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Open in new windowPlease post anything of use.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowUS SC300-SC400 FAQ, Images, Parts.Nathan Evans
Open in new windowUS Lexus SC400 TV adsRay Crawford
Open in new windowWheel and Tyre Fitment IssuesPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowInteresting Test on Air FiltersMike Triggs19 
Open in new windowAxle Ratio/Tire Size Calculator - Version 1.2 Mike Triggs
Open in new windowASE 664 Installation ManualPeter Nitschke16 
Open in new windowASE 66X User ManualPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowV8 100k Service Parts ListMatthew Salkeld
Open in new windowTT 100k Service Parts ListMike Thomas
Open in new windowWe are now the SC600!Don Bagnall33 
Open in new windowTorsen Differential ExplainedJeff Bedsor
Open in new windowADR (Australian Design Rules) Regarding Aftermarket Steering Wheel...Gary Morriss
Open in new windowWorking- 1jz mod path for mods sectionBen Socratous34 
Open in new windowWARNING Ebay - Shonky Catch CanEmanuel Spinola
Open in new windowThe Wheel and Tyre Bible !!!Dmitriy Milyutin
Open in new windowInsuranceArthur Kouparitsas120 
Open in new windowNice Soarer write up ...Richard Meikle14 
Open in new windowDaily Telegraph...Auto section possible Soarer Review?Shane McInnes
Open in new windowAnticipated Pricing for Toyota Aristo models.Phil Gibson
Open in new windowBlack lexus emblemsDamien Smith
Open in new windowLexus Wheel centres for TT wheels ...Don Bagnall
Open in new windowExhaust places in MelbourneKen Yo
Open in new windowDifferent Spark Plugs for the V8Brett Harrison14 
Open in new windowAutospeed article on JZ enginesAvin Luther
Open in new windowBook "Japanese Supercars" has chapter on SC300/400Paul Irwin27 
Open in new windowPhoto tour of Volkswagen's "Transparent Factory"- (VW Phaeton assem...Keenan Edinger10 
Open in new windowITALY............THE speed capitol of the world! Aka Abedin
Open in new windowSL/CI-4 multifleet oils in petrol enginesDavid Henderson
Open in new windowOwner reviews of Soarers - if you like reading other people's opini...Brian Timms14 
Open in new windowLexus LS460L Gets Eight SpeedsMatthew Sharpe29 
Open in new windowLexus SC400/300 Owner's ManualMd Adib Bahzi Majid
Open in new windowCrazy japanese shirts <PICS>Matthew Sharpe21 
Open in new windowRace use onlyGareth Richards
Open in new windowVery sad news. One of the worlds finest Soarers suffered a fire ...Perry Morgan53 
Open in new windowNew Toyota Hits Australia!Phil Gibson33 
Open in new windowECU Wiring diagram for the JZZ30 soarer TTEmanuel Spinola
Open in new windowThe Ultimate Lazy Ass Automotive Accessory!Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowChris's latest progress with the SC300 (From Chicago,USA)Khalid Sarwari
Open in new windowThis is sad for car lovers ...Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowThe Sunroof RattleLawrence Ostle12 
Open in new window(X) INTERCOOLER THEORY 101 - Whats the deal with coolers?Cihan Aday
Open in new windowSupra versus MiNes R34!!!!!!! ...Tom McGruther15 
Open in new windowBest City's in the world to live ...Ian Johnston30 
Open in new windowI need some help!Sarah Jane Morrison
Open in new windowCleaning and DetailingGreg Nikitiuk
Open in new windowDoor Trim RepairPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowOS Giken LSD's ...Matthew Sharpe22 
Open in new windowDyno's - Just how accurate are dyno results??Damien Smith
Open in new windowBad luck day!Justin Hughes17 
Open in new windowResetting ECUNeil Griffiths
Open in new windowNumber of Soarer's madeDaniel Czechowski
Open in new windowBar to psi Conversion TableDon Bagnall21 
Open in new windowRead your spark plugsCihan Aday
Open in new windowV8 SOARER TUNING GUIDESteven Anderson31 
Open in new windowHow many 91 LTD v8 soarers where made?David Vaughan
Open in new windowInteresting !!! - Electroplating Kits & Custom Paint ProductsJustin Cook
Open in new windowInteresting!!! - Better Than Car JacksTai Johnsen
Open in new windowShort vidDon Bagnall
Open in new windowJapanese Soarer Commercial From 1992Roland Elliott15 
Open in new windowLexus SC400 video onYouTubeRay Crawford
Open in new windowHKS, Apexi, Blitz, Greddy, Turbosmart - Manuals and Installation Gu...Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowBrake Fluid - Comparing DOT 3, 4, 5 and 5.1Miles Baker
Open in new windowComplete A340E Shift Kit GuideCihan Aday15 
Open in new windowBall Joint RepairsRoland Elliott
Open in new windowSC300-SC400 owners must see.Dave Rose23 
Open in new windowSpigot Rings and SpacersBenny Gammelmark10 
Open in new windowUCF11 Celsior vs JZS147 Aristo comparison articleMatt Dellamalva
Open in new windowSC300-SC400 owners must see.Scott Ferguson
Open in new windowHow to Resize PhotosVinh Bui
Open in new windowTips on Buying a Turbo Car - Applies to SoarersCihan Aday
Open in new windowDash repair for DummiesDon Bagnall
Open in new windowInteresting link that explains birth of lexusDavid Topolovac
Open in new windowToyota Technical ArticlesRobert Thomas
Open in new windowToyota Pricing and Valuation Guide (Current for Australia)Adam Lonergan
