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Open in new windowSpeedo Sensor Info wantedGoetz von Gneisenau
Open in new windowSpeed sensor for V8 1991 UZZ31 Toyota SoarerKurt James Rogers
Open in new windowWill A340E from a JZX100 fit the JZZ30David Barclay12 
Open in new windowTransmission QuestionDamien Nikiforides
Open in new window"Bang" when depressing clutch (R154)Mark Zhao
Open in new windowHeavy vibration in DriveMarcus Cimino
Open in new windowUZZ31 Transmission troublesPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowManual shift a650Mees Godwaldt
Open in new windowUZZ31 V8 A341E Transmission Stalling.Vincent Chan25 
Open in new windowR154 transmission or v160Jason Mace
Open in new window1.5 shift kit in a 1JZ opinions pleaseJames Buchan10 
Open in new windowTransmission won't kick down, but will when turning?Dave Rose
Open in new window1UZ Soarer R154 conversionElie Sukkar15 
Open in new windowError ECT 62Randy Poffo
Open in new windowT56 for 1uz manual conversionJan van Berendonk45 
Open in new window1jzgte VVTi auto upgrade helpJason Mace
Open in new windowClutch master cylinder comparability Brian Leonard
Open in new windowShuddering when accelerating Dave Rose
Open in new windowFuchs type 4 Trans oilJack Driver10 
Open in new windowT56 Manual conversionNik Peacock
Open in new windowAuto Trans Removal & Coolant Lines ReplacementMitch Templar
Open in new window1UZ versus 1JZ Auto Transmission InterchangeablityRoss Pesina
Open in new windowR154 Transmission MountConnor McElligott
Open in new windowSpeed Sensor HelpJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowW58 in sc400 problemsRyan Owens21 
Open in new windowOverdrive not working.Mike Beck
Open in new windowA340E into a UZZ30Rob Charles
Open in new windowDrive shaft couplingDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowClutch Pedal - advice neededJan van Berendonk
Open in new windowI got a T56. What now?Andrew Brown26 
Open in new windowSwap A341e to A340e gearboxMatt Brown
Open in new windowManual gear stick consoleAli Saeed
Open in new windowR154 conversion parts costAndrew Brown
Open in new window5 speed auto for 1UZ?Mike Beck12 
Open in new windowGearbox stuck in park, won't shift at all!!Tom Richards
Open in new windowShuddering!Dave Rose12 
Open in new windowGood auto transmission specialist in eastern suburbs victoriaBrandon Loebert
Open in new windowNo reverse, just barely moves forward.. Oh dear..Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowClutch PedalAli Saeed
Open in new windowTakes off in 2nd gear when in drivePeter Nitschke20 
Open in new windowJolt when putting into "D"Rob Charles
Open in new windowHelp Needed Broken Thrust washer and main Bearing in R154 Garth Williams11 
Open in new windowUZZ31 V8 A341E Transmition SolenoidsHarry Tzortzopoulos
Open in new windowBHarsh Change between O/D and thirdTom Richards
Open in new window91 V8 W58 Manual Conversion questionsSamuel Little18 
Open in new windowJust fitted shiftkit now no gear engaugmentPeter Nitschke10 
Open in new windowWill a JZA70 autobox fit Behind a JZZ30 1JZ? Or vise versaBlake Gloyn12 
Open in new windowNo gear change in drive (91 TTL)Jamie Deakin
Open in new window1j Autobox Differences? jzz, jza, jzxEvan Kaio
Open in new windowClarification on Line Pressure Cable adjustmentBlake Gloyn14 
Open in new windowTrans solenoidsTom Richards
Open in new windowR154/1UZ Conversion Matt Newman
Open in new windowEcu to run T56Andy Losurdo12 
Open in new windowTransmission cooler with thermofan?Joe Trojan11 
Open in new windowHow much oil does the 154 take?Gary Rollason
Open in new windowCan u do anything to make the 154 a little smoother?Steven Soknacki16 
Open in new windowEBay clutch kitScott Vim18 
Open in new windowR154 Gurus: Going from Twin back to Single and need advice!Steven Soknacki
Open in new windowManual conversion questions!!!Aaron Casey
Open in new window1JZ/R154 clutch recommendationScott Vim18 
Open in new windowNA 6 tranny vs Turbo 6 tranny..Peter Horniak
Open in new windowMountsMyles Jantzen
Open in new windowR154 MountEzekiel Vozzo
Open in new window1uz t56 manual conversion partsAndrew Brown
Open in new windowBellhousing BoltEzekiel Vozzo
Open in new windowClutch Issue Need Help PleaseGarth Williams
Open in new windowClutch pedal box, and R154 QuestionsAli Saeed
Open in new windowReplacing gearboxTim Sheedy21 
Open in new windowMV Autos built transmission questionsBoris Siljanoski35 
Open in new windowEbay short shift kitAli Saeed
Open in new windowRemote r154 bush?Tai Johnsen27 
Open in new windowHorrible noise coming from my autoShane Haverkamp20 
Open in new windowManual conversionGary Rollason14 
Open in new windowO/D OFF Flashing and Doesn't take off in DriveBoris Siljanoski11 
Open in new windowTransmission slipping when hotBernie Simm
Open in new windowAT Fluid typeMichael James28 
Open in new window2JZ Torque Converter into 1UZ A341eBlake Gloyn
Open in new window2nd to 3rd very laggy only when it's under full throttleJames Tims16 
Open in new window3rd gear to 4th with Stage 1.5 MV Automatics shift kit is this right??Ali Saeed11 
Open in new windowOn Sale soon -- Genuine Toyota T-IV Transmission Fluid.Boris Siljanoski22 
Open in new windowTYPE T-IV Auto Trans Fluid On Sale NowBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowLooks like ive fried my autoRob Smith33 
Open in new windowCode 63 and car is in limp mode helpCameron Cross
Open in new windowSome w58 converted1uz questions :-)...Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowHow to adjust kickdown on 31John Stafford
Open in new windowToyota RA63 gearbox from Lexus IS220 (2008 model)Mark Donovan
Open in new windowSlow engagement of drive and change to reverse when coldJohn Stafford15 
Open in new windowEarly R154 Short shift installBraden Wolfe
Open in new windowClutch issues :-(...Paul Drane
Open in new windowImproving stock gearbox,Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowVibration up through the transJack Driver
Open in new windowWhurr noise on de accelerationDavid Molloy
Open in new window*** GURU HELP*** sard ecu gear change issue on jzz30...Shane Haverkamp13 
Open in new windowTransmission ServiceDarren Bauer16 
Open in new windowLeaking transmission....?Paul Drane15 
Open in new windowW58 gboxLiviu Velisarie12 
Open in new windowGearbox swap over helpAmmon Singh
Open in new windowManual Shifter SurroundIan Rigby
