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Open in new windowAftermarket Single Din Headunit Install 91 Limited GT (EMV)Shaun Vallance
Open in new windowFinding the EMV aux inputsTai Johnsen13 
Open in new windowEMV Replacement - Audio pinoutVincent Chan
Open in new windowFm radio 18 MHZ converterRoland Elliott
Open in new windowAfter Market DVDJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowThing i don't know why they are Joshua Rowland
Open in new windowDo super cheap auto harness really work? Joel Sims
Open in new windowOriginal ystem - removalJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowHow to use existing amp/sub amp with after market head unitTom Richards13 
Open in new windowYour top 10 best soarer songsMike Beck
Open in new windowEMV Stereo still not working properly and lots of issuesRod Quaife
Open in new windowEMV Stereo - Upgrading Sound Quality?Tim Schroeter
Open in new windowAux signal from source besides tv inputJade Mills
Open in new windowHead unit in GT Limited David Grima11 
Open in new windowHead unit install stuff/notes/tips/advice for me :-)...Darren Bak
Open in new window98 EMV Wiring diagram neededDave Rose
Open in new windowNew head unit with factory reversing cameraChris Lock
Open in new windowEMV overlaysDave Rose
Open in new windowSub only working - static from front speakersDave Rose14 
Open in new windowRadio Aerial - small lead connectorsMichael Brogefjord
Open in new windowWhat's needed to add stock subwoofer to JZZ30?Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowEmv no sound, hissing speakers amp okayTom Richards
Open in new windowReplacing factory amp with aftermarketJack Lloyd
Open in new windowA bit of help on what's whatLachie Bryce
Open in new windowSpeaker whine....David Hall
Open in new windowQuiet Speakers with WhineTom Richards
Open in new window'96 Factory CD Player Interchangeable w/ Early Models? Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowEMV TV or AV in - 1997 UZZ31Hays Sleiman19 
Open in new windowAirbag compressor drierPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowRadio tunerTom Richards
Open in new windowInterior work done to my soarerChris Lock
Open in new windowSize of window tweeters in soarerMike Triggs
Open in new windowUsing the soarer aerial - New head UnitMike Triggs16 
Open in new windowAnyone know anything about these double din units?Greg McNamara
Open in new window97+ EMV GPSDave Rose
Open in new windowCarpc with touch screenGreg McNamara69 
Open in new windowStereo in.Working.Now no sound!Greg McNamara
Open in new windowAmp wire lengths.Chris Lock
Open in new windowIn-car Xbox Running XBMCWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowEMV aftermarket head unit fitPeter Bullman
Open in new windowIn car android headunit!Walter Gillmore43 
Open in new windowDecent sound set up for a Soarer ??Dutch Schultz
Open in new windowAudio wiringWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowSome help, please.Jesse Webber
Open in new windowEmv from 96 to 91Dave Rose11 
Open in new windowMy plans for the Soarer install. Julian Mazur
Open in new windowSubwoofer not really working Enzo Seidl12 
Open in new windowSpeaker magnets touching metalDavid Hall
Open in new windowPhilips CID2680Lachie Bryce
Open in new windowHelp me identify the pins on the plugEzekiel Vozzo38 
Open in new windowPioneer Demo Soarer for Western VictoriaDavid Hall
Open in new windowMy iPhone integration attemptWalter Gillmore14 
Open in new windowDouble Din H/UWayne Womersley11 
Open in new windowFor anyone missing the CD cartridge out of their factory stacker sy...Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowSetting up new sound systemHaydn Stewart13 
