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Open in new windowHTV2300 Supercharged SoarerIvan Aksentijevic 15 
Open in new windowBullet supercharger 1uzMike Beck12 
Open in new windowMethanolAnton Jones16 
Open in new windowSupercharger - FittingJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSingle or Twin Turbo?Damon Cornish157 
Open in new windowWhat's the m90 kit worth?James Buchan
Open in new windowM90 Supercharged Soarer reviews thread.Andrew Brown
Open in new windowV8 FireRoland Elliott14 
Open in new windowEMV issues.Tom Richards
Open in new windowMy new installation of an M90Ross Pesina25 
Open in new windowTurbo coolant feedTroy Gray
Open in new windowAll done for now. YeeehaaaJeff Burton
Open in new windowM90 suporting mods, what do I need to run one?Ryan Owens14 
Open in new windowSupercharger Belt and Pulley ProblemPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowM90 with e85Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowGirl with a super charger please help!Rob Charles13 
Open in new windowWater injectionTai Johnsen
Open in new windowM90 needs more powerJames Buchan32 
Open in new windowStroked 5.2L, Whipple Twin Screw, W2A intercooled, dual intakes, Ha...Scott Vim19 
Open in new windowBlower = reduced brakesRobert Day10 
Open in new windowSaying Hi and Showing my UZZ31 Turbo ProjectHays Sleiman92 
Open in new windowAnother supercharger threadDave Rose
Open in new windowVortech V3 SiDamon Cornish
Open in new windowECU - HTV1900 PackageMario Lentini
Open in new windowM112 EATON ON A 1UZGavin Johnstone72 
Open in new windowTime for an updatePaul Drane13 
Open in new windowWho purchased my blower?Chris Redman
Open in new window1uz + Walbro 255 LPHAllan Langford
Open in new windowSlow ProgressAllan Langford61 
Open in new windowPics of intercooler setups - show yours...Dave van Staveren16 
Open in new windowRight type of m90?Scott Vim20 
Open in new windowPulley sizes.Dave van Staveren10 
Open in new windowMy M90 Setup.Scott Vim13 
Open in new windowNew toy for my soarer...Jay Asghari31 
Open in new windowNewb to superchargingBernie Simm12 
Open in new windowWhats needed for 1uz to rev to 9000rpm?Bernie Simm25 
Open in new windowDont custom fab manifolds!!Bernie Simm
Open in new windowApexi RSM IIMichael Halliday24 
Open in new windowHTV1900 initial tuneDamian Ware11 
Open in new windowBlown 1UZZ31 questions.Bernie Simm31 
Open in new windowI'm thinking about charging my v8 Scott Vim22 
Open in new windowWater to air intercoolersDamon Cornish19 
Open in new windowMax boostChris Butler
Open in new windowUzz31 twin turboJoshua White
Open in new windowTime to update on BLOWN UZZ32Cameron Cuddihy11 
Open in new windowThrottle Body OpinionsAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowDrane's DroneCarl Mccormack
Open in new windowHTV1900 into my UZZ32Andrew Ferres121 
Open in new windowAdvice with Adaptronic e420cAndy Flight
Open in new window1UZFE SC14 ProjectDamian Ware
Open in new window10 Second 1UZAli Saeed23 
Open in new windowEmv tvKim Hunt
Open in new windowBuick supercharger intake plenumDamian Ware
Open in new windowDyno Results & ForesaleDamian Ware12 
Open in new windowSC12 blowerNathan Richardson16 
Open in new windowEtuner S1 Turbo Kit - Preliminary ResultsCihan Aday116 
Open in new windowLeaning outScott Casey10 
Open in new windowHTV1900 Supercharged Hilux ProjectChris Heit38 
Open in new windowNew Power Figure.Paul Drane13 
Open in new windowCoyote v8Allan Langford72 
Open in new windowBoosting stock 1uz, Max boost and tuning questionAli Saeed34 
Open in new windowHTV1900 on 1UZ - 370RWKWNathan Richardson33 
Open in new windowAftermarket coilDamian Ware
Open in new windowExpressions of interest James Walker13 
Open in new windowPrice of supercharger?Hays Sleiman48 
