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Open in new windowLong shot but really really need help! 1jz!Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowEasy things to doPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowRemoving radiator uzz31Steve Gorman
Open in new windowBFI pisDave Rose23 
Open in new windowThis place is cancer. Delete me. Idgaf.Mike Beck11 
Open in new window1991 V8 Soarer stalling - Any help appreciated Raoul Duke
Open in new windowUZZ31 V8 idle speed when engine is cold. What's the normal range?Raoul Duke
Open in new windowPower Steering Fluid "Disappearing"Patrick Mccreanor41 
Open in new windowFront Wheel Bearing ReplacementNicholas Zyppel15 
Open in new windowFuel Flap Won't OpenScott Vim10 
Open in new windowManual ConversionMathew Beames
Open in new windowFumoto Sump ValveMartin Brown10 
Open in new window1jzgte throttle bodyCorey O'Donoghue
Open in new windowRe capping ECU in PerthPeter Adams
Open in new windowFuel LeakIlya Ali
Open in new windowMy V8 cranks over but wont fire upBrett Harrison
Open in new windowTT vs V8 oil filterJohn Khanh20 
Open in new window1992 V8 stalls when shifted into reverse or driveJason Hall
Open in new windowKnocking sound from rearBlake Gloyn12 
Open in new windowUZZ32 won't pressurise and is making a bad noiseRobert Day15 
Open in new windowWhat's this stuffRoland Elliott11 
Open in new windowV8 woesCharles Stahl15 
Open in new windowThermostat Housing GaskitShane Haverkamp11 
Open in new windowSmall issues that are annoying meScott Vim
Open in new windowPlease Help! TT Problem. ECU, O2 Sensor, Alternator or Spark Plug/C...Paul Hodgson
Open in new windowBubble, bubble toil & troubleScott Vim
Open in new windowUzz31 nitrogen accumulator - part number please? Chris Lock
Open in new windowFiltersChris Lock
Open in new windowWhiteline W92930 Engine mountDamon Cornish19 
Open in new windowTurbo timer installation? ?Crystal Moss
Open in new windowCarbon Fouled Plugs??Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowCar not startingCrystal Moss10 
Open in new windowTorsen LSD Locking UpAli Saeed13 
Open in new windowVic Roadworthy cert...Allan Langford
Open in new windowInnovative fix for broken window regulatorGlen Muller
Open in new windowNitrogen accumulatorMario Jayawardena
Open in new windowWhere to buy new hosesDarren Bauer
Open in new windowCam sensor wires Shane Pleasance
Open in new windowHow to successfully remove pop off valve?Trevor Marsh24 
Open in new windowV8 Fuel Pumps - Recommendations? Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowSOARER BIBLETom Richards13 
Open in new windowSoarer Maintenance QuestionsLouis Attard
Open in new windowBearing types and the differencesMichael James
Open in new windowSplashback When Filling Up With PetrolJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowRounded nut on fuel filterTom Richards12 
Open in new windowRemoving oil filter- the dummies guide Ian Rigby31 
Open in new windowError code on dashMario Jayawardena10 
Open in new windowElectrical smell now car not running rightDavid Boyle
Open in new windowV8 questionsJohn Street11 
Open in new windowSeatbelt Locks On A SlopeDon Bagnall11 
Open in new windowANOTHER Alternator related ThreadMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowGood Mechanic needed South Perth - any ideas?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new window1JZGTE- Non-impact engineTom Richards
Open in new windowTurbos to fit my ttKurt Atzmuller
Open in new windowSmashed passenger window, what are options?Rory Braatvedt13 
Open in new windowSingle piece tailshaft....Dan McColl
Open in new windowRemote Locking Drivers Side NOT WorkingJason Riggs
Open in new windowBrisbane mechanicDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowBest place to get Reco'd Power Steering Pumps..?Dave Rose12 
Open in new windowWashin Pod FilterDaniel Clarke10 
Open in new windowBest way to test 1jz ignition coil?Tom Richards
Open in new windowOil leakStephen Rondo
Open in new windowPlease help with BFI air-scoop, can't remove + photoRory Braatvedt
Open in new windowRemoving boot lid gas strutsTom Richards11 
Open in new windowFront shock gator splitTrevor Marsh
