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Soarer Central
Ecu capacitor repair
Mike Beck -06/21, 10:43 am- No problem, Im based in Auckland. If you click on my profile I think you can email me directly, but if not my email is: [Un
Justin Prewett -06/21, 11:23 pm- Mike is the guy when it comes to ECU repairs. definitely would suggest sending it over to him to get fixed.
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
My crack at a responsive 300+rwkw single turbo build
Tai Johnsen -06/21, 10:56 am- Not a very visually exciting update, but more of a interesting technical one. I purchased a front left steering knuckle asse
James Buchan -06/21, 01:52 pm- Gee the cars coming along nicely. It all looks fantastic. Leaps and bounds ahead of mine!
Mike Beck -06/21, 03:28 pm- Tai Johnsen wrote on Friday, June 08, 2018 - 10:50 pm:The only issue I had is that I ordered a black manual version and got
Tai Johnsen -06/21, 05:43 pm- Yep, that looks very familiar minus the fluid lines at the bottom.. Interesting side note regarding the radiator, the stock

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