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Open in new windowDark Blue mica Owners! Del Puna
Open in new windowWater LeakMalcolm Finlayson15 
Open in new windowSteering wheel replacement Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowSteering wheel removalWayne Riley
Open in new windowLeather seat recolour?Mark Tierney
Open in new windowFloor mat retaining clipsMark Tierney
Open in new windowGs300 or is250 seats...will they fit in a soarer?Mike Beck
Open in new windowSUPRA DRIVERS SEAT & STOCK ELECTRONICS ??Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowHow to remove passenger side grab handleRob Rojo11 
Open in new windowSteering wheel retrimTom Richards13 
Open in new windowInterior Update - Cream on Black + Carbon FeaturesJason Cheah22 
Open in new window98-99 JZS161 Aristo steering wheel, direct bolt on?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowPlastic welder or repairer.Ross Cochran
Open in new windowReplacement Door Card Pockets?David Thompson24 
Open in new windowReplacement KeyDavid Hughes
Open in new windowSunroof ReplacementJohn Khanh
Open in new windowLooking for Lexus SC400 Wheel CentreJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowInterior Update. Spruce and BlackHarry Tzortzopoulos
Open in new windowReplacement Driver Seat Belt for TTScott Vim
Open in new windowSoarer Custom Interior Retrim Service. Shifters, Handbrake Covers, ...Andrew Brown
Open in new windowCustom interiorScott Vim
Open in new windowGuide on how to change boot strutsRoland Elliott29 
Open in new windowFinally rockin' a new old black interiorJames Buchan
Open in new windowFactory Black CarpetAndrew Brown
Open in new windowLeather seat coversRoland Elliott
Open in new windowReplacement Seatbelts, Where to Buy?Anthony Matthews
Open in new windowSilver Door Scuff panelsDavid Grima
Open in new windowShifter Retrim black genuine quality leatherMark Donovan
Open in new windowBoot ReleaseLuke Munro10 
Open in new windowReplacing Whole Dash - Brisbane?Mark Donovan
Open in new windowGlovebox no longer stays shut after swapping woodgrain to Brushed A...Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowCarpet opinionsJoshua Rao10 
Open in new windowSeat QuestionAnthony Matthews
Open in new windowUnusual switch - what it does?Ali Saeed14 
Open in new windowPart number for factory soarer mats?Kevin Gaskell
Open in new windowHas anybody here brought these covers?Jack Driver
Open in new windowFront seats wobbleEzekiel Vozzo
Open in new windowSteering wheel removal helpTom Richards12 
Open in new windowFirst Attempt at Carbon Fibre VinylMike Triggs30 
Open in new windowCarbon fibre to replace wood grain Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowGood re trimmers in melbourneBen Pygall
Open in new windowComplete respray of the interior. AWESOME READ. Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowWindow Regulator going too far on its rail?Luke Hogden
Open in new windowRestoration questionsGary Poloskei
Open in new windowSeatsTom Richards
Open in new windowAustralia (Melbourne) - LED scuff platesDurand Dehal
Open in new windowInterior Refinish RecommendationsShane Haverkamp15 
Open in new windowJust a tease of my new interor...Peter Nitschke21 
Open in new windowWood trim typeMike Triggs
Open in new windowRemoving electric seats to save weight.Boris Siljanoski11 
Open in new windowScroll dash lighting of gear select Chris Carr
Open in new windowTems switches with manual conversionAndrew Brown10 
Open in new windowPassenger Seat PRoblemJack Driver13 
Open in new windowDrivers door not opening from the insideJoseph Kelly13 
Open in new windowRepairing Enlarged Holes In Door Panel DIY Tips PleaseDavid Henderson13 
Open in new windowDuplicate Immobiliser fobBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowLocking and immobiliser and allDaniel Paris
Open in new windowWhat the??Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowHow to remove electric controls from side of drivers seatJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowAftermarket Climate ControlMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowTrim codes, what colours??Ian Johnston22 
Open in new windowDoor won't openIan Johnston15 
Open in new windowThin plastic film between door and trim...Daniel Paris21 
Open in new windowSeat beltsGreg Mitca
Open in new windowUsing a sports steering wheel with cruise stalkJulian Mazur12 
Open in new windowMy Rollcage.Ryan McDonough
Open in new window'98 MR2 Steering Wheel - Single stage or Dual stage deployed Airbag...Ali Saeed
Open in new windowRepairing or Replacing Front Seat BeltsPaul Cordwell
Open in new windowWhere to mount a boost gauge, Shane Haverkamp12 
Open in new windowV8 window trim fit on tt?Braden Tessier
Open in new windowGauge pod. Julian Mazur
Open in new windowInterior Cleaning (Leather Seats / Vinyl)Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowRed and black interiorCorey Griffith16 
Open in new windowAftermarket steering wheel horn wiring issueLuke Aldrick
Open in new windowWhat is the price of interior door handles? Ben Lipman15 
Open in new windowRemoving rear Seat BeltAlistair David
Open in new windowCentre console plastic filler, What to use?!Julian Mazur
Open in new windowElectric steering column not functioningAli Saeed
Open in new windowPassenger seatMatt Kemsley
Open in new windowBoss kitScott Walsh
Open in new windowPainting my interior blackAlistair David233 10 
Open in new windowManual Gear Stick CoverAndrew Sharkawi
Open in new windowChasing Cream/Brown interior with black interior in place of Poo BrownJoshua Rao
Open in new windowFound a place that will do new carpetsChris Ryan122 
Open in new windowLED ConversionsJames Collenette29 
Open in new windowConverting to a GT Limited rear view mirrorCallum Allen14 
Open in new window'93 V8 Vs '91 TT interiorAli Saeed
Open in new windowWanting ideas for a new steering wheelAlistair David
Open in new windowWoodgrain Trim KitWayne Womersley
Open in new windowRe-Leather Steering wheelDarren Warner
Open in new windowMotor Trimmer - Sydney AreaGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowHay dudes check out my latest interior modDavid Watt14 
Open in new windowReplacement Seat BeltsVincent Chan16 
Open in new windowQuestion about seat differences?David Watt
Open in new windowNewbie at this - paint interior or just swap interiorsMatt Petersen13 
Open in new windowRemoving Sunroof TrimEzekiel Vozzo
Open in new windowEMV Buttons in UZZ31David Boyle
Open in new windowHere's a link to buy an OEM flippy cup holderVinh Bui10 
Open in new windowHow to safely remove airbag steering wheel?Haydn Stewart19 
Open in new windowAirbag vs non airbag wheelDavid Watt
Open in new windowHeated Seats Not WorkingDan McColl
Open in new windowAftermarket bucket seats-----Michael Sinay12 
Open in new windowFloor Mats any colour !Haydn Stewart
