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Open in new windowTRC 48,26Jayden Vidler
Open in new windowHyper flash issuesEzékiel Philbert
Open in new windowRPM to dashRadoslav Galev
Open in new windowRear light fuseEzékiel Philbert
Open in new windowReset mileage reset. Help!Peter Nitschke14 
Open in new windowSuspension code UZZ31Ezékiel Philbert
Open in new window1UZ running super rich and white smoke - lots!Mike Beck
Open in new windowEMV not workingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowECU capacitors Ezékiel Philbert
Open in new windowECU and LCD Dash Wiring Diagram & Internal Schematic for a 1994 Uzz...Dominik Muell
Open in new windowCan't find 100a and 120a engine bay large square fusesCharles Goldstraw
Open in new windowEFI code 13 ?Patrick Mccreanor13 
Open in new windowCentral Locking HelpDavid Allen
Open in new windowSpeedo in my 31 has become erraticRoland Elliott27 
Open in new windowApexi RSM causing check system errorNathan Rustom
Open in new windowApexi RSM IIPeter Nitschke
Open in new window1994 JZZ30 Door electrical components Aaron Jeffrey15 
Open in new window91 V8 auto 178 km/ph speed limited, ECU remap?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowMAX stereo volume is super quiet Nathan Rustom
Open in new windowSpeed chime when accelerating.Adam Hodgson
Open in new windowSeatbelt sensor wiringBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowLeave Battery for 2 weeks?Goetz von Gneisenau33 
Open in new windowCurrent Draw when when Car is offTai Johnsen
Open in new windowJZZ30 Electrical issues. Alternator? Earth/Grounds?Dutch Schultz10 
Open in new windowEcu recapMike Beck
Open in new windowOBD scan toolDaniel Burns26 
Open in new windowEMV Differences 1992 vs 1994Mike Beck
Open in new windowBattery lead put on wrong wayBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowFixed! - Factory Remote Central LockingCalan Fitzmaurice26 
Open in new windowRemote central locking Factory ?Del Puna
Open in new windowHardwiring Ipod to stereo in SC400?Tom Richards35 
Open in new windowCar won't stay onJustin Prewett
Open in new windowAt a loss with electric windows and mirrors. Help!Tom Richards
Open in new windowCoolant level sensorRoland Elliott
Open in new windowWhat is this found floating under the carpet?Michael McKellar
Open in new windowTune up. KitTom Richards
Open in new window1991 UZZ31 Alternator ReplacementRoland Elliott12 
Open in new window1994 Soarer digital dash repairer wanted please.Mark Valentine
Open in new windowSoarer headlamp and hazard problemMarkus Nyman20 
Open in new windowRemoving rear speakersMike Beck13 
Open in new windowIssue with headlightsMarkus Nyman
Open in new windowPush button start install, but car wont startJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowDiodes for aftermarket keyless entryBrett Harrison
Open in new windowNo tail lightsTom Richards
Open in new windowFuel Pump Wiring (Photos)Goetz von Gneisenau
Open in new windowWolf ecu v550Brett Harrison12 
Open in new windowUZZ32 Alternator RepairAbs Malik13 
Open in new windowIs there a main fuse?Tony Maxwell
Open in new windowNo tail lightsPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowUZZ31 V8 dash into a JeepFrank Fabre
Open in new windowAdvice needed on 2 topicsJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowHeadlamps / headlights not workingMarkus Nyman
Open in new windowSoarer GaugesMarcus Cimino
Open in new windowEcu capacitor repairWayne Riley17 
Open in new windowEmv not workingMike Beck
Open in new windowFuel pump 1991Marcus Cimino
Open in new windowRemove EMV TV, put screen in, how to control climate/air?Justin Prewett
Open in new windowRear Air Suspension dropping, but no leaksNathan Roberts
Open in new windowIndicator GlobesVincent Chan14 
Open in new windowGetting Cruise Control to work on a manual converted SoarerJames Buchan21 
Open in new windowCheck Engine Light on When Stationary - BrisbaneTai Johnsen
Open in new windowTurbo timerBlake Gloyn11 
Open in new windowCruise control from 31 into 1JZ??John Stafford
Open in new windowManual conversion on 1JZElie Sukkar
Open in new windowV8 ECU recapJason Mace
Open in new windowUZZ31 ABS/TRC Convert to Traditional boosterRoland Elliott16 
Open in new windowTRC error codes 43 & 51Matchy Loi13 
Open in new windowEMV confusionJohn Stafford
Open in new windowUZZ31 EMV to '92 TTMatt Muscat
Open in new windowIntermittent non function of fuel pump John Stafford
Open in new windowCentral locking problemLynton Scale29 
Open in new windowFixing the alternator on a 32Roland Elliott10 
Open in new windowWiring for power seatsJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSeat position memoryRoland Elliott
Open in new windowYet another EMV thread with problems Ayden Naylor
Open in new windowTurning off traction controlMike Beck
Open in new windowScreen message on 31 touch screenJohn Stafford
Open in new windowOutside Temp Display in the DashColin Marsh18 
Open in new windowHarry Lemmens ECU upgrade problemPhil Harbrow
Open in new windowAuto lights UZZ32Stuart Geldard
Open in new windowConnectting TVMark Brunning
Open in new windowCharge warning. Sorry to flog the dead horse but i need help. Stall...Mike Beck16 
Open in new windowDash temp readoutAndrew Brown
Open in new windowCan anyone identify this?Andrew Brown
Open in new windowSoarer Lagging and StutteringJason Chapman15 
Open in new window1994 UZZ31 - Rear wiper Install - Rear wiper switch.Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowFuel pump problem turning into fuel ECU problem?Peter Nitschke15 
Open in new windowWhat pin is the back light 12v to climate controlTom Richards
Open in new windowPinoutsJohn Street
Open in new windowPossible dead check engine light? Brian Leonard
Open in new windowKey stuck in driver door lock - help pleaseTom Richards
Open in new windowCatalytic convertor warningTom Richards
Open in new windowFault CodesRaoul Duke
Open in new windowEMV replacementTom Richards32 
Open in new windowRear SIDE window demister?Rhys Bowman
Open in new windowOdometer LCD bleedingJohn Stafford
Open in new windowHow to take out the air bag light?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowFuel pump wire upJohn Stafford
Open in new windowAuto elect repairers either in Brisbane or SydneyMark Brunning
Open in new windowAll seatbelts stopped locking at same timeMark Donovan
Open in new windowEMV screen for air con/audio disappeared.Tim Schroeter45 
Open in new windowElectronic Repairs & stuff! Roland Elliott
Open in new windowDoor chime removal late modelMike Beck
Open in new windowNeed To Find 15uf35v Cap for ECU RebuildAndrew Robb
Open in new windowJZZ30 ECU RecapJohnny Brasche
Open in new windowDifferent ECUs on the V8s, Help.John Stafford13 
Open in new windowION BLUETOOTH CASSETTE ADAPTER Randy Pardo
Open in new windowECU HELPTai Johnsen
Open in new windowSoarer manual and single turbo conversion - car won't start. Need h...Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowTurn signal activates hazardsBraden Wolfe
Open in new windowThrottle position sensor installation 1991 v8 limitedBrett Harrison
Open in new windowReverse polarityScott Vim28 
Open in new windowRear Demister wiringJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowHi all newbie with a stereo problemDel Puna14 
Open in new windowCustom Soarer DashJustin Prewett10 
Open in new windowEngine ECURicky Liddy
Open in new windowLoom under passenger side rear seatMatt Vertudaches
Open in new windowSupra style taillightsJeff Burton