Open in new windowTiff from Fifth Gear drifts a soarer (very badly)Benny Gammelmark
Open in new windowEPA vehicle/exhaust noise testers in VictoriaAdam Lonergan
Open in new windowEPA Victoria finesMaurice Diggler
Open in new windowRoad&Track SC400 road testDavid Vaughan10 
Open in new windowAussie Motoring 3L Soarer Review (12/02/2007)Lew Radbourn12 
Open in new windowRADURRA wheelsGreg Hixon
Open in new windowPlaying copied Cd's in CD Player UnitDave Rose38 
Open in new windowCams for 2JZ, 1UZ-FE (all kinds) Miles Baker11 
Open in new windowMine's web siteJeff Smith
Open in new windowTarga TasmaniaCallum Finch16 
Open in new windowLegalities of Aftermarket Blow Off Valves (BOV)Brian Timms
Open in new windowFor those that bought EBAY dump pipes,Please Note!Jeff Smith
Open in new windowHow to Copy and Convert YouTube Movies – Free Naveen Perera
Open in new windowInsurance HelpJames Barnett
Open in new windowJapanese to EnglishRichard Baird18 
Open in new windowWarning! DO NOT BUY THE EBAY CT12A Turbos.Jeff Smith32 
Open in new windowHow to dismantle ct12a turbo's.Chris Firman
Open in new window* Novated Leases explained *Matthew Sharpe17 
Open in new windowLegalities, Engineering and DefectsDavid Henderson
Open in new windowLooking for a Toyota badge diagram!Jeff Smith12 
Open in new windowThe "Hoon" PetitionMatthew Werner58 
Open in new windowCT12A Detailed SpecificationsDrew Rechner
Open in new windowLate 94 & 95 ECU wiring diagram for AdaptronicTai Johnsen
Open in new windowJapanese Auction Site.Dale Holan11 
Open in new windowToyota Technical ArticlesJeff Bedsor
Open in new window191 kws stock or is it 140-160 kwsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowBob Jane Virtual Rim SelectorBrenton Trafford
Open in new windowSomeone having a bit of fun in a SoarerAlen Sadikovic
Open in new window1UZ Dune buggy ??Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowChanging the diff centre.Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowPolishing your cars!Brian Kelly35 
Open in new windowEarly Soarer story from 1990Mike Beck
Open in new windowFCD Rajiv Wickramaratne
Open in new windowOnline Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog and Tech Write upsMike Beck11 
Open in new windowEmanage Ultimate + Plus 1JZ IAT & Coolant Temp SensorsCihan Aday
Open in new windowGood bye "VERTEX D1 Soarer"Aaron Casey13 
Open in new window1UZFE in 76 merc 280seAdrain Parsons12 
Open in new windowTyre/Rim size calculatorKaloy Szyd
Open in new windowGReddy Turbo TimerHakan Pasha
Open in new windowJust got my hands on SC400/SC300 factory catalogue... here is a pre...Don Bagnall
Open in new windowSoarer Production VideoPeter Nitschke13 
Open in new windowSEMA 2009 Car pics (Drool!)Ali Saeed
Open in new windowToyodiy.comMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowHeadlight refurbishment (Sunshine Coast)Dan McColl
Open in new windowLeather repairs, window tinting etc (Sunshine Coast)Mike Bradberry
Open in new windowRevenue Camera Site please joinJoshua Rao38 
Open in new windowSoarer being tested when NEW....also compared with Mazda Cosmo!Matthew Sharpe21 
Open in new window96/97 EMV translated courtesy of Katsuji J.P.Dave Rose14 
Open in new windowLexus SC400 1992 dealer introduction video Mike Beck
Open in new windowFitting cheap Chinese double din radio/tv to a 1991 non emv soarerNorman Corry
Open in new windowToyota Soarer Workshop Manual link (1UZ-FE - V8) & (2JZ-GE - 6cyl...Herman Sanchez
Open in new windowThe FULL Soarer video (long, but interesting)Kevin Peter18 
Open in new window new turbo on what to doMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowLexus Owners manualMatthew Weaver
Open in new windowGiving too much info onlinePeter Nitschke24 
Open in new windowReport this car White Toyota Soarer sedan - registration WZG-849Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowCompliance for a 97 V8 GT L Patrick Leary
Open in new windowSoarer topgear reviewMichael James
Open in new window1994 LS400 UK dealership videoMike Beck
Open in new windowWriteup on he development of the soarerSebastian Grant
Open in new windowGood reference infoTom Richards
Open in new windowF1 turbo Ben Lipman
Open in new windowGull Wing / 2.5 GT-TL PackageMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAll things SoarerMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowDiscovery Channel - Wheeler Dealers S04E06 - Lexus LS400Scott Vim13 
Open in new window2 great Soarer history articlesAli Saeed10 
Open in new windowSoarer DNA?Dave Rose
Open in new windowSupra has hit the streetsMitch Templar
Open in new window220 MPH TOYOTA Dave Rose
Open in new windowALSCSimon Triantafillou
Open in new windowSoarer meet 2015 thanks to Katsuji Ueda Dave Rose
Open in new windowClub registrationRicky Liddy
Open in new windowSC 300 meter/dash transplantTai Johnsen
Open in new windowSuper supra .Mike Beck
Open in new windowTAKATA Air bag recallTim Schroeter
Open in new windowPerth Soarers 4th Nov Dave Rose
Open in new windowSupraDave Rose
Open in new windowParts Scott Vim
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