Open in new windowIssues/Trans swapTom Richards14 
Open in new windowWhere do i start with a manual conversion?Ali Saeed20 
Open in new windowMx83 ? ? Phillip George
Open in new windowUzz31 auto probDaniel Marshall10 
Open in new windowTrans mount replaced on v8Matt Petersen
Open in new windowShift pointsBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowV8 auto gearbox cableDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowDiff and drive shafts on my 32Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowR154 speed sensorMatt Newman
Open in new windowURGENT HELP PLEASE! - Shift Kit installEvan Kaio13 
Open in new windowTrans issueDave Rose
Open in new windowSupra autoboxNeil Flynn
Open in new windowV8 manual conversion helpDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowSpeedo sender problems part number requiredMichael Brown
Open in new windowClunk and thud on and off acceleratorDave Rose10 
Open in new windowJzz30 starting in 2nd gear???? Kurt Atzmuller11 
Open in new windowW58 or R154Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowRunning 2jzgte on the Soarer Auto Transmission?James Tims
Open in new windowGood with Transmissions in Perth?Austen Menze
Open in new windowSuprastick installationWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowLight weight 1UZ Automatic flywheel?Ali Saeed16 
Open in new windowPlease help, auto acting very strange (solenoid?)Prateek Ahuja20 
Open in new windowR154 Tailshaft QuestionTim Ross
Open in new windowReplacing auto gboxAllan Langford10 
Open in new windowQ and AMichael Svoboda
Open in new windowBit puzzled Michael Svoboda
Open in new windowW58 Gearbox Shopping List or R154 GearBox Shopping ListEzekiel Vozzo17 
Open in new windowNo acceleration in reverse, When in drive starts in 3rd.Calum Gillespie12 
Open in new windowA340E gearbox power flush VictoriaTom Richards
Open in new windowLucky me... I thinkAllan Langford
Open in new windowR154 IssuesWarren Bassett10 
Open in new windowAuto selector hard to moveGlenn Northcott
Open in new windowR154 on A340E ECUTazo Chitidze11 
Open in new windowWill this workAaron Casey
Open in new windowLight weightshift during accelerationMichael Svoboda
Open in new windowWhere to buy gearbox solenoids?Calum Gillespie10 
Open in new windowW58 into Manual TT soarerDanny Dinh
Open in new windowManual Shifter Panel with GaiterDanny Dinh
Open in new windowWhat gearbox comes stock with 91 TT soarer?Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowBellhousing to shifter positionMatt Newman
Open in new window1uz gearbox boltsPaul Wagstaff
Open in new window1st to 2nd Hard Shift.Heshan Jayawardena11 
Open in new windowManual conversion electricsDavid Barnes
Open in new windowLooking for replacement for my r154 (beams 6speed from an altezza?...Josh Bartlett
Open in new windowWill Solenoids 3 and 4 for A340E fit A341E automatic gearbox?Ou-yang Liang Qing
Open in new windowSC400 V8 Solenoid part numberDaniel Lee
Open in new windowGear changes (electrical/solonoids?????)Ou-yang Liang Qing18 
Open in new windowWhere to buy shift solenoid for V8?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowIs a uzz31 gearbox an A340ETom Richards
Open in new windowJzz30 interchangeable gearbox??Jason Cheah
Open in new windowManual conversionShane Haverkamp14 
Open in new windowTransmission oil cooler linesDave Rose23 
Open in new windowSo i went to change my automatic transmission at Toyota's Are Us.Nathan Smith
Open in new windowGear change from Park to Drive/Reverse, "squeaky sound"Nik Peacock31 
Open in new windowAuto trans smoke?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowECT explanationBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHi stall helpDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowAnyone knows of any wreckers located in melbourne?Darren Bauer
Open in new windowSard Analyse ECUin now getting ECT and O/D flashing.James Johnson
Open in new windowWill a JZZ30 auto transmission fit a uzz31?Chris Butler
Open in new windowExplaining lock up torque converters...Allan Langford26 
Open in new windowHelp Tim from Roadsurge make a shift box for the SoarerAli Saeed12 
Open in new windowB&M Shifter questionsSebastian Grant32 
Open in new windowSuprastick - Transmission Details - 3 Solenoids?Sebastian Grant
Open in new windowATF price?David Goldthorpe
Open in new windowSpeedo sender on the auto?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowMan conversion other bits and brake helpRyan McDonough22 
Open in new windowClutch master cylinder & hard lineShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowShift Kit InstallChristian Perez
Open in new windowR154 gearbox partsTai Johnsen
Open in new windowHi pitch noise when coldJohn Wan
Open in new windowTransmission just died, what are my options?Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowClutch pedal questionsAaron Casey
Open in new windowAuto in the Adelaide Hills.Matthew Thiele
Open in new windowAre the front and rear driveshaft couplings interchangable?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowA340E interchangeable with A341ERhys Salmon
Open in new windowManual conversion people about to start or have done, need helpShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowMonitoring AT Fluid Temperature with stock sensor?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowStock uzz30 transmission issuePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowHelp Needed R154 clutch Wafi Cheebo
Open in new windowR154 gearbox rebuilder in brisbaneCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowSoarer tt gear changesBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowV8 Shift kit problemsDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowMy JZZ30 Soarer Auto to Manual R154 SwapShane Haverkamp29 
Open in new windowMV Autos Shift KitPrashant Mohinda28 
Open in new windowNo third gear with autoPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowMV shift kit/torque converter on stock twins Jeff Bedsor
Open in new window2JZ Soarer Auto - Does not go into Reverse Sometimes!!!Manual Kalianis
Open in new windowR154 Manual Conversion - WiringMark Bryant
Open in new windowSupra (7m-gte) 1991 year transmission on soarer (1jz-gte) 1999 year...Tazo Chitidze
Open in new windowShift kit question Austen Menze32 
Open in new windowW58 Remote shift???Ali Saeed10 
Open in new windowA340E and A341EDave Graham20 
