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Open in new windowTT 92 soarer spluttering Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowTT strip down Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowOverheating IssueRoss Pesina10 
Open in new windowThermo fan clutch issuesTai Johnsen
Open in new windowThrottle position sensor, what's it used for?Roland Elliott18 
Open in new windowInitial idle speed on start upJohn Stafford
Open in new windowFirst JZZ30 Service Benjamin Kelly
Open in new windowMy TT's engine keeps cutting outDanny Dinh10 
Open in new windowSudden oil leak after road tripMatt Muscat
Open in new windowIgnitorDave Rose16 
Open in new windowAlternator advice, cost ?Tom Richards
Open in new windowCrank bolt thread sizeMatchy Loi
Open in new windowSoarer won't start after storageBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowA soarer is in the wreck yard... Vic.Raoul Duke
Open in new windowCoolant hoseMichael Ciola
Open in new window2jz auxiliary tensioner David James
Open in new windowCam gear noiseTai Johnsen
Open in new window1jzgte oil pressure at warm idle...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowSoarer 1jz dies on warm startupKurt Atzmuller
Open in new windowSoarer leaking gas out of over flow.Mike Dunbar
Open in new windowNeed driveshaft center hanger bearing part number!! Ross Pesina
Open in new windowWeird Surging IssueGarth Williams
Open in new windowHesitation issueOleg Akulshin
Open in new windowCheck engine light comes on after walbro pump installOleg Akulshin20 
Open in new windowEFI 52 problemBrett Harrison15 
Open in new windowWeird Oil LeakJohn Khanh
Open in new windowTT oil filter removalJohn Khanh51 
Open in new window1JZGTE IAT relocationRicky Liddy10 
Open in new windowCalling gurus intermittent smoke BIG readJosh Mcgrath
Open in new windowSC300 SC400 Factory Manual Download - 4000+ Pages FREECosta Tsimiklis26 
Open in new windowTurbo water gasket part number helpCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowBlue smokeRobert Day
Open in new windowHelp please, What is causing these oil leaks?Josh Mcgrath
Open in new windowRemoving Harmonic BalancerIan Gordon
Open in new windowWater pump differencesBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAnnoying problemOleg Akulshin12 
Open in new windowI need some helpDavid Lynch
Open in new windowIdentify Injectors Garth Williams11 
Open in new windowThermostat - what is the factory opening temperature?Shane Haverkamp24 
Open in new windowStock Production Cars 1/4 Mile Spreadsheet Matthew Sharpe24 
Open in new windowCoil Packs + Cracks + AralditeRoland Elliott32 
Open in new windowDash coolant Temp Sensor - Need help.Rob Charles14 
Open in new window2JZ oilpump in 1JZAli Saeed
Open in new windowEngine RecoAllan Langford
Open in new windowUltimate Sleeper GuideJay Asghari34 
Open in new windowMystery Turbo TimerMatt Fairless
Open in new windowSpeedo won't go over 60kmJimmy Chapman
Open in new windowCosta's 1.5JZ Adventures on a Budget + Mythbusters on the 1.5JZ Con...Mark Tierney89 
Open in new windowYellow Jacket Coils.Ross Pesina38 
Open in new window1jz exhaust perth!Tai Johnsen
Open in new window Valve Blounce ?? Robert Day
Open in new windowPerformance Issues.......Robert Day19 
Open in new windowRadiator top pipe interchangable with JZA80 Supras?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowUnknown soundScott Vim
Open in new windowNew Radiator (which one)Ali Saeed10 
Open in new windowBad Misfire issueBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowSoarer suspension issue Allan Langford
Open in new window1JZGTE Drift set upShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowHelp water on top of my spark plugs Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowError code 22...poor idle.Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowTapping noise from top, rear of engine - Valvetrain? Ben Lipman14 
Open in new windowTT Mechanic - Perth Northern SuburbsDave Rose
Open in new windowValve-train noise??Ben Lipman
Open in new windowWon't Start Anymore!!Shane Haverkamp
Open in new window1992 1jz gte hesitation issue NEED HELPKev Reed19 
Open in new windowUrgent help needed, another smoking soarer threadJosh Mcgrath
Open in new windowVvti 1jz start up issuesMatthew Salkeld
Open in new windowCar accelerating on its ownAnthony Mucic
Open in new window1 jz mechanic on the central coastDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowDiagnostic and sensor confustionBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAcceleration Surging/Misfiring Problem, also low idleDaniel Clarke45 
Open in new windowTT running roughBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowStrange problem with my TTKurt Atzmuller
Open in new windowWater hose width size?Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowMystery hanging object :-)...Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowTT overheatingShane Haverkamp13 
Open in new windowNo StartShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowInstalling dump pipe helpZac Clare19 
Open in new windowInlet Manifold Removal Robert Day16 
Open in new windowNasty shutter and "Burping" PLEASE HELPBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowLeaderboard for Fastest Soarers In Australia?Manual Kalianis
Open in new windowO rings behind oil filter/cooler questionAl Shield
Open in new windowFast clicking noise when slowing down please helpZac Clare
Open in new windowGood mechanic in newcastleZac Clare
Open in new windowTurbo Manifold BoltsEzekiel Vozzo18 
Open in new windowHas any one here done a std diagnostic on a 1jzgte using port,TE1 a...Chris Carr21 
Open in new windowWhen doing a diagnostic. port,TE1 and E1.with a tt model is there a...Shane Pleasance12 
Open in new windowSoarer overheating, need help narrowing down what could be the issue?Daniel Clarke12 
Open in new windowFuel pump ECU the same on both TT and V8 models?Omar Amin
Open in new windowNeed to drain radiatorMatt Newman15 
Open in new windowOdd ProblemBraden Tessier12 
Open in new windowStuck In PARKMatt Warn11 
Open in new windowThe Soarer I'm looking into buying misfires, is this a big issue?Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowLooking for a 1jz guru to help gold coast can payAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowAny help pleaseDaniel Langridge13 
Open in new windowRemoving Wheel Hub, PLEASE HELPBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowCar stalls when engine is warm.Darren Bak10 
Open in new windowTemperature Gauge stays under midway for the most part (1JZ GTE)...Ali Saeed
Open in new windowNeed car helpSebastian Welch14 
Open in new windowNEED HELP!!!!!Shane Haverkamp10 
Open in new windowCoolant bypass trick?Tai Johnsen28 
Open in new windowGreddy Profec B Spec 2James Tims
Open in new window1jz or 2jz Torque converter difference?Boris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowReplacement O-Ring for power steering suction portAusten Menze30 
Open in new windowIn limp mode. Errors 14, 21, 25, 42, 52Kaloy Szyd11 
Open in new windowKeep getting Knock Sensor error 52 messageMichael Sinay
Open in new windowGetting a VASS certificate for single turbo and modifications + EPA...James Tims
Open in new window1JZ/2JZ clutch fan interchangeableJohnny Brasche
Open in new windowKnock Sensor locationMichael Sinay
Open in new windowSump removal - Need GURUS!Layton Molenaar
