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Open in new windowHeater Core Replacement Roland Elliott
Open in new windowA/C Light blinking & No cold airAdrian Bygrave 34 
Open in new windowEMV strange problem?Mike Beck
Open in new windowTesting Climate ControlDavid Hughes
Open in new windowA/c 4 year issue Scott Vim10 
Open in new windowCondenser Part NumberAnand Pillay
Open in new windowEMV to Non EMV Climate Conversion - Complete WalkthroughTom Richards89 
Open in new windowAC removal tutorialTom Richards
Open in new windowRemove EMV ControlTom Richards
Open in new windowEMV to TT Climate Control - Fan Flat out and and No lightingJohn Field
Open in new windowTrouble sourcing parts?????Chris Hoffmann
Open in new windowLink between engine cooling fan and air con??John Stafford
Open in new windowFrosted pipe. Is this normal?Dave Rose16 
Open in new windowJust bought 1JZGTE, aircon is not workingBrett Heald
Open in new windowAC Compressor ReplacementBoris Siljanoski16 
Open in new windowNo a/c settings on my scrrenAdrian Sellick15 
Open in new windowAre SC400 and UZZ32 A/C Compressor the same Mike Beck
Open in new windowCan a jzz 94 climate control unit be used in a 91 uzz31 emv convers...Tom Richards
Open in new windowA/C codes 11 and 23??Tom Richards13 
Open in new windowAir con isn't turning on.Scott Corunna
Open in new windowQuestion re cabin sensorMark Donovan
Open in new windowRebuild on AC compressor looks easy.Tom Richards
Open in new windowHychill Regas in Perth?Boris Siljanoski16 
Open in new windowPICS of my evaporator and tx valve work..Tom Richards
Open in new windowAC Blowing hot air.Peter Nitschke11 
Open in new windowSmoky A/CTom Richards21 
Open in new windowHyChill regassers AdelaideMatthew Salkeld11 
Open in new windowSeparating blower fan from blower motorMark Donovan
Open in new windowHeater has blown, leaked out inside the carMark Donovan49 
Open in new windowHeater TapByron Norman
Open in new windowVent controls on air not working Graham Edwards
Open in new windowAircon controls non functionalDave Rose
Open in new windowA/Con LPG gasMike Triggs15 
Open in new windowError codes, 21,23,41Jack Lloyd
Open in new windowAC pressure release vavle?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowI also need help identifying this part!!!Boris Siljanoski11 
Open in new windowAC losing gas but with bonus possible extra problem.Joe Trojan12 
Open in new windowAC Leak?Lachie Bryce
Open in new windowUZZ31 Air Con. - just stopped blowing coldGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowAC condenser cooling fan wiring?Joe Trojan
Open in new windowI need some a/c control panel help!!!Samuel Little
Open in new windowClimate control issue.. Please Help!Alex Horvat
Open in new windowCompressor cycling in and out, loads motor upMatt Koch
Open in new windowLocation of the The ambient temp sensor (please)Andy Losurdo
Open in new windowHeating/Cooling system conundrumEthan Rodda13 
Open in new windowNo heat just ice cold air... baahhhSteve Gorman19 
Open in new windowLocation of the Aircon Compressor Relay?Chatura Mudi
Open in new windowCompressor always running?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowPOP PerformanceIan Rigby
Open in new windowAC revsAndy Losurdo
Open in new windowCondensorBoris Siljanoski20 
Open in new windowClimate Control LCDGracy Smith
Open in new windowNoise in Air con compressorGracy Smith11 
Open in new windowAIR CONDITION COMPRESSOR 1JZ SOARERAndrew Sharkawi
Open in new windowAC Compressor issueEnzo Seidl
Open in new windowAC whineBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowWho needs their A/C Done in Perth? I can help.David Grima10 
Open in new windowAnybody purchased this Compressor?Dave Rose14 
Open in new windowCompressor Model NumberPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowRecommend a good Air Con Service Melbourne?Vanessa Hassell
Open in new windowDifferences in non emv climate control units Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowNeed Help Diagnosing my AC ProblemGreg Foord
Open in new windowAir condition buttonPeter Nitschke13 
Open in new windowAir con compressor and system on an active 32 the same as the 31? John Stafford10 
Open in new windowAny recommendations for an ac mechanic in the Newcastle areaRob Smith
