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Soarer Central
Say G'day
Hi from Birmingham, UK
Josef Dallaway -08/10, 06:40 pm- Hi guys, this is my fresh Japanese import 1999 Soarer 2.5GT-T factory manual [soarer.jpg]
Mike Beck -08/10, 11:18 pm- Welecome mate, looks sharp. Good style of wheel!
Mechanical - TT
1JZ-GTE VVT-I Corner
Turn off slip cont?
Josef Dallaway -08/10, 06:46 pm- Hi guys, I own an imported 1999 Soarer 2.5GT-T. Its the vvti version with the R154 manual box. Im trying to work out how to d
Mechanical - Common
1991 V8 Soarer stalling - Any help appreciated
Patrick Mccreanor -08/10, 09:16 am- hello , I need help with simular situation , Ive swaped out MAFs and IACs with no joy, the car will start then stall and if
Mike Beck -08/10, 11:22 pm- Hi Pat, check the ecu. Under passenger floor, black plastic cover. If the ecu has a fishy / pungent smell at any of the s
General Soarer Chat
I did not know this!!!!!
Tom Richards -08/14, 05:38 pm-
Mike Beck -08/14, 08:00 pm- Good reading. I just put Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on the 32. So far so good, but havent really pushed them on a good d
Scott Vim -08/15, 08:55 am- I run stagged setup so I cant rotate tyres.
Nitrogen accumulator regassing - or purchasing a new one
James Buchan -08/10, 09:45 am- Hi Mitch Email sent.
Mitch Templar -08/11, 12:39 pm- Hi James, Sorry, still have got nothing from you mate. Can you tell me your best e-mail address please? Thanks, Mitch.
Unknown error
Patrick Mccreanor -08/10, 12:36 pm- Im having problems with mine at this time ,my dash come up with somthing that looked like 9 TPj E-h I had it translated to
Blake Gloyn -08/10, 06:35 pm- dialog mood = diagnostic mode. pop the bonnet, while motor running, in a pitch black environment,not in a closed shed thoug
Parts For Sale
Emanage Ultimate with harness
Mark Tierney -08/13, 06:22 pm- Hi All, I have the GReddy EManage Ultimate from my Soarer for sale. My 1.5jz big single project is finished and ive swapped t
Evan Kaio -08/13, 06:47 pm- Hi Mark. Am interested in the Sard 650cc injectors. Cheers. Evan
Costa Tsimiklis -08/15, 11:09 am- How much are you after for the EMU plus harness? Did you tune with the extra map sensor to run the BB12a ? Thanks.
Mark Tierney -08/15, 12:04 pm- Heres the EBay listing reference for the Ultimate I have the Ult
Mark Tierney -08/15, 12:20 pm- It ran a 3 bar map sensor. Not sure if its still with the engine, ill find out when it all comes back. I actually have a bra
Evan Kaio -08/15, 03:14 pm- Mark Tierney wrote on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 12:04 pm:Evan, i dropped you a note last night. I will keep your expressio
UZZ32 Wrecking
Ekrem Vrbovac -08/15, 12:43 pm- Hi All, Wrecking uzz32 all parts available.
Genuine Soarer Wheel Nuts
Mitch Templar -08/11, 12:42 pm- They arrived at 11AM today mate, 20 shiny OEM wheel nuts, you beauty! Thank you for the free hair net as well! Now I just hav
Nathan Machin -08/11, 03:36 pm- Haha no worries mate glad they arrived ok.
ECU for sale
Patrick Mccreanor -08/10, 10:16 pm- ECU for sale LS 400 $200 plus postage . as is from states ,did not fit my SC400 ENGINE CONTROL TOYOTA 89661-50032 175
Wanted to Buy
WTB: JZZ30 auto gearbox to suit 1jz vvti - prefer VIC
James Buchan -08/10, 09:47 am- No kickdown cable Ross, among other differences. The valve body is different too. I purchased a MV autos 1.5 shift kit and it

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