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Open in new windowSuspension deflating all round, with rspec as165x controllerPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowJZZ30 Rack and PinionCameron Bullock
Open in new windowShocks part numbersRoland Elliott
Open in new windowPower Steering heavy at IdleTai Johnsen
Open in new windowNew wheels new problemDamien Nikiforides
Open in new windowYup, you guessed it.... UZZ32 struts.Roland Elliott14 
Open in new windowWhich model soarer?Steve Gorman
Open in new windowUzz32 hydraulic suspensionMike Beck22 
Open in new windowSuspension bushesJeff Burton
Open in new windowNew TEMS struts for a TTTara Bros
Open in new windowHelp wanted on suspension problemJimmy Chapman
Open in new windowReplacing all diff bushes - trying to find part numbersDavid Attenborough
Open in new windowLeft steering rack boot shattered Mark Brunning
Open in new windowJZZ30 TT Diff Spider/Sun Gears, Please HelpPaul Hodgson
Open in new windowTie rod endsMike Beck
Open in new windowSoarer V8 now on lowered springsChris Lock
Open in new windowSuspension compressor troubles Marcus Cimino
Open in new windowWeird Airbag IssueChris Lock
Open in new windowHow to replace rear air suspension height sensors?Joseph Kelly
Open in new window18x10.5 fitment David James
Open in new windowSteering rack re-build PerthArron Totten
Open in new windowAir bag suspension problemJohn Stafford
Open in new windowAirbag suspension Mike Beck11 
Open in new windowHelp with speedo calulationMark Donovan
Open in new windowRear Lower Control Arm ReplacementMitch Templar
Open in new windowSUS Diagnostic codes?Paul Drane
Open in new windowFlush wheel fitmentAndrew Brown
Open in new window245 40 18 clearance ok?Steve Gorman
Open in new windowWheel fitmentRaoul Duke
Open in new windowRebuilding suspension adviceRaoul Duke
Open in new windowV8 Suspension Air Line DiagramRaoul Duke
Open in new windowLower on the Passenger sideTom Richards
Open in new windowLower control arm balljoint queryBlake Gloyn13 
Open in new windowGrinding noise from steering rackRobert Faggian
Open in new windowRear click noise when engage auto into drive Mark Brunning
Open in new windowUZZ32 strut partsJan Heinrich
Open in new windowWheel alignment adjustmentJohn Stafford
Open in new windowHomemade UZZ31 aftermarket height controllerPaul Tonkin46 
Open in new windowAir suspension 91 to 92Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowUZZ31 pulling left/rightDan Newton15 
Open in new windowJust went to coilsTim Schroeter
Open in new windowLooking for some new 17' rubber?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowGixxer Setup vs Tein SuperStreet Monoflex, disregarding cost.Dan Pryce15 
Open in new windowFront lower control arm ball jointsDamon Cornish11 
Open in new windowSway bar bushesDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowClunk in the front endJohn Stafford
Open in new windowWheels that won't scrub and would sit a passenger CJ Lim
Open in new windowFor those who knowIlya Ali20 
Open in new windowControl arm bushes are deadDarren Bauer
Open in new windowSoarer suspension bushes. Who does them??Mike Beck21 
Open in new windowSteering not centred after turning?Mike Beck
Open in new windowRear Subframe Bush RemovalGary Poloskei
Open in new windowRimsDavid Hughes
Open in new windowStock Soarer TEMS Suspension testing dataJason Exindaris
Open in new windowAnother Air Suspension Issue!Hays Sleiman19 
Open in new windowHelp Please, RE: Engineering certificateJason Exindaris
Open in new windowPedders ReportTom Richards10 
Open in new windowAir SuspensionDavid Hughes
Open in new windowRecommended for Modified 1J's -- Gixxer Drew Set up Tom Richards
Open in new windowOffsetScott Vim
Open in new windowFront UCAJohn Street
Open in new windowDrivers side front - too high - UZZ31.Rob Charles
Open in new windowDown on the leftRob Charles
Open in new windowRefurbish/repaint factory alloys?Rob Charles
Open in new windowUZZ 32 suspension control pump accumulatorMike Beck
Open in new windowShake in steering wheelScott Vim47 
Open in new windowAE66X R-Spec Controller IssueDavid Grima
Open in new windowSuspension sqeekRobert Faggian25 
Open in new windowBag issuesEvan Kaio
Open in new windowNeed help - changing rear shocks Jzz30Scott Mckenna
Open in new windowStill have a "clunk"Ross Pesina15 
Open in new windowFront left lower ball jointMichael Butas
Open in new windowTrouble with wheel alignment and tyre wearPeter Nitschke37 
Open in new windowLargest size rims to fit airbagsJustin Hughes
Open in new windowFront Susp lowering slowlyChris Lock29 
Open in new windowSuspension question - LHD vs RHD, Soarer vs Supra?Liviu Velisarie15 
Open in new windowA02b Diff RatioAli Saeed
Open in new windowDiff ratioNoel Howlett
Open in new windowLocation of suspension computer in 91 v8 soarerJames Johnson
Open in new windowNew coilovers, strut brace wont go back on :-(...Ethan Lloyd
Open in new windowChange TEMS to springs - checking understandingLouis Attard20 
Open in new windowV8 space saver rim size please?Joshua Rao10 
Open in new windowSuperpro Suspension bushes for sale here, please lookJulian Deck36 
Open in new windowCalling suspension/steering gurusAllan Langford
Open in new windowHow do I diagnose leaking air suspension? Tom Richards
Open in new windowJZZ30 R&L rear original shock swap Neil Roy
Open in new windowCan anyone lend me 15mm/20mm spacers in Melb to test fit?Matchy Loi
Open in new windowSoarer airbag suspension filterAli Saeed
Open in new windowGot lock?Liviu Velisarie
Open in new windowRight and left coiloversAllan Langford
Open in new windowAir bag suspension diagramPeter Arnull
Open in new windowEarly Model Steering Rack & Sway Bar Bush sizes?Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowCan you install Eibach Universal Springs on factory struts?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowSoarer Diff Q's?Daniel Varadi19 
Open in new windowTt lsdKalin August
Open in new windowWay to lift air suspension without compressor pumping?Adam Kotlarski10 
Open in new windowAir Bag Suspension OverhaulScott Vim
Open in new windowUZZ31 'Floating' SuspensionDave Rose
Open in new windowUZZ31 Height Control CompressorKings Mete-kingi
Open in new windowHks Hiper DMeelis Jaas
Open in new windowUzz31 I'm looking for wiring diagram for air suspension Dave Rose
