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Open in new windowCar not getting enough fuel ?Mike Beck
Open in new windowSeafoamGoetz von Gneisenau
Open in new windowWater pump replacement Michael Butas
Open in new windowMissing component?Dave Rose
Open in new window1991 V8 Soarer revs high in park but limps to 2000 rpm in drive.Mike Beck10 
Open in new windowRunning rich? Smelling fuelRoland Elliott
Open in new windowDreaded Alternator Warning Light Roland Elliott
Open in new windowSoarer CoolantAdam Hodgson
Open in new window1UZ R154 conversion trans mountMarcus Cimino
Open in new windowV8 radiators. do they differ over the years??Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowNew thread looking for help to solve a problem with full throttle m...Ian Davidson112 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Replaced ECU, jumped FP to B+, still won't startGoetz von Gneisenau
Open in new windowBrake SystemMark Brunning
Open in new window1uz v-belt idlerJeff Bunsell
Open in new windowHELP! need mechanic for alternator probs QLD.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowUZZ32 won't idle, replaced IAC and tried the fuel pump fixCorin Grieves11 
Open in new windowWet Weather causing soarer to go into asian modeMike Beck
Open in new windowCurrent oil opinionsMark Brunning
Open in new windowReplacement intake valvesGoetz von Gneisenau
Open in new window300,000km serviceScott Vim
Open in new windowParts Required for Hydraulic Fan Pump OverhaulRoland Elliott
Open in new windowHydro fan VVTI and Non VVTIGoetz von Gneisenau
Open in new windowCar cuts out v8John Summergreene
Open in new windowSoarer headlightsPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowV8 hunting idle when warmTim Schroeter
Open in new windowSoarer v8 oil filterMark Brunning
Open in new window1UZZ31 Cranks but will not startTsai lue12 
Open in new windowAir filter v8Mark Brunning
Open in new windowOil filter replacement for v8Mark Brunning15 
Open in new windowAll v8's faster from 50-100kph than 0-50kph? Low rpm power fixes?Tom Claffey
Open in new windowECU failed. Check your ECU ASAP!Randy Poffo27 
Open in new windowFuel smell John Stafford12 
Open in new windowDeveloped a missNathan Roberts
Open in new windowV8 issue when car is warmed upNathan Roberts13 
Open in new windowStalling...Nathan Roberts
Open in new windowRough running hot catsNathan Roberts
Open in new windowRaoul dukeRaoul Duke
Open in new windowAll your crazy Soarer issues solved! (Most interesting thread)....Patrick Mccreanor
Open in new windowWhat 12 voltsMike Beck
Open in new windowCharcoal canister servicePatrick Mccreanor10 
Open in new windowWon't startTom Richards12 
Open in new windowHow to run PCV + catch canMike Beck
Open in new windowHigh idle only when cold, thoughts?Scott Vim22 
Open in new windowPCV valve - Where to buy?Tom Richards
Open in new windowOverheating very slightlyAndrew Brown
Open in new windowSteering Column CushionRoss Cochran
Open in new windowHelp with uzz32 Ekrem Vrbovac
Open in new windowNew Soarer already giving me the sh!ts.Robert Faggian59 
Open in new windowHeads up. Cars being stolen. IMPORTANT INFO INSIDE!Raoul Duke
Open in new windowBlown Head Gasket - 1UZ-FERaoul Duke
Open in new windowHard startingJohn Stafford93 
Open in new windowManual v8 idle issuesRaoul Duke
Open in new window1997 UZZ31 Dying RandomlyRaoul Duke18 
Open in new windowHow to calibrate speedo for bigger wheels?Ricky Liddy
Open in new windowJust pointing something out about FUELS.Raoul Duke
Open in new window91'UZZ30, Engine ECU and/or Fuel Pump ECU troubleRaoul Duke
Open in new windowWho here can still do a burnout with their V8?Raoul Duke23 
Open in new windowEngine hunting off throttleRaoul Duke
Open in new window91 sc400 miss firing on low revsRaoul Duke
Open in new windowV8 AFM Raoul Duke
Open in new windowNeed a Soarer ECU repair? Call this guy. (VIC)Raoul Duke14 
Open in new windowGold Coast mechanic anyonePeter Nitschke
Open in new windowTiming belt slipping , crankshaft pulley 0 mark 180 degrees offTom Richards21 
Open in new windowHead removal on the V8John Stafford
Open in new windowUZZ31 with 1 litre/kilometre or 1 kilometer/litreBruce Gillam14 
Open in new windowHard starting, Hard running.Randy Poffo
Open in new windowStrange TickingJohn Street
Open in new windowCoolant expansion tank for 91 V8 Jan van Berendonk12 
Open in new windowSoarer bush sizes incorrect?Brett Harrison11 
Open in new windowPost 1uz >w58 conversion.. Slow after it heats up then...Gavin Johnstone
Open in new windowEngine idleBrett Harrison
Open in new windowV8 stalling when put into drive or reverseDan Newton
Open in new windowPart nameScott Vim
Open in new windowUZZ32 Grinding soundEkrem Vrbovac57 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Starting IssuesMichael Mockiewicz11 
Open in new windowV8 Coil issueTom Richards15 
Open in new windowCoolant Flush with Tectaloy Red - Bad?Martin Brown
Open in new windowAcceleration IssuesEkrem Vrbovac
Open in new windowMajor Service KitPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowBlock sealScott Vim
Open in new windowPower Steering Pump ExchangeJohn Street
Open in new windowPower steering pump boltsScott Vim
Open in new windowHelp open door errorPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowAlternator not charging messageJohn Street
Open in new windowFew issuesScott Vim10 
Open in new windowTPS problem?Chris Stephenson
Open in new windowCatalytic Convertors AdviceMike Beck13 
Open in new windowGear level moving when coming to a stopScott Vim12 
Open in new windowPower steer pump rebuild issueTom Richards
Open in new windowTorque Convertor Issues?Dave Rose27 
Open in new windowFuel gauge issues - already cleaned it.Rob Charles12 
Open in new windowJap Spec Seatbelts for UZZ31 - wantedRob Charles
Open in new windowUZZ32 steeringTim Schroeter14 
Open in new windowRant about working on a SoarerDave Rose54 
Open in new windowHow to remove ECU? followed guides - thing won't come out! :/Tim Schroeter12 
Open in new windowCleaning Later Model IACV is it possible?Scott Vim
Open in new windowFuel restrictor leak - FIXED - with pics.Rob Charles20 
Open in new windowPlastic cover under car broken Rob Charles
Open in new windowV8 -Blowing blue smoke Greg Wyllie24 
Open in new windowInstalling ExtractorsMichael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowOverflow bottle question.Rob Charles51 
Open in new windowWhat do these codes mean? Diagnostics*Rob Charles10 
Open in new windowPart number: 7" firm hose connected to top of charcoal canisterMark Donovan
Open in new windowReverse beep only works when it wants. Door chime also.Rob Charles
Open in new windowThe Soarer bible - Questions.Rob Charles25 
Open in new window1991 UZZ31 Soarer, not running well.Rob Charles30 
Open in new windowE Tuner ? Cihan still going ?Brett Harrison
Open in new windowLack of power when warm?Rob Charles39 
Open in new windowSigns of a dying battery or alternator?Rob Charles
Open in new windowThe dreaded engine surge and rev looping.Rob Charles
Open in new windowRunning rich, Blowing white smoke from exhaust with strong petrol s...Greg Wyllie
Open in new windowIdle to high what can it beTom Richards12 
Open in new windowRear lights warning, and overflow cap questionPatrick Fenis