Open in new windowGearbox fluid change. Where's the 'top cooler line'?Matthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowFord BA Falcon 17" Alloy Wheels offset and fitting question?Aaron Casey13 
Open in new windowChanging spark plugs. Do I get the coil packs changed too?Trevor Marsh13 
Open in new windowSo many mechanical problems. Where do I start?Shane Haverkamp43 
Open in new windowPower Steering Fluid for TTDavid Watt26 
Open in new window400cc Injector ultrasonic cleaning - Where to go?Daniel Clarke10 
Open in new windowV8 and TT speed sensorsDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowTO4Z turbo resultsBlake Gloyn16 
Open in new windowFuel gauge not workingJames Buchan11 
Open in new windowWideband o2 sensor adviceTai Johnsen
Open in new windowPenrite pink coolantDave Rose12 
Open in new windowHow much to change mufflersWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowSwollen Intake HosingMichael Sinay
Open in new windowRemote Control Variable Mufflers (pic)Shane Haverkamp21 
Open in new windowFuel Smell in Cabin - Tried resealing fuel filler neck, no goodAlistair Moorby33 
Open in new windowWhat rpm should I be going into 4th gear?Drew Rechner
Open in new windowWhat are the gaskets in the cooling system made of?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowIssues and DiagnosisConnor McElligott12 
Open in new windowPower steering pump playing upPeter Williams
Open in new windowI think my aftermarket bov is stuffed help????Aaron Casey
Open in new window1UZ coilsEvan Kaio
Open in new windowFUEL level misreading - confused seeking adviceJol Alexander31 
Open in new windowCheap reversing cameraTom Richards
Open in new windowWindow Regulator price..Tom Richards12 
Open in new windowV8 Soarer driving slowlyJames Tims
Open in new windowHELP. my tt wont fireShane Haverkamp22 
Open in new windowTiming belt tensioner problemGary Swift13 
Open in new windowPower Steering Rebuild KitsTom Richards
Open in new windowStainless Exhaust repair in WAMatthew Smith
Open in new windowJZS161 injectorsAusten Menze
Open in new windowUses for auto radiator after manual conversion(input please)Mark Bryant
Open in new windowFixed problem, but still not boosting.Robbie Rashleigh15 
Open in new windowHead gasket gone - selling price?David Grima
Open in new windowCRACKED TAILSHAFT COUPLINGAaron Mead16 
Open in new windowKnock Sensor LocationMatt Newman13 
Open in new windowEmanage ultimate ignition timing??Harley Jones
Open in new windowBrand new V8 over flow tanksKeenan Edinger
Open in new windowReplace Ignition Coils??Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowWhere to buy koyo radiator for soarer in brisbane?Tom Richards12 
Open in new windowTT Soarer wont startShane Haverkamp11 
Open in new windowWelch plugs need helpJesse Pilbeam10 
Open in new windowSpot the Diff!Chris Lock
Open in new window(SA) Blown Radiator :-( ...Chris Lock32 
Open in new windowAftermarket overflow bottlesJames Wilson
Open in new windowAnyone is brisbane want to give me a hand to do my 100K service? Be...Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowRadiatorGary Rollason
Open in new windowCan I run oil lines from -10 to -6 oil cooler?Aaron Casey10 
Open in new window1992 UZZ31 engine keeps running once key taken out.. help!Cihan Aday10 
Open in new windowSoarer TT PS pump removalPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowHave replaced my 2JZ-GE Cam Belt...Daniel Clarke29 
Open in new windowEngine fanChris Biemans
Open in new windowRed or green coolant?Mark Bryant17 
Open in new windowHeater hose at rear of motor Sean Williams
Open in new windowV8 Idle & drive issue.Peter Williams
Open in new windowExhaust Noise in CabinAiden Cheese
Open in new windowWhat is this? and where do I put it back?Daniel Arndt
Open in new window1UZ-FE - 50,000klm belt tensioning? (Picture included)Daniel Blomfield
Open in new windowUZ32 V8 Tensioner PulleyKim Hunt
Open in new windowIdle speed on TT converted to single TJacob Thomas
Open in new windowE85 Starting to look like a good option in VictoriaScott Casey
Open in new windowFor easier oil changes, check this out!Spencer Cameron20 