Open in new windowBest coil overs to replace factory airbagsTom Richards
Open in new windowTips on Quiet Tyres and Sound Deadening?Jason Cheah15 
Open in new windowGetting a really frustrating noise from the read of my TTDave Rose
Open in new windowTorsen diff vs open diffMeelis Jaas10 
Open in new windowHopefully a really easy to answer question....David Hall
Open in new windowTEMS questions!!!Mark Donovan
Open in new windowCreaking noise when cold? Air Bag Sus...Darren Bruce
Open in new windowIs there a difference between 98 and 92 soarer diff and cradleShawn Herbert
Open in new windowHeight ControllersMartin Posepny
Open in new windowAir struttsJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWheeltrack with after market rims...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowUzz31 airbags out, coilovers in... to DIY or not.John Street10 
Open in new windowLowered springsZac Clare
Open in new windowCastor AdjustmentGary Poloskei
Open in new windowHeight adjustment, is it relative?Tom Richards
Open in new windowLSD diff centreBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowJZS161 Torsen fit in 1j Soarer?Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowCenter caps for league rims?Al Shield
Open in new windowDreaded gutter rashBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowReplacing air bag John Summergreene
Open in new windowTie Rod Part NumberMichael James
Open in new windowUzz32 suspension helpLeigh Storace
Open in new windowAirbags (UZZ31), problems when selling.Dave van Staveren17 
Open in new windowShock body dimensionsNathan Sopeer
Open in new windowAny other places to get crown and pinionEvan Kaio
Open in new windowWOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!Tom Richards22 
Open in new windowASE66X instruction manual issue ?Okkan Altinel
Open in new windowWheel alignment on a V8Rory Braatvedt11 
Open in new windowRemoving the fault message from the dash when you have taken out th...Luke Clays12 
Open in new windowMake airbag suspension lower/raise quicker?Allan Langford23 
Open in new windowCrown wheel and pinion swaps.I want 4-3 to !Blake Gloyn
Open in new window92 GT 4.0 Suspension replacementScott Vim
Open in new windowAnyone heard/know anything about these?Linda Thompson28 
Open in new windowFront Caster Bushes Part #'s?Vincent Chan13 
Open in new windowCoiloversPeter Nitschke22 
Open in new windowWheel alignment for 18'sScott Vim
Open in new windowRear shock removal, i'm bending everything in my garage :-(...Jack Driver11 
Open in new windowConverson for my uzz31Ian Johnston
Open in new windowLowered stock airbagsIan Johnston12 
Open in new windowControl arm bushes?Tom Richards
Open in new windowTorsen Diff?Jan van Berendonk
Open in new windowSuspension lowering itself overnightPaul Drane10 
Open in new windowNew wheels - Wolfrace Shark Silver - R18 9.5J ET35Ali Saeed
Open in new windowWhich Strut Brace to fit & clear the 1UZ?James Johnson13 
Open in new windowAxle Tramp...David Henderson23 
Open in new windowMy steering's suddenly gone LIGHT!Trevor Marsh
Open in new windowReplacing air bag Suspension Michael Larcombe
Open in new windowEl xr6 rimsAaron Casey
Open in new windowReturning to AirSuspension - Need info/advice on area around Pump/e...Robert Faggian18 
Open in new windowUZZ32 suspensionAnton Jones18 
Open in new windowSuspension Air Pump Bush'sJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowTems issues pls helpPaul Drane
Open in new windowTT diff replacementJames Hoskisson
Open in new windowUZZ32 4 wheel steering problemAndy Losurdo
Open in new windowI think my diff is gone or on it's way out, suggestions?James Johnson
Open in new windowFront sway barJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowHelp please! DEFECTED!Matthew Sharpe13 
Open in new windowNeed one 16 inch 6 spoke soarer wheelIan Johnston12 
Open in new windowAxel Tramp (is this my problem)Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowBall Joints - What are people doing to repair/replace ?Costa Tsimiklis15 
Open in new windowDanger of driving on buckled rimsCosta Tsimiklis28 
Open in new windowCV Shafts leaking near bolts??Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowStiffest sway bars??Costa Tsimiklis11 
Open in new windowSuspension problem when getting to a certain speedJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowWill thes rims fitMatt Newman
Open in new windowFront Wheel moving while Braking Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowRim clearanceScott Vim10 
Open in new windowBc coil overs. Rs or vs?Andrew Marshall
Open in new windowWhere to get parts for UZZW31 coilover changeoverAndrew Marshall42 
Open in new windowWhats going on with my power steering?Spencer Cameron
Open in new windowClunk in rear suspension Nem Jovanovic
Open in new windowSteering rack playTom Richards
Open in new windowKAAZ LSD any good?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowCorrect harness for Soarer with ASG63x height controllerMark Donovan
Open in new windowJzz30 Tems?Kieron Sandhu
Open in new windowRemoving ALL airbag componentsLawrence Tan
Open in new windowNeed assistance installing coiloversPatrick Chan
Open in new windowWhat diff is in the jzz31?Joshua Rao
Open in new windowHelp with wheel sizesJack Hawkins32 
Open in new windowUZZ31 air suspension problem... tooJan van Berendonk44 
Open in new windowSway bar questionJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowCoilover installationScott Vim
Open in new windowNew 19" mags and looking at "low" king srpings, couple qustions...Matt Peters10 
Open in new windowAristo drive shafts in soraerJeff Smith
Open in new windowJust wheels or stuffed bushes?Dan McColl
Open in new windowAbout to commence big suspension upgradeLloyd Roberts32 
Open in new windowSwapping to coil oversJulian Mazur
Open in new windowRear Squeaky Gringing noise ???Daniel Clarke49 
Open in new windowNeed help urgently Lance Mcdonald
Open in new windowRecent trend for smaller tyres/rims?Jesse Webber13 
Open in new windowRear Wheel Bearing Inner & Outer Race...Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowSoarer steering rack quesDan McColl
Open in new windowCamber Kits / Offset BushesMichael Sinay41 
Open in new windowNoob question bout a snapped wheel studDave Rose
