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Open in new windowWhat is everyone up to these days?Daniel Burns34 
Open in new windowWill these rims fit?Nathan Rustom
Open in new windowAdvice on purchasing a TTMax Bamfield
Open in new windowBuying a VVT-i turbo - what to look out for?James Buchan20 
Open in new windowFuel Pump ecuSteve Gorman
Open in new windowCd stackers need helpSteve Gorman19 
Open in new windowLooking to buy need value estimate Damien Nikiforides
Open in new windowI need a toyota soarer undercarriage photo please!Dave Rose
Open in new windowExhaust SystemDamien Nikiforides
Open in new windowCruise controlTai Johnsen
Open in new windowDoes anyone here in NSW own or lost there Soarer ? Roland Elliott
Open in new windowIt's been a whileBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowMax InclineMichael McKellar
Open in new windowYears Later, Any Developments On a Fix for TRC Error 43,51?Matchy Loi
Open in new windowMy old wheelsScott Vim
Open in new windowSoarer remote controlMark Brunning
Open in new window2020, Happy new year to all the SoarersRoland Elliott
Open in new windowRotor cover seal dropped in 4.0LColin Marsh
Open in new windowI miss my soarersJosif Nguyen
Open in new windowSoarer car insuranceMark Tierney18 
Open in new window500WHP 200MPH sc400Tom Richards
Open in new windowWhere to from a V8 soarer???Mike Beck15 
Open in new windowCheap new LCA;sRoland Elliott
Open in new windowFactory Manual Owners RegisterStuart Geldard20 
Open in new windowFuel CapMark Tierney
Open in new windowSydney soarers??? " mechanic"Greg Mitca
Open in new windowPerth soarers???Damir Kokotovic
Open in new windowWhat is the most active Soarer forum?Tom Richards
Open in new windowI did not know this!!!!!Roland Elliott
Open in new windowNitrogen accumulator regassing - or purchasing a new oneMitch Templar23 
Open in new windowUnknown errorBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowLooking for a Mobile Welder in MelbourneMatchy Loi
Open in new windowJust rebuilt my AC compressorTom Richards10 
Open in new windowPaging Mr Peter Taplin...Rhys Bowman16 
Open in new windowRED BULL drifting with a SOARER!!!Mike Beck
Open in new windowToyota Transmission fluid T-IV price increase :-(...Matthew Sharpe14 
Open in new windowWhat did you do to your Soarer today?Dan Newton117 
Open in new windowFM Radio - Constant InterferenceRoland Elliott
Open in new windowMechanic in BrisbaneDan Newton
Open in new windowUZZ 32 Sold in japan recently Jeff Bunsell18 
Open in new windowPost up your collection, Soarer related collectables.Daniel Bonnor
Open in new windowFacebook - Toyota Soarer Owners AustraliaBoris Siljanoski18 
Open in new window6000 Posts!Boris Siljanoski18 
Open in new windowDreaming of a v12 conceptMike Beck28 
Open in new windowDash Airbag Light Stays on!! Error code 31.Mike Beck10 
Open in new windowSoarer's in Video ClipsJohn Khanh14 
Open in new windowClimate control module V8 v TT are they the same?Tom Richards
Open in new windowFuel economyRicky Liddy39 
Open in new windowAmayamaRicky Liddy
Open in new windowHow to remove stuck 12cd cartridgeEvan Kaio
Open in new windowE85 tunedRobert Faggian22 
Open in new windowA very good reason to be upset on a FridayScott Vim17 
Open in new window1/4 mile time analysisJesse Pieterse35 
Open in new windowAirbags uzz31Scott Vim
Open in new windowPrice Opinion PLZZZCorryn Anderson
Open in new windowBack lighting on EMV solution?Tom Richards
Open in new windowCar won't rev over 3k - "limp" mode?Hays Sleiman17 
Open in new window3 inch dual exhaust by Costa from driftshop mentoneBrett Harrison29 
Open in new windowToyota premium hornDaniel Lee
Open in new windowNew Stock Turbo Soarer Record 11.625Jeff Bedsor29 
Open in new windowE85Scott Vim
Open in new windowOnline Parts-sitesTom Richards19 
Open in new windowSoarer and p plates these days...James Buchan12 
Open in new windowLexus Released in JAPANBoris Siljanoski14 
Open in new windowUpper Middle BoganMike Beck