Open in new windowThinking about a car pc, any advice?Walter Gillmore10 
Open in new windowNew CarPC buildWalter Gillmore45 
Open in new windowObservations on new door speakersMike Triggs
Open in new windowRecovered speaker grillesMike Triggs
Open in new windowStereo questionMike Triggs
Open in new windowStereo has gone very quiet! WHY?Evan Kaio
Open in new windowLoud banging in speakersMike Triggs
Open in new windowI've got no Sound!Niall Hughes
Open in new windowAmplifier questionMike Triggs
Open in new windowWiring up stock 8" to aftermarket headunitMike Triggs
Open in new windowReplacing Stacker input with iPod JackDave Rose20 
Open in new windowNew stereo installMike Triggs44 
Open in new window97 UZZ31 EMV guru help needed PLEASEJay Asghari24 
Open in new windowSpeaker size? Simple hey!Nathan Sheehan30 
Open in new windowStacker not working in V8John Stafford
Open in new windowBrash imports DVD stacker installJohn Stafford
Open in new windowDigital TV +RadioDave Rose50 
Open in new windowAdvice on Multimedia Head UnitsTim Ross
Open in new windowEMV + iPhoneDave Rose34 
Open in new windowDSP/ Radio Receiver Unit Part NumberNiall Hughes
Open in new windowPossible Dead AMP?David Boyle14 
Open in new windowHeadunit Adaptor HelpSetsiri Thanvarakul
Open in new windowHijacking CD changer as aux in?Dan McColl
Open in new windowNeed help installing new HUDavid Chatterton
Open in new windowRemove Tape Deck But Still Use EMVDave Rose
Open in new windowStock antenna + amplifier?Chris Lock24 
Open in new windowMy Soarer Finally Has Sound! - Photos of Epic JourneyKristoph Schneider
Open in new windowSpeaker whine ?Tam Le11 
Open in new windowAlpine Ai-NetDarren Bauer
Open in new windowPioneer products cheap - Brand New with Factory WarrantyWalter Gillmore17 
Open in new windowICE HelpOrton Marchant18 
Open in new windowTime for a new head unit.Matthew Sharpe17 
Open in new windowHELP! AMP pinout 86280-24200Allan Langford
Open in new windowWhat is the biggest front speakers i can go in a soarerDavid Humphries10 
Open in new windowWhat are these worth?Dave Rose
Open in new windowWeak signal(for the electronic nerds)Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWhat's the best option for me.Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowInstalling amp under parcel shelfNathan Smith
Open in new windowPioneer Free Air Sub..Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowWhere to install capacitor?Prashant Mohinda
Open in new windowUZZ30 Headunit replacementAndrew Hird
Open in new windowWhere to connect to speakers?Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowHelp needed with focal setupWarren Moore12 
Open in new windowPioneer Shallow 8 inch subOrton Marchant24 
Open in new windowConnect your ipod easyPerry English
Open in new windowCant find the "Remove stock CD Player" thread.Jack Driver
Open in new windowAnyone shopped here?Warren Moore
Open in new windowEMV Upgrade ?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowFM Radio cutting outTom Richards
Open in new windowEmv cd problemsDave Rose
Open in new windowInstalled 10" Type S into my parcel :-)...Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowI have a very noob question :\Aaron deVisser14 
Open in new window12 Cd Changer Mat Maroni
Open in new windowQuick question around testing the CD changer with one CD (no magazi...Mat Maroni
Open in new windowHow would I create a Stereo Line In and a Line out - V8 Limited SoarerNiall Hughes
Open in new windowMP3 Stacker without changing EMV & radioMichael Toet
Open in new windowShow your behind!!!Trent Linnell
Open in new windowSo i bought a cheap chinese head unit..Aiden Cheese51 
Open in new windowDynamat - Removal of factory sound deadener.Ali Saeed
Open in new windowCd cleaner kit?Trent Linnell