Open in new windowTyre load ratingDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowSuperproAli Saeed
Open in new windowSway bar q'sAli Saeed
Open in new windowGot a quote from Pedders $976 for 4 new shocks/struts and wheel ali...Alistair David30 
Open in new windowSpring rates for UZZ31 Coilover conversion to preserve ride qualityPaul Drane
Open in new windowPutting on 19inch Rims and need help and advice!Jason Chow
Open in new windowSteering: Left hand link pin?Trevor Kelly
Open in new windowA02B out of a 6-Speed NA JZA80?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowV8 diff In to twin turboAli Saeed
Open in new windowAnyone heard of this noise?Jack Driver13 
Open in new windowFront & Lower ball joints need replacing???Matthew Sharpe21 
Open in new windowVERY stiff coilover damage?Lloyd Roberts
Open in new windowCamber adjusting upper control armDan McColl
Open in new windowSoarer EVO or variable assist steeringLloyd Roberts
Open in new windowWeird Air suspension problem on 31.Josh Halse
Open in new windowSuspension problemDave Rose
Open in new windowClarification of 31 Height Sensor AdjustmentDave Rose33 
Open in new windowRear Springs Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowSupra Bilstein part no.sEvan Kaio
Open in new windowSway bar links bending?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowSwap diff centers with a chaser/markII/cresta?Dan McColl
Open in new windowUZZ32 wheel alignmentStephen Shackleton12 
Open in new windowSqueaky sound from right rear when going over uneven ground.Ou-yang Liang Qing11 
Open in new windowUZZ31 AirBag Suspension Dan McColl
Open in new windowAre all a02b torsen diff the sameStuart Geldard
Open in new windowLooks Like Front Suspension gone ?Steve Millward
Open in new windowTyres getting chopped up... Allignment?Peter Nitschke13 
Open in new windowStripped diff fill plug Where to buy.Ahmed Hamzeh
Open in new windowCoilover questionsVincent Chan11 
Open in new windowJZA80 Bilsteins in UZZ31?Edison Koh
Open in new windowProthane bushesLloyd Roberts23 
Open in new windowAlignment in Sydney after changing bushes Lloyd Roberts10 
Open in new windowTyre size you would runAaron Casey15 
Open in new windowUZZ31 air suspension height..Brad Vranjes13 
Open in new windowSupra Torsen LSD installedBrad Vranjes11 
Open in new windowUnbearableRowan Mutu13 
Open in new windowSoarer/Supra rear subframe bush interchangeability? Lloyd Roberts
Open in new windowWheel Alignment..Haydn Stewart12 
Open in new windowHow I plan to get better steering lock!Walter Gillmore23 
Open in new windowOffset QuestionDavid Watt13 
Open in new windowLooking for spider gearsChris Stephenson
Open in new windowAdjustable height TTs - I know there's at least a couple hereDavid Watt
Open in new windowUZZ31 Suspension Issues/Dodgy wire :STom Wolfenden10 
Open in new windowKnocking noise Matt Newman
Open in new window uuz32 active control suspention not workingOki Zoubari56 
Open in new windowLower control arm questionsMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowTe37 +20 or +40?David Watt32 
Open in new windowLight weight Jap RimsAaron Casey22 
Open in new windowPassenger Front Airbag Suspension UZZ31Adam Harker11 
Open in new windowLowering JZZ30 need a bit of advicePatrick Marsh
Open in new windowSway Bar LinksNathan Sheehan
Open in new windowNew UndersteerDave Rose15 
Open in new windowThe Air-bag sagAshley Leach13 
Open in new windowUnknown sound, possible diff?? QLDDan McColl
Open in new windowTEMS wiring ?Layton Barker
Open in new windowTyre size/stretching/speedo debarcleShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowAir suspension to work without motor running?Nenad Ristovski
Open in new windowSuspension going down at rearShane Henshall
Open in new windowSuspension bushesNathan Richardson
Open in new windowWheels are ok?Greg Wyllie12 
Open in new windowNew guys first questionJake Berton
Open in new windowUZZ32 Suspension RebuildAllan Langford49 
Open in new windowUZ31 airbag suspension suddenly stopped workingBeau Brendon12 
Open in new windowLifting A soarer (yes Lifting)Mike Beck23 
Open in new windowIs anyone running DGR Damper race coilovers?Dan McColl
Open in new windowWant to replace suspensionAlistair Moorby
Open in new windowWhere to find Front LH/RH lower control arm bushes for a 91 Soarer?Joshua Rao10 
Open in new windowWheel cracked, what to do?Matt Peters13 
Open in new windowAristo vs Soarer Differential Ratio..Phil Gibson
Open in new windowClunk in rear suspension John Stafford
Open in new windowUZZ32 Suspension control valve modified accumulatorsGary Poloskei
Open in new windowHSD coilover issues..David Henderson31 
Open in new windowTorson diff and ratios Dan McColl10 
Open in new windowAt last R spec AS165X translatedDave Rose
Open in new windowWhat is the diff ratio on 3 ltr soarer autoJohn Stafford
Open in new windowRIMSMatthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowPerplexing knocking noise from front rightMark Donovan
Open in new windowRear Sub Frame Bush KitGlenn Northcott
Open in new windowFront airbag suspension problems - please help?Kevin Sherwood
Open in new windowHelp Power Steering bushesPeter Nitschke19 
Open in new windowWheels??Alvin Siew
Open in new windowCall out to anyone else with ASI65X hieght controller !!!Vincent Jones
Open in new windowAdjustable air suspensionTim Harrigan21 
Open in new windowSteering circle just aint rightGary Rollason
Open in new windowSuspension Replacement question (from air bags)Dave Rose13 
Open in new windowWeld to lock diffPeter Nitschke31 
Open in new windowAir Suspension Issue (Yes.. I know.. Another one!!)Peter Bullman
Open in new windowCelsior Suspension Bushes HelpFran Valdivia
Open in new windowTorsen LSD - How much oilMichael Sinay
Open in new windowTein SS Ride height - Not low enoughMichael Sinay12 
Open in new windowMy Soarer wont turn properlyTom Richards
Open in new windowFront Airbag issueMathew Unstead14 
Open in new windowRubber bushes alternativeJames Tims
Open in new windowHow to fix this? Rear Subframe IssueDavid Henderson18 
Open in new windowSupra bilstens ride height on soarerJohn Stafford19 
Open in new windowAlright SitrepKristoph Schneider
Open in new windowWheelsJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowNeed an Opinion on Strut Replacement.Geoff Burton
Open in new windowJzz30 control arm bushesTom Richards10 
