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Soarer Central
Say G'day
Hi! My car isn't starting
Denis Kropotov -03/18, 05:30 pm- just for other people in the future the very rough translation is Please start the engine as the battery will rise
Roland Elliott -03/19, 01:09 am- The battery level is low, check your leads to the battery for corrosion , check battery is okay , make sure the de-mobiliser
Cars for Sale
Supercharged V8
John Stafford -03/18, 08:04 am- Well I have decided that I need this car gone as I do not have room to house it and dont want to register it when its rego is
Roland Elliott -03/18, 11:31 am- Its to cheap
John Stafford -03/18, 08:15 pm- Yes, Roland is right. It is too cheap. Where do you get a near immaculate V8 Soarer in great mechanical condition for $4500,
Mark Donovan -03/19, 05:59 am- The Soarer market over here in NZ has also dried up, John. No one wants to spend a bit extra for good examples, they just wan
Mike Beck -03/19, 04:44 pm- Mark Donovan wrote on Monday, March 19, 2018 - 05:59 am:The Soarer market over here in NZ has also dried up, John. No one w
John Stafford -03/19, 07:51 pm- Nothing from people with the money at all.
Wanted to Buy
Working front passenger airbag
Michael Wittwer -03/14, 01:18 pm- Hi All, Long shot, but does anyone have a working front passenger airbag strut? Mine has finally given up. I am in SA so ple
Vincent Chan -03/16, 10:26 pm- I have a front passenger side.
Vincent Chan -03/16, 10:31 pm- Mine is a latter replacement from Toyota. I have to take a picture of the top where the wiring is, they may be slightly diffe
Michael Wittwer -03/18, 05:29 pm- I would definitely interested. I have 91 UZZ31.

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