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Open in new windowRear left seat belt in good working order in Spruce.John Stafford
Open in new windowTan leather Rear seat in good conditionJohn Stafford
Open in new windowStall converter for 1JZ soarer autoJohn Stafford
Open in new windowGood set of non power seats for Jz30 Spruce colourJohn Stafford
Open in new windowStock blow off valve for 1JZGTEJohn Stafford
Open in new windowWorking front passenger airbagJan van Berendonk
Open in new window1JZ cruise control unit complete, all parts. John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB UZ31/UZ32 front seats with or without factory heatingScott Vim
Open in new windowGood condition Soarer (auto, not manual) with over 300 kilowatts at...John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB 1UZ Long tube headersIlya Ali
Open in new windowHas anyone seen my old Soarer?Roland Elliott
Open in new windowWolf V550 or V500Elie Sukkar
Open in new windowStandard V8 15" wheel in OK condition. Adelaide or close by.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowRubber surrounds for parking sensorsVanessa Hassell
Open in new windowValve hydrolic motor control wantedRicardo Gomez
Open in new windowWTB: CT12A x 2, to suit non-VVTI 1JZJames Cox
Open in new windowAnyone have a working converted a/c unit for swap out of dead emv i...David Raill
Open in new windowFan clutchRoss Pesina
Open in new windowTowbar and Steering RackMartin Brown
Open in new windowECU part 89661-24220Ian Miller
Open in new windowWtb multiple partsAndrew Brown
Open in new window91 TT Fuel tank gasket and AC compressorMark Tierney
Open in new windowWTB: JZZ30 auto gearbox to suit 1jz vvti - prefer VICJames Buchan
Open in new windowSteering Wheel Airbag for 91 UZZ31 WantedTim Schroeter
Open in new windowMines Blitz or similar Ecu with all cuts removed.Justin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB - V8 Fuel pressure regulator Patrick Mccreanor
Open in new windowFront Passenger Seat-belt Surround on the Rear Justin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB Driver side indicator housingTom Richards
Open in new windowWtb jzz30 clutch pedal.Brian Leonard10 
Open in new windowWTB Torsen diffJoshua Rowland
Open in new windowWTB TT front calipers and oem wheelsJoshua Rowland
Open in new windowBlack or halo headlights and highbeamsMike Beck
Open in new windowECUChayton Erth11 
Open in new windowClean box / passenger bin and coin trayDavid Boyle
Open in new windowWTB: JZZ31 fan shroudJason Cheah
Open in new windowWanted V8 fuel pump ECUTai Johnsen
Open in new windowWTB: Wolf V500 or V550 ECUJay Asghari
Open in new windowWTB - Manual V8Scott Vim
Open in new windowWTB: JZZ Rear SuspensionMitch Templar
Open in new windowWtb: 97 bodykit fitting partsAndrew Brown
Open in new windowWTB L/F cornerMark Donovan
Open in new windowWTB - Black on Black V8Rhys Bowman
Open in new windowWTB Electronic Combination SwitchJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWTB - Brisbane - Drivers Side Door Handle/Lock MechanismMatt Smith
Open in new windowEMV ComputerLynton Scale
Open in new windowWTB JZZ30 exhaust/muffler (Brisbane)Guy Mount
Open in new windowWTB Radio with OzmodLynton Scale
Open in new windowAir suspensionRod Quaife
Open in new windowUZZ31 ECU refurbishment Michael Wittwer
Open in new windowSc400 v8 serpentine belt tensionerBill McCluskey
Open in new windowDrive shaft rubber Coupling and center bearing + front brake lines ...Jack Driver
Open in new windowWTB ct12a turboMichael Wittwer
Open in new windowTan Drivers Seat Belt UZZ31Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowA/C Compressor for 1991 SC400 Bill McCluskey
Open in new windowWTB: AC unit capable of sending outside temp data to dashJustin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB Air Compressor for 91 1UZFE SC400Bill McCluskey
Open in new windowLooking for a 91' UZZ30 engine ECU and a Fuel Pump ECU.Philip Bryant
Open in new windowAir Flow MeterBill McCluskey
Open in new windowDriver Side Door Trim Spruce (Grey) WantedVanessa Hassell
Open in new windowBraided brake lines wanted FRONT ONLYMark Tierney
Open in new windowFaulty TPS for 3 litre non turbo?Brian Bennett
Open in new windowWTB: MAF Sensor, Fuel Pump ECUMatt Vertudaches
Open in new windowDriver's Side Inside Door HandleJustin Prewett
Open in new window4.0L V8 '91 Soarer - Multiple parts requiredVanessa Hassell
Open in new windowFront left airbagVincent Chan
Open in new windowStandard front shock for V8John Stafford
Open in new windowPerfect condition ECU for 91 LTD V8John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB - parcel Shelf - with wiperJustin Prewett
Open in new window97 Stephen Kennedy