Open in new windowW58 conversion, now diff ratio is way out...Matthew Hamono24 
Open in new windowReplacing front lower control armsJames Tims17 
Open in new windowPoly Bush in rear toe control rod = mechanical failure waiting to h...Allan Langford
Open in new windowChange back to airbag suspensionDavid Goldthorpe
Open in new windowKaaz 2-way on its way out..Spencer Cameron
Open in new windowNEX Coilovers - anybody using them?Gary Rollason
Open in new windowTRD LSD instructionsBlake Gloyn12 
Open in new windowHub DiameterEdison Koh
Open in new windowSoarer with Aristo suspension?Phil Gibson
Open in new windowAirbag MaintenancePhil Gibson
Open in new windowBig bilstein problemJohn Stafford17 
Open in new windowSupra-soarer diff gear setPhil Gibson
Open in new windowYet another "will they fit" thread, sorry guysTim Ross30 
Open in new windowBridgestone potenza re711,good,bad?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowK-frame camber bolt?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowCreaking stearing/Dan McColl
Open in new windowPower steering gone heavyPaul Fitzsimmons
Open in new windowSupra/soarer suspensionSpencer Cameron
Open in new windowHeight conttrol sensorDamian Ware
Open in new windowAnyone knows what this bolts to?Jason Cheah
Open in new window5-Spoke Wheels... post them up!Jason Cheah162 
Open in new windowLowering my soarerMatthew Hamono10 
Open in new windowI'm Custom Designing Aluminium Bushes for Soarer To Stop AXLE TRAMP...Costa Tsimiklis41 
Open in new windowHELP for Newbie!Anil Seshadri
Open in new windowMelb - Wheel Alignment & Suspension Mechanic ReccommendationsWarren Moore
Open in new windowClunk when driving forwards after going backwards-confusing I knowLloyd Roberts
Open in new windowNegative camberPrashant Mohinda13 
Open in new windowAir Suspension playing up ?Min Park22 
Open in new windowHelp! - tie rod ends Costa Tsimiklis10 
Open in new windowSoarer drive shaftsLuke Cairns
Open in new windowGutter Rash RepairMurray Lund
Open in new windowEbay strut braceJason Cheah
Open in new windowAdjustable lower arms, front and rear? who the h*ll sells them?!Ben Lipman10 
Open in new windowWhich oil for TRD LSD?Sebastian Grant20 
Open in new windowRear Subframe Bushes part numbersSykes Ettinoffe
Open in new windowTein super streets VS HSD HRScott Casey11 
Open in new windowNew springs for UZZ30, advice on how low?Mike Beck10 
Open in new windowBIGGEST Wheels on a Stock SoarerTim Ross86 
Open in new windowWhere to buy Suspension components for CelsiorKevin Sherwood
Open in new windowTime for an LSDSteven Anderson
Open in new windowVibration after diff replacement.Chris Milner
Open in new windowNoise when traveling!Orton Marchant11 
Open in new windowTime for new tyres- what would you recommend?Jason Cheah39 
Open in new windowA "donk" like sound when turningChris Milner
Open in new windowCan anyone tell me what wheels these are ?Mark Donovan19 
Open in new windowFront Lower Control Arm BushesRoss Pesina
Open in new windowStock TT sway bar sizesRoss Pesina
Open in new windowWheel alignment SydneyVincent Chan10 
Open in new windowAsk a silly question, get a great answer...... HopefullySteven Anderson
Open in new windowWidths of tiresMatthew Sharpe
Open in new window1/2 price coilovers?Sebastian Grant25 
Open in new windowBroken Bolt at the top of a rear strutLuke Tongs
Open in new windowASI65X not working??Chris Lock16 
Open in new windowAir suspensionJohn Stafford14 
Open in new windowHow Much Do You Think THESE Wheels are worthJohn Farag39 
Open in new windowWhere to source KAAZ LSD oil?Warren Moore
Open in new windowPlease recommend a suspension workshop in AdelaideDamien Barnes
Open in new windowYet another suspension noiseOrton Marchant
Open in new windowRubber top mount for Tein CoiloversDavid Ormsby
Open in new windowWhat else.........Warren Moore
Open in new windowTEIN coilovers and camber/toe issuesBen Lipman
Open in new windowSoarer Newbi.. Needing some help please....John Farag17 
Open in new windowNew wheels for my soarer!Daniel Lee11 
Open in new windowThese arrived today. Scott Casey26 
Open in new windowRe grease front lower control arm ball joints??Tom Richards
Open in new windowInside of Tires going bald in just 2 months!Scott Vim14 
Open in new windowOMG $8125 suspension repair bill please helpMike Triggs55 
Open in new windowAdvice in tyre width neededBradley Doughty19 
Open in new windowThinking about a change of wheels - opinions needed please!Aaron Casey17 
Open in new windowLost lock nut keyDavid Duffell
Open in new windowSuspension bush part numbers Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAre power steering racks model-specific?Phil Gibson
Open in new windowRear Right Wheel "Turning"?Camron Garcia
Open in new windowAir suspension issueScott Vim
Open in new windowGot a little rattle in my rear TEMS strut. Serious? Jack Driver
Open in new windowUseful site for comparing wheel dimensions on soarersDave Rose
Open in new windowAirbag SuspensionGrant Brooks29 
Open in new windowSuspension install in Sydney???Vincent Chan
Open in new windowAirbag purge airScott Vim
Open in new windowAftermarket Springs on OEM shocksCameron Dearden
Open in new windowWhat wheels are these?Mark Pattel 36 
Open in new windowDo mk4 supra and jzz30 soarer use the same shocks?Adrian Terre
Open in new windowWhat else to do ?Prashant Mohinda
Open in new windowBest Site for finding Wheels (add to favorites)Carl Mccormack
Open in new windowSteering IssueSpencer Cameron
Open in new windowWhere to find Soarer wheel alignment specialistJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSpigot rings in Perth?Richard West11 
Open in new window18's / Wheel allignment.Spencer Cameron25 
Open in new windowI just Spat a diff or similarRon Bassett
Open in new windowFront StrutsMatt Newman
Open in new windowRebuilding drive shafts, what's involved and how much?Aiden Cheese10 
Open in new windowFaulty TEMS Switch & Air Bags ?Greg Wyllie
Open in new windowWhat tyres go where?Sam Avery
Open in new windowNeed a bit of help on offsetsSpencer Cameron
Open in new windowRim size suggestionsMatthew Tai15 
Open in new windowPopping and clicking under brakesJeff Bedsor
Open in new windowRattling sound when hotKyle Wathen
Open in new windowNeed HELP, What Diff is this??Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowV8 Airbag compressor?David Molloy