Open in new windowDynamat?Nathan Richardson17 
Open in new window7" LCD TV Car GPS Navigation DVD PlayerWarren Moore
Open in new windowPossible to replace tape deck in the EMV set-up?Ben Leadbetter10 
Open in new windowWhat capacitor?Lucas Waterworth16 
Open in new windowTV Reception - MelbourneDarren Bauer10 
Open in new windowBad video through TV channelChris Lock
Open in new windowInstall with pics. - done by FHRX StudiosAiden Cheese33 
Open in new windowFactory CD player keeps spitting the cds back outAiden Cheese
Open in new windowNew alternator and secondary battery?Aiden Cheese14 
Open in new windowHow To Install Midrange Speakers Into A Soarer Door. Marty Price
Open in new windowHelp me complete my Soundsystem Aiden Cheese17 
Open in new windowICE Install just completedGeorge Dertadian12 
Open in new windowFactory Rear speakers and Sub not working Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowNew Amplifier HELP in a SoarerChris MacDonald
Open in new windowCustom rear parcel shelf for saleKen Tran
Open in new windowCustom door speaker enclusures Ken Tran21 
Open in new windowPutting an 8 inch sub in my TTLucas Waterworth12 
Open in new windowDVD Navigation updatesAdam Peterson10 
Open in new windowFactory amp with Kenwood Head unitAndrew Stewart
Open in new windowAnyone using iPhone + EMV ?Min Park
Open in new windowHrmm.. interesting...Boris Siljanoski16 
Open in new window6.5" front splits onto 4" stock enclosuresWarren Moore20 
Open in new windowTuning my TV...Dave Rose13 
Open in new windowWatching a DVD while driving?Lucas Waterworth
Open in new windowCd error 3 help!James Lamont
Open in new windowHELP NEEDED PLEASE- EMV stereo problemsJames Lamont11 
Open in new windowWierd earthing problem with DVDScott Wilkes
Open in new windowInstalling new sound systemAusten Menze33 
Open in new windowRCA cables - which one is left / right for stereo soundDavid Henderson
Open in new windowModded parcel shelfAusten Menze
Open in new windowA few questionsChris Lock
Open in new windowSeeking Brisbane Audio visual tech Richard Allen
Open in new windowEmv problemsAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowCustom dashTim Ross37 
Open in new windowStandard speaker wires, colours?Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowFitting crossovers in doorsAusten Menze
Open in new windowIncreased weight questionRob Rojo28 
Open in new windowNeed help installing head unitAiden Cheese
Open in new windowFew Q's about car audioBoris Siljanoski28 
Open in new windowRadio/aerial problemLuke Gomer14 
Open in new window86280-24130 component under shelf in trunk.Brian Rignall
Open in new windowInstalling a head unit: HelpBrian Rignall20 
Open in new windowDead CD or just a fuse?Brian Rignall
Open in new windowGreat car audio installers in MelbourneWarren Moore
Open in new windowAdapter plate for Front SpeakersAndrew Stewart21 
Open in new windowHeadrest ScreensKarl Vanzuyden27 
Open in new windowFilling the .5DIN hole left over, ideas?Dylan O'Connor
Open in new windowSoarer emv doing my head in!! flash on flash off??? why?? anyone pl...Clare Taylor
Open in new windowWhat wire is what?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new window2nd Hand CD Magazine - 12CDBrian Rignall
Open in new windowHelp me tune my sound system please :-)...Andrew Duaso
Open in new windowTV Tuner into Single DIN DVD Player into EMV?Karl Vanzuyden
Open in new windowThoughts on this headunit?Robert Faggian28 
Open in new windowJust a feq questionsGeorge Lu
Open in new windowHELP!!!!!!!!Nathan Machin
Open in new windowEMV - CMP functionDaniel Lee
Open in new windowCD Changer issues... HELPKim Anthony
Open in new windowFusion Reactor speakersDaniel Lee24 
Open in new windowEMV specialist in MelbourneDaniel Lee