Open in new windowParking lights fusePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSeat back on power seats not working?Roland Elliott14 
Open in new windowWhere is the V8 cooling fan sensorJohn Stafford
Open in new windowWhich FuseJohn Street
Open in new windowDoor Panel / Key Chime / Interior LightLouis Attard12 
Open in new windowAuto electrician suggestions MelbourneNoel Annakis
Open in new windowAirbag Light OnJan van Berendonk19 
Open in new window1jz vvti first major issue, will crank but won't start.. Justin Prewett
Open in new windowLive point for daytime lights?Dave Rose
Open in new windowRemoving EMV - what are these parts?Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowJZZ30 runs well than dies driving and idle.Justin Prewett
Open in new windowFuel pump ecu----bench test?Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowSpark plug leadsMark Brunning
Open in new window1992 Soarer Door Wiring helpTom Richards
Open in new windowDiagnose - Alternator, Battery or Loose Wire? Rory Braatvedt
Open in new windowEmv replacementTom Richards
Open in new windowNo sound coming out of my right hand rear speaker but the speaker i...Tom Richards
Open in new windowIgnition will not turn over - got me and 2 mechanics bamboozledShaun Luckhurst
Open in new windowDash lights stay on with key removedWendy Michelle
Open in new windowEngine Electrical System FaultJosh Smith11 
Open in new windowI think its my radio - flat battery, no trigger wireGraham Edwards
Open in new windowRear dash brakelightsCarl Leeworthy
Open in new windowPower mirror problemsMark Brunning
Open in new windowECU reinstall procedure confirmationMark Donovan
Open in new windowEmanage blue flashes redKevin Silvera
Open in new windowInjector Power wires.. JZTai Johnsen
Open in new windowAircon / heater fan not workingTrefor Abbott
Open in new windowReverse Signal WiringMichael Mockiewicz12 
Open in new windowECT Power/Normal?Scott Vim
Open in new windowBroken Odometer LCDMark Donovan24 
Open in new windowFuel pump shorting back to the main ECU?Boris Siljanoski27 
Open in new windowPowerFC troubleshooting/codes?Daniel Marshall11 
Open in new windowElectrical issue Help NeededDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowEFI Error wont reset Garth Williams
Open in new windowPetrol gauge help pleaseJustin Prewett36 
Open in new windowLexus sc400 turn lightsMitch Templar
Open in new window1UZ Limp Mode and A340 WiringTom Richards
Open in new windowRedundant electrical/other bits for weight saving?Jade Mills
Open in new windowHelp needed. not cranking. new starter ectDarren Bauer22 
Open in new windowReusing factory amp's with Nexus tablet install...Allan Langford19 
Open in new windowHELP PLSEDavid Haynes
Open in new windowECU V8- Help needed Sydney, Illawarra, Canberra or Hunter areaGreg Wyllie10 
Open in new windowAir Bag Light keeps on coming onTom Richards
Open in new windowAnyone have the cluster plug pinout ?Justin Prewett
Open in new windowRev counter signal cabelRobin Eriksson
Open in new windowHKS FCD problemRoss Watt
Open in new windowTuners QLDBrett Harrison
Open in new windowPov pack manual dash, how to get fuel to read?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowNo ignition in park or nuetralScott Corunna10 
Open in new windowWiper return position problemKatsuji Ueda
Open in new window1jz vvti with immobiliser won't start!Brandon Loebert 22 
Open in new windowHazard Lights not turning off 1991 ttSteven Walker
Open in new windowNeed 94 TT limited + 97 VVTi pov cluster wiring diagramsJustin Prewett
Open in new windowKey stuck in ignition, won't release!!!!!!!Tom Richards
Open in new windowHELP Please Battery Drained if i don't drive for two daysSeamus Brice-Bennett21 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Ultransonic Mirror wiring diagrams?Mike Beck
Open in new windowDome light on, but doors are closed.Drew Fryer
Open in new windowElectric seats not working, blown fuse?Jesse Field
Open in new windowDash colour change?Jimmy Chapman
Open in new windowFull wiring diagram of 94 TT and 97 VVTi wantedJustin Prewett
Open in new window91 JZZ30 ECU recap in Brisbane.Justin Prewett
Open in new windowFull ECU circuit (schmatic) diagram for 1uz-feMatthew Salkeld
Open in new windowV8 Alternator - Won't crank overGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowEMV switching between night and day mode when I breakTom Richards
Open in new windowTrouble getting key out of ignitionAdam Foster
Open in new windowMounting a small fan on the FP ECUTom Richards11 
Open in new windowElectricals after installing aftermarket ecuPeter Nitschke16 
Open in new windowWho does blinky dash repair and blue LEDs in dash in Perth?Matt Newman
Open in new windowInterference coming through radio tunerJoseph Kelly11 
Open in new windowOk, i'm on my hands and knees begging for help!Peter Nitschke22 
Open in new windowWindow motor connectionJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowEMV Screen SensorsDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowThrottle Control ECU Location?Ali Saeed10 
Open in new windowPopformance LXCC (Digital Climate Control)Brett Callaughan
Open in new windowHelp Needed with electrical issueGarth Williams13 
Open in new windowFitting of a higher volume fuel pump to a JZZ30Blake Gloyn11 
Open in new windowAftermarket replacement for OEM Reverse Camera?John Jantzen26 
Open in new windowExhaust System Overheat Warning Indicator Is On Phil Harbrow
Open in new windowJust lost speedo and fuel top half of dashIan Johnston
Open in new windowWhich wire powers the ECU? Boris Siljanoski15 
Open in new windowElectric seat to memory electric seatsJimmy Chapman14 
Open in new windowStalling Problem "Electrical"????Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowBattery Voltage Drop When hard brakingMario Lentini55 
Open in new windowLithium Polymer batteriesMark Donovan20 
Open in new window"blinky dash", or is it?Michael Brogefjord
Open in new windowLights flashing as soon as doors are open V8 1991Luke Munro
Open in new windowBuzzing From This In Engine Bay With Engine OffPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowQuestion re the fuel Ecu.John Stafford
Open in new windowWeird issue EMVJohn Street
Open in new windowNo spark or switching at the coils and has erratic injection pulseHakan Pasha
Open in new windowTV and Radio receivers Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowNo start issue!Robert Day
Open in new windowInstallation on Monster Tach??Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowApexi rsm series 2David Vallelonga
Open in new windowSrs airbag light constantly flashingShane Hallam
Open in new windowCalling Adman / Adam Smith / 1997+ soarer Cruise Control mod!Ali Saeed14 
Open in new windowHi/Lo headlights not working, fogs/parkers fineIan Rigby
Open in new windowOver temp warning on pov pack dash?Matthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowReplacing Factory Wireless door controller - UL Unlock wireJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowNo Spark, No fuel after changing spark plugs & oil.Robert Day
Open in new windowVery strange alternator/ regulator / battery fault, TTDavid Henderson
Open in new windowDashboard Display blank in lower sectionAllan Langford
Open in new windowEngine electrical system problemBill McCluskey12 
Open in new windowAutomatic window close with Central LockingJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowIntegration relay problemsDarren Bak
Open in new windowDo we have a list of Electrical Code Numbers and faults for '91 SC4...Shane Pleasance