Open in new windowUZZ32 No.32 - ReactivatedMike Beck15 
Open in new windowMCM Japan Car Yard.Corryn Anderson
Open in new windowBe great to get this translated and captionedSteven Soknacki
Open in new windowIt's good byeJames Johnson
Open in new windowIs there much of a demand for manual VVTIs?Steven Go10 
Open in new windowJZZ30 VVTi questionRoss Pesina
Open in new windowLost key:-(...Oleg Akulshin
Open in new windowTT ManualBob Fulthorpe
Open in new windowDecade of soaring comes to an endSteve Millward15 
Open in new windowJZZ31 pricesMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowBells and whistlesIan Johnston
Open in new windowL pack optionsScott Vim11 
Open in new windowThinking outside the squareShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowSome basic things I have learnt about soarersIan Johnston44 
Open in new windowEOI - Custom Titanium Soarer KeysAli Saeed21 
Open in new windowWhy I prefer the 1uzScott Vim11 
Open in new window1950 Ford Custom built on Soarer/Celsior platformIan Johnston
Open in new windowNew Radiator Prices BrisbaneRobert Faggian16 
Open in new windowUnmolested TT Soarer - PerthPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSoarer/SC400 repair manual. Download it here!Mike Beck
Open in new windowRare Crash Test FootageMike Beck
Open in new windowSoarer T-Shirt DesignJay Asghari
Open in new windowWhat tyres grip best. 20 inch fat ones of coarseJustin Hughes20 
Open in new windowBuying parts from AmayamaBoris Siljanoski14 
Open in new windowSo long and thanks for everythingMike Beck25 
Open in new window1JZ-GTE vs 1JZ-VVTiRobert Faggian16 
Open in new windowThe $58,000 SoarerScott Vim16 
Open in new windowLicense PlatesLiviu Velisarie22 
Open in new windowChanging a TX valve in V8Tom Richards
Open in new window Trying to track down previous owners of this SOARERBob Fulthorpe
Open in new windowComedians in cars getting coffee..Mark Donovan
Open in new windowWorkshop that will fit t56 into v8 soarer for me. Vic or travelNoel Howlett
Open in new windowDrain fuel tank after sitting for 12+ months?Matthew Salkeld12 
Open in new windowEmanage Tuner in Brisbane. 1UZFEDavid Barnes
Open in new windowBlue slip - experiences?David Sun
Open in new windowNew personal best.Corryn Anderson
Open in new windowAnyone have late model (94+) UZZ32Jay Asghari25 
Open in new windowE15 fuelMatthew Salkeld41 
Open in new windowOdometer readings and RWC - VictoriaGlen Muller
Open in new windowJzx100Ali Saeed
Open in new windowExtractors installationGlen Muller27 
Open in new windowAnyone seen the Soarer in the new anti drink driving campaign ad?Matthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowToyodiy, no more diagramsJoshua Rao23 
Open in new windowAnti LogicAllan Langford12 
Open in new windowDash temperature gauge maximum ?Justin Wilson
Open in new windowJust an update on my active.Daniel Marshall138 
Open in new window1Jz vvti modsCorryn Anderson10 
Open in new windowToyota Celica Convertible- what's your thoughts?Ian Rigby10 
Open in new windowURGENT! NEW WHEELS STOLEN! :-(...Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowCapacitor replacment in MelbourneRobert Faggian
Open in new windowELM 327 OBD 2 scannerTom Richards
Open in new windowWater pump question 1jzgteRhys Grant
Open in new windowImporting Soarer from JapanJohn Street13 
Open in new windowNext to no V8 Soarers for sale in JapanDave Rose16 
Open in new windowUpgrading suspensionJeff Bedsor24 
Open in new window600hp Turbo 6MT 1UZ Soarer for SaleClayton Carlyle
Open in new windowLooking for a good towbarJoshua Rao
Open in new windowWindow locatorPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAn interesting readTom Richards
Open in new windowSoarer electric windowsBen Lipman
Open in new windowDefinitive weight reduction/How much does that weigh thread.Ross Pesina37 
Open in new window1.5 din replace with 52mm gauges. But what gauges? 1uzBen Lipman
Open in new windowBest contact for Neil GriffithsMatt Newman
