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Part numbers for brake rotors - UZZ31 Soarer?
UZZ32 Brake Master Cylinder Repairs in Perth WA
Difference between V8 and 1Jz ABS unit?
Brake Accumulator Issues
Celsior / LS400 Calipers
97+ S2 RZ Supra Brake Master Cylinder Retrofit
How to bleed ABS unit non TRC
Anyone dismantled trc/abs unit
Accumulator Regassing and rebuild in 2016?
Brake Leak in the Cabin
TRC Brake Master
Problems with ABS,TRC and losing boost
Accumulator Regassing
Archive through June 11, 2010
Archive through March 26, 2015
Brakes spongy after changing pads and bleeding. GOD DAMNI...
North America Compatible Brake Rotors? (TT)
Where is the ABS Computer and where is the TRC computer?
Which brakes to buy for Soarer UZZ31 V8?
Brake Accumulator Removal Difficulty
P/N of brake master cylinder kit
Japanese error code that translates to Brake
4 pot anti rattle
Brake booster/master leak into foot well-late model GTL
Front brakes dragging
Hand brake spring thing?
ABS Error - possible fix?
Item advice
Supra Rear Brake Upgrade - Hubs Interchangable???????????
Different brakes for different year soarers?
Clicky noise rotor
Rear Discs
TT brakes on V8
Front Pads & Disks JZZ30
Accumulator Replacement
Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - PBR?
JZZ30 Brake upgrade required?
FFS I am over this....
ABS code 51
Grinding/crackling noise when braking.
The nitrogen accumulator overhaul HOW TO (here it is)...
Nitrogen brake accumulator overhaul/regass $150
Archive through April 06, 2013
Brakes soft, can build pressure, worse when running
How to remove nitrogen accumulator?
Accumilator regas in adelaide!
Supra NA discs same as TT discs??
Correct EBC brake pad p/ns for 95 JZZ30 TT
K-sport 8pot caliper upgrade question??? Plz help...
Brake bleeding nossle blocked? Please help
Brakes dragging????
Maching caliper
Right brake pad for my car?
Do I have a warped disk?
Brake Fluid Level when handbrake is up? - all sweet when ...
Aaaaah! TRC unit leaking
Dropping the anchor
ABS problem
ABS 55 + TRC 51 = Accumulator or Pump?
Celica 2 pot rear calipers.
Swapping to traditional type?
Help on fixing up brakes UZZ31 TRC
Bleeder nipples on Trac control brakes
Supra tt vs celsior 4 pot
Brake system error plus handbrake light
Painting Calipers (Red)
MGP Caliper Covers
No rear brakes
Brake pads uneven wear
Accumulator, how to safely vent gas and part numbers
TRC V8 with brake fluid on the pedal
Brake accumulator exchange
Removing Abs from my 91 tt soarer
Uzz31 slotted brake upgrade.
Brake problems
Where to buy a Master cylinder plug/bung
Will These Fit on my TT soarer?
Soarer rotors
UZZ32 Front pads
Need some opinions for rotors please!
Ebay Supra 4pot quotation!!!
Getting rid of TRC
Painting brake callipers
Archive through October 11, 2010
First time brake buyer =)
Location of trac ecu
Can I PUT celsior 4 Pots (Fronts) on the rears ?? Why - W...
LS400 Brake Justify
Help Please
TRC/ABS Accumulator fault
Weigh of ABS system?
Hissing while applying brakes
ST205 Calipers on a JZZ30
HEL braided brake lines????
Need new rotors
TRC braking system wiring diagram Pump runs all the time
Lexus LS460 4 piston brakes
Loose Disc
TRC warning light when car is cold
Brake System Warning
Can slotted rotors be machined
Clunking while braking
Handbrake light on dash
Trc error 47
Correct part numbers?? Please confirm:-)...
Seizing brakes? ECT light?
Any difference between NA and TT brakes?
Brake fluid alarm
New NZ Supre Brake price list.
Scraping brakes
While braking theres a "tak - tak - tak - tak" sound
Supra brakes to soarer
Archive through October 20, 2010
Archive through November 04, 2010
Archive through November 15, 2010
Archive through January 06, 2011
Archive through January 11, 2011
Help? how to install or remove old brake system
Rear Caliper JZZ30 Size
Recommended Brake Shop Brisbane???
