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Soarer Central
Say G'day
Back in a Soarer
Dan Newton -09/18, 07:52 pm- Heres a link to the first start after the engine swap. Considering starting a channel to document the progress on the car. h
Justin Prewett -09/20, 09:32 pm- Sounds nice and healthy.. what did that engine cost if you dont mind me asking ?
Dan Newton -09/22, 05:44 pm- I paid $3k. It seems a lot, but with proven 80,000km it was by far the best available. I’m driving around the South Islan
Bodywork and Exterior
Soarer head lights
Mark Brunning -09/20, 09:20 pm- Hi guys just wanted some opinions regarding soarer headlights. Sick of seeing blurry head lights and weak projection of ligh
Ross Pesina -09/23, 12:37 pm- Assuming you have polished your headlights using the varied options ie supercheap headlight restoration kit, i’d then look
Wanted to Buy
Ross Pesina -09/17, 07:38 pm- I have a perfect sunroof $50 in Vic
Chayton Erth -09/17, 07:49 pm- G Day Ross . Thanks for the reply . I will be down in Vic in next few weeks heading for Geelong area . Most Soarers found up
Ross Pesina -09/20, 09:29 am- Do you know roughly when? I am getting ready to move house and everything has to be gone by end of October.
Chayton Erth -09/20, 10:26 pm- G Day Ross . I will definitely be down before then . Do you have much in way of parts you are looking to sell ? Anything you
Ross Pesina -09/20, 10:31 pm- Ive got various panels and random trim bits I need to get rid of. Parts wise Im pretty right as my soarer is pretty complete

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