Open in new windowThe Great Aussie Soarer Mechanic GuideTony Gadd63 
Open in new windowHeater doesn't work, fixing the VSV.Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowStarter motor out: recommend auto elec in Melbourne?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowNew alternator?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowHow does one make a Soarer handle sporty?Matthew Sharpe69 
Open in new windowGreddy Emanage Ultimate hesitation - 5e-feAiden Cheese
Open in new windowReplacement heater core? Peter Williams
Open in new windowJZZ3X, UZZ3X radiators... Different?Scott Casey
Open in new windowNew rocker cover gasketsAaron Casey
Open in new windowAnother website with OEM partsGuy Moore
Open in new windowMy dyno resultsScott Wilkes
Open in new windowNO BOOST.... HELP ME !Albert Hendrawan10 
Open in new windowCan you flip the standard manifolds 180 on a 1uz Bernard Smith-Robert
Open in new windowHELP: Drops electrical power every 5 seconds or so..URGENTAiden Cheese
Open in new windowPerth Soarer Mechanical SpecialistAnthony Matthews
Open in new windowV8 missing after degreasing engine bayJoshua Baldwin30 
Open in new windowI want this engineAusten Menze16 
Open in new windowSway bar?Warren Moore23 
Open in new windowAny idea on how to remove this O2 sensor???Tony Nguyen
Open in new windowStarter Motor????Richard Crockett28 
Open in new windowSoarer specialist mechanic in melb?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowEngine Cutting OutLew Radbourn15 
Open in new windowCat converter?James Buchan
Open in new windowFuel smell ---- please helpGrant Thomson11 
Open in new windowRadiator leakMarc Hoffmann
Open in new windowOil ConsumptionPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowOne tough crankshaft bolt...Marc Hoffmann36 
Open in new windowPIGGY BACK ECU QUESTIONScott Casey13 
Open in new window1uz removalMichael Brown16 
Open in new windowSoarer airbag questionAdam Foster
Open in new windowWheel studsAli Saeed
Open in new windowAir flow meterBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowSoarer stallingMark Donovan20 
Open in new windowOverheating?Nickel Quimada
Open in new windowCeramic coatingJames Buchan11 
Open in new windowFord Telstar 80's model - broke down. General questions...David Boyle
Open in new windowFluids flushScott Wilkes
Open in new windowRear Upper control arms (bushings) InstallationMatchy Loi
Open in new windowGeneral Cat Q: Melbourne: Need a pit to get at cats (again)...Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowBFI Problems - unable to drive car properlySimon Trainos
Open in new window1uzfe conversion. HelpMichael Brown
Open in new windowDiff oil and tranny oil flushMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWater pump blown?Karl Martin
Open in new windowJust want to know the cc inside a stock head chamber cheersDaniel Jeyes
Open in new windowSafe jack point to raise front of car?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowRounded Spark PlugDave Rose14 
Open in new windowV8 upper radiator hoseRobert Davies
Open in new windowPower Steering - Can't Believe It..........Christian Somerville46 
Open in new windowDecarbonizationAusten Menze27 
Open in new windowFinished my BFIAusten Menze
Open in new windowStainless Steel Twin ExhaustsMike Beck
Open in new windowEFI 52???Scott Casey
Open in new window2.4L VVTI replace our current 3.0 or 4.0 engines!!!George Lu24 
Open in new windowOils aint oilsMatchy Loi10 
Open in new windowBattery clamp size?Adam Lonergan
Open in new windowSUPER URGENT - ABOUT TO JUMP STARTMiles Baker36 
Open in new windowFuel savers (Air vortex) snake oil?Mike Bradberry27 
Open in new windowEngine Missing/Misfiring - V8 SoarerMike Bradberry16 
Open in new windowNeed help for oxygen sensorAlan Kuo
Open in new windowFuel tank replacement.Brett Cutts
Open in new windowMelbourne wreckers that may have Soarers?Robert Faggian
Open in new windowFuel system q'sEvan Kaio
Open in new windowDoing my own service. Check list helpTom Richards
Open in new windowCoolingSpencer Cameron11 
Open in new windowPower steering woesMarc Hoffmann
Open in new windowDigital Tune up?Matthew Sharpe14 
Open in new windowCats may be stuffedJethro Sims
