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Soarer Central
Brake Accumulator Issues
Peter Nitschke -06/21, 05:12 pm- Mark, how long ago did you manage to get a new one?
Roland Elliott -06/21, 07:28 pm- Maybe what he really was saying is a lot of the new accumulators leak, this is possible due to them sitting on the shelf for
Mark Brunning -06/21, 08:40 pm- I had mine put in about 3 months ago and working perfectly
Jan van Berendonk -06/22, 05:33 pm- I think it also depends on who refurbishes your Accumulator - Peter T, is the best.
Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects
I Know It's Not a Soarer
Peter Nitschke -06/21, 05:28 pm- Wow! I parked next to one at Bunnies a couple of weeks ago, same colour, looked really good in the sunlight.
Whereabouts of Peter Taplin
Mike Beck -06/21, 11:48 pm- All I can say is good luck. Ive got a fair share of UZZ32 experience, email me if youd like to discuss
Parts For Sale
Soarer towbar kit
John Street -06/21, 04:17 pm- Soarer towbar kit , never fitted, incl fitting kit $200
Peter Nitschke -06/21, 05:02 pm- PM Sent
John Street -06/22, 02:38 pm- Towbar sold thanks
Cars for Sale
Supercharged V8
John Stafford -06/24, 09:03 am- bump
Wanted to Buy
WTB Driver side indicator housing
Lachie Bryce -06/26, 01:29 pm- Hey all, me small driver side clear indicator housing has fallen on my soarer - just after another to replace it. cheers
Dave Rose -06/26, 06:58 pm- Non standard clear might be a bit hard to source ,
Nicholas Zyppel -06/27, 08:41 am- Theyre expensive man.. like $100 expensive.. id just revert to stock for $20

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