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Soarer Central
Fuel Pump Wiring (Photos)
Thomas Buckley -07/18, 01:47 am- Hi all, New here, just recently purchased a Soarer and needs a bit of work! When I bought it, it was having problems with t
Jan van Berendonk -07/19, 05:41 pm- Black and red have nothing to do with fuel pump. The red wire connecting to the green is powering the fuel pump. Under normal
Cars for Sale
94 UZZ31
Anton Jones -07/17, 11:04 am- This still for sale?
Damien Nikiforides -07/18, 04:25 pm- Wow! Very nice, should have no problem selling.
Wanted to Buy
WTB V8 Soarer. Pristine condition inside and out
Anton Jones -07/17, 11:06 am- As per title. PM me

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