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Dave Rose -01/19, 09:32 am- ddff7619d
Mechanical - V8
V8 hunting idle when warm
Marcus Cimino -01/17, 04:08 pm- Hey everyone, so my soarer keeps hunting at id keeps jumping to 2k and dropping to about 1100rpm. Only when its been running
Tom Richards -01/18, 12:01 pm-
Tim Schroeter -01/19, 09:03 am- Id be looking at the ecu before I fiddled with anything else. A failing ecu will cause this, it also may have been the cause
Soarer v8 oil filter
Mark Brunning -01/19, 12:12 am- Just asking out there, has anyone used Trd sports oil filter for v8 soarer. I noticed they are made in Japan what’s people
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Soarer Dyno Day EOI - Mentone VIC
Rhys Bowman -01/15, 10:20 pm- 100% full of sh!t costa. business is gone cos you were sh!t and had no idea what u were doing. i called it the day i left u
Parts For Sale
Mark Brunning -01/15, 09:08 pm- Hi Scott in pm you
Scott Vim -01/20, 08:42 pm- Ok I pm you back with my phone number please send me an sms when you can.
Mark Brunning -01/20, 08:55 pm- Hi Scott I will give u my mobile number, it’s public domain so just text me 0414212098

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