Open in new windowCant find hole for sub power wire under hoodWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowCant reset multichanger!Stewart Booton
Open in new windowBuilding up a car computer - need some help/confirmationWalter Gillmore35 
Open in new windowAftermarket amplifier locationWalter Gillmore45 
Open in new windowInstallation problem for my dvd playerLuke Gomer
Open in new windowIs it possible to retain original set up but get good sound?Andrew Duaso32 
Open in new windowInstall advice 6.5" front splitsWalter Gillmore22 
Open in new windowStereo Wiring Diagram (best example I could find!!!)Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowAlpine Type E Free Air SubwoofersScott Casey
Open in new windowIf i put in a new fold out Dvd will it look like this or?Walter Gillmore19 
Open in new windowEMV 12 disc changer issuesIan Johnston10 
Open in new windowPics / Specs of ICEIan Johnston37 
Open in new windowSC400 Radio and DSP TestMichael Toet
Open in new windowAnother sub questionMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowDo i need to rewire speakers just to put new head deck in??Nathan Machin
Open in new windowLS430 in dash CD changerBill Terry
Open in new windowIn dash double din car pc 7 inch touchscreen front build :-)...Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowHelp when it comes to an Fm expanderBrett Harrison
Open in new windowInstallation of standard head unitIan Johnston
Open in new windowTV Unit DisconnectedMichael Toet
Open in new windowEngine noiseNathan Sheehan
Open in new windowAftermarket CD playerNathan Machin
Open in new windowStock cassette has power but no soundBrenton Trafford
Open in new windowDynamat: Who's done it?Michael Marchant11 
Open in new windowCan anyone Tell me what this is attached to EMVRob Rojo15 
Open in new windowPlease need help with new dvd unitJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowCD Changer?Jose-Antonio Castill16 
Open in new windowSatnav went pop :-(...Luke Gomer16 
Open in new windowCan I fit these 6.5" splits into front?Mike Dobkin
Open in new windowMaybe getting new head deck/ is he being honest......Andrew Stewart
Open in new windowUpgrade sound system... headunit first?Matthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowNEW HEAD UNIT Tim Ross30 
Open in new windowNew HeadUnit Installed but very unhappy Please Help!!!David Henderson
Open in new windowReplaced tape deck!Michael Fabian
Open in new windowAntenna / Reception solutions??Lionel Trotea26 
Open in new windowHow to connect fronts to head deck?Rob Andreacchio12 
Open in new windowV8 Limited removal of factory EMV - installation of aftermark unitAlex Cooke17 
Open in new windowJaycar subJoe Russell
Open in new windowDouble DinJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowHelp with new headunit installChris Round18 
Open in new windowFM Expander QuestionJason Lenz10 
Open in new windowSplits up front !Rob Andreacchio
Open in new windowSpare tyre compartmentDavid Grab10 
Open in new windowFactory Sub - after market head unit Luke Middleton20 
Open in new windowIn dash dvd screenJason Munro
Open in new windowFactory Amplified Speaker connectionsJason Munro
Open in new windowWhat is this connected to my EMV pleaseDave Rose
Open in new window"Stock" stereo help, only sub working!Rob Andreacchio
Open in new windowCan i fit 5.25" speakers ?Andrew Stewart25 
Open in new windowIpod hardwiring?Steve Giordano
Open in new windowChanging interior lightsGary Swift13 
Open in new windowWiring diagrams / colour codesBenjamin Anderson
Open in new windowReplacing CD stacker with aftermarket CD player: Help Needed!!! - ...Rob Andreacchio
Open in new windowMy complete car audio installNathan Sheehan25 
