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Soarer Central
Fuel Pump Wiring (Photos)
Thomas Buckley -07/18, 01:47 am- Hi all, New here, just recently purchased a Soarer and needs a bit of work! When I bought it, it was having problems with t
Jan van Berendonk -07/19, 05:41 pm- Black and red have nothing to do with fuel pump. The red wire connecting to the green is powering the fuel pump. Under normal
Mechanical - V8
300,000km service
Mark Donovan -07/15, 12:11 pm- Any owners here who have passed 300,000km? Im at 281,000km and have decided to do the 300k service a bit early. Does the pa
Scott Vim -07/15, 01:18 pm- I got to 340,000km before someone T-boned me and it got written off. Still was healthy leaked a bit of oil though. I had done
New TEMS struts for a TT
Tim Schroeter -07/15, 11:14 pm- Hi Tara. Give Dean Rayner a call, he might have some. 0400005596
Tara Bros -07/16, 03:51 am- Do you have an email for him? Sorry just time zone shift plus international call costs make it a lot easier to do email when
Tim Schroeter -07/16, 06:41 am- Hes on facebook. Dean Rayner, dissected auto recycling.
Cars for Sale
94 UZZ31
Anton Jones -07/17, 11:04 am- This still for sale?
Damien Nikiforides -07/18, 04:25 pm- Wow! Very nice, should have no problem selling.
Wanted to Buy
WTB V8 Soarer. Pristine condition inside and out
Anton Jones -07/17, 11:06 am- As per title. PM me

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