Open in new windowSpark plug lead questionJol Alexander
Open in new windowAxle tramping, need some adviceScott Wilkes
Open in new windowAbout to change leads - any advice?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowGood method of cleaning an engine (outside)?Evan Kaio15 
Open in new windowPlease confirm hoses for power steeringTom Richards
Open in new windowSoarer Specialist in QLDJaime Laurente
Open in new windowFUEL FILTER FOR 3LTRDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowPs pump tt and v8 are they the sameTom Richards
Open in new windowSloppy Steering Rob Rojo
Open in new windowCatch Can InstallBen Lipman20 
Open in new windowInterior still leakingGreg Dugan
Open in new windowHot engine cut-out?Evan Kaio35 
Open in new windowBlown rear sealScott Wilkes29 
Open in new windowFuel filler brokenDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowThermalsDavid Vaughan72 
Open in new windowNeed HelpBenny Johns
Open in new windowEbay water pumps, Any problems?James Harris19 
Open in new windowDifferent Power steering pump... What do I do?Joe Russell
Open in new windowOil line leaks- is there a thread tape I can use?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowPlease help -stalling auto everytime car turns on or idolsMike Dobkin26 
Open in new windowPower Steering Pump Help Needed pleaseAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowEngine Wont Start First TimeRalph Cooke12 
Open in new window knockings in the motor.Andrew Ferres
Open in new windowWhat does this button do?Kristian Sibum22 
Open in new windowPart Numbers Etc - 3.0 2jz non turboMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowEngine MountsJames Cahir
Open in new windowWhats the trick ???Ben Daniel
Open in new windowMy 3.0 2jz soarer problemsTy Mackay20 
Open in new windowPlease Help !Ruwan Perera
Open in new windowShielding the side of the BFI from the engine Ty Mackay
Open in new windowAir filter cleaningTom Renshaw12 
Open in new windowNeed an Alternator?Michael Clark
Open in new windowCentrifugal supercharger on a JZZ31???Matthew Sharpe42 
Open in new windowI need some advice on oil cooler kits.Ben Lipman
Open in new windowQuick BFI questionScott Wilkes17 
Open in new windowCAT light ONAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowURGENT HELP FOR POWER STEERINGBrian Timms
Open in new windowUnichip :-( What's my options??...David Tra
Open in new windowProblem with power steeringLachie Bryce19 
Open in new windowSealant Recommendations Michael Keen
Open in new windowCheap Soarer v8? Justin Green19 
Open in new windowPower steering hose???Nenad Ristovski
Open in new windowMiss in V8Dave Rose
Open in new windowNoisey tappets V8Tom Richards
Open in new window1jzgte into ef falconDaniel Clarke24 
Open in new windowRemove harmonic balancer the easy wayShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowIs This stockBenny Johns
Open in new windowGasket or sealerNettie Barton
Open in new windowRadiator SpecialistVinny Ozorio
Open in new windowEmb HelpDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowIs there a RPM limiter on the V8.David Vaughan15 
Open in new windowTop Tank Radiator Crack PicturesAsh Martin
Open in new windowJust picked up a Soarer but it idles at 1,200-1,400Kane Chan
Open in new windowCRC your lock barrels.Mike Beck
Open in new windowGoing to try the old tt p/s flushMatchy Loi
Open in new windowAirbag present?Ben Kelly
Open in new windowAnyone know the size of stock fuel hose?Ben Socratous
Open in new windowVarious issues with my soarerSam Atash
Open in new windowCould this be why my heater isnt working?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowJZZ330 Block Heater?James Harris
Open in new windowV8 Engine missing occasionally when hotMark Ribbans13 
Open in new windowGetting beyond a joke...... :-(...Tai Johnsen35 
Open in new windowTRD 1.3 bar radiator capBen Socratous
Open in new windowIS300 Chris Lock
Open in new windowEngine Bay Plastic coversAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowSpark plugsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowCoil Ignition Lead - heat protection?Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowHand brake tensioningJames Harris