Open in new windowEFI 52Jesse Pieterse
Open in new windowStarting issuesJesse Pieterse24 
Open in new windowHelp... my soarer wont start... :-(...Liviu Velisarie10 
Open in new windowCodes 14 & 15, need help fixing. Ryan Pollard
Open in new windowEmv, not all functions displayedAlex Horvat22 
Open in new windowPWR/MAN Buttons Jesse Pieterse28 
Open in new windowDrivers Door Lock Gone MadGary Poloskei
Open in new windowReplacing stock CD player in TTTrevor Marsh
Open in new windowElectronic high-stall torque converter/launch control with stock pa...Jade Mills
Open in new windowAlternator effecting brake accumulator?Dave Rose
Open in new windowFactory ECU absolute limit?Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowStand alone EMS Engine Loom?Daniel Norrman
Open in new windowBrittish - UK TT Soarer Dash in MPH ? Anyone got one of these ?Gareth Richards13 
Open in new windowEmanage help needed urgently!Ezekiel Vozzo
Open in new windowDrivers side switch for windows How do I get inside to clean it? Trevor Marsh
Open in new windowAlternator not charging message until car starts.Louis Attard
Open in new windowOBDII ELM 327 John Edler
Open in new windowE-manage ultimate problemsDaniel Marshall14 
Open in new windowDoor Open switchNathan Stringer
Open in new windowHelp with info regarding door locking system.David Hall
Open in new windowFitting electric steering column to a jzz31Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowFitting electric seatsJason Hall
Open in new windowHigh beam problem on my 32John Stafford
Open in new windowHelp! Stuck 1200ks away from home by the road-immobilizer?Tom Richards
Open in new windowRear Parking Sensor SoundGreg Wyllie12 
Open in new windowRadio Tuner Recap?Tom Richards
Open in new windowIntermittent blank dash Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowKnock Sensor Error CodesMichael Sinay12 
Open in new window"Door" dash message with 2 other things all at onceJohn Stafford21 
Open in new windowDigital Cluster - Show m/h instead of Km'h on JZZ30 TT importMartin Ball
Open in new windowHELP - DASHDaniel Marshall27 
Open in new windowV8 engine problemJohn Street13 
Open in new windowEMV in the Lexus SC400 V8 LimitedTom Richards
Open in new windowAnyone installed a Steelmate 386m? (Keyless entry)Al Shield
Open in new windowOrange (engine) symbol keeps coming on. Help!Trevor Marsh14 
Open in new windowAuto headlight problemBen Pygall
Open in new windowWarning light "alternator not charging"Brett Thomasson
Open in new windowKnock sensor drama... Please helpTom Richards18 
Open in new windowNeed to test a working ECU for 5 minutes - Can anyone help out plz ...Shane Pleasance
Open in new windowHow to test a TPS?John Stafford
Open in new windowAmbient Temp not reading after non EMV conversionAllan Langford
Open in new windowV8 died while driving... battery?Glen Mills
Open in new windowSoarer won't start, just makes a clicking soundChris Adams
Open in new windowHelp to identify the right hand O2 sensor wire.John Stafford
Open in new windowBlitz ECUPeter Arnull
Open in new windowKnock sensor connector plug part # requiredMichael Sinay
Open in new windowError 52 Front Knock Sensor - Replaced sensor but still getting errorRobert Day
Open in new windowWhat does the EMV touch screen control?Michael James
Open in new windowHELP Possible Electric Issues ?David Stevenson
Open in new windowWhat's this orange dash warning light mean?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowECU and auto controllerBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowEMV and Trip ComputerGreg Albrighton
Open in new windowProblem with rear park lights.Ian Johnston
Open in new windowConfusing fuel sender wiring.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAuto headlight switch fuse?Tom Richards
Open in new windowFuel guage,lower dash and climate control issuesIan Johnston
Open in new windowJZZ30 and JZZ31 Cluster difference?Ross Pesina
Open in new windowStrange Fault CodePeter Arnull11 
Open in new windowSwitched 12V Source?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowUZZ31 not charging battery. Advice on next step?Drew Charlwood
Open in new windowProblems getting my car to start againTom Richards21 
Open in new windowStock immobiliser?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowGood soarer auto electrition in Newcastle Zac Clare
Open in new window1uz MAF voltage rangeSimon Martin
Open in new windowDash Removal '91 SC400Peter Arnull
Open in new windowWhere's my lamp failure module?! Tom Richards
Open in new windowIf i cannot close my windows after ignition is turned offJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowA quickie regarding 'fog lights'Ian Rigby17 
Open in new windowWiring into starter SolenoidBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowSteering retractor sensor?Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowShake and Bake Mirrors - THE DEFINITIVE ANSWERAnthony Matthews
Open in new windowMemory seat positioning and steering electrics (up/down auto away) ...Mike Triggs42 
Open in new window'Auto Start' causes starter motor to keep running on ....Justin Hughes
Open in new window2 x Central Door Lock Wires Where Do I Find Them?Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowNeed Help To Identify These Wires Function PleaseJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowYet another EMV issue thread :-)...Drew Callaghan15 
Open in new windowNew problem car not starting Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowChecked out Ecu now head unit deadAl Shield10 
Open in new windowNew soarer and few electrical faults Ash Royan
Open in new windowECT/Power, Ac, Cig @ Gear # LightsMatt Smith
Open in new windowEnglish Diagram for Emanage ignition Harness Garth Williams
Open in new windowWhich is the best bang for buck EBCMichael Sinay
Open in new windowPower windows and sunroof not working and displays ABS light on dashAsh Royan
Open in new windowCheck Charging WarningJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowWiring diagramTom Richards
Open in new windowDrivers side central locking plug wiringDavid Hall
Open in new windowNeed Help With Central Locking CircuitDavid Hall17 
Open in new windowEngine Electrical System Warning Andrew Robb
Open in new windowRecent electrical buzz and now dead batteryEthan Rodda
Open in new windowWill UZZ31 dash work in UZZ32?Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowCar Alarm Problems, Cannot Now Start The car, please helpJoseph Kelly20 
Open in new windowKey Turn Sequence To Disable ImmobiliserVincent Chan
Open in new windowAlternator plugBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowWhat is this?Rob Smith
Open in new windowAlternator charge faultJoshua Thomson
Open in new window1994 jzz31 headunit changeMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowR154 Conversion WiringEzekiel Vozzo
Open in new windowECU - 1991 UZZ31 - HelpGreg Wyllie
Open in new window12 Stacker CD PlayerTom Richards
Open in new windowCode 14?Chris Carr
Open in new windowLow brake fluid warning on dashJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSeat won't go backMichael Mazzone
Open in new windowAnyone recognise still remote?Peter Arnull12 
Open in new windowUZZ32 AlternatorTom Richards
Open in new windowSoarer clock????David Henderson
Open in new windowEFI -- problemsJeff Bunsell
Open in new windowSamsung Galaxy To EMVJoseph Kelly25 
Open in new windowFM Expander small plug to large, where to buy?Dave van Staveren
Open in new windowFixed 3 problems at once!!Tom Richards