Open in new windowAnyone with a Blitz/Mine's/Tom's ECU.... Quick QuestionRichard West
Open in new windowJZX 90 1JZGTE twin turbo trans slipping!!Tazo Chitidze
Open in new windowCause of V8 Auto gearstick shaking under brakIng?Michael Brogefjord
Open in new windowGearbox rebuildSebastian Grant12 
Open in new windowTrans is rooted in my 1991 1jz soarer,can i use a different transBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowSwitching to standard: What should I look out for?Matt Sartori
Open in new windowRedline lightweight shockproof oilGary Rollason
Open in new windowManual ConversionNathan Richardson31 
Open in new windowPower loss through transmissionRhys Salmon
Open in new windowGear box issuesDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowShift kit PWR buttonChristian Somerville
Open in new windowRed button and moving gear leverOrton Marchant
Open in new windowGearbox id questionGary Rollason
Open in new windowManual ConversionJesse Pilbeam
Open in new windowHelp; V8 Manual conversion shifter problemNathan Richardson19 
Open in new windowT350 ConversionRhys Salmon
Open in new windowA340 3 wire speed sensorIan Clifford
Open in new windowGearbox Problem :-(...Sebastian Grant24 
Open in new windowTransmission place nsw?Greg Wyllie
Open in new windowManual ecu Gary Rollason
Open in new windowConversion problem Andy Losurdo
Open in new windowExtreme Clutch? What do people think?Andy Losurdo
Open in new windowV8 Auto Trans. serviceMario Lentini
Open in new windowGear Shifting dramasDavid Brunt
Open in new windowRear end high pitch noise.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowClunking into Drive and jumpy when stoppedChris Smith11 
Open in new windowAuto Trans. Specialist Sydney?Greg Wyllie
Open in new windowSuprastick V4.... againJason Hall
Open in new windowMV Automatics Contact detailsJeff Bedsor
Open in new windowTT code 63 + od off light flashing upon warmed carAusten Menze12 
Open in new windowAristo drive shaft (3 bolt type)Jason Cheah
Open in new windowGated Shifters?Lynden Phillips41 
Open in new windowBrisbane Workshop RecommendationsGuy Moore
Open in new windowAuto got a lazer or ray gun in it!!Jack Driver13 
Open in new windowV8 Manaul questionsPaul Knox19 
Open in new windowHelp!! R154 speedo sensorChris Dmochowski
Open in new windowCan i drop an A340 from an Aristo into my soarer? If so, how. Jason Cheah
Open in new windowClutch to handle 500rwhp?Harley Jones
Open in new windowTT Trans OilIbo Kale15 
Open in new windowTransmission line diameterJacob Thomas
Open in new windowClutch GoneAdam Foster
Open in new windowV8 going ManualKim Hunt30 
Open in new windowTRANS OIL PANCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowShift Kit Valve Body BrisbaneNathan Richardson
Open in new windowPossible to drive without shifter?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowV8 manaul parts prices inquiryKen Yo19 
Open in new windowIs a power flush really necessary?Austen Menze33 
Open in new windowGearstick->Transmission->Dash, One is broken, which one?Kon Hondros
Open in new windowOnly have first and reverse gearIan Clifford
Open in new windowSpeedo and cruise control goneSteven Anderson
Open in new windowO/D Direct clutch speed sensor??Peter Carroll
Open in new windowManual automatic shift controlAli Saeed18 
Open in new windowECT error after head unit installAiden Cheese
Open in new windowPenrite "SIN" Auto fluidJames Harris
Open in new windowShift kit arrived, so I have some questionsAusten Menze12 
Open in new windowLSD diffAusten Menze
Open in new windowTrans Cooler InstallMike Beck19 
Open in new windowW58 manual prices V8Lew Radbourn14 
Open in new windowTransmission issues when coldLynton Dickens
Open in new windowGearbox shudder when stopping.Peter Nitschke10 
Open in new windowStall converterDaniel Clarke32 
Open in new windowReverse.. what ReverseRhys Salmon
Open in new windowPushing a boxAdam Frost
Open in new windowScraping sound when in gear , low speed.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowManual V8? W58Christian Somerville28 
Open in new windowR154 to 1UZ Auto bell housing adapter CAD Phil Gibson15 
Open in new windowTail shaft for TT - same for Manual and auto?Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowGear box cuts out when it reverseBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowGearbox wont leave ParkCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowR154a gearbox whineCosta Tsimiklis21 
Open in new windowAuto box light whineBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHELP! my gearbox won't select gearsMatt Scott
Open in new windowWeak accleration with Overdrive on.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowWhich location to put gearbox selector gearbox when in park?Shane Sartori
Open in new windowAuto fluid leaking from bellhousing??Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowI need some help, I need a Torsen LSDRon Williams
Open in new windowReverse Disengages IntermittentlyPeter Taplin
Open in new windowA3042LEGuy Moore
Open in new windowINSIDE shift kit valve body instructionsShane Sartori
Open in new windowA340e RemovalShane Sartori12 
Open in new windowMax power with Stock Auto TransChris Davey13 
Open in new windowSpeedo drive gearRobert Davies13 
Open in new windowAnother place which does shift kitsAusten Menze12 
Open in new windowRough change into second Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowInstallation of 2jzgte autobox into TT soarerChris Driver12 
Open in new windowShift kitDanny Brewer
Open in new windowV8 Transmission Slipping.Leigh Michael
Open in new windowTranny CoolerJames Harris16 
Open in new windowWill a late model gated shifter fit a 91 tt ?David Grab
Open in new windowV8 30-41LE Transmission SwapAlex Barbieri
Open in new windowNo: 1 Speed Sensor RequiredBrian Rignall
Open in new window2J box into 1JBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowWhich hose for inlet and outlet?Austen Menze
Open in new window1jz manual transmissionDaniel Clarke
Open in new window1jz manual tranny turbo vs no turboGarth Williams
Open in new windowNeed help, cam's shift boxDaniel Langridge
Open in new windowAdvice needed- clutch slips on first two laps. Ben Lipman17 
Open in new windowR154 popping out of gearWeisong Zhang
Open in new windowIPT A340 rebuilt kitGrant Rowan38 
Open in new windowR154 flywheel weight?Costa Tsimiklis11 