Open in new windowMy passenger seat is locked in one position.Orton Marchant
Open in new windowWhat is this switch?Alistair Moorby
Open in new windowSwap auto for manual interior Sebastian Grant10 
Open in new windowAftermarket Steering WheelsMichael Fuhrmann14 
Open in new windowAnother re-trimSebastian Grant77 
Open in new windowPossible material for parcel shelf or door cardMike Triggs
Open in new windowDoor card recoverAli Saeed12 
Open in new windowJZA80 shifter unit installationLynden Phillips
Open in new windowReupholstering shifter & handbrakeJoshua Irvin32 
Open in new windowWould like a second key Aaron Mead
Open in new windowAftermarket seat mountsOrton Marchant13 
Open in new windowBest person to install/fix window regulator (Melb)Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowLCD Mirror install Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowHorn honking uncontrollably when coldOrton Marchant
Open in new windowDrivers window winds down but not upBen Lipman
Open in new windowCustom door trims?Drew Rechner
Open in new windowCleaning floor matsMichael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowFixed window frame and re-wraped & carbon fibre door trims Daniel Locke
Open in new windowSparco Quick realease hub & momo steering wheels advice Daniel Locke
Open in new windowSeat belt light is always onMichael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowInterior Lighting LED Info ThreadKirill Pirogov59 
Open in new windowR8 Style Gated Shifter For My SoarerShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowReplacing window mechanismTai Johnsen
Open in new windowClimate control lcd - Vincent Jones
Open in new windowPower Seat ProblemJoe Watson
Open in new windowRemoval: Stick on Wood Trim.Jason Cheah
Open in new windowSeat belt not retracting fullyHakan Pasha
Open in new windowRemove seat only not the box underneath?Sebastian Grant
Open in new windowReplacing ENTIRE dash.... Not the clusterAli Saeed
Open in new windowCarpet SwapDavin Kemshead30 
Open in new windowAristo seats in a SoarerNeil Mystery
Open in new windowHow does the glove compartment latch workTroy Henderson
Open in new windowGlove compartment latchTroy Henderson
Open in new window Retrimmed doors :-) Carbon Fibre SPRAY TIPS WOODGRAIN? ...Gavin Johnstone26 
Open in new windowWhat is this?Dave Rose17 
Open in new windowRelocate TRC buttonVinh Bui12 
Open in new window95-00 SC400 Seat covers in 91?Orton Marchant
Open in new windowIS300 2003 Air Bag Steering wheel direct bolt on?Yang Gao19 
Open in new windowTRD Shifter weird fitmentChris Hills
Open in new windowHow to Remove Center Console?Kristoph Schneider
Open in new windowHave removed front chrome window surrounds cant get rear ones :-(...Matthew Tai
Open in new windowWhat dash cluster is this guys? i have it but need the fuel sender ...Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowRed Dash Light Conversion - Again! Sebastian Grant47 
Open in new windowAfter market seatsJack Driver29 
Open in new windowWindows, sunroof, no longer operatingAaron Mead
Open in new windowLED LIGHT HELP!!!Warren Moore
Open in new windowMy interior progressDejan Tunjic41 
Open in new windowThe problem with compliance/non compliance seat belts :-)...Michael Brogefjord
Open in new windowRelocating Cig LighterJason Cheah25 
Open in new windowHow to get rid of adhesive from dash?Shaun Kim12 
Open in new windowHow to paint center console Ali Saeed64 
Open in new windowCelsior Seatbelt concernsFran Valdivia15 
Open in new windowSteering Wheel and AirbagEdison Koh41 
Open in new windowWhats that piece called?Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowSoaking Wet Carpet Passenger RearEvan Kaio14 
Open in new windowCarbon Center Console & original Soarer KeyGary Poloskei14 
Open in new windowSeat belt repairVincent Chan17 
Open in new windowElectric goodies into TT manualStuart Geldard
Open in new windowPillar gauge podAaron Casey
Open in new windowA/c Vent RemovalMatthew Wong29 
Open in new windowMomo Steering Wheel- Horn buttonJustin Hughes
Open in new windowDo electric seats runa relayBoris Siljanoski13 
Open in new windowDash colour change kitMatt Smith
Open in new windowElectric Window not workingCamron Garcia20 
Open in new windowLeather care products... Whats good and whats not? Vincent Chan18 
Open in new windowHow to remove these pannelsOrton Marchant
Open in new windowHow to remove the seats when you got no PowerCarl Mccormack
Open in new windowBoot and fuel flap don't open/releaseMatt Petersen
Open in new windowHow to take your door trim off?Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowHow to get into boot?Grant Brooks14 
Open in new window98-00 lexus SC steering wheelsAli Saeed50 
Open in new windowHow do I take out the sunblind..?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowProblem installing levoc shifterMichael Larcombe
Open in new windowMy window is screaming like a callgirl who didnt get paid!Matthew Tai
Open in new windowSupra seats are to lowNik Peacock
Open in new windowDash MatRon Bassett21 
Open in new windowLCD Replacement ScreenDaniel Arndt
Open in new windowDoor lock issueChris Kaczmarek
Open in new windowWindow Fell DownEvan Nguyen
Open in new windowCarbon fibre interior :-)...Scott Wilkes35 
Open in new windowGAUGES IDEAS PICS INSTALLTION ????Matthew Bell
Open in new windowSupra (JZA80) Steering Wheel - Fitted.Ali Saeed12 
Open in new windowNEW GEAR KNOB pics also anyone know what product to use to fit the ...Raziel Alexandrez
Open in new windowRear seat sub boxMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSeat brackets/railsNathan Machin11 
Open in new windowElectric Supra SeatAdam Johnson
Open in new windowNew seats, cushions? SorenessJack Driver
Open in new windowTrade wood grain for non wood grain trim?Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowRetrimmed Door TrimsDaniel Blackham40 
Open in new windowNew CarpetMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowDoor Trim Repair and RetrimBrett Callaughan
Open in new windowBroken drivers grab handleMatt Petersen
Open in new windowAuto gear shift solution needed!James Harris29 
Open in new windowLevoc Shifter missing partMichael Larcombe
Open in new windowSuggestions to getting out a loose socket set from under-seat air-c...Chris Prak13 
Open in new windowTrim questionChris Prak
Open in new windowA Stereo-Related Question for Damian Ware..Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowPictures of YOUR Supra Steering Wheel.Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowDoor won't open from the outside :-(...Ben Anderson22 
Open in new windowLED interior lightsTrent Linnell61 
Open in new windowHKB steering boss fitted PN OT-155James Harris
Open in new windowInteresting siteBen Kelly
Open in new windowRe-Trim ProgressTrent Linnell