Open in new windowInside Headlight HID Thingy Question :SHays Sleiman18 
Open in new windowMy Latest SoarerDavid Grima
Open in new windowAny UZZ32 Active owner operators in Adelaide?Jacob Frost10 
Open in new windowWhats up with soarercentral?Mike Triggs34 
Open in new window1UZ Exhaust systemPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowRear Wheel Bearings.Mike Triggs18 
Open in new windowTT 50 RA Runs a new PB after all these years !Kurt Atzmuller
Open in new windowTT Soarer's value appreciating?Dave Rose15 
Open in new windowHow much would a late model ivory interior be worth?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowLooking for PeterDavid Kilduff
Open in new windowChoosing proper external fuel gaugeHays Sleiman
Open in new windowAnother "What is this question"... Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowUzz32 limited v8 acting upTom Richards11 
Open in new windowIs something wrong?Ben Lipman26 
Open in new windowVvt-i throttle control ecu - on Import Monster.Robert Faggian
Open in new windowDifference between 91 soarer and 93 soarerMike Triggs
Open in new windowCould someone near Wangara WA 6065 do me a massive solid!!Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHow much would you spend on your Soarer??Jason Cheah47 
Open in new windowTurbo on V8 SoarerHays Sleiman
Open in new windowTuning E-manage MelbourneNathan Sheehan
Open in new windowAlternator fuseDarren Bauer23 
Open in new windowSoarer InsuranceDarren Bauer13 
Open in new windowSoarer Vs SkylineBen Lipman62 
Open in new windowBrand new Soarer/SC400 sold in Australia?Mark Donovan17 
Open in new window2000 3.0GT Remote locking and unlockingMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowUZZ32 general suspension question Martin Quinn
Open in new windowStock exhausts backwards compatible? Zac Clare
Open in new windowReally bad fuel economyMike Triggs13 
Open in new windowBest wreckers in Brissy Area ?Bruce Passfield13 
Open in new windowFabricator wanted, MelbourneOleg Akulshin
Open in new windowDiff questionKaloy Szyd
Open in new windowHelp Support your local Soarer drifter ! And his team !Ian Johnston
Open in new windowJust got back from canada and alaska + vegasIan Johnston16 
Open in new windowA V12? Never knew!Andy Losurdo28 
Open in new windowThe OFFICIAL 'Show Off Your Ride' ThreadLiviu Velisarie176 
Open in new windowSupra or Soarer or both?Dave Rose16 
Open in new windowThe million-dollar ToyotaMark Tierney
Open in new window1993 UZZ32 for sale on ebay...(66,000kms)David Grima26 
Open in new windowLow Life Hit and Run!!!! GrrrAaron Casey
Open in new windowTraction control?Dave van Staveren13 
Open in new windowReg V8 HeadersJames Buchan
Open in new windowWhat similarly priced car would you consider other than a Soarer?Jose-Antonio Castill36 
Open in new windowSoarer vandalisedDavid Grima34 
Open in new windowSending CT12A turbos interstate, which courier service?James Tims
Open in new windowWhy doesnt some one manufacture an overflow "bottle" replacement fo...Gary Redman17 
Open in new windowNo a Bad Youtube vidMatthew Sharpe19 
Open in new windowA couple of "What is this?" questions...Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowWhere to take water and oil lines from?Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowSoarer Birthday Cake!!Jim Laps18 
Open in new windowWedding carsOmar Dean
Open in new windowBeware an ebay buyer.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowVVT soarer fuel tank?Jose-Antonio Castill11 
Open in new windowCar Detailing at an Affordable Price!Jim Laps
Open in new windowIs this the factory fuel cap?Matt Vertudaches
Open in new window1Din audio conversionJohn Street
Open in new window91 EMV modsMichael James
Open in new windowAdvice on next upgrade. Wheels/Suspension/Brakes/PowerBen Lipman16 
Open in new window1JZ Night Light ???James Johnson
Open in new windowBlack Interior on Yahoo JapanIan Johnston
Open in new windowSoarer is best car in world.Ian Johnston14 