Open in new windowAir Con SpecialistGreg Wyllie28 
Open in new windowV8 lexusDave Rose
Open in new windowSport air filter and hot engine air Tazo Chitidze
Open in new windowEmv/non emv climate questionDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowClimate control part numberDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowAir con screen bleeding Corey Billington
Open in new windowHeater/ac fan will only run at maxDean Warby
Open in new windowClimate control no logner works after manual covnersionAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowTX VALVE STUFFED, whats the part number for new one??Jesse Webber11 
Open in new windowSo is the TT (JZZ30) the exact same compressor as the 2jz-GE?Boris Siljanoski12 
Open in new windowBelt size to bypass v8 air con compressor??Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowReplacing A/C Compressor?Ou-yang Liang Qing18 
Open in new windowA/C Light FlashingEvan Kaio15 
Open in new windowA/C Fan wiringTony Nguyen
Open in new windowAircon only blowing cold air through one ventDavid Thompson
Open in new windowReplacement Air-con compressor questionBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowUZZ31 CompressorAllan Langford
Open in new windowIn need of a compessor for a soarer 1991 can any one helpDave Rose
Open in new windowAre all 4.0L V8 aircond compressors the same?Dave Hart
Open in new windowHeater intermittently not workingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowFrozen pipe?Earl Digby
Open in new windowHeater valve bypass questionNeil Mystery
Open in new windowWhere is the VSV valve on a RHD soarer?Andy Losurdo22 
Open in new windowNeed climate control for emv to non...Michael Collins
Open in new windowClimate control not working only the button lightsCarla Van Steenselen
Open in new windowNew LCD screen boobooDavid Chatterton
Open in new windowCheap AC compressor optionDave Rose40 
Open in new windowAir Purifier SystemBoris Siljanoski18 
Open in new windowNot all aircon vents workingBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAirCon Temp Valve Not OpeningBoris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowHelp requiredNathan Smith
Open in new windowClimate control works but temp nob not working??Andrew Royal13 
Open in new window94 V8 UZZ31 Fan Speed Blower Resister LocationMario Lentini
Open in new windowAc starting ,but then blinking green light and nothin happening.Daniel Blackham
Open in new windowJzz30 climate control wiring diagramNathan Cryer
Open in new windowClimate control issueAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowA/C ServiceGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowCompressor Not Cutting InGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowAir con unit not working.Matthew Werner16 
Open in new windowA/C fix - Circuit DiagramAdam Foster13 
Open in new windowA/c problemAdam Foster
Open in new windowOnly evap to goBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowA/C Compressor lock warning,How to fix it?Michael O'Driscoll
Open in new windowInside of car misting upBoris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowAC Blower fan not workingBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowNo power to ac unitMark Peters
Open in new windowA/C Compressor will not stop runningJamie Richards
Open in new windowNeed help- Suction Throttle ValveShaydan Penniment43 
Open in new windowElectrical guru's - Non-EMV CC unit question!Phil Gibson
Open in new windowRemoving Heater CorePeter Williams
Open in new windowWhats in the part number? Heater tap assemblyMichael Gee
Open in new windowHeater cold while not movingMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowMagnetic clutch relay not getting groundBrian Thompson 11 
Open in new windowClimate Control Backlight & Button Light Globe SupplierBrett Cutts
Open in new windowMy soarer's aircon doesn't emit cold air, just hot airDavid Boyle
Open in new windowA/C inopMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHeater is not working!Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowAC throwing out some spongy stuffMike Beck
Open in new windowHeater hose connectionHakan Pasha11 
Open in new windowSmell of petrol in car even with windows wind down.Mike Beck12 
Open in new windowA/C blows out White Dust stuffBoris Siljanoski13 