Open in new windowPyrometer?Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowTime for a clutch.... :-( ...Ryan McDonough36 
Open in new windowRaidiatorShane Austin
Open in new window1jz vvt-i swap to 2jz vvt-iAli Saeed
Open in new windowCar completely cuts out resets radio, turbo timer even dash and ca...James Tims21 
Open in new windowStrange noise under acceleration.Shane Haverkamp26 
Open in new windowSoarer TT earth pointsDave Rose
Open in new windowBattery, oil and overheat symbols flashing crazily on dashJames Tims
Open in new windowHELP code 12, 13 - car strandedShane Haverkamp18 
Open in new windowSoarer sometimes hard to start when warm.Lyall Jeanneret10 
Open in new windowO2 SensorRoss Pesina11 
Open in new windowTemps in my TTBoris Siljanoski38 
Open in new window big boost leak out of dipstick tubeCosta Tsimiklis17 
Open in new windowWeird problemAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowWill not start upTerry Heaton15 
Open in new windowClutch Fan information.Harry Doling13 
Open in new windowIntake manifold plumbing helpLuke Wright
Open in new windowManual Tailshaft QuestionSykes Ettinoffe
Open in new windowMy soarer has issues i need help with! Arron Fone
Open in new window1jz rebuildDavid Henderson
Open in new windowMaster Cylinder Manual ConversionMatt Newman
Open in new windowR154 slave cylinder Pushrod length?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowReverse polarity disaster helppppJames Tims28 
Open in new windowEngine problem???Rocky Horne15 
Open in new windowExpert Advice Please Ernest George18 
Open in new windowBLOWN 120 AMP White FuseRocky Horne
Open in new windowBlown rear light warning on dash?Julian Mazur
Open in new windowJZZ30 Soarer, 60,000ks... Sitting for 4 years.Rob Smith13 
Open in new windowBlown radiatior! will auto radiator fit in manual engine bay?Sebastian Grant
Open in new windowOff with its head??Rocky Horne21 
Open in new windowBoost problemJames Tims27 
Open in new windowFault speedo?Tim Hutchings
Open in new windowConvert to manual or build auto box??Rob Smith20 
Open in new windowJust installed dumps, now wideband is showing closed loop AFR of 16...Michael Sinay10 
Open in new windowLeaking Valve - Unplugged valve - HELPShane Haverkamp19 
Open in new windowSomeone explain how turbo sup' mods work?Enzo Seidl10 
Open in new windowIntermittent Low Idle ProblemJesse Webber22 
Open in new windowBlueish smoke on warm upDaniel Clarke33 
Open in new windowHelp?!Shane Haverkamp22 
Open in new window2jzgte > soarer V 11ty million Michael Fuhrmann
Open in new windowSqueaking noise/bearingJames Buchan
Open in new window1JZ sealsShane Haverkamp27 
Open in new windowOil leak near the back of engine..Matthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowECU caps VVTiJacob Thomas14 
Open in new windowRunning 2jz ECU on Soarer with soarer transmissionWalter Gillmore14 
Open in new window1JZGTE Engine Vent hose (turbo side)Enzo Seidl
Open in new windowVIDEO: Is my Turbo Blown?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowOil filter relocation kitsJames Buchan
Open in new windowDo I need to have a steering wheel with an airbag?James Tims16 
Open in new window1jz breaking down under full load over 14 psi.. plz help.Daniel Clarke33 
Open in new windowMore questions!Dave Rose
Open in new windowCan it affect the carWalter Gillmore16 
Open in new windowSteering problemJeff Smith
Open in new windowJZ Oil Leaks :-(...David Henderson17 
Open in new windowCt12a oil sealsRocky Horne
Open in new windowOil filter part numbersMichael Fuhrmann37 
Open in new windowIs this true David Kilduff
Open in new windowHow much HP can the auto take?James Tims19 
Open in new window2JZ ECU to run a 2jz Engine and 1JZ TransmissionJames Tims
Open in new windowSome issues, not sure where to start...?David Watt20 
Open in new windowTiming belt too tight?Alexander Green
Open in new windowFew knocks on startupEnzo Seidl49 
Open in new windowLow compression in one cylinder..Spencer Cameron13 
Open in new windowCar isn't running :-(...Danny Dinh16 
Open in new windowNo Acceleration Matt Newman
Open in new windowIs it actually possible to fully fill the fuel tank?Blake Gloyn17 
Open in new windowWhat is this?Dan McColl
Open in new windowRADIATOR HOSES AND LOCATIONSGary Rollason33 
Open in new windowBleed valve/boost controllerEnzo Seidl
Open in new windowStrange noise from the exhaustEnzo Seidl10 
Open in new windowWeird startup issueLayton Barker14 
Open in new windowOil pressure gauge installDarren Bauer12 
Open in new windowHas anyone used these valve stem seals?Daniel Clarke
Open in new window1jz Overheating ProblemAlexander Green
Open in new windowCar runs rich, can smell fuel in the exhaustGary Rollason10 
Open in new windowWater pump needs replacing..Davies Craig Electric maybe??Michael Fuhrmann11 
Open in new window1jz vvti to 2jz swapJames Tims10 
Open in new windowWater pump pulleyAlexander Green
Open in new windowCan anyone point me Oki Zoubari
Open in new windowCambelt vibrates (uk)Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowA/f mixture levelsDan McColl
Open in new windowBlowing blue smoke - is my engine on it's last legs???James Tims14 
Open in new windowSerpentile belt tensioner!Nathan Sheehan
Open in new window1jz vvt-i pistonsJason Hunt
Open in new windowBlown Turbo - wont turn over?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowCar won't boost past 10psi - Boost LeakHakan Pasha
Open in new windowGood tyres that are value for moneyMatthew Sharpe32 
Open in new windowCan we run our cars on AVGAS 110 octane?Dan McColl
Open in new windowO2 Sensors for TT Soarer - Fuel consumptionGary Poloskei
Open in new windowOil Pressure warning after recent major serviceNathan Power20 
Open in new windowAnnoying Stall problem (1jz TT - AUTO) Mihail Labanov
Open in new windowNot firing on cylinder oneAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowPorcelian dropped into chamber. Im screwed right??Matthew Sharpe35 
Open in new windowLovely surprise. Check this out!David Henderson26 
Open in new windowEngine overheatingDaniel Clarke26 
Open in new windowDoorstops! What the hell is this!Layton Barker
Open in new windowHELP Timing too high!David Henderson48 
Open in new windowOem toyota partsChristian Zimmer
Open in new windowOverhaul kit..Corey McGregor
Open in new windowWhere to plumb in water temp sensor? Ben Lipman
Open in new windowEngine bay neatening Lewis Thompson14 
Open in new windowBlowing some smoke on cold start HELPLewis Thompson24 
Open in new windowHelp please with water pumpAiden Cheese
Open in new windowI need some work done but where?Lewis Thompson
Open in new windowNeed advice to beat a 12.7Raumin Andaz144 
Open in new windowHow much HP can the 1jz take on stock internals?Jay Asghari10 
Open in new windowCar hesitant and stuttering James Tims
Open in new windowCan someone tell me why i keep destroying radiator caps?Bjorn Kaandorp19 
Open in new windowRWC in VictoriaLayton Barker
Open in new windowShocks blown or control arm bushings....maybe both?Hakan Pasha
Open in new window200km Service questions Gary Poloskei
Open in new windowReplacing both Upper and Lower oil pans - Anyone done it before?Gary Poloskei
Open in new window91 TT radiatorShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowUn turbo 1jzTTAdam Day10 
Open in new window1jz > 2nd valvesMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowBlown 1jz, need helpJason Hunt14 