Help! I've broken my brakes
Brakes 'locking on'
V8 to TT brake upgrade Question
Bendix Vs. Lucas/TRW
Odd brake needed.
1991 Soarer brake accumilator
BA falcon spare tyre
Current prices (14 Oct '10) for Toyota brake pads (Supra ...
Brake Bias Questions - 4-pot/1-pot caliper combination
Brake shuddering?
Celsior 4 pots to Soarer
Stainless steel brake lines for LS400 calipers
Brake Error
Help!!! brakes not working
ABS Brake Problem - Need help please
JZZ30 Front brake caliper fastener- M10x1.25?? M11x1.25? ...
Super touchy brakes...
Project Mu handbrake shoes
HELP--ABS pump going on and off with an interval of 2 sec...
Brake Pedal too soft
Brake accumulator recharged/regassed in Brisbane QLD.
Brake Master Cylinder Leak
Hard Brake Padel
TRC Error and Diagnostic Tools wont work?
So i've replaced my accumulator with Peter Taplin's units...
Car revs up while braking
Flushing brakes on a ABS/TRC equiped soarer
The Celsior 4 pot and Supra 4 pot thread- Where to buy an...
Archive through June 19, 2008
Fix one and something else comes up...
Brakes Problem
LS400 4 pots with No ABS
Archive through February 15, 2010
Archive through February 19, 2010
TRD pads, painted calipers and braided lines installed
Did i just buy the right brake pump?
Dash errors: Brake System, ABS, Hand Brake and TRC
"Woooing sound when i brake"
Celsior rotor sizes?
Brake Fluid for my TT
ABS problems
What brake fliud
Lithium soap base glycol grease
Replacing brakes on 1997 VVT-i soarer
Weird brake error code when brake fluid is full?
Bleeding ABS brakes on UZZ30
Brakes draining battery
How do you remove the rear rotor
Can Any One Help - - Brake Part Number Required
Replacement ABS Brake System Required?
New rims dont clear stock tt brakes, need help
RDA Brake discs For sale, Also Lucas Brake pads TT & V8 ...
Archive through July 28, 2009
Pumping brakes increases idle speed?
Someone with Lexus LS400 Brakes
Where to get brake line Drivers side... going into caliper
Sick of buying new underwear!
Archive through January 15, 2010
Is200/250 rear callipers?
Removing rear drum discs
Rear brakes dosent brake much?
DOT3 brake fluid or not?
Break warning light
Accumulator issues
Will TT stock calippers and discs fit on a V8?
Celsior 4 pot brakes & Racing Hart CX rims
Removing accumulator
Clunk when braking
Warning light for TRC and ABS
UZZ31 - a separate ABS dash light?
Upgrading rear brakes on a UZZ30
R33gts-t front calipers 4 pots.
Installed new brake accumulator - need Help
Archive through September 12, 2009
Archive through September 16, 2009
Brake cylinder stopper
Brake unit in my TT GT keeps pumping, then pulses
Is the direction of these grooves right for my fronts?
Rear brake light
Brake pad prices?
Brake issues
Celsior brake upgrade
Archive through September 17, 2008
Rear Brake pads
Brake Warning
Painting Rotors
UZZ31 Non TRC Brake Master Cylinder Failure
Does a aftermarket computer disable traction control on t...
Celsor/Ls400 4 pots
Where to b buy brake pads?? lucas ect...
New Brake Upgrade! (also cheap RDA slotted rotors for tho...
Brake problem
TRC/ABS unit differences
Hand brake light...
Changing - TT Brakes to Pots
Changing V8 brakes to TT
Is there a diagnostic computer ???
Intermitant Brake Loss - Especially when at stop signs
Pads for UCF2x Celsior brakes
TRC problem
Drilled or slotted
Can you put abs on a non-abs vehicle?
Now making new brake kits for soarers
Brake shudder at high speeds
Weird problem
Damned brakes!
Toyota Brake Pads
Break problem
Anyone in the Newcastle area offer an Accumulator Re-Gas ...
Full Supra conversion problem
ABS warning light coming on some of the time
Spongey brakes, after bleeding...
