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Soarer Central
Mechanical - TT
1JZ-GTE VVT-I Corner
1JZ VVti auto turbo CT15B Kinugawa
James Buchan -10/16, 09:35 pm- What engine management are you using on it?
Kurt Atzmuller -10/18, 01:24 pm- Have you upgraded the dump pipe at all?
Mechanical - V8
1UZZ31 Cranks but will not start
Ian Miller -10/16, 02:07 pm- CPU board has now been checked. Capacitors close to chips such that careful examination was not possible were removed and rep
T56 for 1uz manual conversion
Andrew Brown -10/19, 11:21 pm- Hey Jan, was the Speedohealer difficult to wire in? Thinking about getting one for my converted manual reading 21% over
Jan van Berendonk -10/20, 05:44 pm- Not hard to wire in. I ran the wires through the rubber grommets on the passenger side - USA handbrake. Need to wire from the
General Soarer Chat
Cheap new LCA;s
James Buchan -10/16, 09:31 pm- I replaced my LCAs and got some new bushes from Peter Taplin, and to found a set with good ball joints. No problems
Parts For Sale
[WRECKING] UZ31 Soarer - White, Sunroof, Front end fooked...
Paul Funtowicz -10/21, 10:02 am- Justin, sorry mate I rarely check here best to message direct. Camera $160 shipped. Let me know.
Cars for Sale
1997 VVTI Single Turbo Soarer
James Buchan -10/20, 03:41 pm- Good luck with the sale, looks like a nice example of a late model
1992 Limited V8 with new paint job
John Stafford -10/20, 12:06 pm- This car represents good value for money. I have made it out of 2 spare cars that I had in the back yard. It has a new paint

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