Open in new windowRattles and creeksGary Poloskei13 
Open in new windowCarpet cleaningJames Buchan13 
Open in new windowInterior curtainsMatthew Sharpe18 
Open in new windowCentre consoleJoshua Baldwin
Open in new windowOther Steering wheelsAli Saeed14 
Open in new windowTrim on Drivers SideNathan Machin
Open in new windowCant get lid off center console-HELPAli Saeed10 
Open in new windowHow To Fit Parcel Shelf Rear Break Light To SUB And Rear Wiper Opti...Michael Toet10 
Open in new windowSeat knobsDaniel Blackham12 
Open in new windowDo i need a boss kit?Jason Cheah
Open in new windowSteering wheel?Matthew Sharpe26 
Open in new windowAltezza Steering WheelAli Saeed30 
Open in new windowRE-TRIM!!!! Help Need!!!Trent Linnell
Open in new windowSunvisor Vanity Mirror Light Globes.. ?Warren Moore
Open in new windowStock Head-Unit CD Player.Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowLS400 seat retrimRob Rojo
Open in new windowAirbag steering wheel frame same as Non-airbag wheel?Bernard Smith-Robert
Open in new windowPossible Solution to Fix Door Trim CracksRob Rojo12 
Open in new windowTo bin my brand new seat belt or not?Mike Triggs
Open in new windowToyota Celica Seats in a soarer?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowHow to remove the dash woodgrain panel?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowRHS boot trim question?Robert Faggian
Open in new windowPassengers side door handle flimsy.Ou-yang Liang Qing
Open in new windowI'm about to do an ENTIRE interior swap..Ali Saeed14 
Open in new windowDIY dash + interior restorationWarren Moore
Open in new windowChanging to a different steering wheelScott Casey
Open in new windowCarpet damp on drivers sideJesse Chen17 
Open in new windowDrivers side window fell down.Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowSeat Belt Holder..Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowChromingJames Buchan16 
Open in new windowDash SwapGary Rollason
Open in new windowFactory centre console woodgrain part number?Joshua Rao13 
Open in new windowEnglish EMV Stickers lightBen Kelly
Open in new windowRotate front seats?Daniel Arndt
Open in new windowUZZ31 seats in a JZZ30: How To...Jacob Thomas
Open in new windowRoof LiningAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowHow to remove stripped hex boltsAaron Mead14 
Open in new windowVol & temp bulbs?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowInstalling ELECTRIC seats in a NON-ELECTRIC CARBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowBULBS?Warren Moore
Open in new windowBroken passenger seat?Narvey Vilaythong
Open in new windowWiring for TT seatsShane Van Ross
Open in new windowToyota/Lexus Steering WheelsNathan Machin
Open in new windowPassenger lock actuator - wont unlock... but locks fine!Daryl Demarte
Open in new windowLCD Mirror loom install - need to get under trim?Brett Cutts
Open in new windowFlip out cup holderPavan Ratra
Open in new windowHello, from RussiaPerry Morgan
Open in new windowHandbrake removalMichael Bradshaw
Open in new windowRear BeltsPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowHow to remove window surrounds?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowEasy way to swap out Driver side seat belt stalk?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowInterior ... give me your opinions!!Mike Triggs
Open in new windowBoot floor..Aaron Casey
Open in new windowWoodgrain kit on ebay???Nathan Machin
Open in new windowHandbreak refurbishingMichael Bradshaw
Open in new windowAirbag steering wheel on a nonairbag-steering wheel soarerDavid Grab
Open in new windowWoodgrain trim given a spit n polishNathan Machin30 
Open in new windowSeat Belts: Any other models fit? + WTB:Jol Alexander
Open in new windowHouse paint steering wheelMike Beck
Open in new windowInterior Conversion & Changing Steering Wheel Questions...Michael Larcombe14 
Open in new windowWhat is this and how to fix? Joshua White
Open in new windowA pillar gaugesAaron Casey14 
Open in new windowNeed a picture of stock tan/poo brown interiorRob Wilson27 
Open in new windowSteering wheel retrim + wood grain? George Lu20 
Open in new windowInterior dash lights? Has anyone done it?Jol Alexander
Open in new windowVHT, again.Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowHow do you prevent this?David Grab16 
Open in new windowUnmatched trim color?Michael Larcombe
Open in new windowCamry Steering WheelBrett Cutts
Open in new windowDoes a steering wheel need to be adr approved?David Grab11 
Open in new windowPostage of seat beltsGary Redman
Open in new windowSteering wheel suggestions??Miles Baker10 
Open in new windowHow to remove rear parcel shelfNathan Machin
Open in new windowWindows tintedRobert Faggian
Open in new windowUh oh! Whilst Redoing InteriorNathan Machin15 
Open in new windowNew floor carpetMike Bradberry
Open in new windowGet pillar mount Scott Casey
Open in new windowThe piece above the centre console...Nathan Machin
Open in new windowComplete Door Disassembly (actual door not trim)Matthew Tai
Open in new windowHandbrake and auto shifter replacementMark Tierney
Open in new windowFold out cupholder - how to install!Daniel Lee17 
Open in new windowLeather cleaner and conditioner???Ken Tran20 
Open in new windowPaint the woodgrain. help .Chris Prak14 
Open in new windowMounting a gauge pod to the A-PillarJames Harris33 
Open in new windowCant work out seat part numberMatthew Tai
Open in new windowDoor still usable with upper and lower interior trim removed?Dean Goodwin
Open in new windowRemoving Centre Console Arm RestSteve Dickson10 
Open in new windowG'Day (& Electric Windows): Am I ever gonna use this window again?!...Dominic Ooi
Open in new windowCleaning the matsMark Tierney10 
Open in new windowUnknown Missing Button Chris Butler13 
Open in new windowHey guys whats this?Dave Rose
Open in new windowWoodgrain Panel is stuckNathan Machin10 
Open in new windowSC430 Scuff PlatesGregg Holden
Open in new windowSeat Lever won't lock inTroy Martin
Open in new windowSeptone vinyl spray on carpetBen Kelly11 
Open in new windowArchitecture in my rideMatthew Tai
Open in new windowWraping Interior with black/ white vinyl pics etc Marc Hoffmann
Open in new windowHow much are brand spanking new door trims?Michael James26 
Open in new windowSupra Seats in soarerDaniel Tilbrooke
Open in new windowOMG - chesterfield in a soarerAdam Peterson
Open in new window12v LED downlights in interiorAntonio Hunt
Open in new windowWhere can i buy a carbon fiber interior kit from?David Grab
Open in new windowAnyone know the part number of these screws?Daniel Burns
Open in new windowBucket seats?Rob Rojo
Open in new windowDoor Trim IdeasVinh Bui14 
Open in new windowSpray InteriorSebastian Grant36 
Open in new windowHelp with trim code FC60Clarke Traeger
Open in new windowHow do i...Michael Lucas31 