Open in new windowSome advice please!!!Sean Routledge
Open in new windowShock recommendations for Tein lowered springs (and supra compatibi...Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowRear Control ArmsChris Smith33 
Open in new window Car shakes when turning Full Lock? Costa Tsimiklis10 
Open in new windowOem Supra SuspensionEvan Kaio20 
Open in new windowDifferent tread patterns and Torsen?Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowSpacers for LCA bush?Narvey Vilaythong10 
Open in new windowASI65X Install IssuesSteve Howard
Open in new windowProject D D1R wheelsWarren Moore
Open in new windowHow to axcess Suspension ecu to install height controller.Ali Saeed
Open in new windowStud Pattern ProblemRichard West14 
Open in new windowAcute big bang when braking suddenly and turning slightlyNathan Richardson
Open in new windowSteering rack bush Christian Perez11 
Open in new windowSoarer rear strut barDaniel Blackham14 
Open in new windowRemoving airbag fuseKim Hunt
Open in new windowChanging from a02a to a LSD (a02b)Ali Saeed
Open in new windowWheel Alignment recommendation WABoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowThick tyresEvan Nguyen15 
Open in new windowReplacing Springs at homeIbo Kale24 
Open in new windowHow much power can the diff take?Rob Rojo15 
Open in new windowUnknown part number for PS hoseEvan Kaio
Open in new windowWhat should i do?Costa Tsimiklis18 
Open in new windowSpigot rings for Rays F-Zero Challenge 17"Scott Casey
Open in new windowAirbag System QuestionBradley Doughty
Open in new windowBest places to buy wheels onlineAli Saeed17 
Open in new windowDeep dish 18'sCosta Tsimiklis18 
Open in new windowAny ideas for rims?Jose-Antonio Castill21 
Open in new windowBall joints and bushes $1500 X 2!!! Pleaed help.Jeff Bedsor17 
Open in new windowPost pics of your lowered TTMatt Sartori40 
Open in new windowTEMS stuck?Jeff Bedsor
Open in new windowNoise while steeringTom Richards
Open in new windowWhat diff is this?Matt Sartori25 
Open in new windowRims GalleryChristian Somerville142 
Open in new windowSilver's Neomax - Anyone heard of them?Warren Moore
Open in new windowRims and TyresAli Saeed
Open in new windowParts crossover Front upper arms?Damian Ware37 
Open in new windowAirbag Help! Daniel Blackham
Open in new windowAny one used BC racing BR series coiloversMasato Hara
Open in new windowWill thesse fit ? 18x8.5 offset 38, 18x9.5 offset 44Christian Somerville29 
Open in new windowSoarer steering rack bushings (47mm or 50mm)Dave Rose
Open in new windowPost pictures of youre lowered 97+Ali Saeed27 
Open in new windowWheels explained.James Johnson
Open in new windowLsd help neededTy Mackay47 
Open in new windowDIY guard rolling, who has done it?Jerzy Stopczynski
Open in new windowDifferent driveshaft for A02B?Matt Petersen
Open in new windowFront end bush noiseTom Richards
Open in new windowHELP- Air bag suspension compressor, how do I know its dead?Tony Wang
Open in new windowHere is the easy way to remove ball jointsAiden Cheese
Open in new windowWhere to get new supra/soarer lower control arms from?Don Bagnall
Open in new windowWhat spring rates are you guys running?Vinh Bui
Open in new window2010 UZZ32 SUSPENSION UPGRADE.Michael Crimp10 
Open in new windowV8 tems suspension firmnessBen Kelly
Open in new windowTEMS coliovers into non-TEMS carGábor Rékai
Open in new windowDiagnosis of steering crunching issue.Tom Richards10 
Open in new windowNeed Urgent Help Diagnosing Air SuspensionHays Sleiman
Open in new windowNeed help with part number someone with EPC please?Daryl Demarte
Open in new windowBUYING A UZZ32....FOUND 2 CARS, WILL BUY ONE OF THEM, NEED HELP....Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowVFT bushesSteve Latimer
Open in new windowKei Office coilovers need helpJeffrey Lloyd15 
Open in new windowSoarer Lug Nut sizeAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowSteering rackNarvey Vilaythong
Open in new windowAre the half shafts the same?Evan Kaio
Open in new windowDriver side front air shock leakLynton Dickens
Open in new windowPedders extreme adjustable coiloversJames Buchan27 
Open in new windowTire rub in drive side wheel well..... Sykes Ettinoffe
Open in new windowWheel track regulations actSteven Anderson
Open in new windowAir Suspension Low on the Front passenger side :-(...Razvan Petrescu
Open in new windowNeed front camber kit asap!Kyle Bevans
Open in new windowBA XR6 Wheels fit over Supra 4 pots?Scott Casey18 
Open in new window Replacing Front Wheel Bearings & CoiloversAka Abedin
Open in new windowStrut Bar... Natasha D'Abreo
Open in new windowNeed advice on loweringSpencer Cameron10 
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Open in new windowCould my suspension compressor have died?Niall Hughes19 
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Open in new windowWhat the hell is my mechanic doing that could take so longCosta Tsimiklis13 
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Open in new windowHELP... Airbag suspension not workingMyles Jantzen32 
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Open in new windowWhat strut tops are interchangeable onto V8s- TT Jzz30 Jz80 etcJames Lamont
Open in new windowLonger Wheel Studs, where to buy?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHow much adjustment in stock suspension uzz30?Ian Johnston
Open in new windowTrouble getting bottom strut bolt off :-( Any thoughts?...David Henderson
Open in new windowStandard Supra JZA80 coilovers on Soarer V8?David Barnes
Open in new windowAir sus finally on its last legs, any thoughts?David Eberhart11 
Open in new windowSoarer airbags on Celsior?Paul Drane
Open in new windowProblem with main spring height adjusting nut jammed on Tein HA'sMatt Petersen
Open in new windowLower Control Arm front bushes issues...Daniel Castro
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Open in new windowAnother question regarding Wheels and offsetSteven Anderson11 
Open in new windowAirstrut related part identification help....Razvan Petrescu
Open in new windowV8 with TEMS - diagnostics have been run, here are my findingsGlen Muller
Open in new windowIs this a Torsen diff?Peter Nitschke30 
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Open in new windowReplaced air bag suspension... But now have error msg'sAndrew Duaso10 
