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Soarer Central
Air Conditioning and Climate Control
Rotor cover seal dropped in 4.0L
Colin Marsh -03/23, 05:41 pm- I guess that I already know, but has anyone got any good ideas on getting a broken piece of rotor cover gasket seal out of th
No tail lights
Peter Phipp -03/22, 07:22 pm- It was the tail light relay which is the 12v one nearest the engine next to a big input plug, I swapped it for the door relay
Peter Nitschke -03/23, 09:39 am- Good that you had a win and reported it back.
Mechanical - V8
Soarer headlights
Peter Nitschke -03/23, 09:41 am- Mark, do you have a link to the LED ones?
Mark Brunning -03/23, 11:10 am- No peter not a direct one. I was looking at the led on eBay about 850 bucks or on eBay seller set of lights look quite clean
UZZ31 Transmission troubles
Tim Schroeter -03/21, 07:42 pm- ECU controls the auto, so its possibly an ecu fault. I always recommend fitting a known good, recapped ecu before spending mo
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
Ben's Time Attack Soarer
Ben Lipman -03/23, 12:26 pm- Carrying on from the previous post, in order to get an understanding of the impact of the rear traction rod, I decided to map
Ben Lipman -03/23, 05:07 pm- I had a play with the traction rod length. I tired 10mm longer, 10mm shorter and then, based on the findings and a hunch, I t
F1 Kits - Soarer Manuals
Complete Spare Parts Directory
Keith Billington -03/23, 12:27 pm- Does anyone know please if I can replace seals in my air suspended 94 L/R shock? Its been misting and is now dirty. Cant get

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