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Back in a Soarer
Dan Newton -11/16, 11:34 pm- Small update with the car. Ive bought myself a S2 Supra JDM carbon fibre steering wheel. This thing was not cheap, but in my
James Buchan -11/19, 02:54 pm- Love the steering wheel. Same as mine, perforated leather and red stitching, minus the carbon fibre. I always have wanted one
General Soarer Chat
Soarer car insurance
Mark Brunning -11/18, 07:25 pm- Hi everyone, just asking out there what insurance companies have soarer owners been using. I’m in qld and Shannon’s and
Peter Nitschke -11/19, 01:14 am- I have been using Shannons, had no problems years back when I needed to put a claim in.
Dave Rose -11/19, 08:41 am- Hi Mark ,i also have Shannons for both cars and house for the last 9 years , big storm in perth damaged house , settled quick
Mark Brunning -11/19, 07:37 pm- Thanks everyone if you don’t mind me asking how much agreed value will they cover and premium price roughly
Jan van Berendonk -11/19, 07:45 pm- I changed to Third party only to ensure I got to keep my car after an accident when AAMI took over Just Cars. Even a minor ac
Dave Rose -11/19, 10:26 pm- $13000
Cars for Sale
1992 JZZ30 GTT-L Ao2A, Diff Installed
Paul Hodgson -11/13, 11:05 am- Progress Update: Repaired the seat belt clip bracket. Will attempt to fix the seat belt so it can work properly. Way over th
Paul Hodgson -11/16, 04:07 pm- Progress Update: Repaired Door Handle Latch and replaced door trim.
Paul Hodgson -11/18, 01:17 pm- Progress Update: Fixed the Inertia Reel for the Seat Belt with CRC, Seat Belt itself is in good condition.

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