Open in new windowSuspension too high?Patrick Fenis25 
Open in new windowIs/are my coil pack(s) stuffed?Patrick Fenis17 
Open in new windowBiggest/most powerful engine that fits in a Soarer?Ali Saeed14 
Open in new windowDammit. TPS screw is wonky.Rob Charles
Open in new windowFaster acceleration - change diff, or get a turbo? Tom Richards41 
Open in new windowIf the speed limiter is removed...Patrick Fenis
Open in new windowAcceleration issuesRob Charles
Open in new window1uz LPG info (liquad/Vapour)John Stafford54 
Open in new windowElectrical crackling noise under dash? V8Rob Charles12 
Open in new windowFuel Pump ECU question (stamped number) Rob Charles
Open in new windowAlternator not charging battery warning coming up?Rob Charles11 
Open in new windowCar accelerates by itself, high idle looping from 1500-2000 continu...Rob Charles44 
Open in new windowHigh Idle - Bad alternator causing it? V8Rob Charles
Open in new windowInjectorsScott Vim
Open in new windowV8 problems. cutting out, thing will be the death of me.Tom Richards
Open in new windowCar running on 4 cylindersTim Laird44 
Open in new windowToyota - Lexus ECU compatibilityScott Vim21 
Open in new windowCoil Pack resistance.Tim Laird
Open in new windowI need you to check your Fuel cap for me :-)...Rob Charles
Open in new windowEngine misfire at 4000 rpmRobert Day200 
Open in new windowReliable and cheap Mechanic in Victoria?Jack Driver15 
Open in new windowUzz31 Fuel leak ? Rob Charles
Open in new windowTPS helpRob Charles14 
Open in new windowCan someone tell me what this is please?Rob Charles
Open in new windowHow to fix timing belt that has been put out by a tooth Tom Richards10 
Open in new windowUZZ31 Running rough againRobert Day
Open in new windowEMV - Air Con - Blank screen. Ran Diag - have Questions. UZZ31David Grima
Open in new windowV8 Diagnosis by symptom (guide)Rob Charles
Open in new windowV8 Running and Ignition IssuesTom Richards
Open in new windowV8 Power steering questions Scott Vim
Open in new windowEngine stalls during system check then fuel fault code comes up Rob Charles
Open in new windowV8 Engine WhineTom Richards18 
Open in new windowHard starting problem on my 31Peter Nitschke14 
Open in new windowThis is how to bypass fuel ECU.Rob Charles
Open in new windowHaving trouble getting soarer startedRob Charles
Open in new windowTesting fuel pressure?John Stafford20 
Open in new windowFuel pump strainersMax Greenwood
Open in new windowBypass fuel ecu issues?Tom Richards
Open in new windowV8 soarer throttle problemRob Charles
Open in new windowStart, ya bastard!Rob Charles28 
Open in new windowCoolant squirting from overflow hoseRob Charles
Open in new windowA ghost lives in my Soarer...Rob Charles
Open in new windowUnstable idle when warm fixed - IACV rebuildRob Charles
Open in new window1UZ idle and engine tickingRob Charles20 
Open in new windowUzz30 overheating possible solutions?Rob Charles
Open in new windowNo power under 3000rpm, high idle, electrical?Rob Charles
Open in new windowCastrol 5w30 "Edge titanium"Tom Richards19 
Open in new windowHard start/noisy tappets?Kush Chaudhary24 
Open in new window1UZFE coolant leak - plate on right side of block near alternatorDene Oehme
Open in new windowOil filter on a 1UZMatthew Salkeld22 
Open in new windowSteering rack on a V8John Stafford
Open in new windowSteering Pump Removal (aka project nightmare)Jose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowThread #5 on miss in 31Jason Hall43 
Open in new window1uz Wont start/run ( help would be great ) Daniel Marshall11 
Open in new windowNeeds 3 goes to start first up in the mornings.John Stafford16 
Open in new windowFuel pressure testJohn Stafford
Open in new window1UZ HeadersMax Greenwood23 
Open in new windowHas my water pump had it?Matt Vertudaches23 
Open in new windowV8 Flex Plate BoltsDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowMajor Service Components?Matthew Salkeld26 
Open in new windowUZZ31 stalled at the lights, please help!Tom Richards
Open in new windowOil leak v8Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowRattling noise when drivingKerry Warren
Open in new windowHelp!! I can not tell what is the problem with my V8 !!Jose-Antonio Castill12 
Open in new windowV8 exhaust questionsRoss Pesina
Open in new windowUz31 massive surging under load Beau Brendon
Open in new windowV8 sc400 running like mower fuel smellDaniel Marshall26 
Open in new windowECU V8- Help needed Sydney, Illawarra, Canberra or Hunter areaGreg Wyllie
Open in new windowPower Steering pump vaccum switchTom Richards
Open in new windowReplacing top end gaskets?John Stafford
Open in new windowHelpful advice for those replacing starter motor on the V8 expecial...Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowHow to test fuel pressure on a V8John Stafford
Open in new windowV8 soarer cutting revs at 2000rpmDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowCan someone ID this sensorTom Richards
Open in new windowHigher temp than normal thermostat for a V8Tom Richards55 
Open in new windowBig miss in my 31, HELP!John Stafford
Open in new windowCoolant temp sensorJohn Stafford12 
Open in new windowHumming noise when engine not running?Tom Richards
Open in new windowWater Pump Leak?Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowSensor above AC compressor. Michael James
Open in new windowPower Steering Pump Removal Dilemma Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new window1UZ windage trayKush Chaudhary
Open in new windowQuestion on the resistance of primary circuit of Coil on 1UZJohn Stafford
Open in new windowO2 sensor wire ID pleaseJohn Stafford
Open in new windowHelp to identify the right hand O2 sensor wire.John Stafford
Open in new windowIdentify ECU John Stafford
Open in new windowV8 Cold Starting Problem.Peter Nitschke18 
Open in new window1UZ missing at full throttle under 45km/h...Nige Turner38 
Open in new windowMissing/back-firing/stuttering once warmNige Turner
Open in new windowOxygen sensors for V8 welded themselves in to the thread on the sto...John Stafford
Open in new windowSomeone to do the ECU caps on my 32 active, in the Brisbane areaJohn Stafford
Open in new windowV8 starting rough.Jamie Richards
Open in new windowOxygen sensors for V8John Stafford
Open in new windowV8 Oil FillerMichael James
Open in new windowHelp! V8 engine problemDarren Bruce11 
Open in new windowPart numbers/reference site, all toyota/lexusIan Johnston
Open in new windowI broke the belt tensioner. Anyone know what part it is?James Buchan
Open in new windowBuying 1UZ 02 SensorsJan van Berendonk11 
Open in new windowAirbag pump dryerRod Quaife
Open in new windowCan anyone help with V8 engine vibration?Tom Richards31 
Open in new window no power under load please help?Oskar Schmeiszl
Open in new windowV8 problemsVincent Chan20 
Open in new windowModifying Standard ExhaustIan Johnston50 
Open in new window1UZFE Revival Picture HeavyAllan Langford65 
Open in new windowFuel Pump not running despite FP to B+ Method?Michael Mockiewicz
Open in new windowECU, 1991 UZZ31 - Help !!Greg Wyllie19 
Open in new windowBig single v8 turbo project underwayDan Duffy16 
Open in new windowSound From ExhaustAndrew Brown
Open in new windowRunning the V8 with the bare minimum Garion Gibson14 
