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Soarer Central
Bodywork and Exterior
Change your car's colour for just $300 !
Trefor Abbott -03/29, 07:44 pm- Hi everyone Ive owned my TT for 16 years now and the paintwork can only be described as sad. I had the roof professionally r
Trefor Abbott -03/29, 07:48 pm- I just tried posting the photos but they were too large. Im about to have dinner so Ill post the pics shortly.
Trefor Abbott -03/29, 08:20 pm- [Image00008.jpg] [Image00009.jpg]
Trefor Abbott -03/29, 08:22 pm- Ok Finally Ive resized the pics. As you can see here, its a before and after view.
Blake Gloyn -03/30, 08:21 am- wow. well done, you. Smart colour. Yay for the help from your lady, too.
Peter Nitschke -03/30, 10:21 am- More pics in full daylight please? I am not a fan of matt on cars, how matt or gloss is the blue?
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
I Know It's Not a Soarer
Peter Nitschke -03/30, 10:29 am- Have you been driving it much?

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