Open in new window1JZ Flywheel questionCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowClutch for Holden stroker (550HP) with R154Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowCant push back in N o RShane Sartori10 
Open in new windowTorque converter sealRobert Davies
Open in new windowUrgent help please-Erratic shiftingDavid Ward
Open in new windowHow much ATF does the JZZ30 A340E require?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowKickdown - Line Pressure Cable.Jeff Bedsor
Open in new windowMy $700+ Leak...Lee Sharkey
Open in new windowTransmission LeakKeiran Beytagh
Open in new windowAfter shiftkit problemsCihan Aday10 
Open in new windowReasonable price to fit a stall convertor to the soarer?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowSpeed and load specific vibrationShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowSpeed sensor issuesDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowAuto box upgradeDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowAuto to man conversionNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowT56 vs W58 with PPG dog gear setNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowTransmission filter for soarersRobert Davies
Open in new windowWrong dipstick?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowManual change ( on the steering wheel ) for auto ttDavid Grab38 
Open in new windowHelp please colour of reverse light wires???Josh Brown
Open in new windowSuprastick or Shift KitSebastian Grant10 
Open in new windowRe installing tail shaft due to vibration/shudderShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowNeed a new clutch... ha haCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowAMSOIL is a fantastic oil, but keep the ATF Out of your JZZ30 Autom...Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowMy car has killed gear box number 3 Aiden Cheese31 
Open in new windowShift Kits In MelbourneMichael Butas
Open in new window1 and 2j toque converterJustin Richardson
Open in new windowDiff to my soarer JZZ30Sebastian Grant13 
Open in new windowShift Soleniod PricesScott Casey
Open in new windowCan you change the adjusted on the clutch in a r154?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowRemove extension housing Robert Davies
Open in new windowGearbox sensors causing high idle?Robert Davies
Open in new windowSpigot Bush or Spigot BearingAndrew Meiers
Open in new windowA340 Shift Controller issuesChris Davey
Open in new windowStandard price for installing a supplied a340eMatthew Werner
Open in new windowShifter not shiftingShane Moody
Open in new windowAuto to manual Andy Losurdo
Open in new windowCar hunts in drive gears at idleJethro Sims
Open in new windowV8 Trans filter part number?James Harris
Open in new windowWhat would I need to run a manual ecu in an auto?Matt Petersen
Open in new windowShould I or shouldn't IShane Austin
Open in new windowTicking time bomb converterJustin Richardson
Open in new window10 second 0-100 at bestAdam Foster
Open in new windowHow do i know if i have a highstall or not?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowHarsh changes, line pressure cable?Ben Kelly
Open in new windowTorque converterChris Doolan
Open in new window'93 TT Auto Trans Issue (Not finding second in Drive)Christian Molenda13 
Open in new windowAuto starter motor for manual gearbox???David Vaughan
Open in new windowA340 pulse rateDaniel Hogan
Open in new window1st to 2nd slipping badly, trouble diagnosing Justin Hughes
Open in new windowHelp with drive not engaging?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowShift kit install, unknown parts placementMatthew Werner11 
Open in new windowIs tt auto yoke same as r154?Andrew Meiers
Open in new windowSuprastick converter lock upKhris Cox
Open in new windowRemote shift on w58 useable on r154??James Johnson
Open in new windowStaying in gears too longMurray Shailer12 
Open in new windowInfo about shift kitsMatthew Werner78 
Open in new windowV8 UZZ31 Transmission not engagingScott Casey
Open in new window1991 Soarer TT flexplate infoAndrew Meiers
Open in new windowError message when left in parkChris Prak15 
Open in new windowOriginal manual gearstick hole positionJamie Metropoulos
Open in new windowTT auto selector unable to select first.Shadi Sabbagh
Open in new windowV8 Auto Trans, Slipped into Neutral?!?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowMV box has a mind of its ownShyam Purushothman
Open in new windowAre n/a A340 and tt A340 the same?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowTransmission fluidMatthew Sharpe
Open in new window3 spd to 4 spd in v8Andrew Duaso21 
Open in new windowV8 Gearbox Skipping 2nd GearChris Butler
Open in new windowWhy is this done to my tail sharftAndrew Meiers
Open in new windowW58 into 94 TT David Vaughan
Open in new windowWTF is this???James Johnson
Open in new windowJZZ30 1JZ - Auto to 6sp conversionPhil Gibson
Open in new windowHot slipping gearbox :-(...Camron Garcia18 
Open in new windowDangers of R154 conversion?Joshua Rao17 
Open in new windowThe R154A's Reputation?Shane McInnes23 
Open in new windowR154 Gearbox help needed !Andrew Meiers22 
Open in new windowClutch needed for r154Costa Tsimiklis15 
Open in new windowR 154 Gearbox & Clutch - TTCosta Tsimiklis11 
Open in new windowR154 Selector ProblemsCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowManual conversionCosta Tsimiklis13 
Open in new windowR154 clutch fork??Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowMANUAL Transmissio question - TT SoarerCosta Tsimiklis11 
Open in new windowTransmission flush oil typeDave Rose
Open in new windowJZZ30 - R154 tailshaft length??Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new window1UZ Flywheel and clutch :-)...Andrew Meiers
Open in new windowEct and speedo issues..... dam worn cogsShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowClunk and jump P > DShane Sartori15 
Open in new windowTranny coolerJustin Camilleri66 
Open in new windowCan't get it into Reverse sometimes...?Richard Ferrara16 
Open in new windowR154 + jzz30, need jza80 remote shifter?Richard Ferrara
Open in new windowPossible to put R154 internals into W58?Richard Ferrara
Open in new windowSolenoid 2 problem?Ben Ramoss
Open in new windowR154 Oil LeakAndrew Meiers15 
Open in new windowV8 auto changing hardBen Kelly
Open in new windowV8 Auto question...Sean Routledge