Open in new windowInside of car always hotBoris Siljanoski14 
Open in new windowAir conditioner removal completelyBen Lipman
Open in new windowUZZ31 AC button on EMV starts flashing Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAircon not getting coldNatasha D'Abreo
Open in new windowClimate control unit lights up, auto temp lights up. but nothing on...Matthew Wielozynski
Open in new windowAir compressor stuffed?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowBlower not workingJoe Russell10 
Open in new windowV8 & 1j AC air compressor The same? Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAir con thermal switchVic Olbromski
Open in new windowNEED EVAPORATORBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAir-con compressorsBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowA/C Code 23 and 41Boris Siljanoski15 
Open in new windowClimate control fan speedIan Hassall10 
Open in new windowHow Hard/Time Consuming Is It To Take Off The CompressorDamien Barnes10 
Open in new windowCold air not coldBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAircon smells like pee (for first 10 seconds)David Grab18 
Open in new windowCondenser and Drier ReplacementRaj Somarouthu
Open in new windowAre the climate controls units the same on Soarers if its of the sa...Matthew Sharpe13 
Open in new windowHow to fix vsv valveMatthew Regan10 
Open in new windowProblem In 2010Brian Rignall
Open in new windowNeed help identifying this part!!!Boris Siljanoski15 
Open in new windowAircon not coldBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowFan speed either really low 1-2-3 .. or full on 4.. Matthew Tai
Open in new windowTrying to diagnose A/C problemBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowReccomended amounts of oilBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHeater questionJohn Jantzen
Open in new windowWooing Noise during DriveBen Lipman23 
Open in new windowNo Heat?!Shamus Lee
Open in new windowPulsating airconDaniel Blackham12 
Open in new windowDo regulators leak?Boris Siljanoski16 
Open in new windowCelsior Evaporator Replacement, where to buy ?Frank King
Open in new windowAirCon Regas in BrisbaneTim Ross
Open in new windowCLIMATE CONTROLEDavid Vaughan
Open in new windowAircon condenser replacemnet Raj Somarouthu
Open in new windowCompressor interchangeable 1jz - 2jz?Josh Totall
Open in new windowAir con drainSeamus Brice-Bennett
Open in new windowFan runs flat out regardless of settingMatt Petersen
Open in new windowCompressor continually engages then disengagesAndrew Stewart
Open in new windowBy passing heater matrixPeter Barrett
Open in new windowHychill minus 30 anyone used it?Tom Richards
Open in new windowClimate control stuck on hotRob Rojo
Open in new windowClimate control modification : cold cathode backlightMichael Larcombe
Open in new windowHow long to change TX valve? $$$$$$?Steven Roduner
Open in new windowCan the car drive with CC unit out?Matthew Tai
Open in new windowEvaporative Dryer Part #Tony Fenech
Open in new windowHeater/AC issue: Vents blowing dust -> where is it coming from!?Matthew Tai
Open in new windowDoes my AC need to work??Joshua Fraser
Open in new windowMy heater is only working when at high RPMMatthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowLeaking from EvaporatorBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAir Conditioning Lighting??Paul Mainey
Open in new windowHeater air only warmJustin Cook
Open in new windowAir Con Light but no cigarMark Wright26 
Open in new windowClimate Control Not WorkingLouis Angelopoulos
Open in new windowClimate control unit not working fuse locations?Jack Oliver
Open in new window91 UZZ31 limited heater core infoPeter Williams
Open in new windowIs it bad that my v8 runs cold?Brenton Trafford
Open in new windowClimate control stopped working.. :-(Danny Watson
Open in new windowClimate Control Swap TT <-> NAMatthew Tai
Open in new windowHeater tap leakingJames Cahir
Open in new windowNew UZZ31 owner, these buttons dont work.Luke Gomer
Open in new window$4000 quoteDaniel Lee
Open in new windowWeight reduction, air con removal, issues?Daniel Clarke13 
Open in new windowDo A/C compresses swap between different models?Michael Crimp
Open in new windowVSV Valve changeGabriel Fortin-H.