Open in new windowWill these rims fit?Ali Saeed40 
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Open in new windowSteering rack excessive play!!!David Tra
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Open in new windowPotential new wheels... opinions please!Jamie Richards20 
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Open in new windowCan u tow / push a car with no diff in it?Shane Sartori
Open in new windowLSD Diff replacement for a 91 autoPeter Angelopoulos
Open in new windowDiff gone?Gary Rollason15 
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Open in new windowWhat's the problem?Md Adib Bahzi Majid17 
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Open in new windowLowering in VIctoriaAndrew Duaso23 
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Open in new windowQuestion about coilovers?Cihan Aday10 
Open in new windowV8 drivers with coilovers - in here please!Md Adib Bahzi Majid14 
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Open in new windowPillow Mounts..?Md Adib Bahzi Majid
Open in new windowWhat are your opinions?George Dertadian15 
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Open in new windowUZZ31 TERM airbag. Need help URGENTBarry Burr
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Open in new windowShredded Ball Joint :-(...Daniel Lee
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Open in new windowNow What ??Nathan Hlad13 
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Open in new windowNeed HELP from all the TYRE Specialist PLEASEMichael Crimp31 
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Open in new windowIs this an ok size wheel?????Matthew Sharpe21 
Open in new windowPart number needed, Right Front strut air line (driver side)David Goldthorpe
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Open in new windowSC400/UZZ Springs compatible with SC300/JZZ?Ian Johnston
Open in new windowWhat offset do I need???Vinh Bui23 
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Open in new windowJzz30 springs same as jzz31??Dave Cazes
Open in new windowDigital Height Controller HelpMichael Toet
Open in new windowActive suspension troublesSteve Latimer
Open in new windowHas anyone had experience with lowered coil springs??????David Barnes
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Open in new windowField Height Controller English Manual?Michael Toet
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Open in new windowWheel allign UZZ31 Normal, or high setting??Evan Kaio
Open in new window HIRO-R M-350 LOWERING SPRINGSDave Cazes
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Open in new window17" tyre size questionShane Haverkamp10 
Open in new windowWhy you shouldnt lower your car too much- For better handling, read onDave Cazes84 
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Open in new windowPrices on factory rims resprayed black James Harris
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Open in new windowEquivalent Celsior 1990 UCF11 Air Susp Strut part number in LS400 t...Mark Tierney
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Open in new windowAirbag specialist in Brisbane???Daniel Lee
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Open in new windowNolathane bushes... ??Dave Cazes
Open in new windowHow do i ??Daniel Langridge
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Open in new windowOpinions on wheel offsetsMatt Petersen34 
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Open in new windowLR Tyre destroyed - camber and alignment issueChris Round10 
Open in new windowTute on how to change steering rack bushes.Michael Jaballah
Open in new windowStock Shocks Part NumberMatthew Tai
Open in new windowArnotts air bags.Michael Jaballah
Open in new windowTt mini spoolCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowUZZ31 rear end bouncing around :-(...Rick Slav11 
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Open in new windowActive suspension dance Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowRubbing me rawDave Cazes24 
Open in new windowNew Adjustable Rear Toe arms & traction Rods, Very strong rose join...Dave Cazes29 
Open in new windowSpecs for soarer wheelsSteven Anderson
Open in new windowMx83 torsen in a jzz30Phil Gibson
Open in new windowToyota Supra JZA80 torsen B-series LSDMichael Keen
Open in new windowRooted tyre - opinionsRainer Fritzsche13 
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Open in new windowWhat other diffs will fit a JZZ30..?Sebastian Grant18 
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Open in new windowQuoteDave Cazes
Open in new windowFront Wheel Bearing Part NoPrem Ananth Ganesh
Open in new windowSounds driving me crazy..possible wheel bearing??Prem Ananth Ganesh23 
Open in new windowUneven wheel gap-AirbagsMyles Jantzen
Open in new windowComparing 17's to 19's, opinions neededDave Cazes29 
Open in new windowPower steering problemJoe Russell
Open in new windowAir suspension wiring... Need help!Joe Russell
Open in new windowUZZ32 suspension doesn`t workColin Kirkpatrick
Open in new windowTems struts replacing air shocksJohn Loh10 
Open in new windowHelp requested setting up coilover ride height etcBen Lipman22 
Open in new windowClunking noise, could be the diffSebastian Grant35 
Open in new windowBilstein shocks installed; 'TEMS Suspension' warning on.Ron Bassett
Open in new windowSuspension Question... or "Help Save My Spine!"Laz Razmo31 
Open in new windowSuggestions for LSD installationDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowReplacing Tailshaft DonutTim Ross20 
Open in new windowReplacing shocksAntonio Hunt10 
Open in new windowIdentfying shocksDaniel Krinkel
Open in new windowHelp needed with Lowering and ShockersMike Triggs
Open in new windowNew BBS 17s + questionsJustin Camilleri
Open in new windowSteering Rack Bush Replacement Michael James
Open in new windowSlightly bent rear cross-memberDavid Goldthorpe
Open in new windowChanging wheel bearings.Rich O'neil13 
Open in new windowIs there meant to be a gap between the tie rod ball joint?Dave Cazes
Open in new windowUZZ32 rear RHS saggingPeter Taplin
Open in new windowMy DropVincent Fontenot20 
Open in new windowJZX90 Diff into JZZ30-31 ??David Tra