Open in new windowHow does the boot switch work?Joseph Kelly10 
Open in new windowHow does your drivers door open work?Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowReplacing ignition and door locksMatt Newman10 
Open in new windowGood ebay storeBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowOdometer ReprogrammingSteve Millward43 
Open in new windowRectifier assy for V8 alternatorOki Zoubari
Open in new windowSpark PlugsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWhat's this cable for?Michael James
Open in new windowWhere are the Diagnostic codes for the EMV V8Tom Richards
Open in new windowCheap ebay gaugesDarren Bauer11 
Open in new windowTT Climate led replacementGary Poloskei
Open in new windowUltrasonic Mirror IssueAdrian Sellick
Open in new windowBlitz ECUMark Donovan
Open in new windowWeird door problems... Need urgent help...Ben Smith
Open in new windowBoot not openingVincent Chan
Open in new windowCentral Locking Playing UpTom Richards
Open in new windowFactory Touch screenPeter Nitschke11 
Open in new windowMy dead sc400Peter Nitschke11 
Open in new windowNT guys, Ill be needing a tune on a 1.5jz w/powerr fc, who do you r...Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowUzz31 pinout for 40p 40p 40p ecuAndy Losurdo
Open in new windowMirror control plugTom Richards
Open in new windowCar troublesBraden Tessier10 
Open in new windowRemote locking? Alarm? Immobiliser? Blake Davies
Open in new windowVery strange fault???Blake Gloyn15 
Open in new windowFast Flash fix for 94 cluster retrofitAndrew Brown51 
Open in new windowHave these door wires broken or been cut?Trevor Marsh
Open in new windowIs my battery cactus?Benny Johns
Open in new windowPS Solenoid Wire..where does it go?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowClimate control positive colour wires and tacho wiresDave Rose
Open in new windowWeird Light/Drain IssueTom Richards
Open in new windowMAF for JZZ31Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowCan Only Close Windows When Revs Are UpJoseph Kelly16 
Open in new windowV6 vs V8 dash - Tacho not working, alternator not charging errorJulian Mazur
Open in new window91-93 UZZ31 EMV To Non Emv conversionTom Richards
Open in new windowA340E Transmission SolenoidEdwin Prasad
Open in new windowAerial Amplifier WireJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowAuto Open BootJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowNeed helping finding proper capacitors/transistors for blinky dash ...Dylan Schwartz
Open in new windowHID HelpNathan Sopeer21 
Open in new windowDead RadioTom Richards
Open in new windowAlternator not charging battery errorPeter Bullman15 
Open in new windowStarter motor on my 32John Stafford
Open in new windowPointless mod, but anywayJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowCruise de-limiterIan Johnston
Open in new windowECU Error code helpGlenn Northcott
Open in new windowMain engine ECU CompatibilityEvan Kaio
Open in new windowNo power getting to carDavid Boyle
Open in new windowSC400 Starter MotorConnor McElligott
Open in new windowIntermittently jerking car while cruise control is on Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowEarth under console - EMV ModelAdrian Sellick
Open in new windowTemperature Control SwitchJulian Mazur
Open in new windowConverting Halo projector lights from LHD to RHD.Julian Mazur
Open in new windowFog/ turning lights???Bernie Simm
Open in new windowClimate Control LCD Black out- Need helpRichard Thomas
Open in new windowCanbus LEDs Tom Richards19 
Open in new windowAlternator not charging when warmDave Hart
Open in new windowEMV Connector diagrams Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowCentral locking not working?Neale Duiker
Open in new windowResistor mod for altezza tail lightsJames Tims54 
Open in new windowHelp: cant find bosch dizzy caps n rotor buttonsRob Wilson
Open in new windowDoor chime removal guideDave Rose
Open in new windowUZZ32 alternatorDave Hart
Open in new windowIs this possible at all? Julian Mazur
Open in new windowJzz30 error codes slip cont 21 abs 21 and ect 89James Buchan
Open in new windowPower window adjustmentsDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowRight hand speakers not working in my 31 limitedMark Donovan13 
Open in new windowPower drain issue???Dave Rose
Open in new windowBroken/missing wirePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowPassenger window and central lockingJohn Stafford
Open in new windowOxygen sensorsMike Triggs
Open in new windowNeed help with alternator.Phillip George
Open in new windowAltezza tail lights flashing and blowing bulbsJulian Mazur
Open in new windowSpeedo ClusterChris Lang
Open in new windowCar Electrical complete cut out while drivingDarren Dym10 
Open in new windowGReddy Boost Gauge helpDarren Bauer
Open in new windowTurning signals wont work at all after interior swap :-( HELP!!!...Nathan Sheehan
Open in new windowCat converter warning lightMatthew Smith
Open in new windowIPhone successfully integrated into stock head unit!Julian Mazur14 
Open in new windowDash problem! and maybe some other problems that are linked to it :-(...Greg Foord33 
Open in new windowWhat options do I have with my headlights?Julian Mazur13 
Open in new windowNo power to emvJohn Summergreene
Open in new windowJZZ30 Starter relay! Weird issuesAiden Cheese
Open in new windowDash lcd repair?Chris Lang
Open in new windowUZZ31 EFI 52 ErrorAnthony El-Khoury
Open in new windowAlternator for UZZ32Tom Richards
Open in new windowJZZ30 - cruise control won't hold speedDavid Henderson
Open in new windowQuestion about coolant Temp sensor whereabouts and Karmen VortexJohn Stafford10 
Open in new windowNo more cd buttonDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowHelp Fault on dash!Enzo Seidl
Open in new windowWhat do these connect to ?Tom Richards
Open in new windowAuto Electrician in Melbourne familiar with 91 V8 Soarer?Andrew Wilson
Open in new windowPOWER switch not workingTom Richards
Open in new windowHey guys which year tail lights? and how to install in my 91 UZ31!Andrew Wilson12 
Open in new windowClearing faults in the system check on the dashJohn Stafford
Open in new windowE-manage ultimate installed now auto seems to shift to early Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowCentral LockingJesse Dwyer
Open in new windowEMV Question, yet anotherLawrence Tan
Open in new windowSome help with a SC300 dash + climate control Steve Gorman
Open in new windowBrake system failureShane Haverkamp35 
Open in new windowTesting fuel pump ECUAndrew Beattie
Open in new windowEfi 42 (speed sensor) code after rsm installPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAlternator questionTom Richards
Open in new windowCD playerDave Hart
Open in new windowYour thoughts ?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowDissconecting speed sensors from transmission for drags?Cameron Marshall
Open in new windowRemoving 180kph Speed Cut...Wayne Womersley23 
Open in new windowEngine Electrical Error. Cant find a fixMatt Koch
Open in new windowJZZ30 alternator help neededJack Hawkins
Open in new windowMAJOR PROBLEMSTim Harrigan32 
Open in new windowKey stuck in ignitionJosh Thompson
Open in new windowHelp with instrument cluster pleaseJulian Mazur
Open in new windowEngine Electrical System Error 31Josh Morgan23 
Open in new windowEmanage Ultimate - AEM WIdeband Min-Max parametersDan McColl
Open in new windowCoil pack problem.Michael Wittwer
Open in new windowSoarer/Celsior friendly auto electrician in PerthAnthony Matthews