Open in new windowBoost Gauge acting DodgyShane Haverkamp
Open in new window1Jz head on 2jzge block problemsMatt Newman14 
Open in new windowError code in Japanese Daniel Clarke12 
Open in new windowStarting issueCalan Fitzmaurice
Open in new windowStrange sound please HELP!!!James Tims
Open in new windowEngine Torque DamperDaniel Clarke10 
Open in new windowWhich fuel pump to use. 270kwDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowA340le 1jz cressida box in a 1jz soarerJames Micheals
Open in new windowTT making a stutter noiseDanny Dinh22 
Open in new windowCar stalls on cold nightsJames Buchan
Open in new windowHow do i use the safc2 to run higher boostLayton Barker
Open in new windowISCVMatthew Weaver14 
Open in new windowVVTI JZZ30 ECU pinout diagramMatthew Smith
Open in new windowEngine whine on startup...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowSudden Acceleration with leight throttle application?Boris Siljanoski10 
Open in new windowName that part (broken) - coming off the throttle bodyLuke Tongs12 
Open in new windowTT advice - high idle on cold startup ??James Tims
Open in new windowThrottle dash pot question.Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowJzz30 auto interchangeable gearbox??Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHelp me find the Passenger Side Rear K-Frame Bush Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowMisfiring on Idle.Michael Larcombe16 
Open in new windowTowing another carMatthew Harrison
Open in new windowStarter Motor has goneMichael O'Driscoll18 
Open in new windowWhich ATF to useJames Micheals
Open in new windowHarness connection to coilpack issue - Photo providedJames Tims
Open in new windowTight Buckets/Followers After Valve Stem Seal ReplacementMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowBad idle vibration after full serviceSimon Trainos23 
Open in new windowInstalling Mechanical Boost GaugeHakan Pasha52 
Open in new windowAnyone have a radiator pressure tester in melbourneRobbie Rashleigh
Open in new windowRadiator's interchangable?Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowGearbox queriesJames Micheals
Open in new windowSnapping cv diff shaftsWalter Gillmore24 
Open in new windowJerky Cruising under no-loadDave Rose11 
Open in new windowBlue smoke on start upChris Hills14 
Open in new windowJust some things i've been doing this past week.. Lots of pics!Robbie Rashleigh
Open in new windowLine pressure cable adjustment, how much slack on full throttle open?Boris Siljanoski11 
Open in new windowMechanic around Sydney areaJan Christiansson
Open in new windowWeird ride quality issue, soarer experts please advise!Nathan Sheehan
Open in new windowPulling Cam position sensors out. 1jz Robbie Rashleigh
Open in new windowTiming advanced or retarded?Matthew Sharpe23 
Open in new windowRev limiter stalling when fast accelerationMatthew Hamono20 
Open in new window1jz hesitation/misfireJames Tims
Open in new windowReputable Tuner in Brisbane???Brett Harrison32 
Open in new window1JZ HeadMatchy Loi
Open in new windowOil pressure gauge something wrongBen Lipman13 
Open in new windowUrgent Help Needed Blake Gloyn
Open in new windowStock radiator or after market ???Jason Cheah20 
Open in new windowFUEL PUMP ECU REPLACEMENTPrashant Mohinda
Open in new windowHigh idle with AirconRoss Pesina
Open in new windowTPS CalibrationRoss Pesina
Open in new windowDoes anyone run an apexi avcr ?Adrian McGuire
Open in new windowHighway / City Driving Oil TemperatureBen Lipman
Open in new windowHelp me figure out what this problem is before i burn my soarer!!Daniel Clarke47 
Open in new windowTT will not rev past 2250rpmPaul Ince30 
Open in new windowStrange Issue with engine lightMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowMaking a weird noise, Misfiring, RPM all over the placeJames Tims21 
Open in new windowHELP!!!! car stalling low idleSebastian Grant10 
Open in new windowCompression Test Results. How low, is too low?Matthew Sharpe13 
Open in new windowLack of power up topRoss Pesina14 
Open in new windowTT not starting intrmitantlyHarley Jones
Open in new windowWhining hissing sound..Harley Jones
Open in new windowHelp! Check Engine LightJordan Parker
Open in new windowOverheating (AGAIN!)Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowWTF. Oil is coming out of my exhaust? Please helpDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowWhining screaming noise when accelerate :-( what now ???...Veronica Mead23 
Open in new windowQuick help needed !!Prashant Mohinda10 
Open in new windowNew fan beltJacob Thomas
Open in new windowOverheated on the trackPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowHasn't been used for months and have major misfireMark Brzozowski
Open in new windowAnother TT possibly down....Ross Pesina
Open in new windowSlight misfireChristian Perez
Open in new windowFuel pump locationCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowIs a diff a wise move ?Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowAdjusting the rocker arms Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowNeed help.. replacing exhaust manifold gasket.. checking items befo...Daniel Clarke32 
Open in new windowHigh IdleWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowNeed some helpPrashant Mohinda
Open in new windowRadiator overpressurising and blowing outDanny Dinh16 
Open in new windowMore lag with Adjustable Cam Gear?Ross Pesina
Open in new windowTurbo Hose ReplacementWalter Gillmore
Open in new window100 octane fuelMark Bryant30 
Open in new windowMore Low down punchWalter Gillmore22 
Open in new windowCost of a new Map Sensor ?Cihan Aday
Open in new windowKnocking noiseChris Round12 
Open in new window2JZ Aristo TT Gearbox (Auto) How to fit it into a Soarer???Jason Cheah12 
Open in new windowStroking?Cihan Aday19 
Open in new windowName these parts.. And are they removable?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowOil Filter etcVincent Chan18 
Open in new windowPLEASE HELPShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowLower timing belt coverAaron Casey
Open in new windowBosch 910 fuel pump - anyone using one ?Brett Harrison
Open in new windowSqueeking from rear wheels when movingWalter Gillmore23 
Open in new windowNo accelaration past 30kmph... Michael Mockiewicz13 
Open in new windowMy steering gets heavy when the car is warm. Please assist!James Vaughn11 
Open in new window1jz ECU "ELS" Wire, Power/Ground? Can somebody quickly test on a wr...Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowAcceleration surging and smoke at high revsWalter Gillmore15 
Open in new windowToyota Supra JZA80 Brake Cylinder Stopper, WILL IT FIT A SOARER ?Aaron Mead
Open in new windowPoor acceleration and splutteringJacob Thomas
Open in new windowIdle Control ValveMarco Tentori
Open in new windowMissing under boostAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowMy brain hurts :-( please help!...Walter Gillmore26 
Open in new windowEngine misses when turn turning hard left under power.Adrian McGuire
Open in new window1JZ ECU Harness questionChris Prak
Open in new windowHarmonic Balancer just Broke Matthew Sharpe22 
Open in new windowSpeedo recalabrationBen Lipman
Open in new windowAftermarket plenumn helpPrashant Mohinda11 
Open in new windowSump gasketAaron Casey
Open in new windowUrgent help needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!Prashant Mohinda31 