Open in new windowRattling and vibratingMike Beck15 
Open in new windowCheck out this site before choosing a sub...Dhaminda Hewavitaran
Open in new windowCustom door panelLuke Wright
Open in new windowCD's continue to get stuck.....HELP!Mike Beck
Open in new windowFull install opinionsStephen So
Open in new windowCan an iPod be a direct replacement the stacker?Oliver Mark Drews19 
Open in new windowDVD Player - Feedback and Low VolumeBen Kelly11 
Open in new windowSub not workingSami Ansari
Open in new windowGetting through the firewallMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowMy New Audio InstallJoe Aliano
Open in new windowFitting 6x9 in parcel shelfMike Dobkin
Open in new windowDoor SpeakersDaniel Lamont
Open in new windowTweeter mountingLawrence Ostle
Open in new window1.5 DIN pocket fittingMike Dobkin
Open in new windowTo repair EMV system or go aftermarket?Chris Lock
Open in new windowMDF Parcel TraySteven Roduner35 
Open in new windowReplacement subChris Lock20 
Open in new windowGPS + MoviesDmitriy Milyutin15 
Open in new windowNew dvd player selection for emvBen Kelly
Open in new windowNew boot planNathan Sheehan13 
Open in new windowReplacement rear speakersScott Wilkes
Open in new windowPower supply for Antenna AmpRalph Cooke
Open in new windowFront speakersCameron Stanley
Open in new windowFactory amp questions (help from the guru's needed)Jason Munro
Open in new window hey ..whats this ?Dave Rose
Open in new windowCustom stereo innstall opinions needed.....Jason Munro10 
Open in new windowAm Radio?Luke Gomer
Open in new windowOverhauling sound system, need advice.Jason Munro
Open in new windowMy poor pov pack CD playerMike Triggs
Open in new windowBrand new Pioneer car audio @ almost half priceJohn Beaton23 
Open in new windowEMV Replacement and Aftermarket Custom Boot Install!!!Trent Linnell
Open in new windowWiring harness issue - Perhaps?Luke Gomer
Open in new windowInstallers Dhanushke Herath
Open in new windowVideo on the go Safety switch?Chris Lock
Open in new windowStock StereoDaniel Lamont
Open in new windowCustom Rear Parcel Tray! Tom Nicol
Open in new windowSo far it was only the fuseFran Valdivia
Open in new window4" TO 6½" Speaker Adapter Christian Zimmer16 
Open in new windowIn car DVD power?Chris Lock11 
Open in new windowAftermarket headunit into EMV 31Luke Middleton
Open in new windowTv Tuner location in post 8/1997Andrew Stewart
Open in new windowInstalling a in-car hard driveChris Lock16 
Open in new windowPics of my New Custom Parcel Shelf InstallAndrew Stewart14 
Open in new windowHelp! my stacker won;t play cd's!Scott Gates10 
Open in new window8" or 10" sub in Parcel Tray for TT?Andrew Stewart36 
Open in new windowHaving hissing or static soundsTrent Linnell
Open in new windowNeed a New Head unitRobin Giles
Open in new windowSo I went shopping for an iPod...Scott Gates24 
Open in new windowLooking for a place to install head unit in VICIvan Teoh
Open in new windowThanks to Damian WareRyan Deutrom
Open in new windowUSA and AUS got a different Voltage?Stuart Smith
Open in new windowDouble Din DVD Headunit InstallLuke Gomer
Open in new windowCracking sounds from the rear speakersEvan Kaio
Open in new windowDouble din head unit installBen Lipman13 
Open in new windowCD Stacker Alignment guide personal experiences?Seamus Brice-Bennett
Open in new windowStock subwoofer issuesBen Lipman
Open in new windowBad receptionIan Gordon
Open in new windowBypassing factory headunitDaniel Renahan
Open in new windowDIN PocketsBlake Davies
Open in new windowIn Car PC - Stereo sound quality....Michael Keen
Open in new windowOrion Amp + Pioneer 6 Stacker dvdRich O'neil
Open in new windowHelp Hooking up a Pioneer AVH-P5000 DVD Bejimen Berry
Open in new windowNO gps NO tv!!!Joseph Drysdale12 
