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Soarer Central
Celsior / LS400 Calipers
Andrew Brown -05/21, 01:44 pm- Just dredging up an old post, but to confirm when fitting ls400 4 pots the minimum wheel clearance at any point between rotor
Outside Temp Display in the Dash
Andrew Brown -05/22, 11:43 pm- Can anyone with an early model AC unit and temp dash please tell me the part number on the back part of the AC unit?
Mechanical - V8
PCV valve - Where to buy?
Andrew Brown -05/22, 08:21 am- Does anyone know any place that sells a PCV valve for the 1uz-fe? Toyota has this part discontinued and no other company appe
Tom Richards -05/22, 08:38 am-
Andrew Brown -05/22, 08:59 am- Thanks so much mate! seems I was searching incorrectly, nothing comes up when searching for 1uz pcv
Tom Richards -05/22, 12:44 pm- looking at the list the same part fits mazdas and nissans . Supercheap etc may have in stock
High idle only when cold, thoughts?
Andrew Brown -05/18, 05:27 pm- not sure what you mean, what were talking about is when going from cold to hot temp idle, the idle will not go down until no
Scott Vim -05/18, 11:11 pm- It wont and it never does. It knows when you are moving and will not idle down even in a manual transmission in neutral coast
Andrew Brown -05/22, 08:08 am- Weird, I wonder why they have it set up like this?
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
Toymax Sports Sedan Soarer
Chayton Erth -05/23, 04:12 pm- G Day Aaron . Hey hows the car going been able to do much to it ?
Parts For Sale
R154 for sale
Scott Vim -05/18, 11:16 pm- Very good condition has been tested by myself in my chaser. Has done about 100,000km. Was originally going to put behind my 1
Ali Saeed -05/23, 03:27 pm- remote or non-remote?
Scott Vim -05/23, 06:35 pm- Think jzx100 is remote but will have to check that.
FS: 2jzgte ecu, loom 97+ tails, V160 Twin plate clutch
Ali Saeed -05/23, 03:29 pm- PLEASE NOTE: I will not be able to post the items till 26th June 2017 as I am currently interstate. Items are located in Per
Wanted to Buy
Chayton Erth -05/19, 12:55 am- G Day Guys . Got mate in trouble with his 94 UZ31 engine ECU has blown . He needs a engine ECU with numbers 89661-24390 has t
Justin Prewett -05/19, 10:55 pm- Have you had a look to see if its repairable ? most likely faulty capacitors which have leaked onto the board.
Mike Beck -05/20, 09:26 am- As above. 89661-24390 is a rare ECU too, so youd struggle to find a spare. Worth repairing!
Chayton Erth -05/20, 12:57 pm- Hey guys the one in it leaked that bad blew hole in the board its destroyed . This ECU was only out for less than 1year they
Scott Vim -05/20, 03:19 pm- Cant get another 1uz soarer ecu to work? Suppose plugs are different.
Mike Beck -05/20, 04:57 pm- Wow, a hole blown in the board? Ive repaired well over 50 ECUs and never seen a failure as bad as that. Post pics!
Chayton Erth -05/20, 09:16 pm- Hey check this out for stuffed .[cid_507 (1).jpeg]
Roland Elliott -05/20, 10:52 pm- Yes, seen 2 like this, a guy in Perth sent me his a couple of years ago, it was a bit worse than this on pictured. The other
Jack Driver -05/21, 11:20 pm- Hey Clayton Check out this company. My repair from them is four years old and still rocking. Cheaper than rep
Roland Elliott -05/21, 11:52 pm- LEXUS SC300 SC400 AMPLIFIER AMP RADIO STEREO AUDIO NAKAMICHI 1992-1998 RRP: $1,798.00 $309.00 Noticed they had the above amp
Chayton Erth -05/22, 03:29 pm- Hey thanks for that Jack . That is really good site and they fix up your climate control units as well .
Chayton Erth -05/22, 06:13 pm- Hey thanks for that Jack . That is really good site and they fix up your climate control units as well .

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