Open in new window2 ignition wire functions- alarm install relatedDavid Henderson
Open in new windowELECTRICAL MAINTENACE HELPAndrew Wilson
Open in new windowMajor issues - ElectricsToni Beaton 14 
Open in new windowAltezza rear light - bulbs??David Hall
Open in new windowPassenger WindowJordan Ellery
Open in new windowPower window doesn't work, already tried replacing regulator and mo...Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowCan some one tell me what this error is?Tom Richards
Open in new windowReverse Camera in late model UZZ31Dave Rose21 
Open in new windowECU Repair / Capacitor Replacement Service for TT/V8Damian Ware34 
Open in new windowECU Caps through hole repairTim Sheedy19 
Open in new windowShe no start!!!Hakan Pasha14 
Open in new windowHID's Help Dan McColl47 
Open in new windowStandard Japan Stereo Vs Drive-insDan McColl
Open in new windowWindscreen wipers wont turn offAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowHelp, my engine won't fire at all.Wayne Womersley12 
Open in new windowHB3 headlight globe or Xenon H.I.D conversion?Wayne Womersley31 
Open in new windowBlinky dashWayne Womersley16 
Open in new windowMy V8 shut off while driving!!!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowWHERE IS THE DAMN ECU IN A JZZ30 SOARER!! PLEASETai Johnsen
Open in new windowDash errorsJames Buchan
Open in new windowAirbag LightEdison Koh
Open in new windowEMV repair WAStephen Shackleton
Open in new windowEmv issuesTom Richards35 
Open in new windowOBD plug locationWalter Gillmore13 
Open in new windowElectric shockWalter Gillmore18 
Open in new windowCigarette Lighter USB 3 slotEdison Koh
Open in new windowRverse Camera problemTom Richards12 
Open in new windowJZZ30 Auto, won't start, possible main ecu or fuel pump ecu?Enzo Seidl
Open in new windowTurn key:doesn't start or make any noise. NOTHING!!!Liviu Velisarie22 
Open in new windowIndicators going fast but no blown bulbs ! Weird ...Tom Richards11 
Open in new windowDash clock running fast!David Henderson
Open in new windowPlugs beside Car Jack in Limited.Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowE-Manage Harness - Blue or UltimateKylie Enright
Open in new windowV8 Manual Conversion Plugs.Dan McColl10 
Open in new windowWhat is my dash doing ???Dan McColl
Open in new windowAll your Electrical needsRyan Reichert
Open in new windowWater Temp Sensor SignalCamron Garcia
Open in new windowCar shuts down after going on boostCamron Garcia
Open in new windowStrange Dash problemEnzo Seidl27 
Open in new windowLoose connection in engine bayNiall Hughes
Open in new windowRouting the T13 Adapter Harness from ECUMichael Sinay
Open in new windowJzz31 ECU and Wiring LoomGrant Household
Open in new windowHow to fix the roof interior lightJason Exindaris
Open in new windowJZZ30 loom connectors and wiring guide.Austen Menze
Open in new windowEmanage Ultimate problem - Laptop won't detect Plz helpMichael Sinay12 
Open in new windowHeadlight model year change?Jay Asghari24 
Open in new windowPower steering problem?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowDiagnostic testDavid Kilduff
Open in new windowWhite Dash - Possible?David Watt18 
Open in new windowFog lights not workingMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowHID Bulbs for 1992 SoarerMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHeadlightsDavid Grima29 
Open in new windowHID's Help Walter Gillmore12 
Open in new windowLED High beam globesWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowRandom wire on diagnostic port in engine bay?Dan McColl
Open in new windowHorn not workingEvan Kaio15 
Open in new windowInstrument panel not working: tested against working one. Bad Earth?Aaron Mead
Open in new windowECU problem ?Katsuji Ueda11 
Open in new windowDoor controller electrical cable layoutMatt Newman
Open in new windowBrake system warning beep removalDave Rose33 
Open in new windowWires in the boot taped up? Plugs not connected?Peter Williams
Open in new windowSteering wheel retractDavid Boyle13 
Open in new windowRemoving volume control knob.Chris Lock
Open in new windowHks evc-s dramaJason Hunt
Open in new windowAntenna plug, big one and small one !!??Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowCar Security - AdelaideJake Mibus
Open in new windowWhat is this fault code?Evan Kaio
Open in new windowWhere to get Coils Dizzy caps and Rotors.Peter Nitschke10 
Open in new windowBrake SwitchPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowDoing my head inChristian Perez11 
Open in new windowLights and dash not workingDaniel Locke
Open in new windowHow to fix your boot switch lock Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowDoes anyone know how to disable all warning messages on the dashMichael Brogefjord18 
Open in new windowPlease help - blown fuse, falls apart!Dave Rose11 
Open in new windowCentral LockingDarren Bauer
Open in new windowDash all light up!Tom Richards
Open in new windowParking / Reversing SensorGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowLOW BEAM LIGHTS - HB3 9005 is not right.. or is it?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowNew Soarer - Electrical IssuesNiall Hughes
Open in new windowATTN all clever people-a cruise control/larger throttle body puzzleCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new window fuel pump fuse keeps blowingChris Papadopoulos
Open in new windowSteering column adjustEvan Kaio
Open in new windowPassenger Window SwitchDavid Boyle11 
Open in new windowEmv Greg Wyllie
Open in new windowElectric Seats not working nor central locking, boot and fuel releaseAlistair Moorby11 
Open in new windowEFI 52 Code Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowStarting CarDave Hart
Open in new windowElectric seats, fuel/boot release and central locking not workingAlistair Moorby
Open in new windowPinout for 89661-24430 (1996 uzz31)Allan Langford10 
Open in new window93 TT Won't start after being in the sunPaul Ince14 
Open in new windowCar alarm keeps going off after a tyre blow out for 91' Soarer v8 l...Josh Halse
Open in new windowSAFC basic tuneMichael Sinay
Open in new windowDiagnostic Check HelpChris Ryan
Open in new windowCoil packs help Oki Zoubari11 
Open in new windowAlternator not chargingAiden Cheese
Open in new windowHELP - removed ECU, changed caps.. now won't start..Justin Prewett
Open in new windowOdd issue with EMV Trip computerMichael Toet
Open in new windowAuto Electrician in Brisbane for TTChristian Molenda12 
Open in new windowCar doesn't know it is in reverse... why?Dean Erwin
Open in new windowLCD aircon screen and dash screen have gone blank together!!!!!Ross Cochran11 
Open in new windowFUEL PUMP ECU Prices NewJol Alexander
Open in new windowHeadlight switch QEvan Kaio
Open in new windowWhats this thing do ?Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowBoot wont open from inside the carMichael Fuhrmann15 
Open in new windowTT ECU - Does anyone have one I can borrow to check if my ECU is fa...Michael Sinay
Open in new windowWhat will happen if I toss the ABS computerGary Poloskei14 
Open in new windowWhat's this partDrew Rechner
Open in new windowSoarer stalling & misfiring - Won't start!Michael Sinay14 
Open in new windowFault in the wiring to the CD stacker?John Stafford
Open in new windowHID Conversion helpJohn Stafford
Open in new windowPower window won't go down straight!Joe Watson
Open in new windowFunny aircon issuesDan McColl
Open in new windowUSDM SC400 Remote on Toyota Soarer - CompatibilityJay Asghari
