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Soarer Central
Bodywork and Exterior
Door hinge
Wayne Riley -08/21, 01:24 pm- Hi Mark, I had Daryl Demarte reco my drivers door hinge and he did an excellent job, I believe he installs a larger bearing r
Wayne Riley -08/21, 01:47 pm- Sorry again guys, did not read the date again
Scott Vim -08/21, 09:17 pm- Is Daryl still around?
Ecu capacitor repair
Wayne Riley -08/21, 01:28 pm- Hi Mark, I just had my engine ECU recapped by Roy at Forster Electronics, he replaced 9 capacitors and only charged me $88.00
Wayne Riley -08/21, 01:46 pm- Sorry guys, I didnt read the date of the post, but I hope the information I have supplied is of use
Roland Elliott -08/21, 07:57 pm- Wayne Riley wrote on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 01:46 pm:You shouldnt need a Guarantee really, if it plays up then you have

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