Open in new windowIgnition BarrelEvan Kaio
Open in new windowA 2 stage clunk...Don Bagnall
Open in new windowHigh KM TT'sShane Sartori
Open in new windowDO NOT USE WA Mobile Radiator Repairs - He's a scam artistDave Cazes12 
Open in new windowAir Intake SystemBrett Harrison
Open in new windowPower steering unit making a winding noisePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSlow startBrenton Trafford
Open in new window4.7 LITRE D.O.H.C V8 PETROL Pacemaker Headers PH 12680 Neil Griffiths10 
Open in new windowWhat is this?Aaron Holland
Open in new windowPlease help! SLIP CONT OFF & O/D flashing while dash reads SLIP CON...Joshua Rao18 
Open in new windowBroken Power steering pump = burst hose?Brian Timms
Open in new windowError messageTim Wyne
Open in new windowDo i need a New Head Gasket?Andrew Keddie10 
Open in new window1994 Limited 4.0L V8: Idling Problems After ECU Reset - help! :-(...Daniel Clarke11 
Open in new window*** HELP Power Steering Problem ***Mike Bomhoff
Open in new windowCar wont go over 180km/hGlen Muller13 
Open in new windowHeavy steering at idlePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowParking antennaRussell Rohde
Open in new windowSunroof MaintenanceBrian Timms17 
Open in new windowWhat does a transmission flush cost?Matthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowPower steering pump bearing part numberPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowFuel filter leaking, Need helpAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowBFI Chamber 1 Panel SizesRussell Rohde
Open in new windowFuel pump pick-up/filter bag shenanigans...Tai Johnsen
Open in new window1JZ and 2JZHaydn Crandell
Open in new windowCost of timing belt replacementMike Thomas21 
Open in new windowPetrol additivesJeff Bedsor18 
Open in new windowV8 Braided Radiator HosesAshley Leach
Open in new windowExterior door handle fix?David Eberhart
Open in new windowAE112 Corolla No oil In Oil Filter After 5000kmTim Appleton
Open in new windowLocked keys in boot!!!Luke Gomer22 
Open in new window1jz Fan ClutchBradley Parnell
Open in new windowSerpentine belt squealingBradley Parnell18 
Open in new windowRadiator questionBrian Timms
Open in new windowTool recommendation: Actron digital timing lightMiles Baker11 
Open in new windowRestored performance, ecomicallySteve Millward
Open in new windowHelp with power steering hoseJason Underwood
Open in new windowFuel Tank CleanJohn Khanh13 
Open in new windowFuel pump ecuAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowFix For Slow Touch ScreenDave Rose
Open in new windowEngine wiring diagrams, Electronic Parts Catalog, Engine Service Ma...Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowConverting v8 soarer to twin turboJoshua Rao12 
Open in new windowMelbourne MechanicJames Johnson
Open in new windowPower steering fluid problem or something more sinister?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowSteering arm Nickel Quimada
Open in new windowSteering problemDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowThis message apearing on my dash?Brian Timms
Open in new windowBuying Rotors - Now Impossible!Evan Kaio
Open in new windowA newbie question..well couple of themAli Saeed
Open in new window[VIC] Heater Core replacement.. Where to get it done?Miles Baker19 
Open in new windowWhining Noise from power steering pump after reconditioningBuddhika Abeytunga
Open in new windowTime for a new engine?Wafi Cheebo
Open in new windowBest sparkplugs to run, gap and temperature.Mike Thomas54 
Open in new windowFan BeltKen Tran10 
Open in new windowIs this car worth buying?Richard Baird
Open in new windowCleaning the air intake Maurice Diggler
Open in new window[91 TT] Get my exhaust tomorrow :-)...Robert Petrovski
Open in new windowPurolator oil filtersDave Rose12 
Open in new windowClutch Replacement DoneMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowVictoria - Where to get exhaust / ideal combinationDaniel Lee
Open in new windowStrange idling problem after cruisingBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowJust canged plugs n leadsAlexander Antonescu
Open in new windowTiming Belt - Any advice???Peter Nitschke19 