Open in new windowOdd Electrical IssueDave Rose
Open in new windowPlease help with fuse box!Paul Mainey
Open in new windowPole switchMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSignal stalks don't work, anyone in melb can take a look for me?Tom Richards
Open in new windowEMV pinout? what is the lights wire pin to EMVTom Richards
Open in new windowA Couple of Electrical IssuesAlvin Siew23 
Open in new windowECU Fault CodesDwayne Croslald
Open in new windowPivot speed meter/speed cut defender Need HelpWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowAnyone wanna earn some money wiring up my 1UZBrett Harrison
Open in new windowHow to fix ECT error in dash and cruise controlTom Richards
Open in new window1j TT alternator not charging on my vl. is there an upgradeJames Brodie
Open in new windowBattery Connected/Jumpstarted Backwards - Need HelpTom Richards19 
Open in new windowWill these fit in a uzz31Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAlternater not charging/catalytic converter lightsChris Priestley
Open in new windowHelp No Accessories!Ross Pesina
Open in new windowBIG PROBLEM :-( all hands on deck guys!...Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowCar not chargeingBrad Vranjes
Open in new window1997 JZZ31 VVTI info needed on ECUSteve Gorman
Open in new windowECU troubles?Dwayne Croslald
Open in new windowNo power to lights, dash, starter, everything.Joshua Baldwin
Open in new window'97 VVTi ECUPeter Burrett
Open in new windowAuto electrician Brisbane/Gold coastStephen Clark
Open in new windowEcu failureDavid Kilduff
Open in new windowOk well after hours of searching looks like my emv mod is one of a ...Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowWhats the asian letters on my dash?Chris Priestley
Open in new windowEMV removalAli Saeed10 
Open in new windowCar not starting after turned offTom Richards
Open in new windowEmanage ultimate install helpBrendan Daniels
Open in new windowEFI running after switching car off.James Buchan
Open in new windowSomething seriously wrong with my carChris Priestley14 
Open in new windowCrackling SpeakersDavid Boyle
Open in new windowLED/SMD Replacement Bulbs - TaillightsMichael Sinay
Open in new windowHow to replace the spoiler lightMark Donovan13 
Open in new windowLED flasher relayTom Richards
Open in new windowWhat are these wires ???Troy Henderson
Open in new windowDIGITAL DASH REPAIR?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowCD StackerVincent Chan
Open in new windowElectric seat ECUDan McColl
Open in new windowCcfl for dashPeter Muscat
Open in new windowWindows and sunroof not workingDaniel Savage
Open in new windowFog light bulb for a 95+John Wan
Open in new windowEMV Backlight TubesDavid Boyle16 
Open in new windowWiper arm paintMichael Toet
Open in new windowCan some one please help as to why accessories won't turn offScott Casey
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Open in new windowPlease help accessories keep turning on Mathew Unstead
Open in new windowHalo HID'sJosh Hyland
Open in new windowMystery cableJoshua Baldwin18 
Open in new windowEMV screen turning off and onDave Rose14 
Open in new windowStereo problemTom Richards
Open in new windowSingle wire to rear of EMV. where should it go?????Tom Richards
Open in new windowInterior lights not workingMatt Petersen
Open in new windowWhoops!Think I've broken my ECU.Jack Driver21 
Open in new windowEMV Display IssuesMichael Collins10 
Open in new windowSupra seat electricsJack Driver
Open in new windowRemote Central locking - Need a new remote!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowULTRA Multi Mode Meter Plus WiringLuang Thokbuom
Open in new windowRetrofitting a reversing camera into EMV soarerPeter Williams
Open in new windowNeed some help with a power problem...fuses and what not. Luke Carbins
Open in new windowEFI Fault Code please helpMichael Collins
Open in new windowBrake warning lightMark Donovan22 
Open in new windowUrgent - Alternator CompatibilityAli Saeed
Open in new windowHelp! JZZ30 wont start!Vincent Chan
Open in new windowViper Car Alarm 2 point Immobiliser?Dan McColl
Open in new windowHelp Damion WareDamian Ware
Open in new windowCentral lockingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowNeed helpsoarer starts then dies Tom Richards
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Open in new windowBleeded Dash - Need Urgent FixPrateek Ahuja
Open in new windowElectrics cutting outJordan Flintoff
Open in new windowHeadlights dimmingAdam Lipa16 
Open in new windowSpeed signal wire on the ecuMatthew Weaver
Open in new window50v 15uf capacitorVincent Chan11 
Open in new windowSpark problemTom Richards
Open in new windowBlinkers Not WorkingPeter Bullman
Open in new windowProfec b spec II - A test to see if it's working?Luke Tongs
Open in new windowWiring Costa's After Market HeadlightsMurray Lund
Open in new windowEngine Oil Level WarningKristoph Schneider11 
Open in new windowWiring diag for efi relay.Tom Richards
Open in new windowBrown (neutral/earth) Wire dislodged. Static/background noise when ...Edison Koh
Open in new windowEver seen wiring like this beforeAllan Langford
Open in new windowCheetah Alarm problem? or battery?Tom Richards
Open in new windowHID Headlight KitMurray Shailer49 
Open in new windowStalling TT after Manual conversionRoss Handby
Open in new windowEarthing problem maybe? I hate earthing problems.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowECU locationMark Donovan
Open in new window2 pin plug on LHS of steering wheelEdison Koh
Open in new windowEMV repair in Melbourne?Peter Bullman
Open in new windowHELP!!! All interior LED bulbs not workingEdison Koh
Open in new windowMirror dismisterAdam Lonergan
Open in new window1jz No Fuel No FireRyan Vela
Open in new windowElectricity jumping from coil and spark leadsRyan Vela
Open in new windowAnalogue dash?Katsuji Ueda38 
Open in new windowHorn and Cruise control connector coloursDan McColl15 
Open in new windowTurn key, click, loss of all powerYang Gao
Open in new windowOBD problemShane Blakely
Open in new windowCar just stalled helpTom Richards
Open in new windowTransmission switch for separate boost group on EBC?Tai Johnsen
Open in new window"EFI --" ???Matthew Weaver
Open in new windowHow to wire extra steering wheel inputs/outputsSebastian Grant10 
Open in new windowParkers on Tail lights not workingTom Richards
Open in new windowWiring in 97 Fog Lights (Yes I know it's been revisited, but..........Jose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowNeed some serious help with my SC300Tom Richards29 
Open in new windowWhat is in the picture?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowCoil Pack Connector Part NumberBrett Harrison10 
Open in new windowBoot release not workingTom Richards11 
Open in new windowAuto window windupAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowRadio forgets station presetsLynton Scale
Open in new windowUzz31 want start sometimesTom Richards14 
Open in new windowWhere to buy oxygen sensors?Ross Pesina
Open in new windowRear Wiper AssistanceChris Straw
Open in new windowDIY EMV Confusion...Which Fuse?!?!Rob Laurent
Open in new windowURGENT Alternator help - V8Brett Harrison
Open in new windowMain engine ECU , is it the same PN for TRC/non TRC V8s?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowEct Paul Ince20 
Open in new windowLower door interior lightNathan Smith
Open in new windowEcu question. V8 soarer to sc400 ecuRob Laurent
Open in new windowEmanage Add onsPrashant Mohinda