Open in new windowSad day at our household.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowSoarer bottom/fog light?Blake Davies
Open in new windowFarewell to the Soarer SceneIan Johnston
Open in new windowWho was at powerplay brisbane 2013?Chris Milner
Open in new window617,000km LS400 in NZScott Vim
Open in new windowUZZ32 at Pickles Auction Tullamarine 15/1/13Allan Langford18 
Open in new windowHelp after soarer was stolenSteve Gorman
Open in new windowStock UZZ30, suprising dyno resultShane Haverkamp21 
Open in new windowSoarer 2013Liviu Velisarie
Open in new windowBlacktown, Sydney - Help needed from a localDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowCost of Brand New tail light!Joshua Rao
Open in new windowEPA Emissions test VICTORIA - What's involved???James Tims
Open in new windowLPG V8 1UZScott Vim21 
Open in new windowRemoving throttle body help needed saJames Cailes
Open in new windowSoarer used in macca's ad....Michael James32 
Open in new windowI am strangely inlove with this car.Matthew Sharpe16 
Open in new windowNeed help with my ecu wiring Chris Papadopoulos
Open in new windowInstalling Digital Radio AntennaStuart Geldard
Open in new windowWA Soarer RegistrationMatt Newman
Open in new windowDenso air filters ~$40Tom Richards
Open in new windowNeed help filling out registration formBraden Tessier
Open in new window"TRD" Soarer on EbayShane Haverkamp30 
Open in new windowModified V8 Soarer 1/4m Terminal Speed?Daniel Clarke15 
Open in new windowEbay prices.Alistair David
Open in new windowHow fast have you been in your soarer James Tims50 
Open in new window1UZ powered VW BajaDavid Goldthorpe
Open in new windowWindscreens Ben Lipman
Open in new windowLooking for adviceTim Leamon
Open in new windowSC430 and your opinion.Rory Braatvedt32 
Open in new windowRWC in Vic for a single turbo converted soarerJames Tims10 
Open in new windowHurricane extractorsTai Johnsen
Open in new windowOne of those daysShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowGenuine toyota sunroof wind deflector?Jeff Bedsor10 
Open in new windowWhat is my soarer worth (late model)Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowGt35r KILLERRocky Horne
Open in new windowSoarer/SCXXX features in latest movie!Aaron Mead22 
Open in new windowConsidering offering accumulator regass serviceShane Haverkamp52 
Open in new windowSoarer v8 and turbo workshop manual download linkCallum Allen
Open in new windowDesperately Need Help!!!!! (Electronics/ ICE)Jason Chow
Open in new window*GOOD* Dyno in QLD?Douglas Webster
Open in new windowAny soarer owners from Toowoomba here??Lyall Jeanneret
Open in new windowGood experience in MelbourneJack Driver
Open in new windowBest Video ever !!Sebastian Grant23 
Open in new windowNT soarer club.Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowCan anyone be of assistance on the weekend, I need to make 1 weld! Michael Sinay
Open in new window1uz block hugger headersPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSteering making noisesDavid Henderson
Open in new window97 - 99 VVTI market valueAli Saeed
Open in new windowBought new T-13 PnP Christian Perez
Open in new windowBest Soarer Video!!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowSoarer on Old Top GearStuart Geldard22 
Open in new windowJust wondering...Dave Rose
Open in new windowAftermarket head unit with Soarer stock sub?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowSwap Soarer for S chassis?Alexander Green24 
Open in new windowKurts intakes must be the bizKurt Atzmuller16 
Open in new windowSuspension parts and bushes for our carsChristian Perez
Open in new windowJust got rear endedWayne Womersley36 
Open in new windowToyota Soarer / Lexus SC in a movieAli Saeed21 
Open in new windowLooking at a sc300 NA, need help few thingsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowGreat sound system for emv soarersTom Richards44 
Open in new windowHeater only works on MAX ONTai Johnsen
Open in new windowFreshen up the Soarer (Parts List)David Henderson22 