Open in new windowHonda Jazz not pulling up a steep drivewayTim Eacott14 
Open in new windowPower steering fluid dissapearing. What does it mean?Scott Ferguson10 
Open in new windowEngine coughing/dying at 4500 or .7+ bar boostCihan Aday36 
Open in new windowPower mod chip do they workAdam Holloway10 
Open in new windowShell 100% racing fuelPhil Gibson30 
Open in new windowCarbon BFI LidsJulian Tarman11 
Open in new windowNeed pic ASAP - Stock BOVChris Hilton12 
Open in new windowCar wont idle...Paul McConnell
Open in new windowHelp Removing Door Handle/LockKurt Porter
Open in new windowHasnt been driven for 3 months. what do i need to do? help asapMatthew Sanderson29 
Open in new windowAccident in sydney nees helpZiheng Lu
Open in new windowQuick Test to see if Exhaust is leakingAndrew Hargreaves29 
Open in new window2 intercoolers or 1? V8 twin turboDaniel Clarke23 
Open in new windowLSD - did Soarers generally come without?David Vaughan51 
Open in new windowTT tappets?Kevin la Terra21 
Open in new windowBest Type of Spark Plug Leads To Use?Brett Moloney
Open in new windowExhaust clarificationAdrain Parsons12 
Open in new windowHKS Coilovers - can they be fixed?Michael Keen14 
Open in new windowStrange Error MessageBrett Moloney
Open in new windowPower Steering pump "o" ringPeter Nitschke28 
Open in new windowWhat to do about the podSami Ansari10 
Open in new window2JZGE exhaustMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowFuel Pump ECU - TT same as V8? Or even Aristo/Supra?Paul McConnell
Open in new windowSump plugShaun Stephenson
Open in new windowO2 sensorsDave Hart
Open in new windowV8 Air intake ModificationMichael Folbigg
Open in new windowWarning to all Canadian Soarer Owners About The WindshieldScott Ferguson44 
Open in new windowLSD on EbayPhil Gibson
Open in new windowCoolant hoses replacementBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowSquealing NoiseTom McGruther
Open in new windowNeed HelpMichael Howatt11 
Open in new windowTrailer Hitch for Soarer:Peter Nitschke28 
Open in new windowPlease Help: Soarer 3ltr non turboDon Bagnall11 
Open in new windowEngine Oil FilterJuan Landauro
Open in new windowPower Steering... AgainJuan Landauro
Open in new windowCruise Control Dropping OutAdam Peterson21 
Open in new windowMisfire at 20 psi - experienced help pleaseBenjamin Burgess13 
Open in new windowExaust for my TT.Brian Timms
Open in new windowEngine conversion - 1JZ turbo to 2JZ N/A or V8Paul McConnell35 
Open in new windowQuick questionPaul Bernasconi
Open in new windowBrake Pedal PulsationDavid Vaughan14 
Open in new windowBrake Flexible HoseJuan Landauro
Open in new windowHeat coating partsRichard Tan
Open in new windowSpark Plugs Removal Soarer 3.0L (Not TT)Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSoarer Driver's Door Windowscum on the eath has Brian Timms
Open in new windowProblems with revs, pauses around a certain point...?Paul McConnell
Open in new windowBits loose in the cat ? Alan Chow19 
Open in new windowPower Steering main bearing.Jon Millerchip
Open in new windowDarkening Rear View MirrorBrian Timms
Open in new windowFirst issue - power steeringBrian Timms
Open in new windowBrake Upgrade on TTGareth Richards
Open in new windowConverted TT to ManualMarius Hainal
Open in new windowExhaust (temp?) sensorLew Radbourn
Open in new windowV8 parts in TTShane McInnes
Open in new windowMy Complete BFIMark Ribbans
Open in new windowPower Steering Gone.Daniel Trivuncevic
Open in new windowKEYS STUCK IN IGNITIONDaniel Trivuncevic
Open in new windowExclusive to Soarer centralJeff Smith39 
Open in new windowAnother Half Yearly something else wrongAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowPower steering blockageMark Paddick
Open in new windowSludge in cooling system advice neededDaniel Clarke10 
Open in new windowUnder bonnet detailingGeordie Smith
Open in new windowConstant fuel smell :-( help...Phil Gibson
Open in new windowTechron 5000Gary Chasney
Open in new window.EPC help neededSteve Gorman
Open in new windowShell V-Racing....Rob Andreacchio38 
Open in new windowBrand name Injectors - worth the extra cost ?Chris Davey
Open in new windowO2 Sensor... not oscillatingSimon Roberts