Open in new windowWhere to take water and oil lines from?Hays Sleiman
Open in new windowVery strange 1UZ FE IssueJack David37 
Open in new window1UZ Manifold Vacuum, inhg - sealevel, 20-25 degrees C?Paul Drane
Open in new windowCoil getting hotBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowV8 TURNS OVER BUT WONT FIRERory Braatvedt
Open in new windowNeed a MechanicJustin Wilson
Open in new windowExhaust / muffler woes. Help neededAllan Langford
Open in new windowPutting VVTI V8 into SoarerScott Vim17 
Open in new windowTell me what you think of my new exhaust soundMike Beck
Open in new window1UZ-FE Idle to Afm to Ecu problem, is there anyone in perth that ca...Justin Powell
Open in new windowTank assy, Radiator reserve leaking Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAuto hoses into radiatorMichael James
Open in new windowScrapping noise on idle but goes upon accelatartion 1uzfePeter Williams
Open in new windowEngine not running right. Tacho not working.Paul Morante11 
Open in new windowBrake Accumulator MountJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowCoolant leakScott Vim
Open in new windowOverheatingJol Alexander
Open in new windowSpot The ScrewDaniel Marshall14 
Open in new windowChirping Noise From BeltJoseph Kelly
Open in new windowJust Broke This Hose , what is it?Andrew Marshall13 
Open in new window1uzfe workshop manual?Bernie Simm
Open in new windowIridium plugs for 1UZDaniel Clarke15 
Open in new windowDifference between 91 and 94 V8 SoarerIan Johnston34 
Open in new windowRunning rich at 2200 RPM *long read*Steven Nguyen
Open in new windowOpinions wanted: Change rubber vacuum lines to silicone?Ryan McDonough
Open in new windowEgg Cups!Joseph Kelly
Open in new windowNeil Griffith's headers - loud ticking noiseNem Jovanovic15 
Open in new windowRepairing alternator on v8 uzz31Andrew Marshall16 
Open in new windowPlease Help Tom Richards
Open in new windowVibration John Stafford
Open in new window91 Soarer v8 not running right after timing belt broke/replacedAndrew Rough10 
Open in new windowFuel pressureJohn Stafford
Open in new windowThe Evil Alternator not charging error, but it is?? HELP please!!!Tom Richards
Open in new windowHelp urgent.....not going very fast!John Stafford
Open in new windowHey guys - interesting link on batteriesJohn Stafford
Open in new windowSingle Turbo 1uz in HQ tonnerMatthew Werner19 
Open in new windowSurging miss when pushed hard on V8Matthew Werner44 
Open in new windowPower steering on 32Dan McColl15 
Open in new windowNeed Help PleaseChris Ryan
Open in new windowExhaust setupMike Beck19 
Open in new window1UZ crank pulley holder toolMatthew Sharpe17 
Open in new windowPICS - Is this ECU fried? + troubles with engine startup Peter Nitschke12 
Open in new windowNSW MechanicDavid Boyle12 
Open in new windowWasher bottles Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowSuspicious tick at idle...Lynden Phillips
Open in new windowECU RepairRick Slav
Open in new windowV8 soarer adviceKurt Atzmuller17 
Open in new windowMACHINE EXTRACTORS FLAT - Flange meet block end!Allan Langford
Open in new windowUZZ31 v8 not starting when warmHarvey Riddle29 
Open in new windowV8 Soarer- Engine cuts when trying to take off or accelerate hardOliver Whaites14 
Open in new windowCoils stuffed?Wesley Fayers60 
Open in new windowNon starter when warmRory Braatvedt
Open in new windowRough cold start Dave Hart
Open in new windowFault code 12, 24, 31, what do i do?Paul Drane
Open in new windowDiff-back Exhaust, good option?Ali Saeed42 
Open in new windowNew Water PumpAli Saeed
Open in new windowEngine running cold and not thermostatTom Richards
Open in new windowITB on 1uz pros and cons?Damian Ware
Open in new windowRunning rough when cold, also error code 13Mario Lentini
Open in new windowUnsteady idle,only in 'P', only after driving???Bernie Simm
Open in new windowQuick n Easy Part Number.Eugene Smith
Open in new windowPLUG CHANGE CAR MISSING BAD??Bernie Simm
Open in new windowIs there an easy way to get the coil from the passenger side??Bernie Simm
Open in new windowSteam from exhaustAshley Leach
Open in new windowExpansion tank deletionAaron Casey22 
Open in new windowIACV helpStephen Clark
Open in new windowTensioner assemblyTom Richards
Open in new windowAnyone got some spare shims?David Eberhart
Open in new windowEngine swap 31 into a 32.John Stafford35 
Open in new windowBest way to go about replacing the AFMBrett Harrison
Open in new windowRyco air filtersDamian Ware10 
Open in new windowSerpentine belt on V8 Soarer.Nick Kay
Open in new windowSea Foam/ Subaru Top Engine CleanerBrett Harrison17 
Open in new window1UZFE water temp install ?Brett Harrison
Open in new window91' V8 starts then stalls. Martin Criado18 
Open in new windowVibration at 60-70kmRoss Pesina14 
Open in new windowStrange Idling Problem when stoppedDamian Ware
Open in new windowLooking at new rims and tyresConnor McElligott19 
Open in new windowNeed help badly.Mathew Rogitsch
Open in new windowNew radiaterVincent Chan
Open in new windowShudder @ 103kph - 120kphMichael Brown
Open in new windowRandom OverheatingDaniel Marshall15 
Open in new windowAlternative thermostatsNathan Cryer
Open in new windowV8 issuesJose-Antonio Castill
Open in new windowWhere to get OEM 90915-20004 Japanese Oil filters?Reed Robinson12 
Open in new windowFuel Pump OptionsDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowV8 ECUEugene Smith
Open in new windowOver-revving and picking up speed on its ownRos Johnson
Open in new windowV8 serpentine beltDave Hart
Open in new windowDoes any body know a good mechanic southport Dylan O'Connor
Open in new windowHelp Please. Mike Beck
Open in new windowWhat is this part numberJames Buchan12 
Open in new windowBroken timing belt on v8Ross Pesina
Open in new windowExhaustMike Beck11 
Open in new windowEngine cuts under accelerationRoss Pesina
Open in new windowConvert 1JZ to 1UZ?Ross Pesina11 
Open in new windowRandom Tacho & speedo probsRoss Pesina
Open in new windowFuel gauge and warning lightScott Harris
Open in new windowShaking V8 Dave Rose15 
Open in new windowOverheating and steam coming out from behind engine towards the fir...Aiden Cheese24 
Open in new windowLPG conversionJohn Stafford
Open in new window1uzfe missing and running rich?Mike Beck10 
Open in new windowPower steering pumpShane Henshall14 
Open in new windowWanted to Borrow 91 V8 ECU 89661-24220 Gold coast to BrisbaneDan McColl
Open in new windowExtractorsDave Rose13 
Open in new windowService kitMario Lentini
Open in new windowRebuilding questionMario Lentini
Open in new windowRadiater cap pressure 1uzfe?Daniel Marshall
Open in new windowBest oilJohn Wan32 
Open in new windowThermostate fitment will it fit ?Elizabeth Hogan
Open in new windowBlock Huggers extractors?Ken Yo15 
Open in new windowPower / Torque limit of stock Celsior 1989-1994 driveshaft?Ali Saeed
Open in new windowCar won't run unless I remove 1 spark plugDaniel Marshall
Open in new windowExhaust noise the ugly one Steven Anderson
Open in new windowExhaust David Boyle
Open in new windowFan Oil what to useOki Zoubari13 
Open in new windowWheel alignment on a v8 with airbags.Phil Gibson15 
Open in new windowCondensation on Spark plugs?Ross Pesina