Open in new windowAC problems... & yes probably been done beforeRyan Rankovic30 
Open in new windowEMV heater control, how to turn on?Jason Lenz
Open in new windowAC LCD TT SOARERHarley Jones27 
Open in new windowAir Condition Fan Not RunningHarley Jones
Open in new windowClimate control backlightingLawrence Ostle
Open in new windowBlower fan brokenKurt Harrison
Open in new windowSoarer Air-Con Specialist in Adelaide.Blake Davies13 
Open in new windowIs my a/c display leaking? :-(...Kane Chan
Open in new windowAircon regased... 2 days later ... no more airconChris Round17 
Open in new windowAircon re-gas in PerthJeremy Morton
Open in new windowReplacing fanJeremy Morton
Open in new windowI well broked mine! (Thread in story mode)Matthew Standage26 
Open in new windowSourcing new AC condenser for 91 V8Gary Kosmopoulos
Open in new windowSoarer Air conditioning experts in SydneyMichael Brogefjord
Open in new windowBlinky a/c button light.Harry Lemmens
Open in new windowAIR CON FAILAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowReally annoying problem with interiorAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowRomoval of the compressor?Jason Munro
Open in new windowHelp!! aircon ON and OFF..Error code 21???Dave Hart
Open in new windowWorn out Compressor?Justin Green11 
Open in new windowAircon probelm. HELP,,,Blake Davies10 
Open in new windowAir con not workingVinny Ozorio
Open in new windowCelsior Heater Problem HOTJames Walker
Open in new windowEMV A/C Diagnostic test screen in Japanese who can read Image AttAhtoh Di
Open in new windowAir Con stuck on Full...Matt Petersen10 
Open in new windowAfter 6 Months of A/C R & D it was a dirty connection.Luke Gomer
Open in new windowPN for AC compressor in 91 V8Tom Richards
Open in new windowClimate Control occationally switches to 25.0 degreesJames Harris
Open in new windowWeight of gas in systemSebastian Grant
Open in new windowPart numbers for A/C hose and valveDon Bagnall12 
Open in new windowResistor codes for aircon?Brett Harris
Open in new windowAircond use without EMVFran Valdivia
Open in new windowSmelly Air ConditionerBen Dowdell14 
Open in new windowHeater CoreMichael O'Driscoll17 
Open in new windowHeater TapDon Bagnall
Open in new windowSoarer friendly A/C repairsMichael Crimp
Open in new windowHeater goes cold when car stopsPeter Nitschke18 
Open in new windowFan only works with A/CPeter Nitschke11 
Open in new windowFan speed - Airflow stays same on all settingsDon Bagnall15 
Open in new windowVSV ValvePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowSoarer Air Condition Specialist in AdelaideDrew Rechner
Open in new windowSoarer Air Con Cooling CoilPrem Ananth Ganesh
Open in new windowLocation of interior/exterior temp sensor for ACPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAC pressure regulatorSeamus Brice-Bennett
Open in new windowNo air through center ventsMichael O'Driscoll
Open in new windowSoarer Air Condition Specialist in MelbourneDaniel Lee12 
Open in new windowHeater Core Leaking, some quick help?Michael O'Driscoll23 
Open in new windowYet another a/c question...Nye Phillips
Open in new windowAir Con Parts - Where to source them threadBrendon O'Loughlin
Open in new windowAircon button flashingNye Phillips20 
Open in new windowReticulated AirMichael Keen13 
Open in new windowHeater only works on "max heat"Tom Richards
Open in new windowNot Runnig the ACDave Hart
Open in new windowBypassing HeaterPeter Lang
Open in new windowGas Leak ?Jason French10 
Open in new windowHeater leak problemBrenton Trafford
Open in new windowAir Con Wiring Diagram?Evan Kaio15 
Open in new windowRunning water sound when drivingRichard Ferrara34 
Open in new windowA/C compressor bearingsBen Richardson