Open in new windowSc 14 on 1uz ??? can it has it been done ?Jeff Bedsor21 
Open in new windowBaby HULK with COPNeil Griffiths49 
Open in new windowWater/Methanol Injection kits.... Questions.James Buchan18 
Open in new windowAlumium radiatorGianni Matrogiannis
Open in new windowWhipple SC on worked SC400Raj Somarouthu30 
Open in new windowNew best 1/4 mile - SC400!Khris Cox
Open in new windowReg Supercharging?Joshua White58 
Open in new windowMy Vortech supercharged SC400. Pics, dyno numbers, vids, and more! Khris Cox196 
Open in new windowWhipple UZZ32Mario Lentini22 
Open in new windowPossible fuel pump problemAndy Flight
Open in new windowCam beltsDave Rose
Open in new windowIntroductionBrett Harrison63 
Open in new windowSingle Garret GT35/40 on V8Robert Davies13 
Open in new windowWant a supercharged engine ? here is one..Robert Davies
Open in new windowWhat injectors are people using with their superchargersAaron Mead17 
Open in new windowIM240 Emissions test - WAAdam Peterson101 
Open in new windowSecond hand imported engine.......doesn't even look run in yet!!! ;...Robert Davies10 
Open in new windowEngine bay Dress upRobert Davies14 
Open in new windowNew quarter mile timeDaniel Clarke19 
Open in new windowFull throttle glitchMatthew Werner17 
Open in new windowRaptorsc Banzai Max Intercooled VS Bullet HTV 1900 for Soarer 1uzfeNathan Richardson10 
Open in new windowWho now sells mikes ITB'sMick Mielczarek
Open in new windowI want a superchargeKhris Cox17 
Open in new windowCams and springs went in Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowGoing 1uzfe turbo, lots of questions!Palacios Nuñez
Open in new window80,000 km serviceAdam Peterson
Open in new windowV8 head gaskets and boltsNathan Richardson
Open in new windowTime to put another motor in.Paul Drane13 
Open in new windowWhat blower to use on a UZZ31Steven Anderson
Open in new windowFinding the Right SuperchargerAdam Peterson
Open in new window97 SC400 Supercharged 6 speed going 4.7 Whipple nowScott Marshall22 
Open in new windowInsurance in WA Adam Peterson
Open in new windowMax speed reached on supercharged v8 1/4mile run?Mike Beck20 
Open in new windowMounting an M90, the non-conventional way...Andreas Niaouris12 
Open in new windowOut of Bonnet experience?Scott Marshall
Open in new windowSupercharger BearingsDavid Shaw
Open in new windowWheel HP vs engine HP with superchargerDavid Vaughan17 
Open in new windowSwapping fuel pump for bosch 040Joshua White
Open in new windowWhere to buy methanolJoshua White
Open in new windowA couple of supercharger mock ups...Scott Marshall10 
Open in new windowQuarter mile timeMatt Petersen24 
Open in new windowTt v8 in vn F/SScott Casey
Open in new windowIntake heat reductionDavid Marriott20 
Open in new windowForgies + BalanceJoshua White
Open in new windowStrut BraceAshley Leach15 
Open in new windowWork in progress...Joshua White124 
Open in new windowThe long and winding road to FI :-)...Evan Kaio187 
Open in new windowSC14 Superchargers wantedJeff Bedsor17 
Open in new windowMore power out of Adams T88 Soarer!Joshua White11 
Open in new windowRecommended boost and afr gauges/setupsJoshua White24 
Open in new windowI know this is for Supercharged V8's, but...Christian Molenda17 
Open in new windowECU issues?Leon Wright12 
Open in new window1UZFE ROSS Forged connecting rods US$850.00 delivered.Aaron Mead
Open in new windowAnyone ever cracked 1uz head?Neil Griffiths41 
Open in new windowManual Conversion For Supercharged V8David Vaughan10 
Open in new windowSupercharging your V8Joshua Rao17 
Open in new windowElectric SuperchargingTai Johnsen29 
Open in new windowHead gaskets and studs??Adam Chytra
Open in new windowNew dyno sheetCihan Aday37 
Open in new windowWow, who is this???Ashley Leach