Open in new windowDirty Old Buttons!Lawrence Ostle12 
Open in new windowYet another woodgrain threadGeoff Smith23 
Open in new windowAftermarket Steering WheelSteven Roduner
Open in new windowLexus blank key?David Eberhart39 
Open in new windowFull Custom InteriorShane Haverkamp38 
Open in new windowNew leather seatsRichard O'Neill
Open in new windowFinished Microsuede Re-trim..Adam Peterson36 
Open in new windowThe door handle's connected to the... rod thing... the rod thing's ...Dean Erwin
Open in new windowMOMO boss kitsJames Harris
Open in new windowScore - new timber trimMark Tierney29 
Open in new windowSelt beat problems. help needed ASAPMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAnyone got brushed aluminum?Lawrence Ostle
Open in new windowWoodgrain refinishing.Steve Dickson17 
Open in new windowBroken and Cracked Drivers Door panelBen Kelly
Open in new windowWindow guide roller replacementTy Mackay
Open in new windowInstalling a Supra Steering WheelAaron Mead
Open in new windowAftermarket handbrakeNathan Hlad
Open in new windowFixing woodgrain?????????Aaron Casey
Open in new windowAir Conditioning FiltersAdam Peterson
Open in new windowMomo pedalsAaron Casey
Open in new windowFluorescent tube Richard Crockett15 
Open in new windowAnnoying squeak!Shane Haverkamp16 
Open in new windowWhat would you doLawrence Ostle14 
Open in new windowHelp !Aaron Casey
Open in new windowRefurbishing Door TrimsLawrence Ostle53 
Open in new windowRemoving Interior light caseSteve Dickson
Open in new windowSeat Belt Repair QuestionMalcolm Hall14 
Open in new windowPlastic Welder wantedChris Wright12 
Open in new windowNew shift knobLawrence Ostle
Open in new windowEMV lightsAli Saeed
Open in new windowWoodgrain section under instrument clusterGary Poloskei
Open in new windowWHERE IS THE CLIP HOLDING THE CC LOOM IN!?Jengiz Isikli
Open in new windowCustom Centre Console SurroundTy Mackay36 
Open in new windowAirbag steering wheel questionAli Saeed
Open in new windowDrivers Side Rear Quarter Window Part NumberBrenton Trafford15 
Open in new windowRemoving centre woodgrain on dashChris Prak35 
Open in new windowWoodgrain centre console James Harris20 
Open in new windowRemoving Climate Control PictorialTim Ross21 
Open in new windowBlack box under driver's seatJengiz Isikli37 
Open in new windowThe Beginning of my re-trimAdam Peterson23 
Open in new windowMy new gaugesVinh Bui
Open in new windowHas anyone retrimmed their own seats?David Brunt
Open in new window"The last Poo brown window trim"Shane Haverkamp16 
Open in new windowI need some new pedals.. Ben Socratous
Open in new windowPrice of new or mint condition factory black dashColin Kirkpatrick26 
Open in new windowSpare wire in steering wheelBen Socratous
Open in new windowRemoving uzz31 steering wheelAlex Barbieri13 
Open in new windowLEATHER STEERING WHEEL REPAIR Mark Tierney46 
Open in new windowHandbrake and Auto Transmission Handle Repaint... Failed please HELPTom Nicol15 
Open in new windowBetter use for the old cd stacker..Paul Ince25 
Open in new windowStandard sunvisors to limited visors with lightMichael Brown
Open in new windowSeat Measurements - By Gum it's been a whileWill Adams10 
Open in new windowHow To: Remove the Driver Side Grab Handle?Damien Barnes
Open in new windowWhat to use to clean door and boot seals?Tim Ross
Open in new windowWould you be happy?David Grab32 
Open in new windowMy Custom Gauge PodGregg Holden21 
Open in new windowHaro's Ivory and Black interior transformation. Plenty of pics...James Harris47 
Open in new windowInterior re trimJoshua Irvin13 
Open in new windowCheap Carpet MatsDavid Grab15 
Open in new windowDye for cloth seats?David Grab14 
Open in new windowHow do i take that stupid nut on the boot strutsDavid Grab20 
Open in new windowSeat Belt: Damaged Klippan RetractorMalcolm Hall
Open in new windowSteering column stuck in "Big Yellow School Bus" modeAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowCleaned InteriorScott Wilkes20 
Open in new windowInterior colour codesMark Richards
Open in new windowCollapsed SeatsJoshua Irvin
Open in new windowRemoving Front Jesus Handles...Dean Erwin
Open in new windowDash KitsJoe Aliano33 
Open in new windowSpruce Interior - RevampRyan Posselt55 
Open in new windowSuggestions on how to remove carpet stainsSteve Zac
Open in new windowBought new ronin style bucket seats - how to install?Matt Petersen
Open in new windowPerth Soarer owners, I want you!Alan Mears10 
Open in new windowRemoving dash wood trimBen Kelly
Open in new windowYET ANOTHER black conversionJames Harris11 
Open in new windowSunroof trim David Eberhart
Open in new windowRear visionBen Kelly10 
Open in new windowCustom woodgrainSteve Giordano19 
Open in new windowBroken Electric SeatJoshua Irvin15 
Open in new windowBlack piecesScott Gates
Open in new windowSeat belts.Matt Petersen14 
Open in new windowCarpet Dye - Where to buy?Joe Radisic
Open in new windowWill wrx buckets fit jzz30?? David Tra29 
Open in new windowDo I need to buy the entire window regulator?Luke Streat
Open in new windowBroken door handleDaniel Lee
Open in new windowHow do i get the woodgrain off the doors???Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowCarbon, Brushed or Wood interior trimMatt Petersen
Open in new windowWoodgrain panelsChris Prak14 
Open in new windowRHD pillar pod (I am located in Canada)Kyle Wathen
Open in new windowSunroof IssuesFran Valdivia
Open in new windowIgnition Barrel Light Removal?David Grab
Open in new windowSunroof Alignment????Chris Prak
Open in new windowHuh? Don't recall these as a factory option!Aaron Mead21 
Open in new windowDont LaughDmitriy Milyutin12 
Open in new windowDrivers side seat belt recoiler needed pleaseFred Fuchs
Open in new windowWater leaking into boot. Spare wheel well.Michael Jaballah
Open in new windowPlease help!David Tra19 
Open in new windowWATER COMING THRU DOORSBarry Precious
Open in new windowDoor trim repairsJames Cahir11 
Open in new windowInstalling electric seats in a TT soarer?Dixon Won
Open in new windowWindow guide rollerGrant Brooks
Open in new windowEasy to Apply Kevlar lookMatt Petersen37 
Open in new windowDriver's footwell globeScott Gates33 
Open in new windowLeather Seat CoversSebastian Grant
Open in new windowQuestion: Is our interior leatherAndrew Stewart11 
Open in new windowElectric/leather seats in a GTT soarer.. Query....Dave Billings26 
Open in new windowWindow reg??????Wafi Cheebo
Open in new windowWindows Fogging up, water leak?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowTo anyone who has painted interiorGavin Smith10 
Open in new windowInterior Colour CodesJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowIn the process of painting interior - problem/questionJames Harris22 
Open in new windowFew interior mods completed.Darryn Dewar23 
Open in new windowHow much is a set of Original Floor mats worthMichael Crimp