Open in new window1UZ vs 1JZ, which is more user friendly?Dave Rose55 
Open in new windowPadens work shopDaniel Clarke
Open in new window1JZ-vvt-i dump pipe/downpipeJames Buchan15 
Open in new windowBit of help in regards to purchasing my first soarerAlistair David35 
Open in new window1jz road trip to fiji speedwayJacob Thomas
Open in new windowFuelDaniel Clarke18 
Open in new windowCar prices in 1998, 14 years agoRichard Crockett19 
Open in new windowGood buy hand brake bootTom Richards14 
Open in new windowNew rim damaged by tyre placeRocky Horne
Open in new windowInsurance CompaniesLachie Bryce10 
Open in new windowLexus: The Relentless PursuitRory Braatvedt11 
Open in new window1jz into uzz31 help pleaseDylan Maguire
Open in new windowIntake "POD Filter" comparisonWalter Gillmore45 
Open in new windowTrouble replacing window regulator (Can't get 4 slotted discs off)...Dylan Schwartz
Open in new windowWould this catback fit a soarerJames Buchan
Open in new windowAnyone know where it is /how to remove "air outlet servomotor assy...Tom Richards
Open in new windowHow do you do AC diags on emv car?Tom Richards
Open in new windowCar falls off hoist, workshop holds car until paidMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAirboxesAli Saeed
Open in new windowFront bumper fiberglass Vs OEMTom Richards
Open in new windowMaserati look alikeMatthew Sharpe22 
Open in new windowWTF Soarer for sale on EBAY check this out!!!Michael Svoboda
Open in new windowDo you grease sway bar bushes??Matt Newman
Open in new windowQuick question about wheel nutsMike Triggs11 
Open in new windowPN for rear sway bar bush 91 Uzz31Tom Richards
Open in new windowPic Needed, Stock TT Engine BayGary Rollason
Open in new windowBridgestone Potenza S001 vs Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002Ou-yang Liang Qing12 
Open in new windowPowder Coating WheelsHaydn Stewart13 
Open in new window1uz-fe afterlifeBrett Harrison14 
Open in new windowSteering wanders????Tom Richards11 
Open in new windowRetirement vehicleDamian Ware57 
Open in new windowSoarer failMatthew Werner32 
Open in new windowThe way it was !!Damian Ware17 
Open in new windowValue of a 91 V8 without working engineMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowQuick question..Enzo Seidl10 
Open in new windowCars on the road + Dyno runChris Lock14 
Open in new windowChronicle Movie - SoarerMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSomeone broke into my shop stole soarer parts!!!!!!Mike Triggs34 
Open in new windowFastest stock twin turbo soarerBlake Gloyn39 
Open in new windowAfter a bit of glossEnzo Seidl
Open in new windowTiming Belt QuestionEnzo Seidl
Open in new windowMagnetic Drain Plugs (oil/transmission etc.)Andrew Ferres32 
Open in new windowRip clean soarerMatthew Sharpe18 
Open in new windowNice little Soarer video.Michael Brown13 
Open in new windowFunny threadMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAfter conversion help with tems and things?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowRWCDarren Bauer
Open in new windowReplacement window washersMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowRear wheel bearingsMichael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowBloke selling soarer on ebay...dodgy :-)...Michael James
Open in new windowSupercharged 2JZ JZZ31 Project - Eaton M90Walter Gillmore24 
Open in new windowWhats the hotness in replacement windscreens Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowForum registrationOrton Marchant13 
Open in new window2jz GTE into a Soarer in VicDanny Dinh10 
Open in new windowManual Seats vs ElectricMichael Sinay
Open in new windowNice Gold Soarer in HobartMike Triggs
Open in new windowAnyone have some wheels?Jason Exindaris
Open in new windowJZZ30 Towbar interchangeable with JZZ31?Ashley Gregory
Open in new windowABS and TRAC ecu TRAC ecu are they 2 units?Tom Richards
Open in new windowTime Attack Supra - and the new GTX35R dyno!Aaron Casey