Open in new windowAC light blinks after ~10mins, AC still coldMark Northcott
Open in new windowError code 14 & 21Anuradha Vithanage
Open in new windowA/C Magnetic ClutchAshley Leach
Open in new windowAir con working, but not working..Rich O'neil
Open in new windowHeater Not WorkingAndrew Stewart19 
Open in new windowSuper Chill Aircon GasDrew Rechner48 
Open in new windowUCF11 Celsior. AC not engaging the hydraulic fan.Aaron Mead
Open in new windowWeird hose leak (to auxiliary motor?!?)Matthew Sharpe14 
Open in new windowIdle speed with A/C on - is it easy to adjust?Damian Ware
Open in new windowHeater tapAlan Chow
Open in new windowVSV Seems okay, but only warm heat Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAir con computer?Danny Minns
Open in new windowAC BacklightAndrew Beshara13 
Open in new windowAir con place on gold coastSam Avery10 
Open in new windowSmoke from exhaust when AC onDave Rose14 
Open in new windowWhere is the tx valve?Daniel Czechowski49 
Open in new windowA/c pulley probs?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHeater Core BypassPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowCan you still regas the old Soarer systems with old gas?Adam Peterson40 
Open in new windowInstalling the CondenserAdam Peterson
Open in new windowAircon Cutting off and on randomlyPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAir Conditioner FiltersDrew Rechner13 
Open in new windowA/C lcd display scrootedAndrew La'Brooy10 
Open in new windowLocation of tx valveVanessa Hassell
Open in new windowHELP I'M HOT!!!Patrick Robinson
Open in new windowAirConTravis Bentley
Open in new windowPassenger's A/C feet ventsJonathan Hong
Open in new windowAir flow stay in FULL (Solution)Peter Nitschke
Open in new window2nd hand heater tap?Chris Quirk
Open in new windowHeater Control Thing (On Firewall)Andrew McKenzie16 
Open in new windowStrange Air con problemAndrew Ferres23 
Open in new windowExternal temperature sensorGary Morriss
Open in new windowAir Con problems after replacing LCD head unitLew Radbourn
Open in new windowAircon not as cold after fmic installGraham Dollisson
Open in new windowAircon compressor?James Leedie
Open in new windowR12 in a canMiles Baker
Open in new windowIs my compressor cactus?James Leedie
Open in new windowWeird air conMatt Smith
Open in new windowA/c lcd lighting issueBill Terry
Open in new windowEMV/Non EMV Are they different Air con Computers?Neil Griffiths23 
Open in new windowRough price on how much to fit TX valveChristian Zimmer
Open in new windowInfo on 92 TX valve pleaseMel Clark
Open in new windowEvaporator temp sensorMark Ribbans
Open in new windowHelp me turn it on, I'm cold!!!! Anthony Jowett
Open in new windowCan you run aircon while the windoes are openPeter Nitschke23 
Open in new windowRadiators- Cost to replace/repair? in QLDTom McGruther
Open in new windowHeater (what The)Damien Murray
Open in new window1UZ A/C CompressorMark Northcott
Open in new windowMy car gets all warm inside even when temp is on "MAX COLD"!Neil Griffiths55 
Open in new windowHR12 Charge weight for the soarer Clayton Webb
Open in new windowAux fanCliff Newton
Open in new windowA/c Compressor Part NumberAshley Leach
Open in new windowAir con compressor for a 2jzSteve Gorman
Open in new windowHow to remove glovebox?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowHelp Aircon Not giving me climate haha only ice air.Mark Paddick11 
Open in new windowA/C Compressor - where in Brisbane?Daniel Lee
Open in new windowCelsior aircon not workingMark Paddick
Open in new windowClimate ControlPeter Nitschke
Open in new window21 - Solar Sensor CircuitMark Paddick
Open in new windowAic Con in AdelaideAshley Leach