Open in new windowV8 idle issuesPhil Gibson10 
Open in new windowAfter wolf v500 ems map uzz31Clayton Carlyle
Open in new windowFuel pump ecuBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowCar stalls wile drivingMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowCruise ControlBlake Gloyn
Open in new windowWhich extractors for W58 V8?Ken Yo
Open in new windowInterchangable?James Johnson
Open in new windowKnock sensorsGarion Gibson
Open in new windowIACV helpBrett Harrison34 
Open in new windowCombination power steering and oil coolerBen Lipman
Open in new windowCelsior Steering Rack conversion to soarerTom Richards
Open in new windowGear box Dave van Staveren
Open in new windowProject twin turbo 1uz-feJoshua White36 
Open in new windowNeed help motor surging badlyRobyn Perkins10 
Open in new windowTorsen diffMatt Petersen
Open in new windowV8 Extractors instalation melbourneJames Buchan30 
Open in new windowValve clearance adjustmentNathan Richardson
Open in new windowCold start injector running all the timeAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowIdle Speed Control Valve - ECU pulse voltageMark Donovan15 
Open in new windowChugging in 4th gear at low RPMMick Arnett
Open in new windowV8 custom exhaust sounds clipsJames Buchan
Open in new windowWhat is it?Dave Rose12 
Open in new window1UZ engine block temperature?James Johnson
Open in new windowExhaust leakTom Richards
Open in new windowV8 coil part numbersStephen Shackleton12 
Open in new windowTiming belt change intervals - overdone?Aiden Cheese34 
Open in new windowRunning on 4 - Looking for inputTom Richards86 
Open in new windowCar playing up, can't seem to lock down the problem.Evan Kaio
Open in new windowPinging and colder spark plugsPhil Gibson12 
Open in new windowRunning Rough and Missing Very oddFred Azzarello
Open in new windowBurnt smell (Rubber?) + Smoke after some drivingYang Gao19 
Open in new windowCustom exhaustWess McManus10 
Open in new windowGates or Dayco timing beltsFran Valdivia
Open in new windowSerpentine TensionerPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowLesson learnt, never let your mates work on your carMike Beck10 
Open in new windowRadioShadi Khodr
Open in new windowHow do you locate and remove cam sensor?Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowStalling IssueMorris Salza
Open in new windowNew to Soarers - need some help pleaseMorris Salza15 
Open in new windowIAC Valve help.Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowWideband o2 sensor questionScott Casey
Open in new windowSAFC questionShaydan Penniment11 
Open in new windowNeed help sourcing coil packMario Lentini
Open in new windowLSD and vibrationsShaydan Penniment11 
Open in new windowNoisy injectorsShaydan Penniment22 
Open in new windowIGNITOR lead dead... fix?Alex Cooke
Open in new windowSoarer UZZ31 Power Steering PumpTom Richards
Open in new windowFm convertMurray Lund14 
Open in new windowEmvKim Hunt
Open in new windowV8 running leanScott Casey
Open in new windowWhere is the fuel pump located?Dean Goodwin
Open in new windowKnock me aroundRhys Salmon20 
Open in new window51km power lostJamie Richards
Open in new windowGood V8 Mechanic QLD? Beenleigh...Brett Harrison21 
Open in new windowSpluttering and coughingMichael Toet33 
Open in new windowT56 6 Speed to 1UZ-FEAndy Losurdo19 
Open in new windowCar making a scraping noise. Nathan Richardson
Open in new windowPump kit for power steeringTom Richards
Open in new windowCompetent Exhaust Shop? [MELB]Ken Yo
Open in new windowCrashed car with mechanical problems - HELPPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowEngine Removel HelpVincent Chan
Open in new windowV8 power steering Veronica Smith11 
Open in new windowPING Tom Richards31 
Open in new windowSerpentine belt... no ACBrett Harrison
Open in new windowSerpentine belts for a 32Rob Wilson
Open in new windowWhere is the Engine number positioned on a 1UZ BlockSteven Anderson
Open in new windowInjectors not pulsingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowManual conversion?Andy Losurdo12 
Open in new windowThermostat Housing Part number.Rob Wilson
Open in new windowRadiator needed in PerthAlex Dermedgoglou
Open in new windowUZZ30 Random revs under any accelerationCameron Dearden
Open in new windowExhaust issues - catalytic convertersStuart Geldard
Open in new windowAuto tranyMichael James
Open in new windowDear Toyota...Stuart Geldard38 
Open in new windowHELP PLEASE: Need to borrow V8 ECU for 91 UZZ31Michael Toet
Open in new windowSpark Plug leadsShaydan Penniment
Open in new windowUrgent Help: V8 sounds like a tractor and wont revDaniel Howard44 
Open in new windowV8 running bad when at normal tempMichael Mazzone13 
Open in new windowDifficulty changing fuel filterAllan Langford
Open in new windowRandom Starting ProblemPeter Nitschke
Open in new window100k SERVICE HELP.Shaydan Penniment29 
Open in new windowStarted pulling the exhaust to bits...Glen Muller18 
Open in new windowHelp - how do i release tension on active suspension pump beltAlex Dermedgoglou11 
Open in new windowAir Flow Meter connector...Ali Saeed47 
Open in new windowNewbie with problem already.HELP !!!Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowTems Glen Muller
Open in new windowCar cuts out and won't idle - possibly fuelling problem - help!Mat Maroni20 
Open in new windowIf you think getting a K&N air filter is a good idea then don't....Dave Rose30 
Open in new windowAlternator reconditioning.Steff Patterson17 
Open in new windowSc400 Rev cut a 3750 RPM HELP URGENTKim Hunt19 
Open in new windowRadiator CapAli Saeed23 
Open in new windowCar slow's down / revs drop suddenly while drivingDamian Ware39 
Open in new windowSignal from ignitors but no pulse at top coil plug, please helpTom Richards
Open in new windowV8 wont start after long term storageJoshua Baldwin
Open in new windowNew exhaust picsMike Beck31 
Open in new windowTroubleshooting. No sparkMatthew Werner
Open in new windowNo power/signal to a coilpack on 1uz = only 4 cylinders =[Matthew Werner
Open in new windowV8 TurboNathan Richardson91 
Open in new windowV8 Motor originChristian Somerville21 
Open in new windowV8 exhaust questionDamian Ware32 
Open in new windowCar will only run when coldTom Richards
Open in new windowHelp can wont start Jessica O'Brien
Open in new window1UZ Running Rich on 4 CylindersDaniel Arndt17 
Open in new windowFitting Extractors in SA + costChris Lock
Open in new windowNoisy and stiff power steering after brakingGeorge Lu13 
Open in new windowCopper core radiator to go with 1UZ V8 (1996)Damian Ware
Open in new windowGood Adelaide mechanics?Peter Nitschke16 
Open in new windowJust want some opinions on BFIShaydan Penniment26 
Open in new windowBloody oil filter on too tight..Matthew Sharpe24 
Open in new windowSlide throttle injection manifoldChristian Somerville
Open in new windowPopping noiseStephen Shackleton12 
Open in new window1UZ V8 and how it runs on 4 cylinders or 6 or 8 depending on how yo...Glen Muller
Open in new windowUZZ31 won't runAdam Foster
Open in new windowManifold studsAdam Foster
Open in new windowSoarer V8 Speed Delimiter Daniel Blomfield31 
Open in new window200k Service for my 1UZ v8Ali Saeed34 
Open in new windowSluggish v8Christian Somerville38 