Open in new windowClutch release bearingAaron Casey
Open in new windowECT Warning goes out when OD is disengaged ??Michael Crimp
Open in new windowIs my auto dying? Or something else?Don Bagnall15 
Open in new windowChanging oil in Automatic gearbox !Ruwan Perera
Open in new windowManual Coversion - will I lose my cruise controlRichard Ferrara10 
Open in new windowMV Automatics Stage 2 race box?Ryan Rankovic10 
Open in new windowT-IV fluid into a TTDamian Ware
Open in new windowQuickshift Toyota Supra JZA80 Fit a Soarer 1JZGTE?Kane Chan
Open in new windowSHIFT KIT QUESTIONBlake Gloyn10 
Open in new windowWhiche clutch do I get? - 1uzAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowTransmission cooler installJoe Radisic
Open in new windowAuto Transmission service ?Dave & Bee Ruler18 
Open in new windowCan't shift into Neutral with ignition offTerry Forde17 
Open in new windowAny Suprastick experts?Khris Cox
Open in new windowV8 Auto gearbox modifications availableRobert Davies
Open in new windowHOW TO CHANGE SOLENOIDSPatrick Robinson
Open in new windowHelp for Transmission and Shifter ProblemChristian Molenda
Open in new windowNew clutch smelling weirdTony Nguyen
Open in new windowLEXUS SC400/SOARER 4.0 V8 SHIFTS TOO EARLYJames Harris
Open in new windowGearbox Removal V8Michael Webster
Open in new windowNo more FARTING between gearsDavid Tra
Open in new windowCameron Laufer - Shift kit ------Help NeededCameron Laufer
Open in new window92 soarer r154 with linkage or without?Andrew Meiers
Open in new windowSpigot bearing question: 2JZ manual engine to A340Monty Leslie
Open in new windowNeed Clutch SuggestionsScott Wilkes
Open in new windowLooking for a DIY on running a Switch for Locking up the Convertor ?Phil Gibson
Open in new window Flywheel bolt tensions and clutch queryAndrew Meiers
Open in new windowClutch slippingMichael Keen24 
Open in new windowSupra 6 speed oil changeCameron Stanley
Open in new windowWhere can i get a shift kit in melbourne? Mario Jayawardena
Open in new windowShifting into neutral at traffic lights?Miles Baker11 
Open in new windowClunkingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowNormal trans tempsDaniel Clarke17 
Open in new windowAuto IssueJustin Phillips
Open in new windowLaggy transmissionSean Routledge33 
Open in new windowFluid question.Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowClutch adjustmentMichael Keen
Open in new windowBest Frankston Transmission place?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowPersisting problems after installation of new number 1 solenoid ** ...Nickel Quimada
Open in new windowGearbox slippingNickel Quimada
Open in new windowManual pedal q'sBen Socratous
Open in new windowCoasting in neutralCihan Aday38 
Open in new windowR154 remote shifterDon Bagnall13 
Open in new windowNeed REDLINE MTL for R154Dayle Gray33 
Open in new windowManual Short shift kit?Daniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowManual conversionHarry Newman22 
Open in new windowBest oil for R154Shane McInnes
Open in new window2 Types of Valve Bodies for shift kit?Nickel Quimada
Open in new windowOverdrive V8Sean Routledge23 
Open in new windowDiagnosing a transmission while it's off the carChristian Molenda
Open in new windowAuto TT Speed Sensor Part number:Nye Phillips
Open in new windowSilly question about TT autoDavid Tra
Open in new windowMV 2800 RPM Converter. Who has one?Dennis Weglehner
Open in new windowECT and O/D not working... aaarrrggghhhhh!!Andrew Ferres
Open in new windowWhat does the 1jz/2jz bellhousing on the engine side look like?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAre the JZ engines bellhousing the same? (1jz-gte and 2jz-gte)Gareth Richards
Open in new windowMissing sensor from autoNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowTransmission out?Mike Bradberry
Open in new windowClutch Upgrade soonThanh Nguyen
Open in new windowDo I have a problem Don Bagnall
Open in new windowRemote shift R154 bushesMatt Petersen
Open in new windowHow much power are you making in your A/T 2.5TT?Scott Casey11 
Open in new windowWould this be a solenoid problem?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowPerformance automatic clutchesScott Casey
Open in new windowV8 autoFran Valdivia13 
Open in new windowV8 shift kit pictures and infoTai Johnsen14 
Open in new windowIs early model V8 gear box same as late model V8 gear box?Mario Lentini
Open in new windowRear main oil seal goneJohn Wan
Open in new windowAuto trans serviceDavid Murray13 
Open in new windowSwapping a Supra V160 Getrag transmission with Soarer R154Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowHow can you find out if you have LSD or not on your SC400??David Vaughan10 
Open in new windowPower steering pumpPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSequence of parts install for the automatic trans at flexplateDayle Gray
Open in new windowSpline count of input shaft on jzz30 autoDayle Gray21 
Open in new windowMalfunction with O/D?? Matchy Loi
Open in new windowChanging auto to manual gearboxPaul Mainey
Open in new windowGear box slipJason Thornton16 
Open in new windowShudder/vibration only at 5000rpmMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowErrr, anyone have an idea?!?Ben Socratous
Open in new windowCan anyone help??George Funa
Open in new windowYep blown diff real goodJordan Forwell
Open in new windowTransmission filterBrian Timms
Open in new windowBusted me jzz30 diff after a new one are the v8 and 1jz diffs the s...Brian Timms
Open in new window94 model V8 different valve body? What the....Tai Johnsen18 
Open in new windowSuprastick on a V8?Mike Beck17 
Open in new windowSticky gearsVic Olbromski18 
Open in new windowShift kit in victoria? Marcin Kurek
Open in new windowAuto Trans ProblemBrian Timms
Open in new windowChanging Auto GearboxMustafa Akgul
Open in new windowAuto shifting at to early!Marcin Kurek
Open in new windowShifting issues from 2nd gear to 3rd and od so on.......Braden Murdoch24 
Open in new windowGearbox fixing/replacing in Perth WACallum Finch
Open in new windowStrange probelm with manual?Blake Davies11 
Open in new windowTransmission clunkScott Casey10 
Open in new windowFlushing transmission fluidShane Sartori
Open in new windowWhich manual gearbox do I have ?Jason French
Open in new window1jz manual clutch suggestions David Henderson