Open in new windowAir con unit?Bill Bogiatzis
Open in new windowAircon problemShaun Luckhurst
Open in new windowCost of Retrofit and a Reconditioned compressorAshley Leach
Open in new windowNo Heater!!Joe Radisic
Open in new windowAircon compressor run timeClayton Webb
Open in new windowAC Getting fixedAshley Leach
Open in new windowWhat is this?Paul Bernasconi
Open in new windowA/c takes a while to coolAndy Xie
Open in new windowTT soarer compressorJustin Cook
Open in new windowEvaporator temp sensorPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowFan Not Running?Dominic Kelly
Open in new windowDegrees C displayPhil Stuart
Open in new windowTx valve on 92 V8 soarer, anybody know where situated?Mel Clark
Open in new windowRegassed many times, no leaks found, but no cool air once againMatthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowJust My Luck........Heater Core.....Nathan Herbertson17 
Open in new windowA/c repairer in sydneyJan Christiansson
Open in new windowNo HeaterDaniel Lee12 
Open in new windowCommon leak points for gas?Nathan Stringer
Open in new windowBlacked out Climate Control PanelFred Azzarello32 
Open in new windowAir con button blinks sometimes and disengages compressorSeamus Brice-Bennett
Open in new windowSide ventsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowVSV ValveJoe Aliano
Open in new windowWeird ProblemVinh Bui
Open in new windowNo backlight for the LCD displayPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowRunning AC while emptyMike Mortimer
Open in new windowFoam spitting outCallum Finch
Open in new windowClimate/AC globes??Mike Mortimer
Open in new windowA/C CompressorRob Foster
Open in new windowHeater Core - How much?Michael Sinay
Open in new windowTurn A/C off and I can hear a cap-gun soundMike Mortimer
Open in new windowOutside air temp sensor not workingTai Johnsen
Open in new windowError 41Delan Peiris
Open in new windowNo Heat In Car: Solenoid Replaced - Is it my control unit?Delan Peiris
Open in new windowAir-con QuestionsSam Schreck29 
Open in new windowMusky smell in A/CVinod Param33 
Open in new windowNo COLD air when Aircon is turned onPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAir Con Place in Adelaide?Brenton Trafford
Open in new windowFirst post and air con wiring problemMark Paddick
Open in new windowHow AC worksAndreas Niaouris
Open in new windowWhistling ventDon Bagnall12 
Open in new windowA/C crapin upPaul Drane
Open in new windowAir Con problemsRick Gualano
Open in new windowA/C Pressure SwitchDan McColl12 
Open in new windowAir Con Compressor BearingCliff Newton
Open in new windowFilter part number?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowHow does the Auto Air Button WorkShom Bhattacharjee18 
Open in new windowNot coolCliff Newton
Open in new windowAir-con compressors?Khalid Sarwari10 
Open in new windowEngine Idle Speed with air con on??Clayton Webb
Open in new windowCelsior A/Con filtersBrett Cashmore
Open in new windowAC regassed but still not workingThads Cooke
Open in new windowAIRCON EVAPORATORHaydn Crandell12 
Open in new windowAir Conditioning issues - Air con only comes on at max cold - even ...Tom McGruther
Open in new window Solar Sensor's Purpose?Clayton Webb12 
Open in new windowAir Conditioning HoseDan McColl
Open in new windowA/CBenny Gammelmark
Open in new windowAir ConAlan Chow13 
Open in new windowWhats this?Peter Nitschke13 
Open in new windowA/C power usageLuke Middleton13 
Open in new windowIS HR12 available yet?Clayton Webb
Open in new windowCOLD..!!! Heater doesnt work...Delan Peiris15 
Open in new windowCondensor??Gil Harding
Open in new windowAir Conditioning GasDaniel Lee13 
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