Open in new windowMysterious intermittent slow startingSteve Millward
Open in new windowJerk/Throttle holding back even when foot down flat???Nathan Evans
Open in new windowFuel cellBen Socratous
Open in new windowMechanic for 100K service Brisbane - GoldCoastNeil Griffiths19 
Open in new windowBrisbane mechanic - Rebuild :-(...Lew Radbourn10 
Open in new windowBad power steering noisesMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowFuel ECU jumper VS Fuel ECU bypassNathan Siy
Open in new windowRemoving power steering power.Haydn Crandell
Open in new windowBuying soarer TT......Callum Finch
Open in new windowTicking noise V8Ashley Leach22 
Open in new windowReplacing power steering, rack and pinon, Supra TT upgrade?Michael Brack
Open in new windowSAFC I vs SAFC IIChris Davey12 
Open in new windowComputer Engine Simulation - 1jz 2jz 1uzAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowPower steering issues. Any theories?Michael James Madiga
Open in new windowIs replacing an in-tank fuel pump a DIY job?Dominik Bloemhard12 
Open in new windowPiston and ConrodCihan Aday
Open in new windowPod Filter... Fuel Economy QuestionMike Beck22 
Open in new windowBFI 3 QuestionAshley Leach
Open in new windowGaugesDamien Smith11 
Open in new windowSpark Plugs?Matthew Sharpe18 
Open in new windowAirboxAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowFuel Pumps - V8, TT, Same?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowSmoke from the exhaust....AAAAAAHHayden Miller
Open in new windowPS pump fixNeil Griffiths35 
Open in new windowSurging issues with V8Brett Moloney36 
Open in new windowRemoving stock chrome tip coversPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowBUBBLE bubble bubble.....Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowPower Steering PumpBill Bogiatzis27 
Open in new windowAnalogue Dash?Steve Anthony De Vos62 
Open in new windowTicking sound when cooling downMike Beck14 
Open in new windowDriver side electric window, clicking.Perry Morgan
Open in new windowTwin Square Tip MufflersAndrew Ferres15 
Open in new windowTo much fuel consumption Richie Lum59 
Open in new windowBFI questionMike Beck30 
Open in new windowPower steering pump leak?Paul Moulds
Open in new windowTemp gauge position (it's not what you think...)Mark Paddick
Open in new windowBETTER FUEL PUMP...IS IT REALLY?Andrew Ferres
Open in new windowWater PumpsMike Triggs
Open in new windowGenuine Toyota Synthetic OilCihan Aday19 
Open in new windowTRC throttle bodyCihan Aday
Open in new windowFront Wheel Bearing Part numbers:Shaun Stephenson
Open in new windowNew Exhaust SystemPhil Gibson35 
Open in new windowMegaSoar starts and stalls!!!Perry Morgan15 
Open in new windowAnyone had their top radiator tank replaced in Perth?Gary Nimmo30 
Open in new windowYet another BFI ThreadAndreas Niaouris35 
Open in new windowFuel Cap Door ReleaseAndreas Niaouris
Open in new windowCatalytic Converter Warning Light - different problem ?Tim Appleton
Open in new windowLPG conversion?Matthew Sharpe94 
Open in new windowA/F RatioChris Davey21 
Open in new windowScary problem with TT. . . Cihan Aday44 
Open in new windowFuel pump and injectorsCihan Aday
Open in new window1500 RPM wobble / vibration Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowKAAZ diffsRyan Rankovic13 
Open in new windowTurbo Pod Filter, what should i do?Vinh Bui11 
Open in new windowWater Pump on 1993 TT soarerBraden Murdoch32 
Open in new windowSporadic Overheating - Weird engine tempMark Ribbans12 
Open in new windowIt´s alive...Peter Nitschke27 
Open in new windowPossible coil problem on v8!!! what can i do to fix itTom Richards
Open in new windowV8 engine dipstickPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowBFI QuestionAdam Underwood38 
Open in new windowRear main seal-TTTayne Riley
Open in new window1UZ-FE Lurching Under Hard AccelerationMark Paddick30 
Open in new windowExhaust Mods on a vvt-i JZZ31? Don Bagnall19 
Open in new windowHose replacementsMike Triggs
Open in new windowUrgent! where to top up transBen Socratous
Open in new windowNewbie + BFI = :-(...Alfred Heng28 
Open in new windowBrake System WarningDave Hart23 