Open in new windowDrivers window regulatorMatt Petersen
Open in new windowAre there any aftermarket auto shift knobs at are shorter?James Harris
Open in new windowHow do you remove the seat belt buckle?Blake Davies
Open in new windowSeat beltBlake Davies12 
Open in new windowLights in the switches and buttonsSteven Roduner
Open in new windowMio's Knight Rider GPS speaks with the voice of KITTGary Poloskei
Open in new windowManual car part numbersAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowVHT Vinyl Dye 20% Off @ REPCOJoshua Rao12 
Open in new windowBlack on Black interiorJoshua Rao
Open in new windowDriver side door trim in Grey wanted!Sam Atash
Open in new windowWINDOW REGULATORS Patrick Robinson
Open in new windowDrivers side aircon vent and surroundSami Ansari
Open in new windowNEED HELP: How to remove seats.Lawrence Ostle
Open in new windowLexus airbag in soarerSebastian Grant
Open in new windowNot a good lookMike Bradberry
Open in new windowDash Board!!!Michael Keen17 
Open in new windowSunroof Not WorkingBrian Timms
Open in new windowInterior paint helpSebastian Grant32 
Open in new window1992 Soarer with EMV Dash Trim Kit Matthew Adamson
Open in new windowWanting to Paint Interior BlackPeter Nitschke57 
Open in new windowLeather Seat???Mike Beck22 
Open in new windowManual to electric supra seatsCallum Finch
Open in new windowReal leather seat covers on EbaySebastian Grant
Open in new windowHelp, How to remove parcel shelfRobert Hayden
Open in new windowWhere can i buy the colour spruce from (for interior)Blake Davies
Open in new windowAftermarket steering wheelBen Lipman
Open in new windowWhat is this?Sohail Hoque13 
Open in new windowUpgrade - electric seatsChristian Zimmer21 
Open in new windowGROUP BUY - Ebay "Leather" seat coversKelly O'Brien383 16 
Open in new windowSupra steering wheelDavid Tra20 
Open in new windowInstalling moulded carpet and dying carpet on doorsKelly O'Brien16 
Open in new windowMEMORY SEATS NOT WORKING!!!Daniel Lee15 
Open in new windowDash and door trim weight?Bobby Green
Open in new windowAir con tunnel vents under seatsDave Hart10 
Open in new windowWOW these are rip off ! I think my VHT spray would be fine...James Harris
Open in new window1.5 din pocketAndrew Keddie38 
Open in new windowDoor trim help.Lawrence Ostle
Open in new windowLeather Seat Covers VS Stock LeatherAaron Mead
Open in new window1/2 DIN holder for dash. Anyone interested?Daniel Lee15 
Open in new windowSelector plastic removalShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowWierd window problemKanchana Pathirana
Open in new windowHELP - How to remove air vent stripMike Beck
Open in new windowTidy Bin Part NumberAshley Leach26 
Open in new windowDoor trims - Brisbane Soarer wreckersJulia Almond
Open in new window'TEMS Sport' dash lightGlen Muller18 
Open in new windowWhat colour to re-trim with a green soarerDave Billings12 
Open in new windowReplacing driver's windowSteve Millward
Open in new windowInterior Feedback?Luke Burt17 
Open in new windowWater on coming through on door carpetJoshua White
Open in new windowWhat month is my vehicle? interior question!Matt Petersen11 
Open in new windowInterior Door Trim (both Sides). WantedRyan Villena
Open in new windowSoarer seatbelts in supra???Steve Anthony De Vos
Open in new windowPassenger door unlock with inside handle?Peter Nitschke23 
Open in new windowCar Detailing in SAScott Gates
Open in new windowQuestion about the emergency flareLuke Bell11 
Open in new windowBig Thumbs UP for VHT Vinyl+Carpet Dye: Pics of Dyed CarpetKanchana Pathirana24 
Open in new windowSpringy Door when closing?!Daryl Demarte
Open in new windowUp/down play in steering columnStewart Booton
Open in new windowWater leak under doors...Stewart Booton
Open in new windowSteering wheel bolt issueBen Lipman
Open in new windowDriver seat JAMMED...Don Bagnall
Open in new windowDrivers side seatbelt - superceded? Spruce colour no longer available?Bernie Juckers
Open in new windowCustom Gauge PanelPaul Mainey
Open in new windowSteering wheel coversJohn Khanh
Open in new windowWindow tint in SydneyJohn Khanh
Open in new windowNeed Help (window regulator???)John Khanh
Open in new windowNeed new handbrake handle...Kelly O'Brien
Open in new windowStripping and roll cageDavid Ross
Open in new windowHow to remove the whole top dash for fibreglassStewart Booton
Open in new windowRequesting some advice/help!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowCan anyone up load your interior pic and share your experiencesDave Billings214 
Open in new windowSealing up the soarerKen Tran22 
Open in new windowInterior trimAnthony Rodgers
Open in new windowBlack Interior - Woodgrain or Carbon Fibre?Joshua Rao118 
Open in new windowWhere to put my amp...Brett Lauria17 
Open in new windowHELP: New Interior Colour?Julia Almond10 
Open in new windowWhats with my seatbelts?Jose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowHelp with dropping rear window cover.Dave Rose
Open in new windowStained and re cleared wood trim!Jose-Antonio Castill15 
Open in new windowNew black interiorAlan Chow57 
Open in new windowJesus HandleAlan Chow
Open in new window$3 worth of vinyl and some love Antonio Hunt24 
Open in new windowSeatbeltsMark Donovan24 
Open in new windowAnyone with Titanium Burl wood trim?Joshua Rao
Open in new windowGuagesVinh Bui
Open in new windowPics of interior colour change...Jose-Antonio Castill12 
Open in new windowAnother leather seat cover manufacturerJoshua Rao17 
Open in new windowPreliminary pics of my retrimTahmid Sanjari
Open in new windowAttaching LCD mirror to windscreenSteve Millward12 
Open in new windowJZA 80 auto shifter???Christian Zimmer
Open in new windowHEAT INSIDEAndrew La'Brooy11 
Open in new windowP my new head lightsNew head lights have arrivedScott Ferguson58 
Open in new windowChanging interior colour...What to do about labels...Kelly O'Brien14 
Open in new windowSteering wheel mount Lexus badgeGregg Holden16 
Open in new windowWhere can i find the same quality carpets as was released in the so...Darryn Dewar
Open in new windowChanging steering wheelErik Anderson
Open in new windowGear Stick RepairsDrew Hiron
Open in new window4 Point Harness to Meet AS 2596 and AS35 ( Australian Standards )...Ben Kelly
Open in new windowWood grain re: CD PlayerShaun Stephenson
Open in new windowHow to...?Mike Beck19 
Open in new windowWrecked soarer with leather interior? i want the complete interiorKhan Islam
Open in new windowElectric seat conversion questionsJoshua Rao
Open in new windowGetting rid of yucky greenKelly O'Brien14 
Open in new windowSteering wheel help: airbag wheel in non airbag car?Callum Finch
Open in new windowHow to take off glove box, the whole trim bit?Tahmid Sanjari
Open in new windowHooking up electric seats in a non soarerTom Parko
