to sell Soarer
Air Conditioning fan doesn't work - 1995 Soarer SC400
Forum upgrade needed!
Toyota specialist mechanic
Cant post in general soarer chat
Toyota hiace points gap?
Fuel pump problem sorted! (temporarily)
1jzgte wiring pin outs
Posting ebay link in cars for sale section?
Fuel pump position on TT?
Blue smoke now getting worse
Raining in Perth!
Photo and Video thread
Potential V8 Soarer Owner Query
Archive through November 10, 2005
Test thread, new member Qld
V8 alternator Perth
Whats parts are worth? (EMV etc)
ECL Power switch on shift console
Where is the thermostat on a TT ?
What Is This Thing?? Pic Included
Need some help with Power for car/doors
Celsior heater probelm
Help needed to locate replacement suspension airbags for ...
Battery goin flat
New forum request
Test YouTube Embedding..
Engine electrical system problem
EMV Stickers
Help Finding a Thread
Wanted to buy not working
Best upgrade for a twin turbo jzz30, need advice
CD stacker fix or upgrade to dvd?
Archive through May 07, 2008
Changing User Name
Power failure
Test only
Manual twin turbo?
Problems with my car(SOARER V8 1991 LIMITED)
Erratic speedometer
CD Stacker Error Code?
Weird website display issue. missing buttons!
New Funnies Thread.
Archive through August 08, 2005
Archive through August 09, 2005
Archive through August 14, 2005
Archive through August 14, 2005
Archive through August 17, 2005
Archive through September 13, 2005
Archive through October 03, 2005
Archive through October 19, 2005
Archive through October 20, 2005
Archive through October 20, 2005
Archive through November 24, 2005
Archive through January 13, 2006
Archive through May 19, 2006
Archive through June 12, 2006
Archive through July 04, 2006
Archive through July 28, 2006
Archive through August 09, 2006
Archive through August 27, 2006
Archive through October 03, 2006
Archive through October 18, 2006
Archive through October 24, 2006
Archive through November 12, 2006
Archive through November 21, 2006
Archive through December 03, 2006
Archive through December 17, 2006
Archive through February 21, 2007
Archive through December 23, 2007
Hello from a new member
Archive through December 05, 2007
Yankey thread
What does this warning light mean
Please help,slow cooking to death
If you need help...
How do I quote a prev. post
Test EMV
Private messages
Lost old post/threads
Thread for group buys
Lost Posts
Before you start posting!
Electrical ghosts?
Why is this forum so bleedin' S-L-O-W?
Other FAQ's
New banner!!
Not The Official anymore
Lest We Forget
Need help
Tacho feed?
Speedo noise????
Loss of power on my soarer TT, Someone please help, pleas...
Archive through March 27, 2007
Lets put Soarer user manuls on a CD???
Thanks to the moderators.
Eye Candy
Newbie test!
The Smiley window
Bubbling sound
Photo upload test
Link test, temporary only (like two days tops)
Here goes my first photo attempt.
Posting problems???
Aristo chat?
Private messages-where?
Attracting new members?
Archive through November 23, 2006
Archive through November 29, 2006
Archive through November 30, 2006
Nasty trick
Blinky dash syndrom
Archive through June 28, 2006
SMS speak
Archive through November 14, 2006
Archive through November 17, 2006
Test and lets see if you can do pics?
Server compromised
Car Insurance
Archive through October 01, 2006
Problems starting
Door trim problems
Just testing
Hi all ????
In appreciation - Cihan
Auto Email Responses
Service experts?
Site banner
Archive through June 29, 2006
Suspension stuck on high
Dates of Posts
Lumpy idle below 800rpm
Soarer Bible
1JZ exhaust changes = Better RWHP Standard
Forum windows popping into focus driving me crazy!!!
Archive through April 20, 2006
How do I check PM's?
Server Upgrades
Easter Bash
Ugly Chickens!!
Archive through March 31, 2006
Test posting
Archive through July 26, 2005
Archive through July 28, 2005
Archive through July 28, 2005
Archive through September 14, 2005
Archive through September 15, 2005
Archive through December 28, 2005
Archive through May 09, 2006
A suggestion
The new post flag...
Stamp duty and GST
Papers and Records from Japan
Headlight Polish ?
Hot or What ??
SC - 6 months on
Need advice for 1jz vvti project !
Unusual members
Admin Assistance
V8 92 Soarer ECU problem after engine change
SC Icon
These are NICE
Archive through November 12, 2005
Last posters display
Firefox Browsing
Archive through July 25, 2005
Archive through July 26, 2005
New Topic Required
Archive through August 26, 2005
Archive through August 26, 2005
Archive through August 27, 2005
Something of Interest
Archive through August 19, 2005
Archive through July 24, 2005
Archive through July 25, 2005
Script Error
Archive through July 25, 2005
Trick 2
Archive through July 24, 2005
Archive through July 24, 2005
Archive through July 24, 2005
Trick 1
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