Open in new windowHelp with speaker wiringGrant Brooks
Open in new windowIs it possibleGeorge Lu
Open in new windowWiring Gurus!!! I Need Your Help with Stock SystemKristian Bird
Open in new windowStock 7 Speaker sound system specsMike Beck
Open in new windowRecommend me a Decent Head Unit....Michael Marchant24 
Open in new windowVery quiet CD playerDamian Ware12 
Open in new windowHead Unit ProblemScott Gates
Open in new windowSwapping Between PresetsDean Goodwin
Open in new windowStock sub ampBen Richardson
Open in new windowLifestyle audio told me to take my Jaycar and shove it!Dave Billings17 
Open in new windowRemovable Fusion sub and ampLuke Nieuwhof
Open in new windowEbay DVD Double Din Good or Bad?Rob Rojo
Open in new windowFront speaker replacementJames Harris
Open in new windowWhich FM Aerial PlugDave Rose11 
Open in new windowGPS unit on ebay, Matthew Crawford
Open in new windowEMV to non EMV wirring loomDaniel Renahan
Open in new windowStandard EMV stereo questionAdam Chytra
Open in new windowWhat you think of this?Matthew Crawford
Open in new windowHead Unit Instal ProblemPeter Nardini
Open in new windowIpod mod & tv functionLuke Gomer
Open in new windowEMV PS2 HelpRyan Deutrom
Open in new windowTV expertsGlen Muller
Open in new windowRear speaker removalDavid Tra
Open in new windowAny recommand audio installer in melb or vic? Lance Moon
Open in new windowHelp headunit installationZiheng Lu
Open in new windowScreens in the sun visors?Adrain Parsons16 
Open in new windowExperiences after new head installAsh Martin
Open in new windowNew head unit Daniel Renahan
Open in new windowVery cool - FM TransmitterLawrence Ostle
Open in new windowNeed touch screen help pleaseAndrew Adebiyi
Open in new windowBlackboxLuke Gomer
Open in new windowRear speakers not working with new head unitBenny Gammelmark
Open in new windowJVC KD-AVX 33 video display to EMVJohn Khanh15 
Open in new windowBrake error light is onLuke Gomer10 
Open in new windowYour thoughts on my sound system upgrade...Mike Beck
Open in new windowNew HU & Amp with factory sub: is this right...?Frazer Porter
Open in new windowFit my mtx rfl subwoofer??? any pics of big sub installs?Aaron Casey
Open in new windowRadio Unit or...?Justin Wilson16 
Open in new windowHelp installing Jaycar door crossoversDavid Hatton
Open in new windowKenwood 13 pins round plug or square plug?Alan Chow
Open in new windowAftermarket head unit ONTOP of EMV?????Rob Andreacchio16 
Open in new windowIn car 7" DVD install- subwoofer QMarius Hainal
Open in new windowICE planningAlan Chow
Open in new windowDVD glovebox installationJoshua Rao
Open in new windowCelsior - After market headdeck installationMike Beck
Open in new windowPatching into TV harnessJarrod Moore15 
Open in new windowAftermarket Dvd/Lcd headunit, factory SpeakersDrew Rechner
Open in new windowHelp please: Is this the stock crossover in this pic?Tahmid Sanjari
Open in new windowSub WOOFABrian Timms
Open in new windowPlease help no radio in New UnitJaek Passier
Open in new windowProblems installing 7inch Eonon DVD unit.Help!!!Tahmid Sanjari
Open in new windowInstalling game console--> powerCallum Finch11 
Open in new windowCan please someone show me the Jaycar tweeters that match the SoarerMarius Hainal
Open in new window2.5mm input jack?David Eberhart
Open in new windowLooking to install one of these, really really soon!Benjamin Spitalnic24 
Open in new windowShow us your box!!Steve Trace16 
Open in new windowCd/sat nav/ tv replacementDave Billings
Open in new windowToyota Harrier / Lexus RX300 EMV / TV / Radio / GPS / Reverse Camer...Luke Gomer
Open in new windowMy New ICEKen Tran
Open in new windowDouble-din DVD unitsRobin Giles24 