Open in new windowDrivers side Window falling downJarrad Zen
Open in new windowNew door sills have arrivedElizabeth Hogan14 
Open in new windowLeather recondition-Sydney?Simon Triantafillou
Open in new windowVery different speedo Jonathan Hong12 
Open in new windowPedal coversJonathan Hong
Open in new windowThat door/window issue?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowInterior Light Question??Alex Ross22 
Open in new windowHow to install a Boost/vacum gauge????Jose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowWhat I did on the weekend.....fixed door pocketsElizabeth Hogan19 
Open in new windowLS 400 floor mats?Brian Kelly10 
Open in new windowGroup Buy Door PocketsBlake Dobe23 
Open in new windowInterior retrim- red leather?Tahmid Sanjari22 
Open in new windowOrigional SOUND specs !!!Daniel Lee
Open in new windowWho has a EMV with wood grain- I need pictures :-)...Bill McCluskey28 
Open in new windowAftermarket steering wheel and hand brake lever coverDaniel Lee
Open in new windowChanging the DashDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowCoverting to electric seats.Kanchana Pathirana
Open in new windowJudging interest-carbon fibre door insertsNathan Baillie46 
Open in new window . Broken Door insideKurt Porter
Open in new windowPedal box for soarerShyam Purushothman
Open in new windowCustom trimmers in or around brisbane???Vinh Bui10 
Open in new windowWho now owns the recaro interior soarer?Marc Vipond
Open in new windowVic Interior retrimmer?Matthew Crawford32 
Open in new windowDash MatAdrain Parsons
Open in new window2nd hand leather interiorAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowLuminecent door sillsAlan Chow29 
Open in new windowDismanteling bottom part of seatKanchana Pathirana
Open in new windowVictoria - Interior(carpet) producers/installers.Daniel Salt
Open in new windowCenter console plastic - Spray paintingAaron Mead
Open in new windowThumpAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowWhat is this?Paul Fitzsimmons
Open in new windowTrim levelSam Kaldor
Open in new windowWhere to buy? Weatherstrip Adhesive (prefer 3M)Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowThis may be a silly questionChris Anderson22 
Open in new windowInterior colour changeNik Gacomi10 
Open in new windowWhat did that flare/light/hazard thing look like under the passeng...Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowFinding a decent steering wheel !!!Aaron Mead
Open in new windowAirbag Steering WheelGregg Holden
Open in new windowThings on dashDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowEBAY leather seat coversBrendon Radalj28 
Open in new windowBuying New Door Trim!Adrain Parsons27 
Open in new windowMounting Apexi (S-AFC, RSM, AVC-R) in passenger side wood dash trim...Chris Firman
Open in new windowLate Model door trim on early model soarerJames Leedie10 
Open in new windowSeat not recliningDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowSeat reclining problemSimon Vella
Open in new windowWhere can I buy English EMV Stickers Rob Andreacchio
Open in new windowBroken glass in dashDan McColl
Open in new window15yr old Vinyl, Great resultsJoshua Rowland31 
Open in new windowInterior RetrimBen Ramsden13 
Open in new windowDoor wont openLynden Phillips
Open in new windowInteresting gauge modification/interior retrimShane Ilich21 
Open in new windowMy New SeatsKatrina Bruns30 
Open in new windowSunroof modification for tall people?Gregg Holden28 
Open in new windowAirbag steering wheelShaun Stephenson
Open in new windowCeramic window tint??Michael Machin32 
Open in new windowNeed new dashMatthew Werner
Open in new windowA-pillar pods for tweetersTobias Trinks
Open in new windowBroken door handleSean Fair
Open in new windowIgnition barrellMurray Allen
Open in new windowWhat should I use to clean the roof lining?Ben Lipman14 
Open in new windowPassenger elec Window???Darryn Dewar
Open in new windowSeat won't move forward or back!!!!!Christian Zimmer
Open in new windowWhat's is this thing?Ken Cornell18 
Open in new windowRoof lining sagged in extreme heatLeon Wright26 
Open in new windowNeed help installingDon Bagnall
Open in new windowBose + DVD + blue LED = ....Kanchana Pathirana19 
Open in new windowRacing seat or sport seatAdam Peterson76 
Open in new windowRetro fitting electronic steering tiltNik Gacomi14 
Open in new windowVHT vinyl paint?Tai Johnsen21 
Open in new windowDash RemovalTai Johnsen14 
Open in new windowDoor Trim clean.Mike Beck
Open in new windowHelp installing a rev tachoDaniel Philippi
Open in new windowWindow sealsNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowTricked up wood grainDaniel Czechowski20 
Open in new windowA/C vents - Preventing cracks?Lawrence Ostle12 
Open in new windowCarbon fibre interior finishedPeter Bullman
Open in new windowMemory seats (what is neededKanchana Pathirana10 
Open in new windowWood grain trim on ebayAlan Chow18 
Open in new windowPost Pics of your 4.0GT LTDBrett Moloney23 
Open in new windowSteering Wheel CoverBill Terry
Open in new windowWindow catch problem....Darryn Dewar12 
Open in new windowRemoving cabin lightsJustin Camilleri10 
Open in new windowSilver carbon dash?Don Bagnall36 
Open in new windowInstructions on how to remove the cigarette panelDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowDoor Trim Help.Damien Barnes
Open in new windowPlastic Weld Pics?Maurice Diggler16 
Open in new windowCigarette Lighter Not working.Matthew Sharpe33 
Open in new windowQs regarding seatsAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowDo the gear letters/numbers on auto shifter light up?Jeff Wilkins
Open in new windowWhat is this for???Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowAir PurifierDon Bagnall10 
Open in new windowCraigs InteriorCraig Jeynes19 
Open in new windowThink this should go here. Massaging Leather Seats Ben Socratous
Open in new windowPicked me up some new seatsLawrence Ostle15 
Open in new windowBuilding Rear Parcel ShelfAndrew Nguyen12 
Open in new windowThe ultimate 1/2 din pocketRichard Johnson
Open in new windowMy Re-sprayed Black Centre Console!Ben Daniel17 
Open in new windowAlarm installer= dodgyBill Bogiatzis18 
Open in new windowBlack switches,Craig Jeynes
Open in new windowNew Display BacklightsLuke Middleton41 
Open in new windowHandbrake cover adviceDon Bagnall
Open in new windowDash Kit on eBay - AU$ 129Geoff Smith12 
Open in new windowDash vent removal tutorialTobias Trinks
Open in new windowSeat BeltsNathan Evans
Open in new windowMat moveNathan Stewart10 
Open in new windowVictorian import wreckersMurray Gauld
Open in new windowSteering Wheel ReplacementMurray Gauld
Open in new windowLevoc English InstructionsGregg Holden
Open in new windowWeight of V8 GT electric seatsIan Cass
Open in new windowGauges..where are yours?Ryan Rankovic87 
Open in new windowI.c.e system buttons stuck inTref Abbott10 
