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Soarer Central
Say G'day
Hello from Central West NSW
Roland Elliott -12/11, 04:47 am- looking good Sandy , it should all go well with all the spares.
Sandy Chetcuti -12/11, 06:13 am- Thats just it, I dont really need the spares, I have enough to build another car. All the soarer needs is a head gasket, the
Mike Beck -12/12, 10:17 am- Welcome. I like the wheels on it currently haha.
Sandy Chetcuti -12/12, 01:09 pm- haha Yeah hilux on the back and ford on the front lol I need to get him some mags so I can use the hilux rims on my trailer [
Articles of Interest
Super supra .
Dave Rose -12/15, 09:01 am- ddff7619d
Parts For Sale
1 Uzfe engine and gearbox plus other parts
John Stafford -12/15, 09:40 pm- This engine was running great till overheat plastic thermostat housing gave up. Compression is 180psi on all cylinders except
Charles Barnett -12/16, 05:14 pm- PM Sent
Black Apexi speed meter $250
John Stafford -12/15, 09:34 pm- withdrawn from selling. Can anyone help me with wiring it up to my 31. I need it to exceed the 180 speed limiting. Had a g
Aluminium or stainless steel thermostat housing for V8
John Stafford -12/15, 09:31 pm- Couldnt get it made in time. So just stay with what is available.

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