Open in new windowWill these 2JZ pulleys fit 1JZ ?Costa Tsimiklis
Open in new windowHUGE power loss when thrashing?Daniel Clarke33 
Open in new windowTial BOV, Spring rate ??Brett Harrison
Open in new windowBull at a gate helpMatt Newman38 
Open in new windowNo Boost at manifold....Rob Rojo
Open in new windowSpeedo issues...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowIdle problemChris Prak
Open in new windowSiezed Turbos???Mark Brzozowski
Open in new windowGetting hotter while driving through the hilllsAaron deVisser11 
Open in new windowSteering rack replacementCosta Tsimiklis10 
Open in new windowNeed help with few random lines/wires/plugs on 1jz-gteBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowIgnition lights up but engine wont turn overJohn O'Brien
Open in new windowHumming/Horn Noise during crankingAusten Menze18 
Open in new windowSpark plugsChristian Perez
Open in new windowEngine dramaLayton Molenaar13 
Open in new windowA few vids of my soarer, 2step and flutter :-)...Scott Wilkes22 
Open in new windowCan't get car to start.Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowWho can do manual conversionRhys Salmon12 
Open in new windowFront Crank Seal Removal ??Shane Haverkamp
Open in new windowDoesn't feel like it has the power it should.Aaron deVisser31 
Open in new windowBest way to get more tractionIan Rigby30 
Open in new windowPART NUMBERS NEEDED URGENTLYMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowWhy is my BOV so damn loud?Matthew Sharpe18 
Open in new windowA particular Vacuum Hose...Austen Menze
Open in new windowHelp with some part numbersAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowNeed help my soarer has been dying in power.Rob Rojo26 
Open in new windowLack of powerRob Rojo
Open in new windowClunk noise from front of car-Engine mounts?Daniel Clarke15 
Open in new windowAccelerator pedal being sucked away from my footAdrian McGuire
Open in new windowSubstitute radiator hose ?John O'Brien
Open in new windowSurging powerAaron deVisser
Open in new window1jz soarer misfires high revsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowSoarer helpAdam Foster
Open in new windowWeird problem when coldDaniel Clarke14 
Open in new windowWeird cutting out of power when gear changes :SAiden Cheese
Open in new windowRinging sound when accleratingShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowDiagnostic Code 42 on Volvo 244 with 1JZ-GTE conversionFrank Csapo14 
Open in new windowRecommend me a clutch. Chasing up to 350rwkwCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowFuel cut on decelerationDamian Ware35 
Open in new windowDirect fit BOV for all those who where interestedDavid Duffell
Open in new windowWhat turbo chargers are these?Harley Jones22 
Open in new windowRadiator hose temperaturesAaron Casey15 
Open in new window1JZ/2JZ bare block weight?Costa Tsimiklis17 
Open in new windowThermostat gasket orientation?Aaron Casey
Open in new windowHow to prep the block for a new headgasket?Austen Menze13 
Open in new windowAlternator not chargingWalter Gillmore
Open in new windowBlack SmokeDaniel Salt
Open in new windowRear main seal questionCosta Tsimiklis
Open in new windowARP head stud torquing?Michael Larcombe
Open in new windowOil leak on the inlet side of engine.Aaron Casey
Open in new windowAre these Problems related?Aiden Cheese10 
Open in new windowStrange sounding problem,James Buchan26 
Open in new windowWater outlet difference?Aaron Casey
Open in new windowStarter motor done its self in!!!!!Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowHave to nail the pedal to get o2 sensor to work?Jacob Thomas14 
Open in new windowAlmost to the point of giving up!!!Christian Perez10 
Open in new windowQuick warning light questionChristian Zimmer
Open in new windowBuzz noise coming from pollution boxChristian Perez
Open in new window1JZ serpentine belt size? Jacob Thomas
Open in new windowMisfire driving me mad.Jeff Bedsor21 
Open in new window1jz missing something severe!!!!Jeff Bedsor18 
Open in new windowNo startGuy Moore
Open in new windowTT missing on idle, when running feels like its being held backAndrew Hargreaves
Open in new windowPLZ HELP. white smoke not all the time?Michael Larcombe10 
Open in new window1JZ-GTE with R154 to 2JZ-GTE and V160, who has done it?Sebastian Grant
Open in new windowPulling out the motor..what to doChris Prak30 
Open in new windowProblems with gearbox kicking back.Aaron deVisser
Open in new windowNew water pump timeDanny Dinh10 
Open in new windowFirst dyno run, went good :-)...Scott Wilkes28 
Open in new windowPoor fuel consumption - will these universal o2 sensors fit?Michael Larcombe16 
Open in new windowHeinous fuel consumptionMichael Larcombe19 
Open in new windowStuff that needs doing when replacing head?Ian Clifford
Open in new windowNeed some input. Oil and over heating problem.Guy Moore
Open in new windowInstalling a New RadiatorMatt Sartori14 
Open in new window1JZ VVTi helpJustin Cook
Open in new windowV-Belt, two different ones for sale??Ben Lipman
Open in new windowStrange TT issueHarley Jones
Open in new windowPower steering and type of oil question Austen Menze
Open in new windowAny way to fix a scored cam cap?Austen Menze
Open in new windowDefinitive 1JZ TPS calibration?Austen Menze
Open in new windowSo it begins AGAINChristian Somerville12 
Open in new windowBoost problem after replacing 02 Sensor.Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowFixed the starter motor, now the car won't start???Sebastian Grant102 
Open in new windowWho wants to deliver the bad news?Ty Mackay45 
Open in new windowExhaust Manifold Stud Torque...Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowWater Pump Installation HelpEvan Kaio
Open in new windowCoolant idle control bypass and throttle bypassAaron Casey
Open in new windowO2 SensorJacob Thomas
Open in new windowWeird starter motor problemsSebastian Grant
Open in new window3 wire oxygen sensorJacob Thomas
Open in new windowLeaking power steering hosesBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowTT oil re-location/cooler kit, removal!!! Help!Blake Davies12 
Open in new windowPower issues. Help PleaseGeorge Dertadian
Open in new windowNeed a new Radiator -- plz help!Rob Rojo
Open in new windowHelp with Greddy knock sensor adapter..Christoffer Bergling
Open in new windowLeak in radiatorDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowCar stalls when reaching 20psi+James Wilson
Open in new windowMap Sensor ReplacementRob Rojo
Open in new windowBubble Noise From Fuel TankChristian Perez
Open in new windowClutch problemsAnthony Pietrala
Open in new window1JZTT(non vvti) Wont rev over 2000 RpmVincent Fontenot
Open in new windowTRD mechanical lsd who owns one?Sebastian Grant
Open in new window1jz valve stem seals, where to buyJustin Richardson
Open in new windowTT Weird problemGuy Moore33 
Open in new windowNeed HelpArun Mohan
Open in new window1JZGTE blows blue smoke at idleChristian Somerville
Open in new windowPROBLEM TTMatt Smith
Open in new windowSoarer Problems misfire during mid RPM really need helpDale Holan10 
Open in new windowHoly Smokes! Think I just blew my headgasket!Paul Ince28 
Open in new windowHELP NEEDED - Intake Manifold RemovalSebastian Grant17 
Open in new windowBoV HKS SSQVTy Mackay
Open in new windowSump CleanAusten Menze14 
Open in new windowIssues after installing 800cc injectors sparks and all! Rob Rojo28 
Open in new windowWhat's this part called?Anu Gunarathna