Open in new windowSteering Problems :-(...Oliver Whaites10 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Air Bag / TEMS Suspension seems to have stopped sensing / wor...John Roberts
Open in new windowPropped up air bag suspension. Opinions please?Mike Beck
Open in new windowTein coiloversGarth Williams15 
Open in new windowFitting 275/40/17 drag radials on my SoarerDale Holan11 
Open in new windowUZZ32 sus error 51Nandu Jay
Open in new windowMini spoolDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowSC300 Front Strut bar fit JZZ30 ?Dave Cazes10 
Open in new windowAirbag suspension aftermarkert upgrade kits?James Clark
Open in new windowJZZ30 TT Diff ratio's Manual or Auto .. Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowReplacing TEMS (non air) front struts ?Jason Munro10 
Open in new windowAristo/SoarerBrendan McGannon
Open in new windowWill these wheels be alright for the Soarer? .... HmmmmmmmmKane Chan
Open in new windowDont Know Whats WrongPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMichael Keen28 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Steering Rack part number?James Harris
Open in new windowRear StrutsTim Ross18 
Open in new windowRear Shocks and SpringsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowRemoving lower strut bolt, bastard won't moveMichael Keen
Open in new windowLEXUS SC400/SOARER 4.0 AIR SUSPENSIONDavid Vaughan
Open in new windowDiff SpecialistsDaniel Driscoll
Open in new windowTein HA dampener settingsGrant Rowan
Open in new windowStuffed coilovers?Andrew Meiers
Open in new windowAdjustable Air suspension!Glen Muller
Open in new windowNeed help with TEMS replacement!Aaron Grenadier
Open in new windowFord Rims???Ron Bassett
Open in new windowReplacing bushesShane Sartori17 
Open in new windowHelp identify this torsenShyam Purushothman
Open in new windowReplacing diff centreShane Sartori
Open in new windowAdvice re: rebuilding ball joints Ben Hesketh17 
Open in new windowCoilover options?Ben Socratous
Open in new windowGood rims for big brake upgradeMark Donovan61 
Open in new windowUzz31 Tems suspension compressorTrev Taun
Open in new windowRefurbishing/repainting wheelsTanat Upatising16 
Open in new windowReplacing rear wheel bearingsMichael Keen28 
Open in new windowNeed help with this.Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowConverting UZZ31 to springs - What extra parts do I need?Alan Chow21 
Open in new windowLCA ball jointsMatt Newman
Open in new windowActive suspension test mode?Alex Barbieri
Open in new windowSC400 and soarer use same tie rods?Justin Camilleri
Open in new windowHow do you take out the front shocks and springs? HELP>....Ben Lipman
Open in new windowKYB Bump stopsFabian Bordon
Open in new windowTrack day TEMS modDavid Ormsby19 
Open in new windowURGENT HELP NEEDED Airbag suspension collapsedCliff Field
Open in new windowNew wheels !Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowHeight controller help?Robert Pressnell
Open in new windowReplacing TEMS struts with non TEMS ones.Jason Munro
Open in new windowTT Tein Issue...Is there somthing im missing?Kenny Williams26 
Open in new windowReplacing rear air strutsPhil Gibson
Open in new windowTeins v Standard shocksMatt Petersen14 
Open in new windowBushings, control arms, tie rods etc interchangability?Dave Cazes
Open in new windowConfusing LSD ChoicesDavid Tra25 
Open in new windowWhat is this? I need a new one!Karl Baladovciv
Open in new windowHas Anyone Fitted Mevotech Control ArmsJosh Brown
Open in new windowPower steering? leaking fluidMatchy Loi
Open in new windowWARNING red message "AIR BAG"Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHow to use TEMS air suspension?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWill these tyre fitRobert Pressnell16 
Open in new window*** NEW OWNER *** STIFF Stock Suspension with Active suspension ...Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowThinkin' 'bout lowerin'Matthew Sharpe33 
Open in new windowFront Lower Control Arm BushesAndrew Vlamos15 
Open in new windowDiff oil for torsenMatt Petersen
Open in new windowWarning Message - Active SuspensionDave Hart11 
Open in new windowNeed help IDing this Vertex's Wheels!Vincent Fontenot
Open in new windowDifferent wheel Dia.Adam Lonergan
Open in new windowDoes this car have air suspension?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhining Diff...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowHELP! - Front bushes in AdelaideAshley Leach42 
Open in new windowIn need of some new wheels! Rob Rojo
Open in new windowMinispool...Sean Routledge15 
Open in new windowUZZ31 - Entire air suspension completely dead and unresponsiveScott Casey12 
Open in new windowTRD LSD and lovin itJosh Brown
Open in new windowTEMS suspension adjustablity? Mark Ribbans
Open in new windowTyre InfoDon Bagnall16 
Open in new windowMz20 front balljointBrendan McGannon
Open in new windowBIG TROUBLE!Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowTems without wiringJosh Brown
Open in new windowNew rims/tiresBrendan McGannon
Open in new windowBilstein HypercoilsDave Cazes18 
Open in new windowSupra JZA80 shocks and springsDave Cazes
Open in new windowHKS TEMS controllerJames Cahir
Open in new windowNoisy air suspensionBen Kelly
Open in new windowCoilovers or Spring Shock Combo.Dave Cazes
Open in new windowNeed help with my armsMatt Petersen
Open in new windowTorsen LSD + auto ??David Vaughan
Open in new windowSuspension Air PumpFran Valdivia
Open in new windowNoisy suspensionAndrew Magee
Open in new windowStock Wheel QuestionMike Triggs
Open in new windowWill this Rim/Tyre combo fit?Alan Wainwright
Open in new windowResetting springs Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWhat is recommended tyre pressure?Harry Newman17 
Open in new windowLet downAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowSplitting lca control arm ball jointsMatthew Standage
Open in new windowAir SuspensionChris Papas
Open in new windowModel differences????Don Bagnall
Open in new windowWheels Not BalancedPrem Ananth Ganesh
Open in new windowSuspension problem.Sean Routledge
Open in new windowTEIN or King/KYBMatt Petersen
Open in new windowPower Steering Hose Replacement (V8) help?Tim Uhen
Open in new windowHELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!Dhanushke Herath
Open in new windowCoilovers- Air Force SuspensionRyan Rankovic11 