Open in new windowAFM-less tune on the 1UZDamian Ware18 
Open in new windowAnyone know a business in Brisbane with mandrel bend machine?Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowMy Supercharged Soarer in Performance Imports no 144Geoff McHeyzer
Open in new windowAristo airbag steering wheel fit Soarer???Ali Saeed
Open in new windowImpressions after changing sway bar bushesLloyd Roberts10 
Open in new windowTwin Turbo - ABS/TRC ErrorJames Buchan
Open in new windowStock manual gtt 1/4 timeKylie Enright
Open in new windowGreat car movie on right now Foxtel Aust.Steven Anderson
Open in new windowFake b&n sports kit on ebay!Adrian McGuire15 
Open in new windowHow reliable are soarers these days?Michael Sinay41 
Open in new windowFun and games with parcel shelfOrton Marchant14 
Open in new windowBest way to sell soarer?Alistair Moorby11 
Open in new windowIs person trying to scam me?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowV8 Soarer Headers Dan McColl
Open in new windowLeaking fuelKen Nakken
Open in new windowSome fuel stats from last 6+ yearsAiden Cheese
Open in new windowSuprising FindDave Rose
Open in new windowDoor modificationsDavid Grima
Open in new windowSexual Soarers going up for auction in Japan!Steven Soknacki13 
Open in new windowJTG Lpg liquid injectionJohn Stafford38 
Open in new windowHHO, Oxyhydrogen, Brown Gas, Run your Car on Water...John Stafford46 
Open in new windowJustCars CompHarley Jones
Open in new windowSoarer boot struts, ebay junkBen Lipman14 
Open in new windowIs it possible to identify build date from an engine number?Dave Rose
Open in new windowWet Nitrous Kits On Standard Engine??Michael Fuhrmann14 
Open in new windowFront airbag intermittently sagsTom Richards
Open in new windowReally Weird Soarer issues, Please Help! UZZ30James Buchan
Open in new windowLooking for threadAli Saeed
Open in new windowAlternative fog lights David Grima
Open in new windowWould you buy a GT-T after owning a GT-TL??Luke Bell16 
Open in new windowSolenoids for V8 auto $142Tom Richards
Open in new windowAnyone own/know a panel beaters in melb?Jack Driver
Open in new windowTRC 51 error HELP pls????Dave Hart
Open in new windowCannot select any audio function?Tom Richards
Open in new windowAnyone know this gt wing?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowCan't remove key from the ignition when battery is connected? Mark Lane
Open in new windowSaw this for sale on EBayMike Triggs
Open in new windowSeating Capacity Mike Triggs14 
Open in new window101 things you might not know about your Soarer..Gary Poloskei139 
Open in new windowWhat have you found left behind in your Soarer?Jack Driver32 
Open in new windowEstimate My 1/4 ET Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowBlow Off Valves legal?Drew Rechner13 
Open in new windowWho owns a JZZ31 Soarer?Jason Cheah51 
Open in new windowLow mileage UZZ32 surfaces in the UKIan Johnston11 
Open in new windowAir cleaner sizeDavid Kilduff
Open in new windowSpotted a TT in a TV showDrew Rechner
Open in new windowV8 ignition coils are also used inTom Richards
Open in new window1UZ powered car nominated for Street Machine of the YearGlenn Northcott21 
Open in new windowInsuranceSam Trousdell23 
Open in new windowHID Kits - EbayMichael Sinay28 
Open in new window Goodbys/farewells/what else this topic will atract i wont be dissa...Vinh Bui
Open in new windowCar audio & alarm installer around melbourneOmar Dean
Open in new windowSoarer Radiator BTU / HREvan Kaio
Open in new windowNeed engine advice.Hays Sleiman14 
Open in new windowAnyone converted video to .scv to play in car mp4 players?Tom Richards
Open in new windowCelsior Pictures from the weekendDavid Barnes19 
Open in new windowFT-86 anyone?Glen Muller31 
Open in new windowDoes anyone understand how the TRC master cylinder works?Tom Richards
Open in new windowA/C clutch does not pull in. help?Michael O'Driscoll
Open in new windowRemoved rear Mufflers UZZ30Glen Muller19 
Open in new window1UZ's lack of power at higher RPMSteven Anderson75 