Open in new windowDoor remote reciever wiring pin outs requiredWilliam White
Open in new windowDrivers Window Not WorkingJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowRight turn indicator issueTom Richards
Open in new windowSpeed input wire color for dashNathan Cryer
Open in new windowJzz31 ecu on ebay.thoughts on if it could be ok.....????Matthew Sharpe
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Open in new windowECT Error and OD light on manual conversionWalter Gillmore11 
Open in new windowHELP!!!! Emv problem!Shaydan Penniment
Open in new windowI have no power windowsAaron Mead10 
Open in new windowWeird problemOleg Akulshin
Open in new windowPiggyback ECU ChoicesGeorge Funa
Open in new windowThermo fan questionScott Casey
Open in new windowShift Selector LED Tutorial By Me!!Orton Marchant39 
Open in new windowBrake Light Switch (At pedal) ... WTF is it?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowCar Diagnostic Software OBD 1 OBD2 Walter Gillmore165 
Open in new windowDash displaying random numbersRyan Reichert21 
Open in new windowV8 AT transmission with Haltech ps500Andrew Santoso13 
Open in new windowLead to one IGNITER dead - how to fix?Alex Cooke
Open in new windowClimate Controll LCDEdison Koh
Open in new windowDrivers Door Lock ActuatorDaryl Demarte
Open in new window Standard Airbag Suspension?Vincent Chan
Open in new windowFCD problem on 92 ttClint Pearce
Open in new windowSoarer running like crapMichael Mazzone
Open in new windowWill reseting the ecu reset my emanage?Scott Casey
Open in new windowCruise control/Mem seats DON'T work after manual conversionNathan Richardson13 
Open in new windowTurbo timer (are they universal?) to fit into empty slot on gear pa...Edison Koh
Open in new windowAfter market alarm issuesAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowA quick note for those with v8 alternator issues Daniel Arndt10 
Open in new windowWhat kind of lightbulb?Ryan Reichert
Open in new windowSeat belt light always on Jimmy Au
Open in new windowDash warning - DOOR (open?)Arthur Kouparitsas
Open in new windowAlt not charging battery warning with a twistMatt Newman
Open in new window1jz ecu mod questionCameron Ranger
Open in new windowRemoving wiring loomDave Hall
Open in new windowGood Battery info neededAaron Casey13 
Open in new windowHID bulb fitting questionsDave Rose
Open in new windowPerformance chips for the V8Shaydan Penniment11 
Open in new windowWho fixes EMV's? Shaydan Penniment
Open in new windowFuse Problems Jesse Pilbeam
Open in new windowManual ECU looks different to my Auto ECUAndy Losurdo16 
Open in new windowOriginal Sub amp - HELPDavid Boyle
Open in new windowDoes anyone still repair EMVs?Tom Richards
Open in new windowParker lights??Alex Haines
Open in new windowEmanage Blue and Ultimate downloadsWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowDash wont turn offVincent Chan
Open in new windowBattery cablesDave Hall
Open in new windowCouple of QuestionsJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowWarning messagesDave Hall
Open in new windowOxy sensors on V8John Stafford14 
Open in new windowEcu fuse heating upChris Stephenson
Open in new windowS.O.S. Suprastick installation problemsSebastian Grant
Open in new windowSAFC 2 rpm signalJohn Kapeta
Open in new windowData Systems R-Spec ASG63X Height Controller Instructions?Chris Lock47 
Open in new windowInterior lightingCameron Dearden
Open in new windowDiagnosticsJohn Stafford
Open in new windowJzz30 digi dash wiring diag to power it up by external 12v batteryBrendan Daniels
Open in new windowMy 31 V8 is missingJohn Stafford10 
Open in new windowAlarm system helpMatt Newman
Open in new windowI have done the Dumbest thing.. I am open to RidiculeRhys Salmon12 
Open in new windowIdentifying a plug at rear of engine ( vvti single turbo )Paul Mainey
Open in new windowHelp (km sensor)Paul Drane16 
Open in new windowHid problemAaron Casey
Open in new windowHow to Convert USDM "needle" gages to JDM digital gagesDavid Grima
Open in new windowCharging pronmblemsBrenton Trafford
Open in new windowMap sensor for 1UZ?John Stafford
Open in new windowErratic SpeedoAka Abedin
Open in new windowJzz31 ecu pinouts 2jzgeMark Bryant
Open in new windowV8 ecu capsChristian Molenda
Open in new windowIndicator ProblemsOrton Marchant
Open in new windowBack from holiday to find the car is deadAli Saeed
Open in new windowUZZ30 Random revs under any acceleration Peter Nitschke21 
Open in new windowFuel pump ecu trigger ?Brett Harrison18 
Open in new windowHKS FCD wiring diagramMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowPassenger Window not working..Paul Funtowicz27 
Open in new windowDoor symbol and hazards wont turn offJason Jon14 
Open in new windowSerpentine belt is cutting into the electrical wire - Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowDoor elec/ window reg dilemmaTom Richards
Open in new windowDigital to analogue??Brett Harrison
Open in new windowHelp unknown error codeMatt Newman18 
Open in new windowElectrical problems affecting turbos?Matthew Hamono
Open in new windowBottom bar on the dash gone dead - Nothing shows thereJohn Stafford
Open in new windowStrange charging problems.Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowPower Drain (new battery)???????Prashant Mohinda
Open in new windowAlternator wiring ?Brett Harrison
Open in new windowInstalling Limited Seats into a GT - wiring isues - help neededSebastian Grant15 
Open in new windowDoor simble lightMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowHID lights and auto lights settingLee Bettridge
Open in new windowFront Washer MotorAndrew Hird
Open in new windowQuery on electric UZZ31 steering columnPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowTuning safc2Chris Biemans14 
Open in new windowCAr won't turn over, makes that noise when your battery is flatDave Rose25 
Open in new windowCD stacker. Help needed.Keenan Edinger
Open in new windowIgnition key issuesRichard Allen
Open in new windowNeed electrical help- no electricity in carBen Lipman14 
Open in new windowHow do I get this fuse out ???Peter Williams
Open in new windowIPod connection for SoarerDavid Boyle
Open in new windowAftermarket Headlight LED Wiring helpDavid Boyle
Open in new windowThrottle position sensor problemsGary Poloskei
Open in new windowI have a flaw in the digital dash unitOrton Marchant
Open in new windowDiagnostic CheckBrent Stewart
Open in new windowDoor will not open from outsideNorman Corry
Open in new windowWindscreen wiper timingShaydan Penniment
Open in new windowStart button in Soarers?Trevor Francic108 
Open in new windowNew Taillights problem-Please help!Matt Petersen
Open in new windowNo power, dead batteryPrashant Mohinda11 
Open in new window1991 Soarer V8 Spark Plug LeadsScott Casey
Open in new windowAnti theft system - How does it work?John Stafford
Open in new windowDeactivating the 108 klms limit on the SoarerDaniel Blomfield
Open in new windowEMV experts please.... EMV Computer gone south - can I fix it?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowBattery Light not on the DashGuy Moore
Open in new windowHelp, the theft control activated itself and locked my keys in the carDavid Grima
Open in new windowReverse beeper & Door Chime removal - WollongongJoshua Baldwin21 
Open in new windowFuel Pump ECU: no"+B" signalTom Richards15 
Open in new windowHelp! Rear tail lamp not workingShaydan Penniment
Open in new windowIgnition electrical problemGrant Brooks
Open in new windowLeft power side mirror folds but does not adjustMatthew Tai