Open in new windowManual Conversion '95 SC300David Henderson
Open in new windowDiff oil?Phillip George
Open in new windowSolenoid problem or ConnectionJustin Cook11 
Open in new windowCan anyone help me with what type of clutch/flywheel combo this is?Shane McInnes
Open in new windowTrans question.Matthew Werner13 
Open in new windowAuto wiringBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowGearbox Oil Additive? R154Sami Ansari30 
Open in new windowSuprastick into V8 soarer... help!Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowBroken Diff !!!!!Jovica Galovic
Open in new windowTransmission capaticy for tt auto dry fillBraden Murdoch16 
Open in new windowAuto not pulling?Anton English30 
Open in new windowWHY WONT IT WORKCraig Allan12 
Open in new windowRubber plateMichael Keen
Open in new windowB&M pro ratchet shifter to the tt gbox as mine is having problemsChristian Molenda14 
Open in new window*****MV has a special Tranny for me*****...Adam Olsen
Open in new window'91 Soarer AutoVinh Bui13 
Open in new windowSC400 Gear ratios questions SOMEONE HELP, PLEASEAleem Sarwar29 
Open in new windowThrowing ect error cause limp home mode?Steven Anderson
Open in new windowEngaging in DriveBraden Murdoch10 
Open in new windowMy transmission (again)Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowSupra manual in v8 soarerBen Lipman13 
Open in new windowParts for manual conversionBenny San
Open in new windowRevving without touching the accelerator.Andrew Ferres
Open in new windowAuto Question?? help?Alex Ross
Open in new windowAuto staying in first way too longPhil Stuart
Open in new windowNeed a Tranny!?!?!Alex Ross
Open in new window1991 SOARER AUTO TO MANUAL?Mike Beck
Open in new windowDiff issuesBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowTransmission Oil gets dirty too quicklyDave Rose12 
Open in new windowHumming while in Drive and stopped?Dave Rose
Open in new windowAuto box question ?Brian Timms
Open in new windowHeating upBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowANOTHER SOLENOID QUESTIONBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowAfter market shifterDave Hill
Open in new windowTransmission issues- Feels like driving at higher gearAnton Jones11 
Open in new windowAuto box that I WTS...Cameron Spencer
Open in new windowShift kit installedBenjamin Burgess24 
Open in new windowSupra TT auto in a Soarer??Mike Beck13 
Open in new windowReally good info on shift improvements for the A340EScott Ferguson
Open in new windowMv automaticShane Crichton30 
Open in new windowAutomatic - Shifting Gears manuallyBrian Timms33 
Open in new windowAuto tranny guru's.... a questions or 2Joe Radisic
Open in new windowAuto tranny optionsBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowOverdrive on V8 - late cutting inChris Papas
Open in new windowV8 auto wont move at allDon Bagnall
Open in new windowWhich way does the fluid Flow???Braden Murdoch
Open in new windowWhat modifications do i need to auto to run 280 rwkwBraden Murdoch10 
Open in new windowV8 gearbox extension housing leakAnish Varsani
Open in new windowTranmission not kicking back as hardDaniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowBrass button clutchShane McInnes
Open in new windowSupra Tranny tiny issue PLEASE HELP Peter Nitschke
Open in new / Tech2Motorsports shifter: A review Andrew Cooper
Open in new windowServiceJoshua Olm
Open in new windowManual conversion, pedal q'sMustafa Akgul15 
Open in new windowWhere to fill the auto trans Mike Thomas16 
Open in new windowR154 in MKIV Supra, need mount adviceAndrew Cooper10 
Open in new windowTrans pan leaking !Braden Murdoch
Open in new windowBlown gearboxVinh Bui
Open in new windowJZX100 TRANNYGary Gardner
Open in new windowMore grinding than soaringBen Kelly10 
Open in new windowHarsh Jolt when Engaging Drive in V8 autoNick Haddon14 
Open in new windowAuto trouble changing gears when going flat outBen Kelly
Open in new windowTransmission cooler???Cara Joseph
Open in new windowShift problems!!!!!!!!Lyndon Scanlan14 
Open in new windowECT WarningKevin la Terra10 
Open in new windowGear lever wont shift from PRobert Gorman
Open in new windowGear stick stuck on PRobert Gorman
Open in new windowTT Stall converter in V8?Joe Radisic
Open in new windowWhere is the tranny ecu?David Smith
Open in new windowMV Shift Controller- need some helpAaron Mead
Open in new windowAuto changing to 2nd gear too lateGraham Dollisson
Open in new windowJerky, jerky, slip, jerky..but mosty okBen Kelly
Open in new windowClutchKen Tran
Open in new windowR154Ken Tran13 
Open in new windowDo i have a part missing?Stewart Booton
Open in new windowAuto to manual conversionShane Ilich35 
Open in new windowStock Gear Ratios for 2.5 GT TT w/ auto trans.Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowShift kit / diff questionBrian Timms
Open in new windowShift Kit Issues...Ross Pesina
Open in new windowA340lx + soarer?>Trent Osborne
Open in new windowMV AutomaticsCameron Cuddihy
Open in new windowECT error with a manual conversionVinh Bui22 
Open in new windowR154 Speed SensorWarren Bassett
Open in new windowDrilling new press. plate bolt holes in flywheel??Miles Baker
Open in new windowTransmission rear sealAnish Varsani
Open in new windowManual conversion places in nzMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSpeedo drive Jason Thornton
Open in new windowWhere to set kickdown cable to {line pressure}Daniel Clarke10 
Open in new windowV8 TRANMISSION PROBLEM ?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowMV AUTOMATICS TRANSMISSIONS Aaron Mead
Open in new windowWhen gearchanges go wrong....Daniel Clarke37 
Open in new windowHelp please guysNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowDownshift at 14 mph?Braden Murdoch18 
Open in new windowSticking Clutch Pedal.Daniel Clarke23 
Open in new windowAuto problemCihan Aday
Open in new windowReverse slipping ! Cihan Aday
Open in new windowWho sell's the shims for the tranny?Cihan Aday14 
Open in new windowPricesPhillip George11 
Open in new windowBits needed for R154 conversion?Vinh Bui
Open in new windowR154 picturesNat Buchanan
Open in new windowShift kit from JZZ30 on JZZ31?Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowQuick fix for auto to hold more power?Maurice Diggler17 
Open in new windowTemperamental GearboxCaroline Foster
Open in new windowManual conversion Matthew Werner24 