Open in new windowNew Leather InteriorVinh Bui53 
Open in new windowBD Trim Kits - Wood Grain.James Johnson12 
Open in new windowStock Seatbelt RetractionSean Fair
Open in new windowBonnet scoopYang Luo10 
Open in new windowA-Pillar Gauge Holders for JZZ30Steven Soknacki
Open in new windowDrivers seatbelt problems.Ben Ramsden
Open in new windowPulling apart the seatBen Socratous12 
Open in new windowNavigation or TV conversionAli Yazici28 
Open in new windowStereo Gap.Shaun Stephenson
Open in new windowIs there a market for original Soarer seatbelts?Michael Machin19 
Open in new windowRoll cage and Re trimingBlaine Hanson
Open in new windowCleaned the seatsBen Socratous10 
Open in new windowCustom carpet coversVardis Delithodoris
Open in new windowLexus ES300 Steering Wheel Cover Fit the Soarers ?Altaaf Sharif
Open in new windowWINDOW TINTINGDominik Bloemhard
Open in new window32 and 31 drivers side window controller interchangable??Daniel Lee
Open in new windowLeather seats on EbayVinh Bui
Open in new windowDust Pattern Behind GloveboxAaron Mead19 
Open in new windowCleaning the seats in a velour (non-leather) interiorSam Schreck
Open in new windowNeed HelpKimberly Burke12 
Open in new windowHelp!!!! i cant pull out my seatbelt!!!Nathan Evans11 
Open in new windowSuper low seat railsJustin Hughes
Open in new windowIs there a Dye for Cloth Seats? Mat Dodds
Open in new windowCleaned A/C FiltersBen Daniel12 
Open in new windowInterior all over...Daniel Lee
Open in new windowSeats bracket please.Sam Koek
Open in new windowSeat moves under heavy braking/accelerationShaun Stephenson10 
Open in new windowNo more gapVinh Bui12 
Open in new windowFitting Airbag Steering WheelMichael Machin
Open in new windowWhich is the seat heater button?Kev LeLeu28 
Open in new windowSeat fixVinh Bui
Open in new windowWhat are these?Justin Cook10 
Open in new windowSupplying Interior BitsDarryn Dewar32 
Open in new windowWoodgrain console and trims. What are they worth???Jose-Antonio Castill11 
Open in new windowHow do you remove the shift stick panel.Aaron Mead
Open in new windowWhat colour is my green?Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowDying Lambswool Seat Covers Luke Nieuwhof
Open in new windowF#cking RAT!!Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWhere to buy aftermarket Auto Shifter and Hand Brake?Mat Dodds
Open in new windowAnyone got bride or recaro seat in their soarer?David Topolovac
Open in new windowHelp putting interior back togetherDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowWhat are the wedge-shaped push clips called?Mike Triggs
Open in new windowRear Parcel Shelf Sub Cover - Fitment of OEM partWill Adams16 
Open in new windowToyota part number for the dash mounted cup holder?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowMemory seats installNathan Siy
Open in new windowCustom LeatherSam Koek22 
Open in new windowDoor trims and pocketsDaniel Lee
Open in new windowPlaning a Black interior...any ideas????Daniel Kim60 
Open in new windowOzone cleanersDarryn Dewar
Open in new windowIs this steering wheel can fit in 93 TT soarer Steven Anderson
Open in new windowAnyone retrimmed the seats?Vinh Bui21 
Open in new windowAir con display,Bleeding to death!Daniel Lee
Open in new windowNeed a steering wheel with left and right buttons....Aaron Mead
Open in new windowRe-Leathering the Interior Bits :-)...Damian Ware22 
Open in new windowSqueaking in roofMike Bradberry10 
Open in new windowDot Matrix and Window TintBen Socratous
Open in new windowSpruce vs Ivory InteriorsKanchana Pathirana48 
Open in new windowDoor trim removal problemDon Bagnall13 
Open in new windowThe difference a little timber makes. Now I just need some blcak le...Sam Schreck42 
Open in new windowEOI: New Door trims/pockets...Interested?Justin Cook54 
Open in new windowWhat to do ??Ben Daniel13 
Open in new windowBlack Interior SoarerVinh Bui11 
Open in new windowHow Do I Change The Colour?Michael Marchant
Open in new windowSqueaky seats!Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowMy new Dash PlugCallum Finch12 
Open in new windowWhite/pearl soarer with black interiorRyan Pollard12 
Open in new windowNeed help to get back on the road....Adam Collins
Open in new windowRoll cageChelsie Keating21 
Open in new windowTexture leather and plastic paint effect Don Bagnall
Open in new windowTwin pillar pod gauge holder for soarer.....Aaron Mead
Open in new windowAnyone? where i could find L sticker?Nathan Stewart
Open in new windowBlue Dash - No CCFL tube?Brendan McGannon16 
Open in new windowLexus Steering WheelJose-Antonio Castill10 
Open in new windowNEED LAWRENCES A/C LED CONVERSION TUTEMichael Howatt18 
Open in new windowBoot/fuel flap release panel removalMike Triggs
Open in new windowI seek consol 'o knowledgable soareritesDave Hart10 
Open in new windowEbay shifter with overdriveOllie Ernst28 
Open in new windowSmoke smellPeter Nitschke
Open in new window'generic' filter for air purifier - help!David Vaughan
Open in new windowHorn Pad Questions Adam Underwood12 
Open in new windowCentre Air Vent Lawrence Ostle24 
Open in new windowGear shifter, handbrake and steering wheelNeil Dobier
Open in new windowDoor Trim RepairMark Northcott
Open in new windowBroken door leverAdam Peterson
Open in new windowFrom Spruce To Black....I Like itJoe Aliano53 
Open in new windowCut & Polish?Steve Petkos
Open in new windowSteering Wheel Covers - these look OK. Anyone tried them?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowScuff PlatesTai Johnsen47 
Open in new windowAir Conditioner Control Panel Colour ChangeKanchana Pathirana34 
Open in new windowSpare wheel retainerMike Triggs
Open in new windowDoes Size Really Matter? In a Steering Wheel that is....Mel Morgan25 
Open in new windowReplacing Airbag Steering Wheel???Clayton Webb
Open in new windowTEMS switch brokenTamatha Chapman
Open in new windowCup holder? (not the dash one!)James Harris17 
Open in new windowElectric race seats?Aaron Mead16 
Open in new windowWindow mechanism rusted and cracked... need helpHaydn Crandell
Open in new windowAnyone got photos of their mods to a tan interior?Sam Schreck18 
Open in new windowPassenger window button problem...Mike Beck
Open in new windowLubricating internal PartsBen Socratous
Open in new windowChanging head unit(what speaker wire is what???)Mark Paddick11 
Open in new windowLexus LX470 Steering Wheel?David Vaughan13 
Open in new windowAuto function does not work on drivers windowDaniel Lee10 
Open in new windowDoor Trim arm rests replacementBrian Laws17 
Open in new windowWorn Leather seat repair?Mike Beck22 
Open in new windowNew Gear ShifterBrett Moloney12 
Open in new windowDoor handleAdam Lonergan11 
Open in new windowRear seat belt problemsPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhen your electrical seat is jamedAndy Xie
