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Soarer Central
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
UZZ31 Rebuild - 04/96 Series 2 Limited
Mike Beck -07/19, 04:14 pm- Its always interesting the variations of specification these cars came with. Soarers are pretty odd unless nearly or fully sp
New supra
Dave Rose -07/19, 07:41 am- So the toyota 6 cylinder fits , 2JZ swap capability
Scott Vim -07/19, 01:20 pm- They should have just made new 2jz engines with increased power from the factory.
Mike Beck -07/19, 04:18 pm- It just strikes me as a strange BMW and Toyota relationship, has upper management / production changed that much for Toyota t
Scott Vim -07/20, 08:00 am- Anything with a Supra badge on it in my opinion is to pay homage to the model. Putting a BMW motor misses the point. One of s
Tai Johnsen -07/19, 09:30 am- It is pretty expensive tho...
Mike Beck -07/19, 10:43 am- Im sure its fine. Rather have a 1991 Soarer though.
Kurt Atzmuller -07/20, 07:53 am- I doubt reliability will be an issue they have come along way with their quality. But being a Kia the price should come down
Cars for Sale
[SA] 1992 UZZ32 Soarer Active, $2000, drives well but nee...
Michael McKellar -07/20, 08:55 pm- Epic trip from Adelaide to Sydney through a dust storm and it was pretty good going. New thread starting soon. Thanks Matt
Wanted to Buy
Power steer pressure hose for a UZZ32
Roland Elliott -07/19, 05:15 pm- Has anyone a second hand any condition 44410, the high pressure line that comes off the pump, between pump and the small accu
John Stafford -07/19, 06:42 pm- Hi Roland, Is this hose different on the 32 or will the 31 hose work? I know the arrangement is upside down to the 31 but bec
Roland Elliott -07/20, 12:31 am- Hi John , the one you have is longer and one end has a bend on the tube, I will think about that, many thanks, I do know ther

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