Open in new windowTakeoff GearGareth Richards24 
Open in new windowPower fc with automatic transmissionVinh Bui11 
Open in new windowB&M shifter questionChristian Molenda
Open in new windowT-IV or Dex3 for A340E?Simon Triantafillou29 
Open in new windowQuick step-by-step guide to changing clutch in W58Shane Ilich16 
Open in new windowR154 Gearbox MountTroy Tappenden
Open in new windowJZZ31 Auto -> ManualBradley Parnell11 
Open in new windowAuto Gear box Problem - Please help !!Benjamin Burgess
Open in new windowCentre Bearing Worn..?Delan Peiris
Open in new windowDelay in reverse gear before engaging...Braden Murdoch
Open in new windowFlow direction of transmission fluid through radiator?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowStall Speed - Too low?Peter Nitschke14 
Open in new windowShift kit - prices and resultsBenjamin Burgess71 
Open in new windowTorsen Diff Question..Dragan Vidic
Open in new windowV8 manual conversion optionsRichard Baird
Open in new windowTrans sensor questionMario Grado
Open in new windowTailshafts/Gearbox questionAvin Luther
Open in new windowCouple of Gearbox Q's. (A340E)Hanré Van Rensburg
Open in new windowB04D - axle code- please heplLukasz Janeczko
Open in new windowAuto Trans fluid capacity?Matthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowWhats the max safe HP on the A340e?Benjamin Burgess
Open in new windowShiftkit killing my speed sensor?Jethro Cohen
Open in new windowGearbox issues?Ben Socratous18 
Open in new windowTransmission Compatibility Jan Christiansson
Open in new windowShift Kit Installation InstructionsSam Avery
Open in new windowR154 RebuildNeil Griffiths19 
Open in new windowIncorrect Clutch hoses for Auto > Manual Conversion??Troy Tappenden
Open in new windowAnyone have a gearbox solenoid?Ben Socratous10 
Open in new windowTT auto fluidPeter Nitschke18 
Open in new windowEasy question, In a HurryNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowRecondition auto costDean Carsen12 
Open in new windowIf only one of these will fit in a Soarer...:-)Richard Baird10 
Open in new windowR154 Manual conversionDon Bagnall28 
Open in new windowAuto making weird noiseIbi Chehab
Open in new windowSupercharged V8 transmission upgrade...Lew Radbourn11 
Open in new windowTRD clutch question...Dhaminda Hewavitaran
Open in new windowWhat is this noise?Dan McColl
Open in new windowTransmission NoiseAshley Leach26 
Open in new windowUZZ30, A340 > W5XSimon Jackson
Open in new windowTransmission fluid?Jonathan Hong
Open in new windowLPS - Pics pleaseAshley Leach11 
Open in new windowR154David Smith
Open in new windowAuto tranny flushAnish Varsani
Open in new windowWhat exactly does the power switch do?Daniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowOD wants to work today and not tomorrow any ideasHarry Lemmens16 
Open in new windowGearbox mounts, are mine broken?Geoff Smith13 
Open in new windowTranny service Brisbane?Brendan Hax
Open in new windowTransmition Fluid For Factory 5 SpedDennis Tito13 
Open in new windowTransmission and ODAlejandro Hernandez
Open in new windowCan't get out of ParkPaul Lawson
Open in new windowSelecting Gear in Auto Gearbox.Mark Paddick20 
Open in new windowManual not shiffting properlyLuke Nieuwhof
Open in new windowAutomatic Transmission Temperature Gauge InstallationChris Davey14 
Open in new windowNeed some help with gearboxAngus Shen
Open in new windowNeed new gearboxYang Luo
Open in new windowAccumulator spring coloursAnish Varsani
Open in new windowR154 Gearbox - Who Rebuilds Them In Brisbane ??Neil Griffiths10 
Open in new windowPart broken on new manual gearboxCallum Finch10 
Open in new windowAuto upgrade help needed.Scott Ferguson
Open in new windowShift kit problems or auto shifting in generalAdam Olsen10 
Open in new windowMixing transmission oilMike Bradberry
Open in new windowAndy (Bedlam) Quickshift Autobox ModificationAnish Varsani15 
Open in new windowOverfullMike Bradberry
Open in new windowNeeded one TT speedo Sensor.Craig Webber
Open in new windowPowerFC into manual converted JZZ30 - do I need to switch to manual...Shane Ilich
Open in new windowMax Hp a Supra TT 6 Spd Box take in a 1JZ SoarerSimon Triantafillou
Open in new windowBlue coloured fluid leaking from W58 gearbox Shane Ilich25 
Open in new windowHow to tell if you have a shift and or bigger stall converter?Damian Ware30 
Open in new windowSupra gear box into 94 v8David Vaughan
Open in new windowSupra auto into Soarer?Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowTransmission oil leakPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowCar stalling when shifts into neutral and parkJames Brodie
Open in new windowDo i need to upgrade?Anish Varsani
Open in new windowOpen diff > LSD centreGianni Matrogiannis
Open in new windowStall converters for A340Dennis Weglehner
Open in new windowShift kit for a 1991 TT soarerDennis Weglehner11 
Open in new windowShort shifter kits for 93 manual TT(MEL)Yang Luo
Open in new windowProblems with 1.5way shift kitVardis Delithodoris
Open in new windowCruise Control working after manual installation.Carl Johnson
Open in new windowShiftkit in MelbourneAlex Mizikov
Open in new windowCD player jumpingAshley Leach
Open in new windowAuto Gearbox Missing Gears?Patrick Mischefski12 
Open in new windowATF level high, fluid discoloured and vibrationAnish Varsani
Open in new windowManual conversion resultsChris Cheung
Open in new windowWhere i can find the short shifter for R154Megan Bolton
Open in new windowFlywheel Bolt TensionsJustin Cook
Open in new windowHow Do You Change Oil In Manual gearbox?Shane McInnes
Open in new windowHow to install MV automatics shift kitChris Davey
Open in new windowReduce rpm if possibleChris Davey
Open in new windowWhat are these wires for?Chris Davey
Open in new windowTC Lockup SolenoidChris Davey16 
Open in new windowNo#1 solenoidAndrew Ferres
Open in new window6speed 1jz gte Paul Brockbank14 
Open in new windowTransmission tunnel rattle.Justin Cook
Open in new windowNeed some adviceDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowV8 with GM TH400 TransmissionAaron Mead
Open in new windowV8 Auto - Small clunk when down shifting?Mark Northcott
Open in new windowECT warning / speedo failureMatthew Holliday
Open in new windowPossible Gearbox IssuesAshley Leach10 
Open in new windowTip tronic convertionAaron Mead
Open in new windowShift Kit with a Torsen LSDCallum Finch49 