Open in new windowMy New Steering Wheel and Door Trim ModsJoshua Rowland41 
Open in new windowMake your gear surround pretty on the cheapAndy Xie13 
Open in new windowPassenger seat rattlesDon Bagnall17 
Open in new windowWhere to find a 1.5 DIN console?Mark Northcott
Open in new windowInterior RemovalVinh Bui
Open in new windowLeather Lace-On steering wheel coverKatrina Bruns15 
Open in new windowRear Sub Parcel ShelfWill Adams
Open in new windowDoor trims worth removingPaul Irwin
Open in new windowWhat are your thoughts?Daniel Czechowski21 
Open in new windowReplacing Steering column shell - that damn screw!Mark Paddick
Open in new windowWindow tint affect radio/TV aerials in glass?Matt Toll
Open in new windowReplacing rear view mirrorTobias Trinks
Open in new windowCracked front seat base plastic bit..can it be replaced?Kevin la Terra
Open in new windowGearstick & Steering Wheel Retrim?Vinh Bui
Open in new windowLevoc Gear ShifterBrett Moloney
Open in new windowWhere to locate gauges?Stuart Campbell47 
Open in new windowSteering wheel replacmentJeff Harper
Open in new windowSun roof cover rattleMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowBack Parcel Shelf Nathan Stewart17 
Open in new windowParcel Shelf - RetrimmTobias Trinks
Open in new windowShampoo that carpet!Charles Landwehr21 
Open in new windowCustom door trims need ideasBrian Laws
Open in new windowRoof liningAndrew Cheng
Open in new windowUZZ40 badgesLawrence Ostle
Open in new windowEMV button stickers....where to buy?Justin McLernon
Open in new windowHow to remove Front Seats?Brett Moloney
Open in new windowCar doesnt lock!!!Nick Bentley12 
Open in new windowWhere to buy new door trims...mine are fuglyPeter Nitschke18 
Open in new windowNon-leather seat covers w/ Griffin logo?Tom Kneebone12 
Open in new window?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowHELP! Auto nob thingyKip Wightman
Open in new windowHelp with dash kit :DJoseph Reno18 
Open in new windowBoss kit??James Harris
Open in new windowSAFC II / AVC-RNathan Stewart18 
Open in new windowSteering WheelsIan Johnston
Open in new windowAirbag dash light when removing steering wheelMark Paddick10 
Open in new windowCheap Window Regulator FixPaul Morante17 
Open in new windowBall on dashDon Bagnall12 
Open in new windowHandbrake Boot CoverMark Northcott
Open in new windowSoarer, Ahead of its time?Morgan Cross18 
Open in new windowPower window problem...Blake Horstman
Open in new windowAnother steering Wheel retrimScott West29 
Open in new windowRepairing Leather Daniel Lee
Open in new windowRear speakersRob Andreacchio
Open in new windowNew aircon filters- differencesDan McColl
Open in new windowRemoving front wood trimPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowInteresting interior on black SoarerCallum Finch22 
Open in new windowHow do I....Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAftermarket SeatsKatrina Bruns
Open in new windowDoor trim material and make up.Andreas Niaouris13 
Open in new windowWoodgrain steering wheelCallum Finch
Open in new windowTint / elec windowsMike Chandley20 
Open in new windowGRR theres a door trim crack!Don Bagnall21 
Open in new windowCracked A/C vent plasticDon Bagnall22 
Open in new windowFaded lighting on 'Shift Position' for Digital dashMike Beck27 
Open in new windowLeather seat finallyMorgan Cross14 
Open in new windowMy new steering wheel installed (bit small)?Callum Finch10 
Open in new windowNo more "baby poo" brownDaniel Lee31 
Open in new windowSteering Wheel choice, which one??Robert Petrovski19 
Open in new windowWood grain replace or repair?Igor Tiborovich28 
Open in new windowSoarer back shelfTroy Tappenden
Open in new windowCarpet dyingDominik Bloemhard34 
Open in new windowWood Grain InsertsScott Thompson39 
Open in new windowHow to remove an airbag steering wheel?Jim Cox
Open in new windowNew steering wheelEldin Didic27 
Open in new windowStreeing wheel cracksScott Thompson
Open in new windowClicks and squeaksMike Bradberry16 
Open in new windowDoor HandlesDarryn Dewar34 
Open in new windowWhere to get new carpetScott Thompson
Open in new windowRemoving A-PillarDon Bagnall
Open in new windowClean behind Climate Control DisplayMichael Sinay17 
Open in new windowHandbrake Boot CoverMike Triggs16 
Open in new windowInterior pics of manual conversionShane Ilich22 
Open in new windowCup holder and BadgesJeff Harper
Open in new windowCracked Dash :-(...Igor Tiborovich
Open in new windowAir con filters re-visited (again)Alan Carter
Open in new windowHelp me mount my CarPC!Paul Newman33 
Open in new windowDashBrendan Hax
Open in new windowHelp with cruise control on new steering wheelMarshall Hughes
Open in new windowDoes anybody know what this is for ?Chris Ryan23 
Open in new windowSpraying Interior BlackJeff Hogan37 
Open in new windowWhere have you mounted your Air-Suspension controller?Daniel Lee22 
Open in new windowLevoc Gear ShifterMichael Whitman
Open in new windowFront speaker grill cloth replacementJames Harris
Open in new windowI have leather nowDon Bagnall23 
Open in new windowSoarer Steering Wheel with Everything!Robert Davies11 
Open in new windowBoot dimensions?? anyone knowBrad Elphinstone
Open in new windowLeather seat insertsMike Bradberry
Open in new windowAfter market steering wheelsBenny Gammelmark
Open in new windowSeat covers on ebay 499LAWRENCE OSTLE13 
Open in new windowLights in dashPeter Ha24 
Open in new windowRoof LiningPerry Morgan17 
Open in new windowQuestion about steering wheel boss kitsNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowReccomended tint shops in Sydney?Michael Ercan
Open in new windowDoor trimChris Weightman
Open in new windowDoor trimDave Hart
Open in new windowLeather refinishingAndreas Niaouris
Open in new windowExcellent drying towel George Tisseverasing
Open in new windowOBX seatsBen Folkes
Open in new windowDoor locking issues...Mike Triggs29 
Open in new windowCleaning WindowsMike Triggs28 
Open in new windowInstruction for installing Soarer cup holderRobert Carlyon11 
Open in new windowCleaning ProductsDave Hart11 
Open in new windowLevoc English Instructions Marshall Hughes15 
Open in new windowRaw carbon fibreTim Appleton
Open in new windowDash Panel ReinforcementTate Clinton
Open in new windowDoor neonsScott Thompson
Open in new windowLevoc Handbrake cover adviceMatthew Tai
Open in new windowTRD steering wheelJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowAir Purifier FilterIan Wood29 
Open in new windowHeadrest does not stay up.David Vaughan
Open in new windowDoor Trim Cracksrobert davies
Open in new windowRemoving Wood TrimMorgan Cross17 
Open in new windowHow to remove the rear window trim.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowHow to remove the glove compartment.Peter Nitschke
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