Open in new windowLosing power in second gear...Mark Paddick14 
Open in new windowAdjustable Cam GearsCihan Aday
Open in new windowV8 Starter MotorBrian Haines
Open in new windowFuel Consumption on a UZZ31Mark Donovan24 
Open in new windowMy Soarer died...Benjamin Burgess
Open in new windowJust did an oil change now the car sounds funny :?Damien Barnes
Open in new windowA different BFI..Don Bagnall
Open in new windowDisconnecting a speed limiterBen Evans11 
Open in new windowSupercharged V8 hits UK roadsTim Staier48 
Open in new windowCar stalling on startupEdward Engerer20 
Open in new windowPower Steering Pump Reseal...Anish Varsani
Open in new windowLow Idle (have searched & checked ICV)Steve Petkos
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Open in new windowRemoving O2 sensorAnish Varsani
Open in new windowGood mechanic in vic???Steve Anthony De Vos
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Open in new window1/4 Mile Time Improvements from a Shift KitBrendan Hax
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Open in new windowThoughts on Ethanol Fuel...Robert Carlyon19 
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Open in new windowMotor PartsAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowWow - car goes hard when coldPeter Nitschke16 
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Open in new windowNew Soarer Owner is in desperate need of advice. Jerky CarMiles Baker17 
Open in new windowWhat's better? BFI or pod?Richard Tan24 
Open in new windowSome Weird Noises coming from car Benny Gammelmark11 
Open in new windowRadiator leakJustin Camilleri
Open in new windowFlushingAnish Varsani
Open in new windowGetting my hands dirtyJeff Hogan25 
Open in new windowWarning Light on Instrument ClusterBenny Gammelmark16 
Open in new windowPower Window DriveDon Bagnall
Open in new windowIgnition timing and ECT computerBenny Gammelmark62 
Open in new windowSo what oil and filter should I use for service?Roger Costello
Open in new window1UZFE sluggish,Benny Gammelmark50 
Open in new windowCoolant Level Sensor WarningRoger Costello
Open in new windowURGENT: How to install door locking mechanism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jeff Hogan
Open in new windowSmall Metal Plate Moving near serpintine belt???Nathan Grech
Open in new windowModified sumpTim Appleton
Open in new windowLeaking, High Pressure, Power Steering HoseBernie Juckers
Open in new windowParts and part numbers for service?Andrew Ferres
Open in new windowHigh idle in the this a good or bad thing?Shane Moffitt12 
Open in new windowSoarer-CobraTim Eacott
Open in new windowOil disposal?Ian Johnston22 
Open in new windowV8 Exhaust System recommendationsDavid Vaughan20 
Open in new windowSnort Stage 4 Turbo Kit ????Mark Paddick
Open in new windowWhere do you guys take your soarer to Service in victoria? Daniel Lee
Open in new window1UZFE Cam SpecsDamien Smith34 
Open in new window19s on soarerSimon Triantafillou12 
Open in new window2JZ bottom endGreg Manson18 
Open in new windowWould this Work ???Mustafa Akgul15 
Open in new windowBlocked Exhaust: Is there any sure signs that it is blocked?Sam Schreck17 
Open in new windowCruise control questionDaniel Lee
Open in new windowBeltLincoln Carter
Open in new windowDash warning indicator-"engine electrical system" onMorgan Cross
Open in new windowEGR Delete kitStephen Hille
Open in new windowMilky oil under oil cap. Headgasket? or condensation?Cihan Aday
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Open in new windowMy BFI attemptTim Eacott23 
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Open in new windowHalfway through my oil change...James Barnett11 
Open in new windowRemoving InjectorsCihan Aday21 
Open in new windowCracked distributor rotorsSeamus Brice-Bennett
Open in new windowTiming belt replacementBrad Elphinstone17 
Open in new windowPrixmax coolantThads Cooke
Open in new windowProblems starting the car in the morningAndrew Ferres
Open in new window1jzgte blockThads Cooke
Open in new windowInjector O-Rings.Steven Nanevski
Open in new windowEngine Block Crack..... Opinions..?Thads Cooke17 
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