Open in new windowI need an aluminum radiator asap. Info pleaseKane Chan
Open in new windowLow power and High fuel consumptionJacob Thomas23 
Open in new windowDash temp sensor not working since guage installed.Chris Hilton
Open in new window1JZ missfiring when coldAusten Menze20 
Open in new windowPLease help, car wont start???Justin Rieve22 
Open in new window2jz starterJames Harris
Open in new windowIgnition timingJacob Thomas14 
Open in new windowFront oil seal?Kyle Wathen
Open in new windowChanging the shockies overJames Livas10 
Open in new windowATF3 for TT Auto Transmission - Pls HelpBoris Siljanoski12 
Open in new windowNeed help ASAP Matt Newman
Open in new windowHks oil coolerPrashant Mohinda
Open in new windowManual conversion ecu choice..Scott Wilkes10 
Open in new windowBack from the deadChris Prak
Open in new windowCar idol at 1800rpm even when warmRob Rojo
Open in new windowWhere to buy GMB 2jz-gte Pump or similar?Ryan Rankovic
Open in new windowHighest RWKW using standard auto trans in a TT??Cihan Aday32 
Open in new windowStalling.. chocking.. japenese wrighting on screen please help!Anu Gunarathna14 
Open in new windowBad hesitation when not at operating temperatureFrank Csapo42 
Open in new windowEngine CleanerJames Harris24 
Open in new windowPart number for coil pack plugJustin Cook
Open in new windowStalling after drivingChris Prak
Open in new windowToyota JZX90 Chaser 1JZGTE 5 Speed Manual Half CutDhanushke Herath13 
Open in new windowAnother catch can questionAusten Menze11 
Open in new window2JZ swap into Soarer. How hard can it seriously be?James Johnson16 
Open in new windowAir Leak? running like a rotoryRob Rojo10 
Open in new windowStupid me!Jeff Smith25 
Open in new windowGuide to installing HKS Fuel Cut Defender WantedRob Rojo12 
Open in new windowMotor dies when shifting hardRob Rojo
Open in new windowWhat do i have to bridge to get the fault codes up? please help!Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowClutch problems..i thinkShan Guansena
Open in new windowPlaces to buy 1j seals/gasketsBoris Siljanoski11 
Open in new windowLoud squeelingNick Okeeffe16 
Open in new windowThe big deal about the 1.5 JZBlake Gloyn33 
Open in new windowEngine conversion limited V8 to TT Christian Somerville24 
Open in new windowNXTPLS died on me tonightRyan Rankovic
Open in new windowBest option to replace TT head gasket?Michael Larcombe34 
Open in new windowOil cooler fitmentSebastian Grant14 
Open in new windowOil pressure warningGary Rollason15 
Open in new windowGoing for ServiceAusten Menze
Open in new windowHOW TO INSTALL NEW THROTTLE BODY/PLENNUM ???Peter Angelopoulos
Open in new window135k serviceJacob Thomas
Open in new windowHead gasket for 1JZ - 86.5mm BoreCihan Aday
Open in new windowWhat needs to be done for a reliable 300rwkw aut o trans?Matthew Crawford11 
Open in new windowAutomatic Transmission ElectricsAiden Cheese
Open in new windowLoud Tapping Noise?Rob Rojo30 
Open in new windowError codes I can't find anywhereBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowA/C fan, does it really need to be there?Dan McColl14 
Open in new windowWhining noise timming belt/camsEvan Kaio18 
Open in new windowWill a Supra MKIV radiator cap fit a Soarer Radiator cap?Dan McColl
Open in new windowSoarer Aluminium Radiator need help ASAPMichael Larcombe
Open in new windowWhining Noise - Power Steering?Trent McKinnon
Open in new windowTiming Belt ReplacementRichard Crockett
Open in new windowHead gasketMatthew Sharpe14 
Open in new windowHead gaskets and sealsNathan Hlad
Open in new windowHelp?Barry Precious14 
Open in new windowJZZ30 Engine Removal (Auto)Evan Kaio11 
Open in new windowEngine noise on cold start upScott Wilkes12 
Open in new windowBoost Controllers – Where to get hose etcBoris Siljanoski20 
Open in new windowHarness removalBen Williams
Open in new windowEngine Oil LevelScott Wilkes17 
Open in new windowSOARER TT WIERD PROBLEM PLZ HELPLew Radbourn46 
Open in new windowHydrolocked motor yesterday in Melbourne storm.Omar Amin16 
Open in new windowRidiculous price for power steering hose, any options other than oem?Sebastian Grant
Open in new windowBit Confused.. what do you think?Rhys Salmon18 
Open in new windowAluminium radiatorSebastian Grant32 
Open in new windowAwful Compression TestBen Williams13 
Open in new windowImporting JDM motorsShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowTo wreck it or fix it?Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowSome sort of sensor helpShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowBrake booster outlet for 2j manifold???Aaron Casey
Open in new windowFloded EngineGarth Williams37 
Open in new windowRadiator contaminated with trans oil. Andrew Jennings
Open in new windowTrouble with TT diagnosticsScott Wilkes
Open in new windowIntake linesMarc Hoffmann
Open in new windowOil leak helpMichael O'Driscoll20 
Open in new windowInlet manifold still giving me greif :-(...Aaron Casey20 
Open in new windowFuel pump ECUSebastian Grant
Open in new windowHow to remove the intake manifold.Aaron Casey
Open in new windowAcceleration issueTyson Adams
Open in new windowCold start problem, help pleaseScott Wilkes38 
Open in new windowHELP Car SplatteringRob Rojo26 
Open in new windowHow easy to R&R 1JZ engine and tranny?David Grab
Open in new windowWhat is this?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowPart numbers for 2jzAaron Casey
Open in new window1JZ servicingRoss Pesina
Open in new windowDiagnostics mode questionBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowStandard 2j fuelAaron Casey
Open in new window2jz measurementsJames Meikle
Open in new windowEjecting crank pully cost?Matchy Loi
Open in new windowSwapping a 1JZ-GTE to 2JZ-GTEMartin Costa
Open in new windowWater hose kits?James Cahir13 
Open in new windowACL Race bearings in 1JZ?Fabian Bordon
Open in new windowWeird noise after dropping the coolantJames Wilson
Open in new windowJzz30 in limp mode deiving me crazyIlia Raykhtin11 
Open in new windowConverting to Electric fans: Can I use the stock water pump?Matthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowCooling flush questionAusten Menze
Open in new windowConverting 1jz rear sump to front sump Help Sam Watson
Open in new windowInlet manifold pics please...bit lost.James Wilson12 
Open in new windowCooling system check - Melbourne's South EastKarl Vanzuyden
Open in new windowHelp need ideas 1jzgte in limp modeJustin Simpson39 
Open in new windowNew soarer T04 Conversion, some questions re thisBlake Gloyn15 
Open in new windowNeed INFO ASAP :-)...Daniel Clarke16 
Open in new windowBeen busy this past week :-)...Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowPossible to fit cruise to a TT that didn't come with it standard?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowCar problem is giving me problems. Help me diagnose.Cihan Aday24 
Open in new windowCooling issues! What should I look at?Aiden Cheese66 
Open in new windowElectrical diagram for the TT engine?Aiden Cheese11 
Open in new windowStock radiator vs. aftermarket radiatorKen Brahniuk18 
Open in new windowWeak midrangeDaniel Clarke18 
Open in new windowThread pitch - Timing belt tensioner pulley??Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowStrange Noise?Austen Menze21 
Open in new windowSmall ProblemScott Wilkes
