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Soarer Central
Say G'day
New owner in Melbourne
Nic Mol -05/21, 06:31 pm- Soarers have interested me for a long time now, and just a few months ago I finally got around to buying one. Its a 91 Limite
Dave Rose -05/21, 08:45 pm- 
Mechanical - V8
All v8's faster from 50-100kph than 0-50kph? Low rpm powe...
Mike Beck -05/22, 01:43 pm- Yeah stock UZZ31 should be around 7 seconds. Quite common for the ECU issues to slowly degrade performance until it stops r
Tom Claffey -05/22, 05:29 pm- A while ago I had starting issues, had to feather the throttle on cranking to start. Then it stalled a few times, then it wou
Cars for Sale
Supercharged V8
John Stafford -05/20, 02:24 pm- I have just sold the car, with a weeks rego left. I took the special LCAs off and put good ones on and the buyer was happy fo
John Stafford -05/20, 02:25 pm- Please note that this car is SOLD.
Wanted to Buy
1jzgte vvti auto mines ecu wanted
Jason Mace -05/22, 04:42 am- looking for a mines or blitz ecu for a soarer with a 1jzgte vvti auto engine, that has speed removal
James Buchan -05/22, 01:38 pm- Good luck Jason, you may be searching for some-timeto find one of those. Surely itd be easier to get a piggy back ECU setup.
Kim Anthony -05/22, 10:55 am- Hi Im looking for a UZZ30. These are my preferences but am willing to negotiate: Located in QLD Lighter colour prefer 200k
WTB: 1JZ Tranny Solenoid (NO. 1)
Rob Saxon -05/21, 09:50 pm- Hello, I am in need of a NO. 1 Tranny Solenoid from a 1JZ A340E. If you have one and are willing to ship it to USA please le
Need headlights.
John Stafford -05/20, 02:07 pm- Hey Randy, I use Mr Buff by septone to restore my lights to white all the time, about every 6 mths I go over them with a dril

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