Open in new windowV8 Air Strut(s) Question...Mike Bradberry
Open in new windowSuspension contoller wantedGlen Lomman
Open in new windowWho supplies last series springs?Doran Guthrie
Open in new windowSteering rack end bootsTim Uhen
Open in new windowAnything to be wary of?Don Bagnall11 
Open in new windowProblem with my airbag suspensionCameron Cuddihy
Open in new windowCoilovers. With or without camber tops?Dave Cazes
Open in new windowWheel Repairs Needed in SydneyPaul Mainey
Open in new windowTEIN FLEX VS HKS HYPERMAX RSStephen Lee
Open in new windowStandard Shock Replacement optionsDon Bagnall11 
Open in new windowFilling up with airChris Lock
Open in new windowHelp with 4WS Error CodeMario Lentini
Open in new windowDo I have TEMS?!?!?Mario Lentini
Open in new windowK-SPORT Coilovers..any good?Mike Triggs
Open in new windowSSR SP1Michael Jaballah13 
Open in new windowHeated Springs ?Anthony Weller
Open in new windowDIFF/ CV Joint QuestionMatt Petersen
Open in new windowDiff Advice neededDennis Weglehner12 
Open in new windowKing Springs on TEMs?James Harris
Open in new windowSuspention air bag deflated! HELP!Clare Taylor
Open in new windowDiff Ratios??Ben Ramos
Open in new windowWhat type of LSD do i have? for factory manual TT.?Steven Anderson23 
Open in new windowDiff ConversionBen Ramos
Open in new windowRefurbised Active Suspension squeeking...Matz Persson
Open in new windowBig Problem With PeddersMichael Crimp12 
Open in new windowHow to use? 04455-24051 Power steering overhaul kitMatchy Loi
Open in new windowAbsorber controller- is this for TEMS?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowNeed instructions for height controllerBob O'Brien
Open in new windowPower Steering connectionsAdam Neilson
Open in new windowNoise is goneScott Casey10 
Open in new windowHaving problems finding an lsdScott Gates10 
Open in new windowNew Front Airbags not performingMark Prance
Open in new windowWho Needs Air-Bag Suspension??..Lower Than Low [Don't Let This Happ...George Wells
Open in new windowLowwrering Ltd V8 with R-SPEC ControllerDaniel Lee
Open in new windowTYRES.... What Brand ? How much ? How good?Tim Ross17 
Open in new windowNew Bushes Fittings Quote Advice NeededRazvan Petrescu32 
Open in new windowHeight switch brokenDaniel Lee
Open in new windowGemini springs???Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowGood suspension place in melbourneAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowDiff oil :-)...Daniel Clarke13 
Open in new windowSpacersDavid Ilba14 
Open in new windowUZZ 32 Active Suspension Pressure Settings.Ross Gates
Open in new windowTEMS for SC400Mark Prance
Open in new windowDolce DC12 Wheels - Does anyone have them?Emille Coniglio
Open in new windowAir suspensionJohn Khanh15 
Open in new windowCortrol arm and rack bushesBen Socratous
Open in new windowJzz and uzz lower control arm difference?Matthew Sharpe21 
Open in new windowCompressing springsAvin Luther
Open in new windowReconditioning coiloversSokoni Forsythe12 
Open in new windowDoes anyone know anything about the grommit bush?Darryn Dewar
Open in new windowAny good Suspension places in Sydney?John Khanh
Open in new windowAnyone with this tire combinationBen Lipman
Open in new windowAir Bag Dying? Help needed...Matthew Sharpe13 
Open in new window9 INCH WIDE RIMS???Joe Radisic
Open in new windowPost pictures of your Soarers with mesh wheels!!!Matt Petersen35 
Open in new windowFront braceDave Cazes
Open in new windowPlease tell me what these areJose-Antonio Castill12 
Open in new windowWheel nutsJim Burrough
Open in new windowFront and rear Bushes and steering armMike Beck21 
Open in new windowAre my Struts Rewted Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowHow do i check front ball joints?Matchy Loi
Open in new window4 Wheel Steering FaultMike Beck
Open in new windowFront hubsDave Cazes
Open in new windowCompare wheels (rims)Craig Webber45 
Open in new windowAdvice on Wheel Nuts left untightenedPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhat aftermarket aircompressor is suitable with factory system?Gregg Holden14 
Open in new window17 inch wheels +50 offsetBen Lipman
Open in new windowWheel allignment Mustafa Akgul
Open in new windowSame size tyres on different size (width) rims. Ben Hesketh
Open in new windowTorsen Diff????Ali Yazici16 
Open in new windowTutorial for rear Bush replacementPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSqueaking rear suspension. Bushes?George Funa10 
Open in new windowAirbags are stuffed, wondering what suspension replacements people ...Steve Davies11 
Open in new windowShortening a straight rear axleMiles Baker
Open in new windowBilstein height adjustable struts?Rich O'neil
Open in new window16" Toyota WheelsDave Cazes10 
Open in new windowOm...wheel problem again, 245/35ZR19 offset 52Galo Cheung
Open in new windowAdvice or help needed on expensive mechanics billMatt Petersen11 
Open in new windowMy Cars doing something CRAZY!!!!!![Airbag suspension problem]Nicholas Patterson
Open in new windowTEMS StrutsJake Purches33 
Open in new windowStreet tyre recommendationsMatt Petersen37 
Open in new window+35 offset wheelsJose-Antonio Castill36 
Open in new windowCannot remove front coilovers (JZZ30)Mike Thomas21 
Open in new windowCQ Wheel Alignment?Jeff Bedsor
Open in new windowLooking to get new wheelI Jose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowAdjustable suspensionMatthew Crawford20 
Open in new windowQuestion for the suspension gurusChris Prak
Open in new windowCoilovers for JZZ31?Julia Almond
Open in new windowCan front TEMS shocks be repaired? Is it worth the trouble?Lindsey Swan15 
Open in new windowSloppy Seconds: uzz31 Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowThunk in da TrunkDavin Kemshead
Open in new windowAnother diff question!Cameron Spencer
Open in new windowAir suspension error 51Rich O'neil
Open in new windowAnother happy customerMustafa Akgul
Open in new windowJZZ30 GTTL active suspension coming out.. so wtf?Troy Burtis
Open in new windowAir Suspension ModsJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowWhich coilover suspension can fit to Uzz31(air bag struts model)...Andrey Collantes11 
Open in new windowAir suspensionMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWheel FitmentRussell Rohde12 
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