Open in new windowSo I need to fit a fuel tap/drain valve...Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowFlywheel questionTim Hutchings
Open in new windowDead 1jz need adviceJames Johnson
Open in new windowChanging cam cover gasketsMatthew Sharpe17 
Open in new windowAnother 100K service questionDaniel Panickar
Open in new windowMy base timming 30deg btdc,should b 10?Austen Menze
Open in new windowDifficult to start the engine sometimesSam Tow
Open in new windowLimp modePaul Ince
Open in new windowCar won't start when warmShane Haverkamp11 
Open in new windowPulley kit problemsNathan Hlad
Open in new windowTips on launch techniqueRob Rojo57 
Open in new windowMy soarer wont idle when its coldAusten Menze25 
Open in new windowDiff ratio on a manual TTDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowProblems, 3 possble causes?Ty Mackay29 
Open in new windowBase timing is out?Austen Menze
Open in new windowHow much power can the auto box handle??David Grab13 
Open in new windowTT timing beltDave Rose21 
Open in new windowWarning Error after heavy footDanny Dinh
Open in new windowOil filter questionWalter Gillmore27 
Open in new windowDash warning light says CHARGE Aiden Cheese28 
Open in new windowWhat oil to run in 1jzgte soarerDavid Grab57 
Open in new window1jzgte torque main cap specsBen Lucas
Open in new window150K serviceKevin Trac
Open in new windowRawring fan like a truckMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowJust got new manual soarerKevin Trac
Open in new windowManual conversion speedo sender a cheaper wayDarren Driscoll
Open in new windowThrottle cableDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowYes, Another won't idle thread but different..Austen Menze14 
Open in new windowKnock sensor probsCarlo Cervo
Open in new windowTrans cooler question.Tim Hutchings20 
Open in new windowA-Pillar pod for the soarer.Daniel Panickar24 
Open in new windowAnother post for Tref regarding stuck windowsPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhats going on? BHG?Narvey Vilaythong
Open in new windowWorn plastic cogsShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowTiming BeltNickel Quimada
Open in new window1jz gte rebuildDavid Duffell
Open in new windowPCV operation under boost? possible boost leak?David Barnes
Open in new windowReplacing PCV valve with 2jz valveDale Holan13 
Open in new windowRadiator repair in MaroubraDanny Dinh
Open in new windowModifications..what to do, what to do....Michael Bradshaw18 
Open in new windowExternal wastegate installation help?Chris Davey
Open in new windowOil TestScott Casey
Open in new windowStutter on cold startDavid Barnes
Open in new windowTricks to removing PCV grommet?Frank Csapo
Open in new windowRANDOM STALLNathan Hlad
Open in new windowSmoke from mates soarerScott Wilkes12 
Open in new windowTook some photos tonight :-)...Scott Wilkes12 
Open in new windowWith Oil Change Comes Loss of Power :S and Exhaust question.Aiden Cheese
Open in new windowHow long beforeMichael Lucas
Open in new windowCar backfiring under load in upper revsScott Wilkes18 
Open in new windowREAR LIGHT error messageKen Yo
Open in new windowOverheating Problem..Matthew Werner29 
Open in new windowCOOLANT LEAKScott Wilkes
Open in new windowDetonation :-(...Shane Austin13 
Open in new windowVentilation hose between the cam coversBen Lipman
Open in new windowStock BOV connection helpEddie Prasad
Open in new windowHoly smoke. Is it valve stems, turbos or what?Matthew Werner
Open in new windowLoss of power when warmed upAusten Menze28 
Open in new windowMiss Fire at full throttleJosh Totall14 
Open in new windowAux fan kicking inScott Wilkes
Open in new windowRear Diff mount bushes part number?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowNeed a Perth, WA Mechanic Urgent!!!Keenan Edinger
Open in new window"Normal" oil pressure?Frank Csapo15 
Open in new windowApexi AVCR boost controller? Scott Wilkes43 
Open in new windowLooking for ballpark figures Walter Gillmore
Open in new windowHi Guys can I use E10 safelyAndrew Hargreaves15 
Open in new windowWhat is this?Chris Prak
Open in new window02 Sensor ReplacementScott Wilkes17 
Open in new windowBroken fan shroudsMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowIdling ProblemDavid Tra
Open in new windowSluggish / no boost HELPJosh Totall
Open in new windowV mountDave Cazes
Open in new windowNeed Help Diagnosing A Mechanical ProblemDavid Grab
Open in new windowCar won't rev past 2000rpmJeff Bedsor
Open in new windowWater pump gasket partnr.?? 1JZ-GTE James Johnson10 
Open in new windowWho has a Supra fuel pump?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowLock problem Yang Luo
Open in new windowECU questionJames Cahir
Open in new windowExhaust cam gearDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowIdle speed lowDaniel Panickar
Open in new windowSlow oil leakMichael Lucas
Open in new windowO2 sensorDavid Key
Open in new windowCar is Misfiring/Popping when hitting boostManual Kalianis18 
Open in new windowWhat to do now ?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowNeed a part numberAndrew Keddie
Open in new windowO2 sensor replacementDavid Key15 
Open in new windowBov placementMatchy Loi
Open in new windowWhere to now?Matthew Tai
Open in new windowAirfilter?James Harris22 
Open in new windowSoarer JZZ30 1JZGTE Part No.'sBobby Green
Open in new windowEngine mountsCameron Laufer
Open in new window2jz cam gears on a 1jzJames Harris30 
Open in new windowManifold pressure vs boost via EBC pressureJames Harris
Open in new windowBlowing dipstick :-(...Adam Barry31 
Open in new windowWould this workLuke Burt
Open in new windowOverheating after shut down.Andrew Ferres37 
Open in new windowEnigne 'stuttering' or losing power in heavy rainGeoff McHeyzer
Open in new windowBest PLace to get a service in Brisbane?James Harris
Open in new windowSmokin............Chris Prak
Open in new windowFan problemsAndrew Keddie
Open in new window1JZ Crank pulley. My bolts may be stripped.Matchy Loi
Open in new windowPower steering issueBrett Cutts
Open in new windowWater gushing noises?Brett Cutts
Open in new windowReplacing water pumpDanny Dinh14 
Open in new windowSo i found thisMichael Lucas
Open in new windowBlue Smoke and SputterChristopher Clarke
Open in new windowRattling in engine bayAndrew Keddie
Open in new windowBuilding a 1jzMichael Keen24 
Open in new windowSoarer wont startDaniel Clarke21 
Open in new windowGot a rattleOwen Hayes
Open in new windowVibration through car at idle???Scott Wilkes12 
Open in new windowMore Problems AGAIN!Ty Mackay12 
Open in new windowThrottle Position Sensor adjustment????Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowWhining noiseMike Dobkin12 
Open in new windowHks cam gearsNathan Hlad
Open in new windowWhere to buy tein ha'sMichael Lucas
Open in new windowAre these guys trying to rip me off?Mark Tierney
Open in new windowTiming Belt ChangeoverShane Haverkamp11 
Open in new window1jzgte problems, not idling properly, stalling...Kym Modra16 
Open in new windowTT electric fansDon Bagnall14 
Open in new windowReplacing valve stem seals Rob Rojo
Open in new windowJZZ30 Powersteering PumpMax Rockatanski
Open in new windowOil leakScott Wilkes
Open in new windowNew radiator on ebayDanny Dinh
Open in new windowWhat to do before fitting a replacement 1J?Shane Sartori11 
Open in new window440cc vs. 550ccCihan Aday10 
Open in new window1995 TT Soarer OEM radiater part number?Omar Amin
Open in new windowBasic HelpRob Rojo11 
