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Open in new windowHelp please! Fan Shroud needed for my JZZ31 N/A 6Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowJZZ31 Sudden coughing and back firingRob Wilson
Open in new windowExhaust systemMike Beck17 
Open in new windowSudden issue with my JZZ31 - Help!Jimmy Chapman
Open in new windowCrank Pulley Problems - Urgent assistance requiredMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowProper mix for coolant 2jzMatthew Sharpe39 
Open in new windowRyco Fuel filterMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowService PartsMatthew Sharpe17 
Open in new windowStarter Motor WoesDan Atienza
Open in new windowNeed help getting power to my coil Jake Barr
Open in new windowGaskets needed!Aaron Timmins
Open in new windowEngine ConversionBoris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowDoes a JZZ30 radiator fit a JZZ31?Rob Smith
Open in new windowDripping sound after driving.Dave Rose
Open in new windowRemoving 1jzJames Cailes17 
Open in new windowBoost gauge readingGracy Smith
Open in new window2jz ge mafGrant Household
Open in new windowNeed to no how the distributor has to be set when on tdcJake Barr
Open in new windowIdles dropping, car shuddering and warning light...Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowNeed help with my timing its firing out my plenum Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowNew purchase didn't pass RW. Here's the issues.Daniel Clarke15 
Open in new windowOverheating issues causes car to shudder ytrhDavid Lye
Open in new windowChange your engine/transmission mounts!Lloyd Roberts
Open in new windowThe big service David Henderson14 
Open in new windowN00b helpWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowJjz30 Engine SwapGrant Household
Open in new window2jz engine coverMatthew Tai
Open in new windowPower Steering Flush on our Jzz31Lloyd Roberts
Open in new window2jz ge running really rough when it warms upShane Dodunski
Open in new windowMy 2jzge na/t on dyno todayDejan Tunjic
Open in new windowCoolant flushDan McColl32 
Open in new windowWhoops! what have i done?Matthew Sharpe35 
Open in new windowWRECKING 2jzge engineJoshua Baldwin
Open in new windowGrouding Kit for SoarerDan McColl
Open in new windowElectric thermo fan?Brett Harrison
Open in new windowHKS F-Con V on a 2JZGERoger Menso
Open in new windowJzz31 FanJason Cheah
Open in new windowWeird noise up to 2000rpmWarren Moore
Open in new windowRemoving Crank BoltDave Rose
Open in new windowExhaust heat lightMitchell Haigh
Open in new window2jzge fitted with a 3vze 4runner distributor capDavid Wojcik
Open in new windowI Need help taking off my steering wheel anyone?Dejan Tunjic13 
Open in new windowCold start on jzz31Dejan Tunjic
Open in new window2jz lags?Matthew Tai28 
Open in new windowWhich petrol for N/A?Peter Nitschke34 
Open in new windowRotors...Guy Moore
Open in new windowMiss on idle on my 2jz vvti John Stafford13 
Open in new window3.0l NA Turbo ConversionMark Bryant19 
Open in new windowNeed advise about gearbox slipping issue for auto soarerJonathan Guido
Open in new window2JZ-GE cam shaft work in 1JZ-GTE?Cihan Aday
Open in new windowBFI for 3.0GT’sSimon Trainos36 
Open in new windowForward facing plenum throttle body with AIC and TPS 2jzge NA/TMark Bryant
Open in new windowEcu pin out/diagram jzz31 2jzgeMark Bryant
Open in new windowIgnition timing 2jzgeMark Bryant
Open in new windowPlenum 2JZGE intake Plenum, whats the purpose of this vacuum butter...Mark Bryant
Open in new windowBlitz Nur Spec R - JZZ31?Warren Moore24 
Open in new windowSpark coming from the distributor leads 2jz.Help!Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowExhaust setupEdison Koh
Open in new windowCan I install cruize control in my 1994 NA/6 Soarer??David Henderson
Open in new windowHelp, part number required for starter motorKanchana Pathirana
Open in new windowAristo 2JZGTE in sc300 (2JZGE) HELP!Jason Cheah
Open in new windowCan someone please help me identify this issueMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowIs there a 1jz NA?Lew Radbourn13 
Open in new windowSqueaky beltMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new window100k service priceMatthew Sharpe16 