Open in new windowInstalling Boston Sub + AmpAnthony Taylor
Open in new windowBasic Stereo Upgrade QuestionsMatthew Sharpe18 
Open in new windowFocal Utopia 165W SpeakersChris Cheung
Open in new windowFactory Changer not working at all.Graham Dollisson
Open in new windowNew CarPC perhaps?David Eberhart
Open in new windowNew Headunit - Do i need fm expanders?George Lu
Open in new windowInstalling a subwoofer and amp.Scott Gates11 
Open in new windowFront speaker wires.Juan Hutinel
Open in new windowEmvBen Kelly
Open in new windowWoofer installation without knowledgeBen Socratous
Open in new windowWant to keep EMV + apply a 7" DVD/LCD monitorDaniel Lee17 
Open in new windowSat/nav locationValerie Estabrook
Open in new windowLacking gutsDon Bagnall
Open in new windowCreative ideas for EMV + LCD screen/s....?Benjamin Spitalnic
Open in new windowReplacing a faulty headunit?Joshua Majoinen
Open in new windowAnyone with a Kicker Zx Amp?Rob Horton
Open in new windowStandard CD player amp?Brendan Harsh11 
Open in new windowSound system Q?Jay Miller
Open in new windowWhat is Error 13 on the Stereo all aboutSteve Nolan
Open in new windowFree Matsushit Amp :-)...Damien Smith11 
Open in new windowEMV LCD with Windows XPLuke Gomer25 
Open in new windowMissing facia PieceJarrad Zen13 
Open in new windowRadio unit EMV equiped wantedNik Peacock
Open in new windowEMV + Aftermarket CD Stacker with FM Modulator - Can this be done?Andrew McKenzie
Open in new windowSub Amp input wire colours?Luke Middleton
Open in new windowWhere to get the half din pocketAndy Xie
Open in new windowSpeakersBrian Timms
Open in new windowTrouble with installation....HELPBrian Timms
Open in new window4 Quick questionsBrian Timms
Open in new windowAmp Powers up but no sound....Kyle Wathen
Open in new windowBuilding In-Car PC'sGeorge Lu88 
Open in new windowFree air custom boxPeter Bullman16 
Open in new windowLooking to install whole systemBrian Timms
Open in new windowUtilising the stock volume knobRob Horton
Open in new windowEMV say "no connection" on TVDamian Ware
Open in new windowAmps not powering up anymoreLeon Wright19 
Open in new windowReecommend me a system for under $1600Benny Gammelmark
Open in new window** HELP PLEASE **Will Adams
Open in new windowDvd playerAlan Chow
Open in new windowFYI in-car computersAlan Chow
Open in new windowWiring up speakers after a DSP was installedWill Adams
Open in new windowTDK XA80 - Burned discs that DON'T skip!Damian Ware
Open in new window4" speaker enclosureByron Clarke
Open in new windowAttention ICE experts - LED Question.Leon Wright16 
Open in new windowGPS System QuestionChris Moore
Open in new windowWhat amp to getVinh Bui
Open in new windowElectrical or good stereo people in MelbRob Andreacchio
Open in new windowIn-Dash Half DIN EqualizerByron Clarke
Open in new windowNo Back Seat!!Ken Cornell
Open in new windowHelp With EMV/Video SwitchingPeter Bullman
Open in new windowStock Stereo question...Jarrad Zen
Open in new windowThis is strange...Peter Bullman
Open in new windowBest BassByron Clarke29 
Open in new windowEMV UpgradesMichael Howatt
Open in new windowWhat do I need to install ICE myself?David Thompson35 
Open in new windowDVD stacker question?!?!?!? Confused???Ali Yazici
Open in new windowSubwoofer not getting any louderTim Appleton
Open in new windowMy Soarer's Media Player..Wayne Llewellyn25 
Open in new windowMark Paddick whereaboutsDavid Vaughan
Open in new windowNew DVD Setup and Look what I foundChaminda Menikpura17 
Open in new windowStacker cable (Blaupunkt)Keiran Beytagh
Open in new windowEMV + Mac MiniLeon Wright21 
Open in new windowSound system with factory headunit?Peter Bullman14 
Open in new windowAlternator and StereoScott Ferguson31 
Open in new windowPIN Layout and plug type for Soarer HUBrian Timms