Open in new windowHks pws fluid coolerNathan Hlad14 
Open in new windowBugger, leaking radiatorDaniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowJZZ30 and JZX90...same factory ECU?Peter Nitschke29 
Open in new windowOk Another issue, with boost :-(...Rob Rojo18 
Open in new windowWill this be a straight fit?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowNeed help soarer tt 91Matthew Werner12 
Open in new windowYay - Another Joyous Fluid Leak Onto My Driveway.....Russell Rohde27 
Open in new windowWont rev past 2500Steven Nanevski
Open in new windowI'm back with another problem. :-(...Patrick Robinson
Open in new windowNew to 1j'sLenny Berkefeld
Open in new windowWhere to buy a cam kit?Tref Abbott
Open in new windowStalling carDaniel Clarke13 
Open in new windowNeed blinky dash fix - will pay cashDanny Chatterton11 
Open in new windowHow to perform a diagnostic check on tt soarerBen Lipman
Open in new windowSerpentine belt help??Ben Lipman
Open in new windowTCS Voltage??Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowEcu pin out, for 3 row pins on 1j ecuDanny Chatterton
Open in new windowRadiator problemsTy Mackay18 
Open in new windowPLEEEASE HELP ! Patrick Robinson23 
Open in new windowStainless Steel Radiator..Ty Mackay
Open in new windowHave My Turbos Gone BOOM BOOM =(Ty Mackay17 
Open in new windowI need tyres that Grip....Mark Pattel 37 
Open in new windowFitted oil filter relocation kit, but now no oil pressure?Ben Lipman
Open in new window04111-46033 or 04111-46032 ? .. gasket kit questionKane Chan
Open in new windowFan ClutchMike Dobkin
Open in new windowUnderdrive PulleysDaniel Clarke40 
Open in new windowCoolant/RadiatorTy Mackay16 
Open in new windowI need a valve cover gasket set for the 1JZ.. shipped to CanadaDale Holan
Open in new windowBoost controllerNathan Hlad
Open in new windowPower upgradesNathan Sheehan30 
Open in new windowPASSENGER SIDE FENDER.Ty Mackay
Open in new windowPower steering fluid, nooooooooooooooooooo !Michael Keen
Open in new windowBig power problemLeo Khoshaba33 
Open in new window1jz pcv gasket part number neededAaron Casey
Open in new windowWheel alignmentChris Prak
Open in new windowI think my 1j has been opened?Steven Anderson11 
Open in new windowTyres?..?George Funa10 
Open in new windowDid a bit of polishingDaniel Clarke18 
Open in new windowAHHH FACCCK.....GAD DAM WATERPUMP CRACKED.......AGAIN!!!Mike Dobkin12 
Open in new windowCar wont startMal Nicholson
Open in new windowIdle and acceleration problems after changing Harmonic balancer.Matchy Loi18 
Open in new windowQuick Help On Blocking Off Stock BOVLuke Burt10 
Open in new windowHow ANNOYING!Ty Mackay23 
Open in new windowWhat You Guys Think?Ty Mackay
Open in new windowMy 1JZ runs like a muscle car... ?Kane Chan14 
Open in new windowGT17 turbo...... any good???????David Tra
Open in new windowTurbo timer?Andrew Stewart29 
Open in new windowCOIL PACKS + EPOXYDaniel Clarke12 
Open in new window1JZ AUTO max powerBenjamin Burgess20 
Open in new windowCoil PacksBen Socratous
Open in new windowMORE Problems....Error message...Peter Nitschke24 
Open in new windowTrust radiatorNathan Hlad
Open in new windowPipe sizeAndrew Magee
Open in new windowNew Soarer Big Problems.i thinkTy Mackay30 
Open in new windowCar shuting down on start up.Paul Bernasconi
Open in new windowOH LAWD.....Another Waterpump IssueJames Harris11 
Open in new windowWARNING LIGHT :S !!Rob Rojo
Open in new windowO2 sensor reactions,Nathan Sheehan
Open in new windowScary Moment!!Adrain Parsons
Open in new windowV-spec or r-spec ?Mark Tierney
Open in new window1JZGTE spark plugs 91-96 BKR6EIX will fit?Kane Chan
Open in new windowHelp With Radiator HoseBen Socratous
Open in new windowAnnoying problem Luke Wright
Open in new windowQuick questionAdrain Parsons
Open in new windowPROBLEMS!!Ty Mackay32 
Open in new windowBOV QuestionsChristian Molenda
Open in new windowExperiencing abit of lagRobert Day
Open in new windowBoost gauge problemShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowNo power below 3K RPMDavid Tra11 
Open in new windowWhat next?Dave Cazes
Open in new windowReplacing Cam Cover SealBrendan McGannon
Open in new windowWhere to get radiator in MelbourneMatchy Loi
Open in new window1GGTE Help!!!!! Plus HiShane Haverkamp
Open in new windowEngine noise TTTom Richards
Open in new windowReplacement water pumpJohn Alley
Open in new windowOdd Coolant LeakPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowComp testScott Wilkes19 
Open in new windowHELP!!!!! Error Code ECT 62 and EFI 14Sean Munroe
Open in new windowBov or Pod making noise?Shane Haverkamp14 
Open in new windowBottom end knockJames Harris14 
Open in new windowStock BOV soundJames Linton22 
Open in new windowStalling, black smoke, backfiringJames Linton18 
Open in new windowWhat do I need for a good tune-up 1JZ-GTEJames Harris11 
Open in new windowButterfingers, need some helpShane Haverkamp12 
Open in new windowOrange Warning light??Tristan Maiolo
Open in new windowDiagnostic port??Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowLow Idle problem - found solution!Cihan Aday
Open in new windowSPARK PLUG QUESTIONMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowFuel Pump stuffed??? EMUDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowPaddle clutch?David Grab
Open in new windowDyno ResultsMatthew Standage17 
Open in new windowStandard clutch replacement questionScott Wilkes18 
Open in new windowExtreemly rough on cold start,Brett Harrison
Open in new windowA few problemsChristian Molenda16 
Open in new windowSandwich plate...what thread size?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowA little help Diagnosing my smokey SoarerJames Harris25 
Open in new windowWA Soarer MechanicsNathan Sheehan
Open in new windowAxle tramp something shocking!Mark Pattel 18 
Open in new windowHELP!! Pipe Connection?Andrew Ferres22 
Open in new windowBlow off valve adapter plate???Andrew Hargreaves
Open in new windowHELP! suspected speed sensor failureAndrew Alfonso
Open in new windowTT water line help neededMichael Keen
Open in new windowIntermitent reading temp gauge?Michael Keen
Open in new windowWHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL HAPPENED HERE!!!!!!Patrick Robinson13 
Open in new windowSounds badJames Cahir
Open in new windowDAMMIT!!!!!Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowChanging a knock sensorGarth Williams12 
Open in new windowBig power cooling issues?James Macarin32 
Open in new windowLeaking radiator, opinions/optionsBen Lipman11 
Open in new windowEngine bearingGarth Williams17 
Open in new windowOil burning????Brendan McGannon21 
Open in new window5 spd manuel TT cars help neededDayle Gray
Open in new windowNOS AdviceCallum Finch18 
Open in new windowTorque for flywheel and pressure platesDayle Gray
Open in new windowA few more quick questions for the Soarer Gurus Michael Keen
Open in new windowShift kit in..Now i cant stop Grinning.Matt Sartori
Open in new windowDif oilDaniel Clarke21 
Open in new windowMisfiring when coldBen Vandie14 
Open in new windowSoarer not starting rightDanny Dinh19 
Open in new windowEngine oil question again Yang Luo11 
Open in new window92 Twin turbo soarer Manual Fuel economy??Antonio Hunt15 
Open in new windowOn-road car reset.Lawrence Ostle
Open in new windowLow idle all of a sudden????Scott Wilkes
Open in new window2j with 1j trannyBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowCar Sluggish Too startRob Rojo