Open in new windowTailshaft rubber jointMarius Hainal
Open in new windowTransmission slipping, i think?Callum Finch
Open in new windowNothing different after changing gearbox oilMarius Hainal13 
Open in new window6 speed supra boxAndrew Meiers13 
Open in new windowSecond hand transmission helpLuciano Fuentes
Open in new windowA341E vs A340EBraden Murdoch
Open in new windowTrue Or FalseMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowNo reverce light ,need helpAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowSuprastick and a Manual ECU on an auto jzz30Chris Davey15 
Open in new windowAuto transmission picsSean Camelin
Open in new windowMaualising boxDragan Vidic28 
Open in new windowClutch for R154Yang Luo20 
Open in new windowGearbox is hot running Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowNew Auto for 1UZ SoarerVinh Bui22 
Open in new windowRandom ShudderingMichael James Madiga10 
Open in new windowHmm....Benny Gammelmark
Open in new windowShift kit issuesAnish Varsani72 
Open in new windowRevlimiter issues :-(...Rob Andreacchio10 
Open in new windowTransmission cooler installationCallum Finch16 
Open in new windowTIV pouring spoutAnish Varsani10 
Open in new windowToo much ATF?Peter Nitschke17 
Open in new windowTorque ConverterChrsitopher Butler
Open in new windowDilema C4 or 5speed R154 gear boxKhalid Sarwari28 
Open in new windowJerky Auto transmition.Peter Nitschke17 
Open in new windowT.C in W.AAndreas Niaouris
Open in new windowTop gear accelerationLuke Nieuwhof
Open in new windowGearbox woes-Solenoid?Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowReversing IssuesNathan Stringer
Open in new windowTorque converter info.Chris Davey30 
Open in new windowFirst Prob with new carSam Schreck
Open in new windowShift KitDaniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowAnyone need a Stally done? Tranny Replaced?Chris Davey13 
Open in new windowIs it slipping? Help needed asap!Ben Vandie
Open in new windowTransmission Fluid LevelAnish Varsani
Open in new windowOverdrive/ect queryKevin la Terra
Open in new windowB & M Shift kit?Anish Varsani
Open in new windowAuto SolenoidsJohn Jones
Open in new windowTranny cooler / shift kit issuesChris Davey17 
Open in new windowAuto launchingMark Paddick36 
Open in new windowGear selector display on dash.Mark Paddick
Open in new windowAuto Tranny Removal.Shane Ilich16 
Open in new windowR154 issuesShane Ilich
Open in new windowR154 repair $$Casey Hall
Open in new windowFluidDamian Ware
Open in new windowAccumulator springMark Paddick
Open in new windowManual coversion in sydneyFrank J. Hart
Open in new windowRear tailshaft couplingClayton Webb
Open in new windowChasing shift kit.Dave Storrie
Open in new windowCan any other shifters be hooked up to soarer gboxJames Brodie
Open in new window2nd gear is gooneKhalid Sarwari
Open in new windowSlight slipping from first to second gear change...Toan Nguyen15 
Open in new windowMy soarer gear stick on p please helpPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhat to Replace when Auto is being put inBen Evans15 
Open in new windowSynthetic oil for V8 auto gearboxLee Jones13 
Open in new windowGear box oil for manual ttTodd Williams11 
Open in new windowPenrite Auto Fluid??? Reviews?Ben Evans10 
Open in new windowWeight of gearboxPaul Bernasconi
Open in new windowTrans ShudderDrew Hiron
Open in new windowA341E line presure control solenoidBen Evans
Open in new windowMv autos numberKhalid Sarwari
Open in new windowStange noisesDaniel Lee12 
Open in new windowAuto SlippingKhalid Sarwari
Open in new windowTrans upgrade required? Options?Chris Davey37 
Open in new windowOverdrive/ ECT PowerJan Christiansson17 
Open in new windowHeatMorgan Cross
Open in new windowPlanning drag racing campaign...Mustafa Akgul
Open in new windowUK auto modChris Davey14 
Open in new windowGearbox identiesAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowFitting up r154 onto ex-auto 1jz??Shane Ilich23 
Open in new windowTest postGrant Weymouth
Open in new windowStrengthen Torque Convertor - Big Turbo 1J Soarer ??? Recommendations?Cihan Aday25 
Open in new windowTT Auto troubles after accident: Cant get ParkMike Biggs
Open in new window(Found!) Bolt in transmission pan!Clayton Webb
Open in new windowHelp Transmission and coolant leakTim Eacott
Open in new windowKickdownNeil Griffiths11 
Open in new windowGearbox woes -- Rebuild or Replace?Tim Leamon30 
Open in new window2JZ-GTE Clutch questionDave Johnson
Open in new windowThrottle sensitive shift kitsCraig Webber
Open in new windowNeed Oil For My R154Mark Northcott
Open in new windowHas anyone blown a W58 ?Graham Dollisson
Open in new windowPowertrain solutions TCUBen Vandie13 
Open in new windowNo Kick Down?Sam Schreck15 
Open in new windowDexron 2 or Dexron 3?Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowOver Drive----- what speed do you guys use the over drive at?Bernie Juckers36 
Open in new windowHave I killed My Gearbox?Mustafa Akgul10 
Open in new windowTC or transmission problem ?Blaine Hanson
Open in new windowBoom sound when changing gearsTom McGruther21 
Open in new windowGearshift issuesJeff O'Rourke
Open in new windowNo reverse did i just brake my trannyKhalid Sarwari
Open in new windowWhat trans fluid?Dominic Kelly
Open in new windowOverdrive light flashingBen Evans
Open in new windowWon't kick downMike Bradberry51 
Open in new windowNew Gearbox :DMorgan Cross12 
Open in new windowHow much Trans fluid is required for a full v8 flush?Benny Gammelmark11 
Open in new windowFactory manual or converted?Aaron Klaver11 
Open in new windowA340e transmissionJoseph Reno
Open in new windowGearbox oil filterClayton Webb
Open in new windowR154 Ratios?Mark Haiwley
Open in new windowSupra 6 speed short shifter ...on soarer R154 Emanuel Spinola
Open in new windowTrany Service At S&LC???Alan Chow
Open in new windowAm I being taken for a ride?Neil Griffiths24 
Open in new windowV8 gearboxRichard Baird
Open in new windowGearbox Dead (or very close)Adam Foster13 
Open in new windowBizarre gearbox issueBen Kelly10 
Open in new windowAuto gearbox, new gasket or "goo"?????Miles Baker
Open in new windowShudder when auto changes down gearTony Trigger
Open in new windowStally instalationdragan vidic
Open in new windowClutch for 1JZShane Standley
Open in new windowV8 Shift kit from M.V.AutomaticsDon Bagnall10 
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