Ve rims on a soarer
Traction Control
Retrofitting ABS
EBC Greenstuff Pad Part numbers
Very Low Pedal Pressure
How to get guide pin loose?
Locked brakes and very hard brake pedal.
Brake bias
What type of brake fluid should i use?
Caliper guide pin part number?
Rotor thickness
NZ Quote For Supra TT Brakes
Accumulator ( Brake Warning Light )
Archive through August 27, 2008
Squealling Brakes
Brake package for sc300 - will it fit my JZZ30?
Brake accumulator unscrew direction?
Replacing single rear wheels stud
How to get rotors off?
How much brake fluid do i need.
TT calipers same as V8?
Brake fluid on brake pedal (UZZ31 with TRC)
Brake lines
Fitting Celsior 4 pots to aftermarket rims
TRC Light issue- Celsior
Brake line problems
TRC Issue
A favour from any soarer owners in inner south sydney
TRC Diagnostics
Weird noise everytime i brake.
TRS turns on by itself
What could this be???
TRC removal...
Rear brake shoes
Brake fluid reservoir level sensor
No Brakes
Rear v8 brake to tt...
Supra 4 pot-front pads part number
Are celsior brakes same as soarer
Hilux surf brakes 4pot.... look the same as celsior
Handbrake light coming on after quick speed up.
EOI on brakes, 2 options
Rotors or Wheel Balancing or something else?
TT Brakes bigger than NA Brakes
Is Lucus GDB3226 the correct pads for the 4 pot celsior c...
Genuine Toyota Wheel Nuts
Part numbers for Parking Brake Assembly
What is the part number for DBA rotors for Celsior front ...
Brake pad shims and retainers...
Accumulator regassing
V8 Bendix Rear Pads Specific part Number
Brake Upgrade - DBA Rotors & Lines. BUT which brake pads ...
Brake rotor prices - DBA 4000 -
Problem with brakes
Supra brakes for Soarer ??
Archive through February 24, 2008
Whistling noise from brakes
Soarer Brake pad dimensions
Rotor Question
Who is using EBC pads in their TT soarer?
Lucas TRW brake pads great improvement
Archive through March 12, 2008
Brake System
Brake problem
Brake Problem.. Still occurring
Error Code 32
This is not good.... not good at all
Brake pads
Archive through February 29, 2008
Brake System Warning Alert
Brake Fluid Wierdness
Gathering parts for Supra 4/2 brake upgrade
Total Brake Pad Specifications for toyotas listed here.
Brake rotor THICKNESS.. not diameter.. on soarers..
Good brake place in melbourne?
Brake master cylinder brace
Power loss when braking
Brake shudder/rotors
Brakes lock up
Brand New Brake Accumulator
Abs light on and not functioning
Traction Control/Master Cylinder Problems
Archive through October 25, 2005
3rd brake light
TRC Question
Recharging nitrogen accumulator in nsw
ABS warning Light
This may be a stupid question but.....
Need new break pads, yes i searched
Newbie quesiton > removing callipers and rotors
Disk Confusion
Brake Pads. What do people recommend?
Fitting a Vacum canister???
Caliper kit
Goodridge brake lines
Aristo TT brakes
Spring for rear hand break shoes
Acid Dipping Brake Caliper
TT rear caliper
Ebay Rotors
Want some help with brake upgrade
TT Pad Shape
Caliper Kit.... anyone know who can get them?
Front caliper clips
1991 TT Suggested bigger brakes for Racing
Uzz40 brake fit uzz31?
Master cylinder stopper
Problems with bleeding the brakes ZZ30 V8
Getting new rotors
6 cly and v8 brake master cylinders
Internal leak in master cylinder?
Part no. for slotted rear RDA rotors TT
Error code 51
DBA Rotors for a UZZ31
Brakes making a thud noise
Celsior Brakes with Supra 16's
Maltech Install
Part Number 4 Rear Pads
Brake Fluid Level
How much sludge did you get out?
Weird noise
ABS/TRC booster
Urgent advice needed!
Will the rear TT brakes fit under the standard 15" Soarer...
Do V8 fronts fit on the rear?
Problems with new OEM pads.....