Open in new windowScrews for Center consoleJan van Berendonk
Open in new window95+ fog lightsRhys Bowman
Open in new windowFront air line for '31Bruce Gillam
Open in new windowWTB 94-96 Bumper bars lip attachment Roland Elliott
Open in new windowWanted tow bar for soarer / lexus 91 model Rhys Bowman
Open in new windowStock 16 each jzz30 wheelsRhys Bowman
Open in new windowUZZ31 Air Flow MeterBruce Gillam10 
Open in new windowWTB (Perth) - Seat Belts, Dump Pipe, Exhaust Hanger Brackets and To...Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowFront Passenger Seat Belt and Auto ShifterJustin Hughes
Open in new windowWanted to buy door trims 91 sc400Diane Jones
Open in new windowWTB brake accumulator/complete brake assembly to suit 94 uzz31Luke Hogden
Open in new windowBrake light for 91 Limited SpoilerRoland Elliott
Open in new windowWTB ,series 1 bumper bar with parking pole hole !Stephen Kennedy
Open in new windowJZZ30 Engine Parts NeededMitch Templar
Open in new windowAirbag height controller wantedDavid Grima
Open in new windowStock or high flows Andrew Robb
Open in new windowFactory Black interior partsKev Reed
Open in new windowWTB Series 3 - 97+ Side SkirtsKev Reed
Open in new windowWanted: main ecu for uzz31 V8 soarer. Richie Craggs
Open in new windowJzz30 or uzz30 strutsDan Newton
Open in new windowLooking for rear parcel shelfJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWTB Soarer factory option boot carpet/matJohn Street
Open in new windowSc400 drive shaft couplingsBruce Gillam
Open in new windowWanting to get back into a Soarer - Help me find one please!!Mitchell Comfort
Open in new windowFactory StrutsHakan Pasha
Open in new windowFrount bumperStephen Kennedy
Open in new windowWanted: stock 380cc 1jzgte injectorsRoss Pesina
Open in new windowTowbarJohn Street
Open in new windowCt12a rear waste gate actuatorJulian Deck
Open in new windowSC400 Tail Lights 92 modelJohn Street
Open in new windowElectronic wiper stalk with rear wiperJustin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB Torsen DiffTai Johnsen
Open in new windowPearl White 051 SpoilerJason Cheah
Open in new windowWTB: Flasher Relay (the brown one)Joshua Rowland
Open in new windowEngine ECU for '91 V8 Soarer WantedGraham Pearce
Open in new window1j ignitorRoss Pesina
Open in new windowJZZ30 fuel pumpBrett Harrison
Open in new windowCup holderJoshua Rao
Open in new windowIAC neededJohn Stafford
Open in new windowWTB: 97+ door moldingsDaniel Savage
Open in new windowWiring Harness Auto TransDavid Molloy
Open in new windowCold start time switch (one of the temp sensors)John Stafford
Open in new windowRear spoiler camera compatable,James Glindemannjkgl
Open in new windowGreen front and rear bumpers preferably VictoriaJames Glindemannjkgl
Open in new windowStock IntercoolerDaniel Savage
Open in new windowWTB 1JZGTE aftermarket CamsRoss Pesina
Open in new windowVIC: V8 AlternatorMartin Brown
Open in new windowWTB: 1JZ Auto ECUJohn Street
Open in new windowInterior passenger door leverJustin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB: Tan Interior and body piecesMike Dunbar
Open in new windowRear rotors and pads for '91 model 31John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB: 1JZGTE Auto ECUJoshua Rao
Open in new windowWTB Soarer 16" Factory WheelHakan Pasha
Open in new windowParts for a '91 LTD V8John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB: vlamos bushes for LS400 (1994)Mark Donovan
Open in new windowShifter surround for centre consoleMark Tierney12 
Open in new windowWTB - Fuse BoxRory Vanneste
Open in new windowJZZ30 Front Calipers - SydneyRory Vanneste10 
Open in new windowGrey LH Front 'Jesus Handle' and RH Front Seat BeltJustin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB: Vertex/BN Sports Front Bumper and Side SkirtsMark Tierney
Open in new window[VIC] WTB: Series 1 Spoiler LED Brake LightMichael Mockiewicz15 
Open in new windowRear windscreen (preferably without wiper hole)Justin Prewett
Open in new window1UZ a/c compressorDaryl Demarte
Open in new windowJZZ30 Transmission Cooler Lines...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowInternal Door LeverJason Cheah
Open in new windowWTB: Factory 97 bodykitJames Buchan
Open in new windowSeat Belt Front Driver Side TanBarry Rowe
Open in new windowAnyone want to swap their front sump for a rear sump?Matt Koch
Open in new windowWtb perth : stock harmonic balancer/ crank pulley 2jz turboAdam Neilsen
Open in new windowWA - 1jz block or engineBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowJZZ30 main ECULee Taylor
Open in new windowWTB - auto ecu for jzz30 1jzgte non vvtiRoss Pesina