Open in new windowLook what I came acrossKadir Hussein11 
Open in new windowWorth a Turbo?Danny Brewer13 
Open in new windowBlown engine - advise neededBoris Siljanoski
Open in new window1jz into MX83 Cressida A340 Issue Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowExhausts for 2jz-ge sc300 (what u got on yours?)Mike Triggs27 
Open in new windowOverdrive issue and first gear issueJonathan Guido
Open in new windowTo ITB or not to ITBBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowOxygen sensorBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHelp ! No powerJames Harris16 
Open in new window2jzge ecu pinoutsJoash Rowlands
Open in new windowSpark plugsMatthew Tai10 
Open in new windowWhere is my timing belt?Matthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowCOOLANT LEAK : ( ( Matt Smith
Open in new window2JZGE Header/ExtractorsMatthew Tai
Open in new windowWhat is the correct size and offset????Nathan Machin15 
Open in new windowBrake padsMatthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowSuperchargeMatthew Tai
Open in new windowTrade ins...David Tra
Open in new windowJZZ31 conversion to 1jz - Mod plate required?David Tra
Open in new windowTo sc300 or not to sc300? Mike Beck
Open in new windowCatalytic converter warning lightTim Boswell10 
Open in new windowStroker kit for 2jz geJacob Serifo
Open in new windowWho lives in wollongong ??Jacob Serifo
Open in new windowForce Flow X4 Brushless Electric SuperchargerAndrew Duaso13 
Open in new windowThrottle cable tighteningMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWater pump for 2JZMike Triggs
Open in new windowZz30 Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSo I have this Aristo halfcut....Tristan Gregory
Open in new window100,000 km serviceMatthew Sharpe20 
Open in new windowWorkshop Manual SC300 1995Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowClicking noise when gear selecting and take offJulian Tarman
Open in new windowBrakesAlan Wainwright
Open in new window120k serviceBen Lipman
Open in new windowBad traction?Cihan Aday
Open in new windowChrome muffler tipMike Triggs
Open in new windowSpeed limiter?Michael Fabian
Open in new windowHeavy smoke, possible rocker/cam cover...Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowViscus hub Bradley Parnell
Open in new windowMuffler And TipMatthew Sharpe19 
Open in new windowPlease helpPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowMy JZZ31 at WSID 19/03/08David Tra
Open in new windowJZZ31 N/A RSM (Gen1) InstallEddie Patel
Open in new windowWho wants a V8?Stuart Smith14 
Open in new windowProblem with engine...helpMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowIgnition timing problem?Dave Billings28 
Open in new windowEngine swap?Mike Beck
Open in new windowManual conversionDaniel Clarke19 
Open in new windowNobody loves us 2JZ-GE owners...Matthew Sharpe78 
Open in new windowNew jzz31 ownerMike Triggs
Open in new windowQuestion re oil sensorMichael Hutson
Open in new windowPart and Service List...Mike Triggs17 
Open in new windowBent steering rack...?Julia Almond
Open in new windowSlight Miss occasionallyMatthew Sharpe25 
Open in new windowExtractorsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowPower steering pump flushMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSqueaky ClutchJonathan Hong
Open in new windowReplacement for worn V-Belt tensioner pulleyMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowDifferences between VVTI and Non VVTi 2JZGEJonathan Hong18 
Open in new windowHow do we know if its a JZZ31 G Package?Mike Triggs22 
Open in new windowMaking a N/A go faster without turning to Forced InductionDaniel Czechowski
Open in new windowHow many km's in VVTi n/aDaniel Czechowski
Open in new windowN/a-t?Joshua Rao
Open in new windowSupra camshafts interchangeable with JZZ31???Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowFluids leaking into spark plugsJulian Tarman16 
Open in new windowAT FluidMike Triggs
Open in new windowE-BrakeDon Bagnall
Open in new window150K serviceMatthew Sharpe
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