Supercharged V8+ TT front brakes and standard rears
Smoke and vibration from one rear brake
Break pad model compatability & where to get cheap break ...
Handbrake shoes???
Really strange braking.
TT pads
Brake Shudder
ABS Code 33 and 35
Disks where wrapped!?
Installing new TT brakes, advice...
Archive through February 13, 2006
Calliper piston uneven pressure mark on shim.
Brake disc replacement
Fixing the Brake fluid warning message
Brake peculiar noise problem
Greddy brake caliper
Dusty Brake pads!
Master Brake Cylinder Stopper / Brace / Bracket / Strut
Brake Fluid Warning Message
Which Toyota Genuine Pads for a '97 JZZ31?
Squeaky brakes - how to fix?
TT brake upgrade - Time to Complete
Squeaking Handbrake.
New rear rotors
Brembo Big Brake Kits for Supra on Soarer ?
RDA slottled and dimpled rotors
New Ferodo Racing pads missing something
Adjusting hand brand from the rear wheels?
TRC - 2nd Generation Celsiors
Intermittent lose of braking
UZZ31 Lucas Brake Pads
Brake system errors
Which one for 93 TT
Back drivers side caliper sticking on.
Need new brakes... dont know where to start?
Ls 400 brakes, but what of the rears
What rear pads for a '94 uzz31?
Braided Brake Lines
Magnificent MALTECH
Bendix Brake Pads
TRC motor doesnt stop at all.....
New DBA 4000 rear rotors!!!
Moving the Brake Pistons Back to Original Location
Does anyone in/near Brisbane know where I can get one of ...
TRC Light on Dash on
TRC Light on Dash on
Progressive brake upgrade
While on the topic of brakes.
ABS Accumulator
ALCON Brakes
LS400 brake upgrade?
Brakes and all that stuff
Brake problems
Fitting brake hoses
ABS TRC Brake Motor Pump Cycling - Fix
Brake Pads Don't Fit
Standard brake lines
Disk Rotors from SC300 TT
Rear Brake Pads - JZZ31
Odd Brake Behavior
EBay Brake Rotors...trustworthy ??? or stick to DBA?
Are thses TT rotors?
Jeff Harppers brakes on sellitfast
Supra Twin Turbo Brake Upgrade :-)
Renewing rusty rotor hubs
Rear brake disc removal
Brake Upgrades
No ABS Brakes -wtf
Rear Brake Upgrade
TT brake upgrade for V8
Archive through March 13, 2006
Quick help on changing the brake pads required.
Brake Pad DRAMAS!!
Help please - Bleed the brakes - pedal goes to the floor!
Brake pads..
Unusual wear on brake pads
Front Calipers on the Rear of a TT?
My car now stops - TT brake upgrade
Archive through November 15, 2005
UZZ30 rear pads
Installing new TT brakes. Help
UZZ30/31 brake booster c/w ABS TRC compatability
Look what I just received today...
New Brake Setup Ideas
Archive through January 20, 2006
V8 brakes
ABS woes still plauge me, bout ready to rip my hair out!!!
ABS woes -update
TT brakes standard on V8.
Archive through November 24, 2005
Archive through November 27, 2005
Archive through December 05, 2005
V8 Brake calipers
Annoying Squeal
Brake issues
HELP: Bendix Brake Pads not going into rear's
Brakes locked on??
Warped rotors
Hand brake adjustment
Brake booster/trac control unit
OEM Brake Pad Issue
Uzz31 brake upgrade
Archive through November 06, 2005
Brake upgrade
Time to stop. Disc / pad change...
Car brakes lock up while driving?
Good track day/serious street brake set-up?
Archive through August 23, 2005
Archive through August 23, 2005
Archive through August 24, 2005
Archive through September 08, 2005
Squeaking brakes
Rotor Sizes
Wheel clearance for 4 pots
How do I know my car has traction control off? And how do...
Archive through August 12, 2005
Rotors arent usualy like this!
Archive through August 10, 2005
Archive through August 10, 2005
TT brake conversion for V8s
Archive through July 26, 2005
Archive through July 27, 2005
Braking Shudder
Protex Brake Rotors
Wheel nuts, wobbly braking and wonky rubber
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