Open in new windowExhaust questionGianni Matrogiannis
Open in new windowPeter's Twin Turbo (TD04) 1UZFE + Emanage Blue tunedCihan Aday26 
Open in new windowWhipple S/C in a SoarerNeil Griffiths71 
Open in new windowAny helpSteven Anderson25 
Open in new windowE manageDaniel Clarke23 
Open in new windowIs it worth SuperchargingSteven Anderson32 
Open in new windowPowercruise Dyno ResultsKim Hunt
Open in new windowI just had to share this..Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowRising rate fuel reg installAndrew Ferres10 
Open in new windowNo boost #2Kim Hunt
Open in new windowNot enough boostGary Nimmo36 
Open in new windowDyno run resultsJeff Smith14 
Open in new windowNew engine- Different dip stick/sump set upJoshua White
Open in new windowFitting my chargerPeter Nitschke22 
Open in new windowM112 SuperchargerMelnikov Yaroslav12 
Open in new windowPeter Taplins UZZ32 - Ultimate Installed and TunedSteven Anderson37 
Open in new windowSupercharged SC400 in cairns???Daniel Renahan
Open in new windowSupercharged: Airbags or no AirbagsRich O'neil
Open in new windowSmoking oil breatherJoshua White57 
Open in new windowRecent quarter mile timeDaniel Clarke17 
Open in new window'Upside-down' Ford Thunderbird intercooled superchargerGary Nimmo
Open in new windowEngine pinging at extreme rate. Sensor -30 degreesTim Staier
Open in new windowWont rev past 2600 after hitting speed cut @ 170-180Justin Cook
Open in new windowCan't fit startermotor with air/water intercoolerNeil Griffiths10 
Open in new window250+ kw V8 SoarerTim Staier
Open in new windowM90 Supercharger for sale.Kevin Cameron
Open in new windowExhaustGary Nimmo
Open in new windowDriveabilityAlan Riley69 
Open in new windowExpectationsKim Hunt
Open in new windowBullet lexus V8 MX5Patrick Chan
Open in new window1UZFE ARP head studs/nuts/washers - Group buy.Blaine Hanson
Open in new windowNeed more! Gimme GimmeDean Carsen31 
Open in new windowDandenong Exhaust....opinion??Mohit Marfatia
Open in new windowVortech V1 T Trim Mick Mielczarek16 
Open in new windowBest rwkw for you v8 supercharged guysBraden Murdoch28 
Open in new windowV1 Superchaeger Brackets For SalePaul Mainey
Open in new windowWhipple Supercharger Lew Radbourn39 
Open in new windowPiggy backs Peter Chriss
Open in new windowBlown 1/4 mile timesBrett Moloney25 
Open in new windowSupercharger dyno resultsTai Johnsen33 
Open in new windowRun this through your noggin...Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowFeeling low :-(...Joshua White42 
Open in new windowPressure relief valve questionCihan Aday
Open in new windowM90 overhaul kit neededJoshua White15 
Open in new windowWhat is needed?Lynden Phillips33 
Open in new windowCrank pulley sizeTai Johnsen
Open in new windowStroked 1UZFELew Radbourn29 
Open in new windowNew ECU for more PSITim Appleton44 
Open in new windowOxygen Sensors & Hi flow CatsGary Nimmo
Open in new windowWhich Blower?Gary Nimmo
Open in new windowUnchipGianni Matrogiannis
Open in new windowParts 'list'Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowAir filterJoshua White
Open in new windowUpgrading Ignition SystemMike Beck
Open in new windowWho has got what?George Lu40 
Open in new windowQuote for supercharging Daniel Clarke16 
Open in new windowMy Supercharger intercooled setupNeil Griffiths45 
Open in new windowAnyone running M800 on there 1uz Soarer?Robin Giles18 
Open in new windowRaptor SC on SoarerRobin Giles48 
Open in new windowVortec + V8 = fun Aaron Parry32 
Open in new windowAnother Raptor Supercharger unleashed!Phil Gibson30 
Open in new windowDIY Supercharging...?Anish Varsani58 
Open in new windowTerraChargerTim Appleton
Open in new windowMore boost Captain!Luke Bartlett
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