Open in new windowIntercooler after swapBen Lipman
Open in new windowOil Cap - Quick question...Don Bagnall
Open in new windowAHHH FRIGGG.........DAM CAR SPUTTERING NOWDave Rose18 
Open in new windowHarmonic BalancerMichael Keen
Open in new windowVarious vacuum line problems (with pics)Michael Keen10 
Open in new windowWater temp guage problem?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowInterference valve engine?Scott Wilkes
Open in new windowTT wont rev past 2500...then wants to die...EFI 41? TPS?Sokoni Forsythe83 
Open in new windowFitting Cruise Control?Brett Harris
Open in new windowWater temp, oil pressure and trans temp sensor points?? where are t...Christian Molenda
Open in new windowLow cost last minute horse power.. Need input.Matthew Sharpe25 
Open in new windowOil Pressure WarningSteven Nanevski
Open in new windowWATERPUMP ITEM NUMBERPatrick Robinson
Open in new windowStarter MotorDon Bagnall
Open in new windowQuestions for the Soarer Gurus of SCDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowWATER PUMP QUICK FIXPatrick Robinson
Open in new windowNeed some helpDon Bagnall19 
Open in new windowFIRST TIME THIS HAPPENED TO ME......Patrick Robinson23 
Open in new windowQ-U-ESTIONPatrick Robinson
Open in new windowWater pump leakMatt Newman
Open in new windowI know you're all jelous, so I'll take your abuse.Cameron Stanley13 
Open in new windowCar starts idles for 2 seconds then stallsDanny Dinh25 
Open in new windowTuned Chris Prak18 
Open in new windowOil leak from head gasket?Chris Prak
Open in new windowCam sealsGary Rollason
Open in new windowSchreeching noise on start upBrian Timms10 
Open in new windowFuel Cut?Nickel Quimada
Open in new windowIAT Sensor Signal?Anthony Weller
Open in new windowTT More torque in the lower rev range?David Wojcik17 
Open in new windowLeaking something from engine !James Cahir15 
Open in new windowCruise controlCameron Stanley
Open in new windowCompression Tests + MethodsCihan Aday24 
Open in new windowTwin turbo condition questionBraden Murdoch18 
Open in new windowMaking it run (clutch, tranny idle etc)Tume Penttinen
Open in new windowStandard 1994 TT what are part numbers forDon Bagnall
Open in new windowOpinions needed, Just a BHG or not?Scott Ferguson
Open in new windowOverheating issuesDaniel Clarke15 
Open in new windowBelt size after removing AC compressor?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowRadiator Fan Blade Neil Griffiths
Open in new windowWindow ProbPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowLeaking power steering fluid! James Johnson14 
Open in new windowWhat is this in diagnostic port?Joshua Rao14 
Open in new windowHelp - TT rear brake disc removalFran Valdivia
Open in new windowBreaking down at 4200rpm Daniel Clarke21 
Open in new windowOVER HEATING PROBLEMAlen Sadikovic10 
Open in new windowTT pwr steer bearingDon Bagnall10 
Open in new windowLow boost and high boostDaniel Clarke
Open in new window5000rpm vibration.... and other problems nowDaniel Clarke18 
Open in new windowLow power. puzzled.Christian Molenda
Open in new windowSmoke on startup once in ever 100 startsScott Gates
Open in new windowNeed Help with NSW Blue slip in Tweed HeadsBehruz Jamshidi
Open in new windowOil Temperature too high!Anuradha Vithanage27 
Open in new windowStarting issues when hotBrian Rozario
Open in new windowSlight Pinging/Mis firingLouis Angelopoulos22 
Open in new windowThred pitch of oil filterSebastian Grant
Open in new windowQuick questionKarl Martin
Open in new windowHelp with a quoteCameron Stanley19 
Open in new windowBig issue with my car during the dragsPeter Nitschke43 
Open in new windowTorque settings for engine mounts?Ben Lipman
Open in new windowDyno resultsDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowNeed helpDave Cazes20 
Open in new windowPower Stearing Seals Maurice Diggler
Open in new windowWheel Bearing QuestionKen Tran15 
Open in new windowUnderdrive pulley - harmonic balancerYang Luo
Open in new windowNew dyno results, also some things you dont know yet...Cihan Aday18 
Open in new windowCar Overheating STILL!Christian Zimmer11 
Open in new windowHow to tell what type of turbo you have?Blake Davies
Open in new windowCustom pipingDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowECU coolant temp sensor locationJames Cahir
Open in new window100,000km Service, What Parts Are Needed ?James Harris17 
Open in new windowDoes a supra radiator fir in zz30?James Harris
Open in new window1JZ crank puuley tension nm Jayson Nicoll
Open in new windowHELP!! Car dyingRyan McDonough11 
Open in new windowE-manage map sensor installationCihan Aday
Open in new windowStrange Stalling Adam Olsen
Open in new windowHelp please! Oil not drainingRyan McDonough22 
Open in new windowReplaced timing belt and now this!??Alex Aguirre16 
Open in new window7MGTE spark plugs in 1JZChristian Molenda
Open in new windowCheap oil relocation kit?Ben Evans11 
Open in new windowLost boost and a rattle on turbo side of engine.Paul Kalie
Open in new windowDid an oil change and now knocking noise in engineJames Brodie11 
Open in new windowPower problems-solved!Brendan McGannon
Open in new windowHelp please urgentMichael Keen17 
Open in new windowHKS FCD JZX100 install Jayson Nicoll
Open in new windowDash Message Anuradha Vithanage48 
Open in new windowFan/radiator Shroud? Quick QuestionBlake Davies
Open in new windowModified soarer TT engine oil leaking? Trent Osborne29 
Open in new windowAnyone got a capillary oil pressure guage?Josh Brown
Open in new windowEngine revs to 2000rpm then drops to 500rpmCraig Morris20 
Open in new windowDirty oil black and white smokeDavin Kemshead
Open in new windowMy dyno dynamics dyno run.opinionsDamien Murray
Open in new windowHas Timing Belt Slipped ?Sami Ansari13 
Open in new windowLooking for a mechanic around parramattaGeorge Funa
Open in new windowThe best engine oil to use? Yes, I know this gets brought up a lot.Blake Davies42 
Open in new windowNeed Help dont know whats going on!!Paul Heginbotham
Open in new windowHow do you remove a Boost Gauge?Blake Davies
Open in new windowMysterious hose??Joshua Rao14 
Open in new windowAlmost Getting HotDavin Kemshead
Open in new windowA Question out of curiosityAaron Grenadier
Open in new windowShift Performance Oil Cooler & Relocater Kit.Blake Davies33 
Open in new windowMain sealDavid Henderson
Open in new windowSilly idle problem helpMichael Keen31 
Open in new windowWhats the normal temperature for a 1JZ?Cihan Aday
Open in new windowSpring Tune UpGrant Franz
Open in new windowNew turbos on my car, now overheating.Tim Hutchings
Open in new windowPower problemsDaniel Clarke11 
Open in new windowIdle problemTume Penttinen
Open in new windowCan someone point me to the waterpump/timing belt replacement tutor...Daniel Clarke29 
Open in new windowSpeed Sensor/gear changingVineet Naidu
Open in new windowGreddy Profec E-01 (anyone using it?)Jeff Bedsor
Open in new windowWhat is the normal Engine compression for 1JZ?Shaun Chiew
Open in new windowCalling All Electrical Gurus - Urgent Help NeededBrian Timms
Open in new windowDifference between aristo gearbox vs soarer vs supra mkivNiclas Backstrom
Open in new windowSerpentine belt replacementBen Lipman11 
Open in new windowKnocking on Start UpBrian Timms55 
Open in new windowLooking for some advice on planned gt35r setupKarl Martin19 
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