Open in new windowFinding the door negative wireTom Richards
Open in new windowJust fixed weak FM and no AM receptionTom Richards
Open in new windowJZZ30 earthing points?Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowBreaking down, dash lights, shifter stuckTom Richards
Open in new windowTT - Diagnostics EFI 21Kaloy Szyd
Open in new windowCheck electrical systemMatthew Sharpe
Open in new window97+ Foggies ConnectorsPaul Drane
Open in new windowWhat the heck is this?? David Grab
Open in new windowCrackling speakersDavid Boyle
Open in new windowSlowly figuring this thing outAaron deVisser
Open in new windowAristo Swap Tacho ProblemJason Cheah
Open in new windowI got no ideaMatthew Weaver14 
Open in new windowApexi rsm 2 issuesChris Biemans
Open in new windowNo parking lights powerMatthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowA/c temp sensorBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowInstall a E-Fan for RadiatorBoris Siljanoski22 
Open in new windowCD stacker alternativesRogan Pringle
Open in new windowWHAT COMES UP WITH YOUR SCROLL BUTTON???Gary Poloskei13 
Open in new windowIs this dash from a V8?John Jantzen22 
Open in new windowCatalytic Converter Warning LightAiden Cheese10 
Open in new windowABS dash error causing power dropDave Hart
Open in new windowTRC message?Trefor Abbott
Open in new windowNeed help working out what this datasystems controller is plugged i...Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowAntenna amp, where does +12v come fromTom Richards
Open in new windowWhite single wire connector under RHS rear seat WTF!Tom Richards
Open in new windowARGH! ECT error 42 with a twist..Austen Menze23 
Open in new windowDigital Temperature sensorJacob Thomas15 
Open in new windowHID Installation HelpGary Redman11 
Open in new window97' EMV / Voice GPS / Radio etc...Dave Rose
Open in new windowNo power to stereoShaydan Penniment
Open in new windowKey Code and remote central locking?Dave Rose23 
Open in new windowQuick O2 Sensor Housing question...Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowElectrical faultMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowFuel pump ECUEdwin Prasad12 
Open in new windowV8 Soarer Airbag Warning LightChris Smith19 
Open in new windowA Few Electrical IssuesTom Richards
Open in new windowInterference question...Ali Saeed10 
Open in new windowPassenger POWER WINDOW NOT WORKINGRaziel Alexandrez
Open in new windowCD stacker issues.Tom Richards
Open in new windowDash error Darren Bauer23 
Open in new windowAC on = car offBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowElectric window motor rebuild?Matthew Tai
Open in new windowWould i get a dash error if i did this mod to my tailights?. Tom Richards
Open in new windowReplacement Altezza Tail Lights Wiring LoomTyson Adams
Open in new windowFront bumper and turn lights not workingAndy Losurdo
Open in new windowCustom tail light LED Project. Andy Losurdo46 
Open in new windowApexi turbo timer help!Will Hemmingsen
Open in new window12 volt switched sourceChristopher Gagliard
Open in new windowEmergency lights (warning lights) + Engine off + 5 mins = Dead Batt...Jol Alexander
Open in new windowAlarmMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowTail Light LED Bulb ReplacementsTrent Linnell12 
Open in new windowWeird Indicator ProblemDaniel Blackham
Open in new windowI really need some help with two connectors!Christoffer Bergling
Open in new windowHELP! I can't get in my TT !Trefor Abbott11 
Open in new windowDrivers side window...Adam Lonergan
Open in new window2jz starter motor difference please help asap!!Aaron Casey
Open in new windowDifference in 1jz looms?Aaron Casey
Open in new windowCant get the key all the way into the ignition barrelChris Anderson18 
Open in new windowClockMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowLEDs in TT A/C unitVinh Bui13 
Open in new windowRemote boot release not workingDarren Bauer
Open in new windowI CANT FIND ITDave Rose
Open in new windowDVD WiringDavid Boyle
Open in new windowWiring Check Engine LightOmar Amin
Open in new windowWhat is this and why does my aircon not work without it?Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowRHS AND LHS WINDOW REGULATOR- DESPERATE!!!! PLS HELP !!!Mohit Marfatia
Open in new windowECU for 97 2.5 LT VVTiTai Johnsen
Open in new windowDodgy Reversing CameraTom Richards
Open in new windowANOTHER fuel gauge problemShaydan Penniment
Open in new windowOrange warning light on dash?Anton Nortkus11 
Open in new windowWhere to buy capacitors/ transistors?Simon Triantafillou14 
Open in new windowStereo speaker problemJames Lamont
Open in new windowLS400 cluster to a Soarer?Matthew Sharpe20 
Open in new windowLeads recommendationScott Casey11 
Open in new windowEMV repair and does anyone know what this is?Tom Richards
Open in new windowHelp install Greddy speed cutGlenn Evans
Open in new windowRev hunting- replaced ISCV and throttle body- HelpTony Wang
Open in new windowRubber elec covers/socks for door harnessRobert Faggian13 
Open in new windowWhat are these wires for???Niall Hughes
Open in new windowCD CHANGER....WORTH MENTIONINGTom Richards
Open in new windowFake AFM SignalGrant Iskov18 
Open in new windowCd changer reset button??Evan Kaio
Open in new windowCd changer questionMichael White11 
Open in new windowRear Window WiringBen Lipman
Open in new windowHelp with indicators and a/cAdam Foster
Open in new windowRight Indicator problum - PLS HELPMatt Petersen10 
Open in new windowEMV & Blinky Dash help for the ungiftedDave Rose
Open in new windowJZZ30 Body PlugsMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowRear window demister fuseDavid Boyle11 
Open in new windowSteering column auto buttomDave Hart
Open in new windowBlinker gone wild or perhaps I activated self-destruct... Please help!Boris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowEMV blank screenNathan Richardson
Open in new windowFactory Tape Player Problems...Anthony Matthews
Open in new windowHELP - Car electrics have died !Niall Hughes
Open in new windowEmv woes :-( please help...Tom Richards
Open in new windowHow to plug non electric seats (with elect lumbar support) into ele...Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowRandom Engine stalling while idle or crusingLucas Waterworth
Open in new windowRPM meter not moving. Digital dashDaniel Blackham
Open in new windowI've blown two fuel pump ecu's in two months.Lucas Waterworth36 
Open in new windowDIY stock ECU flash- new memcalTony Wang
Open in new windowV8 - No power to primary coil packTom Richards
Open in new windowEMV ReplacementAllan Langford55 
Open in new windowAlarm/ImmobilizerDarren Bauer
Open in new windowClimate control and Odo/Trip/Time/Gear displays dying at same time?Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowAuto tilt away in a turbo?Christian Somerville
Open in new windowAir SuspensionNathan Collier
Open in new windowRight Indicator ProbluemAiden Cheese12 
Open in new windowWiring for a rear spoiler stop lightLuke Gomer
Open in new windowEngine Electrical System Warning when given gasJosh Gaby
Open in new windowAnyone know what this means?Scott Casey10 
Open in new windowDampMichael Toet
Open in new windowLeadsMike Beck
Open in new windowJaycar part numberAndrew Hargreaves
Open in new windowA341E / 30-41LE Wiring diagramMike Beck
Open in new windowEct pwr not working, od flashing Damian Ware25 
Open in new windowECT and SLIP CONT errors '96 JZZ30Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowWindow problem...Don Bagnall14