Open in new windowRecommended writable CD types in standard head unit?Damian Ware
Open in new windowWire Colours For TV InputPeter Bullman
Open in new windowDVD install help neededAndy Xie
Open in new windowStock Toyota DVD/TV/Nav?MD unit helpAli Yazici28 
Open in new windowOk stereo nearly done and some of the first picsScott Ferguson
Open in new windowICE Black-outDamian Ware
Open in new windowJaycar or Clarion Sub?Alan Chow
Open in new windowOpinions on Exide OrbitalsScott Ferguson10 
Open in new windowRMS + Component SpeakersLeon Wright22 
Open in new windowStereo/climate control wiring loomMatchy Loi
Open in new windowHow do you connect....Shane McInnes
Open in new windowSub install?Michael Long
Open in new windowQuestion for Tvix GuysPeter Bullman
Open in new windowNew system getting done todayMark Lethbridge
Open in new windowDoes this sound right or am forgetting something?Will Adams12 
Open in new windowStock 7 Speaker System - Reliability Question...Mike Beck
Open in new windowJay Car AudioScott Ferguson13 
Open in new windowMy new parcel shelf installDaniel Trivuncevic24 
Open in new window10" MDF spacer - Where to buy?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowAerpro Wiring HarnessFred Azzarello
Open in new windowFactory amps - wiringFred Azzarello12 
Open in new window4" speakersScott Ferguson19 
Open in new windowReplacing factory AMPs and/or SpeakersPeter Bullman26 
Open in new windowWiring standard amp to aftermarket headunitPiers McDonald12 
Open in new windowWiring in crossover and new tweeter.Jethro Cohen
Open in new windowLCD In EMVDan McColl
Open in new windowAftermarket stereo install questionsIan Johnston
Open in new windowDifferences b/n US and Aus RadioBrendon O'Loughlin
Open in new windowCrazy BassKen Cornell
Open in new windowTT CD Stacker mounting bracketCarl Johnson
Open in new windowSpeaker upgradeScott Ferguson
Open in new windowSat Nav on the SoarerLuke Gomer14 
Open in new windowInfo and pix on removing door trimGreg Nikitiuk
Open in new windowAdvice neededPeter Bullman15 
Open in new windowMy Boot InstallJoshua Rowland
Open in new windowAftermarket sub - depth?Marius Hainal
Open in new windowOne more quick question re amp please Marius Hainal
Open in new windowOK ; need help again...Marius Hainal
Open in new windowVolume and tone problemsNik Peacock16 
Open in new windowInstallation in perth? V8 stereo and advice peasePeter Bullman19 
Open in new windowCD Stacker Problem.....HelpChaminda Menikpura
Open in new windowHelp with choosing a small amp for 8inch subwoofer...Peter Bullman
Open in new windowEMV English TranslationLynton Dickens
Open in new windowFactory speaker amp plugs???? HELPJustin Camilleri
Open in new window12 StackerJames Watson
Open in new windowReverse Camera Installation - Few QuestionsDaniel Czechowski25 
Open in new windowPlanning ICE for my soarer when I get it.....Jaime Laurente13 
Open in new windowBiamping or parallel?Vinh Bui
Open in new windowStock speakers!!!Ian Johnston11 
Open in new windowNew systemJordon Codd10 
Open in new windowHELP!! Which wires are the AUDIO Grounds on the TV Module?Richard Baird21 
Open in new windowSatnav from Landcruiser pradoRichard Baird
Open in new windowTvix - M3000U Good/Bad ?Lynden Phillips
Open in new windowJust picked up some ICEBen Socratous
Open in new windowFinally Got My New System In....Peter Bullman11 
Open in new windowBurned CDs????Tim Appleton15 
Open in new windowCustom boxes/systems Braden Corfield
Open in new windowFront speaker wire locationsRob Andreacchio
Open in new windowHelp with Brash Imports H/ULuke Nieuwhof
Open in new windowAdvice/help please on innovatek dvd A.S.A.P.Bojan Jovanovic
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