Open in new windowThoughts on this exhaustJames Buchan13 
Open in new windowEf thermos in replacment of standard fanAndrew Ferres19 
Open in new windowGood exhaust system?James Buchan
Open in new windowWhining noisePeter Nitschke16 
Open in new windowCoolant system questionMatthew Sharpe11 
Open in new windowTemp gaugeShane Henshall
Open in new windowNew engine?Chris Biemans
Open in new windowProblems with my shifter (soarer)Daniel Arndt
Open in new windowSurge tank leak?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowWeight for Rego - ACTAli Saeed
Open in new windowReplacing Starter motorChris Lock40 
Open in new windowV8 soarer dying like an old Holden!!!Roberto Crispino10 
Open in new windowSeal underneath thermostatShane Henshall
Open in new windowNew exhaust, getting put in on on tuesday either a 2 or 3 day install Leon DeRose102 
Open in new windowDoes my 1uz have a Blown head gasket or similar?Chris Smith41 
Open in new windowMore problems- just won't idleMichael White
Open in new window2JZ engine swap for UZZ31 HELP!!!!!Christian Somerville33 
Open in new windowRoad Worthy NSWLee Brien
Open in new windowLow revingKim Hunt
Open in new windowLate model 1UZ heads on an early 1UZ block?Tony Wang
Open in new windowOxygen sensorDave Rose15 
Open in new windowV8 after market exhaustMike Beck50 
Open in new windowMy V8 is not accelerating and over fuelingLuke Claridge10 
Open in new windowPainting Headers - Anti rust?James Buchan
Open in new windowIgnition Lead FailuresPeter Nitschke12 
Open in new windowStarting ProblemDaniel Blackham14 
Open in new windowSc300? and sc400?Joshua Baldwin
Open in new windowEMV repair and english conversionJames Buchan
Open in new windowPossible thermostat problem?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowSteering BushesNathan Richardson
Open in new window1uz power steeringMatthew Werner
Open in new windowOverheating / restrictorMaxim Dupree
Open in new windowTaking care of issues before they take care of youJames Buchan65 
Open in new windowWhat is this?Mike Beck
Open in new windowEngine starting emergency urgent helpSotiri Anestoudis10 
Open in new windowExhaust GasketMurray Lund
Open in new windowMy Soarer V8 is not acceleratingMatthew Regan19 
Open in new windowV8 Power SurgeOleg Akulshin20 
Open in new windowRattle noiseDavid Boyle19 
Open in new windowRemoving Cross MemberPhil Gibson13 
Open in new windowWhat material to use for making headers?Mike Beck11 
Open in new windowRunning Nos setup on 1991 v8, which setup would suit bestMike Beck15 
Open in new windowChanging Coolant.Leigh Michael12 
Open in new windowBalance pipe or True Dual exhaust?Matt Shields36 
Open in new windowSo i assume another cracked top tank?Ali Saeed32 
Open in new windowHELP - AFM Part NumberMichael Toet
Open in new windowReplacing 1UZ Water Pump.Leigh Michael19 
Open in new windowTorque Converter questionAiden Cheese13 
Open in new windowCamber kit!! need helpJay Asghari
Open in new windowWhat is the correct 1uz running water temp?David Patrick13 
Open in new windowSpark plug lead testingMike Beck
Open in new windowTurning Over but not StartingMalcolm Philander11 
Open in new windowEbay CoilJoshua Baldwin
Open in new windowUrgent Auto Transmission helpMatt Shields
Open in new windowFuel tank Ring? Chris MacDonald
Open in new windowI pulled the codes 21,24,28, and 31Michael Toet
Open in new windowSteering PumpVinh Bui33 
Open in new windowOfficial ECU threadScott Casey
Open in new windowWhere does this o-ring go in a power steering pump?Omar Amin
Open in new windowFuel cutBernard Smith
Open in new windowInjectorsScott Casey
Open in new windowElectrical FaultAdam Foster
Open in new windowWeird water temp problem.....John Jennison37 
Open in new windowMaterial for heat insulationKurt Harrison
Open in new windowV8 soarer giving massive headaches runs on 4cyl intermittently no i...Daniel Keogh
Open in new windowList of to do's on my V8, any suggestions?David Eberhart
Open in new windowEngine fan oil?Nenad Ristovski
Open in new windowV8 cam and crank sealsBrett Harrison
Open in new windowUps & Downs with my Soarer...Joshua Baldwin27 
Open in new windowDual throttle bodyAndrew Ferres12 
Open in new window"Low Oil Pressure" warningScott Wilkes31 
Open in new windowHelp - Dimension NeededGrant Iskov
Open in new windowSlight OverheatMyles Jantzen
Open in new windowPlz help... Need part Fuel Pump ControllerBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowHydrolockedMike Beck13 
Open in new windowSoarer workshop manual (yes for download!)Miles Baker86 
Open in new windowCar shudderGraham Powell
Open in new windowCoolant leaking from bottom of engineDon Bagnall15 
Open in new windowHelp with exhaustDaniel Blackham
Open in new windowVery bad hesitation with foot to the floor and no cold start.Joe Russell16 
Open in new windowManta Automotive Estimate Dan McColl11 
Open in new windowHigh/looping idle when cold, low idle when warm!Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAnnoyed!Mike Beck17 
Open in new windowCam timing on sc400Dave Rose
Open in new windowIs the belt for a UZ32 same as for other V8's ?Steve Latimer
Open in new windowI have a leaking radiator Matt Jeffers
Open in new windowBlitz ECU repairMike Bradberry
Open in new windowCouple of questionsMike Beck
Open in new windowAnyone seen the Serpentine Belt tutorial??Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowAir suspension keeps dropping.Ross Pesina27 
Open in new windowI think ive got a blown head gasketChris Kaczmarek18 
Open in new windowCar overheating yet it's notLee Brien
Open in new windowMAF WAS UNPLUGED?????Boris Siljanoski
Open in new windowTT brakes on UZZ31Aaron Casey
Open in new windowSerpentine belt tensioner?Mario Lentini
Open in new windowRadiator top tank :-(...Peter Nitschke21 
Open in new windowFuel problemBoris Siljanoski
Open in new windowMy V8 is Limping.. Help Help Help.....George Lu
Open in new windowA couple of questions.Peter Nitschke25 
Open in new windowUZZ31 94 V8 DAYCO serpentine beltIan Hassall
Open in new windowCar slows down quickly when i let my foot of the pedalPeter Nitschke
Open in new window1UZ REBUILDJames Meikle14 
Open in new windowNew serpentine belt and idler bearings fittedMatt Petersen
Open in new windowWhere to buy 94 V8 Gaskets? and other parts in BrisbaneIan Hassall
Open in new windowFull Custom Stainless steel exhaust + RUSH HeadersSteven Anderson54 
Open in new windowEFI problem - too much fuel no revs, horrible idleDamian Ware
Open in new windowV8 runs like crap for a few seconds, then stallsMike Beck12 
Open in new windowSoarer strugglingJoe Aliano12 
Open in new windowSqueaking from serpentine belt only when engine is hotTom Richards
Open in new windowEngine electrical error code on dash after new engineLeigh Michael12 
Open in new windowOBX Iridium Spark Plugs?Scott Casey
Open in new windowCleaning Injectors?Tom Richards15 
Open in new windowIacv-low idle car diesMario Lentini
Open in new windowCar Problems advice neededElizabeth Hogan16 
Open in new windowSlow coolant / water loss - wrong pressure cap?Vinny Ozorio
Open in new windowLocation of Engine Coolant Temp Sensor.Leigh Michael
Open in new windowBrake repair warranty need advice please :-)...Myles Jantzen10 
Open in new windowHELP Power steering problems John Jantzen32 
