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  Soarer Central * Track and Major Rebuild Car Projects    

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Open in new windowUZZ32-0001805 Rebuild/RestoreGoetz von Gneisenau14 
Open in new windowUZZ31-0009916 Rebuild/RestoreMike Beck39 
Open in new windowUZZ32 Crapster to trackster Michael McKellar100 
Open in new windowMy crack at a responsive 300+rwkw single turbo buildTai Johnsen350 14 
Open in new windowCharlies Track HackTai Johnsen
Open in new windowBen's Time Attack SoarerBen Lipman2326 69 
Open in new windowPost Up Your Lap TimesBen Lipman104 
Open in new windowTune upMark Tierney
Open in new windowToymax Sports Sedan SoarerAaron Casey1218 33 
Open in new window1992 uzz30 whippleDamon Cornish157 
Open in new window4.3L UZZ32Tai Johnsen79 
Open in new windowI Know It's Not a SoarerAaron Casey45 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Rebuild - 04/96 Series 2 LimitedPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowLexus / soarer- 92-V8 GT-TScott Vim40 
Open in new windowOld member introducing new car (1989 MZ20 Aerocabin)Roland Elliott16 
Open in new windowTHE GRIFFINBen Lipman
Open in new window1991 1JZ VVTI My journeyJames Buchan45 
Open in new windowGTTV8 - Twin GT35 BuildPaul Mainey15 
Open in new windowAaron's uzz31 track carAaron Casey204 
Open in new windowDrifting an automatic???Leon Tan24 
Open in new windowFord xr6T in an LTD soarer?John Stafford15 
Open in new windowMike's UZZ32 ProjectRoland Elliott10 
Open in new windowClayton's V8 twin turbo projectAndrew McKellar172 
Open in new windowGreen UZZ31 Build...James Buchan10 
Open in new windowNeed More Power ? 2JZ vvt-i Engine Swap Must be the Answer !Mike Verrinder
Open in new windowAbout the Soarer DifferentialPhil Gibson12 
Open in new window1jz engine rebuildBen Pygall
Open in new windowLook what happens when a oil pump explodes at 8,000 rpmAaron Casey12 
Open in new windowPhil's V8 Track ProjectPhil Gibson253 
Open in new windowThe Rally/Street BuildKurt Atzmuller25 
Open in new windowTokage Soarer's new crazy look.Gary Snow45 
Open in new windowShow car build upLuke Wright62 
Open in new windowStomps jzz20 track project Boris Siljanoski86 
Open in new windowShaun's '91 TT SoarerTom Brookes182 
Open in new windowTime to Track ItPeter Howden11 
Open in new windowAlignment settingSpencer Cameron
Open in new windowCarls Panther & Panda Carl Mccormack30 
Open in new windowNeed help power steer problemGary Snow
Open in new windowTokage Drift Soarer Lastest ModsGary Snow129 
Open in new windowCloud 9Carl Mccormack19 
Open in new windowJeff's Drag Car ProjectJeff Bedsor73 
Open in new windowMeet MercansteinMichael McKellar
Open in new windowImproved Production Racing ApplicationAndrew McKellar41 
Open in new windowNot soarer but 1uz poweredAllan Langford
Open in new windowBuilding custom aero parts at home- hints or tips???Ben Lipman14 
Open in new windowSoarers new lookGary Snow
Open in new windowPerth - Z30 golden drift carPhil Gibson11 
Open in new windowBattle Version SC300, 2JZ, V88 Drift MachineJamie Richards
Open in new windowTarga TasmaniaDave Cazes
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