Open in new windowNewbie with some questions about a JJZ GE soarer im looking at buying.Mike Triggs10 
Open in new windowLocation of auto trans ecuPaul Drane
Open in new windowUzz-32 been wrecked in aus, (nsw)Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowWeird 1 off issue with my V8Ou-yang Liang Qing
Open in new windowDo you have TRC? help plsTom Richards
Open in new windowSoarers in film clips, Sean Routledge
Open in new window1JZ VVT-i vs 2 JZ VVT-i, which would be a better choice?Ou-yang Liang Qing10 
Open in new windowCheap reversing cameraTom Richards
Open in new windowGood audio system <$10Dave Rose
Open in new windowGood place to buy some wheels?James Harris
Open in new windowFluctuating RPM between speeds.Brett Harrison
Open in new windowAnyone has a good condition working ECU that i could borrow?Ou-yang Liang Qing
Open in new windowHey fellow members. postageJoshua Baldwin
Open in new windowRoyal Purple has anyone tried?John Wan69 
Open in new windowFuel pump ECU died again!Ali Saeed
Open in new window1uz + EMUBrett Harrison10 
Open in new windowLow idleMatthew Smith
Open in new windowOne of Soarers many usesJose-Antonio Castill11 
Open in new windowPaint bubbling on drivers door below mirrorDave Rose
Open in new windowTrying to contact Benjamin BurgessTai Johnsen
Open in new windowExhaust WTFMatt Sartori13 
Open in new windowSolenoid change.Tom Richards
Open in new windowPower steering fluid in brake master cylinderGary Redman10 
Open in new windowHey guys - what's this???Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowTRAC relays.Dan McColl
Open in new windowSpeedo problemsAli Saeed
Open in new windowFew Questions; v8 vs tt brakes etcLucian Stellati
Open in new windowArtistic Intelligence- the meaning?Lloyd Roberts
Open in new windowTrc master cylinder is TT and V8 the same?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowScan GaugeMike Triggs
Open in new windowManual gear surroundShane Haverkamp28 
Open in new window1JZ-GTE vs 1JZ-GTE VVTi - Thoughts and commentsChristian Somerville29 
Open in new windowDash warning light of a carShane Haverkamp14 
Open in new windowBlackened inner headlightDave van Staveren
Open in new windowCourtesy when selling your items and RULESJerzy Stopczynski
Open in new windowSoarer Purchase TodayStanley Smith16 
Open in new windowManual conversionMatthew Hamono12 
Open in new windowGeneral info on turbos, fuel mixtures etcEdison Koh
Open in new windowFUEL CONSUMPTION QUESTION???!!!Jose-Antonio Castill25 
Open in new windowRush Imports is MorphingDavid Goldthorpe
Open in new windowEPA Exhaust noise test....Sean Routledge
Open in new windowWho was the lucky soarer ownerAlvin Siew10 
Open in new windowTook Soarer to RAC Track day todayYang Gao46 
Open in new windowSA 1/4 mile drag strip???Dave van Staveren
Open in new windowLearn how a torsen works.David Barnes
Open in new windowBuying A Soarer? GT-T? SC400? I can't decide! I love them all..Glen Fernandes53 
Open in new windowRear cluncking noiseDan McColl
Open in new windowSoarer's at willowbankChris Butler
Open in new window Sad farewellIan Johnston
Open in new windowGeneral BMW chatBoris Siljanoski21 
Open in new windowLooking for timing belt in melbourneMatchy Loi
Open in new windowWhat is a "tune up" on a standard V8Scott Vim11 
Open in new windowMikes BM picsSebastian Grant12 
Open in new windowHelp Need Northern MelbourneRobbie Rashleigh21 
Open in new windowLearning the hard way...Tom Richards
Open in new windowManual conversionMatthew Hamono
Open in new windowSteering NoiseMike Triggs
Open in new windowFlash us your ...... LightsJames Harris
Open in new windowS.A. Plastic welding?David Henderson
Open in new windowManual / auto drive shaft. is there a difference in size orrrr...?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowPurple Dash Lenses?Ross Pesina
Open in new windowUnlucky Soarer driver....Matthew Sharpe13 
Open in new windowSTOLEN: 19" Amistad Grace Black for Toyota SoarerLucian Stellati