Open in new windowNeed some info on the prop/tail shaft makeupPaul Bell
Open in new windowNow got power/new problemElizabeth Hogan
Open in new windowHydraulic oil pressure solenoidDave Rose
Open in new windowV8 brakes same as NA supra?Gareth Richards11 
Open in new windowV8 Lifters-noisyMichael Toet12 
Open in new windowNo ignition - No powerElizabeth Hogan
Open in new windowBFIMichael Toet32 
Open in new windowMaybe cat problem - need adviceElizabeth Hogan24 
Open in new windowRush Imports ExtractorsNeil Griffiths23 
Open in new windowMake Your V8 a 5 Stroke - Exhaust Article from Super ChevyAli Saeed12 
Open in new windowSome Minor ServicingJames Buchan14 
Open in new windowDASH board SCREENAdam Foster
Open in new windowAlternator and temsAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowRough Idles then dies! about to give up on sc400 :-(...Michael Marchant12 
Open in new windowStrang noise? or is it just normal?Tim Appleton18 
Open in new windowStrange burning smellMichael James
Open in new windowBigger injectorsMike Bradberry
Open in new windowGreddy MX catbacks for US SC300, installed on 1UZMike Beck10 
Open in new windowAnybody Know This Code - Need helpJol Alexander
Open in new window1UZ-FE workshop manual?Chris Ryan
Open in new windowAir-conMichael Toet
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Open in new windowGetting a catback exhaustChristian Somerville88 
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Open in new windowHow difficult is it to get my cats off?Ali Saeed11 
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Open in new windowIncreasing Compression ratio?Mike Beck41 
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Open in new windowPretty sure my cat is dead .. help?Steven Anderson15 
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Open in new windowFuel Rail differences ATTN: GURUS!Robert Davies
Open in new windowNeed to listen to your car...Michael Toet
Open in new windowRemoval of sump pan on 92' V8Robert Davies
Open in new windowRADIATOR LEAK, WHAT DO WE DO???Tim Uhen
Open in new windowHow do u find the fault codes?????Kim Hunt
Open in new windowIs Any Corrosion Really Really Bad?Dave Rose16 
Open in new windowAn exhuast question for V8Mike Beck59 
Open in new windowTail lightMichael James
Open in new windowHigh idle 1500RPMRobert Davies18 
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Open in new windowWhat's my car supposed to sound like?Robert Pressnell13 
Open in new windowMy alcohol injected 1UZ, with pics.Robert Davies12 
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Open in new windowHelp V8 running like sh*tPeter Nitschke18 
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Open in new windowHelp .. what is that noise?! "brrrrrrrzzzztt..... Ka-Chunk"Dave Rose18 
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Open in new windowHelp me...engine oilMyles Jantzen38 
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Open in new windowJust washed engine now playing up HELP!!!!Jol Alexander49 
Open in new windowHelp! Need mechanic in Sydney to rebuild Power Steering PumpGreg Dugan
Open in new windowHELP - POD filter flange + confirmationJol Alexander
Open in new windowAir Filter V Pod = where and what to buy? HelpJol Alexander28 
Open in new windowQuesiton: OD (not needed?) + Proper use of kic pedal.Jol Alexander14 
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Open in new windowPatiently waitingAli Saeed
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Open in new windowWhy 98 RONScott Casey17 
Open in new windowLIQUID LPG InjectionDavid Eberhart18 
Open in new windowMy V8 soarer seems to oversteer, very slow responce when turningMike Beck
Open in new windowService in Melbourne?Sean Routledge
Open in new windowWarning light on dashMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowInjectors and types and sizes.......Jesse Swallow
Open in new windowUrgent help needed! white smoke and very high fuel consumptionRich O'neil20 
Open in new windowV8 sucking a heap of fuel?David Boyle15 
Open in new windowV8 swapTai Johnsen
Open in new windowEngine change on uzz32James Harris
Open in new windowDifferences from uzz32 and uzz31 engine blockDavid Eberhart
Open in new windowNew radiator - few questionsAdam Peterson21 
Open in new windowCan mounting the number plate affect performance?Michael Long18 
Open in new windowExtractorsVinny Ozorio
Open in new windowSluggish v8Damian Ware32 
Open in new windowWill 1uz-fe celsior engine fit into 91 uzz32 soarerSteve Latimer
Open in new windowV8 coughing unburnt fuel smellPeter Nitschke10 
Open in new windowSC400 Radiator fit Soarer V8?Mark Wright14 
Open in new windowClear lightRob Rojo
Open in new windowPower steering failure??Chris Lock
Open in new windowWould my soarer v8 start with no compression on right bankDaniel Clarke
Open in new windowNo compression on all 4 cylinders on right bank.Jethro Sims19 
Open in new windowLosing oil no leakMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowEngine whining noise??Mike Bradberry16 
Open in new windowWaterpump and timing belt price?Kim Hunt
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Open in new windowNew inlet manifoldAndrew Ferres
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Open in new windowCOOLANT LEAKINGEvan Kaio
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Open in new windowPulleys...Mike Bradberry10 
Open in new window1998 1uzfe with intake, rear exhaust, front cat delete dyno results...Ashley Leach
Open in new windowBroken T joint - identity of and advice regardingStephen Fitzpatrick10 
Open in new windowLexus V8 throttle body set 40mm, 45mm and Long RAMSDaniel Clarke32 
Open in new windowMy air suspension has a mind of its own!!!Dan Oliver
Open in new windowMISFIRE WHEN WARM HELP!!!Mike Beck
Open in new window440 cc injectorsAdam Peterson24 
Open in new windowStrange noisePeter Williams34 
Open in new windowV8 rear main seal leakDavid Raill
Open in new windowCar won't start immediately after filling up fuelJoe Russell12 
Open in new windowCeramic coating headersAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowHeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppppppppppp! I dont believe it!Harry Lemmens
Open in new windowHelp.... loss of power, pinging, lagging... hissing sound from unde...Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowV8 Exhaust too loud and droneySimon Martin
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Open in new windowRev's jump up/down while stopped - NEED SOME HELPJengiz Isikli
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Open in new windowHarmonic Balancer Woes - Urgent !!!! Please Help pleaseDave Rose36 
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Open in new windowValve springsGianni Matrogiannis
Open in new windowTiming Belt Not the Fuel PumpSean Tonkin11 
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Open in new windowProblem with belts or bearings?Mike Bradberry
Open in new windowDiff questionRamyn Shamsai
Open in new windowJust did the BFI on my V8Simon Trainos11 
Open in new windowEngine Electrical Error Code 13Ali Yazici
Open in new windowJust did head gasket, questionsSimon Martin14 