Open in new window[VIC] WTB: UZZ30/31 Power Steering RackMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB: Anyone near Brisbane with a rear splash shield under the engine?Jason Cheah
Open in new windowWTB: 1UZ IACVMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB Drivers side boot linerJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWTB: Coil Lead - PN: 90919-13334Joel Sims
Open in new windowLooking for a new car, maybe a late model single turbo. Mike Beck
Open in new windowWTB Right hand fog light for later model barJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSteering slipring / clock springJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowNon Airbag Steering Wheel from Silver SoarerJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowMaster cylinder for a trc/nitrogen uz3x (nitrogen can be emptied)...Tom Richards
Open in new windowWTB: Tan Cloth Adjustable Headrest Rear SeatMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowJzz30 throttle body Corey O'Donoghue
Open in new windowTan driver's side seat beltJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWTB '91 V8 power steering pumpTom Richards
Open in new windowRear driver's side trim panelPeter Burrett
Open in new windowKick down cableCorey O'Donoghue
Open in new windowECU and AlternatorMitch Templar
Open in new windowToyota Rims ..... in search of !!!!Justin Hughes
Open in new windowTurn signal flasher unitGarth Williams
Open in new windowSheepskin Seat CoversMartin Brown
Open in new windowWTB 1992 GTT-L JZZ30 front lip in good conditionMark Tierney
Open in new windowLooking for a R154 TranmissionFabian Bordon
Open in new windowWTB: Pre '94 TT Climate Control (MUST be from an Ambient Temp car)...Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowFront window surrounds p/s and driversScott Vim
Open in new windowLooking for a good soarer with over 250 Klws at the wheels.John Stafford
Open in new windowWTB: Full Set of Black Seat BeltsMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB UZZ31 dash cluster to suit 94.Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWTB. V8 front water bridgePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowLooking for 1995 Soarer LCA bushes Omar Amin10 
Open in new windowWTB 97 Front Bar - Brisbane, QLDDan Pryce
Open in new windowWTB: JZZ30 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONElliott Wee
Open in new window[VIC] TRADE: 051 Boot & OEM Reverse Camera Spoiler for '97+ Boot Li...Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowPassenger inner door handleTony Nguyen
Open in new windowPower seat setJohn Stafford
Open in new windowJZA80 Stock Front springs!Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowWTB... Emanage blue with plug and play loom to suit JZZ30 ecu John Trolove
Open in new windowSoarer Manual Shifter bootAndrew Brown
Open in new windowBroken Power FcCorryn Anderson
Open in new windowWantedTony Nguyen
Open in new windowWTB - 1JZ non-VVTi Stock Cam Cover (No chips or cracks)Tony Nguyen
Open in new windowAuto Shift surround from UZZ31Justin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB: Left front lower control ArmJohn Stafford
Open in new windowWTB - A340 Auto to suit non-VVTi 1JZ (Melbourne)Matthew Szanto
Open in new windowWTB: 1JZGTE Auto ECU Ashton Emslie
Open in new windowWTB - MINES TOMS BLITZ SARD ECU - 1JZ A/TMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB: Black Telescopic Steering Column CoverMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB UZZ31 Automatic transmission for 92'-93'modelBrad Phillips
Open in new windowEmange blue software v1.13Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowBlack Flip-up CupholderMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWTB - Drivers Side Door GlassKelvin Garvey
Open in new windowWtb: 97 rear tail lightsAli Saeed
Open in new windowWTB: Oem headlightsAndrew Brown
Open in new windowNew climate control LCD screens.Josh Smith
Open in new windowWTB - EMV Assembly for '94 GT-LKelvin Garvey
Open in new window[VIC] Series 2 '94-'96 Tail LightsDavid Hall
Open in new windowWTB: Spruce or Dark Grey interior window surroundsAndrew Brown
Open in new windowWTB 1UZ VVTi engine coverTom Bristow
Open in new windowWTB 1UZ ECU P/N 89661-24220Tim Schroeter
Open in new windowUZZ31 V8 AUTO Brad Phillips
Open in new windowLooking for jzz30 ecuDavid Dariani
Open in new windowNon-open Diff for V8 NA UZZ31 (LSD?)Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowWTB Factory Airbox + Piping + scoop Ross Pesina
Open in new windowWireless door receiver from late model JZZ30 soarerJustin Prewett
Open in new windowWTB - Audio Computer/DSP + Radio Tuner unit for EMV (under back sea...Adrian Sellick
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