Open in new windowInsurance (fully comp) for TT for 40yoTim Ross24 
Open in new window1/4 mile times for HKS T3G powered SoarersSebastian Grant20 
Open in new windowRear ended on FreewayVincent Chan16 
Open in new windowCar starts and dies off within seconds.Ou-yang Liang Qing13 
Open in new windowWeird Tyre DifferencesDave Rose
Open in new windowMy cars going againDavid Kilduff
Open in new windowHID 6000 bulb replacement.Ou-yang Liang Qing
Open in new windowLook what i foundShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowThanks for this great site Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowBest colour for a Soarer is white!Matthew Sharpe43 
Open in new windowNew way of breaking into cars?Mark Donovan11 
Open in new windowNeed someone who understands VIN number!Luke Carbins
Open in new windowRandom Boredom! Just clayed my windowsEdison Koh
Open in new windowWreckers - website - aus wideTom Brookes
Open in new windowBOVPrashant Mohinda
Open in new windowSoarer photosDavid Grima22 
Open in new windowHey, does anyone want to import some custom Tail lights??Shane Haverkamp11 
Open in new windowVery new to soarers, and was wondering what these are...Luke Carbins
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Open in new windowUZZ31 Best Towing Car I've OwnedDon Bagnall24 
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Open in new windowNEVER TOW A SOARER Dan McColl35 
Open in new windowIs the NA Supra A304E auto a match for the TT Soarer?Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowRespray white with blue pearl??Shadi Damouni
Open in new window2JZ-GE engine, where from?Tobias Trinks11 
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Open in new windowDoes this sticker look ok?Matthew Sharpe20 
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Open in new windowInside the ignitorRob Rojo10 
Open in new windowNew radiator and flushed auto transmisionAusten Menze
Open in new windowCruze ?!?! ?! Aaron Casey
Open in new windowIf i was to get another soarer this would be it Stanley Smith26 
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Open in new windowProblem with Castle Hill Toyota website?Daniel Lee
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Open in new windowLets find the most power made from a 1jz Justin Richardson13 
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Open in new windowAny recomendations for a 2200km round trip?Mike Triggs19 
Open in new windowNeed some assistance on purchasing a Soarer.Don Bagnall88 
Open in new windowYes its another analogue dash threadAli Saeed13 
Open in new windowWhat a difference 40mm makesPaul Bell19 
Open in new windowDrivers side shake and bake mirrorAli Saeed36 
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Open in new windowURGENT what is the PN for a V8 radiator plsPeter Burrett
Open in new windowWhy would I consider that?Jose-Antonio Castill14 
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Open in new windowHow to transport a Soarer boot lidPasquale Sannuto
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Open in new windowAftermarket Taillights mod.James Johnson
Open in new window1UZ Twin ROTOREX Supercharged MX5 @ Sydney 500Ty Mackay
Open in new windowWrecking a Soarer, is it worth it??Brett Cutts
Open in new windowMy car smells like petrol!Matt Sartori10 
Open in new windowBest price on tyres on Sunshine CoastMark Tierney29 
Open in new windowHow loyal to the Soarer are you?Miles Baker178 
Open in new windowWishing to get some advice for buyingMike Bradberry
Open in new windowThree spokes on a soarer, what do you think?Geoff McHeyzer51 
Open in new windowWhat does a greddy 3 bar map sensor do???Marc Hoffmann
Open in new windowAnyone purchased toyota coil packs from the US lately???Slav Todorovic
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Open in new windowIs there any online shops where i can buy aftermarket parts for my ...Paul Bell
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