Open in new windowFuel pumo replaced, still won't start ,,.. Help !Sean Tonkin
Open in new windowActive rear RHS sagging suspensionDamian Ware
Open in new windowPower steer hosesScott Tolhurst12 
Open in new windowEngine number location?Ian Powell
Open in new windowV8 Acceleration Not Always The Same?Alex Barbieri22 
Open in new windowAlloy Radiator V8Dmitriy Milyutin
Open in new windowNew Soleniode - Better fuel consumptionDmitriy Milyutin
Open in new windowTransmission service kitPeter Nitschke
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Open in new windowSump Removal QuestionAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowRadioShadi Khodr
Open in new windowDiameter of tappet shims???????Tom Richards
Open in new windowKnock Sensor Number 2Tim Comiskey
Open in new windowTAPPING AT IDLE, TICKY WHEN DRIVING?? 4.0 v8Scott Casey
Open in new windowEngine mount inspection.Joe Russell17 
Open in new windowA Discovery!!Scott Casey
Open in new windowSoarer/SC400 V8 Same as the Aus Delivered LS400?Scott Casey
Open in new windowSpark plug well....water found in it..helpTony Wang
Open in new windowLEXUS SC400/SOARER 4.0 V8 TAPPING/TICKING HELP!!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowInternal Cleanliness - V8Joe Russell
Open in new windowSpeed wabbles??Matt Petersen22 
Open in new windowSeized engine????? help!!Shannon Mobbs13 
Open in new window92 SC400 1UZ AFM bypass?......Scott Rushing14 
Open in new windowHead gasket optionsMike Beck11 
Open in new windowWhat are missing?Oliver Mark Drews14 
Open in new windowEneos oilChris Lock
Open in new windowDraining oilMatthew Sharpe12 
Open in new windowCompression Ratio...Sean Routledge16 
Open in new windowCar running really badlyGeordie Smith29 
Open in new windowHow do you adjust the fuel pressure regulator?Ben Socratous
Open in new windowChanging spakr plugs - DYIOliver Mark Drews
Open in new windowMeasuring Valve shim clearances - 99,997km Engine.Mike Beck
Open in new windowWhat needs doing?Scott Casey
Open in new windowWhere to Get Cheapest Spark PlugsGary Nimmo
Open in new windowStroker block problem - expert opinions required...Gary Redman53 
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Open in new windowCatalytic converter probsTom Richards16 
Open in new windowHydraulic fanVinny Ozorio
Open in new windowThermo fanDave Rose23 
Open in new windowMaster Brake Cylinder Unit TRCDavid Janiec
Open in new windowWhich spark plugs - v8Dmitriy Milyutin15 
Open in new windowV8 Fuel Gauge fixJoe Russell11 
Open in new windowV8 POD FILTER ADAPTOR Scott Casey
Open in new windowNoisy steering columnSeamus Brice-Bennett10 
Open in new windowARE THESE THE RIGHT SPARK PLUGS?Robert Pressnell
Open in new windowBleeding Cooling systemVinny Ozorio
Open in new windowRemoval of UZZ32 power steering linesDave Rose
Open in new windowSerpentine beltMike Beck16 
Open in new windowWill JZZ30 Intake fit a UZZ30Andrew Ferres
Open in new window??Mechanics in Adelaide??help please.Wess McManus
Open in new windowCat light blinks on and off under accelerationBen Creek
Open in new windowWeird problem occured today - cooling systemMatthew Sharpe28 
Open in new windowV8 REAR MUFFLERS HOW MUCH?Chris Lock
Open in new windowCambelt brokeDave Rose10 
Open in new window Stainless Steel Rush headersBrett Harrison20 
Open in new windowMechanic in Blacktown & Steering Rack QuestionGrant Iskov
Open in new windowCan someone tell me what this is??Sean Routledge11 
Open in new windowEmv dvdBen Kelly
Open in new windowOil Filter!Don Bagnall11 
Open in new windowShorter Belt to bypass A/C pump on a V8?Mike Beck11 
Open in new windowSpark Plug SealMatthew Sharpe
Open in new windowWhat engine oil should I be usingVinny Ozorio13 
Open in new windowSpark plugsDmitriy Milyutin26 
Open in new windowWorth installing a catch can in a na v8?Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowBest places to purchase/order parts?David Vaughan
Open in new windowMystery cranking problem please help Paul Drane10 
Open in new windowFluids..Vinny Ozorio13 
Open in new windowFibreglass out of rear left exhuastMike Bradberry
Open in new windowSteam from the hoodPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowGot UniChip installed.. Dyno analysisAshley Leach14 
Open in new windowOxygen SensorLynton Scale
Open in new windowAir or Coolant ?Mark Ribbans
Open in new windowLead sagaJohn Khanh
Open in new windowTicking noise after installing new leadsMark Ribbans13 
Open in new windowWater reservoir leak?Sean Pickett15 
Open in new windowHow many K's should I be getting?Dean Erwin30 
Open in new windowWanting to change spark plugs, any recommendations?Damian Ware
Open in new windowIntake pipe QuestionTim Appleton11 
Open in new windowHelp need a spare ECULuke Gomer
Open in new windowV8 power steering pump rebuild kitChris Dmochowski13 
Open in new windowChanging leads need diagram of what lead to what cylinderDaniel Renahan
Open in new window2 cylnder Soarer Nathan Richardson18 
Open in new windowHey! my stereo systemJohn Khanh11 
Open in new windowCar won't start :-(...Peter Nitschke23 
Open in new windowECU compatability Damian Ware
Open in new windowSevicing my V8 and odometer reading is WHACkMark Ribbans27 
Open in new windowHelp with Audio System NeededTrent Linnell21 
Open in new windowIdle speed too high????Ali Yazici
Open in new windowNeed help wiring up injecotrs to Haltech E8Paul Mainey
Open in new windowError messeges + hand brake symbolAdam Lonergan
Open in new it worth the effort having it installed?Stephen Lee
Open in new windowOne of the coils pack died & melted my cats :-(...Mick Clarke11 
Open in new windowAdjusting valve shims, any gasketsto replace??????????????Don Bagnall
Open in new window2UZ-FE... can it go?Cihan Aday23 
Open in new windowOverheatingDaniel Lamont13 
Open in new windowTransmission leakMike Bradberry
Open in new windowBest way for more noise?Mike Beck22 
Open in new windowNew exhaust, Poor economy....Sean Routledge
Open in new windowRevs at 100km/h?Sean Routledge
Open in new windowWhere to get sump plug washer in south australia??Natasha Schmidt
Open in new windowMy soarer is sick.... guru help needed!Dean Goodwin67 
Open in new windowRadiator water temp fitting..Tai Johnsen
Open in new windowWhat size exhaust should I be running?Scott Casey
Open in new windowSoggy BottomStuart Smith20 
Open in new windowRadiator Cap ????Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowAir in cooling systemPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowWhat's the max muffler space?Glen Muller
Open in new windowHelp with exhaust pipe size...3" or 2.5"Paul Mainey
Open in new windowSpark Plug LeadsRich O'neil11 
Open in new windowLeaking power steeringDaniel Renahan
Open in new windowPoppin? Eating 2 much fuel?Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowLoss of power and fuel smellDaniel Lamont
Open in new windowV8 Alternator (another newbie)Rich O'neil13 
Open in new window1UZFE Evergreen Gasket/Seal kits?Mike Beck
Open in new windowShims in V8Stuart Smith
Open in new windowLooks like the waterpump is kaputJamie Metropoulos10 
Open in new windowLittle Air ThingsDaniel Lamont
Open in new windowV8 Cuts Out at 1500rpmDaniel Lamont14 
Open in new windowV8 ALLOY RADIATORRich O'neil16 
Open in new windowV8 Cat ProblemDeane Masters
Open in new windowMassive loss in powerMike Beck10 
Open in new windowThermo Fan Motor LeakingPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowCar stalling everywere!!!Peter Nitschke14 
Open in new windowDid I kill her or a bad co-incidence?Shane Moffitt
Open in new windowTemp rise V8Chris Papas18 
Open in new windowSmoke from engineGlen Muller11 
Open in new windowCheap extractors (?) would these be any good.Bob Eason17 
Open in new windowProblem with crankshaft pulleyLyndon Scanlan
Open in new windowMY V8 SOUNDS LIKE A TRACTOR!! HELPJohn Khanh
Open in new windowSmokey start upPhil Gibson
Open in new windowCoolant Help ??????Don Bagnall17 
Open in new windowLubricating starterMatt Petersen
Open in new windowThink ive killed a coilpack need oppinion -urgent !!Debbie Smith10 
Open in new windowWhat Gear?Steve Davies22 
Open in new windowSteering rack issues.Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowPower Steering HosesJoshua Olm11 
Open in new windowWhere is the best place to buy Dizzy plug new in NSW??Steve Davies
Open in new windowWhat is thisSteven Anderson
Open in new windowJust did the BFI, but what about the plastic pipeSteven Anderson
Open in new windowAlternators, sc400 and ls400? ampage and fittings? 'urgency'.Jesse Swallow
Open in new windowPower steeringStefan Kjellberg23 
Open in new windowRemoving rear catBen Kelly23 
Open in new windowShould this pulley do this...Joshua Olm
Open in new windowRival mufflers on 1UZ - anyone got them?Glen Muller10 
Open in new windowGutless 1uzfeAleem Sarwar
Open in new windowHigh Idle Problem and MisfireAleem Sarwar10 
Open in new windowBlitz ECU Tuner?Eldin Didic
Open in new windowWhat is the 1UZFE VVTiMichael Howatt19 
Open in new windowThe difference between v8 blocksTrevor Neilson
Open in new windowAftermarket Computer fell out of my dash... Please help identify, lol!Wafi Cheebo10 
Open in new windowIve Broken the diff - need mechanicAlex Mizikov14 
Open in new windowBattery lifeMike Bradberry
Open in new windowHas anyone used seafoam?Miles Baker11 
Open in new windowMore Dyno Questions!Daniel Clarke
Open in new windowIt has to be the carDavid Vaughan26 
Open in new windowLegs burn as i drive!!Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowLoud tapping/clunky noise when engine fan speeds upAndrew Adebiyi
Open in new windowPart no for power steering hosesBernie Juckers
Open in new windowV8 fails to start after over heatingDave Rose18 
Open in new windowV8 Serpentine Belt Thrown OffAshley Leach21 
Open in new windowDyno places in Melbourne.Cihan Aday
Open in new windowWhere to buy a regulator?Dean Goodwin
Open in new windowIncrease v8 powerGlen Muller22 
Open in new windowEbay Waterpump/Timing belt kits? Also, no AC Compressor, what Serpe...Ben Evans
Open in new windowClearing a heater matrix air lock?Dave Rose
Open in new windowFitting Perfect Power SMT6.Mike Bradberry
Open in new windowNeed help urgentlyBen Ristic
Open in new windowHow can i tell if cambelts have been changedPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowCat light on ... now gone.Jim Burrough
Open in new windowHelp me with exhaustDaniel Lee10 
Open in new windowV8 ignition woesTai Johnsen
Open in new windowEMV DiagnosticsJoshua Olm
Open in new windowCat converter warning light. Just a wiring problem or urgent need o...Kristian Bird
Open in new windowFinally rid of belt squeakMike Bradberry
Open in new windowSteam and Coolant everywhere :-(...Peter Nitschke25 
Open in new windowHead gasketRoger Watling
Open in new windowUrgent-- need pics of sway bar mountBen Dowdell
Open in new windowSump plug size? Thread : 12mm x 1.25mm or 14mm x 1.5mm Brett Moloney
Open in new windowEngine hesitating under loadPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowNeed maf sensor urgentPeter Robertson
Open in new windowNeed RWCSroy Chier
Open in new windowPingingAndrew Ferres13 
Open in new windowEcu dramas?Ashley Leach
Open in new windowDiagnostic ECT 63Alex Matthews
Open in new windowAnother Vibration issueDon Bagnall
Open in new windowNo spark then bad idleAlex Matthews
Open in new windowPLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - V8 running roughJeremy Abram17 
Open in new windowShould I be WORRIED?Wafi Cheebo
Open in new windowExhaust question plus Service questionMike Bradberry
Open in new windowSlow to startPeter Nitschke21 
Open in new windowNew to the sceneDean Goodwin
Open in new windowV8 suddenly acquires ANTILAG ! helpAdam Peterson
Open in new windowAFM Price ?Rich O'neil
Open in new windowClunks,whirring and taps...Daniel Lee18 
Open in new windowUzz31 engine conversion questionJoshua Rao28 
Open in new windowCrown gear please helpKim Hunt
Open in new windowGauges and oil pressureTim Appleton
Open in new windowNoisy power steering pumpAndrew Ferres25 
Open in new windowV8 dyno Adam Chytra
Open in new windowMy Soarer stalling like a dying chickenMin Park
Open in new windowSpitting ExhaustCihan Aday13 
Open in new windowDenso single wire oxygen sensorsAlex Mizikov10 
Open in new windowBreaksMike Beck
Open in new windowWhat size fits?Anthony Rodgers
Open in new windowClunk!.....repeatedlyAnthony Rodgers
Open in new windowV8- Clunking noise at the rear.Don Bagnall22 
Open in new windowSqueeky TensionerMike Beck12 
Open in new windowStrut Bar?Anthony Rodgers
Open in new windowKnock sensorMike Bradberry
Open in new windowSMT6 help pleaseCarlos Restrepo17 
Open in new windowOval Style muffler choices... Matthew Sharpe
Open in new windowDrive belt part number + local mechanic hehehe.Andrew La'Brooy
Open in new windowExhaust heat shield Insulator?Mike Beck
Open in new windowPossibly overfueling???Anish Varsani
Open in new windowV8 problemShadi Khodr
Open in new windowMotor ProblemDaniel Clarke
Open in new window1uz not idleing properly tried fuel ecu and idle valve repair.James Brodie23 
Open in new windowPosition of Pod OR duct to standard filter?Mike Beck
Open in new windowSMT6 Piggyback ECU finally working V8 SC400Carlos Restrepo223 
Open in new windowBalance pipeMike Beck
Open in new windowLubricate starterWess McManus19 
Open in new windowRunning rich - consumption up power downDamian Ware11 
Open in new windowPower Steering Pump RebuildTahmid Sanjari
Open in new windowStarter motor remaining engaged after startJan Christiansson
Open in new windowV8 Air filterMatthew Sharpe37 
Open in new windowCatch cans (any but ebay)Brett Moloney
Open in new windowTune upKurt Harrison
Open in new windowEngine squeaking...Matthew Sharpe10 
Open in new windowQuestion from a TT owner. Economy comparison.Phil Gibson27 
Open in new windowReplacing altenatorAndrew Ferres
Open in new windowExtractors - what are the different pipe sizes available?Ashley Leach14 
Open in new windowStock V8 Injectors to 7MGE InjectorsAshley Leach18 
Open in new windowAnyone heard of forza flow mufflersAaron Thorburn
Open in new windowNeed new liftersAshley Leach11 
Open in new windowRadiatorDaniel Lee
Open in new windowV8 Engine SmokeBruce Shepherd
Open in new windowIs this exhaust okPeter Nitschke
Open in new windowV8 Auto Trans fluid level high?Peter Nitschke
Open in new windowDiff noise / clunkAdam Wills14 
Open in new windowValve Clearance adjustment didn't fix my problem...Peter Nitschke40 
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